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Emma’s Bunker with Emma Willmann

Emma’s Bunker with Emma Willmann

By Emma Willmann
Comedian Emma Willmann has created the FIRST PODCAST EVER. New episodes every Monday.
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stood up
Emma is very honest on this episode (surprise!) she gets stood up by a comedy coach, and decides she is going to live next year like she believes in 'the secret,' but not like the time she believed in 'the secret' and went into credit card debt at Marshalls. email in at
December 15, 2020
what is the world with comedian and actress genevieve joy
Emma opens with a real all over the place catch up on her and contextualize todays guests -- one of her best friends and favorite people who left the comforts of growing up in a fancy part of Connecticut to try and make it in entertainment!
December 8, 2020
Reflecting on Robyn Schalls Viral Videos + MORE | Emma Solo
Emma shares her happiness for her friend who recently went viral, offers take aways for anyone in any business, her thoughts on making it in entertainment, the star power of comedian Akash Sing, and struggles with deciding between New York and LA... She also gets to some listeners emails... Email in at
November 27, 2020
Being Yourself In Staten Island with Nicky Paris
Emma sits down to catch up with comedian and actor Nicky Paris about his journey to be...himself!
November 24, 2020
Dyslexic Happy Hour! With Comedian J.F Harris
Today Emma sits down with comedian and writer J.F Harris.  They compare notes on dyslexic and life and, of course, Emma tells some wacky stories up top!  Get to stepping, rate and review on iTunes and check out for J.F on tour! 
November 16, 2020
Do you Also Feel Conflicted About Porn?
Emma talks teeth, attraction, and an uncomfortable audition. How are you? No answer is wrong. Write in @
November 9, 2020
Emma is back in the fancy recording studio and this time she is with comedian IRENE TU! Irene and Emma saw each other the night before at a show, talk about Halloween, high school, some GAY STUFF that is FOR EVERYONE. WRITE IN @
November 2, 2020
Very Bad Advice w/Emma
Emma is SOLO today and in a big fancy studio.  She has more tooth drama, miss reads a text and thinks people are having sex who are NOT, and gets to some listener questions! EMAIL YOURS TO EMMASBUNKER@GMAIL.COM
October 26, 2020
Kelsey Cook (Self-Helpless Podcast)
Today, I am grateful to be joined by comedian Kelsey Cook. Kelsey is the daughter of an International Yo-Yo Champion and a Professional Foosball player, which made for a humor-filled life at a young age. She made her late-night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, followed by A Little Late with Lilly Singh on NBC. Kelsey also co-hosts the Self-Helpless podcast with fellow comedians Taylor Tomlinson and Delanie Fischer. Kelsey and I open the show talking about footwork. Once, she was offered $2,000 for a video of her feet; unfortunately, the buyer bailed when Kelsey was ready to commit. Then, Kelsey and I speak about peaking in high school and having the best time of our lives. With a Type A personality, Kelsey thrived in the structured environment. Plus, she’s mathematical when it comes to her comedy routines. During COVID, Kelsey has been able to write loads of material for her sets. Stay tuned as we talk about Kelsey’s first ever date, the app Raya, and Kelsey’s dating plan for her and Channing Tatum. We also talk about: Why Kelsey’s feet are just mediocre  How to win an argument against a Type A personality  The ways COVID has changed Kelsey’s comedy routine  About Kelsey’s new perspective after her divorce  The meth use in Spokane, Washington  You can’t screengrab on the app Raya  Whether or not Channing Tatum is goofy Quotes from Kelsey Cook: “If you can make me laugh, that’s super attractive.” “Let us show you the scummy world of comedy.” “I have been trying to take things one day at a time.” “Get a physical planner – it has been a big game-changer for me.” Kelsey Cook: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast: --- This episode is sponsored by Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
October 20, 2020
Social Media Spiral with Steph Tolev
Steph and I talk about social media and mental health (not good) and Emma learns about Steph's time as a Professional Highlight Dancer - and when she threw away a competition prize to eat a glorious baked potato.  Please subscribe, rate, and review and find me on instagam, TikTOK and YOUTUBE! Find Steph at stephtolev
October 12, 2020
Life Lessons with Entertainment Legend... Louie Anderson
Today, I’m lucky to be joined by iconic comedian Louie Anderson, the three-time Emmy Award® winner, one of the country’s most recognized and adored comics; named Comedy Central as “One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time.” His career has spanned more than 30 years. He is a best-selling author, star of his standup specials and sitcoms, and he continues to tour the country performing to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. Louie goes deep and spits straight wisdom during this episode. Louie is positive leaning – he says it’s because of his years of therapy. In therapy, he realized that he should have been a lot nicer to his parents. Even if your relationship is one-sided, give them the time that they have given you. Believe it or not, your parents are waiting for a thank you. Forgiveness and gratitude can bring you great happiness. However, you should never feel pressure to feel happy all the time. In reality, we need to focus on having hope. If you’re alive, then the hope is there. As I said, Louie goes deep! Stay tuned as Louie reveals his must-watch TV picks, the importance of a morning routine, and how to let things go. We also talk about: Beating Dolly Parton for the Family Feud Hosting gig What it was like to open for Dolly Parton Why you need to spend time with your parents while you still can The importance of therapy and navigating resentment Why we need to lean into serendipity How to find a beneficial morning routine Getting arrested for a snowmobile incident Quotes from Louie Anderson: “When you’re successful, you can’t complain about things not going your way.” “Talk to somebody about what you’re going through.” “You can’t be too prepared to become famous.” “I don’t take a call until I have peace and grace in my heart.” Louie Anderson: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Book: --- This episode is sponsored by Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
October 5, 2020
Dax Shepard Relapse + Understanding Age + Stock Market Discovery | EMMA SOLO
Welcome to another mini episode! The title is also the summary
October 4, 2020
Dealing with a Difficult Doctor, Marriage, and Having a Baby with Gina Brillion
Today I talk with comedian and actress Gina Brillion.  Gina is the first and only Latina winner of NBC's stand up for diversity and has three one hour comedy specials out now!  Find her online @gbrillon and RATE AND REVIEW 
September 29, 2020
Emma Solo - Ellens Apology + misreading the news + figuring out face cream
Emma does a quick catch up from here airbnb in NYC Rate and review and check out the Vlog she references on youtube @
September 24, 2020
Did you know the tan was bad before you saw the pictures? With Beth Stelling
Today I (its me, Emma, I have been writing the description's this whole time) talk to Beth Stelling (comedian, actress, writer).  I kick up my researching people a notch and attempt to ask her three questions she has NEVER BEEN ASKED BEFORE! Here it is :) Please rate and review on iTunes!
September 21, 2020
Being a A New Parent and Figuring Out Your Identity with Ester Steinberg Gardenswartz
today Emma sits down with longtime comedy buddy ester steinberg gardenswartz. ester has appeared on The Marvelous Misses Mazel, Oxygen and recently filmed an hour special to be released later this year (filmed outdoor and social distanced at the Rose Bowl)>. Emma and Ester discuss esters time as a recent mom, finding her identity as a new mother, and trying to figure out what is corona related and what is being a new mother related. FIND ESTER ONLINE @ ester.steinberg
September 14, 2020
Why is ZOOM exhausting? ANSWERED W Chinae Alexander
Emma sits down with brand specialist, content creator, marketing director, event planner and podcaster Chinae Alexander to discuss catching corona, why people want to get married, why Zoom is exhausting, and MUCH MORE! Find Chinae Alexander @chinaealexander on Instagram and her website @  IM VLOGGING CHECK OUT THE FIRST ONE
September 7, 2020
From Social Anxiety to Extreme Social Situation’s with Dinah Hashem
Today Emma sits down with comedian and actress, Dina Hashem.  They discuss childhood, religion, Dinas evolving relationship with her mother, having social anxiety and then ultimately dealing with an incredibly difficult social media 'situation.' CHECK OUT DINAHS COMEDY SHE IS HILARIOUS TO ME
August 31, 2020
"Just Doing It..." A Conversation with Author and Showrunner M. Dickson
Today Emma sits down with Author, Showrunner, and Comedian M. Dickson.  M tells Emma about becoming an author, not attending college as a student but performance ing at plenty of them, working her way from comedian to Showrunner, and coming out of the closet at the last possible moment (right before her wedding).  Please find M Dickson online
August 27, 2020
Leave It On The Floor with Comedian Jon Laster
Emma sits down with the winner of NBC's Stand Up For Diversity, Jon Laster.  Jon was on the trajectory to be a pro basketball - but is now one of NYC's most beloved Comedians.  Find Jon @hewasfunny
August 24, 2020
Comment Trolls with Lara Beitz (Comedy Centeral)
Today Emma sits down with COMEDIAN Lara Bietz. Lara was the first comedian to do Stand - Up on Lights Out with David Spade after he saw her performer at The Comedy Store, where she is a paid regular. Find Lara online @LaraBeitz and rate and review Emma’s Bunker on iTunes
August 20, 2020
Has Comedy Changed How You Understand Your Dad? with Sheba Mason
Today Emma sits down with NYC based Comedian and Actress, Sheba Mason.  They catch up about Sheba's time as a child performer, doing the late night circuit as a toddler, finding her own identity, what should come first in relationships, and why she does not resent her father.  Rate and review!
August 17, 2020
Atheists Versus Heathens with Daily Show Correspondent Dulce Sloan
TODAY Emma sits down with 'Daily Show Correspondent,' Comedian, and Actress Dulce Sloan! They chop it up about growing up, finding yourself, Dulces experiences moving around as a kid, taking a higher ground in arguments, dating, and the differences between heathens and atheist. PLEASE FIND DULCE ONLINE AND RATE AND REVIEW THE  SHOW
August 13, 2020
Mr. Texas with Comedian Daniel Webb (Comedy Central)
Emma chats with Comedian DANIEL WEBB (Comedy Central). They discuss Daniels childhood as a piano player, meeting Barak Obama, boundaries with parents, touring with Margret Cho, and the confounding sexuality of Mike Pence.
August 10, 2020
How to Argue and Not Look Like a Total Asshole with Jim Norton
Today Emma sits down with one of her favorite comedians Jim Norton! 
August 3, 2020
Hire Slow, Fire Fast...Catching Up with the Founder of Glam & Go Erika Wasser
Today Emma sits down with her friend, entrepreneur, comedian, and graduate from Boston University's school of Broadcast Journalism (more on that latter) Erika Wasser! Find Erika online @worldofwasser RATE AND REVIEW ONLINE AND SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND! 
July 29, 2020
Getting the Call with Vincent Rodriguez III (Crazy Ex Girlfriend)
Today Emma sits down with actor and wonderful human being Vincent Rodriguez III to char about childhood, pursuing your dreams, their time on CraZy Ex Girlfriend and finding radical self care
July 27, 2020
Buttressed Up in San Fransisco with LIZ CULLEY
Today Emma sits down with producer, writer and on-air host Liz Culley to discuss their experiences with the rapper too short (one has had one, one has not), growing up in San Francisco, putting yourself in the right place to hope for the right time, and DMX's emotional vulnerability.  FIND LIZ ONLINE @listentoliz and rate and review this podcast! 
July 20, 2020
Interview With My Mom
Today, Emma sits down (more then six feet apart and after being tested for COVID - 19) with her Mom, Susan Cheever.  They discuss childhood - struggles and joys - if Susan has a favorite child, and Emma asks only one super ridiculous question. ENJOY! RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES! 
July 13, 2020
Week in Review | 7.12.2020| Animals for Brekfast!?
Emma reflects back on the week of 7.12.2020 and looks to the week ahead! 
July 13, 2020
Surviving Breast Cancer, Getting a Happy Ending and having a Grandfather w/Giant Balls w/Sofiya Alexandra
Today Emma sits down with Comedian, Author, and Podcast host Sofiya Alexandra.  They chat about Sofiyas experience as an immigrant, coming out as bisexual, self-acceptance, surviving breast cancer, and getting a happy ending massage in Japan.   Emma becomes extremely uncomfortable recounting her happy ending story and overshares at the end! Sofiya is a wonderful guest.  To find more of her please visit her website at: and look out for her new comedy album!
July 6, 2020
Week In Review | 7.5.2020
Emma sits down to do a very quick week in review! What will happen with Ghislaine Maxwell!?! What is the best cake you ever ate? UPCOMING GUESTS - JIM NORTON (Netflix) LIZ CULLEY (SCISSORING ISN'T A THING Podcast) VINCENT RODRIGUEZ (Josh Chan on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
July 5, 2020
Working at The View with Comedian Regina DeCicco
Today Emma sits down with Comedian Regina DeCicco, an official warm-up comic for THE VIEW!  Emma chats with Regina about her time working at Saturday Night Live, coming from a family of grocery store entrepreneurs,  working with Whoopi Goldberg, and ultimately landing her incredable job as the offical warm up comic for THE VIEW! 
July 4, 2020
Week in Review 6.30.2020 | What is a Week?
Emma sits down to talk about being on the BET Awards, being creeped out by her girlfriends weird taste in hummus, Chris D Elia updates and NOT MUCH ELSE girlfriend's
July 1, 2020
Sarah Cooper - America’s Favorite Trump
Emma sits down with author, comedian, and inspiring content creator Sarah Cooper to discuss therapy, finishing your ideas, respecting your work, other things too, Find Sarah Cooper at
June 28, 2020
Navigating Reality TV with Chanel Omari
Emma sits down with Radio & TV Host|Content Producer | Creator/Host of @chanelinthe podcast & Co-Host/Executive Producer on Listen to me,The OG MAMA D with @dinalohan to discuss reality tv in all its confusing, messed up, glory.  
June 28, 2020
Diving into Your Work with Gabrielle Ruiz (Crazy Ex Girlfriend)
 In this episode, Gabrielle and I talk about what it’s like being part of a pyramid scheme, Gabrielle reveals the details of her worst audition and dives deep into her long-term monogamous relationships. Gabrielle Ruiz is an American actress, philanthropist, producer, activist, and champion for the arts. She is known for The CW’s critically acclaimed comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where she received rave reviews as Valencia Perez. You can also catch her on Modern Family, Better Things, Alone Together, Orange Is The New Black, Sesame Street, Law & Order: SVU, and The Filth. Quotes: “My parents drank a lot and gave it up for      God.” “I always dive in all the way.” “Church in New York is ridiculous.” “The person of my dreams was always in Ohio. Links Mentioned: Gabrielle’s Website: Gabrielle’s Instagram: Email me:
June 22, 2020
Week in Review - Chris D'Elia, WooF
Emma reflects on the week ending in June 21, 2020.  She discusses Chris D Ella, trying to become a real estate mogul, a recent outburst in her sleep where she calls her girlfriend a whore, and a fun fact! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE FUND  RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES! CATCH EMMA IN Kansas City JULY 16,17,18 and SALT LAKE CITY JULY 23
June 22, 2020
Francis Ellis (BroBible) "They Wanted me to be a Moron" Emma's Bunker
TODAY, Emma sits down with Comedian, Podcaster and Senior Editor at Bro Bible Frances Ellis to chat about wanting to be in the CIA, the trials and tribulations of being a scholar and an athlete (in highschool), ex's hitting you up during quarantine to say they are PISSED, and adapting your appearance for other people... Please Rate and REVIEW on ITUNES Check for Emma's upcoming shows at and Frances at PLEASE BECOME A MONTHLY SUPPORTER OF THE SHOW
June 18, 2020
Charles McBee (MTV, VH1) "Have You Faked Speaking in Tongues?"
Emma sits down with Comedian, Writer, Producer Charles Mcbee.  They chat about Charles's time working on "Joking Off," "Wildn' Out," growing up in the church, what it was like finding spirituality on his own, working through a big porn habit, and if he has ever faked speaking in tounges (he has)! Please RATE AND REVIEW ON iTunes  EMMA WILL BE AT THE COMEDY CLUB OF KANSAS CITY JULY 16 - 18 and WISEGUYS COMEDY CLUB JULY 23  TICKETS AT
June 18, 2020
Leah Bonnema "I want to make movies with female leads" Emma's Bunker
Emma catches up with comedian and producer, Leah Bonnema about being a Maine native, stepping away from entertainment to care for a sick parent, finding a progressive church, studying film, and her Dad's new chainsaw. 
June 16, 2020
GODFREY /Vision Boards + MUCH MORE / Emma's Bunker
Emma catches up with  GODFREY about getting into vision boards, why we do the things we do, Godfrey's experiences growing up in Nebraska, Chicago, his parent's influence, and his time at The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, majoring in psychology. FIND GODFREY @ FIND EMMA @ ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS EPISODE GOES TO THE NAACP DEFENSE FUND 
June 15, 2020
Week in Review - Does Vanderpump Rule?
Emma sits down to reflect on the last "week." She hits on health food presented as treats, Vanderpump Rules, offers an update on Mike Jones, and what to look out for (episode wise) this coming week.  Stay safe!  ALL PROCEEDS  WILL BE GOING TO THE NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE FUND 
June 15, 2020
Being a Caretaker and a Comedian with Jesus Trejo
"I think it comes with age, like the older I get,  the more comfortable I am in my skin. I'm goofy looking with fucked up teeth, you know, a softy who likes curvy women. It is what it is like, fuck it. " Today Emma talks with comedian, actor, podcaster and star of his OWN ONE HOUR SPECIAL RECENTLY OUT ON SHOWTIME JESUS TREJO about excepting who you are, being a caretaker for his parents, navigating hardships with a positive attitude, and ketchup. RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES. ALL PROCPROCEEDSEDES FROM TODAY's EPISODE GO TO THE NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE FUND
June 10, 2020
DUSTY SLAY "Having a Good Time" Emma’s Bunker
Stand-up Comedian Dusty Slay grew up in a trailer park in Alabama. Today, he's hijacked by Emma Willmann to talk about the inspirational story of his road to stand up. Dusty speaks about his slice of Life progressing as a comedian. He brings on the downside of Drinking on his career, getting arrested before the ship out date in the Army, coming from a poor family, but still make it to be on the phone with Jeff Foxworthy and receiving appreciations on his comedy. Undoubtedly, that's inspiring. Dusty shares some of his cool experiences like how he met his wife in New York during a trip, why he hates highschool & what was dad's impression on seeing him cracking dirty jokes while being a clean comic. He also offers a refreshing perspective on spirituality, and why the idea of Fame doesn't captivate him, in fact, humbleness sets the stage for him to perform
June 9, 2020
AMIR K. "The Ding Dong Show" Emma’s Bunker
Does cheating in school preparer you for the real world? How has being Iranian affected your world view? Today Emma is joined by comedian, actor, and podcaster Amir K.  Don't miss the end of the episode where they share their weird-ass dreams!  Please rate and review on iTunes. ALL PROCEEDS FROM TODAY WILL BE DONATED TOO  CC NAACP Legal Defense Fund. TimeStamps: [5:15] Does being an Iranian impact Amir’s Childhood? [9:40] Amir talks about Cheating, Highschool Flex, trolling via fake ids [16:28] How many girlfriends Amir dated in school? [20:30] How he got into Real Estate Market [30:35] Relationships in the Life of comedians [47:25] Semen flavored ice cream for Dogs? [51:42] Emma’s Sex dream Links Mentioned: Amir’s Website: Amir’s Podcast: OR Amir’s IG: Recommended Movie(Windy City Heat):
June 9, 2020
Fat Carrie Bradshaw (Betches) "Are We in Love with Pete Davidson?"
Chris Burns aka Fat Carrie Bradshaw is a comedian, actor and writer based in NYC.  Emma and Chris catch up about SUBURBAN DRAMA,  middle school popularity, a MUTUAL CRUSH, and MUCH MORE. ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤 𝔹𝕦𝕣𝕟𝕤 | 𝔽𝕒𝕥 ℂ𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕖 video content creator @betches 💎 co-host middle children podcast w/ @jessiejolles 🎙 co-host @thebetchelor 🌹 co-host on @thetaylorstreckershow 🥂 ALL PROCEEDS OF TODAY'S EPISODE GO TO
June 8, 2020
Danny Jolles (Crazy Ex Girlfriend) “It’s impossible to catch a cat”
Have you ever tried to catch a cat? It’s impossible. In this episode, Danny Jolles and I talk about why being 5’7” is too short for online dating, the Astros’ cheating scandal, and why cats on a field are the best thing to happen at a sporting event. Danny Jolles is an American actor and comedian. He is a graduate of NYU Tisch, having studied theatre at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute along with Stonestreet Studio. During this time, he appeared in many short films, music videos and web series. He is best known for playing George on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He has also appeared on The Joel Mchale Show, Love, Ramy, Splitting Up Together, and more. Danny opens the show speaking about his goal to get fit during the quarantine. When something terrible happens, Danny is always thinking about what his future plans are. During quarantine, we can’t control anything except what we do during this time. Then, Danny speaks about how he loves to be single and keep his relationships casual for as long as possible. He was terrible at meeting women online – he’s only 5’7” and couldn’t get anyone on the apps. Danny loves to hook up with people who have seen him do standup, it’s like they have already accepted so many different parts of him. Every time a girl approaches Danny, he thinks it’s so cool because assertiveness is an attractive quality. Even at parties, Danny is ready to have a kitchen convo with a woman. Danny dives deep into his work on CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Singing was a nightmare for Danny. Everyone there is a Broadway talent. However, dancing was the thing that really scared him. In high school, Danny didn’t really need to choose between theater and sports – he knew he was never going to be a pro sportsman. Danny gives tips on what you need to say when talking sports. Sports fans love to explain things, don’t be afraid to ask! The Astros’ cheating scandal is Danny’s absolute favorite. It’s devasting that we won’t be able to boo them for the next year. Stay tuned as Danny talks about seeing Fergie sing The Star-Spangled Banner in person, why singing at a hockey game is the worst, and why cats on the field are the best.
June 8, 2020
Krystyna Hutchinson (Guys We F*cked Podcast) Balancing Work with Friendships
ALL PROCEEDS FROM TODAY'S EPISODE GO TO BLM Have you ever been assaulted and didn’t know it? In this episode, Krystyna Hutchinson and I talk about getting a breast exam during a blood test, our quarantine eating habits, and a man who fingers women by donation. Links Mentioned: Krystyna’s Website: Krystyna’s Instagram: The Voices in our Heads Podcast: Guys We Fucked Email me: The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book
June 8, 2020
JESSIKA KIRSON "Which Disney character would you murder?"
Which Disney character would you murder? In this episode, Jessica Kirson and I talk about why she would kill Elsa from Frozen, the reason she didn’t mind sucking dick in high school and what it was like checking into gay rehab. Jessica Kirson is a powerhouse on stage. Jessica’s act is a hilariously relatable performance of sheer silliness, vulnerability, and ridiculous characters. Her countless comedic character videos have racked up over 30 million views on social media. Her audience is multigenerational, creating an excuse for large groups of friends and families to spend a night out together. Jessica opens the show speaking about what it was like pledging for a sorority and meeting her first girlfriend. Then, Jessica moved to Lesbianville – she felt a little out of place. However, she was doing so many drugs then, so she needed to get away from her family. Jessica would do cocaine alone; nobody knew about it. She was very good at hiding it, yet she can’t believe that she did drugs alone. Also, Jessica didn’t even like cocaine, it made her super paranoid- she would hear things and sit and listen for two hours. Plus, Jessica speaks about sending marijuana through the mail. Then, Jessica talks about sending herself to gay rehab. She Googled the rehab herself! Jessica is blessed that she is able to take care of herself. When she made it to rehab, Jessica sat in the waiting room for ten hours because she needed a room by herself. Her family knew that she went to rehab and even visited her. Later, Jessica speaks about doing phone therapy – every time she sits down for a session, she feels enraged. Sometimes Jessica is so angry that she feels like no one understands her. Stay tuned as Jessica speaks about phone therapy, killing Elsa from Frozen, and fighting during the quarantine. In this Episode: [ 9:15 ] Pledging for a sorority [ 11:15 ] Why Jessica doesn’t mind giving blow      jobs [ 12:45 ] About moving to Lesbianville [ 13:50 ] Jessica liked doing drugs alone [ 17:20 ] Sending weed through the mail [ 20:20 ] About going to gay rehab [ 29:30 ] Why Jessica won’t be playing clubs   soon [ 38:00 ] Jessica is doing phone therapy [ 44:00 ] How Jessica gets to feel comfortable [ 50:35 ] When Jessica used to wear skirts and  dresses [ 53:30 ] About getting chased in a nightmare [ 57:00 ] Why Jessica wants to kill Elsa from   Frozen [ 60:30 ] Fighting as a couple during the quarantine Quotes: “I like choking on food, so I didn’t mind      sucking a dick.” “It’s very self-destructive to do cocaine      alone.” “I need my own room in rehab.” “I wish I could kill Elsa in front of people.” Links Mentioned: Jessica’s Website: Relatively Sane: Jessica’s Instagram: Support Jessica at Email me:
June 8, 2020
Petey Deabru "What's it like to find a loaded gun in your new car?
**all ad dollars going to BLM organization  In this episode of Emma's Bunker, she brings on an interesting guest Petey Deabru. He's also known as "The People Champs." Petey takes us into his crazy tail of life experiences. Starting from how someone tried to set him up by putting a loaded gun into his car to Why the heck Mike Tyson changed his life. Petey DeAbreu Repping the tough streets of the BX, Petey DeAbreu is a fast-rising star on the New York City comedy scene. He has appeared at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, and EastVille Comedy Club. He recognized the power of humor at an early age, using it as a pre-emptive strike to keep from getting beaten up at school and around his 'hood. Petey sheds some light on his life story of what inspired him to be a comedian coupled with some tidbits from Emma. He opens up on his first lockup experience, losing virginity while getting caught at the same time, his passion for making people laugh, and why the motivational speaking thing worked out for him. TimeStamps: [3:34] What's it like to found a loaded gun in your brand new car? [24:20] Petey talks about his Daddy issues [28:33] How Emma got fired from her first job? [31:00] Highschool conversations [37:22] How he got into Comedy [50:11] What Mike Tyson instilled in Petey's brain that changed his perspective on life [55:33] Petey's story when he trolled a racist comedian on the stage [61:04] When did dating start in his life [72:18] How Petey made his way to become a Producer [80:44] Is manifestation real? [89:33] Why Italians don't snitch? Quotes: "If I could read a menu and make people laugh. That means I can talk about anything and make people laugh because it's not necessarily what the content is, it's how you deliver it." I'm just happy to be able to go out to conjugate with my friends and hang out with a bunch of people. I just feel good to be abled or to be allowed to hang out with each other. "A lot of our lives turned into trying to make sense of everything." "That's such a mindfuck to realize when you've people skills, but it's nothing you can put in a resume." "We're conditioned and taught how to accept the L's instead of being conditioned on this is how you win." "Yo, winners take Ls and come back early the next day. Winners have different perspectives in their minds. They perceive shit differently. They look it more of like "Rejection and loss just make my story better." "It's a coping mechanism if you're not getting opportunities; it's like not setting you up to wanna keep trying to. If you don't keep getting opportunities, you're less likely to keep trying." "A lot of times, when you roll with knuckleheads, you can't turn your life around." "In comedy, I got to be a coach, director, and main actor, everybody." Links Mentioned: Petey's Instagram: Petey's Website:
June 5, 2020
Andrew Collin "The website I started, ended up being a Porn website" Emma Willmann
"Website I started, ended up being a Porn website." Here's the URL…. In this episode of Emma's Bunker, she sits down with the amazing Andrew Collins. Andrew Opens up how he went through a bumpy ride of quick rich schemes to make 480K in a snap, how his parents' separation turned his life upside down, and what it's like for a jew to be in a Christian school. And yes, we didn't talk about Andrew's sex life(oh, come on) Andrew Collin is a Brooklyn-based comic and sharp-witted storyteller. He has been featured in the Brooklyn Comedy Festival and is a regular at clubs such as Broadway, New York Comedy Club, and The Creek and The Cave. He's been featured on Tuesdays With Stories with Mark Normand and Joe List and can be seen on Real World New Orleans (1999) for three minutes. Do check out Andrew's Podcast for more hilarious conversations. TimeStamps: [00:42] Difference between ADD and ADHD [7:44] Who is Andrew Collins? [19:30] 480K Real Estate deal and College Nostalgia [27:44] Cocaine Vibes in Norland [32:34] How parents divorce impacted Andrew's life [47:39] Are you tired of being a Muslim? [50:10] Acting vs. Stand up [56:21] How Andrew being a jew made it to a Christian school [61:47] Andrew life when growing up in college and female friends [74:50] How COVID-19 facilitated speed dating Quotes: "In podcasting, you get to be funny in a way; you exactly wanna be funny." "You connect to people, they do a deal, and in 4 months you have a Mercedes." "If you picture something you want, you're more likely to move in that direction, but you have to take movement in that direction." "You almost get destroyed for not having a strong opinion in politics. Which then forced you to be in something you really don't care about." "Being angry takes a lot of energy, once that energy goes away, you can't be angry anymore." "It's just amazing to get to a point or live somewhere where you don't have to talk about what you've stereotyped your whole life." "Someone believing in you is the nicest thing in the world when you're trying to do something creative." "If you just do stuff that naturally fits with your personality, then that can create possibilities that are even better too." Links Mentioned: Andrew's Instagram: Hannah Berner IG: Andrew's Podcast:
June 1, 2020
Jessie Jolles | “A rolling backpack is my trademark.” | EMMA Willmann
No one can save you except for you. In this episode, Jessie Jolles and I talk about being the hero of our own story, disordered eating, and Jessie reveals her childhood trademark. Jessie Jolles is a writer/comedian living in Queens, New York. She’s worked for over 2 years as a writer/director for Betches Media where her videos have millions of views. She’s also written standup for personalities like Taylor Strecker (The Taylor Strecker Show) and Stassi Schroeder (Vanderpump Rules). She was 1 of 100 creators from around the world selected for YouTube's “Women in Comedy” Production Program. You can hear her on her podcast No Such Thing As Love with Claire Burns and her new podcast with Chris Burns (aka Fat Carrie Bradshaw) called Middle Children. Jessie and I open the show about our shared terrible experience with toxic power. We were both babies! It's a miracle we didn't quit the comedy business back then. Plus, an article came out validating that something was wrong with the CEO. Jessie learned that she needed to make money separately, so she didn't make creative decisions based on money. Everything suffers if you make decisions based on money. Jessie dives deep into her childhood. Being an overweight kid really shapes everything. Jessie did not let her parents control her eating habits. After summer camp, Jessie's dad said she was unrecognizable because she had gained so much weight. In high school, Jessie thought the key to success was losing weight. Summer camp was a buffet, Jessie felt like she could finally eat because her parents weren't around. Jessie had a rolling backpack in high school – it was her trademark. However, it seriously made her a target for bullies. We talk about dyslexia and being the "special" class growing up. Jessie's mom always knew she was smart, she just learned differently. Instead of cheating, Jessie would cram, make up a song, and learn it. Presentations in high school were also fantastic – she considered it like a performance. Jessie would trick people into doing work for her in college. However, texting has been such a problem for Jessie. In fact, she broke up with someone because she misread one of their text messages. Stay tuned as we talk about Jessie's dating history and what happened after Jessie realized she had an eating disorder. In this Episode: [ 0:05 ] Our lousy experience together [ 18:50 ] About Jessie’s childhood [ 28:00 ] Having dyslexia and being in the “special” class [ 45:30 ] Jessie broke up with someone over a misread text message [ 51:00 ] Cheating on tests in high school [ 53:40 ] How Jessie tricked people into doing her work in college [ 54:55 ] When Jessie started taking ADD stimulants [ 64:20 ] About Jessie’s parents and her childhood acting career [ 69:00 ] When Jessie started dating [ 80:00 ] After Jessie realized she had an      eating disorder Quotes: “My shape was cubic.” “A rolling backpack is my trademark.” “I pulled all my hair out.” “I was the first one eliminated in any      spelling bee.” “Everything came back to food for me.” “I’m funny as hell and deep as a well.” Links Mentioned: Jessie’s Website: Jessie’s Instagram: No Such Thing as Love: Email me:
May 29, 2020
ASHLEY GAVIN (We're Having GAY Sex) | What makes you happy? | Emma Willmann
What makes you happy? In this episode, Ashley Gavin and I talk about how to be happy, getting permanently kicked off of TikTok for panda porn, and Ashley reveals the details behind her Dane Cook vision board. Ashley Gavin is a New York based, nationally touring comedian. Her comedy has been featured on Hulu, FOX, AXS TV, SiriusXM Comedy, Refinery29, Elite Daily, and The Kicker. Ashley has headlined at colleges and clubs around the country, including her recent breakout (sold-out) performance at Carolines. Ashley has taken part in some of the most prestigious festivals and showcases including NBC's Stand Up For Diversity - New York. Her webseries Gay Girl Straight Girl has over 400k views and has been featured in Galore Mag. Ashley is best known for her hard-hitting, intelligent, and sometimes absurd social commentary, particularly about her experiences as a gay woman and feminist. Email and ask her about her scripted and unscripted pilots or her movie treatments. Ashley and I open the show talking about how Ashley got permanently kicked off of TikTok for panda porn. Apparently, you can’t talk shit about pandas on a Chinese social media platform. Then, Ashley dives deep into her childhood and speaks about the void in her childhood. For her whole life, Ashley knew she wanted to be an actor or a performer. She was very creative and taught herself how to build websites in middle school. Ashley saw classes as an obstacle – long-term, school just isn’t helpful for life. Later, Ashley dives deep into her vision boards. When her career was at rock bottom, Ashley went super deep into self-help shit. Ashley knew she needed to get happy. So, she took The Science of Well-Being from Yale – it was life-changing. There are activities you need to do every day: meditating, exercising, gratitude, sleep, savoring, an act of kindness, and connect with someone else. Ashley went from suicidal to pretty good in a matter of weeks. Plus, the day she wrote, “Are you Dane Cook yet?” on her vision board, Ashley went viral on TikTok. Dane Cook’s comedy is performative, and Ashley loves his work. Stay tuned as we talk about Ashley’s relationships, and Ashley answers common first date questions.
May 28, 2020
 “Take it up with the manager, and the manager is me.” Are you a basic bitch? In this episode, Joey Skladany and I talk about being basic bitches (and that it's ok), we bond over colon-related stories, and Joey reminds us that Honey Boo Boo is just a normal teen. Joey Skladaney is a writer/editor, TV/radio personality, lifestyle expert, former entertainment publicist and author of Basic Bitchen (Aug. 4; preorder here!) Currently, he is editor-at-large at CBS Interactive's Chowhound where he manages the site's food and travel editorial content. His work has also been featured in major outlets like Food & Wine, People, CNET, InStyle, Yahoo!, Travel + Leisure, Lonny, and BuzzFeed. I open the show by confessing to Joey that I have never tried a pumpkin spice latte, but that I do have a great recipe for avocado toast. Joey and I then relate to each other over the fact that we both have stomach issues. He tells me that he has always been very high-strung and OCD. Joey says this OCD contributed to his stomach issues because even the traffic on the way to high school would make it flare-up. After some clarification on what a colonoscopy is, I tell Joey the story of when I pooped my pants as an adult in a taxi. Joey then recalls coming out about sexuality; he says he harbored a lot of anxiety over not coming out in college. He tells me that he chose not to come out earlier because he didn’t want it to impede on his career goals. Joey tells me about covering up his sexuality by using his theater minor to "bro it up" on the phone before coming out. Then Joey opened up about his family; when he turned 16 his parents would bring him a handle of vodka in high school and ask him to please go to a party. Even though he would rather play Sims. Joey then recalls the time he brought a boyfriend home and how his mom still compares everyone to him. Later, Joey talks about his career; after college he became an entertainment publicist and worked on reality TV shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and My Strange Addiction. Joey then describes his transition to the food industry. We talk about constructive criticism versus the people of the internet. Joey tells me about how a reviewer of his cookbook said she didn't like the "tone" of his cookbook. Basically, that person is just boring. Stay tuned as we talk about blocking hot people on Instagram, Joey's pot-chocolate trip, and the making of Basic Bitchen.
May 25, 2020
LEO FLOWERS "We don’t ask ourselves how we want to feel.” EMMA WILLMANN
Do you wash your fruit? In this episode, Leo and I talk about why he doesn't wash his fruit, how he got mixed up in a carjacking, and Leo gives loads of insight to eating healthy and living our best lives. A Chicago native, Leo Flowers quickly worked his way into major comedy clubs and colleges across the country. His delivery has been described as "smooth and deliberate." No two shows are ever alike, as he's always attacking the day's issues and revealing personal anecdotes. Infusing stand up with storytelling, Flowers captivates audiences of all demographics. Recently, Flowers appeared on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, was a runner-up in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, and was a finalist in the 2011 Stand Up for Diversity competition. He has toured on the Shaved and Depraved Comedy Tour, and hosted both MTV's "Sports Blender" and Starz "Staan' 'Dup," and was featured on "Last Call from Carson Daly," on NBC!! Leo eats for his blood type (type B). He never liked candy or ice cream; Leo always wants meat and potatoes. Leo's mom kept the fridge stocked with food – they would eat barbeque wings, tacos, pizza, you name it. Candy was nothing! Despite being health-conscious, he wasn't making other healthy life decisions. For instance, he was arrested for carjacking before his senior year of high school. Also, Leo doesn't wash the fruit when he gets it – you can't be too clean. Leo dives deep into his football career and how he realized he wouldn't be going pro. The guys who go pro are built for the NFL. We talk about how people want to touch men with muscles. Leo even had an inclination to touch a pregnant person on a cruise, luckily, he contained himself. I tell a story about kissing my niece on the face. It's part of our DNA to touch and make sense of the world around us. Plus, there's a lot of excitement when you see a baby. Leo says we shouldn't demonize ourselves when we kiss babies. Later, we talk about the feud between life coaches and therapists. Life coaches don't have any oversight. People shouldn't be treating a life coach like their therapist. As a counselor, Leo said it was too restrictive. When people go to him for depression and anxiety, he knows there is a movement aspect to it. Plus, there's a nutritional ingredient involved—people who are depressed need to consider lots of aspects of their life. Leo needed to step back from counseling to inform himself and guide his clients on nutrition and exercise. There are so many contributing factors to depression. Please stay tuned as we talk about the importance of sleep, why women are uncomfortable with Leo's nutrition, and Leo advises someone who wants to start feeling healthy. In this Episode: [ 4:15 ] About Leo Flowers [ 9:00 ] Leo never liked candy [ 12:00 ] Why you shouldn’t wash your fruit [ 16:20 ] The story of Leo’s arrest [ 37:20 ] How Leo realized he wasn’t going to be a pro football      player [ 48:10 ] Leo almost touched a pregnant belly on a cruise ship [ 53:20 ] How Leo got into life coaching [ 58:30 ] Is there a way to cheat the health system? [ 64:30 ] Women are uncomfortable with Leo’s nutrition [ 75:00 ] Leo’s advice for someone who is just starting to be healthy [ 79:50 ] About Before You Kill Yourself
May 25, 2020
Do you have any porn regrets? In this episode, Mark Normand reveals which porn tape he regrets watching the most. Plus, Mark explains why men can’t get hard, and we talk about diversity in comedy. Mark was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, surprisingly to two normal parents. As a kid, he spent most of his time shooting short films and wetting the bed. He started doing comedy right after college and quickly moved to New York. Mark now does comedy clubs and colleges across the country and has been involved in many festivals, including Portland, Seattle, DC, Boston, Vancouver, Melbourne, and in 2013, was featured as a New Face at the Montreal Comedy Festival. In this episode, Mark explains why his manager quit show biz. It’s not too big of a deal during the pandemic, Mark is saving money now. Mark weighs in on the question, are there homophobic pedophiles? Society needs to figure out a way to get in the heads of these pedophiles. Then, Mark describes his first experience with pornography. His friend showed him porn at the age of twelve, and it completely blew Mark’s mind. He jerked off to it for five years after. We talk about regrettable porn viewings, including a toothless woman, a woman with three clits, and eating jizz. Mark speaks about getting crazy sick and breaking up with his long-term girlfriend of twelve years. He always thought about breaking up with her; however, he never wanted to pull the trigger. The breakup was ugly. So, Mark went on a bender every single night. He even did all the butt stuff with women on dating apps. People are more open to butt stuff then they are willing to say. Everyone likes some tongue action down there. When Mark finishes too fast, he always makes up for it! Plus, after twenty minutes, he is ready to get back in there. Mark reveals the details behind his worst auditions and pitches ever. On a pitch with Netflix, Mark kept making jokes that turned bad. Plus, we talk about diversity in comedy, why white guys are viewed as evil, and we talk about working with Louis C.K. (before he was canceled). Stay tuned as we talk about lying in relationships, Mark’s first date, and we play Cash Money trivia. In this Episode: [ 1:40 ] Why Mark’s manager quit show biz [ 5:15 ] Are there homophobic pedophiles? [ 7:30 ] About Mark’s first porn experience [ 12:10 ] Mark’s parents are hippies [ 19:00 ] The porn that Mark regrets watching [ 22:15 ] When Mark got crazy sick and broke up with his long-term girlfriend [ 25:50 ] Why most people like butt stuff [ 27:15 ] What Mark does when he finishes too fast [ 36:00 ] About Mark’s worst auditions and pitches [ 49:20 ] Comedy in Portland – why Portland is pushing back [ 51:30 ] When Mark opened for Louis C.K. [ 56:45 ] Why Mark lies in relationships [ 60:00 ] About Mark’s first date [ 65:30 ] Cash Money trivia Quotes: “I’m not a porn nut.” “When you can’t get it up, that’s when women flip.” “I hid my Viagra like a drug addict.” “I don’t know if eating ass is kosher.” “We are all going to die one day.” Links Mentioned: Mark’s Website: Mark’s Facebook: Mark’s Instagram: Email me:
May 22, 2020
ASHLEY HESSELTINE “felt like McLovin.”
Ashley Hesseltine is a standup comedian, writer, and prolific podcaster.  Ashley opens the show talking about being a rebel while growing up. She developed a problem with authority; she realized most of the rules were bullshit. For instance, Ashley got a fake ID at age fifteen; she truly felt like McLovin. Despite being a rebel without a cause, Ashley knew she needed to get good grades and be funny because she wasn’t pretty. Ashley remembers the first time she was funny; it was when she told a fake story at a first grade show-and-tell. We dive deep into dating - Ashley had her first tongue kiss at age fifteen; she felt like a late-bloomer. Her first boyfriend was senior year of high school; her boyfriend molded dating for the rest of her life. He treated well, the sex was good, and he even ate her out. Then, Ashley talks about her starting her standup comedy career. Ashley knew people would come to see her because of her blog. Ashley’s Twitter: Girls Gotta Eat: Email me:
May 21, 2020
Do you believe that if you put shit out in the world, then it actually does happen? In this episode, Mr.D and I talk about coming out, growing up, and getting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Joe Dombrowski (aka Mr.D) took the world by storm in 2017 with a viral April Fools’ Day spelling test prank that landed him multiple appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Since then, Joe has been traveling the world with his stand-up comedy tour titled “Indoor Recess,” which highlights his crazy life as an elementary school teacher. When he’s not getting creative on screens and stages, Joe spends his time in Seattle, Washington, where he still manages to substitute teach in title 1 elementary schools. You can follow Joe on social media where he goes by the handle @mrdtimes3, subscribe to his podcast “Study Hall with Mr.D.,” or catch him live at one of his shows! Mr.D has ADHD – he took pills for it for a long time. Growing up, Mr.D wasn’t good at school because he couldn’t read. His teachers would even put him in the closet. When Mr.D needed to read in school, he would do things to be the funny kid to take the attention off of reading. In seventh grade, Mr.D started his medication. If he wasn’t medicated, Mr.D doesn’t think he would have been able to learn. In high school, Mr.D began to dabble with taking medication and not taking medication. He was a good kid to everyone and always had the brains. In this Episode: [ 1:30 ] About Mr.D [ 8:35 ] Mr.D’s crazy childhood [ 19:30 ] Coming out at the age of fourteen [ 34:15 ] About being in a fraternity [ 38:30 ] Mr.D’s first bad date [ 52:20 ] Mr.D’s relationship and tinder      awards [ 54:15 ] Getting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Quotes: “I was always the brains and never the brawn.” “If I’m funny, you can’t hate me.” “Do you believe that if you put shit out in      the world, then it actually does happen?” “This wasn’t an accident; I’m a comedian.” “I knew those weren’t my kids.” Links Mentioned: Mr.D’s Website: Mr.D’s Facebook: Email me: Listen to Social Studies #FutureBoards: Learn How to Create a Vision Board to Get Exactly the Life You Want
May 20, 2020
What is the best job for stoners? | ARLO Weierhauser | EMMA WILLMANN
Do you remember a time when you didn’t feel like this? This is the worst question Uncle Cait was asked during therapy. In this episode, we talk all about being raised by wolves, gender identity, and mental health. Caitlin Arlo Weierhauser won Helium Comedy Club’s “Portland’s Funniest Person” Competition in 2017 and was voted Favorite Comedian in the Willamette Week Readers Poll in 2017, and 2018. Caitlin got New Faces at Just For Laughs in Montreal, and came in top 3 at Big Sky Comedy Fest, has performed for Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot, Pickathon & All Jane Comedy Fest. Caitlin can recently be seen on Season 2 of The Benefits Of Gusbandry on Amazon Prime and in the Disney movie Timmy Failure. Uncle Cait and I open the show talking about those awkward stand-up Zoom jobs. Then, Uncle Cait explains what it was like being raised by wolves. In rural Oregon, you just meet people with wolves – apparently it’s a thing there. Growing up, they were never afraid of the wolves, and Uncle Cait was raised like one of the pack. The wolves would always try to lick in their mouth – wolves are weird and want to know what you taste like. Uncle Cait is nonbinary – it feels terrible to enforce their pronouns, but it felt worse that no one would respect it. Uncle Cait is at the point where they use proximity pronouns. Plus, they describe what it’s like to go on auditions as a nonbinary actor. It brings up bad memories from high school – like feeling out of place. At eighteen, Uncle Cait came out as bisexual than in their twenties did some freaky sex stuff. In this Episode: [ 0:30 ] My awkward experience in Portland [ 12:00 ] Say no to Zoom stand up [ 24:40 ] About being raised by wolves [ 19:10 ] How Uncle Cait views gender identity [ 24:50 ] Sexuality, coming out, and online      dating stories [ 33:20 ] Subway is the best job for stoners [ 34:55 ] Mental health and therapy [ 39:50 ] We don’t feel good about comedy [ 47:25 ] Comedy in Vegas [ 49:00 ] Sex and dating with nerds [ 65:20 ] Why we love shit talk Quotes: “Subway is the best job for stoners.” “I love shit talk.” “It’s none of my business what other people      think about me.” “I’ve been compared to James Cordon      eight-hundred times.” Links Mentioned: Uncle Cait’s Twitter: Uncle Cait’s Instagram:
May 19, 2020
Michael Blaustein | What’s a STIFF SOCK | EMMA WILLMANN
Did you know people still give handjobs? In this episode, Michael Blaustein and I talk about what makes a sock stiff, why someone says they're too busy for a relationship, and the fact that people still give handjobs?! Michael Blaustein is an internationally touring headlining comedian, accomplished actor, and award-winning writer. Michael co-hosts a top-rated podcast called "Stiff Socks" with Trevor Wallace, which is in the top #100 Comedy podcasts on iTunes and Spotify. He has performed at over 200 colleges worldwide and has been on the Comedy Central on Campus Tour, The College Humor Tour, and The Oddball Comedy Fest. Michael has performed at prestigious festivals such as JFL 42 and The New York Comedy Festival. Michael can be seen on Amazon Primes' original series, "Inside Jokes." In this episode, Michael and I open the show talking about why we don't miss comedy, but how we LOVE doing dishes. We talk about how we met at the worst comedy club ever - LoL Times Square Comedy Club. Then, Michael explains how people made fun of him because of his good looks. In fact, Michael would try and dress shabbier at comedy clubs in order to fit in. When he stepped on stage, people didn't think he was a comedian, and it didn't help that he wasn't hilarious at first. In this Episode: [ 0:30 ] About Michael Blaustein [ 7:50 ] We don’t miss standup comedy [ 11:50 ] Why we love doing dishes [ 13:00 ] About LoL Times Square Comedy Club [ 33:20 ] Being single in New York for eight      years [ 51:50 ] We don’t know what pronouns are [ 54:15 ] What does it mean someone says that      have too much going on for a relationship? [ 59:00 ] Why do guys like the thrill of the      chase? [ 62:30 ] Why Michael loves a good handjob [ 69:00 ] About Michael’s threesomes [ 75:50 ] What are stiff socks? Quotes: “Wait for at least one date to have sex.” “My left-hand typing is unbelievable.” “You need focus to text someone while jerking      off.” “It’s way funnier when someone breaks up with      you.” “Spelling doesn’t make any sense.” Links Mentioned: Michael’s Website: Michael’s Instagram: Michael’s Twitter: Listen to the Stiff Socks Podcast Email me:
May 18, 2020
Zach Noe Towers| Has quarantine made you horny? EMMA WILLMANN
Has quarantine made you more horny? In this episode, Zach Noe Towers and I talk about our quarantine habits, coffee enemas, and the questions that gay men shouldn't ask on a first date. Zach was recently selected to be a New Face at the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival 2018, and was one of Time Out Magazine's "2018 Comedians to Watch." Zach's recent short film "Killer Friends" (which he directed, wrote, and starred in) was screened at many film festivals both domestically and internationally and won the overall audience award at Dances With Films. We open the show talking about our quarantine exercise routines and eating habits. Zach has bottomed out on unhealthy living. Now, he runs every day, does an in-home workout, and a nightly jog. For the first two or three weeks, Zach felt like it was a vacation and ate whatever he wanted. Now, he eats soup, grills vegetables, and roasts things! It's incredible how easy, and fast some healthy recipes can be. Sugar is a slippery slope. With Zach, he is either on the healthy train or the self-destruction train.
May 16, 2020
CORINE FISHER "Why do we ignore our better judgments " EMMA WILLMANN
In this episode, we talk about why we love quarantine, and no, that doesn’t mean we want people to die. It’s so relieving not having to do things. During this quarantine, someone broke up with Corinne when they weren’t even dating. Corinne says that there shouldn’t be a regression in relationships – going backward is not a great sign; it’s just a slow, bleak way to break up with someone. Plus, Corinne followed his lead! He was the one that invited her to Denver to see him. However, Corinne says that her success made him uncomfortable – she appreciates that he was upfront with her. We talk about therapy – Corinne would never do therapy with a man. Her therapist needs to be a woman and someone who has spent a significant amount of time on the east coast. Corinne cannot take advice from someone who grew up in California – they are just not going to be intense enough. Plus, people in California are soft, tender people. If you want more action-oriented therapy, ask for it. Corinne’s therapist gives her homework every week – she either gets prescribed a book or some activity. Her therapist even taught her how to have fun! Later, we talk all about porn – Corinne doesn’t want anyone to be humiliated. She doesn’t like the idea of dominatrices or people licking her feet. Corinne even turned down someone who offered her $1,000 for her feces. She said absolutely not; then, she Googled if someone could get DNA from her poop (the answer is yes). Plus, Corinne turned down $5 to humiliate someone on Twitter. Corinne knows her worth! Stay tuned as Corinne reveals her first date, why we ignore our better judgment, and how to feed your dog cucumber. In this Episode: [ 0:20 ] Why Corinne is so good looking [ 3:10 ] About Corinne’s recent breakup [ 11:00 ] Women need to be careful with men’s      penises [ 14:45 ] The benefits of having a house      husband [ 20:10 ] Corinne has a hot therapist from the      east coast [ 30:20 ] All about porn [ 37:00 ] Corinne’s first date [ 42:30 ] Why do we ignore our better      judgments? [ 44:35 ] How to feed your dog cucumber Quotes: “The one thing straight women are taught is to      be really careful with men’s penises.” “I’m a hardcore perfectionist.” “Everything about me is so east coast.” “I’m 34, so I’m obviously getting into      witchcraft.” “My damage exists in my twenties.” Links Mentioned: Corinne’s Website: Corinne’s Twitter: Corinne’s Facebook: Listen to Guys We Fucked
May 15, 2020
Kerry Codett (Netflix) “I’m glad I wore boots on a first date.” | EMMA WILLMANN
Would you ever wear boots on the first date? In this episode, Kerry Coddett and I talk about our high school and college lives. Plus, Kerry reveals her first date ever and her worst date ever. Kerry Coddett [Cah-dit] is a New York-based stand-up comedian, actress, and writer. Touted as “inimitable” by The Huffington Post and as “a rising star” by The Interrobang, she has also been featured in numerous publications, including Entertainment Weekly,, Elite Daily, Splitsider,, Buzzfeed, and Salon. Growing up, Kerry was never shy – she always wanted to be an actress and performer. In school, she was outstanding and even got to skip two grades. At first, Kerry got into the gifted school for nerds. However, she physically fought every single day in high school and ended up going to four different schools. Kerry fought for her respect – she didn’t want anyone to feel like they could get away with saying negative things about her. She only fought girls for the record, and doesn’t hit people as an adult. Adults handle shit differently, people will call the cops now – high school kids don’t call the police. Kerry speaks about briefly joining a gang - she wasn’t in super deep. Kerry just stopped getting off the subway at that stop and took her ass home. Some people have trouble getting out of a gang, but Kerry didn’t have any issues. She didn’t bang super hard; she only dabbled in gang life. When you get deeper into gang activity, it’s because of your neighborhood. The people in her gang weren’t in Kerry’s neighborhood, so it had nothing to do with her. At the time, Kerry couldn’t even tell you why she joined a gang. Most likely, it was because of her high school boyfriend. In college, Kerry had two boyfriends – those were the only two people she was having sex with. Kerry has never killed it and hasn’t had sex for ten months; she wrote that joke two years ago. Online dating isn’t right for Kerry; she doesn’t like texting, so she can’t get to know someone that way. She asked one guy to call her, and it just fell apart. Kerry thinks that people shouldn’t waste time with online messaging. Then, Kerry explains why she doesn’t want to date a comic. Stay tuned as Kerry speaks about her fashion career, her first date ever, and her worst date ever. In this Episode: [ 2:30 ] About Kerry Codett [ 8:20 ] About beating kids up in high school [ 26:10 ] How Kerry got out of her gang life [ 29:50 ] Kerry’s college experience as a      responsible teen [ 36:45 ] Why Kerry hates online dating [ 40:50 ] About Kerry’s fashion career [ 45:00 ] Kerry’s first date ever and her      worst date ever Quotes: “I did two and a half years of high school in      two semesters.” “I have never killed it.” “I have never dated a comic.” “You don’t have to love everybody you’re with.” “I’m glad I wore boots on a first date.” Links Mentioned: Kerry’s Website: Kerry’s Instagram: Kerry’s Twitter: Kerry’s Podcast: Email me:
May 14, 2020
Joe Firestone | Do you believe in ghosts?| EMMA WILLMANN
Do you remember your goal for 2020? In this episode, Jo Firestone and I talk about her 2020 goal to embrace ghosts, we get in touch with our feelings, and Jo explains her lack of relationship with quesadillas and pornography. Jo Firestone is a comedian whose work can be seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Joe Pera Talks With You, High Maintenance, Shrill, The Chris Gethard Show, and more. She can be heard on Maximum Fun's Dr. Gameshow, a podcast she co-hosts with Manolo Moreno and Comedy Central's "Everyday Decisions," a podcast she hosts all alone. Her album, "The Hits," is available on Comedy Central Records, and if you like puns, check out "Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers." She is very willing to work with animals; please consider her for animal work. In this episode, Jo and I open the show talking about her comedy career, sonic drive-in, and her brother, who really does work in commercial real estate. Did you know that Jo is only five feet tall? She moves quickly so no one can ever tell how short she is. Jo doesn't have the basic talents; however, she found a way into show biz. What would you do if you didn't do stand up? Personally, I would do networking. Jo would set off indoor fireworks in between mediocre storytelling. Plus, she would change her name to Jo Fireworks. In middle school, Jo was prescribed antidepressants. In seventh grade, Jo wore a back brace and has never been more confident (even to this day)! In eighth grade, she got the back brace taken off, and it all went downhill from there. Jo describes her creative group of friends – they would wet their faces and dip them into sprinkles to become sprinkle people. She's lucky social media wasn't around in high school. Jo had two high school boyfriends – she has no idea where they are right now – even with social media. Instead of Instagram, Jo is playing Solitaire on her computer. Jo speaks about opening for a baby pig race and learning loads about apples. Frankly, it paid a lot better than her pizza job – it seemed like the way to go. At the time, Jo was dating a man who pierced his own ball sack. As you can tell, she was really living life on the edge. She asked to see it once, but other than that, they didn't do a lot of pants stuff. Then, we talk about being in touch with our feelings, specifically anger and sadness. Jo's mom is a school counselor – she thinks that anger is a combination of several emotions, whereas sadness is just one. Stay tuned as we talk about getting Zoom bombed, what happens when we die, and big pots of stuff. In this Episode: [ 8:30 ] About Jo Firestone [ 16:20 ] What would you do if you didn’t do      stand up? [ 22:50 ] About Jo’s adolescent years [ 30:20 ] The transition to Solitaire [ 36:15 ] Everybody has OCD [ 41:15 ] Our very first dates [ 43:30 ] Being in touch with anger and      sadness [ 46:45 ] About getting Zoom bombed [ 49:40 ] What happens when we die [ 53:50 ] About big pots of stuff Quotes: “I’m really grateful social media wasn’t      around in high school.” “Are you ready for the baby pig race?” “Sometimes, you just have to be a bad boy.” “I have no relationship with quesadillas or      pornography.” “My goal for 2020 is to embrace ghosts.” Links Mentioned: Jo’s Website: Jo’s Instagram: Email me:
May 13, 2020
Remy Kassimir (How Cum Podcast) | EMMA WILLMANN
This episode she catches up with her friend and fellow  comedian Remy Kassimir (Cas-suh-meer) who is currently hosting virtual  comedy shows on Instagram Live and has her own sex-pert podcast called  How Cum Podcast. This conversation is hilariously satisfying, as they  delve in relationship squabbles and prep school kid shenanigans. Stick around to hear more, and laugh your ass off.    Remy Relevant Links:
May 12, 2020
LEV FER| What is a FuckBboy? | EMMA WILLMANN
What is a fuck boy? It's a guy that doesn't want to be in a relationship with YOU. In this episode, Lev Fer and I talk about penis sex stuff and why having sex with a lot of people is a good thing. Lev is a comedian and the host of Yung Daddy Podcast. Lev and I open the show embracing comedians who work hard. At age fourteen, Lev started his stand-up career. He felt like it was the protector in his life; it was the one thing that would make him feel okay and good. Lev says that any person doing a public thing is a little mentally ill. You are never going to be a good entertainer if you're not up your own ass all the time. However, there's a difference between being self-involved and being a narcissist. It takes a certain level of insanity to look at a group of people and think that they need to hear your thoughts. Our madness gets a little challenging in relationships. In this Episode: [ 4:30 ] Always put the bet on someone who      hustles [ 6:00 ] About Lev’s comedy career [ 9:30 ] Are you a narcissist? [ 13:20 ] What it’s like to be a chubby kid [ 20:00 ] About Lev’s rapping career [ 25:00 ] Why anal sex is a lot of work [ 32:30 ] How having sex with a lot of people      is a good thing [ 39:30 ] Is it true that men don’t like funny      women? [ 54:45 ] The challenges of starting a podcast [ 61:20 ] Life is all about experiences and      memories Quotes: “Embrace your insanity.” “I love a good asshole.” “Anal sex should never be a surprise.” “I’m too lazy to make the slightest change.” “There is nothing men want more than a woman      who doesn’t seem interested.” Links Mentioned: Lev’s Website: Yung Daddy Podcast: Lev’s Instagram: Lev’s Twitter:
May 11, 2020
Stop Making Jokes in Therapy! | Psychotherapist Shavon Gladdys | EMMA WILLMANN
Today’s episode is an informative one. Emma sits down with her friend Shavon, a psycho therapist and social worker, to discuss porn genres, relationship boundaries with your therapist, misogyny and antiracism. Emma also continues to question if she is a narcissist and since Shavon is a therapist, she finds out that it’s not quite uncommon for a person to think so. Don’t shy away from this episode! Tune in, cackle and learn a thing or two. Segment Time Stamps/ Episode Highlights: v 00:22 Emma talks up Shavon. v 02:10 Emma gives some background about a chicken wing incident and a bully. v 03:50 Shavon joins the show. v 05:10 Shavon explains why therapist shouldn’t laugh during sessions with clients. v 09:30 Shavon talks about how people react when they find out she is a therapist. v 13:46 They laugh about people losing vegetables up their butts. v 17:03 They talk about kinks and how to bring it up to a partner. v 22:04 Emma ask about narcissism. v 24:26 Shavon explains the difference between sadness and depression. v 35:50 Emma shares a story about her past therapist who gets disbarred. v 40:00 They talk about projecting while watching porn. v 44:15 Emma returns to the butch and the chicken wing story. v 48:00 They ladies talk about antiracism. v 52:13 Shavon opens up about losing friends and learning from it. v 57:00 Shavon sides with Carol Baskin. v 1:03:00 The wrap up. Quotes: “Stop making jokes in therapy” ~Shavon “When Doritos are out, the office is closed!” ~Emma (Shavon distinguishes between being professional and being a friend) “A lot of times people just want validation. That what they are into, what they want done to them or to other people is okay” ~Shavon “There is a pot for every lid” ~ Shavon (in regard to porn) “Depression is the restaurant, while sadness is something you order on the menu” ~Emma “If you are in the position of privilege then you can never be fully trusted in your analysis of a situation” ~Emma Tell Emma: If you like your chicken wings with the bones, or boneless. Relevant Links: Shavon’s email
May 6, 2020
Crazy First Date | Robyn Schall| EMMA WILLMANN
Summary: Welcome to a rambunctious episode of Emma’s Bunker, where she shares a laugh with her buddy and fellow comedian Robbin Shawl. They’ve been gal pals for years and during this conversation they talk about some hilarious encounters like when Emma was Robin’s entourage for a cake eating cameo in A$ap Ferg’s music video Shabba. Robin shares her first hook up experience that left her with sticky hangs and reminds Emma that she was the one who taught her about sexuality being a spectrum. Put your boredom on pause, and come chill out in and Segment Time Stamps/ Episode Highlights: v 02:15 Emma brings on Robyn Schall. v 03:47 Robyn’s talks about her childhood and her year in a wheelchair. v 08:02 Robyn’s talks about her first audition. v 12:15 Robyn and Emma talk about their quarantine buddies, Bowie (Emma’s dog) and Franklin (Robyn’s blow up doll). v 13:43 Robyn gives advice on learning how to say no. v 16:03 Emma’s brings up how she is 60% narcissist. v 19:57 The ladies discuss how the quarantine is a strain on relationships. v 24:00 Emma and Robyn conversate about how todays censorship is relevant comedy and how some jokes can get a person canceled. v 30:39 Robyn’s flip-flopped use of the word “cunt”. v 34:55 Robyn’s cake eating music video story. v 42:19 Robyn’s first hook up story. v 46:22 Emma talks about the spectrum of sexuality. v 54:16 Emma compliments Robyn on her YouTube channel, Cawfee Tawk with Robyn. v 59:20 Emma ask Robyn, “If you could go back and tell yourself anything about entertainment what would it be?” v 61:54 Robyn wishes there was something more she could do than stay inside. v 64:00 Emma’s wrap up the show. Quotes: “People who could make you laugh, can make you feel better.” ~ Robyn Relevant Links: Robyn
May 4, 2020
Dream Interpretation |EMMA WILLMANN
In this episode of Emma’s Bunker, Emma start’s analyzing dreams that other people sent in, without any judgment. Listen in as we first have some fun topics before we get into the dream depth. Episode Highlight: · [1:40] Reminiscing about going out to eat before the lockdowns, missing it, and the ordering habits of different people. · [12:44] Selena Gomez announcing that she is bipolar. · [17:17] Why I have an interest in people and networking. Why I believe in networking that wins. · [19:09] Why I like first dates- it’s the most fun as compared to the baggage that comes with a relationship. · [26:00] My Craigslist bad date experience and why I did it. · [40:46] A dream interpretation of a woman going to a basketball game with her children and not caring when people start dying. · [45:57] Interpreting a dream circling the number 1.4479 which is related to their work. · [51:46] Interpreting a dream of a parent who dreamt they’d put their baby in their parent’s freezer and it died. · [59:16] Diving deep into the history of marshmallows Relevant Links: Website: PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES 
May 2, 2020
Making it in the Makeup Buisness w/Celebrity Makeup Artist | @THEMakeUpExpert | EMMA WILLMANN
Emma interviews her girlfriend, who is a celebrity make up artist who worked her way up in the business after leaving home at 17 to pursue a career in makeup.  To support Ashley, check out her IG @THEMAKEUPEXPERT on INSTAGRAM 
May 1, 2020
Narcissism | EMMA WILLMANN
Ever wondered why your loved ones keep telling you that you are full of yourself? Have they used the term, “narcissistic?” Well, so has Emma! Pitch a foldout chair, lean back and cackle at her as she tries to discern if she is a narcissist or just plain neurotic. Segment Time Stamps/ Episode Highlights: v 02:00 Narcissism in relationships, including family and friends. v 07:27 Discuss how people mostly talk about things they are insecure about. v 12:00 Therapist and Mom agreeing on her narcissistic tendencies v 12:21 Reassures that anyone can invest in the stock market. v 16:48 Tips and tricks of making jokes v 22:20 Starts to read the definitions of Narcissism v 38:46 Stereotypes of gay and lesbian people come true at yard sales v 40:14 What happened to Tara Reid? v 49:13 Episode in the future will be about analyzing dreams. Quotes: “I’m as Gay as my sister is straight. We look like a before and after picture of a chick attending an all-girl school.” “Art Therapist… Uh oh am I going to draw a stick figure and she will see that I’m bipolar?!?” “Gay men yard sales are fucking fun, music playing just fucking fun! Lesbian yard sales… nothing is sadder. It’s nothing but a butch woman clutching a crockpot, ‘NO cause we are getting back together!’ ” Tell Emma v 10:30 Do we talk an extreme amount about things that we are insecure about, things we are proud of or a mix of both? Relevant Links:
April 30, 2020
Chaunté Wayans (Netflix) | Emma WIllmann
Emma and Chaunté get candid about quarantine routine, love, life, religion, work, and a little something about premonitions. Chaunté Wayans is a member of the Wayans Family, whose members include Keenen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, Sr., Kim Wayans, Shawn Wayans, and Marlon Wayans, and her brother Damien Dante Wayans. She is the daughter of Elvira Wayans. Find | Emma Wellmann At On Instagram:   @ emmawillmann On Facebook: @ emmacomedy On Twitter: @emmawillmann On  Youtube: @emmawillman Find | Chaunte Wayans On Instagram: @cwayans On Twitter:   @ cwayans  On Facebook: @cwayans SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST On Apple  Podcasts On Google Podcasts On Spotify
April 29, 2020
Charm School with H. Foley | EMMA WILLMANN
H. Foley drops in the bunker today to give Emma a long overdue lesson in table manners. Emma shares how she came out to her mom in front of a bunch of monks and spreads some Danity Kane, Making The Band conspiracy theories. H. Foley breaks down why putting your pinky up is for trash and shares his behind the scenes restaurant tips for getting fresh fast food that you can eat alone in shame. Hear why bread should never be used as a knife, what he was like as a kid and more on this episode of Emma’s Bunker. Episode Timeline: [00:00] Intro [01:19] Emma's sloppy [02:15] Coming out to her mom at silent lunch [07:05] Her mom on coronavirus and subpar whisper skills [09:24] Excited to see H. Foley’s face [11:30] Coordinate your quarantine eating [12:39] Going stir-crazy and forgetting how to interact [16:42] What Henry Foley was like as a kid [20:08] Emma's messy eating habits [21:33] How to get fresh fast food [23:00] Emma learns some manners [25:46] Pinkies up? [27:06] Using bread as a knife [28:53] Sharing food and eating on dates [32:13] Elbows on the table [32:31] Finding H. Foley [36:20] A deep dive into Danity Kane and Making the Band [41:37] There's a coverup [43:33] Outro
April 27, 2020
Quarantine Dating | Justin Hoff (America’s Got Talent) | EMMA WILLMANN
Today, Justin Hoff drops in virtually and we jump into a conversation about surviving the end of the world and quarantine dating. Justin knows more about bees than anyone ever should and Emma answers all your burning sex questions. Get ready to take notes on mastering your first date finesse and how to not scare people away with your porn preferences as Emma and Justin go on a date. Listen in to hear why every apocalypse needs a hype man and all the reasons Justin is going to out-survive us all if things go south. Episode Timeline:     •        [00:01] Intro •        [03:37] Every apocalypse needs a hype man •        [07:36] Justin Hoff’s crisis plan •        [09:31] The rule of 3's •        [13:33] Coronavirus quarintine and depression •        [18:33] Sex questions •        [22:45] Why sex is less important to Emma these days •        [24:54] When you're not on the same page sexually •        [26:45] Quarantine and Dating •        [29:04] Justin on sleeping with someone on the first night •        [31:43] First date questions •        [37:09] Justin and Emma go on a date •        [39:33] Caring what people think •        [47:16] What Justin wants God to say at the pearly gates •        [48:39] The things he's not very good at •        [58:18] Emma’s tips and tricks •        [1:04:00] Corona advice •        [1:05:16] Where to find Justin Hoff    Resources Mentioned: •        Social Media Meltdowns IG •        Social Media Meltdowns YT   Standout Quotes: •        “If a guy judges you for sleeping with them on the first date its because they think oh, 'she'll do this with any asshole,' which means they have very low self-esteem. You know what I mean? They just think, 'I'm just any asshole.'” -Justin Hoff [29:21]     •        “People are so dumb and it really gets on my nerves...Isnt it funny that people as a whole, I hate them so much. I hate people , I hate humans, like we're all so dumb. But I've never wanted a group of people to like me more.” -Justin Hoff [39:48]   Connect:     Find | Emma Wellmann At On Instagram: @emmawillmann On Facebook: @emmacomedy On Twitter: @emmawillmann On Youtube: @emmawillman   Find | Justin Hoff On Instagram: @thejustinhoff @socialmediameltdowns On Twitter: @jahoff On Youtube: @Justin Hoff         SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST On Apple Podcasts On Google Podcasts On Spotify
April 26, 2020
SNL Alum Dean Edwards | EMMA WILLMANN
Today, Emma is joined by Dean Edwards. A Saturday Night Live alum, vocal mutant and stand-up master— Dean’s got no shortage of gems to drop about the industry. A week after seeing Delirious in ‘83, Dean had his Edy Murphy impression down pat. Since then, he’s been on an upward trajectory, picking up some tips on the way. Listen in to hear what it takes to book shows like SNL and MAD t.v. The lessons he’s learned from comedy and how he’s staying on top of washing his goddamn hands in this pre-COVID-19 pandemic episode. Episode Timeline: [00:00] Intro [00:09] Meet Dean Edwards [01:47] Dead porpoises and eating shit in Vegas INTERVIEW [04:08] Getting his start in comedy in 1992 and learning his super power [05:06] Mutant voice powers, impressions and How to audition for SNL  [10:10] When good news throws off your set [11:42] Check your id when you’re dong comedy [15:52] Dean’s message for his past self  [18:37] Booking MAD t.v [20:00] Impressions for his wife and thoughts on Coronavirus DREAM ANALYSIS [25:58] Mystical dreams [29:01] How comic books built Dean’s vocabulary [30:34] Malcom X, Sinbad and swearing off swearing [32:32] What it all means: Spiders and Ice cream parlors [37:30] Find @iamDeanEdwards [47:43] Dean’s new podcast The Dean Edwards Show [38:47] Outro Resources Mentioned: Esoteric @Behindthesmoke Standout Quotes: “I decided, in 83 I saw Murphy… when I saw Delirious. I ran to my parents room and said I wanna do. I wanna be just like Eddy. I wanna be Eddy. I wanna wear a red leather suit. I wanna be on Saturday Night Live. My family was like you need to get a job, you know.” -Dean Edwards [04:45]   “The thing about entertainment is, you either mature or you regress to your worse self because you lean on all the vices… your id becomes magnified or you find a way to check your id.” - Dean Edwards [11:43] Connect: Find | Emma Wellmann At On Instagram: @emmawillmann On Facebook: @emmacomedy On Twitter: @emmawillmann On Youtube: @emmawillman Find | Dean Edwards  At On Instagram: @iamdeanedwards On Twitter: @iamdeanedwards On Youtube: @deanedwardscomedy SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST On Apple Podcasts On Google Podcasts On Spotify
April 25, 2020
Body Fluids | Justin Silver (Hulu) | EMMA WILLMANN
Do you have a sexual fantasy about body fluids? I talk all about sex, online dating, and neurotic behavior with Justin Silver. In this episode, Justin Silver dives deep into his background and explains his fitness journey and where exactly his neurosis comes from. Justin has found self-discipline through the way that he relates to himself physically. When it comes to gaining muscle and losing weight, Justin likes to set weird little goals for himself. Eventually, Justin found himself in phenomenal shape, so he started to date – listen up as Justin discloses intimate details of his dating life. Plus, Justin talks about his role in High Fidelity and reveals his audition tips. The part of Justin Kitt on High Fidelity was perfect for him. He describes his favorite aspects of working on the show from his first kissing scene to the snacks on set. Links Mentioned: Justin’s Website: Listen to Neurotica and No Disrespect 049 - Started From The Bottom (Emma Willmann) The Language of Dogs Follow Justin: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter:
April 25, 2020
Hannah Berner (Bravo) | Emma Willmann
Does Uncut Gems make you want to break up with someone? In this episode, Hannah Berner and I talk about dating, relationships, Summer House, and all things reality TV. Hannah Berner was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up playing competitive tennis professionally and for the University of Wisconsin. She emerged on the comedy scene by directing, editing, and acting in videos on Instagram and writing viral tweets. Her podcast, Berning In Hell, has over 1 million downloads. She is currently an official cast member of Summer House on Bravo and performs standup in NYC and at clubs around the country. Hannah is an advocate for mental health, napping, and fart jokes. In this Episode: Why you need to get on TikTok [ 3:00 ] About Hannah’s Summer House relationship [ 6:30      ] Why Hannah is getting so much internet hate [ 10:30      ] Dating stories and intimacy issues [ 18:15 ] How Hannah’s parents feel about her TV career [      35:50 ] Astrological signs and dating [ 42:50 ] Taking classes during quarantine [ 44:40 ] Movie dates are the worst [ 55:30 ] Why Hannah hates men [ 59:00 ] Quotes: “I’m scared of being hurt and getting upset.” “Sometimes, big men will have an average size      dick, but it looks small because they are so big.” “I hate men so much right now.” Links Mentioned: Hannah’s Website: Listen to Berning in Hell. Follow on Instagramand Twitter. Watch Hannah on TikTok. Read Open Book by Jessica Simpson. Get How to Date Men When You Hate Men.
April 25, 2020
Only Child Energy | Sydnee Washington Episode | EMMA WILLMANN
Welcome to another episode of Emma’s Bunker! Today’s episode includes an  entertaining conversation with her fellow comic, Sydnee Washington. The  ladies laugh about the time they interviewed a drunk porn star and how  she hinted about some of the sketchy things she had to do to get  aroused. The chitchat then leads to Sydnee’s stance on outliving  relatives who disagree with homosexuality and discussing Emma’s  tolerance with antidepressant cocktails.  Don’t miss out on this funny  episode because beside hearing about how Emma questions the limits on  incest porn, it comes with a personal PSA for her to wash her fucking  hands.  Want more funny lady content? Check Emma out at and Segment Time Stamps/ Episode Highlights:   00:40 Emma starts the show by relishing over the time she had to  wrestle her friend Sydnee in a bikini for a famous network.   01:44 She shares her story about the time she had a snaggle tooth.  07:49 Sydnee joins Emma on the podcast.  10:49 Emma questions the progression of incest in porn, from step  parent to just parent.  12:32 Sydnee talks about her start in comedy.   15:00 The ladies discuss their relationship with religion.  19:45 Emma and Sydnee laugh about their “only child quirks” and how  Sydnee had a collection *cough obsession cough* of pens.   24:58 Emma ask Sydnee if the lock down has started to changed how she  feels about comedy.  32:50 Emma grills Sydnee about her experience with celebrities   34:22 Emma’s previous disregard to simple hygiene.  37:41 Emma wraps up the show with shout outs and an inspiring message.  “You can’t expect to start caring, if you don’t start sharing”.   Quotes:  “If you hold on long enough, everyone who is against homosexuality with  be out.” ~Sydnee “You can’t expect people to start caring if you don’t start sharing”  ~Emma Relevant Links: Sydnee’s links Twitter/justsydnyc  Mike Lavin (for photography) Chris Thomas (Audio Engineer)
April 24, 2020
RAYNA GREENBERG (Girls Gotta Eat) | Getting into Dirty Talk |EMMA WILLMANN
Does dirty talk drive you wild? In this episode, Rayna Greenberg and I get down to the root of our obsession with dirty talk. Rayna is a writer, photographer, founder of @onehungryjew (now @rayna.greenberg) and cohost of @girlsgottaeatpodcast. In this Episode: Why Rayna stopped drinking [ 4:30 ] How Rayna got into dirty talk [ 9:25 ] Normalizing sexual fantasies and desires  [ 15:20 ] How to help someone who isn’t good at dirty   talk [ 20:35 ] What to say if you’re new to dirty talk [ 30:00      ] Exploring sexually in a relationship [ 38:20 ] About Rayna’s food blog [ 43:25 ] Quotes: “Sometimes, we cross a line because we want our partner to be sexually satisfied.” “It’s important to normalize sexual fantasies and desires.” “We should all feel comfortable exploring what      we want in the bedroom.” “Porn has played a big role in fucking people      up.” “You cheat, and you learn from it.” Links Mentioned: Girls Gotta Eat Website: Listen to Girls Gotta Eat on Apple Podcasts. Follow Girls Gotta Eat Podcast on Instagram and Twitter. Watch the Girls Gotta Eat Podcast on YouTube. Follow Rayna Greenberg on Twitter and Instagram. She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman
April 24, 2020
Diving into The Bunker | EMMA WILLMANN
In this premiere episode of Emma’s Bunker, Emma talks about a variety of topics and analyzes some interesting stories. She share’s some self-help tips from the book 7 habits of highly effective people and  breaks them down to how they affect her personally. Emma also analyzes what happens to Mike Jones for some reason.
April 24, 2020