Emme Lily with Isaac E

Reinvention (Episode 5)

An episode of Emme Lily with Isaac E

By LIOJI & Isaac E
In this weekly podcast, Isaac E expresses his thoughts on business, sports, pop culture, and politics. Along the way will be joined by a few friends. Emme Lily is short for Emerald Lily the birthstone and flower of the month of May.
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Reinvention (Episode 5)
A recap of the thoughts expressed in Episode 4 and continued reminder on the importance of a participate society in democracy (1:10). Isaac E expresses his beliefs on reinvention and the challenges that arise from change (20:50).
August 12, 2019
Challenges of a Democratic Society and Being a Solution (Episode 4)
We begin with the challenges that a democratic society faces and the dangers of non participation in Part 1 (3:10). Part 2 brings up topics from the Democratic Debates this past week and delves further into a conversation on race, immigration, and climate change (48:20).
August 4, 2019
Unwavering and Unapologetic (Episode 3)
The first part of the podcast challenges the idea of norms and places emphasis on finding a moat to achieve success in business (1:15). Part two continues to challenge what is normal, identifies the challenge of non-immortality, and the importance in taking a step back from it all (25:40).
July 28, 2019
Chris Herren, Self Esteem, and Lil Nas X (Episode 2)
A retrospective on Chris Herren, addiction, depression, and seeking help (2:48). Lil Nas X place in music history and Billboard (25:26).
July 21, 2019
We Can Do Better (Episode 1)
We begin the pilot podcast addressing the comments of POTUS this weekend and pleading for unity instead of division. The commentary continues into the continued fight of the back-to-back U.S. Women's World Cup Championship team for equal pay. We end with praise for HBO and their summer show Big Little Lies and Euphoria. 
July 16, 2019
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