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Emmviron Business Talk/Podcast

Emmviron Business Talk/Podcast

By Emmviron Company
We provide you with amazing business podcasts to grow your business and strive in your respective business space with the right strategies and inputs.
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How to develop a winning business model
Learn key concept to develop a winning business model by Emmanuel Oluwagbemi, CEO and Team Lead, Emmviron.
May 05, 2022
How to earn your customers or clients trust.
Learn 6 ways to earn customers and clients trust. Don't forget get to check our website @ or contact us via You can call/WhatsApp: +2348035729288
December 17, 2021
Category of Businesses you should/shouldn't acquire Loan for.
An episode where we talked on the category of businesses you should/shouldn't acquire Loan for. Enjoy and Subscribe to our podcast.
November 14, 2021
Business Talk on Company's Valuation
A business talk with Isidore Kpotufe (Country Director, Treepz Ghana) and Emmanuel Oluwagbemi (CEO, Emmviron). In this episode, we laid emphasis on; - How you can value your startup, - Categorizing your company into the Pre-seed Stage, Series A, B, C or D when acquiring investment. - Necessary documents you would need to put in place to position you in getting investors.
November 14, 2021
Five steps to taking the lead in your industry and staying on top of the game.
The corporate environment is quite congested. Every day, a slew of businesses enter your industry with the same identical business strategy. Many people try to find information on how to start their own business on Google. You should be listening to this if you are still using that method.
September 24, 2021