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The Real Hoodwives of Chicago

The Real Hoodwives of Chicago

By E'mon Lauren (Black)
E’mon Lauren, a queer Scorpio, is the first Youth Poet Laureate of Chicago, from the Souf and Wes Side.
"The Real Hoodwives of Chicago" is a podcast for artists of color to talk love, sex, romance, and ratchetry. So often do we hear folks of color's stories second-hand. Scripted. Edited. Given a “Sex and the City” makeover. Well not here. Here are our raw, unedited, unmasked stories. Learn about our romantic desires, our conquests, our fluidity and strengths. Tune in to hear us discuss our body and bodies of work.
A real show. With hot sauce stories.
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Niq & Kush Thompson | Thot juices, interracial dating, and what's a ‘hoodwife’

The Real Hoodwives of Chicago

Issa Hoodwife Birthday : LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE | Hoodwives at Home: ep5
Join me and all my wonderful friends, as we take it from "podcast" to "talk show". Celebrating my 25th birthday and the podcast's 3rd birthday, we read reflecting prompts, shave my head, and have a grand toast to close the season! Give me a follow @laurenlikepolo And give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
November 25, 2021
David Blair II Blesses the House
Tune in for our debate on Preacher Kids' freakiness, the places we get down, and the talents that gets us there. Be sure to follow and support David Blair II @davidblairmusic And give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
November 25, 2021
Retrograde Don't Fuck with Us | Hoodwives at Home : ep4 ft. Jaz Starr
Tune is as mercury retrograde joins our quick chat. We catch up on the couch and talk future plans. Be sure to follow Jaz Starr @__jazstarr And give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
November 25, 2021
On the Road Again | Hoodwives at Home: ep3
Join me as I stay at home and unpack, while I pack my bags for the mountains. Be sure to follow and support me @laurenlikepolo. Follow us @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
November 25, 2021
Elton Aura on Big Energy
Tune in as we discuss moving up, the industry, and it's downfalls. Make sure you support Elton @elton.aura. Give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
November 25, 2021
Daniel Kyri Sets the Set on Fire!
Tune in for our discussion on roles we identify with, body autonomy in the industry, and tropes we've seen enough of. Make sure you follow Daniel Kyri @danielkyri And give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
September 30, 2021
Home is Where the Heart Is? | Hoodwives at Home: ep2
Join me on my couch as I talk the heavy loads, and the recent heartbreaks. Make sure you follow us @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
September 30, 2021
Max and the Mushroom
Don't trip and podcast! Or do! Join us for our elated conversation, while talking about the pleasures of laughter and feeling good. Make sure you follow Max @searchingformax And give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing! #whatsyourthotjuice
September 30, 2021
Welcome to Haus of Hoodwives | Hoodwives at Home: ep1
Tune in for my hot takes on my trip to Miami, the ballroom scene's inclusivity, and what I learned. Make sure you give us a follow @hoodwivesofchi so you never miss a thing. #whatsyourthotjuice
September 30, 2021
Niq James: Our O.G. Hoodwife
Let's catch up with Niq James, as we discuss blk women' success, body dysphoria, and aphrodisiacs.  Follow and support Niq: @niqjames Follow and support us: @hoodwivesofchi #whatsyouthotjuice
July 13, 2021
Queen Jezabelle Moscow Quotes Gia
Join us for a conversation on homeless LGBTQ+ youth, confidence, and ballroom protocol. Follow and support Mauva Belle: @itzbeauty2k14 Support and follow us: @hoodwivesofchi #whatsyourthotjuice
July 13, 2021
Benji Has Nothing But Hart!
Join us on for a #PrideMonth kick-off, with a thorough insight on the blk-radicalism and healing, LGBTQ liberation, and Vogue/House community. follow and support: @benjifemini follow and support us: @hoodwivesofchi/@laurenlikepolo
June 10, 2021
L.A. Van Gogh Loves the Ladies
Tune in for our talk on therapy, personality differences, and the respect for women in music. follow and support: @lavangogh follow and support us: @hoodwivesofchi/@laurenlikepolo #whatsyourthotjuice
June 10, 2021
SomberTones Wears The Straps!
Tune for discussions on COVID Vaccine and our communities, finding your sound in music, and pegging. follow and support SomberTones: @sombertones follow and support us: @hoodwivesofchi/@laurenlikepolo #whatsyourthotjuice
June 10, 2021
Mo G Leave You Wanting Mo'
Tune in as we discuss postpartum help, balancing multitudes, and entrepreneurship. Follow Mo G @gotothemo #whatsyourthotjuice
April 29, 2021
Drea the Vibe Dealer : Priestess of Vibrations
Join us as we discuss new music, branding "411", and closure as an act of resistance.  Follow Drea The Vibe Dealer @dreathevibedealer & @vibesuppliesshop #whatsyourthotjuice
April 29, 2021
Tune in to hear us talk protest P's & Q's, sobriety, and systemic violence on women. follow Mohawk Johnson @mohavvkjohnson & @freemyniggamohawk #whatsyourthotjuice
April 29, 2021
Qari for Season 3 Debut!
Tune in to hear us talk sensual rapping, dating as well-known artists, and blk-fatherhood. #whatsyourthotjuice - follow Qari: @chicagoqari
March 24, 2021
Social Listening Edition | Poetry Workshop featuring poems by Gwendolyn Brooks & Elizabeth Bishop
Join us for a workshop inspired by Niq James’ most recent workshop series featured ‘@niqjames’ on Instagram. Leading prompt: “what have you lost?” lists: 1. things you have lost? 2. things you have let go of? 3. things you are forgetful of? 4. memories you share with lost things? 5. things you feel guilty about losing? 6. what have you forgiven yourself for losing? 7. things you are proud of letting go? prompt: 1. write a poem honoring a lost thing. 2. write a celebration poem for letting something go. poems featured in this episode: “the mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks (as found in Selected Poems, 1963.) (audio reading courtesy of @poetryfoundation) “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop (as found in the Complete Poems 1926-1979) #whatsyourthotjuice
April 16, 2020
Social Listening Edition | Poetry Workshop featuring poems by Lucille Clifton & Marcus Jackson
Join us for a check in and writing session in honor of “Easter Sunday Dinner.” lists: 1. list of comfort foods/drinks/treats? 2. who do these dishes belong to? who are the chefs/makers of your family? 3. who are the characters of your family partaking in these homemade fixing 4. feelings/memories connected with these homemade fixings? prompts: write a poem for the prepping of one of your favorite homemade fixings? write an ode to one of your favorite homemade fixings? poems heard in this episode: “cutting greens” by Lucille Clifton (as found in The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton; reprinted & republished by BOA Editions, Ltd. 1987/2015) (audio reading courtesy of Poetry Foundation, read by Lucille Clifton) “Ode to Kool-Aid” by Marcus Jackson (as found in Neighborhood Register; Cavankerry Press, 2011) #whatsyourthotjuice
April 12, 2020
Social Listening Edition | Poetry Workshop featuring poems by Nate Marshall & Chuck Roberts
Join us for a check in and writing session. lists: 1. things you have always been curious about the beginning of? 2. things of your home/neighborhood that have always been there? 3. rituals/traditions of where you’re from? 4. myths/tales/urban legends from your upbringing? 5. things you love and are very familiar with? prompts: write a genesis poem or an origin story. poems heard in this episode: “prelude” by Nate Marshall (as found in Wild Hundreds; published by University of Pittsburg Press, 2015) “My House” performed by Chuck Roberts (by Rhythm Controll, 1987)
April 09, 2020
Social Listening Edition | Poetry Workshop featuring poems by Dr. Eve L. Ewing & Morgan Parker
Join us for a check in and writing session. 1. what parts of home make you feel connected to the world? 2. how do you prepare yourself at home? 3. what are some rituals/daily actions you have been doing? 4. who does your home protect you from? 5. what parts of the world do you keep outside of your home? 6. what parts of your home are you ready to explore? prompts: write a conjuring for yourself/blessing to come/your home. write a portrait of yourself as a body of land/your home. poems heard in this episode: “what I mean when I say I’m sharpening my oyster knife” by Eve L. Ewing (as found in Electric Arches; published by Haymarket Books 2017.) “Let Me Handle My Business, Damn” by Morgan Parker (as found in There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé; published by Tin House Books 2017.)
April 05, 2020
Kenn & Onyx | Community, trans relationships, and fucking the binary
“Kenn is a bad bitch.” “Onyx uses they/them and believes knee grows are the best.” #whatsyourthotjuice
March 12, 2020
MFnMelo | Body positivity, cooking as a form of romance, and how to make sure ‘everybody eats’
MFnMelo, also known as “Muhfuckin, if ya nasty!”, is a Westside artist, apart of the rap collective Pivot Gang! Tho he’s most known for his way with words, he is also the self proclaimed “Uncle Daddy” due to his hand in raising his nephew. Either rapping or taking care of those around him, there’s no doubt “Everybody Eats!” #whatsyourthotjuice
February 27, 2020
Ace da Vinci | What dat ‘mouf’ do? Making one cum from head, and dating a sex worker
“Ace da Vinci. #SevenDayHigh. SmartMouf Ent. HEAVYYY!” #whatsyourthotjuice
February 13, 2020
richienough | From country boy to city man, the journey of a transplant, and the queer spectrum
“From the 7-5 to the Westside, richienough is a singin, rappin, writin, healin, queerin Black man. Here to make you feel your worth and show ya teeth, richienough is shovin through excuse him, please.” #whatsyourthotjuice
December 19, 2019
E’mon Lauren | Issa wrap season 1! A recap of a full year, with the original hoodwife, and special thanks
"E’mon Lauren is the creator and host of “The Real Hoodwives of Chicago”. She is author of “COMMANDO” and was titled Chicago’s first Youth Poet Laureate. Reaching her Jordan year and 1 year anniversary of her podcast, she continues to bless this spicy city, with all her saucy ways." #whatsyourthotjuice
November 07, 2019
Matt Muse & femdot. | Health care, dating a dark skin man, and our fans
“Matt Muse, a rapper & producer from Chicago. Released his debut album Love & Nappyness, on August 9, 2019.” “[fem]dot.dilla.delacreme. writer by nature, rapper by craft.” #whatsyourthotjuice
October 24, 2019
Toaster | Fingering, the many multitudes of an artist, and jokes that just aren’t funny anymore
“Toaster is taller than your daddy.” #whatsyourthotjuice
October 10, 2019
Shawnee Dez | Our first times, comfortability, and branding
Shawnee Dez aka Auntie Ladybug, is a singer/songwriter, youth worker, and multi-dimensional creative. She hones all the tools in her toolkit to prove that niggas is and have always been, dynamic.  #whatsyourthotjuice
September 26, 2019
Akenya | The nuisances of gender and sex identity, masturbation, and cancel culture
Akenya is a multi-genre singer, pianist, composer, and arranger from Chicago. She has been featured on many of the city’s leading artists from Chance the Rapper to Mavis Staples. She is currently working on her first full length project, “Moon in the 4th”. #whatsyourthotjuice
September 12, 2019
greenSLLIME | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB with EatTheBootyGang and its history, costume role play, and can you fuck anything
"greenSLLIME got money. greenSLLIME got weed." #whatsyourthotjuice
August 29, 2019
Loona Dae | Polyamory, what romance makes us hot, and how to make a ‘hoodwife’ happy
“Loona Dae” Parks is a singer/songwriter, producer hailing from St. Louis (no Missouri because they don’t really claim Missouri, but you get it). Since starting her journey in Chicago in 2010, this midwest transplant has garnered quite the resume from singing with Chicago gospel mass choir to being front lady for an all-girl band, to traveling as a background vocalist. Dae started her solo journey in 2016 with her first, self-produced EP “Phases” and recently followed up with her latest offering “Moonflower”. #whatsyourthotjuice
August 15, 2019
Ambi Lyrics | Having a type, male-dominated industries, and loves we don't wanna lose
“Ambi Lyrics is a Gemini with a sex drive & picky tastebuds. She’s just tryna get money with her woodle, while they fuck all over the world, as she falls asleep on her booty cheeks. Oh yea, she’ll eat everything if shorty vegan.”
August 01, 2019
Raych Jackson | Dating your friends' exes, ageism, and birth control myths
“Raych Jackson is a writer, educator, performer and ass connoisseur from Chicago. From hilarious pieces about masturbation to satire on menstruation, Raych sees humor in the awkward times. Her debut collection of poetry Even the Saints Audition is forthcoming from Button Poetry. She is the cofounder of Big Kid Slam, a monthly adult poetry slam with nostalgic fun and prizes. You can catch her around Chicago trying to convince people to get their ass ate just ONCE.” #whatsyourthotjuice
July 18, 2019
Vicki Street | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB and squirting, content creation, and how the streets be talking
 ”Affectionally known as the Voice of the Streets—Vicki Street is an emcee, DJ, content creator and personality extraordinaire.  Voted Class Clown in high school and Best Host during college—it’s no wonder why the streets love her. Stay tuned for @TheVickiStreetShow coming this summer.” #whatsyourthotjuice
July 04, 2019
Demi Christi | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB with a networking woman, self-love, and our presumptions about dicks
"Demi Christi is a Painter/ Photographer from the South Side of Chicago. She believes, as an artist, it is our responsibility to create societies' collective memory. Demi isn’t really a drinker, but on occasion, her "thot juice" is anything dark. She usually prefers beer." #whatsyourthotjuice
June 20, 2019
L11 | How a ‘hoodwife’ make money from the crib? "Good Pussy Energy", and threesomes we might join
"Nothing is more important to L11 than merging sex positivity, empowerment , and bad bitch motivation in her music and everyday life. Producing, engineering and mastering, and working for herself has really taught her the essence of Good Pussy Energy." #whatsyourthotjuice
June 06, 2019
ThoughtPoet | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB with our influences and inspirations, nudism, and on-scene dating
"ThoughtPoet is a photographer and writer from the Chatham and Burnside area. His photos show melancholy, and—above all—his love for the black and brown people of Chicago and beyond." #whatsyourthotjuice
May 23, 2019
Passion Thirteen (ft. JAPANTAN Co. gang) | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB with hella Scorpios, fashion design, and being in love
"Creative plug. Xavier’s OG. Muse. Probably your favorites' favorite. Or your haters' most hated." #whatsyouthotjuice
May 09, 2019
Shannon Matesky | Self care tactics and magic, the world of cabaret, and being pro-choice
“Shannon Matesky is an actress, writer, director, producer & BEAST!” #whatsyourthotjuice
April 25, 2019
Chi Blu | #LIVEFROMTHECRIB and platonic love, fatherhood dating, and fuck boys VS fuck niggas
“Chi Blu is from the Englewood side of Chicago. Gender pronouns he/him/joe/folks. Englewood bred. Teaching Artist, Performance Artist, Creative Artist. Pull out game weak asf. Buy him a dominos pizza and he going going!” #whatsyourthotjuice
April 12, 2019
Frsh Waters & Kahrion | The powers that be.. head, hood, and Hennessy
 “Kahrion is 23 from the west side of the city. a young hustler coming up on an independent grind making real music & culture.” *newest project drops tonight!*  “Jimmy Hood (Frsh Waters) is a westside cat rapper/poet. 6pc wing dinner typa nigga.” #whatsyourthotjuice
March 29, 2019
J Bambii | First time going #LIVEFROMTHECRIB, with good energy, love, and retrogrades that try to hold us down
" Jasmine A Barber, also known as the rapper J Bambii, is an artist, educator, tarot reader, and cartoon lover from the Southside of Chicago.  She is the founder and creator of the Brown Skin Lady Show & the community healing initiative known as Come Together. Jasmine has also released a rap tape  called "RETROGRADE" under her alias, and she is currently working on more community centered events." #whatsyourthotjuice
March 14, 2019
DJ Ca$hera | Valentine's Day for a DJ, labels, and porn
"CaSera Heining, best known as DJ Ca$h Era, is an internationally recognized performer and the Official DJ for Young Chicago Authors Louder Than A Bomb — Chicago’s largest youth poetry festival. Completing her College B.A. in Radio Broadcasting, and minor in video production, at Columbia College Chicago in May of 2017; CaSera is now a Producer at 720AM WGN Radio and can be seen performing all throughout the Chicagoland area including Soho House Chicago, Ace Hotel Chicago, Trap House Chicago, and many more venues." #whatsyourthotjuice
February 14, 2019
Jesse 5000k | The alien prince on body hair, fetishes, and safe sex
“Jesse 5000k is an alien from Nebulan, sent here with love, to freak the minds.” #whatsyourthotjuice
December 15, 2018
Niq & Kush Thompson | Thot juices, interracial dating, and what's a ‘hoodwife’
 "Niq is a PYT, who sometimes needs some tinder lovin' care, and is always a scholar-artist-advocate; baking the best chocolate chip cookies and pursing joy."  "Kush is a pink bed mermaid visiting from the year 1998. A Leo-Aquarius stargirl who stays reading her diary to somebody. Sometimes, she writes poems." #whatsyourthotjuice
November 09, 2018