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Let's Get Emotionally Intelligent Podcast

Let's Get Emotionally Intelligent Podcast

By Dr. Phenessa A. Gray
Emotional Intelligence Doctor, LLC presents Let's Get Emotionally Intelligent Podcast. If you’re looking for a podcast providing quick, practical emotional intelligence strategies to empower you to FEEL Better, THINK Better, and LIVE Better, you've come to the intentional place. I offer bite-sized strategies for the purpose of creating a more emotionally intelligent world one heart and mind at a time. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or on my website,

"FEEL Better, THINK Better, LIVE Better"
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Episode 04 - Bringing Your 'A' Game
Hello Feelers and Thinkers! This episode is about bringing your 'A' Game. What does that mean? I'm talking about awareness and authenticity. We can show up but if we haven't discovered who we are or even like who we are, life is going to be challenging. This episode provides bite-sized strategies to showing up for ourselves, the world, and be fully present in our everyday lives.
February 22, 2021
Episode 03 - Exploring Personal Values
Hello Feelers and Thinkers! This episode discusses exploring personal values. Of the five emotional intelligence components, self-awareness is foundational and important to effectively managing ourselves. Creating and developing our core values helps to guide and focus our priorities. Knowing ourselves is key to mastering ourselves. This episode provides a self-awareness strategy to help us discover our core values and be intentional about our everyday lives.
February 1, 2021
Episode 02 - Your Emotional Intelligence Superpower
Hello Feelers and Thinkers! This episode is about using emotional intelligence as a superpower. Whether you believe it or not, you have influence and developing your emotional intelligence can be used for good or for evil.  There are common misconceptions about emotional intelligence, but you have a choice in how you influence and persuade your world.
January 17, 2021
Episode 01 - Invitation to Living Your Best Life Now
2020 was so unexpected and disrupted all of us. This episode cordially invites you to live your best life now using emotional intelligent strategies to empower you to feel better, think better, and live better. You have all you need within you to be all you can be. Your world is waiting...
January 4, 2021