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State of Being

State of Being

By Michelle Saya
Spirit-Led. Sacred Strategy. Business Maven. For Mystics in Leadership. Michelle is a new paradigm sacred business coach and intuitive astrologer who is here to guide bold mystics, coaches, creators & visionaries to unapologetically lead through their life’s work by unlocking the energetic codes to their natal birth chart. We ditch the one-size-fits all cookie cutter sales/marketing tactics and decode what makes you stand out as a David amongst Goliaths in how you're sharing your work online. This has enabled me to create multiple six figure businesses by marrying the cosmos with strategy.
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How to Conquer Your Fears of Being Seen

State of Being

How to Thrive Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually During Launches
On Sunday, Aug 21st, I hosted a packed live workshop all on how to harness the energetics of your natal birth chart to thrive in your sacred biz and opened doors to my signature live group program, Embody U™! In the last 7 days since opening doors, we have 18 students who said yes to growing their soul-led biz inside this container!  People have been asking me how I remain grounded, and calm during these launches. In this episode I share all of my mindset, rituals, habits around my life and business that keeps my nervous system regulated so that launches are something I look forward to and see them as opportunities where people can see me in my most authentic expression. Embody U™ Live is open for enrollment! Doors close Aug 31st at midnight.  Join us in September Michelle's Instagram
August 29, 2022
What Astrology placements do I look at when working with soulpreneurs?
I share a sneak peek as to some significant placements I look in a client's natal birth chart to help guide me on the strategy in their sacred business.  It’s not too late to enroll in the Lilith Black Moon Experience! We begin Aug 4th. When you join, 10% goes to the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project. The other $200 becomes credit for if you decide to join my 3 month Embody U program that’s coming soon. If you're interested in joining Embody U, get on the waitlist.  Follow Michelle on Instagram
July 22, 2022
The Pillars of a Recession Resilient Sacred Business
The Pillars of a Recession Resilient Sacred Business In today's episode, I talk about: Things in the online coaching industry that sucks. How you can do your part to make the coaching industry & world of entrepreneurship more empowering.  How to be a responsible leader in the face of adversity and uncertain times in your sacred business.  How to create a more recession-resilient business. (Both the energetics + the tangible strategies) Why we need to normalize & celebrate both the low and high tides of your revenue months. Embody U Business Accelerator opens up for enrollment soon in August!  Get on the waitlist I'm Michelle, an intuitive business coach & astrologer helping mystics in business unlock their client attraction messaging & sales funnel blueprint using the energetics of their natal birth chart. Follow me on Instagram
July 15, 2022
Breaking Out Toxic Cycle of Burnout Work Culture with my Lilith in the 10th House
I shared a transmission with my community over on Instagram on some of my reflections this Super Full Moon in Capricorn and decided to share it here on my podcast show because the message is important.  Depending on which house your Lilith is in, this house can talk about the area of our life in which we might experience abuse, disempowerment - having our external validation of power taken away from us for us to find it without ourselves. This Full Moon in Capricorn speaks to me deeply as I look towards my 10th house in Lilith, healing from the toxic patterns/chaotic cycles of my career back when I was working in different corporate environments. I'm no stranger to falling into the cycles of workplace burnout and being dangled a carrot of recognition for how self-sacrificing we are. As I look back on this period in my life many years ago - I see that on a huge collective level, extreme capitalistic systems are creating a breaking point for many individuals disillusioned by the promise falsely given to them through their higher education, relentless employers, and conditioned self-talk of “Why can’t I keep up with my work peers?” “I can’t let my boss know I’m falling apart. Must take on more to be recognized.” And when we do speak up about our boundaries, I can’t tell how you many times clients come to me in with their backs up against the wall sharing how their employers, the organizations they’ve been so loyal and devoted to don’t give a crap about their well-being if it doesn’t support the company’s bottom line. I use to be ashamed of my rage. It took a lot of inner work and teaching myself to detach from external validation from others (especially in the workplace) to let go of the unhealthy cycle of martyring myself for someone else’s ambition against my own humanity. I’m no longer subduing my inner Lilith. The rage that runs through my veins fuels me. It guides me with a sense of purpose to make sure others don’t subject themselves to the same toxic work abuse that I’ve went through. 

 Join me in August on connecting with Lilith as our guide for shedding that external validation wound. Click Here to Begin.  Michelle's Instagram
July 13, 2022
Navigating 12th House Energy, Friendship Tea Chat with Terri Huxley
Terri Huxley is first and foremost an intuitive soul - one who doesn’t feel labels fit what she is all about. She is a podcaster, an Aggie, a photographer and a storyteller based in east central Alberta, Canada.  We first connected late last year when she booked my birth chart alignment session. From that moment on - we instantly clicked and became fast friends.  She is the host of the Empaths in Ag Podcast and the healer behind West of the Fourth Energetics. She is a Cancer sun, Taurus moon and Rising gal who loves pun jokes and community gatherings. The Empaths in Ag Podcast is all about giving a voice to those who pave the way for women in the agriculture industry by advocating and championing women’s rights, specifically changing the way society views the modern day farmer and their capabilities. It shines a light on energy work and its relation to people within the agriculture and ranching industry. In this episode we talk about: The connection between agriculture and spirituality Cycles including beginnings and endings, how growth works in a spiral The journey of Discovering your an empath Divine timing Parental wounding Intention, manifestation Connect with Terri: 
June 26, 2022
Mother Wounds, Lilith Dark Feminine Activation, Saturn's Return, & Pivoting Your Business
“Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.” - Carl Jung In today's episode, I share my most recent mother wound trigger when my partner and I visited my family in California. This trip illuminated a lot of sneaky programming/conditioning that were reflecting back at how I managed my mental health, my life, and my business. I also talk about why exploring the dark feminine, Lilith energy has been instrumental to me breaking out of my emotional turmoil and moving forward into the rest of this year, how my Saturn Return lessons are informing me on how I'm restructuring, sharing new offers inside my agency & spiritual coaching business. I also answer the questions from my Instagram community:  1. How do I navigate depression and having a successful business at the same time? Can I have both?  2. How to manage ego & ego death inside of your business. How to manage impostor syndrome?  3. What are astrological aspects & transits to watch out for inside our business?  4. Will I consider a crash course in astrology in the near future? Join the Waitlist for Lilith 4 Week Live Course  Follow Michelle on Instagram Visit Michelle's Website Waitlist for Embody U™ Live Business Group Program
June 10, 2022
The Modern Day Witch Wound: Weaponizing Cancel Culture
In today's episode, I share my thoughts on how to energetically astrological transits & retrogrades this season, how the Witch Wound is showing up for my clients building their spiritual business, and the dangerous implications of participating in weaponizing cancel culture.  Instagram
September 24, 2021
The Ouroboros of Victim Consciousness
I'm sharing my perspective on how to handle the cards we are dealt with and move forward, despite our circumstances.
September 17, 2021
The Energetics of Showing Up on Instagram In Your Sacred Business
In this episode I talk about: Signs of self-abandonment when using Instagram What it means energetically when people unfollow The difference between serving and seeking external validation How to heal your inner child & wound of visibility with Instagram What's your Empath Archetype Quiz? Embody U Sacred Business Program Waitlist Follow Michelle on Instagram
September 10, 2021
Overcoming Spiritual Ego & Healing Worthiness Wounds with Amanda Machado
I’m super excited today to have Amanda in today's episode! Amanda is an epidemiologist combining science, conscious living, healing, and growth for your lifestyle and business! In this episode, we talk about what the spiritual ego may look like, how toxic positivity shows up in sneaky ways and why we may self-reject the parts of our identity that’s yearning to be witnessed. Healing, self-acceptance, and how we perceive reality when we’re constantly in a state of impermanence is a tricky tight rope especially when many spiritual (even religious/hustle culture-based) communities dismiss the nuances of our relative human experience. Find Amanda Amanda's Instagram Shownotes
June 25, 2021
What Coaches Go Through In Their Business That Nobody Tells You with Rose
I’m super excited today to have one of my great friends, Rose in today’s episode.  Rose helps new coaches master the skill of communicating with their potential clients and closing the sale by helping you get clear on what your own gap is in your coaching business. This collaboration has been a long time coming - something we discussed since last year. It’s beautiful to see how both our businesses have grown since then - having this episode come to fruition now feels like divine timing. In this episode, we talk all about the ins and outs of coaching, comparison triggers, how a business might affect personal relationships, what the reality of creating a coaching business actually looks like and content mistakes that may be costing you clients. If you’re a coach or aspiring to be one - I hope this episode inspires you to look at new ways you can approach your coaching business more effectively.  Find Rose Rose's Instagram Marketing Workshop for Coaches Find Michelle Michelle's Instagram Which Empath Archetype Are You?
June 18, 2021
The Heart of Being an Intuitive with Winter Clark
Winter Clark is a 3rd generation intuitive, a reiki master, and the creator of The SoulCall Method™️, a certification program helping intuitives learn new modalities to elevate their practices and break new ground in wellness for healing to unfold. In this episode, we talk about her shamanic lineage and how her own intuitive abilities developed growing up in a household where both her mother and grandmother welcomed her gifts to develop. We also talk about what the role of a shaman looks like in today’s society and Winter’s journey in helping others awaken their intuitive gifts. Follow Winter on Instagram The SoulCall Method™️ Spiritual Life Coach training + certification InHER Power Mentorship Program
June 04, 2021
Discover the Energetic Power of Your Breath with Cat McElveen
Cat McElveen is a Kundalini yoga and breathwork coach whose mission is to guide you through your spiritual awakening process with love, realness, honesty, and wisdom. After traveling to India and deepening her own yoga experience with ancient Kriya yoga practices from her guru in 2018, she experienced a completely life-changing awakening that was both exhilarating, liberating, wondrous... and disorienting and intense. Through her personal practice of Kundalini, breathwork, meditation, and grounding techniques, she has found and curated a way to continue awakening out of the matrix and into personal power, deep love for life, presence, calm, and clarity. She is passionate about educating her clients and community about the truth of Tantra, Kundalini, yoga, and meditation....not as a mysterious, overly-sexualized, commodified spiritual mass-marketing ploy, but as the potent life-changing way of life that the ancient yogis designed as the path to liberation of consciousness. Cat is a 500-Hour certified Kriya, Kundalini, and Hatha yoga teacher with a BS in Public Health. She is currently pursuing her life-coaching and NLP certification through the Tabwoo Institute. She currently offers private 1:1 mentorships and 1:1 Kundalini breathwork sessions. Follow Cat on Instagram Sacred Self-Meditation Challenge Cat's Offerings Take the Empath Quiz
April 15, 2021
Quieting Our Thoughts Through Bullet Journaling
Gina Meusel is a creative, designer, a lover of contemporary media studies, and a bullet journal enthusiast born and raised in Germany. Multi-faceted and multi-passionate, she stands by the mantra, "You are more than just one thing," - and this is reflected in how she journals as well as encouraging others to find their own stylistic flow when it comes to journaling. In this episode, we talk about of love of journaling, misconceptions on how journaling SHOULD be, our personal writing/doodling habits and how ultimately - journaling is about self-reflection, recreation, and being kind with our relationship to our progression. I hope you enjoy this episode. Links:
April 08, 2021
How Healing Looks Different for Everyone ft. Ashley, Co-founder of Heal Good Collective
Ashley Rose Howard is the co-founder of Heal Good Collective, bringing together wellness practitioners, healers, lightworkers, empaths, and the healing curious to uplift each other so we can go out and share that creative-flowing, deep-knowing, soul work with the world Ashley began her career as a journalist, eventually spending over a decade in digital media. After many years of managing stress-induced anxiety, she left the corporate world to focus on a healthier, holistic lifestyle. Through her 10-year career shift into wellness, writing, and personal healing, Ashley discovered her passion for mindfulness and became a certified yoga and meditation practitioner. In this episode, we talk about how healing comes in all different shapes and sizes as well as what self-acceptance looks like when we honor our sensitivity and innate gifts. Links: Website Instagram Healing Curious Journey
April 01, 2021
How to Embrace Your Awakening After a Dark Night of The Soul
Mercedes Blendz is a spiritual mindset coach, speaker, artist, an empath that uses her knowledge of spiritual duality to carry her through the most difficult times in her life. She is also the host of Duality Reality Podcast, created for souls who feel alone in their awakening journey and seek community healing as you're navigating the spiritual and physical realities that are sometimes in harmony, and sometimes in chaos. In this episode, we talk about how Mercedes found healing, started her spiritual awakening journey, and fully step into her sacred calling after losing both her fiance and her mother. Links: Website Instagram Calm Your Chaos Masterclass Take the Empath Archetype Quiz
March 26, 2021
How Embodying Our Beliefs Can Create Inner Peace
Joana Calado is a Biomedical Scientist, a Mindfulness facilitator, and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner helping overwhelmed go-getters cope with anxiety, eliminate limiting beliefs, and get started on their dreams despite the fear of judgment by making pivotal mindset shifts to achieve inner peace. In this episode, we talk about how our belief systems & learned programming cause a ripple effect in how people choose to show up on a subconscious level as well as how we balance masculine and feminine energy into our business. You can find Joana at: Instagram Take the Empath Archetype Quiz Here
March 19, 2021
How to Change Your Life & Impact Others Starting with Purpose
Petra Laranjo is a Personal and Professional Development coach, an inspirational keynote speaker, creator of the Personal Brand program, ‘Purpose For Impact’, Personal Brand specialist, published author of “Living On Purpose. The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others.“ and founder of social impact platform JustOneThing365 NPC. Her unique approach is a result of 18 years of experience & success as a qualified and award-winning fashion designer, international stylist, actress, PR & Marketing specialist, people development trainer, speaker & coach. In this episode, we talk about how to overcome imposter syndrome and ways we can make a lasting impact in the world /
March 12, 2021
Bridging Spirit & Humanity Through Animal Communication with Bianca de Reus
Bianca de Reus is an inspiring and passionate being, who consciously helps people connect with their inner self, so they discover their soul being, their intuition, and their spiritual abilities, so they work in harmony to shine their light from a place of pure alignment, love, and joy. She was born and raised in the Netherlands. She found her way to Sydney, Australia in 1996. A few years later she was approached by a wild snake who told her what her life purpose was to be. But that is a story to be told over a cuppa! She is a game-changing soul coach and intuitive animal communication mentor, who works outside the norm, bringing clarity and trust by guiding people to feel confident, safe, and empowered to connect to their inner self and their spiritual skills. She works from a place of truth, love, and freedom. I found her journey and her spiritual path to be very compelling and full of wisdom, healing, and learning. I hope you enjoy this episode. Visit Her Website  Instagram Embody U Waitlist
March 05, 2021
How We Move Through Grief with Jessica Reis, The Death Empath
Jessica Reis, otherwise known as The Death Empath is a death doula, healer, and intuitive helping others move through self- grieving, self-honoring, and healing. As an end-of-life guide, she helps people navigate loss and mourning in all forms as grief is meant to be shared, nurtured, loved, and witnessed. She has a way of disarming you with her calming and penetrative presence. I unexpectedly moved through my own unresolved grief during the recording of our episode in a safe energetic container that Jessica held for me. Pain is confronting, and we move through what hurts, we become free.  Find Jessica on Instagram Website: The Death Empath  The Human Psychopomp Club The Embody U Waitlist
February 24, 2021
Conflict Resolution, Scientific Acumen and Ancient Spiritual Healing with Dr. Rebecca Nicholson
Dr. Rebecca Nicholson is a specialist in conflict analysis and resolution, has worked in counter post-war communal violence in West Africa, collaborated with nonprofit organizations to combat human trafficking, and has contributed research on genocide prevention. She also worked in human intelligence, as a Senior Scientist to use nonlethal soft power tactics to augment psychological operations and civil-military affairs.    We talk about how she went through her own dark night of the soul for 6 years, leading her exploration into natural healing and bridging the connection between both physical and non-physical worlds into different spiritual practices.    In this episode, we talk about her bridge into spirituality and how much of modern society continues to persecute spiritual thought through downplaying, colonizing the concept into “woo” without fully understanding the breadth of what the non-physical world is really about and what it has to truly offer.    We tackle the tough conversation on the relationship between science and spirituality as scientists and spiritual teachers pursue very different goals.    This is why I find talking to Dr. Nicholson such a breath of fresh air. What happens, when part of the journey of living a full life is bridging the gap between spirituality and science? And what happens when society deems the unity of two concepts to be the anomaly? Shownotes: [11:54-12:47] Dr. Nicholson shares about how and why she went for a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. [13:28-13:54] Why the definition of conflict is a real or perceived blocking of goals between two or more interdependent parties. [25:40-25:50] She talks about how she was able to earn her own place, power and be able to do something useful in the world. [30:11-30:20] She discussed how we interact mentally, emotionally, and on the physical plane with people. [39:24-39:37] We talked about sensitivity and setting intuitive boundaries. [41:26-41:48] Being able to tap into your energetics, emotions, different ways that you can understand what's going on with people in a healing capacity. [1:10-1:11] We discuss why nobody ever can trump your own knowledge of what your path is. Links: Embody U Waitlist
February 19, 2021
How to Conquer Your Fears of Being Seen
We oftentimes hide from situations where we can't predict or control the outcome. Most of our fear lies in how much we depend on our ability to control the situation and our fear of not receiving the exact outcome as our expectations. Such a masculine thing - to always need to be in control. So much so, you don't give yourself the opportunity to be seen at all. In this episode of the Golden Hour Series, I talk about why humans crave so much certainty. We hide so much from others... so much so, we choose to hide from ourselves. Our dreams. Our needs, our biggest wants. We dim our opinions, our messiness, our "this is too much of me" to accommodate others. We want other imperfect humans to think of us as the basis of what we define as the worthiness we must meet in order to be accepted. This way of being is such a disservice to others. It's such a disservice to you. I share the pervasive discomfort that is the side effect of showing up, being seen in all of my messiness- and being the imperfect human that I am and how showing up constantly activates my fear (my core wound) that is reinforced by my Chiron in Leo in the area of my work (6th house).  How do you show up consistently and be seen despite the uncertainty and discomfort? Listen to find out. 
February 15, 2021
Tap into Your Inherent Worth As an Empath Through Mindset Coaching
I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Ryan Ramirez. He's a life coach based in London, UK, and is also the owner and founder of Boomdiggidy, a hip-hop dance studio teaching people how to dance. In this episode, we talk about how getting into the flow of movement can help us tap into our emotions and mental wellbeing through the art form of dancing and choreography. Where to find Ryan: Instagram His Facebook: Facebook ( Life Coach at Koji Owner and Founder at Boomdiggidy Reach out to him via:
February 05, 2021
Navigating Imposter Syndrome As an Empath
I'm continuing the topic on navigating imposter syndrome in today's golden hour series after getting a lot of requests from listeners and on Instagram to dive deeper into this touchy subject. I'll be sharing my personal advice and tips from someone that's been there.  Shownotes: [00:10] Why imposter syndrome happens, and especially for empaths. [03:32] What are the different ways in which we can combat imposter syndrome. [04:37] Why is imposter syndrome debilitating if we let it win. [11:54] Gratitude combats self-doubt. [14:19] Be honest when sharing to minimize imposter syndrome. [24:02]  Every single human has the capability of being empathetic, and the more we exercise that muscle, the more empathetic we can be.
February 01, 2021
Understanding Imposter Syndrome with Ayesha Noelle
I'm excited to introduce to you Ayesha, Noelle, she's an imposter syndrome coach helping other female coaches achieve their business goals and overcome imposter syndrome by combining elegantly simple science based strategies into her framework. In this episode, we explore all the nuances of imposter syndrome and ways to combat it, the difference between therapy and life coaching, and why they both play a fundamental role in a person's self-development journey, as well as what it means to be an empathic coach. I hope you enjoy this episode. Shownotes [02:37] She talks about what happens when you are ambitious and the ways we may work against ourselves. [4:37] What is a self-fulfilling prophecy and how it connects to imposter syndrome [13:15]  She shared why she decided to become a coach and not a psychologist [25:42] How she helps people understand both the spiritual side and the emotional side. [22:12]  Having a coach can keep you accountable and see your blind spots. It's such a powerful way to move out of your mental blocks and make you feel more empowered. [02:27] Why are most people their own worst enemy? [05:17] Most of the time when you endure imposter syndrome, it's because you are in a room with a lot of experts. Website: Instagram:
January 29, 2021
Navigating Pandemic Anxiety As an Empath
I wanted to share with you some of my tips, trials, and tribulations on how I initially navigated the pandemic when it first happened in 2020 and moving into this new year for 2021, what looks different as a lot of shifts needed to happen in both my personal life as well as my business model to align with problem-solving as a collective whole.  How do we navigate and preserve our energetic wells, preserve our energy so we can really show up to our work, to our loved ones, and to ourselves? Things will never look the same pre-pandemic. As an empath, I talk about why it's so crucial to protect our energy and peace of mind more than ever as we navigate entrepreneurship and staying grounded. Shownotes : [00:11] Ways to navigate the pandemic as an empath. [00:35] Tips, trials, and tribulations on how I navigated the pandemic on the first wave when it happened last year. [03:41] How I navigate from living on my own to living with someone else. [08:11] The awareness through journaling practice, ways I dissipate my own anxiety. [09:23]  I stopped trying to fix other people's problems and instead - started focusing on taking care of myself. [11:54] Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine, sugar, may heighten your sensitivity (and anxiety). Click Here to Get on the Waitlist for Empowered Empath Embody U™ The coveted empath business accelerator program: Empowered Empath Embody U™ opens in spring 2021! Sign up for the waitlist so you don't miss out on the early bird bonuses and special pricing reserved for only our Waitlist Embodied Empaths only! When you sign up, you'll be the first to know when the doors are open for enrollment!
January 25, 2021
Calm Your Anxiety & Gut with Nutritional WellBeing
Jane and I talk all about learning how to calm your anxiety and nourish your gut health with nutritional well being. Jane Aquino is a registered nutritional therapist specializing in mental and metabolic health. What I love about Jane's approach is how she focuses on helping clients specifically with overcoming their anxiety and overwhelm by harmonizing gut health. I only wish I found Jane when I was in college, as it personally took a long time for me to connect the dots on how nutrition plays a key part in optimizing my mental health as well as happiness. If you're inspired to finally uplevel and take control of both your emotional mental well-being with tailored evidence-based nutrition & lifestyle therapy, links and resources to work with her are below. Instagram Her Website:
January 22, 2021
The Gap Between Your Current Self & Your Embodied Self
I really wanted to talk about what embodiment means. And not only what embodiment means, but what is keeping us from fully stepping into the embodiment of our highest selves, our biggest potential, our calling, however, you want to call it, the biggest question is, what is the gap between where we currently are to our highest embodied self. And so in this gap, and between this gap, there's a lot of things that contribute to what creates a daunting gap, where it becomes very difficult for us to take that leap of faith to make that jump. And it can look like stepping away from the idea of quitting our jobs. It can signify, holding back on starting that business that we've always dreamed of. And so, the gap contains a lot of wounding a lot of pain, fear of rejection, fear of judgment from other people, and us misconstruing other people's truths as if it's the only truth. And so, therefore, it is our truth. And that is, this is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of empaths and HSP intuitive people make when they take on the energy and the opinions of other people because they haven't really done the work and the deep dive to truly understand what are some of the things that they truly stand by and stand for, ultimately, the way across this gap, and to bridge the gap between where we currently are our existing self at this present moment. Shownotes: [00:38] Michelle talks about what embodiment means. [00:45] She shared about what is keeping us from fully stepping into the embodiment of our highest selves, our biggest potential, our calling, the biggest question is, what is the gap between where we currently are to our highest embodied self? [01:57] She shared about the biggest mistakes that a lot of empaths and HSP intuitive people make when they take on the energy and the opinions of other people. [02:33] What we define as limitations, what we define as things that are getting in the way of us, tapping into our embodied self, and being fully integrated into that embodied self. [12:57]  If we think that there is a threat to our survival, or that we're in danger of losing something more than we will gain from it. We become psychologically incentivized to go after and immediately take action, to be motivated to do the thing. [17:04] The way to really help balance out and reach equilibrium with this ebb and flow is to up your threshold of what you choose to tolerate when you're in a state of panic. [19:31] Michelle talks about the key to really balancing is to change and shift your threshold on what makes you panic. [22:13] Before we get into the nitty-gritty of business strategy crafting your offer that's truly authentic and aligned to who you are as a person.
January 18, 2021
Navigating Difficult Conversations around Infertility and Life’s Biggest Struggles with Asha Blooms
Carol Gavhane is the founder of Asha Blooms, a jewelry brand created to carry the intention to uplift and inspire when we're going through life's biggest challenges. In this episode, we talked about how Asha Blooms was created to provide comfort and address challenges around infertility, and ways we can provide solace to those that are quietly struggling and need emotional support on their fertility journey. She never made jewelry before, with the exception of making some cute little friendship bracelets at summer camp. But a few years ago, she had secondary infertility. She was unable to get pregnant the second time around. Everything about her first baby was so easy. Everything about trying to have her second was extremely difficult. And she tried all of the modalities she could possibly think of to help her be successful in her pregnancy. From fertility, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, clean eating support groups prayer, she tried just about anything she could do. Soon she began to see that in the midst of all these challenges, creating a symbol of possibility was the only tangible piece that felt aligned. Over time, it was more than a good luck charm - it was a true symbol of hope.  Through this intentionality and embodying inner strength, she finally was able to have her second child. Where to find Carol: Instagram Her Facebook: Facebook  Owner and Founder at
January 15, 2021
Money Energetics: Overcoming Blocks Around Money
In today's episode, I take a deep dive in talking about healing some of our deepest money beliefs. This is a recurring theme that consistently comes up whether we are promoting ourselves with our businesses, and especially working with clients that are trying to build businesses and really step into their calling. One of the biggest struggles that even I myself, deal with time and time again is overcoming limiting beliefs surrounding my relationship with money. In this episode, I wanted to give you a little bit of a background where I started on my journey to healing my money beliefs and the tools I used to overcome these blocks. Shownotes: [00:38] I share limiting beliefs that surround how we think about money, our relationship with money, how we spend, how we give, and where the scarcity mindset might penetrate into our daily lives. [01:22] Money can be a direct mirror reflection, on how we define worthiness if we're deserving of money because money allows us to obtain certain things. [04:56] Money can be obtained most easily and most effectively through these mindset hacks. [10:26] I talk about how I finally jumped into entrepreneurship. [13:06] I discuss how the law of attraction came into play with part of overcoming money blocks starting with practicing the art of detachment. [14:15] I talk about where I was five years ago, how did I know I was going to be an empath mindset coach, and launch my own podcast show [19:35] I share tips to create that first step in strengthening how you view your relationship with money. Click Here to Get on the Waitlist for Empowered Empath Embody U™ The coveted empath business accelerator program: Empowered Empath Embody U™ opens in spring 2021! Sign up for the waitlist so you don't miss out on the early bird bonuses and special pricing reserved for only our Waitlist Embodied Empaths only! When you sign up, you'll be the first to know when the doors are open for enrollment!
January 11, 2021
How to Heal and Cultivate Your Spiritual Gifts with Ella Manor
Renowned Healing Mentor & Creative Force Ella Manor is the game-changer for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Helping female leaders move through their fears and into wealth while healing from trauma to create abundant relationships with money & love WITHOUT the burnout. “As someone with loads of creativity AND desire for abundance like myself, I’ve also suffered from abundance/creativity blocks due to traumas of my soul journey. On my own healing path to break through, I discovered it was my mission to help as many other sensitive gifted women heal and feel safe to create wealth inside and out through pleasure and not hustle.” If you want to work with Manor soonish, these are the options: Doors to her beautiful group healing business AND pleasure Mastermind LADY BLISS MONEY LOVE are now open. Click here to learn more about this 6-month mastermind sisterhood. To secure your spot in LBML Mastermind click here To sign up for weekly loving healing vibes to your inbox click here If you are working on launching a business, creative project, program or book and need amazing ideas- concept, titles, juicy taglines, you can borrow Ella’s creativity in a “Steal My Ideas” session - click to purchase here. To shop for healing artwork at Divine Feminine Shop click here To follow Manor on IG @ellamanorland click here To follow Manor on Facebook @ellamanorland click here In her signature program & membership Be Your Own Hero™, Manor changes the lives of one ambitious empath at a time, supporting them in uncovering their abundance blocks to love & money, and prosper. Doors are currently closed for applications - please click here to get on the waiting list.
January 07, 2021
The Empath Shift for 2021
It's definitely been just such an interesting trying time this past year. And with 2021 finally here, I'm definitely moving forward in a more hopeful, light, energy. In this episode, I'll be talking about the shifts I made in both my business and with this podcast to better serve my empath community.  LINKS: Take the empath archetype quiz Follow me on Instagram Work with me  ABOUT MICHELLE:  Michelle is an Astro Empath Business Coach helping high achieving empaths, cultivate their intuitive gifts so they can transform their pain into purpose. This podcast show's main objective is to invite listeners to reflect on their values, mindsets, rituals, and habits as they journey their way to becoming self-empowered empath.
January 03, 2021
Strengthening the Mind, Body & Spirit with Anckor ft. Brian Von Ancken
Brian Von Ancken is the founder of Anchor, a mindful, social workout designed for optimal health. ANCKOR integrates breath work, personal check-ins, stretching, HIIT bodyweight exercises, meditation and stretching. The philosophy at Anckor is simple: the program adds self-reflection and community connection to a 1 hour bodyweight workout. Want to try a free class with Anckor? Use code STATEOFBEING when you book a class on their site at Shownotes: [4:24] Brian describes how Anckor was created and how he navigated his fitness classes despite COVID-19. [10:07] From college football, a law degree, to forging a new path after hitting challenging life experiences [13:50] Why as a society, we focus on compartmentalizing "fitness" as a form of total health? [17:13] The concept of masculine vulnerability and dispelling the negative stigma tied to it [24:24] Breaking down how taking a fitness class in Anckor works and what to expect when you join. [30:49] We self-reflect on the people who chose to show up, or not during this time of uncertainty and making peace with it. [41:49] The mindset it took for Brian to distill great ideas and approach life with more joy [55:42] Using social media and the self-talk nuances one encounters when growing a brand Links: Where to find Brian: The Anckor Want to try a free class with Anckor? Use code STATEOFBEING when you book a class on their site at
July 13, 2020
UX Designing Our Way Back to Joy With Hygge Ft. Elinor Samuelsson
Elinor Samuelsson is the senior user experience designer and founder of HappyLab, an organization based in Sweden aiming to eradicate mental health disorders among teenagers by detecting early signs of anxiety, depression and loneliness. She is also the creator of BrightAct, an app designed to help victims of domestic violence by partnering up with the EU to save lives. In this episode, we discuss how to incorporate hygge into our lives and into UX design by implementing the concept of what replenishes us from within. Shownotes:[4:23] Elinor discusses the journey of designing a lifestyle and career based on creating happiness and joy for herself as well for others. [12:05] Learning how to be mindful of choosing and decorating things in your space that doesn't drain your energy [15:11] We dive deeper into the concept of "hygge" and what it means to both of us. [25:45] How can we UX design our existing social media platforms to mitigate the negative effects the apps play on our mental and emotional wellbeing? [19:41] Life in the fashion industry was difficult and the journey we both went through to make the transition to get out for good. [40:51] How do we approach COVID-19 during these times with more mindfulness? [442:59] We learn tools such as a heart/light meditation to guide people immediately out of depression and anxiety. [55:42] Elinor's goes into depth on what her state of being is. Links:Where to find Elinor: ( BrightAct : ( (
May 28, 2020
Learn to Embody the Leader Within ft. Cassandra Bianco
Cassandra Bianco is a fantastic multi-faceted soul who has a knack of merging corporate leadership with mindfulness. As a meditation teacher, social impact advisor and community leader and founder of WellBeings, she’s worked with some of the world’s most disruptive companies by merging modern innovation with ancient wisdom. In this episode, we discuss what it means to embody true leadership skills, her reflections on spirituality mixed in with practicality and the nuances of what it means to live well in a fast moving society.  Links/Resources: Esther Perel On Dax Sheppard ( On Mindvalley ( Glennon Doyle on ( Shelena Aiyana On ( John Wineland On ( VISIT WELLBEINGS: ( Instagram:  @cassandra_bianco_ ( Daniel Ryan, hypnotherapist with Wellbeings On Happy Not Perfect (
April 03, 2020
The Calling to Do Something Great With Your Life
Cara Walker is the founder of PrettiPassionate, a lifestyle, social community, and multi-faceted personal development destination designed to help women gain the clarity and confidence needed to leap into their destiny. I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Cara at the Yellow Co conference where her and I bonded over surpassing our fear of failure to create a lifestyle and business we are called to step into. In this episode, Cara and I talk about what it's like to step outside the 9-5 grind and build a personal brand from the ground up, why cultivating strong friendships is crucial to success, and what it means to tap into your calling to be a leader in your own life. You can find Cara here: 2020 Impact is a powerful & global movement helping women around the world who want to step into their purpose and lead a truly fulfilling life of freedom, passion, and fire.  Join our Free Community Join us in the FREE 2020 Impact Community where we'll all work together to get grounded, stay inspired, motivated, and uncover the tools to leap into action. Join the movement ( ( ( ( PRETTIPASSIONATE Overview ( PrettiPassionate is a lifestyle, social community, and multifaceted personal development destination designed to help women overcome fear, gain the clarity and confidence needed to leap into their purpose. Join the PrettiPassionate Insider Network Providing an insanely passionate online community of purpose-driven women, aspiring female entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and strategy to step into their full potential. Join US ( ( ( (
March 19, 2020
Embrace Your Internal Duality Starting With Self-Forgiveness Ft. Jennifer Tone
I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Jennifer Tone through Lightning Society, a co-living/co-working collaborative community filled with mentors, co-creators, and friends committed to contributing to each other's lives through mindfulness and self-development! Jennifer Tone is a meditation and tantra embodiment teacher with a mission to help support others to tap into their own inner divine self through movement, energy, and sensuality. In this episode, we talk all about the spiritual root of eating disorders, how to go on the journey of self-forgiveness, and ways we can all incorporate sensuality into our lives by embracing our divine masculine and feminine energy. You can find Jennifer on Instagram (
March 17, 2020
Staying Grounded In Times of Uncertainty (COVID-19)
In this solo episode, I'm dropping in to talk about my experience so far to practice social distancing by self-quarantining during times of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I'm also talking about the many ways we can stay grounded and how we can all help each other that may be feeling unsettled. Stay safe everyone, we're all in this together. Instagram: @michelle_saya ( Website: (
March 15, 2020
How to Supercharge Your Creativity & Attract Positive People with Lauren Wallett
Lauren Wallett is a life and business coach helping purpose-seeking individuals tap into their creative genius! By co-creating a vision that best supports her clients' life mission back into their business, Lauren has the incredible ability to show people how to tap into their untapped potential and thrive.
March 09, 2020
The Birthday Letter I Wrote to Call Myself Home
Michelle Saya is doing things a bit differently in this episode, sharing a birthday letter she wrote to herself on November 23rd, 2018. Sometimes we need a reminder from the past to reinvigorate our purpose in life. You can read the letter ( . Michelle Saya is a lifestyle/mindset designer in Brooklyn, NY.  (
February 27, 2020
Steering Away From the Creative Ego to Cultivate Healing with Haley Newman
Haley and I go way, way back to our undergrad years at Parsons the New School for Design over 10 years ago. We actually met as competitors during the Fusion Fashion Show during my sophomore year. I just remembered being is enamored and intimidated by how much talent, focus, creativity this woman holds. We reconnected just last year on Instagram and decided to catch up on life in this episode, doing our own version of a "decade in review" since we’ve last seen each other. In this episode we don't hold back on our opinions as we discuss topics on boundary setting, our experiences in the fashion industry, understanding the creative ego, discussing how carbon footprints are negatively affecting the state of our planet to what we've both been up to in our projects this past decade.
February 19, 2020
Understanding Life, Survival and Play with Ben Hemmer Liu and Taylor Schultz
Ben is a powerhouse when it comes to the art of movement and martial arts. He is a drama movement instructor at the Feldenkrais Method ( . The practice puts you into engaging in a series of slow, controlled movements to help aid in building your brain's plasticity to improve the coordination of your arms, legs, and spine through a form of method methodology called your five lines. Shownotes:[4:55] We discuss Ben's multi-cultural upbringing being raised in a family constantly on the move due to his father's profession as a war photographer. [7:50] Learning multiple languages was a direct byproduct of being influenced through his parent's roots and their eclectic way of life. [10:53] Ben discusses his thoughts on how he views language learning in the classroom versus being in the environment that speaks the language. [11:29] How does the art of language connect to the art of movement (Feldenkrais Method and martial arts) [15:09] We uncover why Systema is a martial arts form that is vastly different from the other types of martial arts and fighting style. [24:47] Ben goes into depth on how the Feldenkrais method helps beyond children with cerebral palsy as well as patients with schizophrenia. [29:06] We discuss the four states of being: Survival, Contemplation. Playfulness, Celebration [30:47] Why go into detail what it means to be a society afraid of touch and how removing physicality from schools harms more than benefits. [39:03] Ben ruminates on why him and his role models are in survival state more often than not. [40:09] Each of us attempts to make an understanding of what death means to us each personally while taking into the acknowledgement of the four states of being. Links:More info about the Feldenkrais Method ( The Art of War ( by Sun Tzu Where to find Ben: Fifth Ave Fitness Brooklyn ( Where to find Taylor: Mast and Mezze (
January 29, 2020
Transform Our Pain to Shape Identity with Sid Bala
Ohhh boy...where do I begin with this episode? This one, in particular, holds a lot of weight to the values I cherish most in life and why this podcast even exists in the first place. I remember the day I produced this episode poignantly more so than most other days that I could attribute down to two reasons: -New York City took my breath away quite literally with its wind chill as it was the first low twenties I've experienced since the last time I was in New York which was about a year ago. -In all the years I've known Sid, he has this type of cadence to his presence that's both calm, resolute, and transformative. Anyone that ever anticipates hanging with Sid will inevitably know that the conversation to come is soul-stirring in the best possible way. (Sid, if you're reading this, you know how highly I think of you - so let it happen.) Sid is a devoted father of two boys, takes part in some of the largest global investment banks in the nation, has an insane amount of wisdom, and has been a dear friend/mentor of mine, supporting me through the roller coaster of my life the last 5 years. From advising me on my non-profit business ideas, watching me deliberate on my major personal life choices to entertaining my fascination with wild ice cream cone flavors, I know with utmost certainty that I can only extend my gratitude to him by sharing his knowledge and perspective on life with you all listening in today. Although this post serves as a show note, more than anything - it's my weird way of saying, "Thank you, Sid. For your kindness and friendship all these years. Life makes a lot more sense with you in it." Shownotes: [5:10] Exercising the Choice Muscle: We build our confidence by doing the very thing that makes us uncomfortable. When we're about to try something new, we do it by going through the fear and coming to the eventual realization that we didn't die. It's silly to look back on all of our moments and recall most of our climatic choices all boils down to this perpetual feeling of doom when in fact, it is the very thing that sets you free. [9:00] Happy accidents and the point of planning. The optimal thing to do is to open yourself up to all outcomes, and with planning, you improve your chances to be lucky. Sid and I also discuss the process of teaching oneself to allow luck to happen. [14:03] We shouldn't place the entirety of our identity solely based on where we came from. This pigeon-holes our ability to move out of the story of happenstance into a life of action-taking. [19:37] The pitfalls and irony of creation and consumption: If everyone was in the act of creating content, whose content can you consume knowing that your time is perpetually finite? [21:20] We must create deliberate purposeful content that will stir the minds and hearts of our listeners, readers with intentionality. Intention to help, intention to change their life. Simply creating content isn't enough to cut the noise anymore. [23:00] The Self-Discovery Process Going back and understanding who you are. Show me the data, journal, what does my daily life look like. Tracing back the roots of pattern, where do I come from? Why do I do the things I do? Who do I want to be? What does the future look like for me? [27:00] What you feel and think you are and what the data shows can be extremely different. You can never be too sure, check the data. You must take care to not be fooled. The easiest person to fool is yourself. [37:10] I recount with Sid how looking at life honestly can be painful. We talk about my relationship with my father and how the micro decisions we make daily has a significant ripple effect on the course of how we shape our lives. [42:00] Sid discusses how we can transform our pain into the power to change the lives around us. By changing the lives of others, we save ourselves from the old story. [53:00] How the awareness of oneself makes us more...
January 03, 2020
Leading with Empathy Featuring Therése Gedda
"For authentic brand building, you need purpose, presence, and the giver mindset." - Therése Gedda Therése Gedda has been recognized as one of the most influential and impactful individuals in the tech and startup communities in the Nordics by Nordic100. For over 17 years, she has inspired more than 30,000 people in over 10 countries, engaging with audiences at Tedx, Wed Summit and TNW, as well as organized events from Apple and LVMN.  Show Notes: [4:15] Her move to Stockholm working with fast-growing companies while studying at the same time. [8:30] How high performing empathetic leaders can run into isolation from taking on too much when it comes to serving others. [15:30] Empathetic leaders often struggle with creating strong boundaries. [26:00] Why giving out of needing external validation can be dangerous to people fully thriving. [33:11] How do you design a people-inspired company by removing toxicity in the workplace? [40:45] Therese discusses how with drive and purpose, people can create an ambitious project within a short period of time. She tells the story of how she created an online crash course on starting a pitch ready business within 4 weeks. Links: ( ( (
December 19, 2019
Being a Power Community Builder with Patrick Farrell
I met Patrick at a mutual friend’s dinner gathering a couple of months back in August and we immediately found synchronicity in having a beginner’s growth mindset, traveling to find oneself, and the importance of creating meaningful experiences for purpose-seekers around the world. Always seeking out how to take his mindset to the next level, I’m thrilled to have him on the show today. A bit About Patrick: Patrick left his corporate job working in tech-finance to discover his newfound purpose with The Community Creators, a global community of world game-changers who are inspired to live their best lives and take massive action to create social impact around the world. The global community is supported through technology and resources that empower members to create their own communities to help unify humanity to make the world a better place. Show Notes: [4:48] How diving into the world of personal development helped Patrick increase his overall happiness as well as the happiness of those around him. [12:30] How to deal with “haters” or simply people who don’t resonate with the message you’re sharing. [18:42] How to reprogram your inner dialogue so your intention becomes your default behavior. [27:26] How our different skillsets and level of resourcefulness can apply to the projects we create. [33:00] Patrick talks about how he gets into his state of flow and why going down the path to be more spiritually aligned has helped him with overall life enrichment.
December 11, 2019
My Failures and Then Some
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes." - George Santayana I think there can be a lot of value from highlighting our failures, projects that didn't work out just as much as we acknowledge what did work, what ended up being successful. In this episode, I talk about some of the failures I encountered and what I learned out of it. Shedding light and confronting how I could've done things differently is ironically, a way for me to keep track and make better choices in the future.
December 11, 2019
Dropping By to Say Hello
Welcome to the first episode! I'm excited to kickoff on a personal note as to how the State of Being Show was conceived. Ultimately my goal is to use this platform to help others live more purposefully in the world. I'm excited to have you hop on the journey with me.
December 11, 2019