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The Work Of The Empath

The Work Of The Empath

By Erika Harris * EmpathicWriter
"Speak a new language, so that the world will be a new world." (Rumi)

This show promotes empathic leadership, and PEACE OF MIND.
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26. Multidimensional Mopping + Mental Mastery
What do you think about this Cinderella reframe? 👣
June 13, 2021
25. Haptics + Technology of Touch
MAIN POINTS: Haptic technology and transhumanism How personal grooming can be a nourishing activity Some love for loners, households-of-one, and independent thinkers How to avoid getting crusty and calcified :-) How to release social loss The upside of polarization ______________________________________________________________________________ 💎  ClearMind Report = 🛍️  Mindful Merch = 👂🏾  Background Song =
June 12, 2021
24. Mopping can lead to elaborate gratitude.
Most people are not taught how to masturbate. Somehow, we just naturally know. Meditation is just as easy and natural to get a hang of. LET IT BE. _____________________________________________________________________ VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: FOUR RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: 🎯 CRUCIAL 2.5 minute video about humanity's potential future = ✨ A trusted guide for those who do prefer working with others = 💎 ClearMind Report = 🛍️ Mindful Merch =
June 07, 2021
23. Eight words that can get you through all this GLOBAL GASLIGHTING.
The 8 words are: Yes, this is more. And, so am I. This episode unpacks what those words mean to me, and how they may strengthen you. 💪🏾✨ Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation, and it is wildly active right now. (The term was inspired by this 1938 play.) Controlled language is the most despicable form of oppression... ironically veiled as virtuous.
June 04, 2021
22. A Naked Emperor, Natural Hair, And Supporting The Sovereignty of Others
Check out "The Emperor's New Clothes" Check out MindfulMerch
May 12, 2021
21. Showing the work in math, compassion-fatigue + triaging emergencies. (A HEALING PERSPECTIVE) 🖤💛
In this episode, I share my opinion about race relations, and bridging them. Humanity's trained belief in government as an agency of goodness, is really delaying worldwide suffering. Hopefully we remember and recognize THE GOODNESS IN EACH OTHER, so we can unite and resist planetary enslavement! We must think and talk ABOVE politics, because the political realm is one sticky glue trap of distraction, distortion, and misdirected Life Force. No one wins in that glue. And the more you wiggle around on it, the more STUCK you become. Reject all roles and narratives that ask you to divide against your own self, and to depart from your own good sense and wisdom. RECOMMENDED READING = The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire (
March 05, 2021
20. Transform Worry Into Wonder ✨
Episode 20 shows you how to cancel worry, by transforming it into wonder. Written, narrated and produced by Erika Harris of "Song For Ramanujan," by Siddhartha Corsus, melodically backs our journey from constriction to expansion. Would you like to be a Featured Voice on this podcast? Learn more HERE.
February 24, 2021
19. Featured Voice :: TAMMY ROTH, PhD :: Empathy, Creativity + Freedom From Addiction
Episode 19 features Tammy Roth, PhD. Tammy is a highly creative being, trained as a psychotherapist, and now working as a soul coach who is passionate about assisting women with deep listening to their soul through creativity, accessing the quantum field, family constellations, dreamwork, kundalini yoga, and accepting their divine feminine gifts. Tammy's Website: Submit YOUR Sound Selfie: Background Song:  "Astral Travel," by Ketsa
February 15, 2021
18. A Reset For Your Heart 💗
In episode 18, you will learn how unacceptable outer conditions, CAN PROPEL YOU in the direction of your original dreams. Focus on the lotus, not the swamp. (With "Awake," by Scott Holmes, as a featured background song). MENTIONED: Gilligan's Island Fantasy Island Tarzan Do you know someone who might enjoy this pick-me-up? Share it with them! Thank you.
February 05, 2021
17. The Greater Reset * Jan. 25-29, 2021
January 16, 2021
16. BIOPHILIA: A Reliable Source of Strength + Security
Episode 16 shares a free, renewable source of personal strength and clarity you can access at any time. SPECIAL COMPANION READING: Written 10-years ago, but still feels like last week! ---> "My iPhone brought me closer to the Sun." Background Song:  "Where The River Runs," by Ketsa
January 12, 2021
Episode 15 closes out 2020 with hindsight, and welcomes 2021 with foresight. I have never before spoken like this, because I have never before been like this. Please share with someone you think would appreciate.
December 31, 2020
14. LITTLE SISTER IS LOOKING WITHIN :: Divine Resistance + Digital Renewal 🌅
Thoughts about perma-deleting Facebook + Instagram Here is the grounding gift I promised you! 🎁 (It's a Google Doc, because completely uncoupling from Big Tech takes time. Am workin' on it! In the meantime, please help the document become a dynamic one, by leaving a comment on it, if you appreciate the ideas in it.) Important video to help inform your health decisions: Invitation to join Hive: Background song:  “When It All Falls,” by Ketsa Instagram's Terms of Use: My "forwarding" addresses: MAIN WEBSITE: (all my posts + podcasts) FLOTE: (migrate from FB + keep your stuff) HIVE: (censorship-resistant blogging platform w/crypto rewards) LBRY: (censorship-resistant video platform w/crypto rewards) DISCORD:   ErikaHarris#6443 (real-time chat app via voice, text or video) SKYPE:   empathicwriter (real-time chat app via voice, text or video)
December 19, 2020
13. Featured Voice :: BLAIR SYLVAN GREY, DOM :: Empathy + 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine ☯️
Episode 13 features Blair Sylvan Grey, a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1999. Elemental Integration Website: 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine, and Physical Associations & Imbalances PDF: Background Song:  Ketsa's "Where The River Run"
December 09, 2020
12. (Cancelled) Thanksgiving Edition! 🚫✋🦃 👮🍂😷🚨
RESOURCES: Patrick Bet-David Analyzes COVID Numbers James Corbett Analyzes Effects of Lockdown Transcript + sources for Corbett’s lockdown video Controlled Demolition of The American Empire (a non-fiction book that will destroy pandemic-ignorance) 1984 (a dystopian novel published in 1949, but resembles where we seem to be heading) The Freedom Cell Network (a site for self-organizing peer-to-peer groups) Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a pathologist and CEO of a bio-tech company that makes and sells COVID tests. He says the risk of death in those under 65, is 1 in 300,000! CONTACT: WEBSITE: (bookmark + join my mailing list) FLOTE: (migrate from FB + keep your stuff) PEAKD: (blog on the blockchain + earn crypto) This show has been musically-enriched with Shaolin Dub’s “Growing Resistance.” 💜
November 25, 2020
11. Featured Voice :: LILY FORESTER :: Empathy, Anarchy, Agorism + Autism
Episode 11 features multi-talented crafter and agorist, Lily Forester. Website: Facebook:
November 18, 2020
10. Featured Voice :: JENNA LONGMIRE :: "Empathy + Ecstasy"
Our Featured Voice in Episode 10 is JENNA LONGMIRE, Priestess Guide and Founder of The Tree of Life Mystery School. The article about kumbaya, written by Linton Weeks for NPR, that Jenna referenced is here. Learn more about submitting a sound-selfie here. Background song = "Dreaming Days," by Ketsa.
November 11, 2020
9. EMPATHY + POLITICS? Absolutely! 🇺🇸❤️
Law of Polarity WAR = confusion = indistinguishable-ness Blooming fruits of fear Lovingkindness Prayer Next week = “Empathy + Ecstasy!” Background Song:  "Change," by Shaolin Dub
November 05, 2020
2020 is the year of The Crown. CORONA. The Crown’s biggest lesson is that our destiny is our choosing. This episode includes an important crowning ceremony, just for you.  * RECOMMENDED BOOK:  "How To Start An Intentional Community: Preparing For The New World Order" by Nissrien Barakat * SUBMIT YOUR SOUND-SELFIE
October 28, 2020
7. Featured Voice :: NADIRAH GOLDSMITH :: "Nature, BE-ingness + Empathy"
Episode 7 features Nadirah Goldsmith, of Wombmens Temple, which is her ministry.  Nadirah is a beautiful and free spirit, student of the Ifa tradition, who "always flows in the space of infinite possibilities." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * BE A FEATURED VOICE. SUBMIT YOUR SOUND-SELFIE. *
October 21, 2020
6. Featured Voice :: KURT ROBINSON :: "Therapy and Empathy"
Episode 6 features KURT ROBINSON, a gifted provider of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He's also the creator of A Beautiful Thought Podcast, which you should definitely check out. Kurt highly recommends this book:  On Becoming A Person, by Carl Rogers, the founder of humanistic psychology. 1-Minute Wake-i-tation Song: "Stomps and Claps," by Scott Holmes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * BE A FEATURED VOICE. SUBMIT YOUR SOUND-SELFIE. *
October 14, 2020
5. News From The Inside :: INNER GOLD. 🌟 SECOND SWEETNESS. 🍯
Hi, friends! This episode -- number 5 -- is the first edition of "News From The Inside," which is a segment intended to normalize all things "inner life." I've titled this one "Inner Gold. Second Sweetness." because tomorrow is a milestone birthday. I'll be 50!  🐛🦋💃🏿 This is for everyone who has ever journeyed mid-way through something... whether a marathon, a road-trip, or life itself. Background song behind Second Sweetness is "Dreaming Days," by Ketsa. * BE A FEATURED VOICE. SUBMIT YOUR SOUND-SELFIE. *
October 07, 2020
4. Featured Voice :: "ANGELICA RAVEN HEART" :: "How I Became An Empathic Leader By Surviving Incest"
"How I Became An Empathic Leader By Surviving Incest" Tim Ferriss' blog post, with extensive resource list: Artwork is "Girl With Balloon," by Banksy.
September 30, 2020
3. Featured Voice :: PAM + DR. CHARLES CLENCY :: "Lyric Soprano Banishes Loneliness"
Pam (voice) and Dr. Charles Clency (piano) share two popular songs that seem to have new meaning. But doesn't everything, these days? There are also wise-bits from Pam, and narrative-bits from me. Enjoy! 💜 _________________________________________ Contact them: * charlesclency at yahoo dot com Dr. Charles Clency's Books: *  The Handbook of Gospel Music (Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu) * The Last Accompanist of Mahalia Jackson *  100 Years of Music in the Chicago Black Church _________________________________________ "One Moment in Time" Lyrics (Written by: Albert Hammond + John Bettis) Each day I live I want to be A day to give The best of me I'm only one But not alone My finest day Is yet unknown I broke my heart Fought every gain To taste the sweet I face the pain I rise and fall Yet through it all This much remains I want one moment in time When I'm more than I thought I could be When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away And the answers are all up to me Give me one moment in time When I'm racing with destiny Then in that one moment of time I will feel I will feel eternity I've lived to be The very best I want it all No time for less I've laid the plans Now lay the chance Here in my hands You're a winner for a lifetime If you seize that one moment in time Make it shine Give me one moment in time When I'm more than I thought I could be When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away And the answers are all up to me Give me one moment in time When I'm racing with destiny Then in that one moment of time I will feel I will feel eternity I will be I will be free ___________________________________ "The Greatest Love of All" Lyrics (Written by: Linda Creed) I believe the children are our are future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody searching for a hero People need someone to look up to I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs A lonely place to be And so I learned to depend on me I decided long ago Never to walk in anyone's shadows If I fail, if I succeed At least I'll live as I believe No matter what they take from me They can't take away my dignity Because the greatest Love of all is happening to me I found the greatest Love of all inside of me The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all And if, by chance, that special place That you've been dreaming of Leads you to a lonely place Find your strength in love _____________________ 💜 SUBMIT YOUR SOUND-SELFIE 💜
September 23, 2020
2. Featured Voice :: EMAH SHAE :: "Inner Healing"
This episode reveals our first Featured Voice, EMAH SHAE. (Emah means 'mother' in a lot of indigenous cultures.) She has practiced contemporary architecture for over 30 years, and now during her semi-retirement, is an avid researcher in indigenous healing methods, and in particular as inspired by Dr. Sebi. Emah is a native of Jamaica, and you will hear patois as she speaks about: some traditional expectations of Jamaican women;  the cost of trying to fit in -- both in corporate life, and even family life; the social and cultural shame that often accompanies being a sensitive person; finding the courage to resist European standards of beauty, and allow the naturalness of her hair; and the empowering decision to be, accept, and love... who she truly is. "I don't want to be what I'm not, anymore." Contact Emah at:  IG:  @emahshae FB:  Sharon Herbalist Ross
September 16, 2020
1. WANTED: Sound-Selfies From Brave Alchemists ⚗️
This episode speaks a more beautiful world into existence. The show is called "The Work of the Empath," so I clarify what I mean by "work" and what I mean by "empath." What is the true core and function of our being? (Ontologists, where y'all at?) I introduce a term and practice I call "Asynchronous Bonding." (If it's always been difficult for you to schedule things, and you prefer to "go with the flow," you might really like this. Heck, you may already be doing it!) The background song mid-way through is "Compassion," by Meavy Boy. Email your .MP3 Sound-Selfie (10-minute minimum, 30-minute maximum) to "podcast at empathicwriter dot com." In your recording, please share stories or art that shows how you 'use' empathy in practical and actual ways. Please be sure to clearly include your name, website and social media handles, so that your business or beloved cause can be seen and celebrated. I'll also add those details in that show's description box, of course. The Good-Hearted need to be easy to find. :-) Help this pleasurable project along by sharing it with a resonant friend, or two, and leaving a (hopefully) supportive rating. Thank you. 💐
September 07, 2020