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The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah

The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah

By Sarah Wassner Flynn & Katie Palavecino
The Empower Hour Podcast with Katie & Sarah will focus mostly on Powerzone training on the Peloton, while addressing issues that affect a broad spectrum of healthy living. We plan to share what’s going on in our lives, answer important training and racing questions, and bring on inspirational, intriguing, and insightful guests. All with the mission to motivate you to move!
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The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 7: Mother's Day Special!
For a very special Mother's Day episode, Katie and Sarah bring on three extraordinary women. First, we chat with Stephanie Hoover, who, after a arduous journey with infertility, set on a different and unexpected course towards motherhood. She candidly talks about that experience, which includes foster care for who would become her two beautiful daughters whom she and her husband officially adopted in November, 2019. Steph is also a fierce Peloton community member and we talk about how her workouts help her maintain that balance when #momlife gets a bit too much.  Then, we bring on our own moms, Liz and Betsy, for an open and honest chat about raising daughters (specifically, us!), the challenges they faced, and how they encouraged us all along to continue to go after our dreams--and continue to compete into our 40s! We hope you enjoy! Follow Steph Hoover on the Peloton leaderboard (@spins4steph) and Instagram @aniestepher)
May 9, 2021
The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 6: Upcoming races, periodization, and all about The Tour (with founders and group admins Ty Audronis, Jill Federici, and Jennifer Barker
In this episode, Katie and I catch up about our racing plans that our happening in the very near future, we chat about the Spring Powerzone Pack Challenge, and what else is new our way. In our Power Up segment, we bring back Team Wilpers coach and pro triathlete Rebeccah Wassner, who speaks to periodization and what that means as far as rest days and variety in your workouts go, and how you can incoporate it into your training plans, whether you're focusing on a half-Ironman or you're simply training for life. And in our Powerhouse segment, we bring on Ty Audronis, Jill Federici, and Jennifer Barker who are the founders and group admins for The Tour, who discuss the group's trajectory from a few members to 19,000 in just one year. They talk about how they've evolved and created a supportive community of riders, and a challenge that almost brought the group to shut down over the summer. Bonus: They also spill about a new Tour event coming up soon!  SHOW NOTES 7:17: Katie & Sarah talk about the Spring Powerzone Pack Challenge 16:18: Start of Power Up segment: Coach Rebeccah Wassner of Team Wilpers talks about Periodization and the importance of periods of rest in training to build strength and intensity in a training block. 19:00 We talk about variety and mixing training times and different types of workouts in. 22:00 How to work towards micro goals within training blocks (like an FTP test or other goals) 22:43: On the importance of rest days to avoid hitting a plateau 28:28: Start of Powerhouse segment: Introducing the Tour group: Ty, Jill, and Jennifer. 31:18: Ty shares how he came up with The Tour, common misconceptions, and how it's a "dim sum" of rides. 41:00: The group shares how they had to establish rules from the beginning in the group and had to squash bullying. 44:11: Jill talks about how she designs Tours and selects the rides. 46:00:Ty offers a tip to group admins and how to avoid drama in large groups. 48:10: Jen talks about gift exchanges among the Tour group and how she helps to foster a sense of community and support among members. 54:00: Ty talks about an incident that occurred during the #BLM protests over the summer, how he almost shut the group down, and how it led to the inception of the Breathe Tour. 57:50: Jen talks about moderating and deleting politically charged posts and the difficulty in doing that, and how it brought them closer as group leaders. 60:15: Ty talks about the recent waiver The Tour added to prevent riders from overdoing it. 1:07:45: Jen talks about the recent fundraiser for the National Alliance for Mental Health, future in-person meet-ups. 1:08:40: Ty shares the upcoming Tours that will be their own music genres, which will include their own categories of music, including indie rock, glam rock, punk, EDM, country, hip hop, Broadway and more. 1:10:23: Jen shares about the next special event, Lisa's Technicolor Dream Tour, which debuts on Saturday, May 1, as well as the instructor finale from Jill on Sunday, May 2. Follow Jill on the leaderboard at #queensgirl718 Follow Jen on the leaderboard at #1blndbmbshll Follow Ty on the leaderboard at #Ty_U_Up Follow the Tour on Instagram: @The_Tour_Community Check out the Tour Online:
April 30, 2021
The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 5: Training for a Triathlon with Peloton plus Powerhouse Pro Triathlete and Team Wilpers Coach Laurel Wassner
This week, Sarah and Katie recap our epic PeloFondo weekends and discuss our next challenge….6 weeks to a fast 5K under the guidance of our one and only Sarah!  Then for our Power Up segment we bring on Team Wilpers coach Laurel Wassner (AKA Sarah's sister) to discuss the popular question of, "Can I train for a triathlon on a Peloton?”  We keep Laurel on for our Powerhouse segment because she is truly and inspiration to our community as the first cancer survivor to become a professional triathlete and multiple Ironman champion who recently channeled her passion for coaching during the pandemic. Laurel chats about how much she loves to help all athletes of all levels, from beginners to elites, and how rewarding the experience has been for her. Show Notes: 2:00-6:00: Katie & Sarah rehash their Pelofondo rides 19:34: Power Up segment: Laurel Wassner weighs in incorporating outside rides and triathlon training with Peloton workouts 34:58: Powerhouse Segment: Laurel Wassner shares her story as the first cancer survivor to become a pro triathlete and Ironman champion.  53:30: Laurel describes the Team Wilpers coaching philosophy and how they are open to all levels of athletes with varying goals.  1:02: Laurel talks about recovering from having Covid-19 and her careful return to high-level training and racing.  Watch the Livestrong documentary on Laurel & Rebeccah Wassner: Watch the Bobbi Brown "Pretty Powerful" video with Laurel & Rebeccah: Read more about Laurel's story: To find out more about Team Wilpers coaching: Follow Laurel on Instagram: @athletestyle @laurelwassner Follow Katie on the Peloton leaderboard: #katiepalavecino Follow Sarah on the Peloton leaderboard: #trisarah4kids Follow Laurel on the Peloton leaderboard: #laurelwassner
April 22, 2021
The Empower Hour With Katie & Sarah Episode 4: All About Pelofondo, featuring Pelofondo founder Landon Arnold
This week, we are all about going the distance on the Peloton: It's Pelofondo time! Katie and Sarah are digging in to everything that this event entails. For anyone unfamiliar with Pelofondo, it is a community event for Peloton riders that focuses on long distance mileage (35-120 miles) over the course of one weekend. First, we are going to have our very own Katie P. as our Power Up expert to talk about her tried and true tips for going long on the Peloton (hint: It's not the same as going long on an outdoor bike!). And in our Powerhouse segment, we talk to Landon Arnold, who founded Pelofondo as a passion project just a few years ago. It has since exploded in popularity, and this weekend's Pelofondo has upwards of 15,000 riders registered. We hope this gets you excited about your upcoming Pelofondo ride, or at least you'll be inspired to join the next time around! Show notes: 13:10: Power Up Segment with Katie P. offering tips on going long Search for specific songs in Peloton rides on 25:47: Powerhouse Segment with Pelofondo founder Landon Arnold Learn more about Pelofondo:, @pelofondo on instagram Follow Katie on the Peloton leaderboard: #katiepalavecino and on instagram: @katiepalavecino Follow Sarah on the Peloton leaderboard: #trisarah4kids and on instagram: @sarahwassnerflynn
April 13, 2021
The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 3: Peloton Bike Fits and a Powerzone Obsessed Mother Daughter Duo
This week, Katie and Sarah rehash their spring break getaways, talk about getting back on the bike after being away, and make plans for the final weekend of training before next weekend's Pelfondo. Then, we bring on Team Wilpers Expert Bike Fitter Dwayne Adams to talk about the benefits of getting a bike fit for your Peloton in our Power Up segment. After that, we have our Powerhouses segment featuring the mother daughter dynamic duo of jennifer Hogan and Brigit Hogan Martina, who have such a special relationship–and a shared love of cycling. They are Powerzone devotees and have participated in many Powerzone Pack challenges, so it was great to hear about all of their time on the bike as well as their very unique bond. SHOW NOTES: 19:25: Power Up Segment Featuring Team Wilpers Expert Fitter Dwayne Adams 41:00: Power Houses Segment Featuring Jennifer Hogan and Brigit Hogan Martina For more details on a Team Wilpers bike fit: For more info on the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC):  Follow Dwayne on Instagram: @bikefitdwayne @citybikesdwayne  Follow Brigit on the Peloton Leaderboard: #hulkhoganmini Follow Jennifer on the Peloton Leaderboard: #fitgram06
April 9, 2021
The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 2: New zones, heart rate training, and special guest Matias Palavecino
In this episode, Katie and Sarah talk about the challenge of working in new zones after bumping up your FTP (the zone 4 struggle is real!), the upcoming Pelofondo, and how we plan to keep our fitness up when we're away from our bikes during our respective spring break vacations. Then, we bring on our POWER UP expert Matias Palavecino (AKA Katie's husband) to discuss the correlation between heart rate and power zone training and the benefits of both. We keep Matias on for our POWERHOUSE segment, because he is truly a force to be reckoned with: A multiple Ironman 70.3 champion, Matias is a lifelong athlete who only recently discovered the wonders of Becs Gentry on the Peloton tread. He chats about how he got over his aversion to the "dreadmill" and the unconventional way he has used the Tread and Becs' workouts to train for major races, including a half-Ironman in Miami last week, where he won his age-group.  Show Notes 2:33: Katie and Sarah talk about riding PZ classes in new zones.  9:00: Katie and Sarah explain about the upcoming Pelofondo.  17:50 Power Up Segment: Matias chats about heart rate and power zone training. 27:50: Powerhouse Segment: We talk about Matias's journey to the top of his game in triathlon, including using the Peloton Tread in his workouts. Follow Matias on the Peloton leaderboard: #mat1as  Follow Katie on the Peloton leaderboard: #katiepalavecino  Follow Sarah on the Peloton leaderboard: #trisarah4kids
March 31, 2021
The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Debut Episode!
This week, Katie and I talk planking challenges and FTP tests, and finishing up the winter powerzone challenge. Then, in our POWER-UP segment, we dig into FTP testing during pregnancy with Bec Wassner, who is a pro Triathlete, cycling and triathlon coach with Team Wilpers (yes, as in that Matt Wilpers). And finally, in our POWERHOUSES segment, be prepared to be moved by Katie Kickel Hernandez, who will share her amazing journey of powering her way through a breast cancer diagnosis on her Peloton, and now using her platform to educate other women on genetic testing, which may have saved her life. Once you hear her story, you’ll never want to say, “I’m too tired to workout today” again. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES THE POWER UP Segment (addressing FTP testing and training during pregnancy): Starting at 21:55 POWERHOUSES Segment (featuring Katie Kickel Hernadez and her inspiring journey from a breast cancer diagnosis to starting her own nonprofit, and how she used Peloton to power her through it): Starting at 28:06  Find out more about the Powerzone Challenge here: Here's Katie P's vacation destination (with a 50-meter pool!): Find out more about Team Wilpers coaching: Check out Katie H's nonprofit, Knowledge Is Cancer's Kryptonite (KICK):  Follow KICK on social media: @kickbrca  Follow Katie Kickel Herndandez on Tik Tok: @rkhernandez17; #clevelandkate on the Peloton leaderboard Follow Katie P on instagram: @katiepalavecino; #katiepalavecino on the Peloton leaderboard  Follow Sarah on instagram: @sarahwassnerflynn; #trisarah4kids on the Peloton leaderboard Follow Coach Bec on instragram: @athletefood
March 23, 2021