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Empowering Social Enterprise Research

Empowering Social Enterprise Research

Empower-SE is a 4-year research project that is transforming the way we think about social enterprise. This COST Action strives to understand the diversity of SE models emerging across Europe and globally. Findings, debates, case-studies and research stories are condensed in this 3-episode podcast series.
How Social Enterprise is Shaping Industries: Health, Migrant Integration and Culture
This is the second of 3 episodes about social enterprise from a research perspective. In this episode we focus on three industries which are key to the development of sustainable societies and which social enterprise is stirring up. Those industries are: 1) health and social services; 2) integration of migrants and refugees; 3) culture and the arts. Featured in this episode: Nicole Göler von Ravensburg, professor of Socio-economics at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences; Alexander Tränkmann, gastronomy manager in Mainz, Germany, and a spokesperson for the Embrace Hotels Cooperative; Leila Giannetto, researcher at FIERI (International and European Forum on Migration Research); Rob Trimble, Chief Executive of the Bromley by Bow Centre (London, UK); Linda Lundgaard Andersen, professor at the Department of People and Technology at Roskilde University in Denmark; Jonas Hedegaard, PhD student at Roskilde University in Denmark.
May 18, 2020
Theoretical Foundations and News from Central and Eastern Europe
This is the first of 3 episodes about Social Enterprise from a research perspective. S.E. is an incredibly diverse phenomenon and scholars from all over Europe and beyond are busy studying their local realities and connecting them to the ongoing scientific conversation. In this episode we start by asking the obvious question: what is social enterprise? We hear from leading Belgian SE scholar Jacques Defourny, and we make special room for scholars from Central and Eastern European and peripheral countries. Featured in this episode: Yulia Aray (Saint Petersburg University, Russian Federation), Jacques Defourny (Liège University), Melinda Mihály (Center for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Nóra Ritók (Real Pearl Foundation, Hungary).
July 11, 2019
Teaser - EMPOWER-SE Action
This EMPOWER-SE Action aims at contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of SE models emerging across Europe and globally
May 9, 2019