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Empowered Contribution

Empowered Contribution

By Loycent
Bringing you people taking on meaningful community projects that are sharing experiences, tools and best practices for you to succeed more often making a difference in your local community

Show Host, Loycent, is the founder of the Empowered Contribution message and framework that was cultivated over a decade being a local business owner, passionate community advocate and working a full time career.

Empowered Contribution message is based on 3 core pillars to help you start making a difference:

1.Find Your Cause
2.Design Your Community Group
3.Accelerating Your Results
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The #1 Reason Effective Local Community Change Is NOT Your Fault
In This Episode 1-Knowing What You Want Locally 2-Reason why you don't participate fully in your local community 3-Roles of people in your community 4- This is the reason is not your fault 5-the 1 thing you can do TODAY!
November 30, 2019
"Them Is We"-The message that changed everything
In this episode I talk about  1-the one message that I’d like to get across after owning NEIRS TAVERN the past 10 years  2-Why Neirs Tavern 190th birthday street celebration almost got cancelled.  3-The three pillars of The Empowered Contribution Message you can use to make an impact for yourself and community Link To speech at Neirs Tavern 190th Year Celebration
November 23, 2019