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(LIVE) Isaac Weins: Helping Veterans Through Junk Removal!

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By Joel Moutray
The Empower Good Podcast is a weekly show designed to empower your personal influence for good. Each week, Joel Moutray, the host, will be interviewing guests who are mastering the art of influence and are taking their talents public so they can do more good!
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Why Ostap Dzyndra Quit His Job!!!
Loosing your job is one thing, but quitting your job is a whole other ballgame. That is exactly what Ostap Dzyndra did. He did not however to make a fortune like most entrepreneurs do. His story is touching and what he is now doing will for sure inspire you! Listen to find out!
September 10, 2018
Trevor Tyson: Listen for PURE Motivation
A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of hanging out with @trevorktyson. His story of overcoming anxiety and depression is motivating beyond belief!
August 13, 2018
Ashley Katchadorian: How to Turn Your Passion Into A Calling
@ashkatch is such a beautiful human! She has helped inspire me to where I'm at in so many ways! This episode will definitely help you be empowered to help others by turning your passion into a calling. Enjoy!
August 7, 2018
A-BLOG: How to Find Your Calling! (Why I Podcast)
In this weeks Audio Blog I break down share the REAL why of why I'm podcasting! If you want to do good, but are not sure where to start, or what to do, LISTEN to this one! At the end I break it all down!
August 2, 2018
(LIVE) Isaac Weins: Helping Veterans Through Junk Removal!
@isaacweins is definitely an awesome human! He's only 25 years old, but still owns his own business that not only directly impacts the environment for good, but also helps veterans get back on their feet after they get back from deployment! I know you will be inspired! Also, check out @cheapseatssociety for more information on an awesome sustainable living event happening Aug 25 in LA.
July 30, 2018
A-VLOG: Don't Miss This Episode!!!!!!!!
Seriously! I know many of you are struggling with different things! Im no different! In this episode I open up and get real vulnerable about some recent ups and downs I've had. I promise you it will touch your heart!
July 24, 2018
Audio Vlog: The Empower Good Story!
Stoked about this weeks episode! Recently I was featured on the Sound Matters Podcast With Tom Leu where he interviewed me! Here is the replay from his show. Enjoy!
July 16, 2018
Audio Vlog: Confession Time!
Latest episode of Empower Good Podcast
July 6, 2018
(LIVE) Adrian Vazquez - How to Learn & Embrace the Process
Whats cool about Adrian Vasques' story is that he didn't move from California to NYC for his own success and happiness, but instead so that he can support his family! By the end of this podcast you will be inspired to not only self educate and embrace the process, but also to strive to act on your dreams in order to impact more people for good!
June 23, 2018
(LIVE) Gabriel Desanti: How to be Content With What You Have
This episode is literally one of my best edits yet! In addition, my guest Gabriel Desanti brings so much insight and expertise in the areas of photography and videography. He seriously practices what he preaches, and sets the standard high. Finally, he shares game changing advice to grow your social media following! ENJOY!
June 14, 2018
(LIVE) Rob Johnston: Facing Your Fears & Overcoming Ego
A couple weeks ago I was able to meet Job Johnston in person! We had been good internet friends for a while, but had never met! Such a privilege to be able to pick his brain on topics from overcoming fear, photography, Instagram feeds, and how to do quality work! Enjoy!
June 5, 2018
Andrew Lermsider: How to Promote Your Show
This episode is VERY practical! I talk to Andrew Lermsider, a thoroughly successful online marketer, with over $600 million in online sales revenue under his belt. He not only breaks down how to keep your customer long term, but also how to optimize your user experience.
May 27, 2018
Phillip Ryan Block: Caring For People, Patience, Hard Work
In this shorter episode of the EGP, Joel chats with Phillip Ryan Block, a music industry entrepreneur, who really has a burden to help others. From starting a non-profit to connecting with his followers, Phillip breaks it all down. Enjoy
May 21, 2018
Todd Frazier: Doing Good Things & How to Sell Merch Online
In this episode Joel has the funniest interview of the entire show with Todd Frazier from the DO THINGS Podcast. Todd, a high energy entrepreneur, shares his inspiring story on how he grew, not only his business, but also his podcast, to reach a ton of people. Kick back, laugh and gain tons of valuable information ranging from podcasting, YouTube, making t-shirts with Printful.com and much more!
May 15, 2018
Michael OBrian: A Near Death Experience, How to Write A Book
In this episode, Joel has an inspiring impromptu interview with Michael O'Brian: a self published author from New Jersey. After a nearly fatal cycling accident, Michael decided to change his life around. Instead of chasing happiness in the rat race of life, he was now going to do everything he could to help others. This episode will not only give you motivation to be positive, but will also give you practical tips on how to share your passion with the world.
May 7, 2018
Chris Dell - Not Caring & How Anchor.fm Has Changed The Game
In this exciting episode, Joel himself gets put on the hot seat as Chris Dell, his guest, gives Empower Good some personal advice. In addition to that, they chat about how technology has changed the game, making it possible for literally ANYONE to become a content creator and publisher. Finally, they dig into some details on how the app anchor.fm is democratizing podcasting.
April 30, 2018
Tom Leu: Self Care & The Evolution Of Media
In this episode my guest Tom Leu brings so much value that it’s not even funny! He shares loads of inspiring lessons from years of experience in the fields of psychology, music, photography, radio, podcasting and much more! Don’t miss the ending, cuz Tom shares a secret that even Empower Good is starting to implement.
April 23, 2018
Thecla Sørum: Norway, Yummy Food and Blogging
The “rawsome” guest on this week's episode is Thecla Sørum(@rawsome.thecla), an American health blogger living in Norway. Growing up, Thecla hated being healthy, but when a sudden sickness threatened her health, she knew she had to turn things around. Now, through her blog, she shares her new found passion for health with people all over the world. Want to be inspired and see mouth watering pictures? Visit her website, www.healthistrulywealth.com
April 16, 2018
Mikhail Alfon: Gratitude & How to Build Your Personal Brand
In this powerful episode, Mikhail Alfon, a digital marketing entrepreneur, talks to Joel about the impact that gratitude has had his life. He not only delves into the ‘why’ behind what he does, but also gives very practical advice on how to build a personal brand online. After listening to this episode, you’ll be empowered to think of the social media platforms as tools rather than just a place to just grow a following.
April 9, 2018
RG Enriquez: How to Change the World One Post at a Time
In this heart-warming episode, Joel talks to RG Enriquez from Astig Vegan, which is a blog, and YouTube cooking show. RG's mission is to veganize Filipino food and show that it is possible to eat healthy while at the same time not compromising culture. You will not only be empowered by the life changing impact she has had on her followers, but also by the practical tips she shares on monetization, content distribution, and growing your online influencer.
April 2, 2018
Lainie Liz: Insider Advice from a Successful YouTuber
In this awesome episode, Joel talks to Lainey Liz, a full-time YouTuber, with a baking channel (Simply Bakings) with over 260,000 subscribers. She not only shares shares practical advice for aspiring creatives but also breaks down the story of how she now makes a living making videos full time. After listening to this interview, you’ll be inspired to share your talents with others no matter your personality or background.
March 26, 2018
Justin Khoe: How to Grow Your Personal Influence
In this episode, Joel reconnects with a good buddy from college, Justin Khoe. Justin is currently the host of a YouTube channel called That Christian Vlogger, with 48,000 subscribers, where he posts thought provoking videos to stimulate dialogue with young people. After listening to this interview, you will not only be encouraged to be intentional about growing your personal influence, but also have the practical tools to do so.
March 19, 2018
Dr. David DeRose: Your Health and Digital Media
In this episode Joel has an insightful discussion with Dr. David DeRose, a naturopathic doctor with over 30 years of experience. Dr. DeRose not only shares how digital media has boosted his ability to help others, but also brings to light the dangers of neglecting your own personal health on the altar of success. For anyone seeking to make a radical difference in this world, this episode will be a strong wake-up call to be proactive about your personal health.
March 12, 2018
Desiree Heckman: Loving Others, Yoga & Self Development
In this powerful episode, Joel is joined by Desiree Heckman, a wife, mom, yogi, and entrepreneur. The theme that keeps popping up throughout the conversation is the importance of really loving people! Desi also shares insightful tips on time management, self improvement and work life balance. In the end you’ll be motivated to be intentional about personal growth so you can be more equipped to help others!
March 1, 2018
Summer Silvery: Taking Risks & the joy of Inspiring Others
In this episode, Joel is joined by Summer Silvery, a passionate doodle artist from LA. You’ll hear how she got the attention of celebrities like Logan Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk, and The Rock, as well as other inspiring experiences that will empower you to be intentional about making a difference.
March 1, 2018
Joel Moutray: The why of the EGP!
In this FIRST exciting episode, Joel Moutray, the host, shares his story of why he started the podcast. Joel's extensive background in public speaking, youth mentorship, and nonprofit work, has not only given him the talents to execute this podcast, but has also given him a drive and passion to see it succeed. More than anything he hopes the podcast listeners will be empowered to take their talents and passions public so they can do more good! For show notes and other resources, visit www.EmpowerGood.org
February 22, 2018
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