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The Empress Talk Podcast

The Empress Talk Podcast

By Andrea Williams
Welcome to The Empress Talk Podcast, where amazing things happen! A platform to equip women with the tools, resources, pieces of trainings & network to advance their business & life. Here we bring you real stories, from real people just like. The Empress Magazine is a boutique PR & Digital Marketing Agency, we help out clients with challenges related to building a business. Challenges such as; marketing, sales, systems, strategies, operations, sales, and productivity. You can have a happy & healthy life and a successful business, at the same time.
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Are You Mentally Prepared For 2020?

The Empress Talk Podcast

Are You Mentally Prepared For 2020?

The Empress Talk Podcast

Lock Down Took My Income
In this episode, of The Empress Talk Podcast we are interviewing a business owner who is all about helping people during these uncertain times. So many people world-wide have either lost their job, had hours cut, or had to close down their business.  This is so tragic but a common reality for most right now. Today we sit down with Maini Homer! Maini is the International best seller of "Lock Down Took My Income" which you can find on Amazon.  Maini provides our listeners with three ways that they can start making money in our current economy and she is doing a live demonstration on how you can do the same with no money, no resources, and no audience. 
July 23, 2020
Empire Profit Plan
In today's episode, we walk you step-by-step through the correct and practical way to create your income for a year. As business owners, it's very important to have a game plan. With creating a solid profit plan you will have a legit strategy on how you will reach your revenue goals, this takes out the guesswork. If you're ready to create a predictable profitable profit plan that keeps you accountable for reaching your goals, tune in to this mini mastermind. To receive the worksheet that goes along with this please email info@glowgirlpublication with the subject: Profit Plan Worksheet. 
June 24, 2020
What's Your CEO Identity?
What's your CEO Identity? Who do you have to be in order to have what it is you want? When building a business, you need to focus on your mindset first, then you can build a business on top of that solid foundation. You first need to understand the person you need to be to make those goals happen. If you have a belief that business is hard, it's going to be hard. In this episode, we will break down the steps you need to take to align your goals with the person you need to be, it starts with the beliefs and stories you will need in order to reach your goals. 
May 6, 2020
Epic Comeback
In today's episode, we are talking about Epic Comebacks! An epic comeback can pertain to many things; divorces, illnesses, etc. I think it's very fitting with everything going on in our economy with the Coronavirus to talk about this, a lot of people will be effected from this and we are going to see many people come out of this with an epic comeback. Today we are talking with Nikki Bruno from Epic Comeback and she's going to share her take on how women can stage the perfect comeback.
March 18, 2020
How Successful Businesses Make Plans That Stick
How do successful businesses make plans that stick? They create 90-day sprints to break down their goals into feasible action steps. In today's episode we will be sharing 3 tips on how to set goals that will stick in 2020 and beyond. Grab The Empire Planner for a discount to help you stay accountable at today!
February 6, 2020
New Year! Healthy You!
In today's episode, we are talking about health & wellness. Everyone is screaming new year, new me around this time of year. You've set your goal get in shape, lose weight, or just live a better lifestyle. But, we all struggle with finding the right systems, the right program or the right diet to keep us motivated. Jill Lister-Martin, with Fit Chick Health Coach will be sharing three tips on how you can discover a new identity beyond work or motherhood & be nutritious all year long.
January 24, 2020
Nurture Your Love!
In today's episode, we are talking about your love life! Yes, we are CEOS but that doesn't mean we can't have a happy love life. I'm a big advocate for making sure our home front is good, first, before anything else. It can be hard trying to build a relationship, a business and raise kids but with the right tools, strategies, and support anything is possible. Today, we have a special guest Debra Barnes of Nurture Your Love and she is going to provide us with 3 helpful tips to make sure our love life is up to par in 2020!
January 16, 2020
Create YOUR Definition of Success
I have grown to realize that too often, the only measure of success we focus on is money. While over 88% of female business owners never break the 6-figure mark in their business, the honest truth is money is only ONE metric of success. Yes, money is needed but if we only focus on the money, instead of creating a business that loves us back, we find ourselves in an abusive relationship with a business that demands 100% of our time & energy. Too many of us find ourselves in a fast track to burnout {research shows 80% of new businesess crash and burn with the first few years.} You've gotta define what success means, to you! Without spending time answering this crucial question, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment while trying to meet someone else's version of success that just doesn't fit us, our lifestyle, or our family. In this episode, find clarity around your definition of success so you can gain the strategic tools to plan your business & life success. Gain access to the free workshop "Create Your Definition of Success" by searing @empresslounge on Facebook.
January 8, 2020
Are You Mentally Prepared For 2020?
Today we are talking about one of my favorite topics, mindset! Many of you probably don't know that I majored in Psychology because I have always been fascinated with the human brain, and why we do what we do, and how we have the power to change the way we think or view something. My motto has always been; change your mindset, change your life. In this episode, we get to speak to Christy Metcalf the Co-founder of 2 Smart Girls. She is going to walk us through how she is helping female ceo's reset their mindset so that they can create the business they dream I owning. If you are seeking a mindset boost to help you stay accountable and follow through to all of the big plans that you have for 2020 stay tuned.
December 13, 2019
Introducing The Empire Planner
Have you tried every planner out there but never stick with them because it's never quite suited for your needs? If you've tried a handful of different planners or even planning strategies, you know all the different directions that they can point your focus and attention. In this episode Andrea is going to introduce you to the perfect planning system. Listen in to today's episode to hear all about it's design, purpose and all the thinking that went into creating the planner that's made for CEO's like you & I. Go to to purchase your own copy! (Click the tab "Empire Planner."
December 6, 2019
How Laying A Strong Foundation For Both Growth & Scalability For Your Business Will Gain Sales
Join Andrea Williams as she interviews Dee Gredler with Dee Gredler & Associates about how knowing your market before you venture into your business will help lead to more sales.
August 18, 2019
How To Sell Your Company or Product and Be Seen as a Legitimate Business.
Join Andrea Williams, as she interviews Amber Melcom with Shabby Chick. Shabby Chick is a natural products company specializing in clean household products. Amber shares her story and a few tips on bow to position yourself as a business and start making sells!
July 26, 2019
What Is A Limiting Belief?
Join Andrea Williams, the owner of Glow Girl Publication & Company as she dives deep on the common subject of limited beliefs. She shares a few things she struggled with way back and inform the listener on ways to release those negative beliefs. Andrea concludes with a huge surprise announcement you won't want to miss! If you are interested in getting a copy of the worksheets for this episode join @Empresslounge o. Facebook!
July 15, 2019
Million Dollar Mindset
As busy bosses, we sometimes forget to do a mindset tune up. Join Andrea Williams as she dives deep into what a mindset is & how to develop a million dollar mindset. We will cover: what a mindset is, what types of mindset there are, what type of mindset you have, can you change your mindset, how can you change your mindset & we finish with 7 strategies to implement to change your mindset! You can find the assessment on Facebook @theshebosscollective free group for business coaching!
June 1, 2019
3 Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make!
Get deep with Andrea Williams host of International Glow Girl Publication & Company, National magazine; The Empress Magazine & founder of International Women's Association: The She Boss Movement! She is also a business coach for female entrepreneurs, helping them develop the tools & skills they need to build a solid foundation for their business on a budget! She teaches her clients how to scale to 1k + days!
May 22, 2019
Neecee Lexy
Join Andrea Williams as she interviews Neecee Lexy! This bombshell mogul is in both the Fashion & Blog Industry! She has a book & magazine releasing next year! Come learn more, enjoy!
March 9, 2019
Drip Drop Creative
Join Andrea Williams as she interviews the owner of Drip Drop Creative, Glenda Russell. Glenda is able to enjoy a life of leaisure traveling with her husband and running her business remotely. She shares her inspiration, her sad days and wonderful tips for anyone who is or wanting to build an empire!
January 29, 2019
Live Your Purpose
Join Andrea Williams as she interiews Owner of Live Your Purpose, Peggy Bell. Peggy Bell is a certified Life Coach, Author and Vision Board Facilitator.
January 24, 2019
Empress Magazine
We just launched our first National Magazine The Empress Magazine dedicated to Queens just like you building an Empire. This is a call of action for; coaches, business owners & entrepreneurs, we would love to feature you in the first issue releasing March 2019. To nominate a Queen email: with subject "Empress". We are looking forward to working with you!
January 23, 2019