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Energy Council Investor Series Podcast

Energy Council Investor Series Podcast

By Energy Council
Dedicated to the hottest trends in the energy industry, these episodes will feature energy executives debates and discussions with senior executives and investors focused on pioneering ideas and transforming the energy industry.
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Benjamin Colton, Global Head of Asset Stewardship - Voting & Engagement, State Street Global Advisors
Published on 01 February 2022 Benjamin Colton, Global Head of Asset Stewardship – Voting & Engagement at State Street Global Advisors, joins us to talk about why the conversation around a transition to a lower carbon economy must be conducted with pragmatism rather than through a binary lens of brown vs. green. He also explains how State Street are approaching stewardship as one of the world’s largest institutional investors, as well as how they are going about analysing, managing and engaging on climate-related risk within their portfolio. Episode Recorded on 18 January 2022
February 01, 2022
Nouman Ahmad, CEO & Co-Founder, Validere
Published on 16th November 2021 Nouman Ahmad, CEO & Co-Founder at Validere joins the Investor Series Podcast to talk about the role of data in helping energy industry participants to achieve their energy transition objectives, and walks us through how Validere are building a data layer of inventory data for the oil and gas supply chain to help stakeholders to track, monitor and improve their operational, commercial & ESG-related performance. He also shares some insights into Validere’s recent partnership with Xpansiv, Énergir & Pacific Canbriam Energy to facilitate the industry’s First Registered Responsibly Sourced Gas Agreement. Episode Recorded on 29th September 2021
November 23, 2021
Andrea Course, Venture Principal, Shell Ventures
Published on 02 November 2021 Andrea Course, Venture Principal at Shell Ventures joins the Investor Series Podcast to talk about Shell Ventures, one of the first Oil & Gas corporate funds, and its role in identifying and investing in start-up companies that can help Shell both to meet its emissions reduction targets and to accelerate the energy & mobility transformation. She explains what she considers to be the main opportunities and barriers that exist today when it comes to investment into and wide scale deployment of these decarbonisation technologies (particularly CCUS). She also shares her views on how greater diversity & inclusion in the boardroom can help companies to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the energy transition and successfully navigate the disruption that it brings with it. Episode Recorded on 20th August 2021
November 02, 2021
Nick Dell'Osso, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Chesapeake
Published on 09 September 2021 Nick Dell’Osso, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Chesapeake Energy, joins us to talk about where the company stands today having emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier in 2021. During the episode, he explains how the industry is undergoing a structural change and describes how Chesapeake is positioning itself today to meet and deliver on investors’ ever evolving expectations and respond to the world’s changing energy needs. He also talks about the strides that Chesapeake is making as a first mover in the Certified Natural Gas markets and the importance of third party certification & monitoring of industry performance, as well as the key metrics that this performance should be measured against. Recorded on 27th August 2021
September 09, 2021
Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director, Kongsberg Digital
Published on 14 July 2021 Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital joins us to discuss the role of digitilisation and innovation in the Oil & Gas industry and how ESG will continue to shape and mould the sector. As a pioneer in the digital space Brian discusses how the organisation is well placed to support operators in the age of the Energy Transition and we discuss the role of technology in the future of Energy. Be sure to tune in and contact the team either through the Energy Council or at this year’s World Energy Capital Assembly.
July 14, 2021
Michael Rubio, General Manager, ESG and Sustainability, Chevron
Published on 06 July 2021 Michael Rubio, General Manager, ESG and Sustainability at Chevron joins us to talk about Chevron’s approach towards ESG and the Energy Transition at a time of rising ESG headwinds. He explains how Oil & Gas companies can position themselves to ensure that they can continue to meet shareholder expectations and remain competitive as the world transitions to a low carbon economy. He also shares his thoughts on the growth potential of different low carbon business lines and the importance of ESG metrics in helping investors to measure and compare the performance of different industry players. Recorded on 8th June 2021
July 06, 2021
Kris Pitta, Founder & CEO, Prudent Resources
Kris Pitta, Founder & CEO at Prudent Resources joins us to talk about his experience of building a business during a global pandemic and to discuss appetite for investment in small to mid-cap oil & gas companies as the industry is experiencing a sustained period of higher oil prices, and the opportunities that this could present for smaller independents like Prudent Resources who are looking to pursue growth strategies. He also talks about the ESG challenges that smaller independents face in light of rising ESG headwinds and how their approaches differ from larger independents and majors. Episode recorded on 20 May 2021
June 21, 2021
Cary Meadow, Executive Chairman & Ben Mendes, Director, Anvil Channel Energy Solutions
18 May 2021 Cary Meadow, Executive Chairman and Ben Mendes, Director at Anvil Channel Energy Solutions describe the paradigm shift that they have seen in lenders’ appetites towards natural resources companies as a result of increasing regulatory restraints and rising ESG pressures. They join us to talk us through their strategy to fill the financing void in the market and provide small-to-mid cap Oil & Gas companies with access to capital, while providing desired risk-adjusted returns to their investors. Please note that since recording this podcast, Boomerang Credit Fund has merged with Anvil Energy Partners to form Anvil Channel Energy Solutions and therefore any reference to Boomerang Credit Fund now refers to Anvil Channel Energy Solutions. The business combination will look to deploy up to $300,000,000 via a static pool lending facility for upstream oil and gas producers and will originate new issue facilities for borrowers seeking between $10,000,000 and $100,000,000 for refinancings, acquisitions and development of energy assets. Episode recorded on 16th February 2021.
May 19, 2021
Chris Leary, Investment Partner, Orion Energy Partners
28 April 2021 Chris Leary, Investment Partner at Orion Energy Partners joins us to talk us through Orion’s approach towards environmentally innovative investing. Orion Energy Partners were founded back in 2015 with the aim of addressing the capital dislocation that existed in the middle market energy infrastructure space and are focused in particular on flexible direct lending into middle market private energy infrastructure businesses. Over the course of this episode, Chris explains more about what they consider to be environmentally innovative, walks us through some examples of environmentally innovative investments that Orion have made over the past year and how they have gone about repurposing existing infrastructure, and lays out some of the opportunities that Orion will be keeping an eye out for going forward across both the traditional and new energy sectors. Episode recorded on 11 February 2021.
April 28, 2021
Rusty Hutson , CEO & Eric Williams, CFO at Diversified Gas & Oil
29 March 2021 Rusty Hutson Jr., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Diversified Gas & Oil, and Eric Williams, Chief Financial Officer, join us on the Investor Series Podcast. Rusty and Eric sit at the other end of the table to the investors that we usually have on the podcast. They bring their perspectives from a company that has successfully managed to raise capital in recent years, when so many others have struggled. Throughout the episode, Rusty & Eric delve deeper into Diversified Gas & Oil’s promotion onto the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange last year, and they talk us through their journey to becoming the third largest producer on the London Stock Exchange behind Shell and BP (at the time of recording). Episode recorded on 03 February 2021.
March 31, 2021
Shaia Hosseinzadeh, Managing Partner & Founder, OnyxPoint
“Disclaimer: The information on this podcast is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or investment advisory services." Shaia Hosseinzadeh, Managing Partner & Founder, OnyxPoint Global Management, joins us to talk about OnyxPoint’s culture of investing in cyclical industries and how they tend to focus almost exclusively on the right side of the balance sheet when markets are experiencing decapitalisation and going through a de-leveraging period, like they are today. He also talks about their differentiated approach, the need for financial innovation on a go forward basis to help bridge many investors concerns around the sustainability and profitability of the asset class, and the opportunity to fill that financing gap over the next few years. Episode recorded on 16th November 2020, find out more about the Energy Council here. 
February 23, 2021
Angelos Damaskos, CEO, Sector Investment Managers
With over 30 years investment experience, Angelos Damaskos reviews the events of 2020 and analyses current markets to explain investor sentiment for 2021 in Oil and Gas. 
January 27, 2021
Nick Volkmer, Vice President - GHG & Renewables, Enverus
Nick Volkmer, Vice President - GHG & Renewables, Enverus joins us on the Investor Series Podcast. ESG and GHG emissions are front and center for every CFO and CEO in the industry at the moment and Nick shares his insights on how Enverus is pulling together all of the available data and cleaning it up to inform the investment community.  During the episode, Nick walks through some of his team’s recent studies around GHG emissions and highlights the key trends & benchmarks that O&G Companies and Investors should be aware. Recorded in H2 2020
January 26, 2021
Griffin Perry, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Grey Rock Energy Partners
Griffin Perry, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Grey Rock Energy Partners joins us to talk about how Grey Rock have built up a portfolio of about $500 million AUM since their inception back in 2013 around a strategy of investing primarily in non-operated working interests. During the course of this episode, Griffin talks about the advantages of adopting a non-op investment approach, and how this strategy allows them to maximise their investments while also protecting themselves against potential downside. He also discusses the different ways in which investors are getting creative to find more optionality around the exit in the current climate, such as through securitizations and SPACs. Recorded on 30th October 2020 Find out more about the Energy Council 
January 19, 2021
Dan Pickering, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Pickering Energy Partners
Dan Pickering, Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Pickering Energy Partners, joins us to talk about Pickering Energy Partners’ spin off from Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. back in 2019 and how the firm remains bullish on Oil & Gas as they expect there to be a lot of transaction activity in the market as the current downcycle sorts itself out. During this episode, Dan walks us through where he sees potential for future upside, what types of opportunities he will be looking to target and how this fits into PEP’s strategy . Dan also explains why 2020, although being a difficult time to be an energy investor, is a great time to be building a business. Recorded on 22nd October 2020
January 11, 2021
Avik Dey – Head of Energy & Resources at CPPIB
Avik Dey – Head of Energy & Resources at CPPIB, joins us to talk about the secular change that is taking place across the industry and how energy investors are having to learn to adapt their approach to a world that is fundamentally different today than what they have been used to in the past. He talks about the importance of sustainability and the ability to identify assets that allow investors to build a resilient portfolio that is able to withstand market volatilities and deliver returns over the mid to long-term. He outlines the 4 key themes that underpin CPPIB’s energy strategy, the importance of traditional energy moving forwards, and how to position yourself for growth as an energy investor in a world that is de-carbonising.
November 26, 2020
Glenn Jacobson – Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners - Evolution of the Energy Investment Landscape
Recorded on 16th October 2020, Glenn Jacobson – Partner at Trilantic Capital Partners joins us to talk about the evolution of the energy investment landscape. The current downturn has seen an unprecedented exodus of capital from the Upstream E&P sector, and during this episode Glenn explains the reasons behind this and what investors will want to see from the Upstream E&P sector if Oil & Gas companies are to have any hope of attracting capital back to the space. Glenn also talks about the changing macroeconomic factors that investors will need to take into consideration when approaching the energy industry in a  post-COVID19 world and how the combination of changing global energy demand and increasingly competitive alternative energies is forcing investors to be far more selective about how and where they deploy their capital across the energy industry
November 17, 2020
Mark Viviano, Head of Public Equities, Kimmeridge Energy
Recorded on 13th October 2020, Mark Viviano – Head of Public Equities at Kimmeridge Energy joins us to talk about how he joined Kimmeridge Energy earlier this year to launch a dedicated activist fund focussed on reforming the public E&P sector after he had grown increasingly frustrated at how the E&P sector had become un-investable. Over the course of this episode, we explore what it will take to reform the public E&P sector and the importance of activism in bringing about the necessary changes
November 13, 2020
Impact of a Trump or Biden Presidency on Oil & Gas with Tom Petrie
Tom Petrie returns to the podcast to discuss the upcoming US Presidential Elections on November 3rd and how a Trump vs Biden Presidency and Republican vs Democratic Senate will affect the Oil & Gas Industry moving forward.
October 24, 2020
Abhishek Kumar & Ryan Childs – Principals of Production Lending LLC
In this episode we chat with Ryan Childs & Abhishek Kumar, Principals of Production Lending LLC join us to discuss some of the preferred equity and debt soltutions that their team is providing to the sub $15mm market for E&P, Non-Op, and Minerals & Royalties companies. Find out more about the Oil & Gas council here More information on the speakers Ryan Childs Ryan is a Principal at Production Lending, where he is jointly responsible for supervision of PL’s investment program and strategy, as well as overall management of the company. Prior to PL, Ryan spent eight years working in investment banking, beginning in the Financial Sponsors Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he helped raise acquisition financing for private equity client investments, as well as focusing on advisory services for their portfolio companies. In 2012, Ryan transferred to the Energy Group and moved to Houston, TX where he functioned in the role of Vice President helping to underwrite and execute transactions. In 2014, Ryan transitioned to BMO Capital Markets to focus on upstream companies, working as a Vice President until 2017. During his career in investment banking, Ryan underwrote more than $20 billion in committed financing, and closed more than 35 lead left and advisory transactions with a total value greater than $25 billion. Ryan received his MBA in 2009 from the McCombs School of Business with specializations in Private Equity Finance and Real Estate Finance.  Ryan lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three children. Abhishek Kumar Abhishek Kumar is a founder and Principal of Production Lending. He is jointly responsible for supervision of PL’s investment program and strategy, as well as overall management of the company. Prior to founding Production Lending in 2016, Abhishek spent eight years in Energy Investment Banking. During this time he underwrote more than $35 billion in committed financing, and advised companies in the Energy sector on over $15 billion of successfully closed M&A transactions. Abhishek started his banking career in the Energy Group of Wells Fargo as an Associate where he focused mostly on upstream and midstream sector clients. In 2010, Abhishek transitioned to Nomura where he helped raise acquisition financing for energy focused private equity clients and also advised upstream and oilfield services companies on M&A, equity, debt, interest rate and commodity derivatives. From 2014 till 2016, Abhishek worked at BMO Capital Markets as Vice President in the Energy Investment Banking Group where he focused mostly on upstream companies.  Abhishek received his MBA in 2008 from the McCombs School of Business and his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. At McCombs, Abhishek was the recipient of Endowed Presidential Scholarship and at IIT Kanpur, he was the recipient of prestigious Nigam scholarship for excellence in academics. Abhishek is also a CFA Charterholder. Abhishek lives in Houston, TX with his wife and two children.
September 22, 2020
Nigel Jenvey, Global Head of Carbon Management, Gaffney Cline & Lewis McDonald, Global Head of Energy, Herbert Smith Freehills
In this episode our guests are Nigel Jenvey - Global Head of Carbon Management at Gaffney Cline and Lewis McDonald - Global Head of Energy at Herbert Smith Freehills join us to discuss some of the ESG & GHG related trends and policies in the Oil & Gas Industry and how they relate to company’s performance in the public markets as well as their ongoing ability to access capital. Find out more about the Oil & Gas Council here
September 22, 2020
Brian Thomas, Managing Director - Energy Finance, Prudential Private Capital
Brian Thomas joins us from Prudential Private Capital. During the episode, Brian talks about how institutional investors like Prudential can provide capital for O&G companies in place of commercial banks who are pulling back on their lending through this downturn.
July 27, 2020
Tom Petrie, Chairman, Petrie Partners
Tom Petrie joins us from Petrie Partners.  During the episode, Tom talks about the Rise of Putin, the US/China trade war, the competitiveness of US shale, and Middle Eastern geopolitics and how they have all played a part in creating the current state of affairs in the O&G Industry.
May 28, 2020
Kenneth Hersh, Retired CEO & Co-Founder, NGP President and CEO, George W. Bush Presidential Center
Recorded on April 29 2020 Ken Hersh, Retired CEO and Co-Founder of NGP joins us to discuss ESG, Geopolitics, Supply/Demand Dynamics, and Private Equity in a pre, current, and post COVID-19 world.
May 05, 2020
Adam Waterous CEO, Waterous Energy Fund
Recorded on 20 April 2020 Adam Waterous – CEO of Waterous Energy Fund joins us to discuss his theory of “Peak Permian”, which describes current US production levels as unsustainable and grossly uneconomic.  During the episode, Adam explains how the emergence of unconventional fracking technology has caused a structural shift in the oil & gas industry, thus leading to the destruction of M&A demand and a call for change in the industry’s current operating and investment models.  With the effects of COVID-19 & the Oil Price War in full force, Adam describes how his theory of “Peak Permian” is not only being validated but also sped up.
April 20, 2020