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Your Yoga In English

Your Yoga In English

By Annie
A podcast for yogis, yoga teacher and English learners wanting to train their listening skills, develop their knowledge of yoga, and get inspired by likeminded human beings.
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Episode 30: 3 Ways of including 'every body' in your English yoga classes
While it’s true that we can’t cater to all of everybody’s needs all the time in everything we do, we can still increase our inclusivity. Doing anything is better than doing nothing.    Remember that our bodies are unique anyway, so by simply increasing the variation or adaptability of the things you offer, you can increase the number of people who feel represented in your classes.    In order to decide what kinds of options you can choose for the content of your classes, we need to return to a default mindset of ‘Who might this class/instruction/question be challenging, impossible or traumatic for? Why? How can I avoid that?’    Let’s dive into ways of including everybody and every body when teaching English yoga classes while we analyse health conditions, femininity and beauty standards. Read more about this topic on our blog: Ways to including 'every body' in your English yoga classes.
June 18, 2021
29: 3 Ways of Being More Inclusive in Your English Yoga Classes: Countries, Languages and Religion
Inclusivity is a hot topic among yoga teachers. We’re becoming aware of gender, identity, body image, race, ill health and abilities. But, I miss hearing about "us". Our cultural differences based on continents, countries, languages and religion.   In this chat I'll share ways to be more aware about the religion your students may follow and how to acknowledge it in a respectful manner. How the country your students live in might cause you to exclude them. And, how we can prevent that words are 'lost in translation' or miscommunicated! More like this? Read our blog: Ways of being more inclusive in your English yoga classes: countries, language and religion
June 10, 2021
28: Special Interview with Natalia Tabilo from Yoga for All Bodies
Learn how Natalia moved from Chile to the States, rolled into the world of yoga, became a teacher and started her own multilingual yoga business to spread inclusive yoga and help other teachers do the same! _______________________________________________________________________________________  Natalia is a Body Positive 500 RYT yoga teacher and Journalist. She was born in Chile and now lives in San Francisco, CA.    After feeling left out and unseen in yoga classes, she decided to create Yoga for All Bodies™, an inclusive and accessible practice based on choices to meet and enjoy your body where you are today. She loves Yoga props and in all her classes offers variations (not modifications, because everything is a 100% Yoga), using them!   She truly believes that you don’t have to be slim, young, flexible, or strong to live and own your yoga practice! That’s why she always says “Your body, Your practice".   You can find out more about Natalia in her IG account @YogaforAllbodies and website
June 4, 2021
27: 3 Things (New) Yoga Teachers Forget | Annie from Enga Unite
In this chat:  Self-practice and self-care  Taking the time to centre before class  Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
May 28, 2021
26: 5 Common Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make | Annie from Enga Unite
Today we’re speaking about 5 common mistakes (new) yoga teachers make. As you know, we can only learn and teach from experience and so sometimes it’s necessary to make mistakes. To be honest with you, I believe mistakes are one of the best ways to learn and integrate new skills and knowledge.    This chat helps you analyse your teaching techniques and create awareness around the language you use in class. They’re things many of us do/have done, myself included, but recognising and fixing them will help you become more compassionate and effective yoga teachers.    During our Teach Yoga in English workshop series, I’ll dig deeper and teach you how to avoid these mistakes and what you can do instead. This is a series of 4 workshops series that focus on the development of yoga teaching skills including building a sequence and how to cue effectively, but also how to find your voice and structure your own offerings such as workshops, rituals or a class schedule.    You can find more info about it here:  But today is all about creating awareness and analysing your own teaching style so far. Let's dive in!
May 20, 2021
25: How to Learn, Remember and Include Anatomy in Your English Yoga Classes
Listen to Gwen and Annie speak about how to learn, remember and include anatomy in your English yoga classes.  In this episode will give us more clarity on   Why for many students studying anatomy is so challenging  How much anatomy do you really need to know  Techniques that help for different learning styles   Want to refresh your (basic) anatomy knowledge for your English yoga classes?  Watch this video about must know yoga body parts:
May 19, 2021
24: The Negative Effects of Outdated and Complex Language in Your Yoga Classes with Marta Elena
Some may argue that language isn't important, but sometimes, language can be very damaging! Let's ask Marta, our content designer and English teacher and speak about: Inclusive language and language that's harmful emotionally or physically.  How important is 'perfect' pronunciation? What is uncomplicated grammar and how to simply it in your classes? And if you like this topic, have a look at our blog that will provide you with even more information about this topic: Blog: Mindful Pronunciation in your English Yoga Classes
May 19, 2021
23: How to Prepare for Your Yoga Teacher Training in English
Are you about to start Yoga Teacher Training or thinking of doing a training, but don't know where to start?   In this chat, Anka is asking Annie about what to take into consideration when registering or preparing yourself for yoga teacher training in English.  • Do you think it’s important to choose a more spiritual place to complete YTT?   • Is it a good idea to go for just one type or multiple styles at once?  • Does it matter how long I’ve been practicing yoga? Do I need to have a certain amount of experience?  • Should I read any literature or specific books beforehand?  • Is it necessary to know the Sanskrit names for the poses?   • What's difference between an in-person course and an online course?  • What are the benefits of an in-person course and an online course?  and more!
May 6, 2021
22: How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training or Continuing Education Course
Today we’re speaking about how to choose a yoga teacher training or yoga teacher course that works for you!   Whether you’re  a yoga teacher already and looking for a course for continuing education  considering doing your first yoga teacher training and don’t really know where to start.   There’s no size fits all and in this chat I’ll give you some tips and tools, journal questions to reflect on who you are, where you want to go, what energises you and fulfils you.   Got to the blog for more info:  Journal questions:   What style of yoga do you practise and would you like to teach?   Do you know your training teacher?   Would you like the training to be completely led by them or would you like a group of teachers?   What’s your ideal time frame?  Would you like to complete it in a few weeks or would you prefer to have your training spread over a few months?  Would you rather be really good at one thing or have a little bit of knowledge of everything?   One possibility that is increasing in popularity: have you considered doing it online? Why or why not?   Do I need to be registered with Yoga Alliance?   What’s a good price?
April 29, 2021
21: The Benefits of Yin Yoga for Yoga Teachers with Annchen (Yin Yoga for Beginners)
There’s a lot of confusion about what yin yoga actually is and the true advantages of practising it alongside a yang-type practice.   In this episode Annchen from @yoga_with_annchen shares her experience with teaching yin to multilingual speakers and why this practice is so beneficial for overall health! About Annchen: South African, based in Granada (Spain), my passion is to share what yoga has brought me with others. I started practising yoga eight years ago as a way to build up strength and I discovered that the external change also brought an internal one, helping me to become less anxious. Yoga is now an integral part of my life, helping me to face up to my fears, to be more confident and calmer. I love teaching Yin Yoga as it’s functional and mindful. As each person’s body is different, I’ll show you how to adapt the postures to your unique body, rather than adapting you to the postures. So, the emphasis for each posture is on the aim or the function e.g. to stretch your hamstrings, rather than what it looks like, the aesthetics. I’ll give you the tools to practise confidently on your own. But it’s not just about what you do with your body,  it’s what we do with our mind. Passively stretching and holding postures for several minutes, stills the body, slows the breath and quietens the mind.
April 24, 2021
20: Gaining Confidence as a Multilingual Yoga Teacher with Yely Staley
When doing anything in a foreign language confidence can be a challenge. But, learning and teaching yoga in a foreign language, our case English, is a different thing! If you’re a yoga teacher and feel unconfident about your English yoga teaching skills - this chat might give you the answers you’ve been looking for!    About Yely:  Yely Staley is a Venezuelan born American citizen (fluent in English and Spanish), former yoga studio owner, and certified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance with E-RYT 500H and YACEP Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Anatomy, and currently she collaborates writing informative articles and teaching yoga online for Yoga International in Spanish.   Yely is passionate about helping busy people to find balance through mindful daily self-care practices, so they can feel good with themselves. Yely's mission in life is to help others live more confidently, joyfully and mindfully through the practices of Yoga and Meditation to create a conscious and harmonious lifestyle.   You can learn more and connect with Yely by visiting her website  or visiting her on Social Media under @yogayely    Where you can find Yely:   The Importance of Embracing Self-Care Practices as a Lifestyle by Yely  Meditations in English and Spanish by Yely  Yoga classes in English in Spanish by Yely 
April 18, 2021
19: Finding Your Voice as a Multilingual Yoga Teacher with Thomas Thoroe
Finding your voice is a hot topic among yoga teachers. Coming out of teacher training the world of teaching yoga can feel overwhelming. As multilingual speakers, we can fear speaking in public; set high expectations and put ourselves under a lot of pressure.   In this episode, Thomas shares his experience with us and some very useful tips and techniques as to simply accept yourself for who you are and teach from your most authentic being. About Thomas:   Thomas Thoroe had a strong sense of spirituality ever since he was a very young child. He started his yoga journey in 1994, when he was a Webber Douglas academy of Dramatic art, and his head of moment was Edd Clark, then the director of the Tripsicore yoga theatre in London.   As an actor and performer his dynamic vinyasa practice has been a tool, to develop and maintain his body, prevent and recover from injury, maintain discipline, and good health as he worked in the performance industry.   When having to overcome serious health issues in his late 20’s yoga became much more than a tool. It became a way of life, and a way to deepen his connection to his spiritual truth.   As a performer actor and teacher voice has always been an essential part of my practice. When I was younger it was very hard for me to find my voice. I did not understand the link between being my authentic self and resonating fully with my voice. I found this through chanting, resonating and realising that for my unique vibration to sound I had to be comfortable with my truth and my individual identity, not trying to fit in to what the world around me wanted me to be. This is a continuous journey.    Where you can find Thomas:   Website Instagram Link tree
April 16, 2021
18: Adding (More) Plants to Your Diet with Anka
Make adding plants to your diet easy!  Let's speak about your daily intake, ingredients, vitamins, recipes, prices, and much more!  @ankasvegankitchen
April 1, 2021
17: How to Create Your Own Ayurvedic Routine With Laura Ann Pellegrini
Ready for better health and more productivity? Learn how to create your own Ayurvedic Routine!  With Laura Ann Pellegrini @ashtangayogaperu.   -------------------------------  Laura Ann Pellegrini comenzó a estudiar Ashtanga Yoga en 2001 después del descubrimiento casual de una clase en Toronto. Después de unos años asistiendo a una o dos clases cada semana, se mudó a Miami y no encontraba la práctica de Ashtanga sino de Power.  Fue a partir de una clase de Kino MacGregor, rápidamente se realizó el Ashtanga será su camino y empezó una práctica diaria, que ha mantenido durante los últimos 10 años, incluso a través de dos embarazos.  En 2010, Laura realizó su primer viaje de estudios de tres meses a AYRI (ahora Sharath Yoga Centre) para aprender yoga directamente de Paramaguru Sharath Jois, el actual líder del linaje Ashtanga Yoga. Ella supo inmediatamente que había encontrado a su maestro en Sharathji e hizo el esfuerzo de regresar cada dos años después (a menudo con dos niños a cuestas). Laura recibió autorización L1 para enseñar en enero 2018.  Nos pueden encontrar en IG como @ashtangayogaperu. En nuestra web y en Facebook como Ashtanga Yoga Peru.
March 26, 2021
16: Juice Cleansing with Anka
This month we’re speaking about cleaning and cleansing. It’s something mankind has always done or been interested in. You see it in Eastern cultures such as in Ayurveda, in South and Central America through holistic rituals. But you can also find it back in our modern society. Think of detoxing, fasting, water cleansing or juice cleansing. Today we speak about Juice Cleansing with Anka!
March 18, 2021
15: What is Ayurveda & what is an Ayurvedic Cleanse?
Ayurveda and yoga go hand in hand. You’ll hear Ayurveda is described as yoga’s sister science or as a type of yoga. With Ayur meaning ‘life’ and Veda meaning ‘science’, it is also called ‘the science of life’.   @the_grateful_yogi  @transformational_yoga
March 11, 2021
14: Teaching Yoga In English Effectively
How to Effectively Teach Yoga in English (when it isn't your first language). Including FREE worksheet!   Learn:  why the language of yoga is different to that of an English class  how to adapt to your students level of understanding (meet them were they're at)  4 techniques you can use today to teach more confidently   Download your worksheet here.
March 9, 2021
13: Adding Plants to Your (Living) Space with Anka
Adding Plants to Your (Living) Space.  Live Chat with Anka Simigh @ankasvegankitchen   What are the benefits of having plants at home? How many is a healthy amount? Can they be poisonous or toxic? Which plants do I keep in which place.  A guide for your  bedroom  bathroom  livingroom  kitchen   And don't forget to follow Anka on Instagram @ankasvegankitchen.    Questions you'd like to get answers to? Don't be shy! Send me an email or write your questions to the group. | @engaunite | Your Yoga in English FB Group
March 6, 2021
12: Boosting Your Self-Esteem to Confidently Learn New Languages with Eduarda
Gaining Confidence  When Learning Something New  How to stay grounded, optimistic, inspired and motivated when learning English or anything new.   Lower your expectations and gain confidence!   Read the blog and download the worksheet here:  And don't forget to follow Eduarda on Instagram @divergentenglish    Questions you'd like to get answers to? Don't be shy! Send me an email or write your questions to the group. | @engaunite | Your Yoga in English FB Group
March 4, 2021
11: Your Biggest Obstacles Are Living Inside Your Head!
In this video you'll learn why you thoughts and emotions are you bigges obstacles. You'll become aware of your thought patterns and where your limiting beliefs come from.  This session is part of an online training and includes a worksheet. Go to the Online Learning Platform to sign up and download your worksheets! 
February 18, 2021
10: Forget about Self-Image focus on Self-Compassion!
In this podcast episode you'll learn why we should focus on self-compassion to boost our self-esteem.  You'll become aware of your inner voices and why they cause limiting beliefs and how you can get rid of them.  This session is part of an online training and includes a worksheet. Go to the Online Learning Platform to sign up and download your worksheets! 
February 11, 2021
9: Self-Care Practices for a Positive Mindset with Yely Stayley
The past decade self-care has become a 'thing', but especially during our first quarantine(s) self-care practices turned into a hype.   You drink a glass of wine on a Saturday evening or go for a quick walk during your lunch break.  Despite the fact that these are great remedies that help you take care of yourself, true self-care starts with accepting yourself, practising self-compassion and triggering your curiosity to find the courage to explore the Self.   Are you ready to integrate self-care on a daily basis, so much that you don't even need to 'make time' for it?   Listen here to Yely Staley explain the concept of self-care and find out what you can do to live a healthier, more balanced and self-compassionate life.   And, don't forget to check out her website or find her on social media at @yogayely.
February 4, 2021
8: Practising Asteya (non-stealing) and Environmental Awareness
Let's chat about practising Asteya (non-stealing) and Environmental Awareness A chat with @ankasvegankitchen about how we steal from other, ourselves and Mother Nature all the time. Learn the meaning of ‘non-stealing’ and improve your relationships with your loved ones, yourself and the Earth. And don't forget to follow Anka on Instagram @ankasvegankitchen. Questions you'd like to get answers to? Don't be shy! Send me an email or write your questions to the group. | @engaunite | Your Yoga in English FB Group
February 4, 2021
7: Indulge Without the Guilt and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Food - Interview with Anka
Indulge without the guilt! Food, body-image and self-esteem are being tested among many of us AND especially during the holidays. If you're struggling with an eating disorder, negative self-image and, or would like to learn a little about 'healthy eating'... this chat might be inspiring for you. Go to our online community to download Anka's recipes to try out this holiday season! And don't forget to follow Anka on Instagram. Questions you'd like to get answers to? Don't be shy! Send me an email or write your questions to the group.
December 17, 2020
6: Self-care for Your Self-Esteem and The Power of Meditation with Flo
Listen to Flo and Annie about self-care for your self-esteem and the power of meditation to practice self-compassion. This is an inspiring chat for just graduated yoga teachers and anyone dealing with a lack of self-confidence and self-belief. Live a happier life by working on your self-compassion and practising meditation or mindfulness. Enga on Insta: |  Enga's Community: Flo on Insta:
December 12, 2020
5: Routines and Habits with Marta Elena
A live chat about habits and routines with Marta Elena. Why is it so difficult to stick to them? How do you create a routine that works for you? And what will help you to maintain it? Try it for yourself with the worksheet we've created for you:
November 27, 2020
4: Clearing Yogic Myths with Queen
There are lots of myths surrounding yoga. Sometimes your mind looks for any excuse not to do something that challenges you. So, if you find excuses to not practise yoga for whatever reason, let’s clear up these yoga myths before you go any further!   More of a reader? Here's the blog post: More about Queen: Queen began her yoga journey in 2015 as a form of self-care. She soon fell in love with the harmonious feeling that came with stepping on her yoga mat. The two very important lessons she learned while exploring yoga was how to use breathing techniques to find peace of mind and to have grace and love for her body. While deepening her practice, Queen began to use her time on her mat as an opportunity to meet with God through prayer and meditation. She soon realized that through the stillness she began to open her heart and ears to God’s Word which in turn helped her in her battle with depression. Queen is trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Holy Yoga, and Rocket Yoga. Through her company, Sacred Spaces Yoga, Queen is determined to create offerings where individuals can find serenity, gratitude, and self-love while challenging their bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.
November 19, 2020
3: In Conversation with Marc Tran - Enga Unite
''Speaking English is important for the yoga world… everywhere you go you yoga is in English’’ - Marc Tran. With Marc we spoke about tools to use in your everyday learning, yoga teacher training and how to prepare yourself for it, how travelling helps you to become fluent in a new language and why the feeling of giving up is probably the reason that you should keep going.  Marc combines the practices of martial arts and yoga and is especially interested in strength and the physical aspects. He explains how to cultivate a growth mindset and how to do it and prevent yourself from having limiting beliefs.  Heaps to learn this episode!  Check Marc out online: Website: Instagram: Facebook group:
November 12, 2020
2: Self-Empowerment with Adriana Kyser
Find out about how Adriana dealt with her culture shock moving from Venezuela to the States.  Listen to her speak about her struggles doing her teacher training in English, but overcoming these through the tools she now uses when training her own students.  Learn from her tricks and learning techniques, finding your own voice and being the same teacher as you are as a person! Find Adriana online:
November 10, 2020
1: In conversation with Adriana Salazar
Find out about how a temporary move to London got Adriana (from Venezuela) to complete her teacher training and teach yoga in English abroad ever since.   Listen to her speak about her struggles doing her teacher training in English and how this training turned out to be a language course at the same time.    Learn from her tricks and learning techniques, finding your own voice and teaching what you like,  and bring humour into your yoga class or practice. Find Adriana online:
October 29, 2020