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Engineered Unicorns

Engineered Unicorns

By Engineered Unicorns
Ever wondered what an engineer reads after work? SandyJ gives you book recommendations that are fantastic in more than one way. Books to escape from reality (for those not afraid of unicorns) and on how to improve your reality if you should wish to do so. The books will most likely be available in of Karlsruhes many public libraries. We will explore book store and talk about reading experiences. All from the perspective of a Bookdragon who is an engineer by day and likes a little bit of magic off the clock. Happy endings guaranteed.
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Rainbows and Murderbot
It’s Pridemonth and the start of the summer on the northern hemisphere, so our local bookdragon SandyJ has not only a rainbow-coloured book recommendation for you but also chosen music to enjoy after the premiere stream. Yes, AC/DC and Barbra Streisand belong together. The other book recommendation is a highly awarded science-fiction novella with a protagonist that has it‘s very own point of view. SandyJ also has picked up a new hobby and there are new Fantasy books on Karlsruhe‘s Overdrive Library account. Summer is looking good.
June 6, 2021
Creative Boundaries
On a roll with non-fiction audiobooks our local bookdragon SandyJ talks about three audiobooks that on first glance don’t have anything to do with each other. But when she read them the connections were building. What connections? Well, for that you need to listen to the all new episode of Engineered Unicorns. Bookdragon und Producer: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt Book Recommendations Nedra Glover Tawwab „Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A guide to reclaiming yourself“ (2021) Elizabeth Gilbert „Big Magic: Creative Living beyond fear“ (2015) Jake Knapp, John Zeratski „Make time: How to focus on what matters every day“ (2018) Book Release by a Black Author P. Djéli Clark „A Master of Djinn“ (May 11th 2021) Steampunk Fantasy, Other Stuff Mentioned Naomi Novik „Uprooted“ (2015), Cal Newport „Digital Minimalism“ (2019) Elizabeth Gilbert „Eat, Pray, Love“ (2007), Movie „Eat, Pray, Love“ (2010) Lofi HipHop Playlist by Lofi Girl  
May 3, 2021
The Numbers Life – let’s get nerdy!
13 – a Prime number and the current episode’s reference number. You think this is nerdy? Well, this episode dives head first into nerdyness, so it is only fitting. In February our bookdragon SandyJ enjoyed two Manga Weekends and read 31 books, most of them by Japanese authors. So this episode’s recommendations are the Manga series „Wotakoi – Love is hard for otaku“ by Fujita and the literary fiction novel „The Housekeeper and the Professor“ by Yoko Ogawa. A special goodie is the book recommendation by the Show’s musician Erwin Schmidt. Stream on Sunday, 7th March, 7 PM local time. Drops on Monday, 8th March, noonish. Bookdragon und Producer: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt Book Recommendations Fujita „Wotakoi – Love is hard for Otaku“ (2014) Yoko Ogawa „The Housekeeper and the Professor“ (2003) Erwin Schmidt’s Book Rec „Die Vermessung der Welt“ Daniel Kehlmann Book Release by a Black Author Talia Hibbert „Act your Age, Eve Brown“ (9th March 2021) Other Stuff Mentioned Baden-Württemberg Parliamentary Election Yoko Nogiri „Love in Focus“ Anime: Princess Mononoke Ghost in the Shell Dragon Ball Z Wotakoi – Love is hard for Otaku
March 8, 2021
Extraordinarily Moody
In the 12th episode of Engineered Unicorns our local Bookdragon SandyJ not only recommends an extraordinary audiobook version of the YA fantasy novel „The Extraordinaries“ by T.J. Klune. She also talks about her experiences with her book subscription and the book club she joined in January. Music theme by Erwin Schmidt Book Recommendation: T.J. Klune „The Extraordinaries“ (2020) Other Stuff Mentioned: Akane Tamura „A Side Characters Love Story“ Becky Chambers „The Galaxy, and the ground within!“ (February 2021) T.J. Klune „Flash Fire“ (July 2021) Namina Forna „The Gilded Ones“ (February 2021) Natsuki Takaya „Fruits Basket“ Collector’s Edition, Podcast Episode regarding the Fairyloot-Hack : When books make your credit card howl Ezeekat‘s Book Club
February 15, 2021
Reorganised Fairytales
In the January 2021 episode of Engineered Unicorns Karlsruhe's Bookdragon SandyJ looks back on her reading year and forward to the new one. Fairytales often shape our perception of the world and therefore are important as some of the foundations of our society.  Hence it is necessary to take a look at the stories that we tell ourselves and what they teach us and the young generations. This months fantasy book recommendation „The School for Good & Evil“ by Soman Chainani does just that. In a hilarious story it turns our perception of what good and evil look and act like on it’s head. The narration by Polly Lee gives the story extra oomph. Looking for a new way to organise your life but none of the „off-the-rack“-systems work for your special case? Then „The Bullet Journal Method“ by Ryder Carroll might be the adaptable system you search for. SandyJ uses the Bullet Journal since 2018 and loves it. Add in the interesting book releases of this month plus an ALL NEW THEME SONG by our favorite bass guitar player Erwin Schmidt (Thank you, Erwin) and you get an inkling what we will stream on Sunday, January 10, at 7 p.m. on Campusradio Karlsruhe. Dropping on the podcast platforms next week. (Recorded on January 5th!) Bookdragon: SandyJ Musician Extraordinaire (Composer of the Themesong): Erwin Schmidt Book Recommendations Fiction: Soman Chainani „The School for Good & Evil“ (2013) Non-Fiction Ryder Carroll „The Bullet Journal Method“ (2018) Videos: How to Bullet Journal (Basic Video by Ryder Carroll)- How to ADHD – Interview with Ryder Carroll TEDx – Talk by Ryder Carroll Ezeekat’s Youtube Channel Other Stuff Mentioned: Ezeekat’s Book Club: Amie Kaufmann, Meagan Spooner „The other side of the sky“ (2020) Amy Noelle Parks „The Quantum weirdness of the almost kiss“ (January 5th 2021) J. Elle „Wings of ebony“ (January 26th 2021) (Black author) Sarah Lariviere „Time travel for love and profit“ (January 26th 2021) Jack Harbon „Meet cute club“ (2020)
January 11, 2021
Books, Music, Fairylights and Susuharai
Remember the Heroine’s Journey? Well this month our local Bookdragon  SandyJ has a mysterious, fun and fast paced book recommendation for you:  „Tuesday Mooney talks to ghosts“  by Kate Racculia checks all the  boxes. It’s a fabulous, addictive, deep story full of well written  characters and the Narration by Lauren Fortgang is on point. To celebrate the cozy time of the year (on the northern hemisphere)  and the 10th episode, there is a Spotify playlist for your Magical  Unicorn Morning. To prep for yourself for 2021 there’s not only the non-fiction  recommendation of Monocle: The Forecast, but also the Unicorn Cleaning  Playlist for the start of Susuharai (Japanese version of cleaning before  the new year) on December 13th. As always some new book releases are  mentioned, too. The episode will be streamed on Sunday, December 6, 7 p.m. with some  songs of the Magical Unicorn Morning Playlist afterwards. On the podcast  platforms it will drop on Monday around noon. Bookdragon: SandyJ Music: Erwin SchmidtMagical
December 7, 2020
The Heroine‘s Journey to a Happy Ending
In these trying times our local Bookdragon SandyJ and countless  readers around the globe take refuge in magical stories with happy  endings. These stories are often based on a distinct and largely unknown  narrative structure: the Heroine‘s Journey. The new non-fiction book by Fantasy author (and Archeologist) Gail  Carriger is written for authors and readers to get to know and use this  narrative structure appropriately. So join us on Sunday, November 8, at 7 p.m. on our stream to find the  structure of positive stories and where to look for those stories. On the podcast platforms you’ll find this episode on Monday, noon-ish. Bookdragon: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt
November 8, 2020
Do you speak SMALL CAPS?!
In the October episode of Engineered Unicorns our local Bookdragon  SandyJ  introduces you to her favorite cosy autumnal reads. Instead of  spooky she prefers fun and therefore reads  Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld  Novels. Her favorite character speaks in SMALL CAPS and is more weird  than spooky even though Halloween brings out a lot of depictions of him. Looking for cosy fantasy? Then listen to the new episode of our  Engineered Unicorns Podcast, Sunday, October 4th, 7 p.m. at Campusradio  Karlsruhe. On the podcast platforms it will be available on Monday, October 5th. Bookdragon: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt Recommendations Fantasy: Terry Pratchett „The Truth“ (2002) Terry Pratchett „Mort“ (1987) Terry Pratchett „Going Postal“ (2004) Terry Pratchett „Monstrous Regiment“ (2003) Information Semaphores = optical telegraph Book Releases  October (Probably ;-): Gail Carriger „The Heroine’s Journey“ (01.10.2020) V.E. Schwab „The invisible life of Addie LaRue“ (06.10.2020) Stefan Bachmann „Cinders and Sparrows“ (13.10.2020) C.L. Polk „The Midnight Bargain“ (13.10.2020) (Black Author) Katie O’Neill „The Tea Dragon Tapestry“ (27. October 2020) P. Djèlí Clark  „Ring Shout“ (13. October 2020) Other Books mentioned: Colin Cowie Chic (2007) V. S. Santoni „I’m a gay Wizard“ (2017) Terry Pratchett (1998)
October 5, 2020
Magical Lifestyle
In Episode No. 7 our Bookdragon SandyJ recommends books that will  help you to bring some magic to your life, should you wish to do so.  Fantasy books for the young at heart and grown women with shapeshifters  galore and an all encompassing lifestyle book by a South African wedding  planner. Katie O‘Neills „Tea Dragon Society“ invites you to enjoy a warm cup  of tea and a cozy hour of reading on a chilly Autumn afternoon.  „Betwixt“ by Darynda Jones is for all the grown women who wish for  witches that are as cool as themselves and older then 25. Colin Cowie  gives you the necessary tips to style your life as chic as it could be. In other news: Libby by Overdrive is now available for users of the  Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe and SandyJ is loving it. September 2020 brings  new books in troves, so our Bookdragon gives you a few hints what books  to look out for. Luckily with Fall around the corner the weather and  reading chairs are calling for travelling in fictional worlds instead of  the real world. Premiere stream: Sunday, September 6, 7 P.M. Podcast Apps: next week Host: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt
September 6, 2020
When Books make your credit card howl
While July was a better month for our local book dragon SandyJ, after  all it‘s gooseberry season, there still was a cyber security incident  which led to her and other Fairyloot customer’s credit cards howling in  pain. SandyJ tells you how she experienced it and what she will do under  current circumstances. Cyber security is certainly a cumbersome but necessary part of the  real world, so SandyJ turns to the classic „Howl‘s Moving Castle“ by  Diana Wynne Jones for comfort. The real world information with a  decidedly Asian point of view provides „The Future is Asian“ by Parag  Khanna. For those who feel the reading slump „Mystic Pop-Up Bar“  provides fantastic fun on Netflix. Of course this episode gives you a few upcoming August 2020 Fantasy  releases to look out for. The first book will even be released into this  wild world before this episode airs. The show notes contain not only all the books mentioned but also the  links to two articles on credit card fraud issues. Read your card  statements, dear readers! Premier stream on Campusradio Karlsruhe, Sunday August 2nd, 7 p.m. On the podcast portals soonish next week.
August 2, 2020
Fairy Noodle Summer Books
In the new episode SandyJ not only follows several female Agents but  also the international reader community through bookish worlds. Let’s  switch the script. A Manga as non-fiction recommendation, a book subscription box from  an engineers point of view and book worlds spanning four continents and  several dimensions. The noodles? For those you need to listen to the episode.
July 6, 2020
Thin time and gay unicorns
In the 4th episode of the Engineered Unicorns diversity is key. Books  recommended include the genres romance, non-fiction physics, fantasy,  contemporary, shifter romance, gay romance, alternate history and  science fiction, the authors are trans, gay, Italian, PoC or plain old  cis gender, but mostly female. The book list is looooong. The Fantasy  book recommendation of this month is Gail Carrigers „Defy or Defend“,  stylish Vampires and the power of a well chosen wall paper.The  Non-Fiction book recommendation is Carlo Rovellis „The Order of Time“, a  small but mindbending physics and poetic book. The recommendations come not only from SandyJ but also from LisaL.  This episode celebrates the magic of books and different voices. Black,  female and LGBTQ+ voices matter (!!!!) and they provide fun and  enlightening reading material, too.
June 7, 2020
How strange!
The Engineered Unicorn Podcast is back with some strange  recommendations. SandyJ suddenly likes audiobooks and therefore  recommends two, one of them she hasn’t even finished yet! Her non-fiction recommendation is Lori Gottlieb‘s „Maybe you should talk to someone“,  Psychotherapists and therapy explained, guess what, they are human and  have feelings, too. Strange, isn’t it?! And while we are on the topic,  her fantasy/fiction recommendation is „Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell“ by Susanna Clarke. 32 hours of magic in an alternate British Empire during Napoleonic times. Now that the libraries and bookshops are open, you are free to explore. New May releases mentioned are: „Defy or Defend“ by Gail Carriger (Pubdate May 3rd) and „Im Sturm der Echos“ by Christelle Dabos (Pubdate June 22 2020). Music: Erwin Schmidt Streaming on Sunday, May 3rd, 7 p.m. at Campusradio Karlsruhe.
May 3, 2020
Sugar and fantastic stories
In the new episode „Windy Sugar & Fantastic Shifter Stories“ of  our new Engineered Unicorns Podcast SandyJ gives book and magazine  recommendations. Maddening and downright rassist real world industry  practices are revealed in „The case against sugar“ by Gary Taubes (available in the American Library Karlsruhe). A break from the real world provide the books of Forthright „Tsumiko and the enslaved fox“ and even more so „Kimiko and the accidental proposal“. Veritable comfort reads finds SandyJ. For some insightful and aestetically pleasing reads the Katapult Magazine is recommended (Only in German). Listen to the new episode on sunday, April 5, at 7 p.m. on Campusradio Karlsruhe. Musik: Erwin Schmidt
April 5, 2020
Engineered Unicorns – Fantastic Books from an engineers perspective
On Sunday we have a premiere on our stream: the first episode of  „Engineered Unicorns – Fantastic Book Recommendations“ our new monthly  podcast. Our moderator and Podcaster will tell you about books she reads  and recommends. Ever wondered what an engineer reads after work? SandyJ gives you  book recommendations that are fantastic in more than one way. Books to  escape from reality (for those not afraid of unicorns) and on how to  improve your reality if you should wish to do so. The books will most  likely be available in of Karlsruhes many public libraries. We will  explore book store and talk about reading experiences. All from the  perspective of a Bookdragon who is an engineer by day and likes a little  bit of magic off the clock. Happy endings guaranteed. In the first episode she‘ll talk about #awinterspromise by #christelledabos (available in the American Library Karlsruhe) and #finish by #jonacuff. Welcome to the world of fantastic and amusing books. Tune in on Sunday, March 1st, at 7 p.m. on Host: SandyJ Music: Erwin Schmidt Language: English
March 1, 2020