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Communication Psychology - with Gerhard Ohrband

Communication Psychology - with Gerhard Ohrband

By Gerhard Ohrband
Are you are a sales professional, marketing expert or just a normal human being interested in improving your communication in less than three minutes a week?

I am a psychologist (M.A. from the University of Hamburg) and polyglot from Hamburg/Germany.

In this podcast, we will cover all areas of human communication. In the long run, we will focus on intercultural and bilingual communication, as well as on handling difficult people - at work and at home.

In the archives, you will find also all the episodes of my previous podcast series.
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Work and Organizational Psychology – Welcome and overview
Episode 1 Work and Organizational Psychology – Welcome and overview Gerhard J. Ohrband Psychologist, author and consultant from Hamburg /Germany (*1979). Married, two sons. MA in psychology from the University of Hamburg. More than 14 years of experience teaching psychology as well as a consultant for UNICEF, Terre des Hommes, IOM, the EU and private companies. Speaks 21 languages. Contact On Linkedin: Twitter: If you want to save time in learning a foreign language without a teacher, please check out my book “The GO Method” on Amazon.
July 12, 2020