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By Ennyola
This podcast is mostly about story telling. I’ll be talking about dramas, anime’s, and novels I’ve watched and read.
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Story time: Beyond Evil


Story time: Beyond Evil


Story time : Getting to know me😜
Helloooo everyone, today episode is a get to know me session where I answer simple questions. Here is the link to leave a voice message for me and I’ll get back to you 😗
September 23, 2021
It’s all about positivity!
Today’s episode of story time is focused on sharing love and the importance of positivity! Make sure to start your day with positive confessions and share positive energy to the people around you;!🖤
September 7, 2021
Story time: Legend of Futian
This is an old episode recorded but never released so here it is! This episode of storytime focuses on the journey of our protagonist ye futian and his road to supreme strength.
August 16, 2021
Story Time: Law School
Today’s episode on Story Time is on the drama “Law School” which focuses on the law, the loop holes of the law, the ambitions of students and the delicate balance between justice and injustice. It is a 16 episode drama on Netflix with Kim Beom starred in it❤️🙈. The link is below Seen “Law School” on Netflix yet?
July 16, 2021
Story time: The Princess Consort has a Lethal Destiny
Today’s episode of story time is divided into 2 parts. The first part was recorded about a month ago where I grumbled about the mouse and today’s episode is actually story time lol. TPCHALD is a historical fictional novel with the main character being Xie Xiao, an eccentric, introverted dying young lady. Here’s the link for those interested
June 28, 2021
Story Time: Trash of the Count’s Family
Today’s story time is a bit interesting hehe... Today’s episode initially starts from a rant and ends with the novel “Trash of the Count’s Family”. This story is purely fictional and should not be taken too serious (read with an open mind) 😁. The story is focused on our main character “Cale Henituse” and his “slacker life” :)
May 25, 2021
Story time: Mouse (kdrama)
Today’s story time is about a mouse... 😁 Just kidding! The drama revolves around psychopaths and how they work... it’s a 20 episode drama starring Lee Seung-gi (our baby😉). For those interested a link is provided below... Mouse
May 17, 2021
Story time: Beyond Evil
This episode is about the Korean series “Beyond Evil”. It is a thriller and suspense filled drama with major horror elements and a little bit of dry humor. This series will take you on a suspense ride and you’ll find yourself constantly on your toes. Here is a link to the drama for the interested folks.. Beyond Evil
April 27, 2021
Story time: An introduction to Bangtan Boys (casual time)
This episode is more of a casual conversation or more of me ranting about my babies. I hope you like it and actually enjoy the episode. Key phrases from the podcast 1. Maknae: the youngest of the group 2. Bias: the person you connect the most to. 3. Armies: the fandom of BTS
April 18, 2021
Story time: Merlin
Today's episode of story time is about the British drama "Merlin". The drama is about a young boy, Merlin carrying on his shoulders the destiny of a great kingdom. "Merlin" is a fictional drama with lots of magic, dragons, knights and many more. It is definitely a must watch!
April 11, 2021
Story time: 5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom
Today’s story time is about an Asian fictional novel I read. It’s a super fluffy, cute and dramatic novel with the novel centered around our main character Guan Yuan an 18 year old mom with a 44 year old soul and 5 sons..... the link is attached below for those of y’all that want to check out the novel
April 2, 2021
Story time: Mr Queen (KDrama)
This episode is about the drama Mr Queen. Mr queen is a romantic comedy drama with lots of political and power play involved. It switches from the modern Korean day and age to the Joseon dynasty. A modern man soul trapped in the body of a joseon dynasty princess consort.
March 30, 2021