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Entrepreneur's Verse

Entrepreneur's Verse

By david pratt
A daily podcast giving you an insight into how startups are adapting to the remote working environment
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003 - Joseph Corneli

Entrepreneur's Verse

012 - Sidetrack
Episode 12 brings you Apurva Chitnis and Christopher Anderson of Sidetrack - which is helping companies deploy and iterate their products easier and faster than ever before.
May 15, 2020
011 - Thymia
It is a blessing and a pleasure to have Emilia Molimpakis and Stefano Goria of Thymia on the show. They're a great example of the value of Entrepreneur First: two highly technical founders that by applying their skillset in a business environment can identify and solve previously untouched problems. In the show, they talk about how they got early validation through customer calls (including a couple of funny experiences), being a female CEO on EF, and how much they love Notion.
May 14, 2020
010 - Krew
To celebrate episode 010 Entrepreneur's Voice has snagged an interview with José and Yousef, who are working on Krew - a service which gives you access to 24/7, personalised advice from coaches, physios and nutritionists. One of the fastest moving teams on the cohort, they talk about how they identified and used their edges to quickly develop an MVP and launch their initial product.
May 13, 2020
009 - Flow Bio
EV sits down with Stefan van der Fluit and Giovanni Rovere of Flow Bio. It's an absolute barnstormer of an episode, talking about how they handled a couple of early pivots - was it the idea or the team that needed changing? They open up about their team dynamics and what they do to keep it strong, and towards the end outline some effective tactics you can use in your own startup to schmooze advisors and keep the magic alive.
May 12, 2020
008 - Chris Lambert
David Pratt sitting down with Chris Lambert. In this one we discuss how Chris got into mining crypto from the room of his college at Oxford, and how that lead to him managing a trading network. It's also a great episode thanks to Chris's insight on the team building process, the timescale of starting a startup, and - of course - what it's all like in a remote environment.
May 11, 2020
007 - Youssef Darwich
Amita sits down with Youssef Darwich - the first employee of Tide - which he helped turn into a business with over 70,000 customers by the time he left. He's a product manager with a fintech edge, and despite Youssef being a Spurs fan, Entrepreneur's Verse loves this episode due to the natural passion you can hear from him talking about startups and personal growth.
May 08, 2020
006 - Empela
Entrepreneur's Verse is joined by Empela. Founded by Will Nash and Christian Mellor - two founders that have both previously had successful exits - Empela is working on automatic patient record generation so that key health care workers have more time to focus on their patients. Hear about how they got started, their EF experience so far, and what they think of Mike's music taste.
May 07, 2020
005 - Rebecca Brill
Amita is back for the second episode of our sole founder series, playing host to Rebecca Brill. An experienced product manager with time at National Instruments with time at Uber, and having recently gained her MBA, Rebecca is interested in using technology to reduce the effects of abuse and discrimination. In this slice of audio goodness Rebecca also outlines the importance of personal compatibility with a co-founder, instead of it just being a good fit on paper (but if you're good with datasets that's a plus) 
May 06, 2020
004 - Dishpatch
Ask me for the story of resourceful entrepreneurialism during the time of Corona and I'll tell you the story of Dishpatch: a company founded by Pete Butler and James Terry, connecting suppliers of restaurant-quality product directly to the consumer. 
May 05, 2020
003 - Joseph Corneli
The first episode in our Sole Founder series, hosted by the fantastic Amita Goyal. She sits down with the brilliant 'Most Active Man On The Slack Chat' Joseph Corneli to talk about his experience with EF so far, how he came to join the cohort, and what he's looking to work on. Joseph's website can be found at:
May 04, 2020
002 - Anaptysso
Episode 002 welcomes Krste and Jonny - two Cambridge PhDs who have now set their eyes on helping the 300M+ factory workers get real time feedback to help improve their efficiency and keep them safe. In this episode Krste recalls having to scramble to grab his lab equipment before lockdown started, Jonny details their daily routine, and of course - they let us know what they think of Mike Philipps's music taste.
May 01, 2020
001 - Magdrive
Entrepreneur's Verse is joined by Magdrive, a startup working on next generation spacecraft propulsion. Hear about how they got started, their EF experience so far, and what they think of Mike's music taste.
April 30, 2020