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Entrepreneurs On The Rise

Entrepreneurs On The Rise

By Lorenzo Gutierrez
Hey There Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo Gutierrez here, I’m the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On The Rise, a podcast where I interview fellow entrepreneurs and their stories to how they rose up and achieved success. As well as talk about my own entrepreneurship journey and the ups and downs of it. In hopes that you can learn and take away valuable learning experiences and implement them in your own entrepreneurial journey.
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Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing With Andrea Palten!

Entrepreneurs On The Rise

Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing With Andrea Palten!

Entrepreneurs On The Rise

Manuj Aggarwal: From Two Dollars An Hour To A Company Executive, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner!
Heyo Entrepreneurs! It's been a while but today I managed to interview Manuj Aggarwal! He tells us his story of how he went from working six days at a factory making two dollars an hour. To becoming a company executive, entrepreneur, and business owner. We get insights on  what businesses he runs and how spirituality and mindfulness can help you achieve what you want. Stay tuned my fellow entrepreneurs and until next time! Work with Manuj! Links down below 👇 Connect with Manuj! Socials down below 👇 Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
October 27, 2019
Mike Fox: The Importance Of Persevering and Creating A Business Around Your Passion
Heyo Lorenzo here! I know it's been a while everyone but I'm back and better than ever! In today's episode I interviewed Mike Fox, who owns a digital magazine called "The Fox Magazine"  and also does freelance photography on the side. We dove into how the publishing industry works and what to expect from it if you decide to go that route. As well as the hardships you have to go through in order to keep persevering towards your passion. Stay tune my fellow Entrepreneurs On The Rise! I hope you enjoyed the episode.  Down below are Mike's and The Fox Magazine's socials, go check them out and see what it's all about! Mike's Socials: The Fox Magazine Publishing:
August 23, 2019
Josh Yasyszczuk: How To Overcome Adversaries and Do What You're Truly Passionate About
Heyo Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, I know it's been a while since everyone heard from me... BUT, I have exciting news. In today's episode I have Josh Yasyszczuk joining me today and we talk about how to overcome adversaries and follow your dreams and what your truly passionate about. Josh tells us his story on how he recovered from being and addict and not having the best child to now owning more than one startup business. Believe me when I say that you won't want to miss this episode! Until next time my fellow Entrepreneurs On The Rise. If you're interested in the services Josh has to offer, check the link down below: Link with Josh on his Socials:
July 27, 2019
Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing With Andrea Palten!
Heyo Everyone! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Palten! She's been marketing for 20years now and she shares her insights on how se got started, what she does, her views on entrepreneurship and the market, and how you can get started! I really enjoyed interviewing her, there's tons of valuable gold nuggets in this interview for you guys and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! If you want to know more about marketing reach out to Andrea! Her social and marketing resources are linked down below: Website with all the resources: Register for her FREE Marketing Webinar: Connect with her on Instagram:
July 19, 2019
Copywriting and Entrepreneurship with Andres Roaro
Heyo Everyone! It finally happened... we have our first guest!!! Andres Roaro has been running his copywriting business for a few years now and he's come onto the podcast to share some of his experiences through it all. In this value packed episode we talk about what copywriting is and how Andres runs his business and stays motivated. We also touch base on what entrepreneurship is and how we don't just have to follow what we see on social media nowadays regarding entrepreneurship (hustle until you die). I hope everyone enjoys this episode, I had a great time talking to Andres and I hope you guys got a lot of value from it! Reach out to Andres to chat or if you need copywriting services:
July 12, 2019
What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?
Heyo Everyone! Lorenzo here, It feels like it's been forever since I talked to everyone but here is today's episode! I talk about what the one funnel away challenge is and also add in my experience and thoughts to it. I would highly suggest you go through it if you're into marketing. Until next time, I hope everyone enjoyed the episode!
July 08, 2019
Affiliate Marketing: What Is Clickfunnels?
Heyo Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I wanted to go over what Clickfunnels, which happens to be the software I use for affiliate marketing. I go into depth on the specifics of Clickfunnels and how you can get started with it and use it for your online business even if you're just starting out. I hope all of you enjoyed today's episode, until next time!
July 05, 2019
Why Consistency Is The Key To Success
Heyo Everyone! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I talked about why consistency is the key to success. I go into a bit more depth and give you 5 of my reasons as to why I think it's important to be consistent and how it helps be successful even if you might not see it now. I hope you everyone enjoyed the episode, until next time my fellow entrepreneurs!
July 03, 2019
Exciting Announcement and An Update On My Journey
Heyo Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I had exciting news about the podcast! You'll have to stay tune to hear them, you won't want to miss it. Then I also gave a quick update on where I'm at in my entrepreneur journey and what my plan is within the next 2 months to get the ball rolling on both podcasting and marketing. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode, until next time!
July 01, 2019
What Is An Entrepreneur?
Hey Everyone! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I wanted to talk about the misconception I'm seeing on the internet about being an entrepreneur and what entrepreneurship is. I give my perspective on what I think is being an entrepreneur is and go into further depth on the matter. Hope you guys enjoyed the episode, until next time!  
June 28, 2019
Why It’s Important To Be Surrounded By Like Minded People
What's going on everyone! Lorenzo here,  In today's episode I wanted to briefly discuss the importance of being surrounded by like minded people. I felt that this episode was necessary because many of you might not be in the best place you can be at the moment, but that's okay because you can always improve your standings. Many times, your negative place comes from those you're surrounded by so I wanted to let everyone know that if you are in that situation in your life with negative people around you, then you need to distance yourself. Meet and surround yourself with like minded individuals who share your passion. Once you do that I guarantee that you will see a change in yourself and that's what this episode talks about. Hope everyone enjoyed and until next time!
June 24, 2019
The Five Steps You Should Take Before Launching Your Own Podcast
Hey Everyone! Lorenzo here,  Happy Friday to all! In today's episode I wanted to give some guidance on podcasting. I talked about the five steps I think everyone thinking about going into podcasting should take before launching. I believe that by taking these five prelaunch steps into account, more people will be able to have a successful podcast launch and make it sooooo much easier on themselves while doing it. I hope everyone enjoyed the episode and until next time!
June 21, 2019
Finding The Who, Not The How…
Hey fellow Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I talked about finding the who instead of figuring out the how to a problem or situation. I go into depth on a story where I encountered someone in a facebook group that outsourced their entire funnel offer and still kept the initial core value of it. From there,  I give resources to all of you on platforms that you can go to in order to find your "Who". I hope you everyone found this episode helpful, until next time!
June 19, 2019
Is buying Online Courses Worth The Money?
Hey Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, In today's episode I wanted to discuss whether buying online courses is worth your money or not... I go into some pros and cons regarding the matter and give my own personal thoughts on whether the investment is worth it. Hoped you guys enjoyed today's episode, stay tuned for Wednesdays! P.S. Like always everyone is more than welcome to reach out to me for help! Or send me a voice message to be on the podcast.
June 18, 2019
How To Tell A Good Story
Hey everyone Lorenzo here,  Today's episode is about how to tell a good story and the elements it should have in order to move people and get them to buy or act on something. It's one of those things I learned in the One Funnel Away Challenge and I hope you all found it useful! Until next time, my fellow entrepreneurs on the rise!
June 14, 2019
7 Reasons Why You Must Believe In Yourself Above All Else
Hey Entrepreneurs, Lorenzo here! In this episode I wanted to talk about 7 reasons why I think you must believe in yourself above all else! No one owes you anything so it's up to you to believe in yourself and chase your dreams or passion. I hope you everyone enjoys this episode and stay tuned for Wednesdays!
June 10, 2019
My Journey So Far and New Podcast Schedule
What's up my fellow entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, Today's episode is very brief... just wanted to let all of you know the new podcasting schedule and how my journeys going so far and where I'm at. Like always, if I'm here for anyone that wants to connect and reach out to me. In the meantime, stay tuned to until the next episode!
June 10, 2019
Why You Should Join A Facebook Group
How's it going my fellow Entrepreneurs?! In today's episode I wanted to talk about the reasons as to why you should join a facebook group about your niche. I also speak about some the motives as to why I joined a few and the benefits that I received from doing so. Overall, it's a good learning experience to join one... step out of your comfort zone and try it! I hope you enjoy the episode and stay tuned for the next one.
June 07, 2019
Why It's Important To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
What's going on my Fellow Entrepreneurs! Today's episode I wanted to talk about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone. It's something that many people have a fear of (including myself) but must be something that they should strive to get out of. I know that when I first did my podcast episode I was extremely shaken by it but now as I do more it get's EASIER! There are many benefits to getting out and voicing your opinions and I go into more in depth in this episode. I hope you guys enjoy it and remember, I'm always here if you reach out. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode!
June 06, 2019
Life and Podcast Update
What's Up, My fellow Entrepreneurs On The Rise! This is a quick episode giving you guys a life update on what's going on in my life at the moment and why haven't posted in a week or so as well as giving you guys a bit of a heads up on what's to come! Thank you for tuning in and I hope everyone keeps killing it! Stay tuned for the next episode
June 06, 2019
The 3 Types Of Traffic
Hey Entrepreneurs! Lorenzo here, This is episode is all about the 3 types of traffic there are. It relates back to yesterday's episode where I talk about the importance of building an email list. That's one type of traffic and and I'll go over the other 2 types in this episode so stay tuned!
May 28, 2019
The Importance Of Building An Email List
Hey Everyone! Lorenzo here, Today's episode is all about the importance of building an email list. I talk about some benefits to having a list and what you can potentially do with an email list. I hope the biggest takeaway from today is if you're advertising on social media platforms already, build an email list while acquiring the traffic you paid for already. Thanks for tuning in my fellow entrepreneurs on the rise! Until next episode!
May 28, 2019
What Platforms You Need To Be Marketing On
Hey Everyone! This is another short episode on what platforms you should be publishing on and getting your name out there so that you can build a loyal audience. This will help in the long run because you will have created an audience and your voice while publishing. You don't have to pick all of these platforms, pick one and just do it! Again thank you listening fellow entrepreneurs on the rise!
May 26, 2019
The 3 Types Of Online Businesses Models To Get Into!
Hey Entrepreneurs On The Rise! This episode is about giving insight on 3 online businesses models that I beleive are the most convenient to get into and start making profit or break even in 2019. I go a little into depth on each business model and what it is and how it works. Like always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to chat it up!
May 24, 2019
What Is Entrepreneurs On The Rise?
Hey everyone, Lorenzo again! This is a quick episode going into a but of detail on why I created this podcast and my hopes and goals to what it can become and help everyone out. This podcast will become a valuable resource for all of you and I hope you can take a lot of valuable content away from it. We are all in this together! Do not hesitate to send me questions or reach out to me. Stay tuned for tomorrows episode!
May 21, 2019
Who Am I? My Story...
Hello Everyone, Lorenzo Here! I hope all of you entrepreneurs on the rise are doing your due diligence and handling business. Speaking of handling business, I handled mine by recording the very first episode if this podcast! Exciting stuff, made my heart beat faster than anything else. In this episode I wanted to introduce myself and my story on what I'm currently doing and what my hopes and road blocks are. I hope you guys can somewhat relate to me and also had a good experience listening. Thank you for your time and I will see you guys again tomorrow! P.s. As I keep making these episodes I will keep working on the quality of the podcast so that it is more valuable and enjoyable for all of you!
May 21, 2019