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Entrepreneurs Tribe Podcast

Entrepreneurs Tribe Podcast

By Joel Ong & BossCast Academy
[New EPs Every Wed!] An Apple's #1 Podcast in Entrepreneurship ranked beside Gary Vaynerchuk, CNN, Instagram, & Tim Ferriss - Joel Ong interviews some of the most purpose-driven minds in business and entrepreneurship on how to maintain success, and take it to the next level. We breakdown all of the myths, legends, stories, struggles, and insights behind what it takes to be a part of this tribe of entrepreneurial leaders to grow and stay ahead. See What We Do!:
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036: 11-Year-Old Olivia's Dying Wish To Fight For Kids With Cancer, With Shelley Lorusso of The Olivia Hope Foundation

Entrepreneurs Tribe Podcast

053: How To Turn Your Idea Into A Profitable Product, With Thiefaine Magre of PROUDUCT
Thiefaine Magre (TFN) is the Co-Founder and COO of PROUDUCT — helping entrepreneurs go from idea to market full service w/ global sourcing and end-to-end supply chain. He left his supply chain job when he realized traditional sourcing solutions were broken to launch PROUDUCT and implement product creation strategies. Thiefaine created a product creation framework that spring boarded PROUDUCT as a recognized name in the sourcing space. Clients include celebrities, top YouTube creators, top podcasters like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire, global brands, bestselling authors and more. It all came full circle for Thiefaine when mega corporations started contracting PROUDUCT to create global, strategic product innovation solutions. PROUDUCT hit the $1M revenue mark within the first 18 months. Thiefaine is known as "The Product Guy", and has several articles, training's and soon to be launched "Product Guy Podcast" to help teach frameworks for modern day product creation internationally. Thiefaine speaks fluent French, English and Mandarin Chinese. He currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Handles: ➡️ Follow:    #productguy 💥 Website: 🏭 Free Supplier Audit: 📷 Instagram: @tfnmagre & @prouduct Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
February 10, 2021
052: How to Generate Leads and Find Your Audience Online, With Mike Moll of MarketMe
Mike is the founder of MarketMe, a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners connect with the businesses who need them. He has worked with over 500 companies, spent over 5 million media dollars on Google and Facebook, and leads a remote team while traveling the world with his cat. Generating high quality leads has always been challenging for businesses. In fact, face-to-face lead generation opportunities are even more limited than ever - over 12,000 B2B trade shows were cancelled in 2020 alone (approximately $80B+ in commerce). With everyone taking to the internet to pitch their product or service, you need to stand out. In this interview Mike walks through some ways to easily find your audience online, show you a method of communication that will generate a 70%+ response rate, and gives you a detailed action plan on how to get highly qualified sales calls on your first point of contact. Contact him here: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
February 03, 2021
051: Tom Schwab Teaches You How To Market Yourself Using Podcast Interview Strategy
In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise, you just add to it. Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening. As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach. He focuses on time-proven strategy, then supercharges it with today’s technology and podcast interview marketing. An author, speaker, and teacher, Tom helps you get more traffic, leads, and raving customer fans by being interviewed on targeted podcasts. Tom Schwab knows how to build an online business. He’s done it successfully several times, and now helps others find online success with podcast interview marketing. Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Tom helps thought leaders (coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, emerging brands) get featured on leading podcasts their ideal prospects are already listening to. The Interview Valet system then helps them to turn listeners into customers. The author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy, Tom is also Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing. Contact Tom at: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 27, 2021
050: Spending Over $500M on Ads: The Art of LinkedIn Engagement & Influencer Marketing, With StandOut Authority Co-Founder Joshua B. Lee
Known as The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn & author of ‘Balance is BullSh*t’ . Joshua B. Lee is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Keynote speaker, Coach, Husband and Father. In 2003, he built his career in online marketing with clients such as MySpace, Yahoo and Google. Managing over $500 million in advertising spend and controlling over 35 Trillion online impressions. He has built 16 companies from online marketing to coaching to web design and more, but is most passionate about human connections. His current venture, StandOut Authority, is about humanizing your professional brand on LinkedIn through authentic and inspirational engagement. Clients have included Dan Sullivan, Joe Polish, John Maxwell along with companies such as Gartner, Oracle and ADT. He believes there is no B2B or B2C, only H2H, human to human connections. As a father of two and published author, he believes there is no work-life balance but an integrated life based on vision, relationships, health and business. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on why LinkedIn is the best place to have business conversations and foster relationships, how to use LinkedIn to not only grow your audience and engagement, but convert them into brand advocates, and give you the secrets of how to use LinkedIn to build authentic connections and relationships that result in amazing opportunities. Key takeaways Why LinkedIn Social Listening and why it's more important than EVER No B2B or B2C, just H2H (Human to Human) when crafting your outreach Have industry influence that draws in Opportunities Engage with your target audience through human conversation, not automation. Learn More about Joshua B. Lee and StandOut Authority at: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 20, 2021
049: How This TEDx Speaker Built Authority as a Thought Leader, With Dominic Soh
Sorry for the episode title confusion in the audio introduction! The correct episode number is #49. Dominic is a TEDx and international speaker who has worked with Tesla, National Australia Bank, VW and Australia Post to help staff develop resilience to thrive in change, transitioning and restructuring. He talks about how to leverage LinkedIn from a personal branding, authority and thought leadership perspective, and how leaders and managers can build resilient and adaptable teams in uncertain times. He spoke on the TEDx stage twice, presented in over 12 countries, trained TEDx speakers, coached professionals from ANZ, EY and Deloitte. He’s been featured on, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and and he is also a passionate derivatives trader and ultra-marathoner. Some of his other speaking clients include Google, Intel, New York University, University of Copenhagen, Chartered Accountants, Bank of Melbourne and EU Business School. Website: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 13, 2021
048: From Exit To Liquidation - How To Reinvent Yourself In A Black Swan Pandemic, With Jake Anderson of Solasta Digital
Just 2 days before signing the deal on exiting his company, the pandemic hit and Jake Anderson's successful events lighting company went in the red. Eventually, he had to sell it off in liquidation to manage liabilities and that forced him to realign himself quickly. Seeing his award-winning event lighting design firm that he launched grow from zero to working on Celebrity galas and grandiose celebrations for Fortune 500 companies, and later being badly hit by the pandemic was an experience like no other. Now, Jake is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Solasta Digital - a brand development and marketing firm for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the bottom line to online by igniting their brand presence and expanding visibility to new markets with cutting edge content management systems. He brings a unique mix of analytical problem solving with creative thinking.  His background ranges from more than 10 years examining multi-billion dollar banking institutions as a senior analyst. Jake is the host of the Introspective Podcast - a Top 100 podcast on Apple, where he deconstructs the mindset of successful entrepreneurs to learn how they breakthrough and level up in both life and business. Jake operates from a foundation of values that embraces human connection, growth through relationships, and believes integrity is the most precious asset for any business. Connect with Jake: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 05, 2021
047: From Drug Addict to 22 Year Old Systems Genius, With Trey Carmichael of Limitlessware
Trey Carmichael is a young Business consultant and CEO of Carmichael Business Solutions and Limitlessware that has been doing business in some way shape or for since he was a child, From hustling kids in the hallway with candy, starting a non profit and selling drugs in high school, and working with business owners since he was just 18 years old.  He has been labeled as the 22 year old systems genius, the swami of systems, the connector, and the link by business owners and show hosts around the world. He is also the host of the Virtually Limitless Podcast where he interviews impact driven entrepreneurs and industry experts along with Andrea Adams-Miller CEO of the red carpet connection and Justine Mader an unstoppable high performance and accountability coach for entrepreneurial leaders. He is also the Founder and Podcast Host of Limitless Press and the Virtually Limitless Podcast. Find out about him here: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 01, 2021
046: Lessons From Building And Losing A Multi-Million Dollar Pipeline - Remote Work, Team Building, and Podcasting, With Terng Shing Chen of SYNC
Terng Shing is the CEO and Founder of PR and content marketing technology startup SYNC. With over a decade of experience in public relations and content marketing, Terng Shing combines traditional PR and content methods with automation technology to create a scalable agency. Having experience in both agency and in-house positions including Head of PR (APAC) for gaming brand Razer, healthcare startup MyDoc and senior marketing roles in the region, Terng Shing has also worked with clients that include Grab, Visa, Paktor, HP and other leading brands. As the CEO of SYNC, Terng Shing oversees business strategy and expansion, as the brand continues to grow in the region. He has led the company’s expansion into four markets - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India - as well as set up strong partnerships in Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines. Terng is also the lead media and messaging trainer for SYNC, having trained over 50 leading founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs in his career. He regularly conducts training sessions for startup founders through numerous startup accelerators and venture funds. Besides SYNC, Terng is also the co-founder for travel community platform Travel Wanderlust and co-host of business podcast Business Over Drinks. Get in touch with Terng Shing: | Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 29, 2020
045: Change Your Breath, Change Your Life - Just Relax and Breathe!!!
We’re always breathing, yet we’re mostly unaware of its amazing potential.  Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and breathing deeply unlocks them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response that swiftly deals with pathogens.  Over time, human beings have developed a heightened focus on our "brain" and have become increasingly dissociated from our bodies. Every day, we work and we think, but we've forgotten about having awareness of our entire body.  Humans have a unique problem of not being able to automatically release tension from our bodies and our bodies store up stress and cortisol hormones over time. This builds up and we get used to carrying all that emotional weight around - yes literally - we sometimes hold our breaths and forget to breathe. We can become more rigid in our physical postures, less expressive with our faces and voice, along with other manifestations.  I see this problem so acutely in Asian societies, and being Asian myself, I wanted to share my personal breakthroughs and how my daily practice of deep breathing can make you a better communicator and more importantly, more relaxed, healthy person.  Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
October 17, 2020
044: From Truck Driver to Working with Elon Musk and Andrea Bocelli: The Art of Networking, With Luxury Concierge Bluefish Founder Steve Sims
As the founder of Bluefish, one of the top personal concierge services, and an expert marketer within the luxury industry, Steve has been quoted in various publications & TV including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London’s Sunday Times, South China Morning Post and many more. His working relationships are vast and his day job is to make the impossible possible. With his help and expertise, his clients’ fantasies and wildest dreams come true. Getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, and connecting with powerful business moguls like Elon Musk & Sir Elton John are just a few of the many projects he has worked on. He's a bestselling Author, "BLUEFISHING - the art of making things happen”, sought-after consultant and a speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard – twice! He makes the impossible, possible, after all he is quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz" by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Website - Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
June 23, 2020
043: The Truth About Personality: Rewriting Your Story, With The #1 Writer In The World, Dr. Benjamin Hardy
-Dr. Benjamin Hardy has a PhD in Organizational Psychology -He’s the bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work -His website gets hundreds of thousands of views monthly -From 2015-2018, he was the #1 writer in the world on -His blogs have been read by over 100 million people and are published everywhere -He grew his email list to almost 400,000 in 3 years without using paid ads -He and his wife adopted 3 kids from the foster system; a month later, his wife Lauren became pregnant with twins and gave birth to daughters - all within 2018. We talk about his new, controversial and mind-blowing book "Personality Isn’t Permanent". This book: -Debunks the most pervasive myths about personality -Explains why personality tests like Myers-Briggs and Enneagram are non-scientific, harmful, and lead people to mediocrity -Reveals how past traumas negatively shape personality, and how-to re-frame those traumas and change your memories and identity narrative -And tons more… Get Dr. Hardy's new book "Personality Isn't Permanent": Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
June 17, 2020
042: The Art of Public Speaking: From The Screens of MTV Asia to Acting, With Hanli Hoefer
Hanli has built a high profile in Singapore and Southeast Asia as a multi-talented television host, emcee, radio DJ, actress and model. Her main role has been host of MTV Asia, presenting many of its iconic shows and TV specials. She is also an established model, shooting for local and international campaigns. Off-screen, she had her own radio show on local Singapore radio station Most recently she has started a podcast called ‘Just So We’re Clear’. In addition to her multiple hosting roles Hanli has landed main and supporting acting roles in locally produced dramas. She is also a stellar emcee and event host, having commanded audiences of over 30,000 right down to moderating in-depth panel discussions. She credits her extensive travels abroad for shaping her global outlook, enhancing her ability to engage with diverse audiences and tackle a breadth of topics. Hanli's Website: Instagram: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
June 10, 2020
041: Mental Health, Coronavirus, To Making His First Millions at Age 16, With Forbes-Featured Speaker Mark Metry
In this episode, Mark explains how to unlock the fullest potential of your brain, why money (or your circumstance) doesn’t make you happy, and how you can stay mentally healthy during COVID-19. Mark Metry is the Best-Selling Author of the book “Screw Being Shy” and Host of the Global Top 100 podcast called Humans 2.0 featured by Forbes, Fearless Motivation, and NASDAQ as one of the top podcasts you must listen to. His show has been listened to over 5 million times and features the greatest leaders of our time and frequently converses with Billionaires, Professional Athletes, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and New York Times Bestselling authors exploring today's dynamic of the human experience in modern technological times. Mark has been featured alongside Elon Musk in Inc. Magazine, made his first million dollars at age 16, and had his life story featured in Forbes via 2-hour video interview. But before, he couldn't make direct eye contact with anyone and suffered from social anxiety to suicidal depression and other health issues. Listen to this episode to find out how he overcame his breakthrough! Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety and Be Yourself in Front of Anyone: Website: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
June 03, 2020
040: CBD Gummies For Optimal Relaxation And Sleep, With SMILE Founder David Jiang
DAVID JIANG / SMILE ( - Is the young 24 year old CEO and Founder of smile. SMILE and their cannabis gummy products mission is provide people with a Reason to Smile through products that encourage self care and values that exemplify purpose (they give back funds they make to charities such as the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation). Their gummy products are all custom made into fun molds and come in 3 formulations: Energize for daytime or whenever you need a boost  (w/ B12, Ginseng, 5-HTP), Unwind for nighttime or whenever you want to chill(w/ Melatonin, 5-HTP) and Balance for anytime throughout the day (9 vitamins: 5-HTP, Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Zinc). SMILE's mission is to make CBD accessible to all and consumers to feel better. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
May 27, 2020
039: From Music Industry to CBD, Serial Entrepreneur Jason Winkler Talks Branding
JASON WINKLER is a Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Start-Up Founder and Branding Consultant. He is also the co-founder of the huge CBD company, Five Star Extracts, which has created real to-go fruit juice beverages with 20MG of THC and actual bath bombs for people to use and relax with at home. Jason got his start though in the music industry at a young age producing some of the largest concerts and events in California as well as managing some of the most buzzed about upcoming artists. From there he helped create a tech company called Liquipel taking it from 0 to 100 million dollars in the first two years. Jason organized and executed partnership deals for Liquipel with Pharrell Williams, WME, Nyjah Huston and Steve Aoki. Jason has also been a marketing executive for over 10 years consulting for companies such as Uber, Honest Tea, Appster, Insomniac and many others. & Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
May 20, 2020
038: Media Buying And Platform Development, With eNabled Software Founder Conrad Brits
Conrad Brits is the Founder of eNabled Software (, a Colorado based start-up focused on building digital products to personalize the consumer's experience linked to a client's inventory and/or manufacturing capacity. In summary, Conrad's company creates cutting-edge e-commerce websites and platforms for companies of all types, and also designs prototype online sample "3D models" for people's products, and helps them to advertise and promote them via Google and Facebook. Some of the big US corporate companies he has done work and partnerships for include: Google, Groupon, Novartis, Deloitte, SAB Miller and GKN / Land Rover. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and a father of three boys (who go to the same school Elon Musk did in South Africa), Conrad now splits his time between his home country and here in the United States. For over 20 years he has designed digital services and products in manufacturing, retail and media, and is one of the most sought-after platform developers globally. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
May 13, 2020
037: Celebrity Dentist Explains Veneers, Affordable Aligners and "Hollywood Smile", With Dr. Jon Marashi of Byte
Dr. Jon Marashi is a famous Hollywood celebrity cosmetic dentist with A-list clients such as Joaquin Phoenix, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Pink, Cher, Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, etc. The “Tom Ford of Cosmetic Dentistry” helped co-create byte ( with the goal of making the inaccessible, accessible aka providing a smile solution that more people can access right at their home (the byte products have invisible aligners that straighten and whiten your teeth 6x faster than braces and for a fraction of the price). It has been taking the teledentistry industry by storm with how they work and the technology they use. Dr. Jon Marashi Cosmetic Dentistry: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
May 06, 2020
036: 11-Year-Old Olivia's Dying Wish To Fight For Kids With Cancer, With Shelley Lorusso of The Olivia Hope Foundation
Olivia was a happy healthy 11 year old girl. She loved baking and playing with her twin sister, she loved late night slumber parties with her older sister Gia. Olivia was all about family. Her favorite place to be was in the Hamptons with her family, cousins and close friends. She looked forward to summers and beach days. She loved animals, especially her cat Milo. She played the flute and was the only one in her school band that played the flute and she loved that. Olivia always wanted to make everyone around her happy, whether it was by baking them something sweet to eat or just telling them how much she loved them. She truly had a servants heart. We all deeply miss her. While she was going through her cancer treatments she decided she wanted become a pediatric oncologist because she wanted to help find a cure for pediatric cancers. This is why the Olivia Hope Foundation was born. In this episode, Joel interviews Olivia’s mother - Shelley Lorusso. She is the President and Founder (and mother) of The Olivia Hope Foundation. Olivia Hope Foundation was created in 2018 to honor Shelley's daughter dying wish to fight for a better world for kids with cancer. Shelley's daughter Olivia was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) at the age of 11. She went through a series of treatments, including chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (her twin sister Sabrina was her donor). After 15 months of battling Leukemia, Olivia passed away on April 16, 2017 at the age of only 12. The foundation today has raised hundred's of thousands of dollars in her honor and even celebrities such as Stranger Thing's actress Millie Bobby Brown are big contributors to the foundation. Support The Fight Now: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
April 29, 2020
035: What Is Public Relations? How To Cut The "BS" From Your Life - With Zack Teperman of ZTPR
Zack Teperman was originally from Toronto, Canada, and he is the President of ZTPR (, a music, celebrity, tech, fashion, start-up and product/lifestyle public relations firm. Before getting into PR/Marketing and running his firm with their first office in Los Angeles and second in Nashville, TN, he was an on-air radio disc jockey working at stations across the US and Canada. Zack was hired by a large PR firm in the United States working with the likes of Martin Sheen, Richard Grieco, Marina Sirtis, Grant Fuhr, Taylor Hicks, Naya Rivera, Guns N Roses, etc., and then 4 years later he took over the company (bought them out) and rebranded under his own name and opened up shop in Hollywood while also expanding to Canada and overseas in Europe. Beyond the PR stuff, he is also a guest speaker at Universities and a published author, and last year released his first ever book "CUT THE BULL$HIT" across North America... a humorous guide for people wanting to learn how to market their product or themselves out there in the world. The book is a collection of funny poems, straight to the point facts and hilarious photos of sheep acting like humans. Connect With Zack Here: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
April 22, 2020
034: Rags To Riches - Humble Beginnings of Self-Made $100M Millionaire Josh Snow
At just 27 years old and living in Arizona, Josh is the founder of SNOW (, the leading teeth whitening system in the world, which has the level of maturity and success one could only dream of achieving. Josh has been building businesses since he was 11 years old, and had his first major exit at 18.  His company now, Snow, is referred to as the "Apple" of oral care and has a ton of celebrity fans like the Kardashians, Rob Gronkowski, Floyd Mayweather, Chuck Liddell and others.  You have probably seen his product all over social media as the cool light-up teeth whitening gadget everyone puts in their mouth! In this interview, Josh shares how he got started and his perspectives on business, eCommerce and building brand.  Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
April 15, 2020
033: How to Attract Customers - 7 Marketing Strategies to Dominate in Business, With Gaetano DiNardi of Nextiva
Gaetano DiNardi is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva and has a track record of success working with brands like Major League Baseball, Pipedrive, Sales Hacker and Outside of marketing, Gaetano is an accomplished music producer and songwriter - he’s worked with major artists like Fat Joe, Shaggy and loves making music to stay turbocharged. Discover how to attract customers, and 7 marketing strategies to dominate in business and get clients on demand. Gaetano is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva. Learn more about their cloud phone systems - Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
April 08, 2020
032: How To Find Your Purpose And Passion In Life, With Cauvee, The Inspiration Engineer
Cauveé is a fulfillment coach known as the Inspiration Engineer®.  Giving entrepreneurs a BOOST!☕️ in energy, confidence and the courage to take MASSIVE action towards their purpose.  Using the power strategy, music, & edutainment. Cauveé gave recently gave a TedX talk called the Rise of the Inspiration Engineers®, he’s featured in the Huffington Post as a strategist to watch, is published in Thrive Global, Influencive and Referral Rock, he’s spoken at University of Delaware, Cal. State University, has spoken for YMCA, Toastmasters and many more! His very first student broke six figures and became #1 northeast division representative at Zillow. Cauveé coaches and consults on operation efficiency, project management and optimization, marketing and sales, corporate & personal brand strategy, resilience, gratitude, and leadership & culture. Cauveé has been exemplifying success since his sellout concert of 1,209 people at age 18.  If you’re looking to walk in purpose and find fulfillment Cauveé is your man and as he says, let’s BOOST!☕️ General Contact & Social Media Info Website - Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
April 01, 2020
031: If You Can Understand Your Emotions, I'll Show You How You Can Achieve Your Business Goals! , with Catherine B. Roy
Catherine B. Roy is a CEO and Founder of LHM Academia and the LHM Media, internationally recognized Personal Growth and Business Coach, Bestselling Author as well as a Human Potential Thought Leader. Catherine is a MENSA member (with an IQ > 156 which can’t be further measured and qualifies her to be in the less than 1% of the human population). She is certified in the fields of positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior, emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligence (IQ). Her writings are published in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Simple Reminders, SRN, McGill Media, and many others. Catherine’s most popular quote reached 1.2M people in less than 10 hours.  Reach her: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
March 25, 2020
030: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at How Diana Nguyen Built Her Entertainment Career
Diana Nguyen is an actor, comedian and MC, and has appeared on The Project, Q&A, 5 Bedrooms, Fat Pizza, How to Stay Married and more. Diana has performed in the MICF since 2011 as a comedy theatre troup called Phi and Me TV. This theatre show became a web-series in 2019, with crowdfunding from all over the world, and Screen Australia funding. It is the first ever Vietnamese Australian family comedy series in the world ( Chasing Keanu Reeves is her third solo show. Naked (2016/2017) was performed all over Australia and Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a 4.95 star review by Australia Times. Dirty Diana (2019) was performed at the MICF and Adelaide Fringe. The sold out season was a hit with 4 star reviews by The Beat and She is also a LinkedIn Video Content Creator behind #DancingDiana and #JustDoingKaraoke with over 34k followers. In 2019 she did a 7 city speaking tour talking about the power of Linkedin, and why Creatives and Business should be on Linkedin. Beyond speaking at VidCon Australia 2019, in February 2020, Diana will be speaking at her first TedTalk X in Melbourne. These speaking opportunities have all come from Linkedin. Diana's Social Media Handle: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
March 18, 2020
029: The Art and Science Behind Performance & Health, With Julian Hayes II of The Art of Fitness & Life
Julian Hayes II is an author, speaker, human performance & health optimization coach, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. His initial journey began in the pursuit of being a doctor. However, after one year, he left to pursue an even bigger dream. Now he helps busy and successful entrepreneurs optimize their health, energy, and personal performance with precision by leveraging genomics, technology, and systems-based thinking. Julian’s work has been featured on numerous publications such as Entrepreneur,, SUCCESS, Business Insider, Chief Executive, The Chicago Tribune, and INC where he’s written over 200 columns on how to think and perform better. Website: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
March 11, 2020
028: The Art of LinkedIn Ads, With AJ Wilcox of B2Linked
AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. He's also a ginger & triathlete. He and his wife live in Utah, with their 4 kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast gokart. Free checklist for anyone who wants to get started advertising on LinkedIn: Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
March 04, 2020
027: Energy & Overcoming Burnout Without Needing To Stop Doing Business, With Andrew Pearce, Human Behaviour Specialist
Andrew Pearce is a Professional Coach specialising in the areas of burn-out and high performance. Having spent 5+ years working within this space Andrew has a deep understanding and appreciation for the thinking that goes on behind the scenes that creates the experience of burn-out in the first place. Prior to this, he spent 3 years working with anxiety and mental health as the CEO of his former company, Anxiety Free Living, and ran programs that helped hundreds. Having used to experience a bit of anxiety, this is something Andrew had to personally overcome along his journey of doing self-development work. Andrew helps his clients to bring awareness to the invisible driving forces behind why we do what we do so that they can rest, regenerate and improve the productivity without needing to stop doing business. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
February 26, 2020
026: The Business of Beauty and Modelling: Into the World of Fashion and Entertainment, With Kelleth Cuthbert
Kelleth Cuthbert is a model, actress, media personality, and dog rescuer. In her 13 year career as a fashion and commercial model spanning several cities, she has appeared in countless publications and campaigns like Virgin Mobile, Tanda Skincare, Glo Minerals, Roots Canada, Avon, Harlequin Romance, Maxim, Two Magazine, Wedluxe, and Fashion Series Magazine.  Her acting credits include The Bold and the Beautiful, the special Super Bowl correspondent for Inside Edition, and a large assortment of short films, commercials, music videos, and PSAs.  In January 2019, Kelleth became an internet media sensation at the Golden Globes as a water model. Within hours, she had millions of people and news outlets’ attention. But beyond her public life, Kelleth is an avid animal lover and partners with dog rescues to help pull dogs for rescue from high kill shelters that are scheduled to be euthanized. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
February 18, 2020
025: Is Burnout A Good Thing?, With Breakfast Leadership CEO and Founder Michael Levitt
Michael Levitt is the CEO and founder of Breakfast Leadership, Inc (, who works with individuals to reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that they can focus on what REALLY matters most.  Breakfast Leadership trains leaders of all walks of life how to design and properly structure their work days, so you will accomplish more, by doing less. Michael is also a Certified NLP/CBT Therapist through Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, the Book Author of “369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios” and keynote speaker. But prior to his successes, Michael lost his health, his job, his car, and his home all in 369 days, and he now teaches people how that happened to him, so that they can make the crucial changes in their lives to prevent those losses from happening to them. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - Going Through a heart attack, retrenchment, home foreclosure all within a year - Burnout & Why It Happens - Healthy Boundaries & Protecting Your Time - The Myth of Not Having Enough Time - Michael’s principles around prioritising areas of your life (themes of each day) - Drive, Success & How It Makes You Prone To Burnout - Blocking Out Time in Your Calendar To Rest - Being Conscious of Your Energy Levels - Peers, People Around You, Mentors - Determining What Led Up To The Burnout - Is Burnout A Good Thing? - Huge Warning When Things Stop Becoming Enjoyable - What Is The State of Burnout? (5 Signs of Burnout) - Building Resilience For Burnout - Pull vs Push Motivation
February 16, 2020
024: Battle Tested Principles on Scaling a Fast-Growing Ecommerce Store on Shopify, with Caroline Balinska of Just Ask Parker
Caroline Balinska is the founder of Just Ask Parker. Shopify's ONLY Small Task Marketing Agency. Caroline has over 18 years of experience in marketing and over 12 years experience in ecommerce. Having started, grown and sold over 12 businesses, what makes Caroline's skills so highly sort after is that she comes from everything from the business owners perspective. Caroline found that the reason startup ecommerce stores where failing was not the right help to get over that hurdle of their first 1000 sales. She created Just Ask Parker to help Shopify store owners get more traffic and sales. Caroline is also the host of the #1 podcast for newbie Shopify Merchants and created the most comprehensive Shopify Approved marketing course, find it over in the Shopify approved courses list. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: HER LINKS Key Takeaways: - Being busy, happiness, and merely working for money - Running a business on your own terms - Ecommerce & how it frees your time - Why Shopify - Principles that make some Shopify owners more successful than others - Product-Market fit / Customer Service / Quality Products - Importance of customer service phone number & reviews - Calling your clients (Customer experience) - Influencer Videos - 1 Type of video that works well on Ecommerce - What sort of investment should you make
February 14, 2020
023: A Deep Dive Into Personal Transformation Through The Unconscious Mind, With Tiffany Toombs
Tiffany Toombs is an international speaker and leading expert on rewiring the unconscious mind for success and tapping into your personal potential. For over 20 years, Tiffany has educated and transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world. She is also the author of “Stop Being A Selfish B*tch – A Comprehensive Guide To Living Your Best Life Through Radical Self Love”, a top-rated self-help book. Tiffany’s clients and course participants experience undeniable results – showcasing over and over again that our unconscious mind can be our most powerful asset – when we truly understand how to make it work for us. Tiffany is a sought-after speaker and has been invited to speak on numerous global podcasts and stages – including speaking at events run by Marshall Sylver – the world’s most televised hypnotist, Akbar Shiekh – Founder of Coaches Secret & The Givers Clubs, and has shared stages with a number of notable influencers including Dan Fleyshman and Ron Lynch. Through education, Tiffany empowers people to understand why and how they have become stuck in the past and how to take action in all areas of their life, in the present moment to completely change their lives in a positive way forever. Tiffany is currently focused on her personal life mission to change the world by empowering 1 million people to live an intentional life that is aligned with their deepest truth, every day. With this mission in mind, Tiffany has created a range of programs and products to help people around the world tap into their unconscious potential and create a positive ripple effect through their individual communities. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - Dealing with suicide, abuse & abandonment - Matrix therapy: Re-framing emotional points of view - Using past negative experiences for power - Fast-tracking your growth / dealing with unconscious trauma - Most important clues to finding a good coach - Difference between a coach & a therapist - Pitfalls of placing your trust in people of authority - Myth of willpower / discipline / goal-setting - Journaling / Meditation - How to get out of the cycle of betraying your values - Over-achievers and being too hard on yourself, Feeling Empty & How to unlock greater happiness & contentment - Seeking completeness from others / lack of self-worth - Codependent / toxic / abusive relationships Significance vs Contribution
February 11, 2020
022: From Recruitment to Marketing: The Journey of Understanding People, With Victoria Rush of The Social Movement
Victoria Rush is a London-based award-winning marketer, Producer and Director of Operations at The Social Movement, which is a Docu-series for Amazon Prime bringing together teams of Entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest social issues in 4 days. She is also the Podcast host at The Recruitment Marketing Podcast. Victoria is dyslexic, so reading and writing was a nightmare for her, and she went looking for a podcast series where she could learn more from the best in the industry but could not find one. So she launched her own podcast several months later.  From quitting her corporate job to interviewing marketing leaders to provide the best education in recruitment marketing, business, entrepreneurship and personal growth. Now, she helps clients build their businesses through podcasting.  Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways:  - Recruitment Marketing: What it is and why it is important  - The Dilemma of SMEs and what they should do  - When does a business decide to hire more people?  - Diversity in Business  - How do talented people decide which ideas are the best?  - How do talent execute on these ideas?  - Mistakes that corporate environments make in the hiring process  - Dealing with Adversity & Growing past them  - Being Real vs False Positivity & Goodness  - Embracing the journey with yourself
February 07, 2020
021: Mastering the Art of Social Media: Growing Over +2 Million Followers On Instagram and TikTok, With Maayan Gordon of Monkey Boy Art
Maayan is a 28 year old TikTok Consultant, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Social Media Consultant and Influencer. Her passion is for helping businesses and people grow their BRANDS and businesses, creating a larger and more impactful online and offline presence, with 10 years of experience as a business operator and entrepreneur with extensive internet marketing experience. Out of college, Maayan was a freelance copywriter for a very large internet marketing brand, then started her own small graphic design business creating logos and Wordpress websites for brands and businesses. She later transitioned into glassblowing after years of a friend’s suggestion that she try it out, and after the first lesson she was hooked! Monkey Boy Art was created and she found huge success in her first 3 years, selling and making over $500,000 in revenue. Through running and growing this company, Maayan learned to multitask and be efficient with her time at a very high level. More recently, she has found growing success on both TikTok and LinkedIn as she continues to implement strategies that she has learned on both platforms. She now looks to help other businesses create and improve long term branding strategies while staying on top of and at the forefront of technology changes in marketing and social media. At the same time, she is making a big push to grow her personal brand and influence through her own marketing efforts. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Socials: TikTok: 1.7+ Million (@worldofglass) 325K (@joyoffood) Instagram: 80K (@monkeyboyglass and @Monkeyboyart) YouTube: Key Takeaways: - Youth’s lack of experience - Principles for building a Community - How Maayan scaled up the business - Pinterest and experimenting on platforms - Key questions for a business to invest in a social platform - What’s a viral video on TikTok? - Where TikTok is heading towards for marketing & ecommerce
February 04, 2020
020: Pain, Suffering, Death, Love, and How To Leverage Adversity Into Blessings, With Joel Ong on the Mental Fitness Show
A few weeks ago, I had an insightful 25 minutes conversation with show Host Shadin on the Mental Fitness Show. This episode is a re-sharing of my story of dealing with loss, life and death, and how it has made me do what I do today. We also talk about how I think about crises and adversity, and how to not let it affect you but grow stronger from it. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 31, 2020
019: HUBBA Co-Founder Amarit Charoenphan Shares the Story Behind Thailand’s First Co-Working Space and The Techsauce Global Summit
Amarit Charoenphan (Aim) is the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of HUBBA, Thailand’s first and largest co-working space and community. He started HUBBA with his brother 8 years ago, which was born as Thailand’s first co-working space, HUBBA grew to become an entrepreneur growth platform serving end to end from early stage startups to large conglomerates and MNCs like Coca Cola, Google and Tesco Lotus.  Armed with HUBBA CONNECT and Techsauce, their business is run on a digital platform supported by media (4 million readers annually) and one of the biggest and top 3 best Tech conferences in Asia, Techsauce Global Summit. Today, Amarit is also the Chief Connection Officer and Co-founder of Techsauce, and their event attracted 12,000 conference goers, along with global speakers from former Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of DBS, Principal of Sequoia Capital, Co-founder of Ethereum to the Former Prime Minister of Estonia.  He has also been named as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology, and Thailand Startup Enabler of The Year 2016.  His passion for building the startup community over the past 8 years and to help entrepreneurs grow has led him to angel invest in many of the top startups and actively mentors and coaches over 100+ different startups founders annually. Aim has also coached and consulted ecosystem hubs and leaders in over 30 cities on how to build tech communities.  He is also a Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) in New Zealand, Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia Pacific inaugural cohort, and considers Singapore and New Zealand his second homes (his third home is the airport).  Inspired by the book Big World, Small Planet: Abundance within Planetary Boundaries by Johan Rockström, Mattias Klum, and Peter Miller, Aim’s life's mission is to help entrepreneurial ecosystems flourish across Asia by combining capital, education and programs, talent and cutting-edge research and physical spaces to accelerate scalable solutions that will help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals before the world runs out of time. As a Youth Startup Support Consultant under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), he helps to tackle extreme poverty and climate change through entrepreneurship.  He also loves to travel, meet interesting people, attend conferences and visit communities, coworking spaces as if they were living museums.  Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key takeaways:  - How Aim started from scratch with no capital, network, or experience  - What the 2008 Financial Crisis taught him  - How he found himself in entrepreneurship and co-working spaces when there was no technology localized for Thai people  - People’s relationship with each other  - Biggest problem in the start-up ecosystem of going out of alignment  - 3 Key Factors for Founders to stay together for the long-haul  - What Ex-US President Barack Obama said to him about creating scale and impact successfully  - Observations about SMEs and what’s holding them back from innovation, scale and speed  - How SMEs can stay relevant & competitive - The #1 thing SMEs need to learn today  - How to change & build Culture  Contact Aim at:  - Southeast Asia's leading technology media and events company (  - Techsauce Global Summit, one of the biggest and top 3 best Tech conferences in Asia (  - Aim’s Twitter (
January 28, 2020
018: Travel, Tourism, and Culture: Away From The Beaten Path, With Joel Ong on Lee Rowley’s After Dark Podcast
For today’s episode, we highlight an interview I did on the After Dark Podcast with Lee Rowley last year.  “When you travel somewhere for a vacation, are you the typical tourist with a camera? When was the last time you travelled to a destination and decided to NOT be a typical tourist? Imagine taking a break, stepping outside and drawing in a deep breath of sulfur gas and smoke. And doing so hiking about 12 miles up and 12 miles down a steep mountain twice a day. After Joel’s last trip, to Indonesia, he had an epiphany of sorts. He was so struck by the people and the culture around him that he determined he would never again take his “normal” life for granted, nor could he ever ignore the culture of the people where he was visiting. After watching men work for meager wages at jobs that robbed their health (yet these same men were happy as clams) he had to learn more and understand why. Jump into this experience with Joel to learn and understand yourself who these people were, where Joel discovered these people, and what their lives are like… and more so, what THEY are like. Your own life’s problems will seem insignificant. Why? You’ll see in the next few minutes. Joel’s take-a-way is… welp… listen to this podcast and learn. I assure you, you have never heard of anything like the people and lives described here. And then ask yourself, what’s your take-a-way? Located in and … Live from Singapore!” Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: “Traveling Experiences” - Met people in Croatia that are like family now; - Traveled to sulfur mines in Indonesia and saw how the sulfur miners work. Was about a 12 mile (and steep) hike to the top of a crater and then down to the mines. - Dangerous and hard hike that the miners do every night while dark. Did not realize the hard life lived by these miners. - They would transport the sulfur from the mines on their shoulders (about 250#), twice a day… 12 miles to the mine to work, 12 miles out, 12 back and 12 out again… then home at night to do it again in a few hours. - Pay was about $1.00 a day. - Miners live about 45 years, due to breathing in the sulfuric smoke & gases. - What struck Joel was how happy these miners are, and friendly, and puts one’s lived and problems in perspective. - Miners would craft figurines out of sulfur and enjoyed that, handing them out to tourists. - Was encouraged to try and learn their language and how they live. Learned empathy from this trip to Indonesia to see the sulfur mines. - When he travels tries not to be the typical tourist, instead tries to immerse himself into the world around him, the culture, the people… tries now to make trips longer to be able to appreciate culture better. Says that is how people should look at travel. After Dark Podcast: Lee’s Website:
January 24, 2020
017: Bootstrapping a $20M Ecommerce Company and $12M Hiring Marketplace to Acquisition, With Nathan Hirsch of OutsourceSchool
Nathan Hirsch is a 30 year old entrepreneur that's been scaling businesses since 2009. Nathan's first business, Portlight, sold over $30 million in sales through Amazon. Nathan then co-founded with an initial $5,000 investment in 2015, scaled it to $12M per year in revenue, and it was acquired in 2019. Today, Nathan is a co-founder of OutsourceSchool, a company working to educate entrepreneurs on how to effectively hire and scale with virtual assistants through in-depth courses. With all of his businesses, Nathan has hired and scaled with hundreds of virtual assistants and freelancers from all over the world. He shares his roadmap for scaling businesses with virtual assistants through OutsourceSchool. Nathan has built himself into a social media personality online, he has appeared on over 300+ podcasts, and has spoken to thousands about remote hiring at industry events. He has also been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Entrepreneur. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: Nathan’s entrepreneurial story: Amazon Marketplace, eCommerce operations, drop-shipping, FreeeUp and      exit, OutsourceSchool Recruiting, interviewing, and building a team of outsourced freelancers Trial and Error and Importance of Speaking to Your Customers Nathan’s approach of not following the conventional wisdom, trying things out and adapting it to make      it your Own Delegating tasks off your plate that aren't your expertise or aren't worth your time. Figuring out what doesn’t work and 3 common tenets of all 3 businesses Speed in the Marketplace Understanding when, how and who to delegate to Gathering Feedback Not being emotional about your product/service Figuring out who you like to work with and surround yourself
January 21, 2020
016: Interviews, Job-Seeking, Leadership and Communication, With Cristina Flores of Creative Solutions Coach
Cristina Flores is an “up-and-coming” Certified Executive Leadership Coach (Leadership & Interview). She has 3 children (ages 3, 7, & 12), a Bachelors of Psychology, and an MBA. While managing her personal and professional life, she is currently working on a children's book to help empower children with cancer to feel included and powerful. Cristina is passionate about helping jobseekers start off on the right foot whether on LinkedIn or at an interview. She gets right to the root of the problem quickly and provides great actionable feedback in this episode. Cristina coach jobseekers on how to interpret job descriptions, what type of questions to expect based on the field they are applying for, and helps with Mock interviews. Beyond job-seeking, Cristina also coach leaders on how to adjust to their new role, time management, effective communication, and streamlining processes. She has started the conversation on leadership and leadership styles on Linkedin through interviews of CEOs, a diplomat, and others in varying roles of leadership. If you want to learn more about her, you can message Cristina Flores on LinkedIn. Key Takeaways: - How to start off on the right foot. - How to get people to say yes on LinkedIn.  -What can be stopping someone from saying yes.  - Why you shouldn't be afraid to ask.  - Trends in Interviewing process & job search! Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 17, 2020
015: Building an Audience of +1.2 Million Followers in 9 Months Using TikTok, With Social Media Star Jayde Vincent
Jayde Vincent is an English dancer, choreographer, and verified TikTok Star, where she shares a variety of dancing, singing, and comedy videos. In March of 2019, she started getting massive traction on TikTok, growing to over 1.2 Million followers and 52.4 Million combined Likes in less than 9 months. This sparked her passion for social media marketing. Jayde currently helps businesses and brands help build and grow their reputation on the platform as an expert in TikTok marketing. Jayde never expected herself to be in this position today. Although she had been dancing ever since she was 4 years old, she always struggled with what she wanted to do as a teenager and struggled in school academically. Jayde talks about how her Tribe provided much needed support when her sister Jessie had to undergo a major surgery in late 2019. Today, she has been featured on CBC Kids News, Digital Business Women, Influence Weekly and MTV after they found and used her TikTok video dancing to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" on the show “TRL, Total Request Live”. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 13, 2020
014: Heather Monahan’s 20 Year Journey to Breaking The Corporate Glass Ceiling And Creating Boss In Heels
Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Boss In Heels. Having successfully climbed the corporate ladder for nearly 20 years, Heather Monahan is one of the few women to break the glass ceiling and claim her spot in the C-suite. As a Chief Revenue Officer in Media, Heather Monahan is a Glass Ceiling Award winner, named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017 and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. Based in Miami, Heather’s new book Confidence Creator shot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted on Amazon. Heather is a confidence expert and is currently working with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports to develop confidence in the workplace and on the court. She’s also a member of Florida International University’s Advisory Council to further serve as a mentor and leader in the South Florida Community. Heather’s new show, Creating Confidence, debuted on the Top 200 shows on Apple podcast. Heather’s work has been featured in USA Today, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, TEDx and Business News Daily. Most recently, she added Guest Professor at Harvard to her list of accomplishments. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - How Heather found herself in entrepreneurship after being fired from her job - How being vulnerable turned into countless opportunities - How to ask for help, when to ask, stepping into shame, and champion that fear - Feeling like a fraud and its relationship to growth - Tuning out self-limiting beliefs and tuning into our talents, passions and purpose - Self-awareness and not apologizing for saying “No” - Going through the process and trusting it along the way - Focus and not quitting as the one key to her success - Top 2 things you need to remember to grow 10X in the next 10 years - Journaling to prove to yourself you can overcome your fears - Fire Villains from your life
January 10, 2020
013: Mastering Lead Generation and Being At Your Best, With Sidney Clevinger of The Better Leads Institute
From starting with a gun in his hand in 2016 to physical abuse, emotional abuse, theft, infidelity, embezzlement, anxiety, depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks so bad he used to pass out in bathrooms, The Better Leads Institute CEO Sidney Clevinger credits choice as the key to his rise to success, making 7-figures annually and running multiple businesses as an entrepreneur. Fast forward to 2020 today, he is now a digital marketer, author, coach and speaker who’s built and runs multiple businesses. From an advertising agency that does seven figures a year in contracts, a CBD Commerce business, and information products such as a coaching course about building your influence on social media and online, Sidney has also written 5 books on marketing and advertising on social media. His highest intention is to help 1,000 people with guns in their hands like he had to choose life and become successful with their lives. Some Key Takeaways: -Sidney’s near-death experience and lessons he had learned -How to generate free leads on social media -How to use paid advertising and be profitable -How to build a system of lead generation, conversion and retention that is scalable and profitable from Day 1 - Rehearse, review, revise - Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
January 07, 2020
012: Stephanie Scheller’s Rapid Rise from Corporate America And Marketing To Running The Largest Sales Training Practice In Central Texas
Stephanie Scheller is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, a 2019 New York Life Woman of the Year nominee and a two time best-selling author. She is also the founder of Grow Disrupt, a San Antonio-based training organization for small businesses and CEO of Scheller Enterprises. As a speaker, she has graced the stages of global organisations and Fortune 100 companies, such as TEDx, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, and BNI. She co-hosts a podcast called Black Belt Selling. After three years in corporate America, Stephanie Scheller ramped up her sales training and coaching business in four and a half months to completely replace her corporate income. She also ran a sales training practice in Central Texas, Scheller Enterprises, as its CEO, and grew that in less than 18 months to become the largest, most active sales training practice in the area. After working behind-the-scenes with over 2500 businesses and thousands of individuals on their sales, marketing and systems, Stephanie shares with us her observations, insights and experiences on what it takes to grow and run a successful business. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - Turning adversity and crises into opportunities - Bruce Lee’s Philosophies in Business - Martial Arts and Pulling the Punches in Business - Stephanie’s Process of Getting Around Obstacles - Tracing the 5 “Whys” - Cultivating your “Personal Board” of Peers and Guarding Them Closely - How to figure out when, what, and how to ask for help - Importance of Integrity in Business - Nothing has weight except what you give it
January 01, 2020
011: Zero to $20 Million in 4 years: How The Archimedes Group’s Ryan Narus Went From Selling Cars to Providing Affordable Housing for the Underprivileged in USA
Ryan is a real estate investor and co-founder of The Archimedes Group - a private real estate investment firm focusing on mobile home parks in the Southeast US. Their mission to provide safe and affordable housing for less affluent Americans while delivering extraordinary returns to investors and cultivate a safe, strong community while supporting education for underprivileged youths. Their business model serves the lowest third of Americans who can’t afford a single-family home and are looking for a clean, affordable community without the hassles of apartment living. Ryan started with nothing: no money, no experience, no network. He later became one of the top salesmen at Hendrick Honda selling over 800 cars in 4 years, brought 3.75MM in profit for carnival cruise lines, and wrote a book on how to buy a car at the best price using Psychology. He is an expert in Psychology, and a book author, and also an MBA holder on the fast track through the corporate banking ladder before he left corporate America. Now he focuses on Mobile Home Parks and has closed over $20M in MHPs (mobile home parks), 12 of them across 1313 pads across south-east of USA and $8.5M in realized property value gains today. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - Your relationship with money - How to build long-term real sustainable wealth - Being willing to make sacrifices - Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
December 28, 2019
010: How Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value Allowed Mark Thompson To Build a $20M SaaS Company Using The Internet
Mark Thompson is the Co-Founder of PayKickstart (a popular shopping cart and affiliate management SaaS company). He has been an online entrepreneur for 12+ years, teaching and selling software/training to other marketers and online business owners. As a leading SaaS company with a global network of vendors and affiliates, Mark got great at building a subscription-based business. However, it was more than just launching 12 to 14 software products that made him masterful in the digital world. He and his partner, Matt Callen, both figured out how to help other businesses sell well online too. They have processed collectively over $150M as a platform, did over $20M in revenue, and are set to break $1 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) this year. Mark was recently featured on Starter Story, The Next Web, and, as well as a number of mainstream podcasts like The Fighting Entrepreneur by Anik Singal and the $100 MBA show. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Key Takeaways: - Mark’s early struggles of trading his time for money and how he got started in digital marketing and developing software products - How PayKickstart was born out of necessity to replace archaic systems and maximize efficiency in his business - Why more traffic or leads is not the answer to your problems - Diagnostic tool to differentiate ROI-producing activities from tedious, non-ROI-producing ones and how to delegate or automate them - Importance of a recurring model - Providing more value while minimizing churn as the core tenet of longevity in business and retaining customers - Facilitating the process of helping customers understand the full value of your products and services to retain them - Differences between voluntary and involuntary churn and how to fix them - 3 Main Questions to ask yourself why your business growth is stuck - Pitfalls of being feature-happy versus emphasizing the perceived value
December 24, 2019
009: Navigating the Unpredictable Journey From Entrepreneurship to Learning How To Learn: With Mike Yates of Alpha
Mike Yates is a Keynote Speaker featured on Forbes, TEDx, and LinkedIn. He is also a former education programs coordinator, curriculum developer, and teacher with more than 10 years of experience. His mission is to transform the k-12 education experience as a team leader at Alpha, an innovative, independent school that uses adaptive learning software in place of direct instruction, and one of the Founders of Guide, a life skills training platform for high school students. Mike’s on a mission to disrupt and innovate school. Every student at Alpha performs in the top 10% of students their age on the MAP assessment. 99% of our students report that they love coming to school. Every student learns life skills, technical skills and transferable skills. We are changing the way kids do school. In this interview, learn about how to learn, the three questions you should ask yourself before reading widely, how to innovate by going beyond your domain expertise, and what we can learn from observing young children. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 17, 2019
008: Overcoming Addiction and Starting All Over: Behind-The-Scene With Lifestyle Entrepreneur Dai Manuel
Dai Manuel quit his career of 17 years, his wife quit her job a month later, published a book, pulled kids out of school and started travelling. They've lived the better part of the last 2.5 years in Bali, Indonesia. He’s also an author and a keynote speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company “Fitness Town”, and a lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach. Dai calls himself a super dad, “dating” his wife, with a lead by example way of living and a contagious personality, and is on a mission to positively impact one million role models around the globe to lead a FUN-ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community. A good part of what he does today is helping people with massive transformations in their lives. Key takeaways: Change and how it starts with a small shift Dai’s relationship with fitness, personal image, and self-love Crutches and how to identify dysfunctional behaviour in your lives 3 takeaways to start your recovery process Ikigai and long-term lifestyle change Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 14, 2019
007: How SHIELD Changed the Way We Produce Content On LinkedIn, With Head of Partnerships Juan Pablo
How do you keep track of all your posts on LinkedIn? Co-founders Andreas Jonsson and Alexander Brandi kept asking themselves that question: How can we create messages that resonate better with our professional audience?  After providing consultancy services to large corporations in Denmark, they could not wrap their heads around why there were no tools to measure the impact of content creation on LinkedIn.  They repeatedly brought this question to their large enterprise-clients and decided to combine their technical and strategic expertise, along with Juan Pablo's skillsets as a communicator to grow SHIELD Intelligence to what it is today. The trio had already spent considerable time in the workforce in prior businesses which allowed for each of them to gain valuable real-world experiences. Their experience was crucial to the early success and expansion of SHIELD. The Denmark-based company is on a mission to help LinkedIn users to grow their brands faster through quality content that matters by using their leading analytics platform. Since the company's start, it has processed more than 200 million views across 300,000 LinkedIn posts from thousands of users, with a total of over 250 billion data points across our user base and their LinkedIn activity. This allows users to identify past performances and optimise or replicate it in the future. Some notable clients who have used their visually-dynamic dashboard include Boston Consulting Group, Capco, and influencers like Justin Welsh, Shay Rowbottom, and some of LinkedIn's Top Voices.  "Listening to your customers", says Juan Pablo is crucial to building an evolving product at SHIELD around the needs of their customers.  "Keeping ego at bay...the company comes first." "Straight-forward and honest channels of communication."  "[Dividing] tasks into different areas of expertise" Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy: Listen to these key takeaways:  - The 4 Types of Businesses Today and how to Think about them - Your Ego and its Relevance to a Start-Up, Business, or Team - How to Hire People With Deep Expertise of their Craft - Building Company Culture - Top Two Mistakes on LinkedIn Posts - Connections and how your posts are exposed to your network  - Allowing content to "breathe" and "mature" versus over-posting - Hashtags, featured posts, and strategic content-generation - How to test and get feedback on content on LinkedIn
December 10, 2019
006: Treating Education Like a Startup, with Don Wettrick of The STARTedUP Foundation
"We're drowning in a sea of information but starving for wisdom." A prolific reader and deeply passionate learner, the STARTedUP President Don Wettrick shares his journey from being a high school teacher to revolutionising modern-day education to founding a non-profit that has received national attention and widespread influence which spans across the United States. "We're all in this battle for attention. Everybody's in this market to make a sale, and that starts with attention."   The Two time Microsoft Innovative Educator award winner and Author of "Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation" explains how to stay relevant globally through intrapreneurship, innovation and collaboration.  As an international speaker, Don has lectured across the US, Europe, South America and Africa about collaboration, social media use, and work environments that enable innovation. He worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Ghana and his podcast, StartEdUp, featured some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders in the world from JP Sears to Zack Friedman and Robert Greene.  "If I were in charge, what would I do?", says Don, as he challenges the status quo on traditional education and explains an "Open Source Learning" technique taught at STARTedUP, which provides entrepreneurial events, accelerator programs, training, and seed funding for young entrepreneurs.  "The purpose of business is to last." Concerned that your business or organisation is becoming irrelevant? Listen in and tap into Don’s insights and expertise. "Always realise that every company is a media company. If people don't know what you're working on, they can't get excited about it."   Don discusses issues from capital to building and educating great teams, identifying your weaknesses and greatest strengths, what the lynchpin for long-term success is, where the world is headed towards, and how to become a more effective leader. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 04, 2019
005: How Joselyn Vargas Used TikTok To Build a Family-Friendly Personal Brand and Grab Attention on Pinterest
It only took 8 months for Joselyn Vargas, mom of 5, to grow from 66 to 114,000 followers on TikTok, with nothing more than her mobile phone, creativity and persistence.  She started her journey wanting to be a Youtuber but it didn't work out and even uninstalled TikTok but decided to try the app again. This time, after believing in herself and posting for a month daily, one of her videos rapidly became viral with over 3 million views and 1.1 million duets.  Today, Joselyn has been featured by Gary Vaynerchuk, accumulated over 2.5 Million likes on TikTok and produced over 1220 videos. "Fun" is her motto, she says, as she continues to grow her brand through clean, family-friendly content on various platforms.  In this interview, learn about the early days of her creative process, the power of community and connection, and how she used her TikTok brand to grow a second community of 126,000 monthly active users on Pinterest, doubling her total exposure. She explains how to make great content on TikTok and how brands can use influencer marketing to present themselves more authentically to a young audience. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 02, 2019
004: Finding Your Focus: From Working For Free to $150 Million, With Michael Convery
From failed businesses to doing door-to-door sales in 100-degree (F) weather in Baltimore to being one of Aflac's top young agents and finally building a business that made 150 Million Dollars in Sales, Michael Convery of The Educated Wealth Center 's success didn't happen overnight.  "Radical transparency...doubling down on what was working", says Michael was what's needed. His obsession with answering that question has helped him perfect his leadership, marketing and selling skills and scale The Educated Wealth Center with his father from half a million to multi-millions in annual revenue in just eight years. Today, The Educated Wealth Center has been featured in US News, World Report, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as on the national television network WE, authored in CNBC news, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Reuters, and has been on affiliates of ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. From spending time with Darren Hardy, Gary Vaynerchuk to Gerard Adams, Michael considers himself an evergreen learner. He shares the steps you need to master your time, build great teams, and level up your business.  "I always thought, in business, there is no place for empathy, but the world we live in, there's a lot of space for empathy in all organisations.", Michael reveals the importance of empathy in sales, communication as a leader and being a visionary for your team. "Entrepreneurs need to realise how important it is to have a digital presence and starting to figure out how to market online. If you're not top of mind, in the conversation over the Internet, in the next 10 years, you'll become almost irrelevant."  Michael shares his perspectives on the importance of online reputation and digital versus traditional marketing such as direct mail or referrals and where he sees the world going in the next 10 years. "We live in a world where the customer now has more control than ever before. So you have to put your customer first." "Making sure you have a great customer experience and understand how powerful they truly are." Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
December 02, 2019
003: A Deep Dive Into Writing Compelling Copy, Overcoming Adversity and Effortless Excellence with Lee Rowley
The dramatic tale of how Lee's 10-year-old daughter Aria passed away from complications of Alagille syndrome, spent six solid months trying to drink himself to death, and completely changed his perspective on why he writes copy. He has worked with hundreds of business owners from Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels to the legendary marketer Dan Kennedy and Joe Vitale (author of numerous books and The Law of Attraction).  But for Lee, it isn't about impressing other copywriters.  It's about authentic, compelling messages that keep customers coming back. He went on to talk about how to cultivate long-term relationships with your audience, how to stand out as a copywriter and find good copywriters to hire for your business. Receiving a black belt almost 30 years ago back in 1991, the practice of Tae Kwan Do had a significant impact on how Lee thinks about success and excellence.  Lee explains how martial arts, Eastern philosophy, and life experiences culminated in his non-formulaic approach towards writing copy and branding. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
November 28, 2019
002: Not Feeling Good Enough and The Costs Of Perfectionism With Joel Ong
Not feeling good enough? Do you feel like you have to live up to something? Are you afraid of making mistakes? Looking bad in front of others? In today’s episode, I talk about perfectionism, it’s downsides, how to spot it in yourselves, and the underlying deeper psychological reasons in yourself that you can identify, what it costs you, and why you need to change. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
November 21, 2019
001: The Value of Video and Strategy In Business, With Joel Ong
Forbes Contributor Sara Larsen said: "For today’s businesses, video is scalable, the key is choosing right". Discover how to leverage video for your business by understanding the strategies Joel and his community used to sell over $1,000,000 in videos. How do we choose the right videos for our business? In this episode, Joel shares the principles and differences between video production and video strategy, as well as how you can capitalise on the changing landscape of today's world to unfairly dominate your competition. Discover What's Inside The BossCast Academy:
November 20, 2019