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Listen to get success tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you're an established entrepreneur you will learn something that can help you grow your business. Visit us online at
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Planning All The Way to the End - Episode 21
In this episode we discuss Robert Greene's Law #29 from The 48 Laws  of Power.  This law teaches you how to plan all the way to the end and  the benefits of doing just that. It is a great episode. Visit us online at
April 18, 2022
Change Your Habits Change Your Life E 20
In this episode we discuss how to change your habits in order to change  your results.  It's all about your actions.  Your actions deliver you  results. If you take no actions, you will get no results, that's why  this episode is so important.  Check it out. And visit us online at
April 10, 2022
Social Media Trends for 2022
Listen to this episode to learn what will be the biggest social media trend for 2022 and check out our course "Social Media Done Right to Save You Time and Money" on "SALE" now at Social Media Done Right Course - Entrepreneur Success University.
January 14, 2022
A Message for the New Year
As the New Year roles in many of us will set goals and resolutions for our business, but in this quick episode we discuss how to actually making the year different by "BEING" different.  This is a great episode.  Check it out.  Also make sure to visit us online and check out a course this year at
January 03, 2022
How to Name Your Next Podcast, Program, Product or Course E17
In this episode we discuss the rhetorical tool - alliteration and how you can use it to name your next podcast, program, program or course.  This is a power packed podcast episode that is filled with knowledge.  Listen up! Great News! The Entrepreneur Success University is now open! Check us out here:
October 09, 2021
How to Deal With Self Sabotage E16
Many entrepreneurs suffer from self sabotage and don't even realize it.  While watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac it became clear to me that there are stores from the past that many of us tell ourselves over and over that keep us from achieving the success that we desire in our lives.  Therefore, in this episode we offer you a solution for self-sabotage.  Listen and try it.  It may be the key to reversing the history that keep repeating itself in your life and keep you from getting what you want. News Alert: Doors will be opening soon for the Entrepreneur Success University.  Make sure to get on the mailing list at #realhousewivesofpotomac #robindixon #selfsabotage
August 23, 2021
You Have a DUNS Number...Now What? Episode 15
Now that you have your DUNS number what are you going to do next?  Well hopefully you will begin to establish some business credit.  In this episode we explore what you can do once you receive your DUNS number for your business. Visit us online at and sign up for our wait list.  We will be opening up our doors and launching soon. 
July 21, 2021
Don't Quit - Entrepreneurial Motivation Episode 14
Being an entrepreneur is truly a walk of faith. If you have not thought about quitting at least 1,000 times then you have not been working hard enough.  In this episode, we are providing you with a little motivation to keep going. Enjoy Visit us online at Learn more about Magic Lead Generation here:
July 12, 2021
Do You Know Where Your Next Sale Is Coming From?
As an entrepreneur you should know where your next sale is coming from.  Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not.  It's usually because they don't have revenue plans or forecasts.  In this episode we will explore the question of "Do you know where your next sale is coming from?" And if you don't know then you should definitely listen to this episode.
July 06, 2021
Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Plan - Episode 12
I will never understand  why entrepreneurs never take the time out to plan out their year.  Especially those who are serious about taking their business to the next  level. It actually bothers me  that so many entrepreneurs fail to plan. I have heard the saying that a  Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail over and over again. I take this  statement to heart, but so many others do not. Planning makes everything better.  Listen up because in this episode, I am delivering the truth. Visit us online at
July 01, 2021
The Untold Truth About Lead Generation Episode 11
In this episode you will discover the untold truth about generating leads online.  You will find out how most of the "so-called" secrets that you've been told about generating leads are simply methods to drive traffic to your website. Listen up.   Also, sign up for the waitlist for the Magic Lead Generation course at
June 30, 2021
How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Episode 10
Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? In this episode you will discover how to show yourself approved so that you can overcome Imposter Syndrome for good! Visit us at 
June 29, 2021
Why Entrepreneurs Need Monthly Financial Reviews in Their Business Episode 9
It never ceases to amaze me with regards to how many entrepreneurs do not look at their business finances until it's tax time.  Is this you? Well in this episode we're going to show you how to stop running away from your small business finances and how to establish monthly business reviews so you can consistently check the financial health of your business. Visit us only at Sign up for the Magic Lead Generation course at 
June 26, 2021
Why Every Entrerpreneur Needs a Podcast Episode 8
In this episode we explore why every entrepreneur needs a podcast.  Podcasting today is like what having a website was a long time ago. Podcasting is fun and your show can be discovered anytime, which means that you can make money from podcasting for a long time. Start your own podcast today at where you can learn how to podcast like a pro, even when you're not.  Discover the Entrepreneur Success University at
June 25, 2021
What is an Education Based Lead Magnet Episode 7
In this episode you will discover what is an education based lead magnet and how you can create one for your business. Get your download of the guide 25 Lead Magnet Ideas by clicking here.  Visit us online at
June 24, 2021
3 Places Your Subscribers Are Hiding and How to Find Them Episode 6
Did you know that your potential email subscribers are hiding right under your nose?  In this episode we explore the 3 obvious but not so obvious places your potential email subscribers are hiding and how you can find them.  Check it out. Learn more about the Entrepreneur Success University at
June 23, 2021
7 Reasons Why You Need An Email Marketing Strategy in Your Business Episode 5
So you think email marketing is dead? Well it's not. In this episode you will discover 7 reasons why you need an email marketing strategy in your business right now.   The Entrepreneur Success University is launching on August 22, 2021.  Make sure to get on the mailing list at
June 22, 2021
3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Business Part 2 - Episode 4
In this episode we cover three additional mistakes that entrepreneurs make in business and you don't want to miss it. We discuss things like not having a marketing plan or not really having any plans at all.  Learn these mistakes and how to avoid them.  Learn more about the Entrepreneur Success University at 
June 21, 2021
3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Business Part 1 - Episode 3
In this episode we discuss 3 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make in business. The first one is only focusing on new customers instead of increasing the lifetime value of an existing customer.  Your existing customer already knows like and trust you.  Marketing efforts should also include old or previous customers. Repeat  business can also bring in sales. There is no need to spend too much  time and marketing efforts to convince them to purchase from you since  they have trusted you in the past. Dedicate some of your marketing  efforts to capturing repeat buyers – and not just acquiring new ones.  Discover this and so much more! This is part 1 of a 2 part series.  Listen to part 2 next. Visit us online at
June 20, 2021
Why You Need a DUNS Number for Your Business - Episode 2
DUNS is an acronym that stands for Data Universal Numbering System.  It is a distinct (9) nine-digit number that is offered by Dun &  Bradstreet (D&B).  You can almost of think of it like a social  security number for your business. Companies determine your personal credit worthiness using your social security number and companies determine your business creditworthiness based upon your D & B Rating. D&B is the one of the oldest credit beau’s in the United States.  Most of us are familiar with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Well,  D&B behaves like those companies, but they do it for businesses.  Your DUNS number establishes your organizations D&B profile, which  is used to identity your business world-wide. Also, if you want to apply to a Federal grant or you find yourself  being the recipient of one, then you will need a DUNS number.  You can  apply to one quickly by calling 1-866-705-5711. Learn more at
June 19, 2021
Entrepreneur Success University Intro Episode 1
Welcome to the Entrepreneur Success University’s podcast where we bring you daily tips that you need to succeed in business. Our goal is simple and that is to help you get your M.B.A. also known as Massive Bank Account.  We will drop an episode each and every day to help you succeed in business.  Make sure to visit us online at  Also make sure to follow us on IG and FB at Entrepreneur Success University.  The direct links are:
June 19, 2021