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Entrepreneurs United

Entrepreneurs United

By John St.Pierre & Rich Hoffmann
Weekly conversations with Entrepreneurs from across the globe sharing their biggest learnings and experiences with fellow Entrepreneurs.
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EP 81: Leadership Shortcuts - w/ Scott Drake

Entrepreneurs United

EP 109: The 90 Day Turnaround! - w/ Kevin Herring
Kevin Herring (Founder and President, Ascent Management Consulting) is a recognized expert in team and business unit turnarounds and creator of the 90-day Turnaround, a unique program for turning any leader and workgroup into a highly engaged, high performing team in just 90 days.  Kevin has also taught consulting skills to HR, IT, finance, supply chain and other support teams to convert their expertise into problem solving solutions for the business.   Kevin authored the Practical Guide for Internal Consultants. He has been featured as a national conference keynote speaker and has been published and quoted in Forbes, CFO, Talent Management, and HR Executive among others.   The 90-day Turnaround leader transformation program and free Practical Guide for Internal Consultants
October 03, 2022
EP 108: The Million Dollar Ear! - w/ Jeremy Pope
Jeremy Pope (CEO, Sales Call Overhaul) is addicted to helping entrepreneurs in the coaching and consulting space increase their close rates. Jeremy was never a super-talented salesperson with crazy charisma and he even hated marketing and sales for the first couple of years in my entrepreneurial journey. After honing his sales craft in the ‘non-talented’ way, he was finally able to let his new ‘giver process’ do the heavy lifting and became a top sales person. Jeremy then began consulting - and training teams for international businesses like direct-marketing giant Guthy Renker. From there, he became the client success director for Traffic and Funnels. To this day, he  still does sales coaching with a few private coaching clients.
September 26, 2022
EP 107: 7 Elements to Mastering Online Content! - w/ Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson (Digital Marketing Consultant and Executive Coach, Pamela Wilson Consulting) is the author of two popular books on content marketing: Master Content Marketing and Master Content Strategy. Pamela is the creator and head coach for The Offer Accelerator, where she helps people build high-value offers that generate $10-20,000 in revenue every month. Pamela helps people build profitable online businesses the smart way. She believes that the best way to build an online business is to get in touch with your personal strengths, values, and priorities. Then infuse these into the business you create. Helping online business owners step into their true value is the thing she most passionate about.
September 19, 2022
EP 106: Deal With Your Vulnerabilities To Maximize Opportunities! - w/ Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis (Owner/CEO, Davis Business Law) is an attorney and entrepreneur that led his solely owned firm, Davis Business Law, through over 1000% percent growth over six years, making it one of very rare law firms ever to make the Inc 5000 list. The firm currently has seven offices from Dallas to Kansas City. Matthew Davis holds a bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude and with distinction, from Cornell College. He received his law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1993. Davis has extensive litigation and business representation experience. He has served as lead or co-counsel in litigation cases with recoveries in excess of $50,000,000, including numerous jury trials and a substantial victory against the Bank of America. He also regularly represents clients in complex arbitration. He maintains a limited clientele of established clients and takes select cases for new clients. His current focus is on representing new and existing business clients in the firm’s outside general counsel program.
September 12, 2022
EP 105: The 5 Star Success Blueprint! - w/ Beate Chelette
Beate Chelette (The Growth Architect, Chelette Enterprises, Inc.) helps leaders to scale their impact and grow their authority. Beate bootstrapped her passion for photography into a global business and eventually sold it to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal. As a struggling single immigrant parent Beate had to fight long and hard to slay through the BS until she found things that worked. She vowed that once she came out on the other side that she would share the information with anyone willing to listen. Website: Book: Happy Woman Happy World Find Your Ideal Client In 15 Minutes Look into your prospects mind and identify what your best client looks like in this done-with-you Action Guide from Growth Architect Beate Chelette You are done being the best kept secret!  You know where you want to go and grow your authority as an expert in your industry.
September 05, 2022
EP 104: Surviving a Startup! - w/ Steve Hoffman
Steve Hoffman (Chairman & CEO, Founders Space), also known as Captain Hoff is a global innovation hub for entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors, with over 50 partners in 22 countries. Steve is also a venture investor, founder of three venture-backed and two bootstrapped startups, and author of several award-winning books. These include “Make Elephants Fly” (Hachette), “Surviving a Startup” (HarperCollins), and “The Five Forces” (BenBella). In addition, Hoffman served on the Board of Governors of the New Media Council, was the founder and Chairman of the Producers Guild Silicon Valley Chapter, and was a founding member of the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group.
August 29, 2022
EP 103: Find Your Hidden Profits NOW!! - w/ Dr. Kayvon K
Dr. Kayvon K (Profit Finder, Profit Coach) specializes in helping overworked yet ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders overcome roadblocks to more Productivity and Profits. He has been creating frameworks for increasing both INCOME and IMPACT since 2006. Aspiring entrepreneurs are capable of building GREAT businesses. More often than not, however, they complicate things beyond what is necessary ... and get in their own way. As a result, most small businesses struggle unnecessarily. Online course:
August 22, 2022
EP 102: Gain the Sales Edge! - w/ Jim Padilla
Jim Padilla (Gain The Edge, Captain Of The Ship) is the founder and CEO of Gain The Edge - a done-for-you provider of industry-leading sales systems and unicorn sales professionals…which he co-heads with his wife and entrepreneurial partner-in-crime, Cyndi Padilla. Through their unique blend of laser-targeted selling systems, inspirational team-building expertise, and 60+ years of combined sales experience - Jim and his wife have generated over 1/4bn in sales for a long line of high-level, visionary entrepreneurs.  It’s why, over the last near-decade, Jim has become the online education industry’s go-to expert on launching, high-ticket sales, live events and one-to-many scaling. Jim’s mission is to help purpose-driven thought-leaders untangle themselves from the day-to-day minutiae of seeking leads and sales for their business…so they’re free to amplify their impact - while scaling their business to the moon (and beyond)!
August 15, 2022
EP 101: Building Unique Global Experiences! - w/ Don Dow
Don Dow (DowEvents International, Inc, Founder & CEO), lives where unique global experiences meet unparalleled client service. He is an industry leader in creating destination packages with an international view, and access, to the world’s most sought after and iconic travel, sports and entertainment lifestyle events. Don’s passion for the sports and entertainment event business emerged after a highly successful football career at the University of Washington where he played in four consecutive post-season bowl games, and was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL’s 1983 Draft, eventually landing as a member of the 1985 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XIX Championship team. When an injury ended his playing career, the sports and entertainment world opened the doors for his vision to build a legacy business in the world that framed his passion. He founded DowEvents International in 1996, which quickly established itself as a highly sought after corporate hospitality service at The Masters, in Augusta, Georgia. The Masters paved Don’s passion to provide distinctive and unique access for clients, through global relationships with business leaders, athletes, entertainers, chefs, curators and experiential leaders around the world. Twenty years later, his firm is known as a distinguished host to sports and entertainment’s pinnacle events, including two decades at the NFL’s Super Bowl, PGA Ryder Cup, numerous summer and winter Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, US Open, The Ryder Cup, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, CMA Music Fest, and the Calgary Stampede, while entertaining blue chip clients, their customers and guests, throughout North America, Europe, The United Kingdom, Asia, Mexico and South America.
August 08, 2022
EP 100: Greatest Learnings from our Amazing Guests! - w/ John St.Pierre & Rich Hoffmann
As we celebrate our 100th episode we re-cap our greatest "aha" moments and learnings that made a significant impact on us as hosts of the Entrepreneurs United Podcast. We would like to thank all our amazing guests, listeners, and staff for all their contributions in making our podcast so rewarding to record. We look forward to our next 100 conversations.  If you have a quest you would like to refer to us please email us at
August 01, 2022
EP 99: From Super Bowl Champ to Entrepreneur! - w/ Jamal Lewis
Jamal Lewis (Buyer Connected, President) is a former professional American football player who has conquered practically every possible accomplishment on the field. College Football Champion at the University of Tennessee, 1st Round NFL Draft Pick, Super Bowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens, and record breaking yardage in a single season by an NFL running back (his proudest accomplishment).   Unlike most professional athletes, Jamal began preparing for his post playing career by becoming an entrepreneur in his early twenties.  His early ventures taught him a lot of lessons about business and prepared him to continue building his enterprises upon retiring from the game of football.   Today, Jamal is the President of Buyer Connected a firm based in Atlanta, GA that works with Fortune 500 companies on their project and installation needs nationally.  There is no doubt that Jamal’s passion for business and his attitude of a champion will lead to him achieving great success in the boardroom!
July 25, 2022
EP 98: A Conversation with America's ONLY Chief Results Officer - w/ Blaine Oelkers
Blaine Oelkers (Chief Results Officer®️, Selfluence), is America’s ONLY Chief Results Officer® and has always loved to help people get results.   Blaine is a leading authority in personal implementation and consistency. He knows which habits bring success and results and can help you create them instantly and stick with them for a lifetime.    His TEDx Talk has been watched over 190,000 times and teaches 1 simple and elegant results technique that activates your mind with your top goal over 100 times a day. Get access immediately at
July 18, 2022
EP 97: Turning Roadblocks into Building Blocks! - w/ Patty Block
Patty Block (The Block Group, Founder) teaches women business owners who are experts in their fields how to turn up their power to price, sell and run their business on their own terms. This means fine-tuning their operations and scaling their revenue for strategic growth. Patty has approached each step in her career with an entrepreneurial spirit: from successfully operating a business as a lobbyist and political consultant, to serving as the Charitable Foundation Director for First Interstate Bank of Texas, to gaining years of experience as Director of Operations at a leading international school. Her experience comes full-circle with The Block Group, turning roadblocks into building blocks for women-owned businesses.Patty raised three fantastic kids, all of whom are business owners and also work in Patty’s company (she essentially raised her own workforce!)
July 11, 2022
EP 96: Up Your Financial Gains! - w/ Sammie Ellard-King
Sammie Ellard-King (Up The Gains, Founder) started his company to fill a deep hole that was growing inside of him. Up the Gains - Money Made Simple delivers expert investment ideas, passive income strategies, budgeting tips and personal saving hacks. If you’d like to change your relationship with money and work towards a financial goal then Up the Gains is built for exactly that purpose!
July 04, 2022
EP 95: The 4th Turning; Are you ready for Epic Change? - w/ Bruce Fenton
Bruce Fenton (Chainstone Labs, Founder & CEO) is running for United States Senate representing New Hampshire. His Company, Chainstone Labs, is an investment and advisory company focused on the intersection of securities and Bitcoin.    Bruce is also a Cypherpunk Stockbroker & Managing Director at Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered and FINRA member broker-dealer, the Founder of Atlantic Financial, a registered investment advisory; over 28 years as a licensed financial professional, the Co-host of the Satoshi Roundtable, an annual retreat that gathers developers, CEOs, founders, academics and investors, now in its 8th year.    Bruce has been in Bitcoin full time since 2013. He has served as the Executive Director and board member for the Bitcoin Foundation, founded the original Bitcoin Association industry group and has spoken at numerous industry conferences. He is the founder of the Dubai Bitcoin Conference, a Devcore organizer, and an active investor.
June 27, 2022
EP 94: Are you COUNT-ON-ABLE? - w/ Jeff Cohen
Jeff Cohen (C-Level Roundtable, CEO & Founder) has had great successes but his failures have been so impactful that his committed to the slogan "No Business Stands Alone". From growing a 50 person company in under 3 years to Bankruptcy and divorce, he is on a mission to help Business Owners attain the dream of Entrepreneurial Freedom! Jeff is a seasoned Executive with over 20 years as CEO and has worked with over 300 CEO’s, Business Owners and Executives. He is a sought-after Coach, Speaker and Mentor. He is unashamed of his many failures as they have provided the rich proving ground to accelerated success. Freedom is the dream of every entrepreneur. Developing leaders and teams with an ownership mindset is the ticket to achieve it. Jeff Cohen, founder of six businesses, now presents his new book "Count-On-Able" as the new and rapid success framework that guides CEOs to make this happen.
June 20, 2022
EP 93: Mobile App Domination for Small Business - w/ Dan Hafner
Daniel Hafner (Dapper Mobile Apps, Founder) started out building apps with zero ability to write a single line of code, yet somehow figured out how to build an entire app development business! Dan has worked with high-level coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs to put their idea into a tangible, sleek and scalable app model. Dan has seen first-hand just how powerful your own app can be as a marketing tool, fulfillment tool and sales/lead-gen tool. There really is an art & science to how this all fits together. Host of the Mobile Domination podcast gets pitched on app ideas every single day and has learned how to tell the good ones from the bad ones.
June 13, 2022
EP 92: Screw the Commute & Earn Income on the Internet - w/ Tom Antion
Tom Antion (Antion & Associates, Founder) has never had a job. He's an Internet Multimillionaire "guy next door" and founder of the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. He's the subject of a Hollywood Documentary "The American Entrepreneur" premiering fall 2022. Tom is a veteran of over 3000 speaking engagements in 12 countries and claims to have trained more pro speakers in the art of public speaking and presentation skills than anyone living. His mentor program is the longest-running, most successful, and most unique in the field of Internet and digital marketing. "Screw the Commute" is an entrepreneurial podcast based on the fact Tom has never had a job he has always worked from home building his income streams.
June 06, 2022
EP 91: - Become an Expert in Your Industry and Dominate! - w/ Jas Takhar
Jas Takhar (FTGU Media, Co-Owner) is a Toronto native that has been in the sales and service industry for over 27 years. Soon after deciding to try his hand in real estate, he founded REC Canada under Royal LePage, and for over 5 years has successfully kept his team in the top 3 in the country.   With 54 realtors and 11 support staff, Jas' team advises and assists over 625 buyers, sellers and investors, yearly, across the Greater Toronto Area, resulting in a total of over $2.1B in transactions. This year alone Jas’ core sales team has done over $300 million in sales. Jas’ area of expertise is in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios.    Wanting to share his knowledge and experience with the masses, he wrote a book titled, Real Estate Intelligence, which teaches anyone how to buy or sell real estate on their own.    Furthering his pursuit to educate and motivate, he developed a love for content creation, and now not only hosts one of the top business podcasts in North America – The Jas Takhar Podcast – but also founded his own media company, From The Ground Up Media where he helps other real estate agents produce quality content.    His hope is to provide inspiring education through his guides, seminars, and content to aid others in removing the friction from their own life in order to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be.
May 30, 2022
EP 90: The Power of Franchising - w/ Jon Ostenson
Jon Ostenson (FranBridge Consulting, CEO) is a consultant, owner/investor, author, and international speaker specializing in the area of non-food franchising. He draws on his experience as both the president of an Inc. 500 franchise system and as a multi-brand franchisee in serving his consulting clients that are looking to explore business ownership opportunities. Jon serves as CEO of FranBridge Consulting where he helps clients understand all aspects of non-food franchising in the process of introducing them to opportunities from the over 300 high growth brands that he represents. Additionally, Jon oversees FranBridge Capital where he and his partners own 18 territories across 5 property service franchises. Jon is the author of 'The Franchise Path' and is a frequent contributor and thought leader for publications on the topic of franchising and franchise investments. Prior to FranBridge, Jon was the President of ShelfGenie, a national franchise system with 200 locations. Jon received a BBA in Finance, magna cum laude, from the University of Georgia's Honors Program in 2002 and returned to Athens 3 years later to earn his MBA. In 2014, the UGA Alumni Association selected Jon as a recipient of its “40 Under 40” recognition.
May 23, 2022
EP 89: Wealth Preservation Through Irrevocable Trusts! w- James Mulhern
James Mulhern (Mulhern & Scott, PLLC, Partner) went back to law school later in his life as a way to work in the "family business”. James enjoys working with both of his parents that are partners in the business and providing estate planning services to the local community and beyond. James is currently working on a new edition of his mother, Sally Mulhern's, book, "Estate Planning to Die For." It's about estate planning, aimed at financial planners and other professionals to help develop a working understanding of the various issues and techniques around estate planning.
May 16, 2022
EP 88: The Super-Powered Way to Think Like Amazon! - w/ John Rossman
John Rossman (Rossman Partners, Managing Partner) is the author of The Amazon Way book series, a former Amazon leader and Managing Partner at Rossman Partners. Mr. Rossman is an expert leveraging the Amazon leadership principles to help others innovate, compete and win in the digital era. One of the leading innovation speakers, John delivers practical techniques and strategies the audience can apply in their business. John advises leaders on strategy, leadership and digital transformation. John was an executive at where he played a key role in launching the Amazon marketplace business as the Director of Merchant Integration, and went on to have responsibilities for the enterprise business at Amazon. Mr. Rossman’s blog is He writes a weekly newsletter titled The Digital Leader Newsletter on Substack.
May 09, 2022
EP 87: The 5 Myths and Keys to Success on LinkedIn - w/ Daniel Alfon
Daniel Alfon (, LinkedIn Specialist & Author) is the author of "Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success”. Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and has published articles, interviews and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers on his website at
May 02, 2022
EP 86: Maximize Partnership Marketing to Fuel Growth - w/ Dustin Riechmann
Dustin Riechmann (Simple Success Coaching, Owner) is a business coach who helps ambitious entrepreneurs get unstuck & rapidly increase their profits with confidence. He has a purpose to boldly lead others to be Good Stewards in life and business.  Unlike many coaches, everything Dustin teaches is based on real-world experience growing three successful online businesses. He is best known for his Partnership Marketing System, which he has used to grow FireCreek Snacks into a 7-figure business without paid ads.
April 25, 2022
EP 85: Cultivate Your Business - w/ Jeff Rendell
Jeff Rendell (Cultivate Advisors, Vice President) is best known for his energy and passion he brings to life every day! His entrepreneur flame was lit in 1996 when he first became a franchisee with College Pro at the age of 18. Years later, he became a Partner and helped lead the Operations Team for CertaPro Painters, the largest painting franchise in North America. Jeff is currently a Partner at Cultivate Advisors, which allows him to continue his passion of supporting the entrepreneurial community. Cultivate is now supporting over 450 business owners on a monthly basis to help propel their business beyond expectations.
April 18, 2022
EP 84: Solving Problems and Finding your Niche! - w/ Edgar Blazona
Edgar Blazona (BenchMade Modern, Founder) started his first furniture company at the age of 17, earned his first $400 by selling a self-made table and is now the founder of an 8-figure company.  Edgar believes that the combination of passion and executing your products at the highest level is the key to elevating yourself and your business. Edgar’s love for design and willingness to solve people’s real problems was what allowed him to ​​deliver the impossible and succeed even in a particularly oversaturated industry. As a result, his company (BenchMade Modern) is reaching solid 100% growth rates year over year.
April 11, 2022
EP 83: Evolving Leadership - w/ John Dame
John Dame (Owner and Managing Partner, Dame Leadership) is focused on the role of purpose in the business environment, the new challenge of transitioning to a millennial-based workforce, and growing leadership teams within his client companies. Currently in the sixth year, the Evolution Leadership Conference series is designed to help leaders move from the old “command and control” leadership style to a more Purposeful leadership style. In 2021 over 500 leaders and executives attended the conference.
April 04, 2022
EP 82: Achieving Next-Level Income - w/ Chris Larsen
Chris Larsen (Founder & Managing Partner, Next-Level Income) helps people achieve financial independence through education and investment opportunities. With financial independence, Chris believes that people are able to live their best lives and make the world a better place.   You can download Chris’ book for free at
March 28, 2022
EP 81: Leadership Shortcuts - w/ Scott Drake
Scott Drake (Founder and Executive Director, JumpCoach) is the Founder and Executive Director at JumpCoach, a social enterprise on a mission to make best-in-class leadership training available to everyone who needs it. Scott’s journey into leadership was long, painful, and he made every mistake in the book. It took him 10 years to thrive as a leader and not feel like an imposter.    When he became a leader of leaders, he saw next-generation leaders making the same mistakes and having the same struggles. Selfishly, he couldn’t spend 10 years watching new leaders wreck his teams while they figured out how to lead, so he began searching for a faster way to teach leadership. That search turned into a five-year research project and the innovations that are now JumpCoach.
March 21, 2022
EP 80: Execute the COACH'S PLAN for Daily Success! - w/ Mike Kavanagh
Mike Kavanagh (MIKEKAV.COM, CEO), is a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, and coach specializing in human and organizational well-being and performance.    Mike has 17 years of experience as a C-level corporate executive and advisor to Fortune 500 companies. Kavanagh also has two decades of experience coaching individuals and teams in a variety of mental and physical training disciplines at the heart of outer and inner success.    He is the author of several books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller Coach's Plan: The Personal Productivity System That Changed My Life, the internationally acclaimed bestseller The Successful Manager: A Guide to Building and Leading High-Performing Teams, and What Is Your Calling? The Journey to Find Work You Love.
March 14, 2022
EP 79: Passport to Entrepreneurial Freedom! - w/ Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis (Twelve Mavens, Founder) has built multiple national companies and has been featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN.Money, quoted by Inc Magazine and featured in countless other news stories.   Jeff paid a steep price working 80+ stressful hours per week until he eventually reached his pain threshold. It was a life changing moment that pushed him to figure out a way to escape the day to day weeds of his business and build something better.    He worked at it until he was eventually able to travel around the world for several years, he founded the national community of CEOs and entrepreneurs known as Twelve Mavens and is the founder of the popular annual strategic planning event for CEOs called Plan The Attack.
March 07, 2022
EP 78: STOP Selling and Get SELLected! - w/ Merit Kahn
Merit Kahn (SELLect Sales Development, CEO), is in addition to the CEO of her firm, a Keynote Speaker, and Stand-up Comedian. Merit believes you should STOP selling and start getting SELLected. Her firm offers interactive virtual programs for entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business leaders.
February 28, 2022
EP 77: Pivot Your Business Now, and Focus! - w/ Erik Dodier
Erik Dodier (PixelMEDIA, CEO) co-founded his company PixelMEDIA over 28 years ago.  The business has evolved from a two-person multimedia company that started in Erik's apartment, to a 400+ person firm after recent investment and combining with two other entrepreneurial, Salesforce-focused businesses, Docmation and GearsCRM. Today, the business focuses on helping organizations launch, manage and grow their eCommerce business on In this episode, we learn about the multiple Pivots that PixelMEDIA was forced to take to not only keep up with ever-changing technology over the past 30 years but also to simplify and focus his business on the area that could bring the most value to clients.
February 21, 2022
EP 76: Intentionally Assess Your Trust Level! - w/ Dr. Toby Travis
Dr. Toby Travis (Founder, TrustED) is an Executive Consultant with the Global School Consulting Group, an Adjunct Professor for the International Graduate Program of Educators for the State University of New York College at Buffalo, and an experienced teacher and school administrator, currently serving as the Superintendent of the Village Christian Academy in Fayetteville, NC. TrustED is a framework for business, organization, and school improvement focused on developing trusted leaders.  As a guest speaker, trainer, and consultant, his work has taken him throughout the United States and Europe, South Asia, Central, and South America. Dr. Travis is the author of the award-winning book “TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement” - available at Amazon, featured in Forbes, and named “Book of The Month” (November), and nominated for “Book of The Year” (2021) by The Magic Pen. Learn more at
February 14, 2022
EP 75: Private Equity, Venture Capital, or Public Markets? - w/ Norman Rice
Norman Rice (Chief Operating Officer, Extreme Networks) has an incredible background and strong track record of creating shareholder value from development and execution of profitable Growth strategies organically and inorganically. His expertise in M&A, Operations, Global Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Business Development. Innovative and Strategic Leader lend him to be the ultimate entrepreneurial problem solver.
February 07, 2022
EP 74: Become a Thought Leader with Content Marketing - w/ Alison Ver Halen
Alison Ver Halen (Founder, AV Writing Services, LLC) is a content marketer and SEO strategist who has always loved writing and people, so it was only natural for her to major in English and Psychology. It turned out to be the perfect degree for content marketing, although she didn't know what content marketing was at the time. When a friend asked her to write blog posts for his law firm, she jumped at the chance to get paid to write, and has never looked back.   Alison loves telling people's stories in a way that's compelling, speaks to their target audience, and most importantly converts to leads for the business.   Her upcoming book “Content Marketing Made Easy” will be coming out in February and will provide more content for those looking to explore content writing as an opportunity for their business.
January 31, 2022
EP 73: SEO is still the Best Kept Secret for SMB's! - w/ John Vuong
John Vuong (Owner, Local SEO Search), has a mission to give back to small businesses. Whether it is to his clients or to his staff. John believes that being able to give back to the community is such an important part of running a business. He also has a passion for helping business owners grow their business and succeed.    John’s business, Local SEO Search, is a boutique SEO agency from Toronto, Canada. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market.    Today we talk about why SEO is still the best kept secret for small business owners that are playing the long game and want to continue to be top of mind in their communities.
January 24, 2022
EP 72: Move from CEO to Chairman! - w/ John St.Pierre
John St.Pierre (Chairman, Rhombus Group) talks with Rich Hoffmann about the failures and successes he has experienced in building two companies and how he has distilled these learnings into 5 things he would NEVER do again, and 5 things that he would encourage all entrepreneurs to do if they want to ultimately move from CEO to Chairman of their own company.
January 17, 2022
EP 71: Simplifying Entrepreneurship - w/ Pete Mohr
Pete Mohr (Simplifying Entrepreneurship, Founder) helps entrepreneurs transform their frustrations into freedoms by using a variety of frameworks that help them cut through the chaos and overwhelm of running a business. Pete’s refined his tips, tools, and techniques within his own businesses and loves sharing them so others can live the life they deserve as business leaders Pete is passionate about entrepreneurialism and helping business owners and leaders succeed. He believes that small business owners are the backbone of our communities and if we can help them survive and thrive, we'll help the communities that exist around them.
January 10, 2022
EP 70: Make 2022 the Best Year Possible! - w/ Rich and John
What is ONE lesson that you have learned in the past year? What ONE thing that you can you do to make 2022 this best year possible? and what is ONE thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind as we enter 2022. These are the 3 components that Rich and John discuss today as we prepare ourselves and our entrepreneurial listeners for this coming year.   It is hard to believe that we are kicking off season 3 of the Entrepreneurs United podcast and we thank you for joining us on this journey. We wish you all a very prosperous, healthy, and successful 2022!
January 03, 2022
EP 69: Do you Need a Finance Edit? - w/ Aimee LaLiberte
Aimee LaLiberte (Chief Number Cruncher, My Virtual CFO) is a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven-figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable. Aimee also is a certified life and money coach and works with business owners who seek greater confidence and unwavering drive to attract and build wealth in their businesses and lives Aimee believes a relationship with money is available to all. And like any relationship, there is cultivation and nurturing and transparency involved. She seems to provide business owners an opportunity and space to create that relationship so any goal they feel called to create is as good as done.
December 27, 2021
EP 68: Be the H.O.S.T. of Your Life! - w. Andrea Freeman
Andrea Freeman (Andrea Freeman Consulting, Founder & CEO)  believes that transforming your life is the access to transforming your business. She helps successful, creative entrepreneurs who are on the verge of burnout to tune-in to their inner wisdom so they can align more fully with their business. That way they can attract clients more easily and scale without overwhelm or overthinking. Entrepreneur, mindful business coach, and international speaker, Andrea's new book How to H.O.S.T. Your Life™ with Ease, Ownership, and Inspiration, that will be published in 2022.
December 21, 2021
EP 67: Expand Your Vision & Narrow Your Focus - w/ Tony Martignetti
Tony Martignetti (Inspired Purpose Coaching, Chief Inspiration Officer) is a trusted advisor, entrepreneur, idea generator, and people connector. He brings together practical experience, formal training, and extreme curiosity, to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change and unlock their true potential.   He loves guiding people to find clarity in their lives so they are energized, fully present, and unstoppable. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, they impact and inspire everyone around them. He has dedicated himself to helping people live inspired lives.   Before becoming the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspired Purpose Coaching, he was a finance and strategy executive with experience working with some of the world's leading life sciences companies. Along his journey, he also managed small businesses and ran a financial consulting company.   Tony is the host of The Virtual Campfire podcast and the author of "Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the Journey to An Inspired Life."
December 13, 2021
EP 66: The "Money Meeting Agenda"! - w/ Tracey Bissett
Tracey Bissett (Bissett Financial Fitness, Chief Financial Fitness Trainer) educates and empowers individuals, notably young adults, and entrepreneurs to take control of and live their financial lives with confidence. Financial literacy aka Financial fitness has the ability to change the trajectory of our lives. Tracey has been fortunate to know this first hand and is on a mission to increase the financial fitness of young adults and entrepreneurs around the globe. As a former executive at TD Bank, one of Canada's Big 5 Banks, Tracey has worked with and in support of thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs to secure the financing they needed. Learn more about Tracey’s “Money Meeting Agenda” at
December 06, 2021
EP 65: Yielding to the FEAR of the UNKNOWN! - w/ Wylie McGraw
Wylie McGraw (Performance Accelerator, Radical Performance Acceleration) has been behind the scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Public Figures, optimizing, and accelerating their performance both personally and professionally.   His work is the proverbial “Navy SEAL Training” equivalent to high-performance and leadership development – pushing even the elite beyond their limits so they not only hit their peak but sustain it.   He’s been named a “secret weapon” by some of the most influential leaders across industries. His work is about giving an elite edge to high achieving individuals, while ending the cycle of unnecessary stress, sacrifice, and suffering that’s unfortunately associated with reaching their levels of accomplishment and success.
November 29, 2021
EP 64: Ego Management - w/ Christie Garcia
Christie Garcia (Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Founder of the digital Mindful Choice Leadership Academy) has 17 years of experience in sales, recruiting, and leadership coaching. For the last 10 years she has worked with current and upcoming leaders from fast growing organizations including Airbnb, Twitter, Movement For Life, Oakley, and Sunrun.    One of Christie’s super-powers is helping her clients manage their Ego and build authentic confidence so they can show up 100% in both business and life. Christie’s modern approach is designed to be simple. You just have to choose to be 1% better every day.    The Mindful Choice Leadership Academy - its a 20-week digital course that transforms how current and upcoming leaders show up. It is for both individuals and organizations. You can find more information at    You can also access a free trial of the Mindful Motivations daily texts. These are thought-provoking texts that manage the Ego and help individuals be more intentional in real time.
November 22, 2021
EP 63: The Secret to Scale is FOCUS! - w/ Chris Savage
Chris Savage (Wistia, CEO & Co-Founder) loves to empower B2B marketers by giving them the necessary tools and resources to be creative and tell their stories in order to grow their business.  Chris finds himself getting loud (in a good way) about what matters most to him—like his love of innovation, pushing past fear, and working to create a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive company.   Wistia is a leading video platform that gives marketers everything they need to get bigger results from their videos and podcasts.
November 15, 2021
EP 62: The FIVE Roads to Victory - w/ Joe Evangelisti
Joe Evangelisti (Legacy Builder Success Coach, Founder) is the host of The Legacy Blueprint podcast and a high-performance coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching experience under his belt. His mission is to assist real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in exercising their true power and finding their hidden potential to achieve more success, wealth, and freedom than they ever thought possible. Joe creates life-changing transformation by providing clients with the tools and strategies needed to create unstoppable momentum and breakthrough obstacles. He’s helped hundreds of business owners to build better teams and cross the 7, 8, and 9 figure mark. In addition to his private coaching practice, Joe serves as the CEO of three 7 and 8 figure companies, and his real estate portfolio includes single-family, multi-family, self-storage, and cold storage. Prior to building his business and real estate empire, Joe served in the military as a Builder in the US Navy Seabees. He holds Letters of Commendation from the US Navy and The White House, a Letter of Appreciation from President Clinton, and numerous service medals.
November 08, 2021
EP 61: Do Your Meetings Have Purpose? - w/ Rich Hoffmann
Rich Hoffmann (CertaPro Painters, Sr. Vice President of Leadership & Development) believes that if you are not meeting to drive a change of behavior after the meeting, you should not be meeting at all!   To host meetings with a purpose, you should follow a very simple 5 step process and start getting rid of all meetings that do not accomplish the very specific outcome desired by having the meeting in the first place.
November 01, 2021
EP 60: Do you have Strategic Acumen? - w/ Alex Brueckmann
Alex Brueckmann (Brueckmann Executive Consulting, Managing Partner) is a strategy entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He built and scaled companies in Europe and Canada, and led client projects across the world. His passion lies in helping clients build profitable businesses rooted in purpose and impact.   In his new book, Alex presents a framework called "The Nine Elements of Organizational Identity" to help you build better businesses. He’s hosting a global strategy summit in February 2022 and is in the process of launching a strategy masterclass in the near future!   Do you have the strategic acumen to lead your business?
October 25, 2021
EP 59: Cultural Shifts in Leadership and Youth! - w/ Joshua Kell
Joshua Kell (Horizon AVL & Esports Integration, CEO), and his companies design large venue and arena systems, video broadcast studios, and projection / LED wall video displays with precision and expertise.    Joshua’s vast experiences span 15 years in the industry and have helped his company become a national leader in the integration of world-class esports facilities at major universities across the United States.
October 18, 2021
EP 58: Are you Growing or Scaling your Business? - w/ Crista Grasso
Crista Grasso (Lean Out Method, Founder/CVO), is the go-to strategic planning expert for online entrepreneurs when they want to scale. Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and provide clarity on the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. She is the creator of the Lean Out Method, 90 Day Lean Out Planner, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast. Crista is on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify success, get off the hustle hamster wheel, and lead a sustainable and wildly profitable business that doesn't require them to work 24x7.
October 11, 2021
EP 57: Build Your Personal Brand! - w/ Danielle Francisco
Danielle Francisco (Dan Media Group, Founder/CEO), is helping entrepreneurs position themselves as thought leaders in their field by scaling their message through Digital PR.    Danielle spent over 10 years in the B2B Events and Publishing Industry working with Fortune 500 brands and small business owners in the Middle East before launching his company.  Today, Danielle helps business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be positioned as thought leaders in their field, get media attention, generate leads, and build a brand for themselves and their business.   Danielle is also the host of the "The Drive to Succeed” podcast where he focuses on value-based conversations, stories that inspire and impact business/human growth.
October 04, 2021
EP 56: Scaling a Business and Family as a DadPreneur! - w/ Alex Oliveira
Alex Oliveira (Prediq, CEO) is a transformative leader of multiple successful companies, Brazilian-born and South Florida-raised he has helped companies advance their brands by building and executing interactive marketing campaigns for over 10 years.   With a heavy emphasis on Lead Generation, Alex has created a name for himself as a well-respected digital marketer and entrepreneur. From Small to Mid-sized companies to non-profits and Fortune 500 brands like Ford & Autonation, Alex enjoys a diverse portfolio of clientele.   Alex is also the host of the DadPreneur Podcast!
September 27, 2021
EP 55: "Paving the Way to Success with Entrepreneurial Learnings" - w/ Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy (Cassidy Paving, President & Founder) began his entrepreneurial path when he was 15 years and was cutting lawns throughout his neighborhood. From there, Kevin built a landscape company with over 20 employees and successfully sold it in 2007.   He then discovered a huge opportunity in the asphalt and paving industry and quickly encountered the struggles and challenges of trying to build a business in the middle of the 2008 great recession.     Kevin learned many lessons over the last 15 years and has successfully built a $10M paving company with over 50 employees that are primed for more growth in the years to come.   Kevin has engaged an executive coach and has developed a clear motto for his success…."hustle is real, failure is learning, and focusing on your goals is above all the best way to plow forward."
September 20, 2021
EP 54: Create Clarity In Your Business & Get More! - w/ Jeff Chastain
Jeff Chastain (Admentus, Business Transformation Coach) is a serial entrepreneur and has “been there” and “done that” when it comes to both successful and less than successful ventures.   Jeff coaches entrepreneurs in building and structuring their businesses more like a franchise by creating scalable systems so that the entrepreneur themselves are not just creating a JOB for themselves that leaves them running on an everlasting hamster wheel, tried, burned out, and frustrated.   Jeff believes that as an entrepreneur you will never get the life you want and reach the goals you want without systematizing your business.   Rich and I cover a lot of great topics with Jeff, including how a business needs to build its strong foundation based on 4 very important pillars.
September 13, 2021
EP 53: How to Stand Out In Todays Market! - w/ Krystal Hicks
Krystal Hicks (Founder / Career Strategist, JOBTALK, LLC) started her company after 10+ years in the employment sector as she saw there was a huge need for affordable, accessible, and inclusive career counseling among job seekers.    At the same time, Krystal watched employers struggle to attract, recruit, and retain the talent they wanted and needed and her firm started to become a liaison between candidates and organizations.    Today, JOBTALK is a career counseling practice that provides one-on-one job hunting support to individuals in transition, as well as employer branding and RPO consulting to companies.   Krystal also teaches her course, “College to Career: How to stand out in today’s job market” to undergraduate business students.
September 06, 2021
EP 52: Women who SPARK and WIN at Life! - w/ Aleta Norris
Aleta Norris (Co-Founder, Living As A Leader®) is an expert leadership coach and trainer with 30 years of experience developing leaders. She is committed to helping leaders learn what great leadership looks like. This competence and confidence changes the employee experience. As a result of effective leadership, employees have a better experience at work and a better life all around.   Aleta is also a two-time author of “Women Who Spark” and “Women Who Spark After 50”. She regularly speaks for annual meetings, keynote engagements, panel discussions, and networking groups.   You can access some free resources at:
August 30, 2021
EP 51: Is a Franchise the right choice for you? - w/ Diane Pleuss
Diane Pleuss (Franchise Business Consultant and Career Transition Specialist, FranChoice) has been focused on helping others find their perfect franchise fit since 2004. If you have ever wanted to start your own business and ever thought about owning a franchise, Diane is the matchmaker you have been looking for. Starting a business can be daunting and the initial start-up years of building your own business can be very risky and hard while owning a franchise can help you accelerate your earning potential by providing you with proven business systems right out of the gate. Enjoy the conversation!
August 23, 2021
EP 50: Are you asking the RIGHT questions? - w/ Shawn Shepheard
Shawn Shepheard (Business Growth Coach & Keynote Speaker, The Leadership Advantage) is an executive coach, business strategist and keynote speaker. Shawn helps great leaders become exceptional, on their terms. Shawn has a long track record of being the secret weapon for executives and business owners. He has worked with entrepreneurs across North America, and for global companies including LinkedIn, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Javelin, Allstate, Kaloutas, Tim Hortons, Kraft Foods, Cassidy Paving, and the YMCA. Many of his clients think of him as their private Sherpa—in their corner and helping them reach new heights. His unique ability is using his raw honesty combined with his sense of humor and adventure to help people reignite the dream vision they’ve always wanted, and provide clarity that gets them excited and moves them into immediate positive action where they’ll become even bigger stars than they already are.
August 16, 2021
EP 49: The Marketing Trust Tipping Point - w/ Javier Lozano Jr
Javier Lozano, Jr. (Anchor Wave, CMO), is both an experienced entrepreneur and a senior-level strategist. Javier is the host of the "Trust Tipping Point" Marketing Podcast where he shares a ton of marketing strategies for businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts.   As an entrepreneur, he opened his first business in 2008, during the great recession, and built it up over a decade before selling the business.  As a senior-level business strategist, he entered an unfamiliar industry but armed with marketing strategies and sales systems that he had learned as an entrepreneur brought in new business and opportunities from Fortune 100 companies and some of the biggest brands in the world.   Now, he is on a mission to stop businesses from spending and losing millions of dollars on poor marketing strategies and broken sales processes.   His company Anchor Wave gives out customized Digital Marketing Playbooks that lay out the foundation and "next steps" your business should take when setting up a marketing strategy.   Our listeners can schedule a free playbook session by going to:
August 09, 2021
EP 48: Organizational Health starts at The Table - w/ Gordon Blocker
Gordon Blocker (Principal Consultant, The Table Group, a Pat Lencioni Company) works regularly with CEOs and executive teams in quickly and effectively applying the concepts captured in all of Pat Lencioni's books. He helps leadership teams transform their organization by creating organizational clarity, over-communicating that clarity, and reinforcing key messages through human systems. In addition to his work with consulting clients, Gordon has extensive first-hand experience building high-performing teams by implementing the models in his own teams for nearly a decade. His relational, dynamic leadership style helps clients break through dysfunctional barriers and gain strategic insights and clarity. He loves implementing practical processes and tools teams can use to accelerate their success and ultimately lead to genuine organizational growth.
August 02, 2021
EP 47: Do you FAIL enough? - w/ Erin Diehl
Erin Diehl (Founder and Chief Edutainment Officer, improve it! LLC) develops teams and leaders through play, improv, and experiential learning. Erin is a Business Improv Edutainer, Failfluencer and Professional Zoom-bie. Empirical evidence has shown that improvisational training can enhance professional development, team building, effective communication, networking, presentation skills, leadership capabilities, the act of thinking quickly on your feet, and everything in between. Improve it!, has helped everyone, from Fortune 500 companies to small mom and pop shops, transform their business, their leadership, and their people - through play. Erin has the privilege of speaking on stages nationwide for all types of events and associations and shares her learnings with us here on this podcast.
July 26, 2021
EP 46: Leading a Blue Collar Workforce - w/ Joel Bennett
Joel Bennett (Owner, Veel Hoeden Consulting) has 20+ years of human resources experience and builds improved organizational capacity by providing customized consulting, training, and coaching services to growth-focused businesses. His expertise in leadership development, performance management, and change management in blue-collar environments allows him to assist leaders in tackling challenging personnel and organizational issues.     Joel’s firm, Veel Hoeden Consulting, develops leaders who transform their teams and exceed expectations.  To do that, they use a proven methodology to bridge the gap between education and application that helps companies measure the impact of their efforts.  Its flagship program, Frontline Leadership, has been utilized by a variety of businesses in the manufacturing, construction, and field service industry.
July 19, 2021
EP 45: The Science Dream Teams - w/ Mike Zani
Mike Zani (The Predictive Index, CEO), runs The Predictive Index, a talent optimization platform that uses over 60 years of proven science and software to help businesses design high-performing teams and cultures, make objective hiring decisions and inspire greatness in people.   Mike is also the co-founder and partner at Phoenix Strategy Investments, a private investment fund. An avid sailor, he was the coach of the 1996 US Olympic Team.    Mike's newly released first book “The Science of Dream Teams” provides entrepreneurs and leaders with actionable advice on how to win starting with your talent and human resources strategy.   Lot’s of aha moments in this episode, let’s jump right in!
July 12, 2021
EP 44: FIVE Keys to Building a World Class Sales Team! - w/ Rich Hoffmann & John St.PIerre
Building a world-class sales team should be a major priority for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses.  In this episode, our co-hosts, Rich Hoffmann and John St.Pierre share their learnings from both success and failures of building sales teams. The 5 keys to building a world-class sales team will walk entrepreneurs through finding and recruiting top sales talent, how to properly train them for success, helping them become top producers, and ultimately how to retain the best performers.
July 05, 2021
EP 43: Find your NICHE! - w/ Jonathan Grzybowski
Johnathan Grzybowski (Co-founder/CMO, Penji), and his team ultimately found the solution to a larger problem with Penji. Today Penji provides companies with unlimited and on-demand access to dependable and vetted digital designers that will deliver your graphic design project in under 48 hours. In today's conversation, Jonathan shares a very transparent view of the life of an entrepreneur.  He shares some very genuine thoughts about the trials and tribulations of finding your niche and growing a global team at a rapid pace. We hope you enjoy the conversation!
June 28, 2021
EP 42: Win the Day in Finance, Fitness & Life! - w/ Bill Pienias
Bill Pienias (President, FinFit Life), has been a leader in the insurance and investment industry for over 25 years and has built and led companies in the US and Europe, most notably being the President of AEGON’s largest Broker-Dealer.   Rich and I first met Bill in our first couple of years out of college and spent a lot of time learning under his leadership   In our conversation about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and life- Bill provides some incredible wisdom of his learnings and some new insights about his company. FinFit Life helps individuals achieve strong health, wealth, and the lifestyle to enjoy them!
June 21, 2021
EP 41: What is your 3-Year Capital Strategy? - w/ Jeffrey Unger
Jeffrey Unger (Founder and CEO, G2 Capital), is a very accomplished CEO, Director, and Sr Executive with experience in building scalable organizations across several sectors including. Jeffrey also has Significant experience working with Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Debt/Credit financing.   In today's conversation, we talk about why and how businesses get themselves into trouble, what they must do to get “unstuck”, most importantly what the characteristics are of healthy companies.   The majority of entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses are unable to answer one very important question:   “What is your 3-year capital strategy?”    We hope after this episode you consider this question more seriously and make sure you have the right answer for the sake of your business's future.
June 14, 2021
EP 40: Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Success? - w/ Meridith Elliot Powell
Meridith Elliot Powell (Business Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Business Strategist), is a Sales strategist, leadership expert, Certified Speaking Professional, and award-winning author. Meridith wants today’s businesses to stop viewing uncertainty as something that prevents them from being successful. This is why her virtual programs, leadership coaching, online courses, and keynote presentations leverage her 9 step formula for making uncertainty your company’s strategic advantage™. Everything about today’s marketplace is different – your customers, competition, technology, and employees. In a world that has changed so drastically, doesn’t it make sense that you need a new approach to how you sell, how you lead, how you grow your organization? So you can stop letting unpredictability be an obstacle to your success, and start embracing today’s uncertainty to drive your organization’s growth and achieve phenomenal results.
June 07, 2021
EP 39: Communication Coaching - w/ Jill Diamond
Jill Diamond (by Jill Diamond, Owner), is a seasoned communication coach with a specialization in working with international professionals. With more than 20 years of experience, a background in the performance arts, and a keen interest in people, Jill helps professionals Write it, Show it, and Voice it with precision, passion, and impact. Whether it is a board presentation, a weekly meeting, or a dialogue between two individuals, Jill is a skilled advisor on creating and conveying meaningful messages. Jill is also widely known as an Accent Training Expert helping international professionals increase their English Communication Confidence to better compete in the English-speaking marketplace.
June 01, 2021
EP 38: Double your Revenue, Double your Profits! - w/ Cameron Herold
Cameron Herold (Founder, COO Alliance), has become known around the world as The CEO Whisperer. He is helping hundreds of CEOs from 17 countries grow their businesses by growing their 2nds in Command.    Today we sit down with Cameron as he shares his 25 years of mind-shifting experience as a Business Growth Guru, having helped build TWO $100 Million Dollar companies by the time he was 42.   Companies are purchasing Cameron's books in bulk for employees to learn from. You may have heard of a few of them; Vivid Vision, Meetings Suck, Free PR, Double Double, and The Miracle Morning.   What he did at one company was so impressive; it became a case study at the Harvard Business School.    Enjoy the episode.
May 24, 2021
EP 37: Why we need to WIN @ Home First! - w/ Cory Carlson
Cory Carlson (CEO, Connector Consulting) is an entrepreneur, former executive, husband, and father of three, Cory Carlson understands the pressures working parents face every day. He is passionate about helping business leaders win at home and work.   Twenty years working in corporate America gave Cory amazing opportunities - But he also saw brokenness: work without purpose, burnout, lack of focus, strained marriages, and absentee parents. He witnesses business leaders not living life to the fullest and sought out a better way.    In this episode, Cory shares with us what he learned to become a better leader, husband, and father. He left his corporate career to help other leaders achieve a healthier work-life balance.    His first book released in June 2019 titled, Win at Home First, and is an inspirational guide for work-life balance and is listed in FORBES as ‘7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read’.   Rich and I subscribe to Cory’s core belief that we cannot win at life, or at work unless we Win at home First and love Cory’s clear messages, we hope you enjoy the episode as well!
May 17, 2021
EP 36: Growing a Values Based Family Business - w/ Jon & Ben Chastney
Jon and Ben Chastney are twin brothers who combined their passion for film production and sports to co-found their national media company, First Scout Productions.   Running a business with family members can be both rewarding and challenging.  Jon & Ben share with us the secrets of building their successful, values-based business while working with a family member and the lessons they have learned in such a short time on how to successfully build their entrepreneurial venture.   Jon and Ben are two of the most genuine people and entrepreneurs I have ever had the chance to work with and I am very excited to share their story and learnings with you on this episode this week.
May 10, 2021
EP 35: Simple Marketing Fundamentals - w/ Tim Fitzpatrick
Tim Fitzpatrick (President, Rialto Marketing) is an entrepreneur/business owner with expertise in marketing and business growth. He has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience with a passion for developing and growing businesses. That passion served him well in operating and managing a wholesale distribution company he co-owned for nine years. The company grew an average of 60% a year before being acquired in 2005.   Since then, he’s had failures and successes that have been valuable learning experiences. He started Rialto Marketing in 2013 and has been helping service businesses simplify marketing so they can grow with less stress. Most people overcomplicate marketing. Tim doesn’t think it has to be that way.
May 03, 2021
EP 34: Gentle with people, tough on results! - w/Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins (COO, Paul Davis Restoration), is a very talented and caring leader for one of the largest residential and commercial restoration contracting businesses in America. Mike has always been an entrepreneur and was an owner of several franchise businesses, which he successfully built and sold. Mike is a man of faith, having spent time planting churches, and has used this faith to develop his leadership style to lead with love because it makes good business sense! Mike talks to us about being gentle on people, and though on results. Take note of the messaging Mike shares with us about being connected, healthy, humble, invested, and present.  
April 26, 2021
EP 33: Operators Helping Operators - w/ Kyle York
Kyle York (CEO/Co-Founder, York IE) leads a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm helping reshape the way companies are built, scaled, and monetized. Kyle works closely with entrepreneurs, operators, and investors to help them realize their shared ambition to build good companies, create new jobs, grow generational wealth, and impact the world around them. Prior to joining York IE, Kyle was an executive with Dyn since 2008, primarily as Chief Revenue Officer. During his years there he spearheaded corporate strategy, growth, and go-to-market, scaling to $100M annual recurring revenue, 5000 enterprise customers, one million paid users, $100M fundraised, 500 global employees, and 11 executed M&A transactions, which led to its strategic acquisition by Oracle in 2016. Advising and investing in over 100 startups over the past decade and shares his biggest learnings with us here today.
April 19, 2021
EP 32: Moving from a "Control" to a "Commitment" Organization - w/ Rich & John
Employees vs. Intrapreneurs - Companies of the future must learn how to empower their teams in entrepreneurial ways so that their level of commitment and ownership for the goals of the organization provides them the drive to scale and build the business. Control strategy builds obedient but not committed workforce. Commitment strategy builds loyal and committed long term partners in building the enterprise In this episode, Rich and John discuss the major differences between Control and Commitment run organizations and help entrepreneurs think of ways they can create a more committed organization.
April 12, 2021
EP 31: Money Matters - w/ Dennis Markway
Dennis Markway (Founder/President,  Iron Horse Wealth Management, LLC) is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner and Adjunct Professor of Personal Finance at Drake University who is responsible for teaching the Ethics class that all Certified Financial Planners must take in the state of Iowa.  Dennis's experience in Financial Services with Fortune 500 Companies both domestically and internationally has armed him with the ability to make a difference in the lives of families and business owners.   In this episode, we discuss the learnings and tools he developed and hear about the advice that he would provide entrepreneurs after also having run 4 businesses himself.
April 05, 2021
EP 30: Why does one team Win, and one team Lose? - w/ Ryan Walter
Ryan Walter (Owner/President, Heads Up Communications), is a former National Hockey League player that played many seasons with the Montreal Canadiens.  Ryan was one of the youngest team captains in NHL history back in 1979 with the Washington Capitals when he was only 21 years old, he won a Stanley Cup in 1986 with the Canadiens, became the VP of NHL Players Association, a Colour Analyst, an actor in the film “Miracle”, and has become an inspiring speaker, author and leadership expert. Ryan helps executives and their teams to lead effectively, work as a team and achieve their performance goals through specialized training that melds science and lessons learned from 17 years in the NHL. His "THINKING TENDENCIES" Model is on the cutting edge of helping Corporate Cultures increase their performance.
March 29, 2021
EP 29: Add ZEROS to your life and business! - w/ Monte Wyatt
Monte Wyatt (CEO, AddingZEROS) is a best-selling author and an organizational & executive development facilitator. AddingZEROS is a company that works with executives to achieve exponential growth, helping them grow in multiples rather than small percentage increases. AddingZEROS provides organizations with the tools and the guidance to add zeros in every aspect of the business – revenue, margin, profit, customer acquisition, customer retention, employee engagement, employee retention, and community involvement. Monte’s book "Pulling Profits Out of Hat" reached best-seller status in May of 2019 and his 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth and 5 Constituents that every business must satisfy is a key message for growing every organization.
March 22, 2021
EP 28: How to Live Life at Performance Level - w/ Curtis Zimmerman
Curtis Zimmerman (Founder, Curtis Zimmerman Group) is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host.   Curtis's first career for over 25 years was as a mime (think Marcel Marceau) and for the last 20 years, Curtis has been sharing his message with over 1 million people at Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and organizations.  He has spoken at over 1,000 campuses and has worked with the world's largest brands; Proctor and Gamble, Coca Cola, Walt Disney World, Kroger, Bacardi, Universal Studios Orlando, McDonald’s, and the U.S. Air Forces.  Curtis is also the host of the podcast, "The Next 24 Hours"  focused on helping listeners change their lives one day at a time!
March 15, 2021
EP 27: Becoming Superhuman in Life & Business! - w/ Julian Hayes II
Julian Hayes II (Founder, The Art of Fitness & Life), is an author, a human performance advisor, an epigenetic coach, and the host of Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs. His initial journey began in the pursuit of becoming a doctor. However, he left after one year to pursue an even bigger dream. Now, he's the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life, where the mission is to help entrepreneurs and executives become superhuman in life and business without the guesswork. Julian has also written nearly 200 columns at Inc, along with frequently being published over at Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, Chief Executive, Business Insider,, and many more of the world's largest publications. Today Julian talks to us about how we, as Entrepreneurs, can become superhuman in our lives and our businesses! Let’s jump right in!
March 08, 2021
EP 26: Mental Toughness Coaching, from Athletes to the Boardroom! - w/ Eric Hoffberg
Eric Hoffberg (Founder, Coach it Forward), is a former hockey coach turned business and life coach. Eric spent 16 years coaching college and professional hockey with his longest tenure as the head coach of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY.  For many years now Eric has also worked in the NHL (National Hockey League) as a resource for culture building and mental toughness training. As a Mental Toughness Trainer for athletes that are committed to being the best version of themselves when it matters most, particularly when they feel under pressure. Something all us entrepreneurs need these days as well. Eric has also brought his experience and passion to his role as a Corporate Coach for leaders and executives that are committed to building High-Performance Team Cultures. Eric is the author of two great books for training attitude and mindset, THINK STRONG for Athletes and THINK STRONG Reminders.
March 01, 2021
EP 25: - Don’t Settle for 7, Go for 10! - w/ Shane Ram
Shane Ram (CEO and Founder of Go For 10), is a Life and Leadership Coach, Author & Educator. Shane works with CEOs, Senior Executives, corporations, 6-7 Figure business owners, and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, become better leaders, and live more fulfilling lives. He is the author of Future Ready Leadership, a book that provides the 8 Must-Have Strategies for Leaders to Thrive in an uncertain and volatile future.  From Shane’s years of experience training and coaching senior leaders and entrepreneurs, he found that most people are playing at a level way below their potential and are settling for less than they deserve, Shane created Don’t Settle for 7, Go for 10! The program provides a much-needed blueprint for leaders and entrepreneurs to increase their wealth, and build global businesses, create confidence and reach their highest potential emotionally and financially.  We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!
February 22, 2021
EP 24: Is "Leadershit" killing your company culture?- w/ Rande Somma
Rande Somma is the author of the business book “Leadershit” - yes you read that right, replace the "P" in leadership with a "T" - "Leadershit".   In the book, Rande talks about the incredibly broken systems we have in corporate America where CEO’s, boards, and private equity groups are motivated to do bad things and create short term results that have incredible impacts on the people and integrity of the organization.    Rande was an intrapreneur within Johnson Controls where he rose the ranks of what was an $800M manufacturing company when he began, to 15 years later where he was the President of the company that had grown to $20B in global revenues, in 26 countries, and with 75,000 people.  What he witnessed as he rose the ranks and has sat on many boards since has really disturbed him and he wrote the book "Leadershit" to articulate how our systems are badly broken and provide the wrong incentives.   This is certainly an opening conversation where we truly come to understand that all we can control is what we do ourselves, AND certainly that we need to be careful with the types of people we associate ourselves with.
February 15, 2021
EP 23: Commander's Intent from an F-15 Fighter Pilot - w/Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams (Founder, Afterburner) is a 17 year Veteran of the United States Airforce where he was an F15E Fighter Pilot.  Brandon is now an established Keynote Speaker and Executive Consultant bringing all the concepts he learned in his years of service in the military to businesses and their executives. In today's episode, we explore the program he has developed called "Human Factors Leadership" and explore topics such as: - How to mitigate human error, - What is a Commander's intent, - Decentralized execution, - The power of Debriefs, - Developing informal leaders, and - Who should be creating tactical plans? Hope you enjoy the episode!
February 08, 2021
EP 22: How to be "You on your best Day" - w/ Michael Allosso
Michael Allosso (Speaker, Actor, Director), is a master communications expert who coaches CEO’s and entrepreneurs on their day to day leadership skills.  Michael is a top-rated Vistage International speaker traveling the world bringing his “You on your best day” program to organizations and businesses. Michael is a former drama teacher and former artistic director with numerous theaters in the Boston area. As an actor, Michael Allosso, appeared in the feature film “Pink Panther Two” alongside Steve Martin, and also appeared in many commercials and corporate films.   In this episode, we talk about how leaders can be their best authentic selves by being intentional about their micro-messaging and how structure frees your creativity.
February 01, 2021
EP 21: You Evolving Now - w/ Andre Young
Andre Young (Founder, Evolving Now, LLC), is a speaker and onsite/virtual corporate trainer focused on positivity, personal growth, and relationship growth; allowing men and women, students, employees, and YOU to EVOLVE in all roles and aspects of life and live the life of your dreams!   Work/Life Harmony is more important now than it's ever been and in this episode, Andre shares with us the "The Leader's 7! ".  We learn about the 7 Languages your people need, want, and benefit most from hearing and how you as a leader should understand these languages to excel in your “casual conversations” as well as those “tough conversations” most leaders struggle with!
January 25, 2021
EP 20: How to Attract the Best to Invest in your Business! - w/ Manny Padda
Manny Padda (Founder, New Avenue Capital), is a Canadian based entrepreneur and investor.  New Avenue Capital, a private family office that is constantly evaluating business ventures and opportunities globally.  Manny is a world-class networker who built a very large and successful executive search company before becoming an investor in people himself.    In this episode, Rich and I talk to Manny about the entrepreneurial journey specifically from an investor standpoint.    - How can entrepreneurs attract investors,   - how entrepreneurs should be master networkers,   - how to think laterally,   - transactional vs real relationships,   - ways entrepreneurs should evaluate possible exit strategies,   - and so much more!
January 18, 2021
EP 19: Are you FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for your Financial Success? - w/ Vinnie Fischer
Vinnie Fisher (Founder/CEO, Fully Accountable), is on a mission to help over 10,000 companies double their profit margins. Vinnie is by trade and experience a tax attorney and is now the CEO and founder of Fully Accountable, a full-service accounting firm that specializes in providing fractional CFO's to medium-sized businesses.    Having an analytical CFO, for a fraction of what it would cost you to hire one yourself, can really help CEO’s find their leaky wasteful buckets and find financial opportunities that we all have hidden in our business, we just never have enough time to tackle them.   There are great actionable tips shared with us in this episode that can help you double your companies profits so we encourage you to take some of these ideas into your business today.
January 11, 2021
EP 18: Perversely Unyielding; What is it and Why it Matters? - w/ C-Roc
Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco (CEO of People Building, Inc.) is the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” movement. C-Roc is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to Inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire, inciting him to write his debut book, ROCKET FUEL, which is slated for release in February 2021.   In this episode, Rich and John learn more about how C-Roc is taken his setbacks and turned them into ROCKET FUEL by being Perversely Unyielding about his 10x goals!
January 04, 2021
EP 17: Create your Life Plan and Kick Ass in 2021! - w/ John & Rich
2020 is almost over! There is no better time to reflect on the past and plan for our future.   Our co-hosts, John and Rich, met 25 years ago in their first job out of college. Both were sponges for information and looking for direction on how they could accomplish their wildest goals and dreams in life. They took every opportunity to read recommended books, attend inspirational seminars, and as you will hear in this episode... even purchase Tony Robins Personal Power cassette tapes… yes cassette tapes (remember those)... For the last episode of this "beyond ordinary” 2020 year, John and Rich dive deep into the extreme necessity of having a clear and specific life plan.  They talk about how they have each managed these plans over the past 25 years and the different methodologies they are using today to ensure that they are ready to kick some ass in 2021 and beyond!  Happy New Year everybody - let’s make 2021 a great year!!
December 28, 2020
EP 16: Performance Intelligence w/ Dr. Julie Bell
Dr. Julie Bell (Founder: Mind of a Champion), has a unique and powerful blend of coaching professional athletes and business professionals to perform at their best when it matters most.  With a Ph.D. in sports psychology,  Dr. Julie Bell transfers core principles of sport psychology to the corporate playing field for immediate application with sustainable results.    In this episode, we discuss her company "The Mind of a Champion", her book "Performance Intelligence at work", and the amazing similarities between sports and business professionals.
December 21, 2020
EP 15: Turning your Pain into POWER! - w/ Keith Ablow
This week we sit down with a New York Times bestselling author of 16 books and the Founder of Pain-2-Power, Dr. Keith Ablow.     Rich and I were glued to the conversation as we talked about the ability that all humans have to tap into the innate strengths to overcome any situation or obstacle.   Dr. Keith Ablow has worked with hundreds of clients around the world and developed a system that identifies negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are subconsciously preventing people from achieving their true goals.   Stay tuned after our conversation with Dr. Ablow as Rich and I breakdown our extensive thoughts and notes from the deep conversation.
December 14, 2020
EP 14: How can we empower and mentor Millennial' be GREAT? - w/ Greg Moore
Greg Moore (Founder, Sevwins) has been a college baseball coach for over 18 years and recently founded Sevwins, a mobile app technology focused on providing athletes with a growth mindset framework to help them in achieving peak performance by being intentional about their daily habits.   In this episode, we talk about the next generation of leaders; how they learn, think, and should be mentored by coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, and parents to achieve their full potential.
December 07, 2020
EP 13: Stop wasting your Digital Marketing $$$$ - w/ Jared Antista
Jared Antista (CEO/Founder, IOI Ventures) has been deeply embedded in the Digital Marketing industry for over 20 years with a specific focus on converting marketing dollars into a measurable return on investment & results.  IOI ("Integrity Over Income") Ventures was founded with a specific purpose to work with small-medium sized businesses and provided them with a world-class team of experts to complement their existing sales and marketing infrastructure.   In this episode, Jared provides entrepreneurs with actionable tips on what they need to start doing to make sure they are not wasting money $$$$$$ on the ever-changing and incredibly dynamic landscape of digital marketing.
November 30, 2020
EP 12: Scaling your business to 24,000,000 Users - w/ Dave Dupont
Dave Dupont (CEO/Founder, Team Snap) left corporate America to embark on his passion to solve a simple problem. "How can sports organizations provide tools to coaches, parents, and athletes to streamline constant communications?" Team Snap has since been an innovator in how sports organizations use mobile technology to manage their business and communications.   In this episode, we talk about how Dave built a Team Snap community of over 1,000,000 teams, and 24,000,000 users, in over 130 countries with a strong cultured fully remote global staff.
November 23, 2020
EP 11: How does saying, “no,” help growth? - w/ Alessio Artuffo
Alessio Artuffo (Chief Revenue Officer, Docebo) moved to the USA from Italy at the age of 20 and has been on the cutting edge of digital learning systems for his entire 20-year career.  Over the last 9 years, he has contributed to Docebo’s growth from a relatively small company to being publicly traded and named the Best LMS Software company by     In this episode, he describes everything from the importance of organizational culture, staying in your lane, and how he personally invests in himself as a leader/entrepreneur.
November 15, 2020
EP 10: Why ask Why? - w/ Jeff Wall
Jeff Wall (President/CEO, Handyman Connection), spent the first 23 years of his career as an executive leader within First Service Brands working with thousands of entrepreneurs running franchise businesses.  In 2010, Jeff purchased Handyman Connection (, a national home improvement franchise company.    In addition to having a tremendous amount of experience with entrepreneurs, Jeff was also John and Rich's first boss.  As we all know, the impact your first boss has is long-lasting.  In this episode, we revisit many of those deep learnings that help mold our business skills.
November 08, 2020
EP 9: Integrity, Humility & Company Values Alignment- w/ Ruth Lund
Ruth Lund (President, LEGACY Center), has been impacting lives and developing leaders by working closely with Executive teams on values-based cultural alignment within their organizations.  Ruth is also a certified practitioner with the Barrett Values Centre, Giving Voice to Values (GVV), and ATD’s Internal Coaching Program.   In this episode, we talk about the differences between Entrepreneurs that intentionally invest in the cultures of their companies and those that don't, and the amazing things that a leader can accomplish with their teams when they display a strong level of humility and integrity.
November 01, 2020
EP 8: Pivot, Practice and Positive Sales Principles- w/ Jim Ryerson
Jim Ryerson (Founder and CAO at Sales Octane, Inc.):  If you want to accelerate your sales team's performance (don't we all?) you should listen to this episode right away.  Jim is the best selling author of 4 books and well sought after sales trainer/keynote speaker.     In this episode, Jim shares his personal entrepreneurial journey with us along with a deep discussion on how companies can accelerate their sales performance.  We discuss how mobile technology is being used to train sales reps along with many other tips and tricks that entrepreneurs should focus on if they want their sales teams to perform at high levels.
October 25, 2020
EP 7: Entrepreneurial Character, Fortitude, Vision and Priorities - w/ Jeff Levitan
Jeff Levitan (Exec. Chairman, World Financial Group): John and Rich worked alongside Jeff Levitan over 20 years ago when they were a few years removed from college.  The mentorship and impression that Jeff left on John and Rich molded many of their business and life philosophies.    Jeff is an Executive Chairman with the World Financial Group (a Transamerica Company) where he oversees 700 locations, and 13,000 registered agents across North America.  In addition to his business and being an author of 3 books, Jeff found a deeper purpose in life and started a charitable organization ( that has provided resources to underprivileged children in over 19 countries to date.   In this episode, we talk to Jeff about entrepreneurial leadership traits (Character, Fortitude, Vision, and Priorities) and what it takes to build a massive organization and live a life of fulfillment!
October 18, 2020
EP 6: Japanese Business Culture and Why we Need a Process for Innovation - w/ Dean Lindal
Dean Lindal (Co-Founder, International Deal Gateway - is the co-founder of the International Deal Gateway, a global peer network connecting entrepreneurs and investors.  In addition to being an Ironman finisher, a husband, a father to 5 kids, and an advisor to the Thomas Edison Foundation, Dean was the founding manager of the Entrepreneurs Organization, better known across the globe as the "EO".  There he opened 90 chapters around the globe and had the unique opportunity to learn first hand the attributes of very successful entrepreneurs from different cultures.   In this episode, we talk about his most impactful entrepreneurial learnings, how we must have a process around innovation, and much more.
October 10, 2020
Ep 5: - "Success Mindsets" - Get your Foot OFF the BREAK! - w/ Ryan Gottfredson
Ryan Gottfredson (Author, "Success Mindsets") is a Ph.D. Professor at the College of Business and Economics at California State - Fullerton, a speaker, trainer, consultant, and researcher on the cutting edge of Leadership Development.  During this episode, we talk with Ryan about the concepts behind his Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Book "Success Mindsets", the key to unlocking success in your life, work, and leadership.  Ryan also shares with us his own personal mindset shifts that lead him to the adventurous life of being an entrepreneur himself.
October 03, 2020
Ep 4: Maximize Performance of Yourself and your Business - w/ Steve Hearon
Steve Hearon (President, BrandPoint Services) has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and shares with us some of his key learnings and systems he has put in place to maximize the performance of himself and his business.
September 27, 2020
EP 3: ESPORTS is About to Change EVERYTHING! - w/ Murphy Vandervelde
Murphy Vandervelde (CEO, Helix eSports), along with his kids, has created Helix Esports, and together they have built 3 esports centers in NJ, NY, and most recently at Patriot Place/Gillette Stadium in Boston. The esports industry is coming to your community and it is coming hot.  As a parent, I have been frustrated as I watch my own kids game for hours on end, but as the saying goes, if you cannot beat them, join them! That is exactly what our guest Murphy Vandervelde did.      Where this industry is going and how it is leading the gamification of higher education is fascinating. This conversation will certainly give you a lot to think about as a parent or entrepreneur!
September 19, 2020
Ep 2: - The RESET Button has Been PRESSED for Small Businesses - w/ Callum Laing
Callum Laing (CEO, MBH Corporation)  is also a 3-time author, speaker, and small business advocate. Callum Laing is also the CEO of MBH Corporation, a publicly listed company consisting of several small businesses that have come together to form a larger agglomeration of companies.    We sit down and talk about the reset button that has been pressed for entrepreneurs globally and why they must develop progressive partnerships.
September 13, 2020
Ep 1: What is TAKES to go from Sales Rep to CEO! - w/ Mike Stone
Mike Stone (CEO, CertaPro Painters) has a fascinating story of going from a sales representative to the CEO of the largest painting company in North America with over 350 franchisees.  His story of growth as an Intrapreneur within the CertaPro organization is fascinating and the keys to his success are extremely valuable to all Entrepreneurs or people looking to grow to the top of their organization.  We hope you enjoy the conversation.
September 07, 2020