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On the Horizons

On the Horizons

By Envision Horizons
On the Horizon podcast gives you access to exclusive and expert information when it comes to e-commerce, Amazon, retail, and best practices for consumer brands. The show is co-hosted by Laura Meyer, Founder and CEO and MJ Johnson, Content and Events Manager of Amazon Advertising agency Envision Horizons. Join in and listen to Envision Horizons' discussions with top industry experts.
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2020 Crystal Ball: E-Commerce Trends To Implement Now!
Envision Horizons is proud to share our second "On the Horizons" panel discussion.  As top marketers and e-commerce professionals we are expected to be on top of trends in order to keep our brand(s) competitive and innovative.  In a fast moving digital world where being an early adopter is key, we curated a conversation to discuss the future of e-commerce. We dive into topics such as sustainability, data, consumer purchasing habits, the Amazon Effect, strategic selling on Amazon, AI, and so much more.  Listen in as our moderator, Kristina Libby and our incredible panelists, Rita Shukham, Liz Dunn, Alissa Baier-Lentz, and Envision Horizons CEO and Co-founder Laura Meyer offer a compelling conversation discussing the 2020 E-Commerce Trends To Start Implementing Now!
November 26, 2019
How Envision Horizons Is Utilizing Amazon Advertising To Increase Holiday Sales
In our second episode of On the Horizons CEO and Founder of Envision Horizons Laura Meyer shares tactics every brand should be implementing now as they prepare for the e-commerce Super Bowl. Listen in as Laura discusses her 360 strategy and the key to winning big this HoliDAZE! 
November 14, 2019
The Story Behind Envision Horizons and CEO and Founder Laura Meyer
In our first episode of On the Horizons, we introduce CEO and Founder of Envision Horizons Laura Meyer. We dive into Laura's retail and Amazon background, discuss what drove her to start her business, and some of the struggles she's endured along the way. Additionally, we talk about some common issues brands face when selling on the platform and how our core services are a holistic solution for all. 
October 2, 2019