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The Everyday People Podcast with Okta

The Everyday People Podcast with Okta

By Oktaviano Syahruddin
This Podcast is a personal project I have created for 'Everyday People' to have a chat about their personal experiences they have lived so far, all while teaching myself about the engineering of audio and visuals in terms of podcast production.
The aim for these stories and experiences is to help others, including myself, to grow, laugh and evolve into the best version of ourselves possible. Enjoy!
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George Tofa #03
Purchasing your first home is not an easy goal to achieve, especially when you have no idea about who to speak to, or where to begin like I did when I decided to finally make that move. Cue George Tofa aka ‘George the Broker’, a broker from West Melbourne.   Growing up as a man with Samoan and Chinese heritage, there always comes a big family behind the story. A while before the podcast, I asked George what his favourite quote was and he responded, "I'm not winning unless my family is". Knowing him personally, his true values and genuine interest in helping his clients better their own situation made my choice in finding a broker an easier one.  On this episode of The Everyday People Podcast, we talk about how he got his business from the bottom, compared to where it is today, what it felt like being a Pacific Islander in a heavily influenced Caucasian industry and the sacrifices that had to be made. We go through what a broker is and how one can help you compared to the big banks on your own.   This is a very insightful episode on the "do's and don'ts", along with other tips to help you when trying to secure a loan for your first or next home loan.  Thanks for listening! @georgethebroker
February 28, 2021
Damian Kirk #02
On this episode I have a chat with another friend from high school, Damian Kirk. I went in with no notes or structure, assuming I was ready to just let it fly. I was wrong, another lesson learnt! ‘Damo’ as he is known growing up, was a very talented sportsman in rugby league, union and touch rugby. Some people would label him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I was one of those people. Now I believe he’s just misunderstood. He doesn’t mind a bit of banter and has happily taken the moniker ‘Crazy Damo’ because of it. We chat about his deep personal experiences that have lead him to be the man he is today. There are some powerful messages in this conversation that show he is someone that cares about his community and ultimately wants the best. Whether you agree with his opinion or not, I respect his stance. Damo in this episode had minimal preparation(from my end) and with a lot still to discuss, he forgot to mention the catalyst for the major change in his life. Swipe right on the EP Podcast instagram post for this episode to watch a short seperate clip about this that he has recorded. Thanks for listening! Damian Kirk - @cbd_dk (instagram)
January 6, 2021
Petera Tamarua #01
It’s hard to be natural once you know the record button has been pushed and the microphones are in your face, even if the first guest on your Podcast is your best mate.  Petera Tamarua who is also known as 'Putts', has always been a creative, whether it’s music production, visuals or fashion. On this episode we talk about his life from a youngster as a talented rugby league player, to the present as a creative, with a full time job as a personal trainer at Tribute Boxing & Fitness Gym located in Melbourne.  Along with all of this, being a husband and father would be hard to juggle. He explains why and how the mantra of the two words, “Make Time” has helped manage to keep himself organised rather than overwhelmed and procrastinate. It's also the foundation of a new mind and body transformation program he has created called the “2.0” program.  Thanks for listening! @puttspt @shottabyp @moving___still
December 16, 2020
Who is Okta? #00
A short introduction episode; a little bit about myself and why I've started this podcast. Scripted and awkward, but aiming to get better. I hope this gives you an understanding of who I am. Thanks for listening!
November 28, 2020