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The Epic As F*ck! Podcast

The Epic As F*ck! Podcast

By Alexa Marie
The Epic As F*ck Podcast features DEEEP chats and banters with the world’s movers, shakers, rule breakers & makers doing, being and overcoming things that are epic as f*ck!. This podcast is for the young 20year olds fresh-out of school or their parents house. You know you have greatness within you, but there’s a bunch of bullshit clouding your view. The EAFP gives you tools and guidance to shed the shit and own your epic as fuckness every day.
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Mastering the Process versus Forcing the Outcome
In this episode, I chat with a good friend, Luc Tenthorey, who is a founding partner of a Philadelphia-based design engineering company called Oat Foundry. Luc’s biz story is a really unique one about six friends with a strong bond and powerful level of trust that carried them through years of struggle in their business. Luc talks about the ‘dark years’, aka the early years, of starting a business. The “why the fuck are we doing this” moments of being an early-stage business owner, doing and taking any job to get by. We talk about the twists and turns of being a business founder along with the mental and emotional waves that accompany that and all of life. Plus, we get into the deep stuff about mental and emotional states and the path we go through with rejecting things in ourselves that we didn’t like about our parents. All of this, plus: 💪 Getting to the point where you can say ‘no' to opportunities, and learning what your niche is by doing everything and all things in the beginning. 💼 Work life presence and co-dependence on your business: the business being the defining factor of how you are doing as a person 📚 Defining success by continuing to learn and do interesting things ✨ Moving beyond the novelty of a new business 🌩️ Experience with moving through depression, negative thought processes and emotional blocks 🎆Mastering the art of working the process, not the outcome 💡 How to get out of a rut and upward spiral to feeling better and better 🌱Live gratitude meditation 🔥 Engaging with a creative pursuit that isn’t tied to financial game to balance your sex and creative energy For any new business owners, aspiring business owners, or people with mental and emotional disturbance and mindset challenges, this is for you! Instagram: @_honeyclutter_ Music Credit: KaizanBlu Track Name: Closer Music By: Chill Out Records Official SoundCloud Official YouTube Channel License for commercial use Music promoted by: Chill Out Records
April 19, 2021
Feeling and Processing Our Emotions
In this episode, Alexa chats with Taylor of the @happydocpodcast about emotions & feelings. Taylor is a psychiatrist who was exhausted and depressed in medical school when he decided to start ‘The happy Doc’ podcast to help create happy, thriving doctors. In this episode, Taylor and Alexa share their personal journey with feelings & emotions and discuss why we humans don’t understand what feelings/emotions are, how to begin to understand them, and tools to work with your feelings and process them. We were not taught or educated at all about emotions and feelings (unless you were apart of a minority of people who’s family did teach them this). Because of this, we have grown up to be separated and confused about emotions and feelings, thus trying to run from them and repress them. We simply don’t understand them. Yet, they are A PART Of the human experience, just like needing to eat food and drink water to stay alive. There’s no escaping our emotions or feelings, so we must first learn what they even are, then what they mean, and then how to process them and work with them. Key takeaways: Emotions are tools, navigation systems, and alerts guide and notify us of things. Every feeling and emotion on the spectrum are NORMAL. You are not crazy or abnormal for having them, no matter how intense. How we chase the ‘good’ feelings and disown the ‘bad’ ones, but chasing and repressing are equally as challenging and unhealthy. How our families and upbringing influenced how we learned to deal with our feelings & emotions. Repression of emotions and feelings leads to many physical health issues and illnesses. You are not doomed: Emotions can be learned and emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed. Tools to understand challenging emotions and process what you’re feeling. @TheHappyDocpodcast & @Taylor_Brana Music By
March 5, 2020
Life after school and college can be challenging to navigate. Do I get a job? Do I travel? I don't want a 9-5, what do I do? In this episode, learn some ways to navigate the confusion of the post-college terrain; from finding a job you actually vibe with to building skills that actually matter. This episode is permission for you to go on the crazy ride of trying, failing, searching and seeking versus settling because your parents, guilt, or confusion makes you get and stay in job you hate. Focus on yourself first: Your self awareness, your personal development, becoming a better person, becoming better communicator. Find out what you like by trying a lot of different things. Seek out new people and friend groups. Prioritize your health, wellbeing and find out who you are, more so than focusing on your professional life and what you want to do. Don’t go get a job just to get job. Get the job if you really want to do that job and you see it as a growth opportunity; not just to fill a void in your life. If you do get a job, keep on developing yourself in the process; not settle into the job as if it’s the grand finale. Get a job working for someone you admire and are pumped to learn from. Acquire different skills, especially SALES and NEGOTIATION SKILLS! Because life and business and work is about providing a solution to the end user, and sales skills will help you do that and solve problems. Episode featuring:  @DavidLacamera  &   @William_j_fulton Music: "Blushes" by DJ Quads:
February 28, 2020