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By EPLO Washington DC
The EU TO CAMPUS podcast throws a light on issues and events that make up the European Union and is intended primarily for US undergraduate and graduate students studying and following European Union affairs. The podcast is produced by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington DC.
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The European Parliament - An introduction


Scrutinizing Frontex - A window into the European Parliament's powers of scrutiny
An EU to Campus special edition in cooperation with The Europe Desk of the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. European Parliament Vice President Roberta Metsola talks about the work of the European Parliament's Frontex Scrutiny Working Group and her role as chair. Apart from taking us through Europe's migration challenge, the operations of the EU's Frontex border management agency and the allegations against it being investigated by the EU lawmakers, this frank conversation with Vice President Metsola throws light on the EU's internal balance of power and the European Parliament's powers of scrutiny.
May 28, 2021
Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union - The role of the European Parliament
In this episode, EPLO Director, Joe Dunne talks with Vivien Schmidt, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Professor of International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies and Professor of Political Science at Boston University. Amplifying on her latest book, Europe’s Crisis of Legitimacy: Governing by Rules and Ruling by Numbers in the Eurozone (2020) Professor Schmidt throws light on the topic of European Union democratic legitimacy - how is the European Parliament making a difference, the challenges that lie ahead and how the EU block learned important lessons from the Euro crisis of 2010. Learn more about Prof Schmidt on her personal website.
April 14, 2021
The European Parliament - An introduction
The European Parliament may be obscure to many Americans, but it is one of the most important legislative institutions in the world, tasked with co-adopting EU laws, setting standards and promoting values that go well beyond the EU’s political borders. The embodiment of European style democracy, it is within the Parliament's chambers that European citizens from all the 27 EU Member States are represented. In this second episode we sat down with Kaitlin Alper, a lecturer and doctoral candidate in political science at the university of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She gives us a snapshot of this unique institution, outlining powers, development and structures often using useful comparisons with the US Congress which facilitates an easier understanding by US students.
December 8, 2020
The State of the European Union
The State of the European Union (SOTEU) is the most important EU annual event. A key moment where the President of the European Commission addresses and debates with the members of the European Parliament. We sat down with Desmond Dinan, Professor of Public Policy, Jean Monnet Chair and EU expert at the Schar School of Policy and Government of George Mason University.  He helps us understand what SOTEU is really all about, why it is important and what to take from this year's edition which took place on September 16. 
September 23, 2020