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Equally Valued

Equally Valued

By Equally Valued
Equally Valued brings together the insights of the ALLIANCE, Scotland’s largest health and social care third sector organisation, with the journalism of to focus on an issue of the moment for health and social care across Scotland.
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Fuelling Scotland’s health divide – the cost of spiralling energy prices

Equally Valued

Dignity, fairness, and respect? Can Scotland change attitudes to social security?
What is the impact of poverty and wealth inequality on health and wellbeing and will the Scottish government’s promise to deliver a fairer, less punitive system go far enough?  We speak with Ben MacPherson, the Scottish Minister for Social Security, to understand Scotland’s future plans for social security as more benefits are devolved as well as leaders within the sector, including those from organisations representing people with disabilities and their carers. What is the importance of direct payments and what more can be done to support children, unpaid carers and people with disabilities?
June 10, 2022
Fuelling Scotland’s health divide – the cost of spiralling energy prices
Health inequalities in Scotland have long been documented. After April 1st 2022, experts said these inequalities would begin to get much worse. There was no new pandemic coming, but our energy prices were going to rise by over 50% causing many to drop into fuel poverty and sending others even further into the uncertainty of whether they could eat or heat. If you are an unpaid carer or live with a long term condition, how do you handle this burden? In this first episode of Equally Valued, we speak to experts from across the spectrum of health and care to find out what the rising fuel costs mean for individuals most at risk and in need of support. From academics and third sector leaders to unpaid carers and professionals working on the front lines in communities, these voices provide an insight into the consequences of fuel poverty and what Scotland's leaders need to do to help. Music credits Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
April 19, 2022