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9. Interview with

An episode of Erase the State

By Erase the State
Join Matty K and Mikey2Names as they discuss anarchy, agorism, free thought and individual liberty.
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12. Grab Bag
Matty and Mikey bring to you a grab bag of topics before taking a short break. We also get serious near the end to discuss more problems with public policing. Follow us on twitter @MattyKfromPA @Mikee2Names @ErasetheState
July 14, 2019
11. Exploring QAnon with Wild West Will
This week, Matty K and Mikey welcome their friend Wild West Will to discuss various conspiracies surrounding QAnon and the Trump administration.  Follow us on Twitter @MattyKfromPA @Mikee2Names @ErasetheState
July 4, 2019
10. European Vacation: The Return of Mikee2Names
Mikee2Names is back from Europe! We discuss his experiences while overseas and things kind of come off the rails.  Follow us on Twitter: @Mikee2Names @MattyKfromPA @ErasetheState
June 27, 2019
9. Interview with
In this episode, Matty K interviews Theodore, the Executive Director of Would you like to have more of a say in what government programs your hard-earned (and extorted) tax dollars are spent on? Have a listen to get a better understanding of Theodore's proposal. Follow on Twitter: @CrowdFundedGov Follow us on Twitter: @ErasetheState @MattyKfromPA @Mikee2Names
June 20, 2019
8. Do You Hate the State? A reading with Matty K
Gather round, y'all! It's story time with uncle Matty K.  This week, Matty K reads "Do You Hate the State" by Murray Rothbard. This essay is available at for free if you'd like to follow along or keep for future study. Follow us! @MattyKfromPA @Mikee2Names @ErasetheState
June 13, 2019
7. Bonus Episode with Pete Raymond
In this episode, Pete "Mance Rayder" Raymond joins Matty K to discuss his recent ban from twitter, recommendations for new podcasters, and recommended reading for new anarchists. Pete is the author of two books, Freedom Through Memedom and The Kids are Not Alright, a contributor at, and the host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. You can support Pete at the following places:   Pete's books on Amazon   Pete's books for purchase with crypto   Pete's Bitbacker   Pete's Patreon   Follow us on twitter!   @MattyKfromPA   @Mikee2Names   @ErasetheState
June 6, 2019
6. Bitcoin Basics with CarCampIt
Legendary non-engineer, road toad denier and co-host of the Friends Against Government podcast, CarCampIt, joins Matty K to discuss the basics of bitcoin.  Like what you hear? Let us know! Follow us on twitter: @MattyKfromPA @Mikee2Names @ErasetheState
June 4, 2019
5. War Is A Racket
Happy Memorial Day, y'all. In this episode, we discuss having patriotism forced down our throats and make a plea to the American youth to not join the military. We're still working out some audio issues and experimenting with the best way to record, so your thoughts and prayers are appreciated in these trying times. Listen to and support our friends, Friends Against Government and Biting the Bullet. Please also remember to investigate Chillderberg. Follow us on twitter at @EraseTheState. Rate, subscribe and tell two friends.
May 28, 2019
4. The Superstition of Authority
In this episode, we explore governmental authority and its origins, how governments get their supposed rights, and some examples of criminal justice in an anarchist society. Dark Tom Woods must be scared of us because he stopped our recording halfway through. We tried our best to recreate the magic and we thank you for bearing with us. Do not submit to Dark Tom Woods' supposed authority! The books mentioned are "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose and "Anatomy of the State" by Murray Rothbard. Find us on Twitter at @EraseTheState or email us at 
May 22, 2019
3. Crypto Caterwauling
On this week's episode, Matty K and Mikee discuss a recent proposal in congress which seeks to ban Americans from purchasing cryptocurrency, the Houston Rockets flame out and Matty finds a job. We're testing out some new audio equipment, so please let us know how we sound. @EraseTheState
May 14, 2019
2. Police State Ride Along
Join the guys as they meander their way through current events and rant about public policing. Other stuff we mentioned in this episode: Scott Horton - For your foreign affairs education ( Dave Smith – Noted Christian conservative and part time comedian ( Tom Woods – Index card rewriter ( Chillderburg – Not a cult ( Tasting Anarchy – Wine and anarchy ( Friends Against Government – A bunch of fags ( Jacob Hornberger – An actual libertarian candidate ( Robert Higgs – Brilliant economist ( Raeford Davis – Former cop who came to his senses (@raefordd) Pete Raymond – Anarchy podcaster, author, memelord ( Dale Brown – Detroit Threat Management Center (
May 7, 2019
1. Introducing Erase the State
Matty K and Mikee2Names introduce themselves and discuss their plans for the show. Stay tuned for more and follow us on twitter at @MattyKfromPA, @Mikee2Names and @ErasetheState.
April 27, 2019
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