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Electrified with Eric Lyons

Electrified with Eric Lyons

By Eric Lyons
A show that covers everything inside the field of play and outside of it. Come for the game recaps, hot takes, and fun but stay for the hard hitting topics and real world discussions.
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Episode 183: Ether
On this fiery edition of Electrified I break down the beef between Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher. A beef ignited by the continued conversation surrounding the money being generated by NIL deals and how the deals come about (1:10). The second segment of this episode is a story on how Delaware Sate University's (HBCU) women's lacrosse team bus was pulled over in Georgia then illegally searched (25:40). The episode wraps up with Sasha Banks potentially walking away from WWE (41:00).
May 19, 2022
Episode 182: The Don
Episode 182 starts off with a celebration of the demise of Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and the rest of the Suns thanks to Luka The Don (2:00). The job is not done yet and now the Mavs will be taking on the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals (12:05). Then on the opposite side of the bracket we get a rematch from the 2020 playoffs between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals (22:15). The episode wraps with a recap of the Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castaño fight from this past Saturday night (31:00).
May 16, 2022
Episode 181: Against The Wall
On today's episode of Electrified I break down the two elimination games taking place tonight, who has a better chance of forcing a game 7, the Mavs or 76ers? (4:00). The Warriors were up 3-1 but now that lead is in jeopardy, could be seeing a sequel to their 2016 collapse?(11:20). This weekend we will see Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castaño in a rematch for all four belts at super welterweight (18:25). It pained me to say it but I believe baseball is dead, it may be America's past time but I think America has passed its need for the sport (30:00). This episode wraps up with a look at all of the recent incidents involving fans at sporting events (42:00).
May 12, 2022
Episode 180: Sorry For The Weight
On the 180th edition of Electrified I break down the absolutely dominate performance by WBA lightweight champion Dmitry Bivol. The fighter served Canelo Alvarez his first L since losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2013 (1:00). After losing a fight like this in that fashion I asked the question, is Canelo's legacy still in tact?(21:00). The episode wraps up with a preview of the rest of the fights on tap for this Summer including title fights, unification bouts, and undisputed bouts (29:50).
May 09, 2022
Episode 179: The Code
On this episode of Electrified I talk about the NBA playoff intensity as it relates to the physicality of the game. Are the refs too involved in what's going on? Also, who had the more executable foul, Draymond Green or Dillon Brooks?(2:00). Then I look back on the NBA bubble and how it compares to the playoff atmosphere that we've seen this year (21:05). A question that is truly hard to answer, did anyone actually win the Ben Simmons/James Harden trade?(34:03). Finally, I'll tell you why you should never try to troll Drake on Instagram (43:00).
May 05, 2022
Episode 178: Heating up
On the 178th edition of Electrified I break down what I've seen in round one of the NBA playoffs from the East to the West, who's done and who still has a chance, and what teams are destined for a finals appearance (1:20). The wildest NFL off season of all time continues as Deebo Samuel has added to the chaos by requesting a trade from the San Fransisco 49ers (30:40). USFL and Fan Controlled Football are trying to give people gridiron battles in the Spring and I'm simply not buying it (41:00). This episode wraps up with a recap of the fight that saw Errol Spence Jr collect his third belt in the welterweight division this past weekend (48:00).
April 21, 2022
Episode 177: Backlash
Episode 177 starts off with the tragic death of Dwayne Haskins. A husband, brother, and friend to many. His life was cut very short. I covered his passing and the fallout including the tweets from Adam Schefter (3:00). This weekend Errol Spence Jr takes on Yordenis Ugas in a three belt welterweight unification bout, I break down the tale of the tape and preview the action (22:44). The meat and potatoes of this episode is the recap of what has been the wildest NFL off season ever, trades, contracts, headlines, I discuss it all! (35:00).
April 14, 2022
Episode 176: Cut The Cameras
Episode 176 starts off with a look at the three fights on the docket for this weekend with the return of Ryan Garcia, GGG, and a showdown at super welterweight between Erickson Lubin and Sebastian Fundora (2:10). Special guest Sean Davis and I discuss all things NBA from his Lakers, my Heat, the play in, and playoffs (16:37). The episode wraps up with us recapping this past weekend's Wrestlemania 38 (48:50). 
April 07, 2022
Episode 175: Nothing Was The Same
It was a very interesting week in the sports world that started with Aaron Rodgers announcing he'd be staying in Green Bay which was followed by a domino effect of events (2:45). Meanwhile Calvin Ridley got burned by a couple failed parlay bets, he just like me (15:00). The AFC West turned into the best division over night but who will come out on top this season?(22:00). The MLB and MLBPA finally struck a deal to end the lockout so baseball is back! (30:50).
March 11, 2022
Episode 174: Free The Guys
Episode 174 covers two situations where players are being worked over by the powers that be. Starting off with the MLB lockout, I broke it down piece by piece and have you a deeper look at what caused this lockout to happen in the first place (2:00). After that I touched on the latest case of why the WNBA is trash, the NY Liberty got fined $500K for giving their team proper travel accommodations, go figure (21:00). The episode wraps with a look at the NBA playoff race, real basketball is finally here (30:30).
March 04, 2022
Episode 173: Keep It A Stack
You've heard everyone else recap the Super Bowl now it's time to listen to the most electrifying Super Bowl recap ever. Unfiltered and completely freestyled. I discuss the refs, the halftime show, Eli Apple getting smoked on Twitter, and of course the game itself (30:05). After all that fun I got a little serious to quickly update you on things going on in the boxing world (34:17).
February 17, 2022
Episode 172: The Games We Play
On a rare Saturday edition of Electrified I break down everything surrounding the Brian Flores situation. The episode starts off with a history lesson on the inception of the Rooney Rule and how ineffective it has been (2:30). Further proving my point of the ineffectiveness of the Rooney Rule I discuss the current standings of the coaching carousel in which no Black candidates have been hired yet (24:00). The episode wraps up with a full breakdown of Brian Flores vs the NFL (34:00).
February 05, 2022
Episode 171: New World Order
Episode 171 is a dedication to the young guns in the NFL, Mahomes, Allen, Lamar, Burrow, and the list goes on as I discuss the changing of the guard (3:15). After another dismal playoff loss for Aaron Rodgers at the hands of the 49ers I take a look at his legacy and his future (20:00). Then I recap the best divisional round weekend of all time, all of the games were fire unlike super mid card weekend (36:00). That sparked me to defend the NFL OT rules once again because the only thing wrong with them are they're too soft (43:00). After that I'll get you ready for championship Sunday with a preview of KC vs Cincinnati and LA vs SF (49:00). The episode wraps up with what's next for Canelo Alvarez with a story via ESPN's Mike Coppinger (55:30).
January 27, 2022
Episode 170: Wrestlemania 19
Episode 170 starts off with a full roast of super wild card weekend and why it was super mid(3:15). From wild card weekend I move into the divisional round matchups starting with NFC, the similarities between Rodgers vs the 49ers/The Rock vs Steve Austin, and is Matt Stafford ready to go one on one with the great one in January? (20:20). The episode wraps up with the AFC side with a break down of another chapter in Allen vs Mahomes plus why I have no clue what is going to happen between the Bengals and Titans (41:30). 
January 20, 2022
Episode 169: Last Man Standing
Episode 169 starts off with the same conversation we've started the new year with for the past two years, the unfair treatment of Black head coaches and candidates in the wake of Black Monday (2:05). The MVP race has narrowed down to the quarterbacks who faced off in the 2021 NFC title game, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, who's your MVP?(30:00). From there I get into athlete documentaries and why every story does not need to be told if it's not captivating (37:00). Finally, episode 169 wraps up with my picks for SUPER wild card weekend (46:20).
January 14, 2022
Episode 168: Super Gremlin
Before the episode kicked off I got some things off my chest that I hope will motivate you all as I welcomed you to 2022! (00:37). The first episode of 2022 starts off with a bang! Six days into the new year and there is already drama to get into, Antonio Brown's latest saga involved him stripping down and leaving MetLife in the middle of a game, I give you a full breakdown on that entire situation (7:20). From the NFL drama to the NCAA drama, I gave my take on the heated topic of whether future NFL draftees should sit out of bowl games (32:00). The episode wraps up with a preview of week 18 in the NFL and everything that's on the line this weekend (41:30). 
January 06, 2022
Episode 167: The King Of Kings
Episode 167 starts off with a recap of week six in the NFL (1:05). After discussing all things week six I move into the worst jersey retirement celebration of all time, the Washington Football Team should be ashamed of how they honored Sean Taylor (25:35). Then I get into the LSU football program finally giving Coach O the boot after the culture of his program had been in question (32:00). 
October 19, 2021
Episode 166: Fair Trade
I think it's time for the Browns to look themselves in the mirror and realize that the Obj experiment isn't working, I tell you why he needs to be moved before the deadline (2:10). The Nets take action on Kyrie, what steps will they take if Kyrie is not available at all this season? (16:45). The NFLPA said they want all of the findings in the WFT investigation to be released, how bad will this situation get? Buckle up! (30:50). The episode wraps up with some light fantasy football talk and an update on what's going on in my league (46:20).
October 13, 2021
Episode 165: What Happens In Vegas
On the 165th edition of Electrified I take a deep dive into what resulted in Jon Gruden resigning as the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders (2:00). To get the nasty taste out of my mouth from talking about all of the filth in those emails, I recap the wild Monday night in Baltimore that saw the Ravens improve to 4-1 (32:10). There's only been five weeks of football played but it's never too early to look at the MVP race (40:45). The episode wraps with a snapshot of the current AFC standings and why it's anybody's conference for the taking (44:20). 
October 12, 2021
Episode 164: Charged Up
Happy Monday! This week in the NFL has ben highly entertaining from the missed kicks to the game of the year candidate Chargers vs Browns, I cover it all (2:15). Then I focus in on the kickers and try to figure out why they have been struggling so much this season (34:10). A report game out about Jon Gruden using racially incentive language in an email back in 2011, I take a dive into that situation and what has come of it so far (39:30). The episode wraps up with a full break down of Tyson Fury's KO win over Deontay Wilder (45:20). 
October 11, 2021
Episode 163: Trilogy
It's fight day and I'm getting you ready for all things Wilder vs Fury. This special edition of Electrified begins with a detailed look at the long road to this fight and how we got here (2:15). Then I compare the two fighters as I look at the tale of the tape (27:30). After looking at both sides I give my keys to victories for both fighters along with my prediction for the fight (30:00). This episode wraps up with a look at the negotiations between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos (36:00). 
October 09, 2021
Episode 162: The Clinton Administration
Episode 162 starts off with a look into Urban Meyer's wild weekend in Ohio and the fallout in the Jags locker room (1:14). After discussing that mess I backtrack to week four in the NFL and recap everything that went down (15:45). Then I look at the teams who are doing well so far this season to separate the contenders from the pretenders (25:35). I wrap the episode up with my Pick 4 for week five (37:30). 
October 07, 2021
Episode 161: Split Decision
Episode 161 starts off with a topic that has been driving conversation all year, the COVID-19 vaccine, many of the NBA players are skeptical about it. I talk about the potential impact this will have on the season (1:25). Moving on to the second most dramatic thing I discussed today, Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick will be happening for the first time this Sunday, a preview of the matchup and a look back at their time together. There is also a karaoke portion in this segment (21:30). After all the drama I get into the Pick 4 for this week's slate of NFL games (31:45). This episode wraps up with a quick rundown of boxing headlines (38:00). 
September 30, 2021
Episode 160: No Doubt
Episode 160 starts off with a look at the Kansas City Chiefs. It's only week three but are the reigning AFC champs in trouble? Are they already pressing the red button? (1:10). Then I dive into a full recap of week three, discussing all of the highlights, key moments, and takeaways from what I saw over the weekend (14:20)
September 28, 2021
Episode 159: Public Service Announcement
Episode 159 features a full recap of week one in the NFL including key matchups like the Bucs vs Cowboys, Bills vs Steelers, Chiefs vs Browns, Packers vs Saints, Lions vs Bears, and that insane game we watched last night between the Ravens and Raiders (6:00). The overtime game made me ask the question, should the NFL change its OT rules? (40:00). I wrap this episode with explaining why I absolutely hate overreaction Mondays (44:00). 
September 14, 2021
Episode 158: Line Em Up
It's the three year anniversary of the show and the NFL kickoff special! The episode starts off with a look at how Covid could impact the players, organizations, fans, and how it has already impacted the 53 roster cut downs (4:00). Then I backtrack to tell you my dislikes about the player voted NFL Top 100 list, what they got right and what they got wrong (27:00). After that business picks up as I take an enthusiastic look at the upcoming primetime games on the schedule this season (33:45). From there I look into my crystal ball with predictions on season awards (47:35) and division winner picks (52:10). The episode wraps with a look back on the three years that I've been doing this, thank you to everyone who has been with me from the start and those who have joined along the way.
September 06, 2021
Episode 157: Field Day
Episode 157 starts off with a recap of week 1 of the NFL preseason including a look at each of the young quarterbacks performances(2:40). Then I air my grievances with the No Fun League and their new penalties on what they deem is taunting or unsportsmanlike behavior when it's really just grown men expressing themselves (16:50). It may be August but I'm already excited for Christmas because the NBA and NFL will be squaring off in a rare Christmas Day duel (22:30). From there I'll get you ready for this weekend's WBA super welterweight title bout between Manny Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugas (32:45). From the ring to the track, superstar Sha'Carri Richardson makes her return this Saturday (40:10). I close the show with my picks for WWE SummerSlam (45:30).
August 18, 2021
Episode 156: Back In Business
I'm back! Back from vacation feeling better than ever. Episode 156 starts off with an in depth recap of the Aaron Rodgers saga and how I was right from the start (2:25). Then I turn on the grill and roast Adam Schefter who was not so right about the Aaron Rodgers situation (18:05). From there I move on to the MLB potentially partnering with Barstool, big mistake! (25:50). After that rant I get into the NBA free agency because a lot of moves were made (37:00). From the court to the ring, Errol Spence pulled out of the fight next weekend and the Alvarez vs Plant fight is still on the table (46:30). Finally, the episode wraps with my thoughts on the NFL's crack down on COVID (56:30).
August 11, 2021
Episode 155: Restore The Feeling
Episode 155 starts off with some WWE talk as I recap the weekend with fans in arenas for the first time in over a year, John Cena appreciation, and more! (3:00). From there I move on to the surprisingly good NBA Finals with a break down of the series and give my prediction for Game 6 (19:50). Episode 155 closes with a look at Saturday night's fight between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano, I'll tell you why I thought the decision was bogus! (30:50)
July 19, 2021
Episode 154: Karma Is A Mirror
Episode 154 is short and sweet! I start off with highlights from Saturday's UFC 264 card (3:00). Then a full break down of Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor and what I think should be next for Dustin (9:55). Now I could be reaching but Baker and the browns were seated separately form OBJ, is there beef in Cleveland?(26:15). The episode wraps with my expectations and hopes for WWE as they return to tour this Friday (31:00). 
July 12, 2021
Episode 153: Smoke And Mirrors
On the 153rd installment of Electrified I break down Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor's rivalry, the fight on Saturday, and why I think McGregor has lost his edge (2:15). Then I react to the awful news that the Wilder vs Fury fight that was scheduled for July 24th got postponed to October 9th (18:00). The episode wraps up with a look into Tokyo's covid situation and how that impacts the Olympics (30:50). 
July 09, 2021
Episode 152: Trials And Tribulations
On this powerful edition of Electrified I dig into all the controversial topics from over the weekend and the back half of last week. Starting off with the Rachel Nichols audio that leaked, I go in depth on how this situation represents a lot of so called allies feelings behind closed doors (4:45). Then I tell you exactly why I'm boycotting the Olympics and have been feeling this way for awhile now (20:25). From there I break down every aspect of Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension and its ties to the war on drugs and mental health in the Black community (30:30). I wrap with Gwen Berry's protest at the Olympic trials (50:50), and the blatant disregard for the protection of Black women's hair by the Olympics (56:30).
July 05, 2021
Episode 151: The Payback
I'm starting this 4th of July weekend off with a bang! Episode 151 starts off with a break down of the new NIL ruling and what it means for NCAA athletes for the present and the past (3:10). From the NCAA to the NBA, I recap the WCF and express my disdain for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard (27:55), plus a quick recap of game 5 between the Hawks and Bucks (40:00. Then I recap  Gervonta Davis (44:45) and Vasily Lomachenko's wins(51:50) and tell you what I think is next for them. This episode wraps up with why I hate the off season lists that the NFL media have put together (56:00).
July 02, 2021
Episode 150: Road Warrior
Episode 150 starts off with a recap of Trae Young's 48 point masterpiece that drove the Hawks to a game one victory over the Bucks(3:10). A look at game two of the WCF and the impact that the NBA review system has on games (13:05). Moving on to boxing, I tell you guys why too much boxing in one night is bad for the sport (23:45). Finally, I'll get you all ready for fight night by previewing the return of both Gervonta Davis and Vasyl Lomachenko (31:00). 
June 24, 2021
Episode 149:Become The Villain
Episode 149 is short and sweet! I break down the Hawks surprising playoff run and what has been the key to their success (1:20). Then I get into the Nets and why they failed to meet everyone's expectations(27:45). A short Electrified update, I'll tell you what to expect from me this week and this weekend(27:45). Lastly, I preview the Eastern Conference Finals and give my prediction!(33:40).
June 22, 2021
Episode 148: Bundle Up
This episode is all NBA talk! Starting off with the injuries that have ravaged this NBA season, which brings up the question, will there be an asterisk on this season? Plus LeBron speaks out! (2:00). The Dallas Mavs have seemed to forget who keeps the lights on, will this lead to Luka not signing his super max extension?(16:05). To close the show I recap all the games this week and get you ready for what's to come in the playoffs (31:10).
June 17, 2021
Episode 147: Diamond Tester
Episode 147 starts off with a look at the Nets/Bucks series and how the Nets bullied Giannis in game two which made me give KD a new nickname(2:15). From the eastern conference to the western conference, I break down that awful final possession the Clippers had as they fell to the Utah Jazz in game one (10:35). Then I get into the mess between KD and Jay Williams (20:50). I challenge Shannon Sharpe to get in the verbal or Twitter ring with me after he tried to clown my bro, this topic would be followed with a rant on the national media and sports talk shows(28:00). This episode wraps with another preview of the real boxing we have coming up this month(42:00).
June 10, 2021
Episode 146: Mo' Money
I'm back! Episode 146 starts off with a full break down of the spectacle we saw in Miami that featured Chad Johnson's pro boxing debut and Floyd Mayweather's return to the ring in the form of an exhibition match (2:00). From the ring to the field, I take a look at the Julio Jones trade that ended up being not so blockbuster after all (17:50). Then I move to the court and recap the first round of the NBA playoffs, preview the the second round, and cover all the bases that I missed during my absence (25:35). I close the episode by showing my support to Naomi Osaka and her stand against the media plus the machine in the name of mental health (38:00).
June 07, 2021
Episode 145: Walker Texas Ranger
Episode 145 starts off with all things NBA playoffs including Luka cooking the Clippers, Bron and AD bounce back, and more! (1:40). Staying in the realm of NBA, with fans back in the arenas I think it's time to talk about fan etiquette (23:30). Then I discuss the Juilo Jones saga and tell you my three landing spots for him (28:00). Naomi Osaka vs the media (34:35). This episode wraps up with a preview of the WBC lightweight title fight this Saturday between Devin Haney and Jorge Linares (40:40).
May 27, 2021
Episode 144: Pen To Paper
On the 144th episode I break down all things boxing and basketball. Starting with the big fight announces in Wilder vs Fury III, Spence vs Pac, and a look ahead at this weekend/June's slate of fights (1:50). Then I tell you how my opinion changed on the NBA play in (30:15). The episode wraps with an in depth look at the round 1 matchups (33:00)
May 24, 2021
Episode 143: King Of The Ring
Episode 143 begins with a break down of the Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders fight, an in depth look at everything I saw on Saturday night(2:20). The question that everyone was asking after the fight was "Did Saunders quit?" I give you my answer (21:00). Then I take a look at the fight by the numbers with a glance at the punch stats and the judges scorecards at the time of the stoppage(27:00). Then I give Canelo his flowers and acknowledge all of his career accomplishments along with what's next for him(32:00). The episode wraps with me calling out the fighters who are calling out Canelo, inception(40:00). 
May 10, 2021
Episode 142: Talk Is Cheap
On this episode of Electrified I get right to smoke. I break down all aspects of Canelo Alvarez Vs Billy Joe Saunders from the fight week drama to the tale of the tape itself (1:25). From a real bout to the biggest exhibition bout of the Summer Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul, this honest take calls out the boxing community on what they will and will not tolerate, it's time boxing fans look themselves in the mirror and realize these exhibitions aren't what's killing the sport (16:30). A look at the Ja'Waun James injury saga and what this could mean for NFL players moving forward (31:00). Episode 142 wraps with the roast of Adam Scheftner (41:00). 
May 07, 2021
Episode 141: No Love Lost
Episode 141 is a banger. I break down all aspects of the Aaron Rodgers fiasco including the media, social media, the rift between him and the Packers, and the fall out (2:00). Then I recap night one of the NFL drafts with picks I liked and disliked (22:50). I finally address the NFL number change and why I hate the Bengals new uniforms (32:00). I wrap this episode with highlights from Canelo's new interview and my thoughts on Floyd vs Logan Paul(38:00). 
April 30, 2021
Episode 140: Protect Ya Neck
Episode 140 kicks off with a full recap of the insane UFC 261 card which included Usman vs Masvidal ll (1:15). This bout wasn't on the card Saturday night but I dive into the beef between Dana White and Jake Paul (17:45). To conclude the episode I get into some NBA talk with a look at both the playoff and MVP races (29:000. 
April 26, 2021
Episode 139: Check The Score
Episode 139 is me being open about the verdict that rocked the nation, the Raiders repsonse to it, and what LeBron did to cause a social media uprising. I address Brett Favre's recent comments, which then took me to an age old topic of athletes using their platforms for social justice. This episode wrapped with my take on the Olympics new rule regarding raising fists and taking knees at the games. This is a short but effective episode, take your time and be electrified. 
April 23, 2021
Episode 138:Stranger Than Fiction
Episode 138 is all about the sweet science, boxing that is! Starting off with a recap of this past Saturday's Triller Fight Club, I break down the entire spectacle (2:25). From there I put Jake Paul on the grill and talk about his so called boxing career thus far (13:00). Then an interesting top of boxing vs MMA and which sport is the hardest to contend in (18:50). I tell you why I absolutely hate exhibition bouts and why they are so bad for the sport (26:25). The episode wraps up with a preview of the fights of the Summer (34:15)
April 19, 2021
Episode 137: Pain Delay
Episode 137 is a re-airing of Episode 108:Black Friday. The most important episode I have ever dropped. 
April 14, 2021
Episode 136: The Grandest Stage
Episode 136 is a special Wrestlemania edition of Electrified. This is the most fun, loose, and nostalgic episode of Electrified ever. Featuring stories of why I love WWE, my experiences live at events, and all things growing up a wrestling fan ( 2:00). I give MY top 10 Wrestlemania list (7:20). The list drop continues with my top 5 Wrestlemania entrances of all time (33:25). Wrestlemania 37 preview (37:00).
April 07, 2021
Episode 135: One More Will Hurt
The 135th edition of Electrified starts off with my take on why NFL Pro Days are overhyped (2:40). Then I get into why I am completely against the NFL"s new 17 game season (9:00). From there I get into why Covid testing in sports is super necessary (13:12). The state of Electrified (19:40). A boxing update including an early preview of a new boxing game! (26:20). Finally, the MLB takes a stand against the state of Georgia (34:10). 
April 05, 2021
Episode 134: Snakes In The Grass
Episode 134 starts off with a breakdown of KD's time in Golden State dating back to episode 11 when I saw the demise between the two before anybody else did (2:30). From KD vs GSW to Draymond Green vs the world, I defend Draymond's claim to be the best defender of all time (22:00). A recap of the chaos that was NBA trade deadline day (30:25). Sweet 16 preview (40:00). The roast of Terrence Crawford (43;15). Episode 134 wraps with a dive into why WWE's build up to this year's Wrestlemania is so lackluster (49:25).
March 26, 2021
Episode 133: This Is March
I'm back and ballin like it's March Madness! Episode 133 starts off with the treatment of the NCAA Women's basketball teams (3:05). Then we move on to the men's tournament with a recap of the round of 64 which featured multiple upsets (14:35). A break down of the madness that's taken place in the NFL free agency (22:34). An in depth breakdown of Aaron Jones and Dan Prescott's pay days (37:30). This episode wraps up with a look at the NFL's new multi billion dollar tv deals and what that means for us and the players (47:30). 
March 22, 2021
Episode 132: Making Herstory
Episode 132 kicks off with a preview of the first ever all women’s boxing PPV card where Claressa Shields will try to become undisputed champion once again (2:00). Then we take a look at Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson and their current growing pains with their organizations (11:15). Staying with the quarterbacks, I break down Lamar Jackson’s contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens (24:28). This episode wraps up with a hilarious recap of the Randy Orton vs Soulja Boy beef (35:00).
March 05, 2021
Episode 131: You Had To Be There
Happy new month! March starts off with a bang, new episode and new day. Episode 131 starts off with a recap of the three round exhibition aka Canelo's fight on Saturday and what's next for him (2:00). From Saturday night we travel back in time to 2013 to revisit Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez (12:14). Staying in the world of boxing, as the Triller Fight Club begins to make moves, could this be the beginning of the Triller take over? (28:14). The show wraps with the hot topic of race after the NHL's Akim Aliu calls out the league for dropping the ball on race relations (39:50). 
March 01, 2021
Episode 130: Otra Noche En Miami
The 130's kick off with a bang, episode 130 starts off with a break down of Saturday's bout featuring Canelo Alvarez and Avini Yildirim (2:50). Staying in the world of boxing I recap this past weekend's fights that featured Adrien Broner and Oscar Valdez and tell you why boxing is not dead (15:40). From the ring to court, I finally get into some NBA talk (26:33). Then I address all of the disrespect that has been coming Cam Newton's way (38:20). This episode closes with my thoughts on the free agency paths of Aaron Jones and Dak Presott (45:32).
February 25, 2021
Episode 129: Idols Become Rivals
A recap of Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams and a look into both of their futures' (2:05). From the tennis court to the basketball court, the rundown on Jalen Johnson's decision to opt out of the rest of Duke's basketball season (10:42). Staying on track with workers vs the machine, Draymond Green went full CM Punk on the NBA and dropped a pipe bomb (21:30). A look into the world of boxing and how Ryan Garcia lied about an upcoming fight and Adrien Broner returns to action this Saturday night (34:45). The show concludes with a break down of where JJ Watt could potentially land. 
February 18, 2021
Episode 128: Lord Of The Rings
Episode 128 starts off with a complete breakdown of the Super Bowl including how the Tampa Bay defense dominated, what happened to the Chiefs offense, the undisciplined Chiefs defense, and the clear impact that the refs had on the game (5:00). The forever evolving Mahomes vs Jackson debate (32:30). Then I explain why QB wins aren’t real to me and why championships are a team accomplishment (38:40). I wrap with a heated discussion of the Watson/Wentz trade talks (45:45)
February 09, 2021
Episode 127: Sue Me
Episode 127 is a compilation of the following six segments that highlight Black stories and discuss racism in the world we live in.  1. Media framing of Kyle Rittenhouse Ep.108 (23:56) 2. Black head coaches in the NFL Ep.118 (37:46) 3. The treatment of Black QB’s in the NFL Ep.114 (24:52) 4. Kylin Hill vs the state of Mississippi Ep.100 (9:15) 5. The rise and fall of HBCU football Ep. 54. (11:57) 6. Racism in soccer Ep.90 (13:10)
February 04, 2021
Episode 126: Here Comes The Pain
Episode 126 is straight and to the point. Given the circumstances that Packers fans worldwide are dealing with I freestyled this episode like Blind Fury on 106 & Park and it made for a great show. For the 30th time I give you my stance on the Rodgers vs Brady GOAT debate (3:30). Then I break down the NFC title game from top to bottom (10:55). From there I go into my strong dislike of the media and so called fans (32:00). This episode wraps with a brief talk on why Ryan Garcia is ducking smoke in the lightweight division (40:40). 
January 27, 2021
Episode 125: Gunsmoke
On a rare Saturday edition of Electrified, episode 125 starts off with an in depth break down of the NFL coach hires and the lack of diversity that came with them (2:35). Then I tell you about former Mets GM Jared Porter who was fired for sending unwanted pictures and texts to a female reporter (21:00). From there I take you to the world of boxing as I celebrate Claressa Shields for getting her big break, shut down her haters, and tell you about Canelo's next moves (30:00). Finally I break down the NFL championship games by going back to their week six matchups and predicting winners (37:35). 
January 23, 2021
Episode 124: The Game Within The Game
Episode 124 starts off with a serious dialogue on the parallels between the attack on the Capitol and the BLM protests, a look back at 2016 when Kaep first took a knee, and more (2:45). Deshaun Watson’s patience with Houston is wearing thin and so is mine (27:25). A recap of wild card weekend (44:15). The tragic downfall of the Pittsburg Steelers (44:15). Finally, the NFL divisional round playoff preview (51:10)
January 13, 2021
Episode 123: The Table Is Set
Happy New Year! Episode 123 starts 2021 off with a bang. I revisit my pre-season NFL predictions to see what I was right about (6:00). Then I give out my NFL awards, you already know who my MVP is (11:10). From there I give my season wrap up including my beef with the NFC East, why Tae Adams is the best WR and more (24:25). Then it’s time for the games we’ve all been waiting for, I break down all six games from this upcoming SUPER wild card weekend (43:25). I conclude the show with my reasons for boycotting this NCAA football season (61:15).
January 06, 2021
Episode 122: Watch The Throne
It’s fight week and I’ll be getting you ready with all things boxing on episode 122. Starting off with a preview of Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith’s super middleweight unification bout (2:30). Staying in the realm of boxing I discuss DAZN, Anthony Joshua, and Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul (13:05). A recap of week 14 in the NFL (30:45). The NFL playoff race and a look at week 15 (43:00).
December 16, 2020
Episode 121: Best In The World
Episode 121 starts off with my case for why this episode’s cover athlete Jalen Ramsey, is the best at what he does (3:30). Then it’s on to a recap of week 13 in the NFL (16:00). A look at Dez Bryant’s strange covid case (31:30). I break down the quarterback back controversy in Philadelphia (40:30). Who has the edge in the MVP race, Rodgers or Mahomes? (46:30). Episode 121 wraps up with week 14’s Pick 4 (50:50)
December 09, 2020
Episode 120: It’s Not A Game
I'm back!...again. Episode 120 is finally here. I'll break down last weekend's boxing fiasco and tell you why celebrity boxing is bad for the sport (14:45). Then in order to get you ready for some real boxing this weekend I'll tell you what's going on in the boxing world, featuring Claressa Shields and the disrespect to women's boxing, and the upcoming fights this month (31:40). From there I go to the main event of the weekend and preview the welterweight title bout between Errol Spence Jr and Danny Garcia (43:00). Covid-19 has been giving the NFL hands over the last two weeks so I'll recap all of the things that happened as cases continue to spike (52:30). To wrap up the show I give a full break down of the NFL playoff race as we enter December (101:50).
December 04, 2020
Episode 119: Winning Can't Solve Everything
Episode 119 starts off with a very in depth breakdown of the USA Today's article about the sexual assault scandal at LSU (3:00). Then I discuss the bizarre case against newly signed Chiefs cornerback Deandre Baker (27:50). A recap of week 10 in the NFL (37:35). A look at the current NFL playoff race (52:45). Week 11 Pick 4 (58:00). I tell you my current candidates for MVP and COTY (64:00). Finally, I wrap up with my explanation for why Canelo Alvarez is the pound for pound king of boxing (67:15). 
November 19, 2020
Episode 118: 1986
Episode 118 is very important. The bulk of the show is a segmented based on the new NFL minority rule, how Black coaches are treated in the NFL, and the scrutiny they face in the media (2:50). Staying on the controversy train, I talk about the random firing of Amy Palcic, the former VP of communications for the Houston Texans (40:40). From controversy to COVID, the NFL has come up with a back up to the back up plan for the playoffs (49:00). What's wrong with the 6-2 Baltimore Ravens? I try to get the bottom of the Ravens inconsistent offense (54:15). Another question, who will win the rushing title Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry? (104:10). It's Joe Flacco appreciation day! I take a few minutes to give Joe Cool his flowers (111:45). Finally, I wrap up with week 10's Pick 4 (115:00). 
November 12, 2020
Episode 117: I'm Back
After almost a month away I'm back. New month, new energy, and new theme song. Starting off with the NFL I recap everything week 9. The Bills are rolling, the Chargers are tumbling, the NFC East is still a mess, Brady learns the NFC south, is not sweet, and I ask you all, what is a catch? (3:10). Then I give you the run down of my problems with the Packers (28:30). The current NFL MVP race (35:00). From there I discuss the media's perception of certain players and events (44:05). To close the show take you all to the world of boxing to talk about Davis vs Santa Cruz, Davis vs Haney on Twitter, and how Canelo is finally free (50:00). 
November 10, 2020
Episode 116: Fight Night
It’s fight day! Episode 116 is a special Saturday edition of Electrified as I get you all ready for the weekend’s events. Starting off with a full break down of tonight’s unification bout between number one pound for pound Vasiliy Lomachenko and young, hungry IBF title holder Teofimo Lopez (5:00). From the ring to the field. I talk about the Le’Veon Bell signing that shook up the league (32:10). Then I give a full rundown of each division and the full standings (40:36). Staying on the topic of the current NFL standings, I tell you why I cannot stand the new NFL playoff format (61:50). The PIck 4 for week 6 wraps this episode up (67:00).
October 17, 2020
Episode 115: Hail To The KIng
Episode 115 starts off with a dedication to the NBA bubble as I thank everyone who made it possible, then I finally lay my Heat to rest and congratulate the LA Lakers (1:50). LeBron’s legacy is something that a lot of people will not give full credit to but I will, we take a look at Bron’s accomplishments and impact on the game (12:30). Moving on to football I start off with the unfortunate injury that Dak Prescott suffered and the effect this will have on the rest of his career (19:20). From here it’s all a recap of week 5 in the NFL as I discuss the Washington Football team, the Falcons implosion, Brady’s sore loser tactics, and how covid-19 continues to run wild (26:30). Then finally, I preview tonight’s TNF game between the undefeated Bills and Titans (42:30).
October 13, 2020
Episode 114: The Game Is Rigged
Episode 114’s biggest topic is the treatment of Black quarterbacks in the NFL. Sparked by the way the Washington football team is handling Dwayne Haskins (2:28). From there I lay into the Tennessee Titans and what they have going on down there, the blow back from their COVID-19 outbreak continues (27:30). Then I move to what’s happening on the field and discuss the early MVP race (40:30) and the Pick 4 for NFL week 5 (47:30). Finally, I recap the NBA Finals and eulogize my beloved Miami Heat (52:40).
October 09, 2020
Episode 113: To Be The Man..
Episode 113 starts off with an in depth discussion on the Pat Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson debate (2:45). Then I talk about the Covid-19 outbreak in the NFL (16:34). Continuing in the realm of the NFL I discuss the very negative that turf brings to the NFL and has been bringing for years (22:55). Switching course to the NBA, I tell you why I feel that the bubble ring will be one of the most respected titles (37:00). Then I have to address the old heads who continue to hate on today’s NBA (41:41). Finally, Kyrie Irving will face Judge Lyons (48:41). To close out the show I give you an update on everything in the world of boxing (54:12).
October 05, 2020
Episode 112: All Gas No Brake
Episode 112 starts off with a look at all the unfortunate injuries that piled up during week two in the NFL (3:44). Which transitions into the question, what is truly the value of a running back? (11:48). Then I recap everything we saw or did not see during the week two slate of games in the NFL (39:20). Then I recap game two of the WCF (40:47) and ECF (47:00). 
September 22, 2020
Episode 111: Ball Till You Fall
Sorry for the wait and happy Saturday! Episode 111 kicks off with a recap of games one and two of the ECF (3:00). Then we move to the WCF and I’ll tell you why the Nuggets fairy tale run is over (11:56). Then it’s time to cook PG and the Clippers (16:37). An unplanned rant about LeBron and why he’s still the king (28:16). After all the basketball talk it’s time for football and a recap of the Thursday night game that turned into a rant about Zac Taylor and other average coaches in the NFL (35:15). Finally, I wrap up with the Pick 4 for week two (49:25).
September 19, 2020
Episode 110: What’s Free?
Episode 110 dives into the current fight between Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy/DAZN(9:16). From boxing to football it’s a recap of everything NFL week 1 (23:15). Then I talk about the NFL’s stand against racism (36:20). I introduce a new segment that will need listener participation! Vote on this week’s M.E.P (42:30. Finally, I wrap up with a preview of the ECF between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics (44:25).
September 15, 2020
Episode 109: Welcome Back
Football is back! Episode 109 is the annual NFL kickoff special. I start off hot with my take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers receiver group along with comparisons between Rodgers and Brees (5:32). A preview of tonight’s game between the Chiefs and Texans (17:39). Then I talk about life with and without fans at stadiums (24:20). Not only is it football season it’s also bag season, I break down the new deals and deals that should be coming (28:25). Predictions! Season awards (33:50), division winners (38:22), bold predictions (53:30), super bowl teams (55:25). I wrap up with the pick 4 for this weekend’s games (101:03).
September 10, 2020
Episode 108: Black Friday
An episode like no other. Episode 108 has nothing but strong and powerful dialogue about what’s going on in the United States. Starting off with media framing and race relations coupled with the killings by Kyle Rittenhouse (10:30). My stance on the Jacob Blake shooting and everything surrounding it (34:32). Giving the women of the WNBA their flowers for always being on the frontline (47:16). The world of sports work stoppage and the fans who choose to be oblivious to the outside world (56:00).
August 28, 2020
Episode 107:This Time It’s For The Money
Episode 107 is a like lemonade mixed with iced tea, half and half. The first half is all NFL talk from headlines like Kittle and Kelce’s pay days, camp injuries, the Washington football team’s new hire, and much more (1:45). The back half is all NBA playoffs. I give an in depth preview the four matchups that start today and give my predictions on all the series ( 28:23).
August 18, 2020
Episode 106: Battle For The Bubble
Episode 106 starts off with my stance on the NCAA’s handling of Fall sports which snowballs into the severity of the pandemic’s affect on the country’s school systems (2:27). Transitioning to the NBA I do a league round up including the race for the 8th seed in the Wild West, the death of “MJ Warren”, and all things NBA (20:42). The relationship between social media and pro athletes including Dame vs PG, Dame vs Skip, and KD getting curved (34:37). I wrap with an in depth discussion on certain factors that divide the world of boxing and cause us to not get the fights we actually want to see (45:30).
August 12, 2020
Episode 105: Number 1 Stunna
Episode 105 starts off with a break down of the NFL’s Top 100 players list and you already know I’ll be voicing the changes that should’ve been made (3:55). I touch on NFL players opting out of the 20-21 season (20:26) before diving into the NFLPA and NFL’s new agreement moving forward with this season (26:37). Why the bubbles are working so well vs the struggling MLB (35:00). The Black Lives Matter movement in sports (41:26). Finally, is Aaron Rodgers future with the Packers secure? (47:38)
August 04, 2020
Episode 104: The Boys Are Back
Episode 104 is a NBA restart special. Covering the biggest games from re-opening weekend. Discussing the Western conference and the race for the 8th seed. From the MVP race to who has the best shot at winning it all. Also, this episode was very special because for the first time I was joined by a co-host, Sean Davis of Sports Headlines.
July 30, 2020
Episode 103: What’s Beef?
Episode 103 is full of beef. Starting off with the September 12th bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr (3:10). Then moving on to the fallout between Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell after the Adams trade went down (18:00). Staying in the realm of football beef, the NFL top 100 player list caused a stir between Keenan Allen and Mike Evans (25:50). Guess what? More beef. Lou Will and the rest of NBA twitter was on Kendrick Perkins head like an LV skully (31:26). A quick talk about the Miami Marlins Covid-19 outbreak (38:19). Acknowledging the WNBA for being ahead of the movement and always using their platform to fight for the cause (44:00).
July 28, 2020
Episode 102: Y’all Must’ve Forgot
Episode 102 starts off with a discussion on the treatment of women in sports including a breakdown of the Washington Post’s article on the scandalous acts that took place within the football team’s organization and the Elena Delle Donne vs the WNBA (5:20). Switching gears to the NFL and the question on everyone’s mind, will we have a season? (31:58). I’ll tell you why I think the NCCA should shut down Fall sports (42:06), my top 10 running backs heading into the 2020 NFL season (46:00), and the potential 2021 running back free agency pool. (56:48)
July 20, 2020
Episode 101: Million Dollar Baby
Episode 101 starts off with bag talk! Multimilli Mahomes and Cam inked new deals. (1:25) Staying in the realm of signings, I talk about Makur Maker's decsion to commit to Howard and the potential HBCU renaissance. (15:30) Then I address the Washington football team and their new name change, those against the decision, and my feelings on the question "Why now?". (21:09) Moving on to covid-19 testing in sports and 'whataboutism'. (34:12). And I wrap up with a preview of the three big title bouts on Saturday's UFC 251 card. (47:00)
July 09, 2020
Episode 100: 100 Episodes And Running
Episode 100 is finally here! This episode kicks off with a break down of the Bubba Wallace incident. (1:01) Then a look at Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill’s protest against he state flag. (8:20) Is it possible for athletes to use their platform for social injustice and do their jobs? The answer is yes. (17:54) Continuing the conversation on athletes and their platforms I discuss the take a knee movement in the NFL. (22:26) Moving to baseball, the MLB is back! (31:00) Covid in sports. (34:25) Weekly wrap up and a powerful closing monologue (40:33)
June 25, 2020
Episode 99: Shock The System
The last episode of the 90’s starts off with NASCAR, that’s right NASCAR. Bubba Wallace, Steve Phillips, and the rest of the NASCAR family pushes for change(2:25:). Switching gears to the NBA, a disgruntled Kyrie sets the table for an emotional segment about the return of the NBA (15:46). Another league is also waiting for the green light to return, the MLBPA is currently at battle with the MLB, further delaying baseball’s return (33:01). As we wait for the NFL season to return, I thought it was time to have our yearly talk about the value of NFL running backs (41:00). Finally, what’s next for boxing’s heavyweight division? (57:30).
June 15, 2020
Episode 98: Hate It Had To Be Him
Episode 98 starts off with the weekend update where I look back on top stories from over the weekend (2:23). Then it’s time to get to business and I address Drew Brees, his remarks, and his “apologies” (8:00). To counter the ignorance, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers responded in the best way possible (24:31). Then I move on to an interesting conversation that I touched on back on episode 54. Is an HBCU renaissance possible? (33:53). Why I hate the NBA’s return plans (42:35) and finally wrapping up with some boxing news (46:41).
June 08, 2020
Episode 97: The Return
After two long months I’m back again *Soulja Boy voice*. Episode 97 takes a look at a few things I missed during my hiatus. Starting off with the Aaron Rodgers vs Drew Brees all-decade team debate. 2:39) Which took me to Aaron Rodgers vs his own team and the relationship with LaFleur and Gute. (11:33) A look at the so called “enhanced” Rooney Rule. (26:17) I’ll tell you who won the new wave of NFL uniforms. (33:26) A breakdown of the 2020 NFL schedule. (45:15) Sports with no fans and how it has impacted the presentation of different sports. (55:22) Who is better equipped for a return, the NHL or NBA? (60:33)
June 01, 2020
Episode 96: As The World Turns
Closing in on 100 episodes as we’ve reached episode 96! This episode features a full breakdown of the NFL free agency frenzy along with a talk about life without sports, recommended 30 for 30’s, and a look at Canelo vs GGG lll
March 21, 2020
Episode 95: Best Of Electrified
Episode 95 is a celebration! As we near episode 100 I thought now would be a good time to look back on a few of my favorite segments through 94 episodes. Over two hours of content! The segments are in order of list of appearance on this episode, enjoy! 1. 2019 NBA Finals recap - Ep 40 (21:41) 2. War on the Warriors medical staff - Ep 42 (10:11) 3. AB, mental health, and social media - Ep 85(14:26) 4. Kaeperknick’s workout fallout - Ep 72 (34:29) 5. The rise and fall of HBCU football - Ep 54 (11:43) 6. The young & retired - Ep 84 (11:45) 7. The finesse team: the worst NFL quarterback contracts - Ep 44 (18:07)
March 13, 2020
Episode 94: Who Run The World?
Who run the world? Girls, that’s who! On the 94th episode of Electrified we will celebrate International Women’s month starting of with a recap of UFC 248 including how Weili Zhang and Joanna Jedrzejczyk stoke the show(4:41). Then we’ll go full woman power and discuss topics like Title ix, greatest women in collegiate sports history, the Final Five, Serena’s impact, Danica Patrick, Ronda Rousey, and women in WWE(12:10). Transitioning from the queens I’ll get to the king as in King James and why he’s my MVP(36:48). A look at Dak’s financial situation in Dallas and how it could impact the rest of the Cowboys(42:02).
March 10, 2020
Episode 93: Shooters Shoot
It’s the first episode of the month and we’re balling like it’s March Madness! Episode 93 starts off with how the coronavirus is impacting the world of sports(3:40). As an AJ Bouye trade to Denver looms, I look back on the 2017 Jaguars team that was one drive away from beating the Patriots to advance to the Super Bowl (17:33). Speaking of the Patriots, could a New England reunion happen in the Bay? Addressing the rumor of Brady signing with the 49ers (31:06). Switching gears to basketball for my first official NBA update which includes why I think the Heat are the biggest threat to Milwaukee, the Lakers and their next seven games, the race for the 8 seed in the west, and my pick for game of the week(41:14)Wrapping up with box I backtrack to Mikey Garcia and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez’ victories last weekend plus a potential bout between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Leo Santa Cruz”(60:08)
March 06, 2020
Episode 92: The King Stay The King
Episode 92 starts off with an in depth breakdown of the NFL CBA (3:04) then I tell you why the 2020 receivers class is the best ever (19:10). After that I shift into basketball and the mistreatment of women in hoops (26:13) continuing with the NBA playoff race (34:0) and why LeBron is my MVP (41:00). Then I move into WWE SSD fallout (45:28), boxing news (53:41), and how the Astros are being bullied at Spring training (60:08)
February 28, 2020
Episode 91: You Had One Job
Episode 91 starts off with the full recap of Wilder vs Fury ll and the fallout from the fight, why Laila Ali’s return to boxing would be perfect for the sport, a brief appreciation of Floyd’s greatness. Then I transition to football and breakdown the current CBA beef then I look at the XFL’s progress over three weeks.
February 25, 2020
Episode 90: Highest In The Room
The 90th installment of Electrified kicks off with a look at the different crimes and punishments from the Houston Astros and Manchester City scandals (2:33), an in depth discussion on racism in soccer and the real world (15:12). I revisit the Myles Garrett saga and Mike Tomlin’s stance (28:26). A recap of NBA All-Star Weekend (38:00) and a comparison of the NBA ASG and NFL Pro Bowl (47:19).
February 18, 2020
Episode 89: Hey Now, You’re An All-Star
On the 89th installment of Electrified I’ll break down everything from week one in the XFL (3:02) then we’ll get into Kaeperknick vs the XFL (12:21). I’ll express my frustration with the Taysom Hill comparisons to Lamar (20:00), what’s next for Brady, Brees, and Rivers (30:07). Could Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia be getting in the ring soon? (41:09), I express my dissatisfaction with 2020’s road to WrestleMania (45:30) and I wrap with a look at the new MLB playoff format proposal (52:45).
February 13, 2020
Episode 88: The Godfather
Happy Friday! On this episode I break down the madness that was the NBA trade deadline and why Pat Riley won. I’ll also tell you why this is shaping up to be the worst NBA All Star Weekend ever. A brief talk about the Red Sox and Dodgers trade, a look at week 1 in the XFL, and then I conclude with the controversial question. Is Eli Manning a hall of famer?
February 07, 2020
Episode 87: And New...
Happy Black History Month! On the first episode of February and the 87th all time, I break down the awesome Super Bowl we witnessed on Sunday and I’ll tell you why the 49ers won’t be back in that position next season. Then I get into the new generation of quarterbacks, a break down of the NFL Awards and a quick look at NFL free agency 2020.
February 04, 2020
Episode 86: Mamba 4 Life
Episode 86 is very simple. An in depth Kobe tribute which features respects paid to the other souls lost. A breakdown of this Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup with help of a few friends.
January 31, 2020
Episode 85: Return Of The Mac
Episode 85 starts off with a powerful talk about AB’s continuing saga and how it ties in with mental health issues, social media, and more. (2:20) I break down Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon and why he’s the biggest star in UFC history (16:45) staying in the lane of combat sports I give my reasons why boxing and mma’s relationship feels forced (24:42). I preview the two big boxing matches featuring the return of Danny Garcia and Jarrett Hurd (32:22) which leads us down the path of more beef but this being between Kansas and K State (36:25) then guess what? More beef. Sherman and Revis go at it on Twitter and spark a debate (41:05). I give a eulogy to my Packers (47:17), championship weekend roundup (59:28), and finally a look at the XFL (1:02).
January 23, 2020
Episode 84: The Young And Retired
The 84th installment of Electrified is 60 minutes! Starting with a topic that’s very sensitive, Isaiah Humprhies lawsuit against Penn State (2:23) then a breakdown of the WNBA’s new CBA agreement and how great this is for the women of the WNBA (12:21) moving on to the controversy surrounding LSU’s celebration after the national title game (19:12) along with an in depth discussion on Luke Kuechly’s surprising retirement (24:45) then its football time! A close look at the week 10 matchup between the Chiefs and Titans then a preview of their AFC title match on Sunday (36:42) the episode closes with a look back at how the Rams played better in their second matchup against the 49ers and why the Packers will do the same thing (44:16).
January 16, 2020
Episode 83: Come At The King You Best Not Miss
On the 83rd installment of Electrified I recap the games from divisional weekend, I address the Ravens fans, haters, and former Raven Bernard Pollard. I’ll also get you briefed on the Houston Astros scandal that’s rocking the baseball world.
January 14, 2020
Episode 82: The Last Gunslinger
The 82nd installment of Electrified is jam packed. Starting with the coaching carousel and why it’s time to retire the idea of the Rooney Rule. An in depth recap of NFL wild card weekend which includes a heated take on the NFL OT rules. Brady and Brees were both eliminated and soon to be free agents is this the end of an era? A preview of the divisional round matchups, Claressa Shields fight, and the big CFB championship game on Monday.
January 10, 2020
Episode 81: 2020 Vision
Happy New Year! On the first episode of 2020 I break down all four matchups from wild card weekend and the CFB national title. Fights I want to see this year and great players who may retire by the end of this decade.
January 03, 2020
Episode 80: Ball Drop
The last episode of 2019! On episode 80 I discuss the difficulties of being a Black coach or senior operations executive in the NFL. A recap of Black Monday, week 17, and the Davis vs Gamboa fight. Wrapping up with a look back at the best moments of the decade.
December 31, 2019
Episode 79: A December To Remember
The last episode of the 70’s! On this episode I discuss all playoff scenarios and key matchups as we engage in week 17 in the NFL. A preview of Davis vs Gamboa, a look at the controversial NFL all time quarterbacks list, and much more!
December 28, 2019
Episode 78: Tis The Season
Happy holidays from me to your families! This episode is a quick run down of week 16 in the NFL, Christmas Day in the NBA, and a recap of the Harrison vs Charlo fight. Enjoy this episode and enjoy the holidays!
December 24, 2019
Episode 77: Run That Back, Turbo
A preview of the big rematch between Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison for the WBC super welterweight champion, the big NFL games on Saturday, the week 16 NFL pick 4. Why the Browns players are saying “come get me”, Josh Gordon suspended..again, has AB finally lost it? Like for real this time. And a look at the NFLPA’s beef with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
December 19, 2019
Episode 76: Big Truss
Lamar Jackson’s greatness and why the Ravens are the best team in football, week 15 recap including the 49ers upset and a message to Packers fans. Some boxing talk ranging from PBC vs Top Rank, Loma’s plans for 2020, and much more!
December 16, 2019
Episode 75: Winter Is Here
Episode 75 is jam packed! Starting with the very awful NFC East, why Jerry Jones is the problem in Dallas, a heated talk about Tim Ryan’s on Lamar, Mike Vick facing backlash again, and Bron in Utah. Questions that will be answered, is the Brady era over? Is OBJ overrated? (Yes). CFB championship weekend, week 14 pick 4, and fight night preview.
December 06, 2019
Episode 74: Thankful For The Game
Happy Thanksgiving!...kinda. A happy belated thanksgiving to you and your families, on this episode I say what I’m thankful for including sports themselves. A recap of the thanksgiving games, a look at how good the Bills are, a message to Ravens fans, Week 13 pick 4, and more!
November 30, 2019
Episode 73: Keep That Same Energy
A quick talk about T.O’s comments about Stephen A on First Take. Week 12 in the NFL including Myles Garrett’s appeal, best team in each conference, Packers vs 49ers, and this week’s pick 4. I wrap with boxing headlines from Floyd coming out of retirement to Danny Garcia’s plans for 2020 then the Wilder vs Ortiz ll preview.
November 23, 2019
Episode 72: Suits & Ties Yelling Out “Pay the guys!”
A quick look at week 11 in the NFL then a very in depth breakdown of the Kaepernick situation that unfolded over the weekend. Stephen A Smith vs Eric Reid, and the very unfortunate injury of Alabama’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. An injury that further proves that NCAA players need to be paid. An hour of great talk!
November 18, 2019
Episode 71: The Second Coming?
A deep dive into the Browns vs Steelers brawl, Kaepernick’s workout, the current AFC playoff picture, Week 11 pick 4, and the potential NFL/CBA agreement.
November 15, 2019
Episode 70
A recap of the Monday night battle between the Seahawks and the 49ers, a look at the NFC playoff picture, Aaron Jones vs CMC, is Lamar Jackson already better than Mike Vick? An apology to Mike Tomlin and the Steelers, Chase Young vs the NCAA, and a look at the DAZN ppv numbers. There is much more on this jam packed episode!
November 12, 2019
Episode 69
A look at why load management is bad for the NBA, Logan Paul vs KSI good for boxing?, and everything week 10 in the NFL including headlines, match ups, and the pick 4.
November 08, 2019
Episode 68
I give my top five NFL MVP candidates and who I believe would win if the season ended today. A look at the mess that is the Cleveland Browns and why they have had such an unsuccessful season. A recap of the Canelo vs Kovalev fight and all the controversy surrounding it. And much more!
November 06, 2019
Episode 67
Episode 67 has all the fixings. Football, boxing, and baseball. I discuss the NCAA’s new bogus deal that would allow players to benefit from their likeness. A look at the NFL headlines from week 9 and the pick 4 for Sunday. An in depth discussion on the strained relationship between Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy promotions along with the Alvarez vs Kovalev preview. Staying with boxing, I talk about what the WBC franchise title is and why so many belts are bad for the sport. The Nats historic postseason run and much more!
November 01, 2019
Episode 66
The 66th installment is jam packed! A breakdown of all the headlines stemming from week 8 in the NFL from the looming trade deadline to Golden Tate having real life beef with Jalen Ramsey. Also this week’s pick four includes a Panthers vs 49ers game that could decide the fate of Kyle Allen and Cam Newton. An in depth discussion on all of the boxing this weekend. Regis Progais vs Josh Taylor (unification bout) on DAZN, Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez (WBO title fight), plus Erickson Lubin and Robert Easter Jr Return. An update on the World Series and finally the NBA tip-off!
October 25, 2019
Episode 65
On the 65th installment of Electrified I discuss the huge Jalen Ramsey trade and the NFL trade deadline which is approaching. What players could be traded and the teams who should make a move. I also touch on how disrespectful the NBA GM survey was and why some of their picks were a ready. I close the show with a sad discussion on Patrick Day and the other boxing deaths we’ve unfortunately had in 2019.
October 18, 2019
Episode 64
On the 64th installment I recap week six in the NFL including a discussion on who the biggest scammers are from Baker Mayfield to the LA Rams. A look at the NFL MVP race, why the big five billion dollar LA stadium in Inglewood is a mistake, the 49ers and Seahawks continue to surge. A look at the MLB playoffs and the college football rankings. And much more!
October 15, 2019
Episode 63
On the 63rd installment of Electrified I break down week five in the NFL including the biggest scammers in the league, a recap of the best games, and what stood out this weekend. A recap of the GGG vs Sergiy fight, a look at the new battle in pro wrestling between WWE and AEW, and much more!
October 08, 2019
Episode 62
On the 62nd installment I break down the big Packers vs Cowboys game long with this week’s pick four. A look at the best teams in the NFC east, the frustration in Minnesota, and a brand new segment called “Fantasy with Friends” where me and my friends discus fantasy football!
October 04, 2019
Episode 61
On the 61st episode of Electrified I recap this past weekend in sports. A recap and breakdown of the Spence vs Porter fight along with a discussion on the current standing of the welterweight division in boxing. A look back and the good games that took place during week four of the NFL. Why Burfict should be banned, Thursday night football should be cancelled, and Dak Prescott and is not worth $200M. And much more!
October 01, 2019
Episode 60
On the 60th installment of Electrified I break down the Thursday night game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. I preview the big Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter title fight, another discussion on why Canelo doesn’t need to fight GGG again, and this week’s NFL pick four!
September 27, 2019
Episode 59
On the 59th installment of Electrified I roast Jim Harbaugh, an in depth conversation and one of the most underwhelming and underachieving coaching runs in recent memory. College football weekend wrap up, an apology to the Saints and their fans. A look and the backup quarterbacks that won on Sunday. What 3-0 teams are real and who is fake, why the Packers have the best defense in the league and much more!
September 24, 2019
Episode 58
On the 58th installment of Electrified I continue the conversation on the AB saga. Jalen Ramsey’s frustration with the Jags continues to grow but the team is still rolling. The current quarterback situation in the NFL, this week’s pick four, and much more!
September 21, 2019
Episode 57
On the 57th installment of Electrified I break down the four games I'm most excited about in week two of the NFL. A slight discussion on the accusations made against Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr's $350k watch. Kevin Durant's comments on why he would not play for OKC again and much more!
September 13, 2019
Episode 56
On the 56th installment of Electrified I break down the AB saga, big games from week 1 of the NFL, college football rankings, and much more!
September 10, 2019
Episode 55
The NFL kickoff special! Episode 55 is 55 minutes of straight football talk. Starting with the big stories heading into week one like Zeke’s new deal, Shady to KC, and Clowney to Seattle. A breakdown of potential division winners, an early playoff outlook, and my top 10 NFL uniforms. Plus much more!
September 05, 2019
Episode 54
On the 54 installment of Electrified I have an in depth discussion on the rise and fall of HBCU football. My reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement and the negative backlash he faced. An update on Zeke, AB, and some fantasy football talk.
August 27, 2019
Episode 53
On the 53rd installment of Electrified the Jay-Z conversation continues as Dolphins WR Kenny Stills reacts to the deal. Jerry Jones makes light of Zeke’s situation, AB still doesn’t have a helmet, WWE is making moves, and much more!
August 21, 2019
Episode 52
On the 52nd installment of Electrified I discuss the penalties from this weekend's NFL preseason action. My theory on what's really going on with the Antonio Brown helmet saga and how the Raiders are handling it. Another take on Jay-Z's new deal with the NFL along with how Eric Reid feels about it. And much more!
August 19, 2019
Episode 51
Episode 51 opens with a heated talk about Jay-Z's new partnership with the NFL. An update on possible Fall boxing bouts that could be made official any day now. Hardknocks episode two recap, AB's helmet situation, Dak says no to a new deal, and much more!
August 15, 2019
Episode 50
Episode 50! On this very special anniversary episode of Electrified I ask the listeners seven questions that they can answer and send their opinions on. The answers will be played on Electrified Vision which debuts Friday on YouTube.
August 12, 2019
Episode 49
On the 49th installment of Electrified I give my take on Ezekiel Elliot’s stance on not playing until he gets a new contract. A plea to the boxing world not to take Joshua vs Ruiz 2 to Saudi. I review the first episode of HBO’s Hardknocks, why former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant deserves a ring, and much more!
August 09, 2019
Episode 48
On the 48th installment of Electrified I discuss Canelo Alvarez’s current contract discrepancy with Golden Boy. Did DAZN offer Errol Spence $200M? If so what does that say about the brand? My argument against the claims that Aaron Rodgers is overrated and much more!
August 06, 2019
Episode 47
A recap of the headlines that came from the official start to NFL training camp. I talk about the two boxers who lost their lives this week. And much more!
July 26, 2019
Episode 46
The word of the day is boxing! A recap of Pacquiao vs Thurman, what’s next for Pac, the state of the welterweight division, the rest of 2019’s fights, and my wishlist for 2020.
July 22, 2019
Episode 45
A tribute to Tyler Skaggs and why sports are beautiful. My defense of the USA women’s soccer team celebrations, NBA tag teams, Pac vs Thurman, and much more!
July 15, 2019
Episode 44
An in depth discussion of the NFL wage gap between quarterbacks and runninbacks. #JusticeForMelvin
July 12, 2019
Episode 43
A recap of the wild weekend in sports plus a full NBA free agency breakdown.
July 08, 2019
Episode 42
This is a jam packed episode that starts off with a recap of Iggy’s visit to The Breakfast Club. I challenge the credibility of the Warriors medical staff. Then I break down who really should’ve been the NBA MVP. The Lakers free agency, wrestling talk, and much more!
June 28, 2019
Episode 41
On this episode I break down why Canelo doesn’t need to fight GGG again, the NBA draft, Dame Dolla vs MBlll, Cp3’s situation, coaching Aaron Rodgers.
June 21, 2019
Episode 40
A full breakdown of the NBA finals, Klay and KD’s injuries, AD to LA, NBA free agency, Tyson Fury, and more!
June 17, 2019
Episode 39
NBA Finals, WWE SSD, Carson Wentz new deal, Gerald McCoy’s decision, and more.
June 08, 2019
Episode 38
All of the fallout from the Joshua vs Ruiz fight and a recap of game two of the NBA Finals. 
June 03, 2019
Episode 37
Breakdown of the 2019 NBA Finals, possible NFL lockout, Wilder vs Ortiz ll in the works. AEW vs WWE
May 30, 2019
Episode 36
Bucks vs Raptors, Drake vs everybody, KD vs Chris B, there’s a lot of beef on this episode. I talk NBA playoffs and about the hot topics from the world of sports this week.
May 24, 2019
Episode 35
On this episode I preview the Wilder vs Breazeale fight and go in depth into what's going on in the world of boxing. This week in the NBA, the Adam Gase fiasco, and much more. 
May 17, 2019
Episode 34
Seg 1: NBA semifinals recap Seg 2: Conference finals preview Seg 3: Boxing news
May 13, 2019
Episode 33
A recap of this past weekend including a breakdown of the Canelo vs Jacobs fight, NBA playoffs, and a discussion about DAZN.
May 06, 2019
Episode 32
Seg 1: Canelo vs Jacobs preview Seg 2: NBA playoffs Seg 3: NBA MVP race Seg 4: Tyreek Hill update
May 03, 2019
Episode 31
Seg 1: Draft Recap Seg 2: Tyreek Hill Incident Seg 3: NBA Playoffs
April 29, 2019
Episode 30
Seg 1: NBA Playoffs. Seg 2: Boxing talk. Seg 3: Fan and athlete relationships. Seg 4: Kate Smith controversy. 
April 24, 2019
Episode 29
Seg 1: NFL schedule release Seg 2: Boxing weekend preview Seg 3: NBA playoffs Seg 4: ESPN’s best 30 for 30’s
April 19, 2019
Episode 28
Seg 1: AB vs JuJu. Seg 2: Rodgers response to the article. Seg 3: Rams stadium effect on Inglewood. Seg 4: NBA weekly recap plus playoff preview. Seg 5: Boxing weekend preview.
April 12, 2019
Episode 27
On this episode I recap Wrestlemania, talk NCAA tourney and some NBA playoff picture talk. I break down Wade vs Pierce, AB vs JuJu, and KD vs RJ. There is also much more on the 27th installment of Electrified!
April 08, 2019
Episode 26
On this episode I break down the drama in Green Bay depicted in the article written by Tyler Dunne. From there I get into a quick look at the final four in the March Madness tournament. A discussion about Max Kellerman’s pfp boxers list along with a boxing chat coupled with the McGregor and Khabib drama. Wrapped up with a sincere message to the listeners and Stephen A.
April 05, 2019
Episode 25
On the 25th episode I breakdown everything March Madness, take on the NCAA, boxing talk, and much more. 
March 25, 2019
Episode 24
On this episode I break down the NCAA basketball weekend and preview the bracket. Also I talk about LeBron's character and there is a call from a listener. 
March 18, 2019
Episode 23
I break down the AB trade, Lakers vs Celtics, Kyrie and LeBron, and the college basketball action from this past weekend.
March 11, 2019
Episode 22
On this installment of Electrified I break down the AB saga and all of the NFL madness, NBA talk, questions from the listeners, and much more.
March 08, 2019
Episode 21
First episode back after the hiatus! I talk NFL free agency and some hot topics in the NBA.
March 04, 2019
Episode 20
NBA trade rumors, Super Bowl Sunday, an much more!
January 31, 2019
Episode 18
Pac vs Broner preview and boxing outlook along with NFL championship weekend preview.
January 17, 2019
Episode 17
NFL wild card weekend and CFB title game recap, NFC divisional round preview, ask Eric segment.
January 10, 2019
Episode 16
First episode of 2019!
January 03, 2019
Episode 15
On the last episode of 2018 I recap NFL week 16 and Christmas Day in the NBA. I break down the NFL and CFB playoffs and more!
December 27, 2018
Episode 14
On this episode I discus the NFL pro bowl selections, playoff picture, December boxing recap, and more.
December 20, 2018
Episode 13
Latest episode of Electrified with Eric Lyons
December 01, 2018
Episode 12
This is a special episode of Electrified where I make a few calls and talk sports as usual. Happy Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2018
Episode 11
I recap the Warriors drama, Le’Veon’s holdout, and the major injuries in the NFL. I preview NFL week 11, CFB, and the PBC schedule.
November 15, 2018
Episode 10
On this episode I breakdown Rodgers vs Brady ll, NFL week 8, and this weekend’s college football action. I also recap big headlines from this week.
November 01, 2018
Episode 9
This week I break down the World Series, Lakers and Rockets beef, the actual Lakers, NFL Week 8, and much more!
October 25, 2018
Episode 8
A weekend recap including NFL football and the Crawford fight. A breakdown of Rodgers and Brady's performances and much more!
October 18, 2018
Episode 7
October 11, 2018
Episode 6
October 04, 2018
Episode 5
Penalties/Dolphins/Baker and Cleveland/Week 4 Picks
September 27, 2018
Episode 4
September 20, 2018
Episode 3
Canelo vs GGG ll Breakdown
September 17, 2018
Episode 2
Serena vs Naomi/Showtime vs HBO/Rodgers Recap/Canelo vs GGG/CFB/NFL Week Two
September 13, 2018