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The Eric Stoller Show

The Eric Stoller Show

By Eric Stoller
Find out the secret to closing multi-million dollar deals DAILY! Learn how to construct a value proposition based on your prospect's needs. Teaching, learning from, and working with the best and brightest business professionals in the industry.

As a business mogul, Eric has close HUNDREDS of millions of dollars in Real Estate projects, speaker conferences, and original deal developments from the NFL to major banking and business institutions. Eric now continues to lead the charge to help more speakers and business professionals find their personal spotlight on stage as well as on the airwav
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The anatomy of a global industry leader, Eric Stoller.

The Eric Stoller Show

The Ultimate Secret to Success
What is one of the secret keys to SUPREME WEALTH? CEO of Champion Mindset Events, Eric Stoller discusses what he has found most common over his life-long career of working with (and building up) some of the wealthiest business professionals and speakers in the country. This is an episode you definitely do not want to miss. To find out more about being a sponsor, advertizing partner, guest, or LIVE speaker at one of our events, please visit us at
September 08, 2022
Sunday Special - Cause & Effect
What is more important than accountability? The answer is the understanding of what truly creates action. And that's you. Taking stock in what your thoughts race through your mind, what elements your body needs to stay healthy, and what tasks need to be accomplished in order to grow in business or in life are pivotal to creating daily success. In this episode of the Eric Stoller Show, CEO of Champion Mindset Events, Eric Stoller, discusses what it means to truly manifest the life you want by staying focused on what matters most.  Want to find out more about Champion Mindset speaker, podcasting, promotion and live events? Please visit us at for our latest updates. 
September 08, 2022
Stop and take inventory
Where are you in your Master Plan? Do you know what your next steps are? Did you stop to celebrate your last achievement? In this episode of the Eric Stoller show, CEO of Champion Mindset Events, Eric Stoller talks about the importance of keeping track of your movement towards your goals.  Thank you for listening and please remember to "Like" & "Share" and visit us at
September 08, 2022
Quick tip on organizing your daily activity.
What can you do to reduce your stress, increase your effectiveness, and accelerate your HIGH Payoff Experience? 
March 07, 2022
Positive Thinking, Communications & Helping Others
There are few measures of success that extend across all industries as unwavering as gratitude. Whether in a simple "Thank You" or a million-dollar donation to a worthy charity, the more grateful for what you have and those that assisted you in achieving it, the more you are sure to receive. In this episode of The Eric Stoller Show, we dive into what it means to show gratitude by leading by example. Setting the tone of the business or social circle you are in, opposed to letting the situation determine your outlook.  Host Eric Stoller is the CEO of Champion Mindset Events, and with over 30yrs and hundreds of millions of dollars in business transactions under his belt, he had created an undeniable ora of gratitude that extends to his family, friends, colleagues, and students. 
February 07, 2022
The anatomy of a global industry leader, Eric Stoller.
Hold on to your seat as the awe-inspiring story of Eric Stoller, CEO of Champion Mindset ERUPTS in your eardrums. From a capitalistic paper-throwing 11yr old boy in Brooklyn, NY to one of the most influential power players in the public speaking industry. Weave your way through the laser-focused mindset wrapped in a chaotic desire for maximum personal development and achievement. Eric Stoller has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals in dozens of industries and one listen to this podcast will explain how one man is able to be so diverse and come up with so many solutions and better yet, CREATE his own destiny.
February 06, 2022
1:1 with Gen. Anthony Tata
Go behind the scenes as retired Brigadier General, General Anthony Tata, one of the most influential leaders in the United State Military sits with CEO of Champion Mindset Events, Eric Stoller. Listen as they discuss turning a lifetime of leadership, business development, and over a dozen published books into a seamless media empire.  Joined in the conversation is Errol Chung, Chief Marketing Officer of Champion Mindset and the creator of the Champion Podcast Network.  For more information on creating an infinite income line by telling your life story on your own custom podcast, please visit
February 06, 2022
What does it take to be a CHAMPION?
CEO & Founder of Champion Mindset Events and Media, Eric Stoller lays down the fundamental principles of what it takes to be a CHAMPION. The mindset, the work ethic, the compassion, the perseverance and so much more. For the last 30 years, he has led Master Speakers from Les Brown, Omar Periu, Brian Tracy, and thousands more along the path that have helped them create millions of dollars in revenue and inspire millions of minds around the world. 
February 06, 2022