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Exploring the Horizon

Exploring the Horizon

By Erik Ranschaert
Welcome to Exploring the Horizon, where amazing things happen. I will bring you closer to bright and fascinating people from all over the world, so-called influencers. I hope they can inspire you as much as they’ve already inspired me, or maybe not, but for my part, it is nothing more than an attempt to convey the passion for my profession to you.
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Episode 1 - Exploring the Horizon!

Exploring the Horizon

Episode 10 - Collective Minds Radiology. Interview with Anders Nordell, CEO.
Interview with Anders Nordell, CEO of Collective Minds Radiology, a new Scandinavian platform for radiologists. The platform enables radiologists to ask for second opinions in an quick and interactive way, and also offers the opportunity to exchange interesting cases for educational purposes. One of the goals of Collective Minds is to bring Artificial Intelligence closer to the radiologists, and to make them understand how it can be used. If you want to learn more then please listen to this 35 min podcast.
December 21, 2019
Episode 9 - The Medical Doctor as Data Scientist. Interview with dr. Bart-Jan Verhoeff
For Episode 9 we interviewed doctor Bart-Jan Verhoeff, who's a nephrologist, a medical doctor specialized in kidney diseases. He works at the St. Jansdal Hospital in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, where he’s also CMIO or Chief Medical Information Officer. He’s also known as, from the blog carrying the same name. He trained himself in machine learning to develop an algorithm able to predict the likelihood of re-uptake of his patients. Verhoeff emphasizes the usefulness of machine learning as a method of using patient data intelligently. By using models based on data from the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), doctors can make predictions, so that they can improve work processes, and improve the quality of patient care. Please stay tuned and listen to this interesting 30 minute interview.
July 05, 2019
Episode 8 - Interview with Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision
Jonathan Berte is the founder and CEO of Robovision, a turnkey AI solution provider with a powerful deep learning platform called RVAI. The company is specialized in deep learning-based machine vision and robot programming and is focused on the design, development and deployment of complete automation processes, where illumination, digital cameras, robots and artificial intelligent agents play an important role. Since recently the company has also become active in the medical field for labeling radiological images in the development of DL algorithms. The RVAI platform is not only able of speeding up the labeling process thanks its learning ability, making it possible to automize the segmentation process, but it also allows its users without any deep learning software skills — including radiologists — to develop algorithms themselves. This exciting interview will undoubtedly open the eyes of those eager to learn more about what the future can and will bring us.
April 09, 2019
Episode 7 - ECR 2019 interview with Prof. Bram van Ginneken
Dr. Bram van Ginneken is Professor of Medical Image Analysis at Radboud University Medical Center and chairs the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group. He is founder of Thirona, a company that develops software and provides services for medical image analysis. He studied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University. In 2001, he obtained his Ph.D. at the Image Sciences Institute with a thesis on Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Chest Radiography. He has (co-)authored over 200 publications in international journals. He pioneered the concept of challenges in medical image analysis and is founder of the  platform.
March 16, 2019
Episode 6 - ECR 2019 interview with Hugh Harvey
Dr. Hugh Harvey is radiologist and Clinical Director at Kheiron Medical, a company focusing on the development of artificial intelligence software for breast cancer screening. Dr. Harvey is member of the Royal College of Radiologists' committee for medical imaging informatics and of the the AI working group. He is a consultant and advisory board member for AI start-ups in the UK, EU and America within the imaging and healthcare space, and is sitting on several AI and academic committees. He co-authored several white papers and reports on AI in healthcare, alongside bodies such as Reform, and independent think-tank, and Health Education England. He acted as co-chair of the Topol Review, a seminal independent report for the UK Secretary of State for Health into preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future. In this interview we talk about the value and possibilities of AI for radiologists, and about the reasons why the radiologists should embrace these new developments. Hugh expresses his well-founded vision as radiologist on this rather disruptive innovation in radiology.
March 06, 2019
Episode 5 - Connecting with China for AI in Radiology (Catherine Yang)
I talk with Catherine Yang, Corporate Vice President of Baidu, about the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence market for healthcare in China and globally, about the sharing and usage of medical data, and about the value of Chinese algorithms in radiology - locally and across borders. Jump in and listen to this exciting 30 min. interview. You can also go to Medium to read the full interview.
February 06, 2019
Episode 4 - Platforms to build medical AI datasets and algorithms
This episode is an interview with George Shih, founder of the platform as engineer and radiologist at Weill Cornell Medical Center (NYC). The principle of using cloud-based tools to collect and annotate datasets for developing AI algorithms is explained. Other topics such as the value of making medical imaging data available, sharing datasets and involving radiologists in this process are discussed. At the end the possibilities and value of blockchain technology are addressed. Feel welcome to listen to this 45 min fascinating interview.
January 23, 2019
Epidsode 3 - Medical Imaging and AI for Developing Countries
Herman Oosterwijk, well-known expert in imaging informatics and creator of international health-IT communication standards such as DICOM and HL7, is telling about his personal experience with providing medical support, equipment and training in developing countries, in which wireless communication and AI now also find their use cases.
January 10, 2019
Episode 2 - The Quest for Medical Data
For Deep Learning the availability of curated and annotated medical data is crucial. Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging is the electric F1 or Formula E for radiologists, a car waiting to be filled with fuel, which are the data. Besides the arrangements that are being made between academic institutions, research groups and hospitals or even with the big vendors (Siemens, Philips, GE, others) for obtaining those data, new initiatives popping up to obtain medical data directly from patients. An example of such an initiative is the Medical Data Donors This idea actually originates from Professor Andreas Maier, who is a computer scientist with a background in medical imaging, currently working as as head of the Medical Reconstruction Group at the Pattern Recognition lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany. In this Episode you will be able to listen to the 35 min interview that I had with Prof. Maier.
January 03, 2019
Episode 1 - Exploring the Horizon!
In this first Episode of Exploring the Horizon! Erik explains the purpose of his podcast and addresses the topics he will discuss. See also his Blog on
December 28, 2018