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Entrepreneurs Circle

Entrepreneurs Circle

By Erik Cabral
The goal of this show is to bring my experience (both successes and failures) to the table and to share some of my insights to building businesses and relationships. I’ll also interview fellow entrepreneurs to inspire and give you some tools you may need on your journey to freedom, legacy, and spiritual growth!
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E43: Emile Mimran - Social Media Marketing Expert and Adinlay App Developer

Entrepreneurs Circle

E43: Emile Mimran - Social Media Marketing Expert and Adinlay App Developer

Entrepreneurs Circle

E127: Starting a New Book of Your Life, Not a Chapter with Dwight Heck
Dwight HeckDwight is the owner of Give A Heck Financial and the host of Give A Heck Podcast. His company's mission is to empower you with financial education so that you can live a more purposeful life. They educate and teach you how to live life on purpose, not by accident. He started his corporate career as a computer consultant and found himself financially strapped all the time. Especially being a single parent, he was living from paycheck to paycheck, leaving himself in quiet desperation as he went to sleep at night and not knowing how to control his financial life. But all of that changed when he made a conscious decision to start a new story of his life, and not a chapter. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Starting a new story of your life, not a chapter of your life How to live life on purpose, not by accident Being present in the game Being mindful of how you say things to other people Working on yourself in order to lead Be a servant first before you become a leader. Episode Highlights: Starting a New Book of Your Life, Not a Chapter If you say you're starting a new chapter, it means that the former chapter is right beside you, and you haven't let go. So change that mindset into starting a new story of your life or a new book of your life because your subconscious mind picks up on it. An author doesn't ask people to buy their new chapter, but to buy a new book. And the book could be a part of a series. It's now a different journey on that same topic or the same person. It's still you, but you're a new book, with a new beginning. You have to do things to mentally disconnect from your past. Your future is not indicative of your past. So what are you going to do to differentiate it? You don't want to disrespect your past that happened. But it doesn't have to be your anchor. How To Live Life On Purpose, Not By Accident When coaching clients, Dwight does a goal-setting appointment with them. He asks them some leading questions to make them feel more vulnerable in sharing their circumstances. Then in his succeeding appointments, one of the leading questions he asks if they slept any better from their last appointment. And the responses he usually gets from his clients are amazing. Dwight does numerous meetings to help them through the process of living their life on purpose, not by accident. Be Mindful of How You Say It It's how you say it. Be able to come to the level of your clients and mimic their energy level. Be close to their energy level, enough that you can still pull things out of them, but not turn them away. Be Present in the Game You have to be there for yourself. Because no matter how much you're coached, if you're not into the game, like the coach of somebody saying, you know, get out there and play a ball, but make sure you're into the game. That coach is going to coach you, but you have to be present in that game. Work on Yourself In Order to Lead Become a servant of others first before you become a leader. Work on yourself all the time and always be leveling up to be the healthiest, best version of yourself. You've got to have your act together. Resources Mentioned: Know more about Dwight Heck on Give A Heck Podcast
November 23, 2020
E126: Making Podcast Interviews More Fun Through Asking Spitfire Questions with Josh Cary
Josh Cary is a business coach, podcast host, speaker, digital media and creative consultant, and entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of PodMAX (an On Air Brands company), a podcast production and media company that provides training and events catered to entrepreneurs who have a meaningful message to share. Josh is the host of The Hidden Entrepreneur Show and On Air Brands LIVE! Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding, showing up in fear, with a 'mask' on in all areas of his life. Today, he’s now on a mission to help others unmask themselves so they can improve their lives and businesses. Episode Highlights: Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What Josh wants to be known for His early years in the acting and film world How to get to know your podcast guests better (especially those you already know) Why asking spitfire questions is great Asking questions that foster storytelling Episode Highlights: Stop Hiding in Fear Many people are hiding behind fear so they end up not showing up in every situation. Fear paralyzes them to make the move which they know they're capable of doing. Therefore, take action and power through in every possible way to your fullest extent. How to Get to Know Your Guests Better, Especially Those You Already Know Bring them on and talk with them for 20-30 minutes just in a "getting to know" kind of way. You're not talking about business and it makes for a good conversation. Ask spitfire questions just to bring in a new flavor to the episode. This is exciting from the guest’s perspective. It feels good to be on the receiving end of these questions and get to answer them. Why Asking Spitfire Questions is Great There's this non-committal that you're going to go where it goes post-questions. You don't necessarily have to stop the conversation. But you can take it another five or 10 minutes if you want. Regardless, that's the episode and it doesn't have to be rebranded. And that’s a good way to get to know people you already know. Everybody has a story to tell. So let them tell stories. These types of questions foster thought, which is sometimes missing when you're a guest on a show, especially when they already know your story and you know where the conversation is going to go. By asking spitfire questions, your guest will be excited to share their answers because you, as an interviewer, don't know the answers. Resources Mentioned:
November 16, 2020
E125: ForwardFast Branding with Mark Stinson
Mark Stinson has earned the reputation as The Brand Innovator. He's an experienced marketer, persuasive writer, dynamic presenter, and a skilled facilitator. His work also includes brand strategy and creative workshops, and he has contributed to the launches of more than 150 brands, all mostly focused on health, science, and technology. Mark has written multiple books, including Patient Activation, ForwardFast Branding, Customer CHEMistry, and his most recent, A World of Creativity. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Following your strategic GPS and how to keep your engine running Strategies to stay engaged and creative The power of giving options Paying attention to customer experience A look into Mark’s focus groups Episode Highlights: How to Keep Your Business Engine Running Work on the relationships right now. Do what you can do to keep the foundation going. Don't spend a lot of time thinking about how you need to reinvent yourself. Just take your time to be solid. If you're losing sales or losing ground, figure out what other media are available to you to keep that customer connection alive. Strategies to Stay Engaged and Creative 1. Work with your clients on their difference. Encourage them to document how special their brand is. 2. Finding these other things about your brand. What if you answered faster? What if you built a better customer relationship? What if you didn't have 17 different buttons to push to get to that department? 3. Do rituals to keep your creative juices flowing. Set some time to meditate. Focus on your heart instead of the thousand things going through your head. Find a quiet space to set some time for yourself to recharge and get away from all the noise. The Customer Journey: Customer CHEMistry Connect - Don't just talk, but listen. Honest - Hear more about the customer's issues and problems. Easy - Use easy language and easy-to-read fonts. Make your brand easy to deal with. Is it easy to call your company? Is it easy to talk to your company? Or does your company put up a wall and you're defensive? Motivated - You should feel motivated to take the next step, not cajoled. One of the things that's very motivating with many clients is options. Get them involved. But don't also overwhelm them with choices. Resources Mentioned: Mark’s books: Patient Activation ForwardFast Branding Customer CHEMistry A World of Creativity
November 9, 2020
E124: How to Build Trust and Develop Empathy with Robin Dreeke
Robin Dreeke is a professional keynote speaker, live trainer, bestselling author, facilitator, and retired FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. As an FBI agent, Robin was recruiting spies, something we only see on television and in the movies. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of People Formula. He has now become a massive entrepreneur, developing his own brand and helping businesses with his FIVE steps in TRUST and all of these wonderful tools that he has developed to help corporations and other businesses. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How he transitioned from doing FBI work to being an entrepreneur Why recruiting jobs is an entrepreneurial job How he’s reinventing his business in the midst of the COVID situation Speeding up the trust process 4 things to make sure it’s about the other person (and not about you) What is Stempathy? Steps you can take to develop empathy The power of curiosity Paying attention to nonverbal behaviors Conversation tips to build trust Book writing techniques Some amazing things to look forward to from Robin’s online training courses Episode Highlights: Why Recruiting Spies is an Entrepreneurial Job Working in counterintelligence, Robin's primary job was to recruit spies so his job was to sell a product of American patriotism to a foreign national, who's generally a diplomat at a diplomatic establishment that he's not allowed to talk to. Every day, he was creating a very specific operation surrounding he could get in front of an individual to sell his product when he's not actually allowed to initiate the contact. So your brain is constantly working on how to create an opportunity. He was basically building relationships and building trust. He had to strategize trust and make it linear so you could pass it on to others. Can You Speed Up the Trust Process? The speed of trust is completely up to the other person because if you force it, it now becomes about you. When in reality, it always has to be about them. We are genetically and biologically coded to want to be valued. And when you can demonstrate that you value them, they're going to affiliate with you. How to Make Sure It's About the Other Person Seek their thoughts and opinions. The key is figuring out what they think that is, and not what you think it is and placing it on them. Take the time to figure out what their priorities are in terms of their safety, security, and prosperity. Offer resources. Validate them. Seek to understand without judging. Have curiosity about them. Give them the choices. What is Stempathy? Stempathy is the combination of stoicism so you understand the cause and effect of your behavior and human behavior – pure cause and effect. But at the same time, you have to have empathy, so that you can understand the context of someone else and build that connection. And once you understand the context, that's what empathy is. Resources Mentioned:
November 2, 2020
E123: Making Payment Transactions Easier with Brad Weimert
Brad Weimert is a mountain climber, adventurer, and entrepreneur at heart. He developed his entrepreneurial and marketing spirit from rich life experiences. At the age of 20, Brad began breaking national sales records as the #1 sales representative in a company of more than 30,000 and continued to do so year after year. Brad is the Founder of Easy Pay Direct, a platform that is both a merchant account provider and a payment gateway. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What makes Easy Pay Direct different than other merchant account providers What’s a high-risk merchant Setting up your backup merchant accounts The importance of building history The current state of the economy from Easy Pay Direct’s persepctive What is Easy Pay Direct? Easy Pay Direct is a mechanism to accept payments predominantly online. They're both a merchant account provider and a payment gateway. They work with established eCommerce brands to optimize the way they're accepting payments. What Makes Easy Pay Direct Different From Other Providers If you set up Stripe or PayPal, you can process payments immediately. But they don't know who you are, what you do, what you sell, how you sell it, how you deliver it and if you deliver it. So the only recourse they have is to control risk for themselves. The alternate way to accept payments is with somebody like Easy Pay Direct that wants to understand who you are, what you do, how you do it, how the business operates, and what the marketing model is. They underwrite that on the front end and get to know the models that have that higher likelihood so that you don't run into a problem as a business owner where they’ll have to close your account or hold your money later. What's a high-risk merchant? On one end of the spectrum, it means that the expectations are going to be met. It's a face-to-face transaction. It's a small dollar amount, and you know what you're getting when you go in. On the exact opposite end of the risk spectrum, is a supplement company that sells pills guaranteed to enhance your manhood in seven days or less. It's free, and then after seven days, they automatically bill you $99 a month. It's not FDA-approved and it's based in India. As soon as you go online, the likelihood of fraud spikes. If you're a person that wants to commit fraud, you don’t walk into a Best Buy. You order them online. So all e-commerce has a risk spectrum. It's just a question of the variants there. One of the fundamental tenants is that the gateway that they built allows you to have more than one merchant account present, and then split the volume across them. So if you have a problem with one, the others are still up and running. They want to help business owners have control over this problem. The Current State of Our Economy Everything went from retail to online. In fact, 95% of its portfolio is online. Then money will start to leave the economy. There are a lot of opportunities, but at the same time, it's not going to sustain. So you have to be prepared. There are industries that are going to do better, and also industries that are going to have challenges. But within each of those, there is still opportunity. Resources Mentioned: Easy Pay Direct
October 26, 2020
E122: Building Systems to Get Over the Other Side of the Crest with Cheryl Herrick
Cheryl Herrick is the quintessential entrepreneur. Their family-owned medical device business went from breakeven to $4 million per year, to selling personal development and running a 100-employee automotive company, to coaching. Cheryl credits her success to following this system that she has created for herself and continues to innovate. She is currently a partner in a startup company producing new technology houses and she’s the founder of Ponytail Racing. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What to do in moments you feel like giving up Making a business decision vs. a personal decision What is the crest and how to get over the other side of it? Applying Deming’s philosophy and removing the barriers to creativity The CEO’s job as the Chief Education Officer Episode Highlights: Making a Business Decision vs. a Personal Decision Emotion and passion run us as people and we should take that into our business. But there are certain moments where we have to disconnect those two things. When we're trying to make decisions about business, we have to take a more professional and a little bit of a distant decision about it when emotions are really high. Self-reflection is very important. You have to be honest with yourself to try to figure out if you’ve made a bad bet and whether you need to get out of it and stop investing. What is the Crest? If the big order has fallen through something that you thought was factually accurate turns out not to be, it means you have to take five steps backward. When everything feels tiring, and it seems like no matter what you're doing, none of it is easy. It's that moment where it feels like nothing is going right and you've been in this space for a while. This is usually the moment when people tap out because they're tired. How to Get Over to the Other Side of the Crest When you're at that moment, and it feels like everything is kind of working against you in your back is up against the wall, that's not the moment to quit. Even if that business does not work out, that isn't the moment to quit.  Get to the other side of the crest, because on the other side of the crest, then you'll really know if there's something there or not. But giving up just out of exhaustion and frustration will only live on you forever. To get over to the other side of the crest, have a small circle of very reliable friends who have your permission to tell you the unvarnished truth. Follow a system founded on a business philosophy and get the knowledge from trusted advisors who are outside of you. Sketch out a system for yourself and everything you need to do for the job to be successful. Then develop the processes necessary to get all of those things done. Resources Mentioned: Ponytail Racing
October 19, 2020
E121: Sharing Your Superpowers with Jen Josey
Jen Jose is the Owner at Jolific Homes and Jolific Properties Creator and Coach at REIGN: Real Estate Investor Growth Network. Jen has taken on a persona of the "bestower badassery." After 16 years of teaching, and having worked in a global health insurance provider, Jen ultimately decided to get into the real estate industry. Through REIGN, Jen was able to create a platform where investors could share their superpowers within a network, sprinkled with a little bit of accountability, thus building confidence and credibility. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: The 4 aspects of creating REIGN: Real Estate Investor Growth Network Overcoming the limiting belief of impostor syndrome What to do if you feel trapped in corporate America The power of the collective and providing stages for other people The structure of REIGN About The REIGN Podcast The power of attraction Episode Highlights: REIGN: Real Estate Investor Growth Network Jen runs a four-week deep dive where they work together to help people in these four aspects: 1.  Knowing the destination: They share needle movers in the business and what has worked for them. Then they prioritize their focus and get clear on their why’s. 2. Sharing superpowers: Using a mastermind format, REIGN is designed to provide a platform for people to share their superpowers and establish credibility with people in our network. 3. Accountability: They have a Monday morning goal call where people publicly announce their goals. And then they do a check-in on Thursday, and then on Sunday, they do a gold poll, where they can then announce if they've achieved their goals, or what they can do differently, etc. 4. Your network is your net worth: Go to your local REIA (real estate investment association) meetings. Learn from the experts there and find a group that fits you. Build that credibility and when you have that credibility, it builds your confidence, which is huge. And then you can go out and take over anything because you have that confidence now. The Power of Stages Realize that the ultimate power is providing stages for other people. As opposed to being the star of the stage, you have access to put anybody's expertise on a pedestal to a group of people. The person whose expertise you put on a pedestal will thank you forever because you gave them the validation. While the people whom you've exposed to the message who needed to hear it will thank you forever because you were the conduit for that. The Power of Attraction You don't have to know every step of the way to get started. You just have to release it to the universe, and then it will reveal itself. Just go for it and trust that the "how" will find you. Resources Mentioned: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
October 12, 2020
E120: Scaling Your Business from a Consultative Perspective with Tim Dick
Timothy Dick is a lifelong, seasoned entrepreneur, founder, and CEO that has built multiple successful companies from the ground up. He has helped build industry icons such as Hostgator, which grew from a small company to over 3 million websites hosted during his time there. Currently, Tim is the founder and CEO of Profit Layer. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Struggling with impostor syndrome Tim’s entrepreneurial background in the web hosting and server space Transitioning into a digital agency and consulting space How he navigated scaling Knowing what you want and trusting your gut Why creating content is not for everybody What is Profit Layer? Approaching everything from a consultative perspective Episode Highlights: How to Cope with Impostor Syndrome It helps to talk about it. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Nothing going to be perfect. But if you just show up, it's usually going to work out. Work on your personal development. Scaling Your Business A lot of people are so worried about getting all the details perfect whether they're scaling or even just starting. Different people are going to have a unique set of processes and ways they want to run their business. And if they try to follow something conflicting with what they naturally feel they should do, that's where they run into problems. If you have a pulse on your business, you're going to make fairly good decisions. They're not always going to be accurate or the right thing. But if you figure out what you want and where you want to be, it's going to be much easier to use your gut. And if you don't know what you want and you don't know where you want to get to, then your gut decisions are probably not going to be as good. Figure out what you want and create what you want. Resources Mentioned: Hostgator
October 6, 2020
E119: Leveraging Stages and Audiences with Pablo Gonzalez
Shownotes: Pablo Gonzalez is a professional speaker and the founder and Chief Executive Connector at Connect With Pablo, a content marketing and community creation agency, proving that community creation is the future of business development and building his business around the core things that he loves doing. Obsessed with human connection, Pablo has used his expertise on the subject to manage a 120-person, $15M-construction business at 25, build various young professional groups for charities, and be named a Latino Leader of the Future by Latino Leaders Magazine and a Top 20 Under 40 for Brickell Magazine. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Pablo’s stories of his entrepreneurial journey in different industries His entrepreneurial influences How immigrants make for the most successful entrepreneurs Scarcity creates resourcefulness The realization to build his own parachute How he became a professional networker The Venn Diagram of Relationship Episode Highlights: How Immigrants Make for the Most Successful Entrepreneurs There's this story of two fish swimming in the ocean. A larger fish comes by and says, "The water is nice today." As they swim past that larger fish, the two little fish look at each other, and they go, "What's water?" This story highlights two immigrants coming into this country, understanding where they are. This is the land of opportunity in America. I know I'm in the water, and I'm going to make the most out of it. Whereas the majority of people in America who are born here don't even get the context of where they are. Scarcity creates resourcefulness. But we have been living in the land of abundance and have gotten to the point where we're so spoiled. We think the minor things that are happening to us in life are big deals. We're creatures of comfort. Then now that things are shut down, people are freaking out. But there's no need to freak out because people have experienced way worse than this. The Future of Business Development is Community Creation The way you scale is via content. Provide stages for people in an audience. And if you can capture that in content and redistribute that, it then becomes a self-feeding machine. There is creating content for yourself creating content for others. But the magic is when you are sharing the stage with brilliant people, and you're both adding value to each other. The Venn Diagram of Relationship Enablement - how you introduce yourself to somebody you want to meet Value exchange - how you make the information that you're giving somebody valuable, Content laid on top of that Where all those things meet is a community driving ball of value. Resources Mentioned: Know more about Pablo Gonzalez on
September 30, 2020
E118 - PodMAX/Propelify - How Magnetic 3D Can Change The 3D Viewing Experience
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Matthew Passy of Podcast Me Anything leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at TOM ZEREGA Tom Zerega is the Founder and CEO of Magnetic 3D. Tom was a former employee of major broadcasting networks including ABC/Disney, CBS, NBS, before founding a US digital signage network in malls and nightclubs where a successful exit led him to pursue Glasses-free 3D Solutions. Mr. Zerega is an investor, inventor and evangelist playing an integral role in the development of the Company's product line. On the sales and marketing front he has secured high profile deployments and had the privilege of working on the Super Bowl, Hard Rock's Guitar Hotel, major theme parks, retail stores, defense energy and medical projects. He is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Television, and recent alum of Draper University's Entrepreneurship Program in Silicon Valley and is regarded by many as the industry's principal authority on glasses-free 3D technology.
September 25, 2020
E117 - PodMAX/Propelify - Using Ai to Assess A Startups Attractiveness to Investors
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Matthew Passy of Podcast Me Anything leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at ADRIAN DEEN Adrian Deen is Founder and CEO of Funding Innovation Network, which started a movement to revolutionize startup funding and support. The company launched an AI/ML marketplace platform to help startups assess themselves and connect them to investors and business services. ADRIAN has served in senior director positions at Credit Suisse and Citigroup prior to founding FIN. He is also a Board member of We'll Life Network, a not-for-profit offering residential, clinical, and day programs to 25,000 individuals with developmental, psychological, and behavioral disabilities in NYC.
September 24, 2020
E116 - PodMAX/Propelify - Local Crowdfunding for Small and Medium Businesses
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Matthew Passy of Podcast Me Anything leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at Christopher W. Frey Founder & President Crowd Funding NJ, Inc. Founder and President of Crowd Funding NJ, Inc. Christopher Frey has significant experience in the entrepreneurial, start-up and growth company business community.  Crowd Funding NJ, Inc. (CFNJ) is New Jersey’s first authorized and registered Equity Crowdfunding Portal.  CFNJ’s Portal was launched in March 2018.  Now New Jersey businesses can raise up to $1 Million in funding and any New Jersey resident can invest in these offerings using the CFNJ Equity Crowdfunding Portal.  This is a significant, and much needed, new source of funding for New Jersey’s entrepreneurial, start-up and growth company business community.  This is also the first time that the general public has had the opportunity to invest in start-up and early growth stage high potential companies. Prior to starting CFNJ, Frey Founded and is Managing Director of CFO Solutions. Inc. a financial and business advisory firm providing growth-stage companies with outsourced CFO leadership. Specializing in high growth and turn-around situations Frey has been retained by technology start-ups and family-owned businesses, serving as CFO for more than 25 companies.   Frey has raised more than $200 million in capital through his ability to create financing alternatives and collaborate with equity investors and lending institutions, which has earned him a reputation as an innovative and pro-active leader. Prior to launching CFO Solutions, Inc., Frey served as the Chief Financial Officer for KPMG Peat Marwick's manufacturing retailing & distribution (MR&D) line of business where his efforts were instrumental in spearheading the turnaround of this $900 million Audit, Tax, and Advisory business.  Earlier, as Controller, Frey led the worldwide accounting and control operations of Grace Cocoa, the world's largest processor of cocoa beans and a $750 million division of W.R. Grace & Co., during its formation and significant growth through M&A activity. Frey has an MBA from Columbia University and a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.  Frey has been the treasurer and a board member of the New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN), an editorial advisory board member of the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA), and the SEC small business capital forum representative for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  As a way of giving back to this community, Frey has been an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NJIT’s EDC Business Incubator for more than 15 years where he has advised literally hundreds of start-up and entrepreneurial companies.
September 23, 2020
E115 - PodMAX/Propelify - Barry Rubin Shares his Perspective and Experience on Business Development
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Hoan Thai of "I Escaped My 9 to 5" leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at BARRY RUBIN Barry has been in sales and business development for over 25 years and since 2016 he has enjoyed the opportunity to expand his career in value based technology consulting and sales with customer centricity. Currently Barry is a Sr. Business Development Manager who loves to find new clients from start-ups, small to medium sized businesses that need help with anything from a software development and technology standpoint – whether outsourcing software development engagements, augmentation services, custom software development or selling Damco products. Barry is also heavily active in the community and the arts, he sits on both MCRCC Technology Committee and Ambassador Committee, Advisory Board to Elijah’s Promise, A Friend of Rotary New Brunswick chapter. He also has recorded, played and taught music for many years, private lessons and workshops and he currently works with a few projects and leads his own group Contact High Vibration “With One Hit of Music”.
September 22, 2020
E114: PodMAX / Propelify- Simplified Business Growth and Life Lessons with Rajesh Sinha
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Hoan Thai of "I Escaped My 9 to 5" leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Hoan sits down with Rajesh Sinha the founder of Fulcrum Digital and his mission to make the world a better place. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at
September 21, 2020
E113: PodMAX / Propelify - Training effective workplace skills with Ai
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Kieran Lenahan of Lenahan Coaching leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Kieran sits down with John Muldoon the CEO of Interflexion to find out his story and path to success! Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at
September 18, 2020
E112: PodMAX / Propelify - Navigating the legal steps of a starup with Lawyer Matt Uretsky
This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX / Propelify where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge. Special guest host Kieran Lenahan of Lenahan Coaching leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration. Join the us for our next event at And grab your virtual seat for the next Propelify Innovation Festival on October 5-9 at Matthew E. Uretsky advises entrepreneurial clients in technology-driven industries at every stage of the business lifecycle, from initial formation and funding to exit strategy. He combines industry knowledge with extensive deal experience to deliver smart solutions for tech, tech-enabled, and life sciences companies with respect to choice of business entity, intellectual property protection, internal governance, private and public debt and equity financings, securities law compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and beyond. Innovators and investors regularly seek Matt’s depth of knowledge and practical guidance for pre-seed, seed, and early stage to expansion and growth stage capital raising transactions and ultimate liquidity events. He works closely with venture capital funds, family offices, private equity and hedge funds, and angel networks and funds to understand and meet their individual business needs. He keeps up with the rapid pace of the emerging technologies and techniques that are disrupting every industry, advising clients on cryptocurrencies, SAFEs, KISSes, and other innovative fintech solutions. Committed to making more room for diverse professionals in the entrepreneurial space, Matt works extensively with woman-led start-ups and is a mentor for the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship. He also represents a number of Israel-based clients to facilitate their expansion to the United States, having collaborated with one such CEO to create an Israeli Air Force alumni meetup to connect entrepreneurial graduates in the greater New York City area. He is also actively involved with the firm’s immigration and naturalization clinic as well as its name-change program for transgender people. Matt regularly contributes to the vibrant start-up ecosystem, writing and speaking about key issues for founders and investors at conferences, venture fairs, meetups, and co-working spaces. He is an advisor for New York University’s Summer Launchpad Program, the 365x Israeli business accelerator program, and the Princeton Tech Meetup. An avid golfer, Matt captained the Dartmouth College golf team.
September 17, 2020
E111: How to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset with Cardwell Thaxton
Cardwell Thaxton is the owner of the Cardwell Thaxton group, a real estate developer that specializes in renovating existing buildings and putting them back on the market for sale or for rent. Cardwell is a licensed real estate appraiser for over 20 years, working closely with lenders, attorneys, and mortgage companies, and investors. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Where Cardwell’s spirit of hustle came from Cardwell’s experience in selling cable and ads How Facebook knows your demographics and everything else! The drawback of finding a mentor Developing the entrepreneur mindset The power of network and buying based on emotions How to get to the root of a customer’s objections Episode Highlights: How Facebook Knows Everything Everything now has moved over to the social networks so you have to reach a certain demographic. Facebook knows everything about your people. So it's easy to figure out the demographic you want. When people sign in, they tell Facebook everything about them – education, where they live, birthday – everything. If you want educated women between 27 and 50 with a four-year degree, Facebook has it. Facebook continues to buy other companies to expand their footprint like Instagram and they just use their data to spread out to more and more people. And most people aren't aware that by using something free, it means they are the product. If you can't figure out what the product is when they're offering these things, you are the product. Finding a Mentor You might be in the business for 25 years. But it doesn't mean you're a good teacher or a good coach. Everyone's not cut out to be a teacher or a coach. It's just time-consuming. Finding a mentor is the biggest drawback right now because you have to put in at least 2,000 hours of guided work (that ends up being about two years or maybe a little bit less).  The Entrepreneur Mindset If your goal is to put in your 25 years at the company and then retire, and your definition of retire is don't do anything, you're not going to probably understand the mind of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will work 80 hours a week for themselves so they don't have to work 40 hours a week for someone else. The Power of Network and Buying Based on Emotions Your network equals your net worth. It doesn't matter who you know, what matters is who knows you. You need to get out there and meet people because once they know about you, you're in. A lot has to do with your personality, as well. Be memorable. Ask genuine questions. Learn how to close and how to ask closing questions and learn how to get to the real objection.  People don't buy on based on logic, people buy based on emotion, and then they use logic later to justify the purchase. Resources Mentioned: The Cardwell Thaxton Group Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss Rich Dad, Poor Day by Robert Kiyosaki Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
September 14, 2020
E110: How to Optimize Your Day the Right Way with Trevor Lohrbeer
Trevor Lohrbeer is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Day Optimizer, a time management web app that helps you convert your daily to-do's into a daily schedule through a 3-step process so you can get more of the important stuff done. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: The concept of grit How to manage a remote workforce How mergers and acquisitions work Why is it harder to sell a company than to start one? Some things you need to know when you’re thinking of acquiring or selling a business The concept of done today vs. done forever The difference between task management and time management Day Optimizer’s 3-step process Episode Highlights: The Concept of Grit Grit is perseverance through difficulty. A lot of people view failure as a stopping point, rather than a waypoint. And if you view failure as a stopping point, you give up because you're at the end. But if you view failure as a waypoint, where you just stop to rest and then keep living past it, it changes your perspective around failure. It's no longer this devastating thing. It's a learning opportunity. Managing a Remote Workforce When managing a remote team, you don't manage their time, you manage their output. Focus on what your team is producing. By shifting the mindset of how you approach managing employees in a remote work scenario, you're shifting into a more productive way to manage your employees. Selling a Company vs. Starting a Company It's easy when you're a visionary and you can start to build and create something. It’s fun! On the other hand, oftentimes, when people sell a company they're focused on their top-line revenue. They aren't thinking through the fact that it's your net revenue. Done Today vs. Done Forever If you're using a task list and you've got a bunch of tasks that you're going to do today, and you work on it, but you don't finish it, you can't actually click the checkmark on that task list. Because if you do, it disappears. So you just leave it on your task list. And whenever you go back and look at that task list, there's the item that you already worked on today that's still unchecked. And this keeps distracting you. By clicking on Done Today, it gives you that dopamine hit by checking it off. It's not on your list anymore so it's no longer distracting. But it doesn't get lost because it appears as an option again the next day. Once you mark it Done Forever, it disappears from your task flow. The Difference Between Task Management and Time Management Task management is figuring out what you need to do. Time management is figuring out when to do it and how long to spend on it. Day Optimizer’s 3-Step Process Create your daily commitment list. Take the entire tasklist and copy over only the things that you're committing to do today. And if you want to subtest those out, you can do that too. Allocate time to each of those. Include not just your tasks, but also all your appointments for the day – anything that takes up time, like eating lunch, exercise, meditation, etc. Just total everything up and find out how many hours you're allocating for each. Go through your prioritization process. Now, you have to decide which of the two things do you need to do because you know you don't have enough time for both. This is where time management comes in. Resources Mentioned: Day Optimizer
September 7, 2020
E109: Achieving Business Success Through Nurturing Personal Growth with Andrew Schena
Andrew Schena is the owner and founder of Capital Equity Partners and co-host of the podcast Cash Flow Giants. Capital Equity Partners is a real estate syndication company that develops real estate investment strategies. They focus on acquiring and operating multifamily assets in emerging markets across the U.S. Andrew believes in the power of shifting your mindset in order to live a great life. He also underlines the importance of harnessing personal growth to drive growth in your business.  Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: How his mindset shifted through a Tony Robbins organization Why you can’t have business growth without personal growth How Andrew started and grew Capital Equity Partners Building one business after another within one silo Increasing the value of a parcel through the ZBA (zero balance account) process Influence marketing vs. direct marketing Their criteria for buying land and their land play How being an operator in real estate makes you a better investor Episode Highlights: Balancing Business Growth and Personal Growth You can't talk about business growth without discussing personal growth. You have a life outside of your business. Especially once you start to have a family, you can't spend all of your time on business. Otherwise, you'll ruin the relationships in your family. You have to create those types of freedoms. There are plenty of people who are incredibly successful but are completely miserable individuals.  That's where personal growth comes in. Life isn't worth living if you're miserable all the time. Find that balance because personal growth not only resonates with your family life but also with your business life. Influence Marketing vs. Direct Marketing Direct marketing works with sellers because you have to have a presence. You need to get their attention through something directly targeted at them. Whereas marketing for investors is more about influence. A seller just wants to know that you've got the ability to close and help their situation and make the best deal for them. So it's important to build your credibility online and have a bit of social media influence. But for investors, you need to meet people one-on-one and have all the social media influence out there to get somebody to potentially invest with you. So it's a multi-tiered touch approach before somebody invests with you. Resources Mentioned: Capital Equity Partners Cash Flow Giants Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins
August 31, 2020
E108: Leveraging Businesses Out of Necessity with Dan Butler
Dan Butler is the founder of 6AM Core Collective, a group of companies that specializes in real estate, property management, and finance, providing end-to-end solutions for real estate investors. With customers at the core of their organization, they have built a business ecosystem, leveraging business after business so they can help real estate investors flourish and succeed. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Dan’s first memory of selling How he created a business at 12 years old The power of having a vision Leveraging his business to catapult to more businesses Adopting the buy and hold strategy Why you need to educate yourself constantly The beauty of hiring your own virtual employee Episode Highlights: A Businessman at 12 Years Old Dan started a lawn care business at 12 years old. By 15, he was already hiring people. He leveraged equipment and people to make the job faster. This led to his first partnership with a friend who did the same business, and they went from 20 yards to 50 yards. His partner moved on, leaving him with the business so he was able to catapult from there. Throughout high school, Dan met a guy that introduced him to the real estate world. Following college, he found a way to buy real estate in Memphis, Tennessee. And after reading the book Nothing Down for the 90s by Robert Allen, Dan decided to figure out how to do no money down to buy real estate. To this day, there have been very little dollars down on any real estate they've ever bought. One of their core things is not putting money out of pocket in real estate. Go Big or Go Home You have to have a vision. Dan laid out his vision of having 300 rental properties by the time he was 48 years old. He was focused on that single vision, without getting distracted about all the other things he could have gotten involved with. Leveraging a Business to Catapult Into More Businesses Leverage other people and other systems because you couldn’t do it all on your own. Along with his partner, Dan started a property management company. Out of that, a brokerage firm was born. Then they’ve created a maintenance company, then a lending company, and then a virtual assistant company – out of necessity. Having a Virtual Employee is a Game-Changer Especially as you grow and evolve, more and more people are requiring your time. And aways answering emails is not the best use of your time, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. So having someone that can manage the day for you and manage your emails is very important. Resources Mentioned: Nothing Down for the 90s by Robert Allen
August 24, 2020
E107: Raising Capital and Real Estate Syndication with Ekaterina Stepanova & Dylan Marma
Ekaterina Stepanova & Dylan Marma are co-founders of EquityTree, a software platform dedicated to helping commercial real estate investors manage their deals and Investor relations. They also provide educational support throughout the entire investment process. Coming from different real estate industry events, Ekaterina and Dylan both saw the opportunity to collaborate and bring this platform out to both early investors doing JVs and buying their own deals as well as those investors who are leveraging their networks and scaling with syndications. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What is EquityTree and its mission? How investors can benefit from EquityTree Making real estate decisions around raising capital and syndication What to look for when creating your team and finding partners Who are their mentors? Self-care routines they do to keep their “engines” running Episode Highlights: What is EquityTree? The project was created from a place of passion. Their mission is to be able to create a community around the product and create a platform of people dedicated to serving their investors. One of the issues this tool seeks to address is the lack of transparency around the private investment space. Through this platform, people taking on joint ventures (JV’s) can give investors the best experience possible. Solutions EquityTree Provides Keeping things organized: Eliminates endless email chains and Dropbox folders Community support: They have a private Facebook group, where they do weekly calls with everyone to discuss different topics related to marketing, social media, presentations, and asset management reporting, among others. Asset management tracking: Allows you to measure your budget vs. your actuals and allows your investors to view your Profit and Loss Statement EquityTree is not just a software. It’s built to ultimately give you a platform that'll help you grow and become a better operator in its fullest effect. Making Decisions Around Raising Capital and Syndication Dylan encourages investing in real estate for a pretty substantial period of time, prior to bringing any investor capital. Or to have a more experienced partner with you the first time you do it to make sure they're able to protect you. Syndication is a short-term solution to create wealth. This is a great path to take if you have more ambitious goals of creating some serious wealth over time. Or if you're the type of person who gets excited working on large projects, bringing people together, and collaborating with them. Finding Your Partners Credibility is key. It's important to find credible partners backed by experiences and leverage those. Especially when it comes to people's capital and their life savings, they want to work with someone that is credible. Resources Mentioned: Visit to get a PDF of the 5-Step Fundraising Process Apps Mentioned: Spar - for accountability Blinkist - summarizes books for you Way of Life App - the habit maker and breaker app
August 17, 2020
EP106: Finding Your Sense of Purpose with Stephanie Venditto
Shownotes: Stephanie Venditto is a communications/leadership and life coach. After years of building a career as an actress, the characters she played no longer resonated with her. She realized that she had lost her sense of self and creativity. It was during her travel in Italy that she discovered parts of her that were dying to be heard. It was a moment of stripping some layers of herself to give way to her new self. She then found her way into the corporate fashion industry until eventually dedicating all of her time now as a communications/leadership and life coach. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Why all of life happens at the kitchen table The perspective shift from generation to generation How do you find that sense of purpose The conversation of collective consciousness Why we need to deconstruct to construct Episode Highlights: The Path of Metamorphosis Life gets messy and it's not to be avoided. It's just to be experienced. But along that journey, we learn how to protect ourselves and we learn how to hide behind certain facades. We ask the world how it wants us to look so they could accept us. Then we become less and less of ourselves. We get into these jobs and we continue to do them just for the rest of the world to accept us. Our journey is a collection of information. When things resonate, we're in pure connection. We discover ourselves. We begin to separate from ourselves. But we have to strip off some layers of ourselves to become something new. How Do You Find that Sense of Purpose? We're all rediscovering ourselves. It's whether we journey into it or not. Unfortunately, 85% of people don't change, they stay the same, and only 15% of people actually change. What kind of choices do you want to say yes to and what are you willing to say no to? Then put a commitment to these new choices. Either enhance or discover a new purpose to either what you do or what you're curious about that you want to add to your life. At the end of the day, where are you most aligned with? Deconstruct to Construct Right now, we find ourselves in the most creative time that’s true to the messiness of life and human nature. But we have to break some things in order to rebuild. Use this time to explore the unknown inside yourself. What worked in the past might not work today so just acknowledge that. Make choices that resonate with you. This is your opportunity to really redefine what you want and the impact it has on you. Resources Mentioned:
August 10, 2020
E105: Flipping Businesses Through the Profit First Principle with Rocky Lalvani
Rocky Lalvani is the owner of Profit Comes First. He is the host of two podcasts: Richer Soul and The Profit Answer Man Podcast Rocky has found that most business owners rarely look at their financial statements. He has also observed a pattern where if they don't have a dedicated finance person focusing on the health of your company, they usually end up with financial struggles. Rocky is a certified Profit First advisor. He helps business owners focus on profit first, using a system created by Mike Michalowicz that has helped thousands of companies realize their maximum profit potential. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Rocky’s sales and business journey with a mindset that the enemy of great is good The power of finding a partner who’s the yin to your yang The only market that doesn’t inflate and how the value of pay has decreased over the years The difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur The concept of flipping businesses Where profit first comes in Flipping the sales equation How long does it take for you to become profitable? Understanding the ever-changing cycles of disruption in business (i.e. real estate, education) Episode Highlights: The Concept of Flipping Businesses Instead of building a company from scratch, buy a poorly run business and start to inject systems, processes, and teams. With good marketing, you can grow the revenue in two years by 50% and the business is no longer selling at a one-time mark. If the business could sell at a three-time multiple, you've essentially 50% plus tripled the business. Sell the business and move on. The Profit First Principle When you implement profit first in a business: Focus on cutting expenses, which automatically increases your multiple. Viscerally show the buyer how the money is flowing into the owner's compensation account. Pull up information where you can realize profits or add things you can implement to be successful. The standard formula in business is Sales - Expenses = Profit. Profit comes last. It’s a leftover. Now, the Profit First formula flips that equation to Sales - Profit = Expenses. So you’re actually taking profit first! It’s more of having this mindset shift. You see, if you have X amount budgeted, you'll spend it. Now, if you have a smaller amount budgeted, you become resourceful and you're now forced to spend less. You figure out ways to do that and you'd be shocked at how much money is wasted in business because you didn't spend time thinking of a better, faster, cheaper way to do it. Resources Mentioned: Know more about Rocky on Richer Soul Podcast The Profit Answer Man Podcast War Room Mastermind
August 3, 2020
E104: How to Launch Your Business Off the Starting Block
On today's episode, Erik is joined by Mike Simmons. Mike is a fellow podcast host of his show the “Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons” podcast, as well as the owner of a 7 figure flipping and wholesaling company. He also takes part in leading a mastermind for investors looking to reach the next level, which focuses on some ideas from his book “Level Jumping” A few great points discussed in today's episode include; Managing your ‘relationship bank’ and why it's important to make a lot of ‘deposits’ before making a ‘withdrawal’ Making the shift from technician to manager, and what that looks like How to launch yourself off the starting block As well as much more! Learn more about Mike Simmons: His book: Level Jumping Want a free digital version? Text “Just Start” to 55444 His Podcast: Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons Email him:
July 27, 2020
E103: Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to be a Groundbreaker in the Tech Space
On todays episode, Erik is joined by Jake Marmulstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Groundbreaker. Jake being a long time lover of technology, dialed in on a problem he continuously saw in the real estate investment market. He took his talents to market with an all in one real estate software. His software can help automate the fundraising process, as well as maintain investor relations in a whole new way. A few interesting points made in todays episode include; -How staying ahead of the curve presents you with opportunities to solve problems. -Why you always need to be ready to take on the next risk. -Creating a product to solve a direct issue in your business. As well as much more! Learn more about Jake:
July 21, 2020
E102: Raise Your Consciousness: How You Can Live a Life of Endless Possibilities
In today's episode, Erik talks to Mario Lanzarotti. Mario is an international coach and speaker. His core mission? To raise the consciousness of humanity and empower people to live a life of endless possibility. Specializing in lifestyle design and human transformation, Mario explains his own transformation that got him to this point. A few powerful topics covered today include; -Why you should NOT pursue the life someone else has. Define your own path. -Stop looking for extrinsic validation, search for it within yourself. -The importance of consuming positive content, and how it can transform you. As well as much more! Learn more about Mario:
July 13, 2020
E101: Learn How YOU Can Up Your Influence with Josh Elledge
On todays episode, our guest is Josh Elledge. After pulling the ripcord and making his exit from corporate America to get his priorities straight, Josh worked diligently to make a life for his family. Josh started to hone his jedi marketing ticks, thus Up My Influence was born. Up My Influence serves companies bringing in 6 figures or more in revenue by creating powerful sales and marketing systems. A few great points made in this episode: -Before you ASK…Be sure to GIVE -The best way to find partners or clients is not by having the best sales pitch, its by having the best product. -PLUS: Josh spills the secret sauce to digital marketing and sales As well as much more! Find out more about josh:
July 6, 2020
E100: Find out why NOW is the best time to buy a business with J Scott
Join us for the celebration of the 100th episode of the Entrepreneurs Circle! Our guest J Scott is best known for: Co-host of the Bigger Pockets Business podcast Author several books: The Book on Flipping Houses, The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs, Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing, and The Book on Negotiating Real Estate In show we get into: His background as an engineer, working for Microsoft and Ebay His interest in investing came from his wife Carol’s love of HGTV Growing their flipping business Authoring a book for his blog (which started as an accountability blog) and ultimately launchd Bigger Pockets publishing! How this is a prime time to buy businesses Hidden gem: stay until the end for his stories about his life as a poker pro and his World Series of Poker epic runs! J Scott’s podcast J Scott books:
June 29, 2020
E99: Managing Your Brand: Where Personal Life Meets Work
On today's episode, Erik is joined by Joe Quattrone. Joe is the senior VP of the Sasha Group, a Vayner-X company, with a background in digital marketing and advertising. He outlines how this all came to fruition from his desire to see a brand grow and become the next on the fortune 500 list. In this edition, Erik and Joe cover some of the cornerstone elements of branding such as whether or not to include your ‘personal life’ in your professional brand. They also provide insight on the importance of a BIG long term goal, and how having one can help guide your decisions by asking, “is this getting me closer to, or farther away from that goal?” Additionally, the two cover the intricacies of managing a brand during troubled times, like we are experiencing in 2020. Links: Vayner Media: The Sasha Group: Stork Community:
June 22, 2020
E98: How To Live ‘Fit Rich’ And Do It With Purpose
Jason and Pili Yarusi are the definition of a power couple. After starting their real estate business, they wanted to share what they had learned and document the process as they went. Thus the Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast was born! The duo then went on to parlay this into their now large umbrella of companies and brands, including (but not limited to) Moms of Multifamily, The Multifamily Foundation, and the Jason and Pili Project. In this Episode, Erik, Jason and Pili cover topics ranging from relationships to brand evolution. They discuss the best way to work on multiple businesses as a couple, learning to be a whole person as opposed to being defined by your job description, and the importance of a routine to avoid chaos in your daily life. Links: The multifamily foundation: The Jason and Pili Project podcast: The Jason and Pili Project Facebook:
June 15, 2020
E97: Being an Outlier with Ever Gonzalez
Ever Gonzalez describes himself as a “filthy capitalist with a hippie heart.” He is the founder of Outlier HQ, a media and events, podcast, film, and video production company. In this episode, he talks with us about his beginnings where he recognized he did things differently, which led to his branding as an outlier. We also learn how he’s pivoting his events during COVID as well as what he prioritizes over money.
June 8, 2020
E96: Building Your Personal Brand with Kelly Glover
Kelly joins Erik to recount her beginnings traveling across the world from Australia to an internship at Miramax in Los Angeles where she got her start interviewing celebrities with a tape recorder. Kelly tells us how important it is to build a personal brand, from the inside out, that you carry with you regardless of the project you’re building. Learn from Kelly how to approach building yourself for success in the future as well as practical advice for approaching podcasts you may want to appear on.
June 4, 2020
E95: Managing a #1 rated iTunes podcast with Michael Woodward
We talk to Michael Woodward about how he grew his brand from humble beginnings as a pastor into a globally recognized entrepreneur, consultant, web developer and podcaster. We discuss the strategy for booking A-list guests for his show “Jumblethink” as well as the inspiration for next level of podcasting with the “new normal” due to Covid19. Michael also explains his concept behind “Idea Camps” for adults.
May 25, 2020
E94: Living a Nomadic Lifestyle with Tim Winders
Business Coach Tim Winders opens up about how losing everything in 2008 was the catalyst that led him and his family into a nomadic lifestyle, enjoying life well within their means. We discuss Tim’s time in Australia, their experience with “housesitting” globally and life in a 40 foot RV.
May 18, 2020
E93: Why Life Insurance is sexy (and how you can make money with it) with Hoan Thai
Hoan Thai joins Erik to discuss what triggered his interest in real estate and how he learned about the BRRRR method before it was actually called that. We also break down his “fire-aim-ready” philosophy. Thai explains how this led him to helping people bridge the gap between banks and hard money loans and how he convinced the banks to create a referral system for him so he could help others. We also learn some insight into the often misunderstood world of life insurance and how you can benefit from things that are normally reserved for the rich.
May 13, 2020
E92: The Future of Podcasting as an Information Source with Mathew Passy
Mathew Passy is known as the Podcast Consultant and has been in the podcasting space since its infancy. Mathew got his start in radio broadcasting and has worked for Bloomberg Radio and New Jersey 101.5. He became an entrepreneur and started his own podcast business after he found working for the man to be very unfulfilling. We discuss how podcasting compares with traditional radio and where both are headed in the future. Mathew also talks about being a business owner, dealing with imposter syndrome, finding confidence, and creating opportunities to build a lasting team. Reference Links The Podcast Consultant Startup Podcast
May 4, 2020
E91: Defining a Mission to Help Others and Leveraging Your Fears with Real Estate Investor David Ounanian
David Ounanian is an investor-friendly real estate agent, motivational speaker, and founder of Transform St. Louis LLC. David found his calling to become an entrepreneur when he realized his career as a software engineer was becoming more unfulfilling. He sits down to talk with us about how he needed to develop a new mission to give back to others and create a sense of community. He discusses his first real estate deal, all the nightmares that ensued, and the lessons he learned. We also learn the importance of leveraging your fears, designing a mission to help others, and creating passive income to build wealth. Reference Links David’s Website Transform St. Louis LLC David’s LinkedIn Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
April 27, 2020
E90: Using Your Strengths to Find Opportunities with International Real Estate Syndicator Reed Goossens
Reed Goossens is a real estate syndicator and investor, best-selling author, founder of Wildhorn Capital in Austin, TX, and host of the Investing in the US podcast. Reed shares his incredible story with us about how he moved from Australia to NYC to pursue the American dream and work in real estate. With his background in structural engineering, he found a niche that helped him stand out. Reed details how starting a podcast that caters to international investors helped him build his network. We also learn about finding a coach to get you to the next level, investing in your education, and the importance of building a business ecosystem. Reed then shares his tips on how to navigate through an economic correction. Reference Links Investing in the US Podcast Investing in the US Book by Reed Goossens 10,000 Miles to the American Dream Book by Reed Goossens Wildhorn Capital Rich Dad Poor Dad Book by Robert Kiyosaki
April 20, 2020
E89: Mastering Time Management and Balancing Work, Life, and Family with Real Estate Investor Chris Larsen
Chris Larsen is a 20-year real estate investor, an author, a podcast host, and the founder of Next Level Income. He also juggles all of this while still having another full-time career. We sit down with Chris as he talks about all the discipline he acquired when he was a professional cyclist and athlete earlier in his life. He teaches us the great habits of a winner and how to maintain life balance between work and family. Chris also emphasizes how to stay healthy, taking time to relax, and prioritizing your needs through time management. Reference Links Next Level Income Next Level eBook Download Pick Three by Randi Zuckerberg The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne
April 13, 2020
E88: Owner Financing Strategies and Scaling Your Business with Larry Fiero and Mike Moe of Real Estate Marathon Podcast
Larry Fiero of Dragon Rock Properties and Mike Moe of Superior Capital Group are a dynamic duo that host the Real Estate Marathon Podcast. Larry and Mike are both real estate investors, but still work full time in the corporate world. They talk about how they met and how different the real estate markets are in their areas. Larry and Mike then get into the details on the power of owner financing and the strategies and skills behind it. We also learn about how podcasting grows your network, how to scale your business, and using real estate to achieve financial freedom. Reference Links Real Estate Marathon Podcast Dragon Rock Properties Superior Capital Group Mr Money Mustache Bigger Pockets
April 6, 2020
E87: Navigating Investment Opportunities During Times of Uncertainty with Chris Kawaja
Multi-asset investor and business owner Chris Kawaja joins us to talk about his views on the current state of the market during the coronavirus pandemic. Chris is co-owner of Big Chill, a retro appliances company, runs the popular blog Upwording, and is the author of the book “How to Stash That Cash.” In this episode, we discuss how the economy has been affected and how people’s reactions during uncertainty exaggerate situations. Chris dives into which market sectors are currently benefiting from the epidemic and how emotion is affecting supply and demand. He also talks about how his companies are weathering the storm, how to find new opportunities when others are looking to exit, and how to stay true to your investment strategies for the long term. Reference Links Chris’ Email Upwarding How to Stash that Cash Big Chill Principles for Success by Ray Dalio
March 30, 2020
E86: How to Create a Successful Podcast by Knowing your Industry, Community, and Brand
In this bonus episode we are joined by our special co-host Josh Cary of the Hidden Entrepreneur at PODFEST in Orlando, Florida. PODFEST brings together the best in podcasters to educate, inspire, and build networks. We are joined by three amazing guests - Katie Goodman from the Connected Life With Katie, Kate Kruse from Twenty Something Scaries, and Jeremy Core from Fixing Healthcare Podcast. In this roundtable discussion, we cover topics including going deep in your industry, building a podcast brand, pros and cons of monetizing, knowing the goal of your podcast, and making an impact on your audience. Reference Links Hidden Entrepreneur with Josh Cary Fixing Healthcare Podcast with Jeremy Corr Executive Podcast Solutions Twenty Something Scaries Podcast with Kate Kruse The Connected Life with Katie Goodman
March 23, 2020
E85: How to Market Yourself to Scale Your Rehab & Wholesaling Deals with Beka Shea
Beka Shea is the CEO and Founder of MarketShark, a consulting company that helps real estate investors scale their business through marketing strategies. She is also a facilitator with 7 Figure Flipping mastermind, and a real estate pro who specializes in rehabs and wholesales. Beka shares a wealth of knowledge as she talks about her start in real estate, working with partners, and how to find the right people to help scale your business. She also uncovers some golden tips on how to advertise in your local market to find more deals, all while saving money. Reference Links Beka’s Email Beka’s Facebook MarketShark 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind Veterans REI Live Conference Bigger Pockets Flipping Junkie with Danny Johnson Chad Gallagher
March 16, 2020
E84: Taking Risks in Life and with Big Investments from a Millennial Real Estate Podcaster with Robert Leonard
This episode is part of a series recorded at PodMAX, an event that connects podcast hosts and entrepreneurs within the real estate space who have fascinating stories to share. Robert Leonard is a powerhouse millennial real estate investor. He is also the host of two podcasts, Real Estate Investing and Millennial Investing, all while holding down a full-time corporate job. He sits down to talk with us about taking risks, which is something he developed growing up as a motocross pro. Robert details how he got started in investing, what motivates him, and where he sees the future with his businesses. We also get some amazing tips on how to be a successful podcaster! Reference Links Robert’s Instagram Millennial Investing Podcast Real Estate Investing Podcast Investors Podcast Network Warren Buffett Trello Descript
March 9, 2020
E83: Phillip Vincent - Real Estate Wholesaler and Founder of Mom’s House
Phillip Vincent is a veteran real estate investor and founder of Mom’s House, a trusted “as-is” buyer program that helps seniors sell their home during their transition to assisted living. He also offers a Certified Investor Program that teaches investors how to generate leads into profitable deals. Philip joins us to talk about how he got into real estate wholesaling, and discusses the balance of working with complex relationships while families are selling their home. We also learn about the best real estate marketing strategies, how to build a quality network of investors, and the lasting influence of the Bigger Pockets community. Reference Links Mom’s House Bigger Pockets
March 2, 2020
E82: Anthony Clervi - Master Salesperson and Chief People Officer at Una - Procurement Solutions
Anthony Clervi is a master salesperson and the founder of Una, a group purchasing organization that helps companies save on products and services. We get down to the details with Anthony as he discusses being a good leader and cultivating an environment for your team to grow. We also learn about the importance of living by your core values, learning through failure, and the complexities of hiring friends and family. Anthony also gives some great tips on being a master at sales! Reference Links Una - Procurement Solutions Culture Index Gary Vee Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
February 24, 2020
E81: Ray Agliata - Serial Entrepreneur and Owner of Cornerstone Property and Realty Services
Ray Agliata is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Cornerstone Property and Realty Services. He is also host of the brand new podcast the Ray Agliata Show. Ray has had quite a career as an entrepreneur where he started out running a bail bonds business, owned a Quiznos franchise, and now runs a construction company and provides real estate services. We learn some important rules in scaling a business from nothing, finding a good mentor, using the OHIO “only handle it once” method, and how the bail bond system works! Reference Links Cornerstone Property and Realty Services Ray Agliata Show Podcast Slatehouse Group Matt Faircloth Max Maxwell
February 16, 2020
E80: BONUS - Preview of the new True Multifamily Podcast w/Justin Fraser
In this special episode we introduce a new show that’s part of the On Air Brands network - True Multifamily. This podcast is hosted by our good friend and business partner Justin Fraser, and explores stories and interviews about real estate asset management and what really happens after you close. Justin kicks off the premiere episode with an honest look at the mistakes he made on his 40-unit apartment complex. Justin hired a company that was not the right fit to manage the property and took too long to make a change once that mistake was realized. Reference Links True Multifamily on Facebook True Multifamily on Instagram
February 13, 2020
E79: Tom Zeeb - Real Estate Wholesaling Expert and Founder of Traction Real Estate Mentors
We had the honor of speaking with Tom Zeeb, a real estate wholesaling master. He is also an author, a teacher, a podcaster, and founder of Traction Real Estate Mentors.  Tom tells us about how a near-death experience changed his outlook on life. He also talks about his journey from going from a struggling landlord to a wholesaling expert. Tom defines what wholesaling is and walks us through how a deal works. We get the inside scoop on one of his best negotiations, and we learn about being a mentor, self-awareness, and the three levels of accountability. Reference Links Tom Zeeb Website Traction Real Estate Mentors Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss E-Myth Real Estate Investor by Michael E. Gerber
February 3, 2020
E78: Todd Dexheimer - Multifamily Real Estate Pro, Coach, and Founder of Venture D Properties
Todd Dexheimer is a multifamily real estate pro. He’s an investor, coach, and owner and founder of Venture D Properties. Todd also runs a coaching mastermind called Coach with Dex, and is the host of the Pillars of Wealth Creation podcast. In this episode, Todd shares some amazing stories about how he got started in house-flipping during the 2008 housing crisis, then eventually moved into multifamily syndications. He also talks about the fearful decision of quitting a job to follow your passion. We also learn about the pitfalls of doing rehabs and how it can affect your cash flow, and the importance of using an attorney to write your contracts. Reference Links Venture D Properties Coach with Dex Pillars of Wealth Creation Podcast ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy Matt Faircloth
January 27, 2020
E77: Jason Feifer - Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Podcast Host of Problem Solvers, Pessimist Archive, and Hush Money
This episode was recorded at PodMAX, an event that connects podcast hosts and entrepreneurs within the real estate space who have fascinating stories to share. If you are a podcaster or looking to get into podcasting, this is the episode for you. We had the rare opportunity to do an audience Q&A with Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. Jason is also the host of three popular podcasts, Problem Solvers, Pessimist Archive, and Hush Money. We learn an amazing amount of information as Jason covers topics including how to produce interviews that are more entertaining, growing an audience, strategies for advertising, and how to collaborate with other podcasters. Reference Links Jason’s Website Entrepreneur Magazine Problem Solvers Podcast Pessimist Archive Podcast Hush Money Podcast Mr Nice Guy by Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer
January 20, 2020
E76: David Pal - Software Engineer and Founder of Ads on Top and Oz Finance Planning App
David Pal is an entrepreneur and software engineer who likes to tinker with ideas and grow them into businesses. He is the founder of Ads on Top, which specializes in digital billboards, and creator of Oz finance app, a planning tool for people in the gig economy. David is also a longtime friend of our co-host for this episode, Justin Fraser, and they have done several real estate deals together. David shares some amazing stories about how he managed to find his place in the digital marketing space, and how he experimented with starting a micro business by mailing postcards to hairdressers in Alaska and offering to file their business licenses for them. We also learn about the importance of taking time to reflect on your accomplishments. Reference Links Ads On Top Oz Financial Planning App James Altucher Entrepreneurs Circle Episode #50
January 13, 2020
E75: Paul Moore - Veteran Real Estate Investor and Founder of Wellings Capital
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit. In this episode, we had the honor of speaking to Paul Moore, founder and managing director at Wellings Capital, and a Bigger Pockets contributor. Paul offers an amazing amount of wisdom as we cover topics including being a speculator versus an investor, learning how to say no, the current state of the multifamily market, the pitfalls of commercial real estate, plus the importance of educating yourself and getting to know the people behind the deals. Paul is also working on several books and has eBooks available on his website covering topics on mobile homes, storage facilities, and commercial real estate. Reference Links Wellings Capital Paul on Bigger Pockets PodMAX MidAtlantic Summit
January 6, 2020
E74: Justin Fraser - Business Management Master and Host of True Multifamily Podcast
Today we are hanging with our good friend and business partner Justin Fraser. He first appeared in Episode 3, and has guest hosted this show several times. Justin has just launched his podcast True Multifamily, a show that focuses on multifamily property asset management. In this episode update, we take a trip back to where things were a year and a half ago and how Justin’s goals have progressed. Justin also talks about starting a personal brand, finding what you’re good at, investing time in a business, and balancing when to say no and yes. Reference Links True Multifamily Podcast Entrepreneurs Circle: Episode 3 DeRosa Group Matt Faircloth PodMAX
December 30, 2019
E73: Shirley Xu - Alternative Real Estate Investor and founder of Golden Bridge Investment
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode we talk with Shirley Xu, founder of Golden Bridge Investment, which focuses on alternative commercial real estate, including mobile homes and storage facilities. Shirley shares some amazing stories about growing up poor in China and moving to the US in search of new opportunities. We also learn about the importance of family, working hard and being honest, and giving to those who are less fortunate. Reference Links Golden Bridge Investment Carleton Sheets MidAtlantic Summit
December 24, 2019
E72: Ekaterina Stepanova - Mobile Home Community Investor Pro and Principal of Operations at M2K Partners
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we sit down with Ekaterina Stepanova, who is an expert in the mobile home community investment space. She is a principal of operations at M2K Partners and facilitates the MHP Tribe meetups in NYC. Ekaterina shares some amazing stories about growing up in Moscow and Vietnam, and moving to NYC with no money and no plan. We learn about how she got into real estate and eventually moved into mobile home investing. Plus, she shares the importance of valuing your tenants! Reference Links M2K Partners MHP Tribe Meetup MHP Tribe Meetup Facebook Bigger Pockets Brandon Turner MidAtlantic Summit
December 19, 2019
E71: Connor Heim - Travel Nurse Housing Property Manager and Commercial Voiceover Artist
Connor Heim is a rising star entrepreneur. She is the owner of Stilema Properties, which specializes in providing temporary housing solutions for travel nurses. Connor is also a commercial voiceover artist and runs CC Heim Voiceovers. We jump right in with Conner as she talks about finding a niche as a real estate investor and how she got started in travel nurse housing. She also discusses her expanding business as a voiceover artist, plus overcoming fear, being authentic, and making yourself happy. Reference Links Connor’s Email Connor’s Facebook Stilema Properties CC Heim Voiceover
December 17, 2019
E70: Tom Migliaccio & Ryan Tustin - Self Storage Investors and Founders of Haddon Property Group
Tom Migliaccio and Ryan Tustin are self storage investors and syndicators. They are also the founders of Haddon Property Group, and co-hosts of the Blue Collar Yields Podcast. In this episode Tom and Ryan discuss how they met and started working together, how storage unit management works behind the scenes, getting your ego out of the way, the future of automating and outsourcing your business, plus the reality of running a podcast. Reference Links Haddon Property Group Blue Collar Yields podcast Secrets of Successful Syndication Real Estate Guys Radio Cashflow Ninja Two Comma Club Michelle Schroeder Garder Joe Fairless Gary Vaynerchuk
December 12, 2019
E69 John Casmon - Marketer, Speaker, and Founder of Casmon Capital Group
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we catch up with John Casmon, marketer, speaker, founder of Casmon Capital Group, and host of Target Market Insights podcast. John discusses how he got into raising capital, the importance of finding a mentor and educating yourself, and balancing work and family. Reference Links John’s Email John on LinkedIn Target Market Insights Podcast Casmon Capital Group Dave Van Horn MidAtlantic Summit
December 10, 2019
E68: Joseph Chan - Cannabis Warehouse Investor and Founder of Guardian Property Advisors
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit. In this episode, we got to speak with Joseph Chan of Guardian Property Advisors. Joseph talks about his experience with investing in warehouse space for cannabis growers in Massachusetts. We learn about the expanding cannabis laws, how the cannabis industry impacts tax revenue, plus Joseph reveals the types of investors he is looking for. Reference Links Joseph’s Email Guardian Property Advisors Gary Vaynerchuk Capital Hacking Podcast - Opportunity Zones Episodes Crowd Street Investing Platform MidAtlantic Summit
December 5, 2019
E67 Andrew Syrios - Buy and Hold Real Estate Expert and BiggerPockets Contributor
Andrew Syrios is a real estate pro, a partner with Stewardship Investments, LLC, cohost of The Good Stewards Podcast, and a BiggerPockets contributor. He is also the author of the extensive article The Ultimate Guide to Due Diligence. In this episode, we discuss how Andrew got into real estate, the investment and tax advantages of buying properties, the reality of doing inspections and rehab costs, and analyzing contractor bids — plus lessons learned and tips for being a successful entrepreneur. Reference Links The Good Stewards Podcast Stewardship Investments, LLC Andrew on BiggerPockets The Ultimate Guide to Due Diligence Article The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs by Mr. J Scott BiggerPockets Conference
December 3, 2019
E66: Martin Saenz - Founder of Note Investing Made Easier
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we sit down with Martin Saenz, author, mentor, and founder of Note Investing Made Easier. Martin talks about how getting fired from the corporate world sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. He then went on to run a government contracting company, and eventually moved into real estate note investing. Martin also discusses freedom of time, mindset, and the importance of being in service to others. Reference Links Note Investing Made Easier Website Note Investing Made Easier Book Robert Kiyosaki MidAtlantic Summit
November 28, 2019
E65: Fuquan Bilal - Real Estate Pro and Founder of NNG Capital Fund
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we join Fuquan Bilal, founder of NNG Capital Fund. Faquan has an incredible life story about growing up in his rough neighborhood, becoming a successful real estate investor, and going back to help his community only to get shot five times. He also talks about overcoming great odds, staying focused, being grateful, and the importance of adversity. Reference Links NNG Capital Fund Fuquan’s Email Fuquan on Instagram Fuquan on Facebook Fuquan on LinkedIn MidAtlantic Summit
November 26, 2019
E64: Michael Joyner - House Flipping Pro and Founder of Joyners Investment
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we sit down with Michael Joyner, house flipper and founder and owner of Joyners Investment real estate company. We get in deep with Michael as he talks about is dark past, and making a big life change after being a convicted felon. With his expertise in construction, he eventually got into house flipping, and shares his reality with us compared to seeing it on TV. We also learn about how to attract lenders, staying focused, setting goals, and changing your mindset. Reference Links Michael’s Email April Crossley Real Estate
November 21, 2019
E63: Edwitch Paul - Founder and Owner of EP Investment LLC
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we catch up with Edwitch Paul, founder and owner of EP Investment LLC, a real estate company that buys and holds rehab property deals. Edwitch takes us on an amazing journey on how he came to the US from Haiti and wanted to achieve the American dream. He talks about how his first inspiration for buying real estate came from the Grand Theft Auto video game but didn’t come to fruition until he bought his first home. He also teaches us how to not feel sorry for yourself and how being a father taught him responsibility. Reference Links Edwitch Paul Facebook EP Investments LLC Website EP Investments LLC Instagram PA Home Cashbuyers Investor Carrot April Crossley Real Estate
November 19, 2019
E62: Carl Fischer - Self-Directed IRA Expert and Founder of CamaPlan
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit. In this episode, we had the honor of speaking with Carl Fischer, self-directed IRA expert and founder of CamaPlan. CamaPlan is a self-directed IRA administrator and provides educational tools and resources online for self-directed IRA planning. Carl dives into what a self-directed IRA is and how it can be used to create passive, tax-free income for life. We learn about Carl’s passion for getting into this space and his desire to properly educate people and debunk myths about alternative investing through retirement accounts. Carl also talks about his work with Strategic Investor Alliance, a place where accredited investors can work together and collaborate on ideas. We also learn about the future of CamaPlan and its continuing reach into the retirement investing space! Reference Links CamaPlan Strategic Investors Alliance MidAtlantic Summit Bigger Pockets
November 14, 2019
E61: Glen Friedman - Gaming Franchiser and Real Estate Entrepreneur
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we rolled the dice with gaming franchiser and real estate entrepreneur Glen Friedman. After a career in selling comic books and organizing card tournaments for Magic: The Gathering, Glen now owns Gramercy Union Real Estate. Glen details on how being being curious and learning is the foundation for being an entrepreneur. He talks about his transition into real estate and other ventures, all while dealing with dealing with shiny penny syndrome, facing fears, building confidence, and being self aware. Reference Links Gramercy Union Real Estate Dale Carnegie Magic: The Gathering The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
November 12, 2019
E60: Adam Cherko - Line Dancing Instructor and Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we step in line with Adam Cherko, a line dancing instructor, and a real estate agent and broker with eXp Realty. Adam talks about how he transitioned into real estate after having a less than exciting career as a structural engineer. We also dive into his life growing up and how overcoming family problems influenced his career. Adam also details the true meaning of sales, and how to gauge multifamily investments in a rapidly changing market. Reference Links Adam Cherko - Facebook Adam Cherko - Bigger Pockets Adam Cherko - Instagram eXp Realty The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller Suze Orman
November 7, 2019
E59: Scott Hollister - Fix and Flip Pro and Owner of David Wesley Real Estate
This is part of a series of episodes coming from the MidAtlantic Summit and hosted by special guest and good friend Josh Cary of The Hidden Entrepreneur. In this episode, we met up with Scott Hollister, a fix-and-flip pro and owner of David Wesley Real Estate. We get in deep with Scott as he talks about his family struggle during the crash of 2008 and how he named his business in honor of his father. Scott also details the properties he’s invested in, becoming a landlord and a broker, and the importance of taking care of people. Reference Links David Wesley Real Estate Scott Hollister’s Facebook Scott Hollister Instagram Josh Cary’s The Hidden Entrepreneur MidAtlantic Summit Pod Max Jim Rone Bigger Pockets
November 5, 2019
E58: Bianca Caban - Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Crowdfunding, Community, and Education
Bianca Caban has spent her career developing platforms for providing opportunities to female and young entrepreneurs. She is Head of Partnerships at Republic, an equity crowdfunding platform, as well as Managing Director of Sheworx, a global female founder community. Bianca takes as back to how she got started on Wall Street, and how she moved into empowering women entrepreneurs in the crowdfunding space. She walks us through how Republic works, and the types of investors they are looking for. We also talk about her role at Sheworx and the success it has brought to female founders. Reference Links Republic Investing Platform Republic Token Notes Sheworx Access Latina Podcast Row Stand Up New York Comedy Club
October 21, 2019
E57: Mike Bonadies - Life Hacker and Co-founder of TerraVestra Property Managers
Mike Bonadies is co-founder of TerraVestra Property Managers, a company that specializes in property management and services for landlords. We caught up with Mike after our PodMAX event, and takes us on a trip down memory lane and talks about how playing Monopoly and working in carnivals sparked his entrepreneurship. And not only do we take a closer look at what his day-to-day business entails, he also shares some great life management tips. We cover topics including taking ownership for your actions, helping others, fostering relationships, breaking your own mold, dealing with stress, and forming good habits! Reference Links TerraVestra Property Managers Website Mike’s Email PodMAX
October 14, 2019
E56: Elias Davis - Venture Capitalist and Associate at BNSG Capital
Elias Davis is a venture capitalist and an associate at BNSG Capital. We met up with Elias at Podcast Row in NYC to talk about his non-linear path to being an entrepreneur. He discusses the importance of leveraging your network, and how being a venture capitalist can teach you to run a business before starting your own. He also dives into the strategies for finding companies who need funding, and walks us through the vetting process. We also get some use cases for how he’s been able to help companies succeed! Reference Links Elias’ Email BNSG Capital Routier Podcast Row Stand Up New York Comedy Club
October 7, 2019
E55: Christine and Marco Padilla - Entrepreneur and Real Estate Power Couple
Christine and Marco Padilla are an entrepreneur and real estate power couple. We were lucky to sit down and talk with them at our Pod Max event. We learn about how Marco’s history as a police officer gave him an opportunity to get into real estate and create Robin Hood Properties, and how Christine’s background as a hair stylist lead her to create her own organic beauty product brand C&M Organix. They take us back to how they met and supported each other to build their brands, plus how important it is to give back to the community! Reference Links Robin Hood Properties Website Robin Hood Properties Email Robin Hood Properties Facebook C&M Organix Website C&M Organix  Instagram Christine Padilla Facebook Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Bigger Pockets St. Baldrick’s Foundation
September 30, 2019
E54: Rechelle Balanzat - Social Media Expert, Tech Guru, and Owner of Juliette Cleaners
Rechelle Balanzat has had an extensive career across many industries that build her path to entrepreneurship. She is the owner Juliette Cleaners, a dry cleaning and laundry turnaround service driven by a mobile app. We had an amazing talk with Rechelle, as she walks us through growing up in a Pilipino culture, and the influence of NYC. She details how her job history and the skillsets she cultivated along the way. She talks about the difficulties in building and scaling her business, and how she dealt with major setbacks and never wanting to quit. Reference links: Juliette Cleaners Juliette Cleaners App Rechelle’s Instagram Podcast Row Standup New York Comedy
September 23, 2019
E53: John Bundy - Social Content Creator and Creative Agency Founder for Scribe Design
John Bundy is a master of creative opportunities. He is the owner of marketing agency Scribe Design, host of Morning Fuel Podcast, and founder of Ignition Workspace in Williamsburg VA. In addition, he also helps run his teenage daughter’s YouTube channel Kimberly Faith TV. We join John at Podcast Row in NYC as he talks about how a calling from God lead him on a path to his creative entrepreneurship. He talks about how his daughter’s desire to be on YouTube inspired his agency, his podcast, and how he also moved into creating collaborative workspaces. We then learn what he has planned for the near future! Reference links: John’s Facebook Morning Fuel Podcast Morning Fuel Podcast Facebook Ignition Workspace Ignition Workspace Facebook Scribe Design Facebook Kimberly Faith TV YouTube Channel Podcast Row Standup New York Comedy
September 17, 2019
E52 Dan Greenwald - Teacher and Founder of Thirty Ten Zero Productivity Tool
Dan Greenwald is a teacher, a mentor, and founder of Thirty Ten Zero, a productivity tool designed to tap your core purpose. He also facilitates Story Watch, workshops that give you the power to control the stories that cause you to act. We sit down with Dan as he talks about his life growing up and conquering his speech impediment. He speaks about his passion for public teaching and curriculum building, and how he eventually became a consultant for startups. We also learn the meaning behind Thirty Ten Zero, shifting your mindset, plus tips for being a successful entrepreneur! Reference links: Dan’s Email Thirty Ten Zero Training Thirty Ten Zero Instagram Thirty Ten Zero LinkedIn Podcast Row Standup New York Comedy
September 3, 2019
E51: Jenny Blake - Career Coach, Business Strategist, and Author of “Pivot”
Jenny Blake is a a career coach, business strategist, and a public speaker. She is also the author of “Pivot”, and has developed her brand and coaching program around the name. Jenny discusses her beginnings of entrepreneurship after leaving a unfulfilling position at Google. She walks us through how she built her coaching business, and the various streams of revenue she’s created. She also offers tips on audiobooks and podcasting, how to say no to opportunities, and balancing work and personal relationships. Also learn how you can sign up for her Pivot Momentum Webinar in the Fall of 2019. Reference links: Pivot Podcast Pivot Toolkit #PivotList Weekly Newsletter Momentum Webinar Jenny’s Instagram Pivot Momentum Instagram Pivot Book by Jenny Blake Life After College Book by Jenny Blake The Messy Middle Book by Scott Belsky
August 27, 2019
E50: James Altucher - Legendary Entrepreneur, Investor, Venture Capitalist, and Best-Selling Author
James Altucher is a legendary venture capitalist investor, an angel investor, a best-selling author, and a comedian. He’s written over 20 books, and thousands of articles, and built a fortune in the dot-com era. We kick off with James reflecting on the power of television and how it helps nurture creativity in our young minds. His love of entertainment led him to a career in stand-up comedy. He discuss the importance of confidence in public speaking and reading and controlling your audience. James also details his business ventures. He takes us through the complex world of owning a comedy club, plus how he made a terrible investment in a time machine (spoiler alert!) and learned NOT to trust his gut. He also gives his process on working with with angel investors, and how to structure your business to sell it. Reference links: James’ Website James’ Twitter Choose Yourself Book Reinvent Yourself Book
August 20, 2019
E49: Word to the Wise - Mentorship
Our quick hit format to the Entrepreneurs Circle called "Word to the Wise" is back! On these episodes we focus on specific topics and go a little deeper to examine the What, Why, and How. These episodes are designed to be bite size chunks for the quick commute or gym visit so you can get maximum value without being interrupted or pressured to come back to an episode that wasn't finished. This episodes topic of Mentorships takes a closer look by defining WHAT it is, WHY we should get one (or more), and steps on HOW we can find one. At the end of each episode we will incorporate a listeners question to "tee up" the next episode topic. So feel free to contribute to the community and steer the direction of the next Entrepreneurs Circle - Word to the Wise episode!
August 12, 2019
E48: Lindsay Vastola - Entrepreneur Fitness Expert and Professional Development Coach
Lindsay Vastola is an expert in personal fitness for professionals. She is a speaker, a trainer, and a coach. She’s also the founder of Body Project fitness, and the editor for Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. We set off on a philosophical journey with Lindsay as she talks about her approach to life, goals, and career. We also learn how she became an entrepreneur at age 7, the best approaches social media, managing burnout, and “guardrailing” your time. Reference links: Lindsay’s Website (Body Project) Lindsay’s Email Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Personal Fitness Professional Magazine The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
August 6, 2019
E47: Sunny Burns Real Estate Investor and Creator of FamVestor
Sunny Burns is a government employee and real estate investor. He is also the creator of FamVestor, a blog and podcast training platform for beginners. As a full-time project engineer for the Department of Defense, he invests in real estate on the side. What’s exceptional is that Sunny has almost achieved financial freedom for his family while still under the age of 30. We are lucky to talk to him about how he got stared in investing as he walks us through all the numbers and the properties he’s acquired. We also learn about his frugal lifestyle, how flipping cars in college taught him sales, and how his dad and Bigger Pockets inspired his real estate goals.  Reference links: FamVestor Website Bigger Pockets
July 30, 2019
E46: Sammy Courtright - Health and Fitness Expert and COO of Fitspot Wellness
Sammy Courtright is the COO of FitSpot Wellness, a company that brings health and fitness classes to the workplace environment. Their offerings include yoga, boot camps, massages, nutritional and financial workshops, plus much more. We had an opportunity to take the stage (at Stand Up NY) with Sammy and talk about her entrepreneurship journey and where she gets her global creativity from. We also learn how the power of “no” helps create a better action plan, plus how Fitspot is taking over the world!  Reference links: Fitspot Wellness Website: Fitspot Twitter Fitspot Instagram: Fitspot Facebook Fitspot LinkedIn: Sammy’s Email Sammy’s LinkedIn  Sammy's LinkedIn:
July 23, 2019
E45: Josh Cary - Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Podcast Host of The Hidden Entrepreneur
Josh Cary is an entrepreneur, actor, business coach, and podcast host of The Hidden Entrepreneur. We had an insanely hysterical experience of talking to Josh about his early days of selling gum to kids at school,  to how his insecurities lead him to acting. He began his entrepreneurship learning web design, and realized he could offer companies much, much more! Josh talks to us about his string of ventures, and how he created a podcast and became a business coach. We also learn a little about mouthwash, the pet industry, podcasting as your brand, self-improvement, and the power of getting up early! Reference links: Josh’s Website The Hidden Entrepreneur Podcast
July 19, 2019
E44: Shelby Osborne - Realtor, Organizer, and CEO of Five Pillars Realty Group
Shelby Osborne and a realtor, investor, and CEO/Founder of Five Pillars Realty Group. She is also a mentor and the organizer for Pints & Properties, a meet up for real estate investors. We had the pleasure to talk with Shelby about how she got started as an investor, and how her family life laid the foundation for her entrepreneurship. She also discusses her influential beginnings at Keller-Williams, and being a part of the Bigger Pockets community. She also dives into building her own real estate firm, finding a quality team, and defines the “five pillars” of her brand’s core values.  Reference links: Five Pillars Realty Group Pints & Properties Shelby’s Social Media The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Bigger Pockets Reuben Garcia Grant Cardone
July 12, 2019
E43: Emile Mimran - Social Media Marketing Expert and Adinlay App Developer
Emile Mimran is an expert in social media marketing and influencers. He is part of a team that developed Adinlay, an app designed to pair non-intrusive advertising with an influencer’s core brand. We had a great opportunity to talk to Emile as he shares his insights on how to properly market on social media today using Adinlay. He also discusses the power of word-of-mouth promotion, targeting ads specific to your audience, and how to constantly engage your social community. Reference links: Adinlay App
July 5, 2019
E42: Ken Wimberly - Serial Entrepreneur and Commercial Real Estate Investor
Ken Wimberly is a serial entrepreneur and a commercial real estate investor. He is also the visionary behind Legacy of Love, a cross platform scrapbooking app designed to preserve family memories for future generations. Ken joins us to talk about his how he became an entrepreneur, and they successes and failures he’s had along the way. We learn about his first business, and how he did everything wrong and went into bankruptcy. He also gives tips on how to build a good legal team, funding other peoples deals, and the differences in analog and digital businesses. He’s also offering a discount to show listeners for his Legacy of Love App. Details below! Reference links: Ken Wimberly Facebook Legacy of Love App Legacy of Love App - 20% Off Discount Code Legacy of Love App Facebook Legacy of Love App LinkedIn The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Living with the SEAL by Jesse Itzler Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins GoBundance
June 28, 2019
E41: Ruben Garcia - Real Estate Pro and Founder of “Proven By Ruben” Business Development Company
Ruben Garcia is a real estate agent, investor, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO of Proven By Ruben, a business development and coaching company. Ruben joins us to talk about how he ambitiously got started in selling and investing in real estate. As an agent, he quickly became CEO of his Keller Williams branch with very little experience and a very big vision. He also details investing in his first foreclosure, and how he turned most of his properties into AirBNB rentals in a hot area. We also talk about incorporating “failing forward” into your action plan, and hiring several coaches to help with different aspects of your business. Plus, Ruben shares some nightmare landlord/tenant stories! Reference links: Proven By Ruben Website Proven By Ruben Podcast Proven By Ruben T-Shirts Proven By Ruben Instagram Proven By Ruben Facebook Proven By Ruben LinkedIn
June 17, 2019
E40: Founder of 1 Life Fully Lived and GoBundance - Tim Rhode
Tim Rhode is one of the original co-founders of Gobundance, and is the founder of life skills non-profit 1 Life Fully Lived. We had the honor of talking with him about living life to the fullest and how to define the Fulfillment Triangle. He also details his long history in real estate, how to properly invest money after you earn it, and the importance of finding master coaches to enrich your life goals.  For Entrepreneurs Circle listeners, please hit this link! Reference links: Tim’s Email 1Life Fully Lived 1Life Dare to Dream Programs 1Life Contributor Club 1Life Roadmap Journal Gobundance
June 10, 2019
E39: Verena and Ruben Gutierrez of VRG Components
Verena and Ruben Gutierrez, a husband and wife team are co-founders of VRG Components, a company that sources difficult components for electronics manufacturing. They are also a real estate investors with a portfolio managed by their property management team. They join us to talk about the big hurdles they overcame to become entrepreneurs and starting a business with little experience but MASSIVE drive. They also discuss the importance of balance in raising a family, running a company, building a strong team, and how they plan to grow their future ventures. Reference links: VRG Components Contact Email Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn
June 4, 2019
E38: Cashflow Ninja and Wealth Strategist M.C. Laubscher
MC Laubscher is a financial freedom fighter, a wealth strategist, and host of the wildly successful Cashflow Ninja podcast. We are excited to sit down and talk with him about his methods for managing cash flow as an entrepreneur. MC also teaches us the importance of understanding sales and marketing as a business owner and how the biggest financial benefit is investing in yourself. We get a brief history lesson on the Federal Reserve and how to work around the rigged system, plus MC shares his strategies on preparing for the next market correction. You don't want to miss this one! Reference links: MC’s Email Cashflow Ninja Producers Wealth Company Your Own Banking System Webinars Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Multifamily Investor Nation Summit The Creature from Jekyll Island Book
May 27, 2019
E37: Power entrepreneur, consultant, author, and community builder Darrah Brustein
Darrah Brustein is the founder of Network Under 40, a professional relationship building summit, and co-founder of Equitable Payments, a credit card merchant service, and author of the book series Finance Wiz Kids. She also co-hosts a web series with Deepak Chopra called Diving Deep with Deepak and Darrah. She joins us to talk about her journey of failures and starting from zero again, dealing with imposter syndrome, and how to stop following the path expected to you. We also learn how she discovered her superpower to connect people, which lead to her meeting Deepak, and created more opportunities from their relationship. Reference links Darrah’s Instagram Darrah’s Website Diving Deep Web Series Network Under 40 Equitable Payments Finance Wiz Kids Book Series
May 21, 2019
E36: SiriusXM Radio DJ and Entrepreneur Dave Hoeffel
Dave Hoeffel is veteran DJ and a Sirius XM radio host on 60s on 6. He is also an east coast rep for All Access Music Group, a music industry community, and owner of Sound Choice DJs, providing music for weddings and special events. He sits down with us to talk about his lifelong-career stories and how the music business has devolved and evolved over the decades. He also dives into his entrepreneurial wedding DJ business, and how he learned to stay competitive in the digital age. We also discuss the future of radio and streaming platforms, and how the music community continues to change. Then stay tuned for an exciting story as to how he flipped the record when The Police came to town! Reference links All Access Music Group Sound Choice DJs SiriusXM: 60s on 6
May 14, 2019
E35: Career Engineer Jessica Van Pelt
Jessica Van Pelt is a veteran recruiter and recent founder of The Pegasus Agency. She is also the talent acquisition specialist for our own On Air Brands. Jessica is new to the entrepreneur game, so we get to go along for the ride on how she recently started her own company. She talks about resilience, handling rejection, being a therapist, and letting go of control in order to scale. We also learn how recruiting is a lot like real estate investing, and how creating a Call of Duty gaming community laid the foundation for her leadership talent! Reference links Jessica Van Pelt LinkedIn The Pegasus Agency National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) The Consultative Recruiter Book Rich Dad Poor Dad Book
May 7, 2019
E34: Word to the Wise - Self-awareness
Kicking off a quick hit format to the Entrepreneurs Circle called "Word to the Wise" where we'll be focusing on specific topics and going a little deeper to examine the What, Why, and How on these topics. These episodes are designed to be bite size chunks for the quick commute or gym visit so you can get maximum value without being interrupted or pressured to come back to an episode that wasn't finished. This episodes topic of Self-awareness takes a closer look by defining WHAT it is, WHY we should be it, and HOW we can achieve it. At the end of each episode we will incorporate a listeners question to "tee up" the next episode topic. So feel free to contribute to the community and steer the direction of the next Entrepreneurs Circle - Word to the Wise episode! References: Personality Tests: Official Myers Briggs test: Free Personality Test:  Predictive Index: Books: Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Instant Analysis: Podcoin
April 29, 2019
E33: Hospitality and Etiquette Entrepreneur Philip Sykes
Philip Sykes is a hospitality entrepreneur and founder of the British School of Etiquette. He offers a global solution to give people the tools and confidence in their industry and everyday lives. His training programs range from corporate teams to helicopter pilots, and even children. He stresses how important it is to understand and respect cultural differences, and details on finding a mentor, showing gratitude, and staying focused on success. Reference links British School of Etiquette YouTube Channel
April 21, 2019
E32: Powerhouse Business Builder and Female Empowerment Coach Liz Faircloth
Liz Faircloth is a business builder, a mentor, and co-host of the Real Estate InvestHer podcast. She’s the co-founder of the DeRosa Group and facilitates several mastermind groups. She talks about how her psychology background laid the foundation for her business strategy. We also discuss building balanced teams, empowering women entrepreneurs, and defining lifelong goals. Reference links The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast She’s Unstoppable Live Conference DeRosa Group The Hive Workspace / On Air Brands studio - Trenton, NJ Cashflow Game Bigger Pockets Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad Atomic Habits
April 15, 2019
E31: How mindset, goals, and learning from failure created Luis Quintanilla - a serial entrepreneur!
Luis Quintanilla is a entrepreneur, real estate investor, property manager, and business owner. Once a med student, Luis decided he wanted a different path in life after becoming inspired by his patients’ stories. With no initial support from his family, Luis decided to turn his life into something he could actually enjoy. He teaches us how crucial failure was in his journey to building several income streams, differences in negotiating between men and women, and how to define a path to a 10x life. Now his family supports and works for him! Reference links: Instagram YouTube QV Building Maintenance Bigger Pockets Rich Dad Poor Dad Book 4 Hour Workweek Book Richest Man in Babylon Book The Art of the Deal Book The Miracle Morning Book Grant Cardone
April 9, 2019
E30: Former teacher now luxury vacation rental owner Annie Henderson on partnerships, systems, family business, & the Kolbe index!
Annie Henderson is the owner and operator of Paradise Valley Castle; a luxury home rental business that she manages using some of the tools like AirBnb/HomeShare. She’s blended her instinctive hospitable nature with her recent real estate know-how and various investor strategies to pounce on her new found niche… providing her clients with a taste of their dreams! Annie shares her story from a very young age and growing up around an entrepreneurial father to educating young minds, and finally transitioning to the next chapter in her life as a real estate investor and life coach! Paradise Valley Castle (book and mention this podcast for a deal!)  Life Coach Annie: Annie’s email:
April 1, 2019
EP29: Hiring, scaling, & being a leader with integrity with Michael Hinderliter
Michael Hinderliter is the President and Founder of Powerwash, Steamaway, and Facilitec SouthWest. From an early age Michael tapped into his entrepreneurial genes by starting his own lawn care business. Since then, he's never looked back by becoming a multi-business owner for the majority of his career. Michael has a wealth of experience and knowledge on hiring, scaling, and growing businesses and he brings that expertise to the Entrepreneurs Circle audience. Take notes for this one because it's chock full of golden nuggets! Reference links: Email: Websites:
March 25, 2019
EP28: From Wall Street to Inca trails in Peru - Jeff Bonaldi shares his journey from finance to business adventure pioneer!
Jeff Bonaldi native of New Jersey and current New Yorker tells about his early days building a business he picked up from his father (Sports Clip) to his years in finance to finally embracing his true calling as an entrepreneur. Jeff is the Founder of The Explorers Passage, a story based travel company that curates, organizes, and seamlessly mixes culture and history in an immersive experience within the travel industry. The Explorers Passage website: Jeff's Social: Instagram: @jeffbonaldi Facebook: Jeff Bonaldi Twitter: @jeffbonaldi Robert Swan Jane Goodall
March 18, 2019
EP27: Muscle Hackers - Elechia Morgan, Sarah Bridgeman, & Kaitlyn Lindler on rewriting the code that controls your muscles!
Founder Elechia Morgan talks about her huge leap into entrepreneurship when leaving nursing school and starting her journey into the manual therapeutic space. Together with her partner Sarah Bridgeman and a team of therapists who literally take all the pain away, they're blazing a path in the corrective manual therapy and corrective stabilization therapy space. Muscle Rx improves your body's mobility, stability and function manually (by hand). They call themselves "data hackers" because they know how to rewrite the code that controls your muscles. They have have a 98% success rate with acute and chronic pain and they can decrease rehab time from surgeries by over 50%! Reference links: Website: Facebook: MuscleRx Instagram: MyMuscleRx Email: Hit them up to let them know you heard and appreciated their story here on the Entrepreneurs Circle.  Darnell Morgan (Elechia's husband) businesses: EcoPureMobile Detailing Go Sports and Social Books: The Ideal Team Player - Patrick Lenchioni
March 12, 2019
EP26: Leveraging strengths, pursuing passions, & financial freedom w/ Benjamin Day
Benjamin Day is a entrepreneur by DAY and a musician at NIGHT (had to do it, sorry). Growing up with an extremely supportive family who allowed Ben to pursue his dreams of being a musician but also armed him with the knowledge and practicality of establishing a trade that wasn’t in the arts. This guidance allowed him to pursue his finance degree and his music degree which fed his left and right brain demands. Ben now has the best of both worlds by owning and operating an extremely successful bookkeeping business, Lionshare Bookeeping while still  having the freedom to hit band practice with his bros and “slap da bass” for their many friends and fans! Reference links: Find Ben anywhere below! Lionshare Bookkeeping website Bigger Pockets' Facebook LinkedIn
March 4, 2019
EP25: Connecting with comedy, knowing your truth, plus catcalling coffins w/ Ashley Austin Morris
Ashley Austin Morris is a multi-talented maven with a resume of blockbuster hit shows and films such as: Sully (Tom Hanks), Premium Rush (Joseph Gordon Levitt), Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, and The Good Wife. Ashley also loves connecting with audiences across America on some of the biggest stages in the industry! In this episode Ashley reveals her truth and love for God, prayer, and just being a good person. Admitting to her imperfections and how she’s always working to improve herself at every level, Ashley goes deep into some stories from her past and how she’s always continuing to search for her reason and purpose on this planet. Reference links: Book Ashley here! Dolly Parton - Fran Lebowitz - Ashely’s book recommendation: Tim Kellers - The reason for God Ashley’s Social: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @AshAustinMorris
February 25, 2019
EP24: Think it, Believe it, Manifest it! Jack McAdoo on the music industry, poker & entrepreneurship
Jack McAdoo is a multi-business owner and a life navigator. With a lifetime of experience in the entertainment and music, industry, as well as a past life in the professional poker world.  Jack is the CEO of JJM Media Group, the host of Real Talk LIVE (with an audience of millions globally and growing!) and is also a national keynote speaker currently booking and hitting a town near you! Download Jacks new book: THINK it, BELIEVE it, MANIFEST IT! Jack's Social Media: JACKMCADOO.COM Facebook: Jmcadoo1  Instagram: jack.mcadoo
February 18, 2019
BONUS: Capital Hacking preview
Erik shares a preview of the first episode of his new project with Josh McCallen called Capital Hacking. A new show that will focus on entrepreneurs who want to raise capital for their businesses. Find it here on Anchor and other podcast platforms!
February 15, 2019
EP23: Vagipreneur business builder Rachel Braun Scherl on life, raising capital & trusting your gut
Rachel Braun Scherl is the co-founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth - a strategic consultancy agency that focuses on on building and growing brands for Fortune 500 (and venture-backed startups / 20 years in business). Author of #1 best seller - Orgasmic Leadership (what drives, inspires and sustains entrepreneurs in the women’s sexual health and wellness space), a public speaker and board member and advisors to several institutions. In this episode you’ll learn about Rachel’s journey from corporate powerhouse to best selling author, capital raiser, marketing genius, and entrepreneur! Reference links: Rachel's company: SPARK Solutions for Growth Rachel's social: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Youtube: RBScherlBiz Pick up Rachel's book! Orgasmic Leadership
February 10, 2019
EP22: From mowing lawns to growing businesses, Chad Gallagher offers his lessons learned in life
Chad Gallagher talks about being one of the founders of SlateHouse Group which is a property management group based out of Pennsylvania. He and his team manages over 3,000 units across NJ, PA, and MD for real estate investors. SlateHouse also owns 200 units for which Chad raised $2M as part of the SlateHouse syndication. This syndication has been used to acquire $8M in real estate. SlateHouse also has a brokerage division in both NJ, PA with 20 real estate agents that focus on working with investors to buy and sell real estate. Previous to real estate, Chad led the mobile network platform for advertisers to reach a wider audience which had $100M in revenue and was acquired by Verizon as part of a larger acquisition. One of the most recent projects for Chad and SlateHouse is the launch of The Hive; a co-working office space based in NJ and also expanding into PA and MD. One of Chad’s missions is to build strong relationships and businesses that can all come together to combine their strengths to do greater things. Reference links: SlateHouse Group: SlateHouse Group - Property Management: The Hive: Watch and follow "Live at the Hive" on Facebook: @LiveAtTheHIveTrenton Email the Hive: for more info!
February 5, 2019
EP21: Visionary & serial entrepreneur Dani Zoldan on business, comedy & trusting in your circle
Dani Zoldan - serial entrepreneur, creator of Skitish Media (creative agency that creates viral comedic content for brands and media agencies) host of Dark Horse Podcast that focuses on musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs, and most notably known as the owner of Stand Up NY, home to many comics such as Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Seinfeld and countless others talks about his business strategies plus numerous ways to monetize a company. In this episode we go through Dani’s history; his early days in the tech, music, and online pharma industries. We also uncover the story on how he bought Stand Up NY and how frightening that process was. Dani reveals how heavily he was influenced by his NYC roots which sparked his entrepreneurial spirit and how the comedy club is recession proof (people will always need to laugh). Dani talks about owning a comedy club vs. a telecom business and how vastly different they are. Great tips and insight are gold nuggets in this conversation when Dani gets into his business plans, price points, and some upcoming ideas that may soon come to fruition! Plenty of stories, business goals, strategies, and how to trust in others to scale and level up are a small thread from this wonderful tapestry of an episode! Reference links: Stand Up NY: Get VIP access with LaughPass! DarkHorse podcast: Skitish Media:
January 28, 2019
EP20: Focusing on your dreams, passions, and purpose w/ Vikki Thomas
Vikki Thomas reveals the surprises, challenges, and lessons in life that made her the success she is today: Real estate investor, business owner, global keynote speaker, and business coach. Vikki has a world of experience that she leverages to achieve amazing things, most recently a new business venture called, “Mothers & Daughters Inc.”. This group will hold workshops and events around the globe to ensure that young adults are ready for whatever challenges they will face in life. These programs will also help support the mothers leading the charge to guarantee their daughters enter adulthood feeling strong, confident, and with clear purpose. Reference links: Vikki on Social: Facebook: LinkedIn - Vikki Thomas MRICS Website: Email:
January 20, 2019
EP19: Author, entrepreneur, angel investor, & father Peter Shankman on rituals, ADHD, & his 2 speeds
Peter Shankman discusses the 4 rules he lives by each day to help him succeed. The 4 rules are some concepts that he shares from his new book, “Faster Than Normal” which is a practical and honest guide that rewrites the script on ADHD. Faster Than Normal is also the name of Peters podcast (the most successful podcast on ADD and ADHD). Peter shares his thoughts on “Rituals vs. Resolutions” to help those who make new year resolutions and his take on the “hustle economy” that’s currently a big movement within the entrepreneurial circles. Peter started his career at America Online as a Senior News Editor. He helped to found the AOL Newsroom and spearheaded coverage of the Democratic and Republican 1996 conventions. He then started a PR firm called The Geek Factory. He was the creator of Help a Reporter Out ("HARO"), a service for journalists which was acquired by Vocus, Inc. in 2010 which remained until 2012. He has been a guest speaker at TedX, South by Southwest, Affiliate Summit, BlogWorld Los Angeles and New York, the Direct Marketing Association. Shankman is also an angel investor. His investments include Daily Worth, Namely, Pixability, Right Next Door, and Simplist. Peter has written four books on marketing and customer service. His latest being, “Faster Than Normal”. Peter can be found at: (more links below) Reference links: Website: Podcast: Entrepreneur community: Social: @petershankman (Instagram and snapchat) Pick up Peters books! Faster Than Normal Zombie Loyalists Customer Service Can We Do That? Nice Companies
January 14, 2019
EP18: Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer on prioritizing time & building a brand
Jason Feifer the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine talks about how to be efficient with time how to get everything done. He also gives advice and insight on the best ways to conduct interviews by staying engaged and “floating a theory”. We also jump into his new book, “Mr. Nice Guy” which is a romantic comedy about two people who each week sleep together and then critically review each other's performance in a magazine (which he announces has been picked up for TV!) Jason also dives a bit into his personal brand and how he figured it out by paying attention to other brands and asking why they are successful. Taking a page from Gary Vaynerchuk’s two main messages (hustle and humble) Jason focuses on “surprise” and “predictability” and franchising his messages on social. As the modern day EIC of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason stays relevant and fresh by aligning his personal brand with that of his company. He’s positioned himself as the face and brand persona for Entrepreneur and is leveraging his strengths to continue leveling up! Jason can be found on his main website (all links below), his podcasts, and through his articles and columns in LinkedIn and Entrepreneur Magazine. Reference links: Jason on social: Website: Twitter: @heyfeifer LinkedIn: Instagram: @heyfeifer Jason’s new book: Mr. Nice Guy Jason’s podcasts: Pessimists Archive: Problem Solvers: People referenced: Andrew Mason: Ira Glass: Gary Vaynerchuk: Podcast tools:
January 7, 2019
EP17: Initiating change, being an intrapreneur - Andrea Tolman leads hiring of neurodiverse talent
Andrea Tolman - Assistant Vice President of Global Technology Services at State Street talks about her massive movement to initiate a Neurodiversity Talent Program within her company. The goal is to hire from a pool of talented individuals who are not often considered to fill a role in the workplace. By spearheading and aligning with Autism at Work, Andrea hopes to set the stage and be the model for others to follow within their company. Andrea grew up as a competitive skater with the drive and passion to always succeed in life. Setting goals and achieving them is in Andrea’s DNA and her own expectations of are always sky high, which influences those in her circle. k5hh32c9 Reference links: Email: State Street Microsoft Autism Hiring Program video: SAP (Systems, Applications, Products) Training Industry
December 24, 2018
EP16: Inspired by father to not only survive but to thrive! Umang Naik on real estate & business
Umang Naik talks about his experience moving into the US and not knowing how to speak English and fighting through the temptations of comfort and stability with a corporate job. Umang states that, “I’m not here just to survive… I’m here to THRIVE” and with that entrepreneurial spirit, thrive he did! Revealing intimate stories about his dad inspiring him as a young boy all the way to adulthood, Umang grew up the son of a farmer back in India. He noticed at a very young age that his father would come up with an idea and quickly implement! His father would purchase farmland to expand their families farming business, while Umang witnessed his fathers growth, success, and drive to succeed throughout his life. “People don’t care about the smart people, they care about the people they can trust” is a significant belief that helps Umang to navigate through business and life decisions. With his goals to reach $100m for his consulting firm in 5 years, Umang accomplished to 40m and decided his goals needed to be shifted and redirected on his growing family (a bold decision to make!). Refocusing and reading up on real estate investing became his new path and not only did he set a new path to invest in real estate, he set the path ablaze! Accumulating over a dozen properties in 1.5 years and managing them all himself, Umang became a massively successful real estate investor overnight. Inspiring others and sharing his story is only the beginning. Umang is currently to buying more real estate and also growing his IT business! Umang is a man on a mission with a truly inspiring and genuine story about making it in America. With courage, passion and the drive to succeed he hasn’t allowed anything to stand in the way of his goals! Reference links: Umang’s real estate company: NextGen Real Estate Umang’s Email: Umang’s SAP consulting company:
December 17, 2018
EP15: Following your compass, help w/ nutrition, stress, & the key to family w/ Shannon Rittenhouse
Shannon Rittenhouse of TruNorth Nutrition discusses her passion for working with professionals on their nutrition and health goals as well as stress management. She puts it best when describing the foundation of TruNorth Nutrition as, “Giving you the guidance of the Northstar to work towards.” She also dives deep into her feelings of failure and the need to prove to herself that set backs aren’t failure when other forces are at play. The oldest of 4 siblings, Shannon was exposed to business and entrepreneurship at an early age from her father. He instilled a work ethic and drive that became part of her DNA that she later could not deny. She recalls a time when he would bring work home putting blueprints on the dinner table but ALWAYS made sure to clear things off to have dinner as a family. Shannon is a multi-talented, marketing superstar. With a background in pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, as well as branding & advertising. Find Shannon on social! Instagram: @TruNorthNutrition Website: What Shannon is reading! The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin Shannon’s father’s company: JWK Electric Shannon’s partners:
December 9, 2018
EP14: Dad of 9 - Josh McCallen talks about family, early entrepreneur days, & being a soul servant
Josh McCallen - Father of 9 children and husband for 22 years, tells his story growing up with his mother and brother. How he got bit by the entrepreneurial bug after begging for a cotton candy machine and then selling bags of it to his classmates. This early stage of entrepreneurial success eventually lead him down a path of marketing, aligning himself with greats like Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino’s Pizza) and eventually finding his real estate mentor Eustace Mita and getting the opportunity to develop multiple award winning projects! Josh is now growing and expanding his footprint in the real estate game starting with a massive project in Renault Winery, NJ. Weddings, a hotel, restaurants, and golf are only some of the activities on this 250 acre historical landmark! The future is bright for Josh, Vivamee Hospitality, Accountable Equity, and his new Capital Hacking podcast coming soon!  Reference links: Josh’s social!ÂMEE-Hospitality  Companies:  What Josh is reading:  How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie 3&keywords=how+to+win+friends+and+influence+people+by+dale+carnegie Josh’s amazing kids!  Maria’s Tasty Treats:
December 2, 2018
EP13: Facebook LIVE creator Randi Zuckerberg on Hack-a-thons & being a creative entrepreneur!
Randi Zuckerberg - creator of Facebook LIVE, Facebook Fan Pages (and countless other Facebook products), CEO/Founder of Zuckerberg Media, host of Dot Complicated on SiriusXM radio, visionary behind Sue’s Tech Kitchen, and NYT best selling author of 4 books including most recently, “Pick Three” talks about how Facebook LIVE was created during a creative exercise called Hack-a-thons, and how "we take a lot of time to nurture other aspects of health and emotional well being, and not enough time to exercise creativity." Randi is a major force and advocate for woman in business and fostering young girls interest in science and technology. Her movement and influence is growing with the support of her media company Zuckerberg Media which produces content and creates characters that girls can identify with (such as Dot) as well as bringing new ideas to make tech fun for children and families (Sue’s Tech Kitchen). She mentions that we’re all creative but it gets beaten out of us in school, at work, etc. and that we need to give people permission to be creative. A great example of this; her team at Facebook was called, “Consumer Marketing”. No one knew what it really meant. Being the one to create and spearhead many ideas (Facebook Fan pages) she became the "go-to" for all things creative. She realized it couldn’t scale with her involved in all the brainstorming meetings, so she changed name to “CREATIVE Marketing” which 10X’d everyones ideas and made her team more creative! Reference links: Randi’s Companies: Zuckerberg Media Sue’s Tech Kitchen Listen to Randi’s show: Dot Complicated Watch Randi’s animated series: Dot Randi’s social: Instagram: @randizuckerberg Facebook: Twitter: @randizuckerberg LinkedIn: Read Randi’s books! Pick Three: You Can Have it All (Just Not Every Day) Dot Complicated Missy President
November 26, 2018
EP12: A Hero’s Journey: Real estate investor, author, mindset coach, & US Navy CPO Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly - U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer based out of Pensacola, Florida tells us about his journey. Only 4 years into investing he bought his primary home, then eventually picked up a 4-plex. From there he purchased a 44-unit apartment complex through syndication and has now been purchasing mobile home parks by the hundreds! Through partnerships, connections, mindset, reading, exercise, faith, and more… Tim has formed the Kelly Housing Group, is the Senior managing partner of the Affordable Housing Group and co-authored his new book called. “Military House Hacking: How to Live for Free, Earn Passive Income and Create Generational Wealth” now available on Amazon! Reference links: Tim’s Companies: Pick up Tim’s NEW book! Military House Hacking: How to Live for Free, Earn Passive Income and Create Generational Wealth Also featured on: Bigger Pockets Episode #282 Social: Instagram: @thetimothykelly Facebook: Timothy Kelly Coaching: Free 15 minute calls YouTube: The Timothy Kelly (personal finance and education)
November 19, 2018
EP11: Soup, Sandwich, & SUCCESS! The entrepreneurial Ruddy family’s amazing story!
Lisa Ruddy, proud owner of a family business, the Princeton Soup & Sandwich Co., talks about her early days working for Nordstrom, while going to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. As the family grew she decided to raise her children while her husband Scott ran his own company (High Velocity Inc.) based in NY. With inspiration, gut instinct and a drive for success, Lisa and her family jumped into the restaurant industry. Initially they were part of a franchise, then eventually opened their own unique shop… Princeton Soup & Sandwich Co. was born! 15 years later - the Ruddy family of entrepreneurs are defining what life can truly hold for those bold enough to take that journey. Hold onto your earbuds and prepare to be inspired by a tried and true entrepreneur who’s seen the good, bad and the ugly side of business and was able to come out on the other side. With Alex (Lisa’s daughter) now poised to take over the business, Princeton Soup & Sandwich Co. is primed and ready to take on 2019 and beyond! FOR ENTREPRENEUR CIRCLE LISTENERS! 10% OFF catering when you mention the Entrepreneurs Circle podcast! Social: Website: Instagram: @princetonsoupandsandwich Facebook: princetonsoupandsandwichcompany Email: PRINCETON SOUP AND SANDWICH CO., 30 PALMER SQUARE EAST, PRINCETON, NJ, 08542 Phone: (609) 497-0008 Fax: (609) 497-0088 Nick Ruddy (Lisa’s son) Curated Labs
November 4, 2018
EP10: Inspirational millennial & business owner Barbara Freund on how she started up!
Barbara Freund talks about the early days of working for a cleaning company and enjoying the physical aspect of the job vs. sitting at a desk. Having fun while learning on the job couldn’t hide some dissatisfaction with how the company was being run. So, Barbara took the leap (and her mop) and branched out on her own which led to kick starting her own company, MOP TARTS. With guidance and inspiration from others she took herself and her business to the next level by educating herself, incorporating, hiring, and growing her base of clients.
October 22, 2018
EP9: Landlords, tenants, lending, oh my! w/ Rick Stein
Rick Stein of Berkshire Hathaway / Fox and Roach and RLS Home Solutions talks about his early start as a school teacher and eventually how he was inspired to become a full time real estate agent and real estate investor. Rick is known in the local market as "Mr. Creative Finance" after securing many deals with unbelievable terms (one of his properties is financed at 2%!). He also shares some humorous tales of tenant challenges and how they too can be creative! Reference links: Meet Rick! Rick’s Bio: Rick’s Investment Company RLS Home Solutinos - YouTube What Rick’s reading! “Yours In Truth” by Jeff Himmelman South Jersey Real Estate Investors Association Bigger Pockets
October 7, 2018
EP8: Hustling and Bustling w/ Creative Director Emily Desear
Emily (VP of Creative at Bustle) and Erik chat about their long creative journey. From the mid-90s starts in NYC boutique agencies - to their climb to the top of the creative corporate ladder. Growth, spirituality, and being an entrepreneur vs. being a smart (debt-free) intrapreneur are some of the areas visited during this interview along with shared stories of people, places and “whirling dervish” individuals encountered along the way. Emily Desear has more than 20 years of branded content, integrated marketing, and traditional advertising experience. She’s touched and influenced many powerful brands such as GQ, Gourmet, Teen Vogue, and InStyle magazines.
September 24, 2018
EP7: Pursuing&fulfilling dreams Chris Orsi & Sarah MacMillan
Chris Orsi (, Sarah MacMillan (Sarah Haruko), and I catch up a bit on our history, band, new lives, & new jobs. They talk about how they planned & saved up for years in order to get comfortable with the idea of making a major life change. Both born & raised in NJ, taking the leap across the country to LA was a major undertaking that they didn’t take lightly. We chat about the transition from east to west coast, how much they’ve created & what they’ve accomplished since leaving NJ. Living & realizing her dream to become an actor in Hollywood (Sarah) and the pursuit of his lifelong quest to become a sound & audio engineer (Chris) they’ve accomplished all they set out to do in a short amount of time. As most entrepreneurs know, “success is a journey not a destination” I'm sure their next level goals are being set & realized each & everyday. Chris Orsi Sarah MacMillan @sarahharuko IMDB - Sarah Haruko
September 11, 2018
EP6: Building your foundation for wellness w/ Craig Dumnich
Craig and Jenny Dumnich of Craig & Jenny D are a magical couple that provide practical and purposeful strategies designed for you to achieve the ideal version of yourself. Many talk about balance in their lives, but they know first hand that you must seek to understand the secrets to re-building your foundations before you can balance them. They teach you their secrets to movement, nutrition and mindset to build your foundation for sustainable wellness. They energize your life and your business through personalized coaching, wellness consulting, corporate development training, and motivational keynotes. So take a stand for the life you deserve! Learn more about their secrets to building a foundation of health, happiness, and success by visiting their channels below! Website: Total Immersion Wellness Retreats: Facebook: Instagram: @craigandjennyd
August 27, 2018
EP5: Real estate & raising private capital w/ Matt Faircloth
Matt Faircloth is a major player in the real estate investing space. With control of hundreds of doors (apartments) and single family homes he’s constantly growing and sharing his experience with others along the way. Matt along with his wife Liz are owners of the DeRosa Group based out of Trenton, NJ. Owners and operators of several businesses (including Liz’s “Real Estate InvestHER Show” podcast) they’ve expanded into multiple states with systems and teams operating and managing their empire as they continue to grow their business (and family!). Matt (and Liz) have a new book available, “Raising Private Capital” which was published by Bigger Pockets and available wherever books are sold. Mindado Investment Group video: DeRosa Group YouTube channel: Buy book on BiggerPockets:
August 13, 2018
EP4: Social Media w/ Christina McMasters & Filippo Morici
Christina and Filippo of Black Paw Marketing are shining examples of the millennial generation. They talk about their journey into entrepreneurship, what inspired them to start a social media marketing company and the challenges they face along the way. Filippo goes deep and discusses how he was faced with a decision, to help the family business or take a risk and veer away to follow a non-traditional route. They also talk about patience being a key to success, trusting in the process, being ok with failing and viewing failure as a necessary learning tool, and finding the right partners to compliment you. Evolve and become the person you want to be! Some amazing insights are revealed at the end so stick around! Teaser, “What is the ROI (for what you’re currently doing) in life?”
July 16, 2018
EP3: Real estate inspiration w/ Eric Dea & Justin Fraser
In this episode Eric Dea of MAZE Property Solutions and Justin Fraser of 88 Real Estate Capital discuss what inspired them to become real estate investors, creating legacy wealth, managing multiple jobs, and how to set massive goals. Eric chats about his start and mindset going through school, his love for cars and managing his team. He also talks about his family being his "why" and the motivation/drive to create legacy wealth for them. Justin talks about his start and what inspired him to get into real estate investing in the early days. He also shares what got him on track to purchase a 40-unit apartment complex, the mindset, and the millions of steps it took to get there. He highlights how essential his network and team was to help him realize his dream of syndicating and owning a massive apartment complex!
July 2, 2018
EP2: Starting new, coaching & taking risks w/ Damien Elston
In this episode Damien Elston - Founder of EYE Coaching and Consulting talks about working with On Air Brands, starting his new venture, his time at Rich Dad Poor Dad and taking risks. Damien has been working for over 17 years on 5 continents speaking in countries and cities all over the world. Most of those years he spent on the stage for Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad organization educating and inspiring people on how to get started in real estate investing. Damien has recently launched a new brand called EYE Coaching and Consulting. He and his team of business experts bring their wealth of knowledge and experience on growing any size business. Whether you're a small business owner looking to scale or a large corporation looking to get to the ultimate next level, EYE Coaching and Consulting helps to lay a strong foundation and framework for your company to succeed!
June 25, 2018
EP1: The Entrepreneurs Circle
The goal of this show is to bring my experience (both successes and failures) to the table and to share some of my insights on building businesses and relationships. In future episodes, I’ll also interview fellow entrepreneurs to inspire and give you some tools you may need on your journey to freedom, legacy, and spiritual growth!
May 31, 2018