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B2B Growth Accelerator

B2B Growth Accelerator

By Erik Fisher
Host Erik Fisher chats with industry leading salespeople, sales trainers, authors and entrepreneurs offering uncut practical advice, strategies, tactical tips and mindset hacks that help you supercharge your sales, mindset and life.
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The One with Marcus Chan

B2B Growth Accelerator

27 Sales Prospecting Tips and Techniques (Advice for B2B Sales Prospecting)
In today's episode I explain 27 sales prospecting tips that when put into action consistently can be a game changer.    If you're in a B2B sales role and you struggle with the yo-yo effect in your sales pipeline, then video may be for you.  The sales tips in this video are simple and can be executed by everyone as long as they commit to taking action and staying consistent.
December 2, 2020
The One with Evan Stewart-Obsessed
In Episode 7 of B2B Growth Accelerator, Erik had the opportunity to chat with sales expert, business strategist and entrepreneur Evan Stewart @therealevanstewart.  Evan is the founder and Chief Evangelist of Obsessed Academy and Obsessed events.  Erik and Evan discuss what led Evan into a career in sales, how he can became a multi millionaire and how sales was the foundation of his success in business and his unique perspective on objections.  Finally, Evan shared what Obsessed means to him and why he branded his movement after this sometimes misunderstood word.  We hope you enjoy this episode! Evan can be found on all social platforms @realevanstewart. If you enjoyed this episode, please help us out and click the thumbs up button and hit the bell to subscribe for our next video.    Finally, the world has been impacted like never before due to the Covid-19 crisis.  There is no better time to sharpen your sales skills than now.  You must come out of this downturn with the ability to build a massive sales pipeline, build relationships, add value, differentiate yourself, handle sales objections and close. More than any other time, building a sales funnel of business is incredibility important if you want to bulletproof your income!   If you want to know the latest strategies and tactics used by the top 1% of salespeople that earn six and seven figure incomes, then check out the link below to grab my free blueprint and get notified when my book is released in June 2020. No other sales book has been written like this one. You can read, implement and earn!
April 8, 2020
The One with Eneida Canev
Episode 6 of B2B Growth Accelerator:  The One with Eneida Canev I really enjoyed this conversation with Eneida.  We chatted about the importance or prospecting in the sales process, things that hold back new sales people and how AI and ML will affect the role of a salesperson. You can follow Eneida on Instagram @hersalesresource or on Linkedin: Eneida Canev
March 1, 2020
The One with Marcus Chan
In episode 5 of B2B Growth Accelerator, I had the privilege of chatting with sales expert, Marcus Chan. Marcus left the corporate world after 15 years in sales and sales leadership to start his own sales training and coaching business where he grew and managed a $200 million dollar portfolio! Marcus has a value first approach to sales and trains salespeople, businesses and entrepreneurs through his business venture, Venli Consulting Group.
February 19, 2020
The Thing Nobody Talks About
Want to know why things seem easy for others?
January 15, 2020
5 Tips for Beginners
In this episode, Erik shares the five tips for any beginning sales person or entrepreneur that has started selling their product or service. These are the same principles Erik uses in his business the last 15 years.
September 29, 2019
Your Greatest Limiting Factor
What I believe is the greatest limiting factor in our ability to achieve our goals and dreams is FEAR...Enjoy the episode, like, comment, share! Looking to increase your quality leads in minutes?  If you are challenged by the difficult to use SaaS funnel software that takes weeks or even months to learn, give PhoneSites a try.  You can literally build a sales funnel right from your mobile phone in 5 minutes and start driving leads from social, SEO, podcasts etc....Couldn't be easier than this to build a quality funnel.   Right now, PhoneSites is offering a free 14 day trial.  
September 17, 2019
The Power of Positivity
In this episode we’ll discuss the power of a positive mindset and your role in the process.
September 3, 2019