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Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World

Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World

By Erik Lane
If you’ve ever thought you’ve done something really stupid, just listening to this podcast will improve your attitude! Message me your comments/questions or stupid story, or email at Real-time updates & story links on the TELEGRAM Channel at! (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP) Logo by the "Free Online Logo Maker": DesignEvo
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Stupidity Is Funnier When You're Naked, "Testicle Baths", & Offensive Halloween Costumes
S3E20 Midweek BONUS Episode!  There's more naked stupidity for the BONUS episode featuring a naked woman roaming an airport, a naked woman streaking through an 8th Grade football practice, a realtor in L.A. who's selling a house by selling his modesty, & a man being treated in the back of an ambulance who not just got naked but put on a "show" for the medics treating him! If you're going to get naked, however, watch out for a new breed of mosquito that has a penchant for don't want to be an "all you can eat" bar for these little "buggers". Imaging going trick-or-treating to a house made of GRAVESTONES? There's a druggie who told cops he needed meth so he can see his "imaginary girlfriend, 'Emma'". And If you also are looking for a trendy new way at birth control, try out the new ultra-sonic "testicle bath". But if you're going to try out a trendy new Halloween costume, make sure you don't offend anyone in the process. And there's also a full slate of stupid news with the "Insane Week In Review" & our 7 stupendous stupid saps who have been given the "Genius Award" fo their stupidity! This should hold you over until the weekend feed coming this weekend!
October 20, 2021
Profanatory Uses For Candy Corn & Mayo, Naked Stupidity, & A "Surprise" Found In Dog Puke
You'll get an extra dose of stupidity from naked people in this new & creative ways! You'll also find out how to gag yourself over how people are perverting brats & coffee! And my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" is fresh off of a vacation in NC to tell you about one convulsing canine barfed up something embarrassing at the vet--and other unbelievable stupidity. And that's not the half of it. There's some 5-Star Stupidity coming your way...  Rooster attacks a man on a street in Queens, NY;  "Fart-Repelling" Bed Sheets Are Now Something You Can Buy;  76% of Americans Say Their #1 Digestive Issue Is Constant Farting;  FL Man Arrested for Catcalling Women & Pleasuring Himself While Driving;  A Guy Caught Pleasuring Himself in His Car Told Cops He Was "Takin' Care of Business";  Wendy’s Manager Charged for Throwing Hot Oil Complaining Customer;  Couple Opens Their Suitcase at Airport...Finds Their Dog Hiding Inside;  A Guy Called 911 Because He Was Stuck in Traffic and Needed to Pee;  90-Y/O Man Punches Neighbor in a Classic "Get Off My Lawn" Dispute;  CA man sues psychic who said she could remove witch's curse from ex;  A Mailman Wouldn't Stop Peeing on a Customer's Mailbox;  A Man Got an Insurance Payout After a Centipede Bit His Junk;  2 Drunk People Broke into a Water Park, Went Down a Closed-Off Slide, & Shattered Their Ankles…Now They’re SUING.  Test your skill with "Pancho" in this week's "Insane Game Show" & see if you can tell the difference between a "Porn Star or a Weatherman", a "Strip Club or a Daycare", or a "Steakhouse or a Gay Bar"!
October 16, 2021
A Bathroom of Biblical Proportions, Mood Music Madness, & A Nagging Wife Gets A Rotating House
S3E18 - Midweek BONUS!!  If you've ever wondered if there were bathrooms in the Bible, now you'll know. Have you ever been driven nuts by the music played over a grocery store's speaker system? One woman went nuts over the "sad" song being played. A retired old man couldn't take his wife complaining about the view from their house any longer so he built her a new one...that ROTATES. And more tales of stupidity from these real-life examples:  David Arquette Owns Bozo the Clown & He Wants to Create a Bozo-Verse!!!;  2 Eagles Fans Caught Having Sex in a Bathroom Stall During The Game;  A Guy with a Sword Starts a Fire in the Street Then Chugs Captain Morgan;  DC Comics’ Newest Superman, Jonathan Kent, Is Here—& Queer;  A Guy Stops to Help a Crash Victim, & She Steals His SUV w/5 Kids Inside;  Arkansas Jailer Fired After Letting Inmate Out To Vape Marijuana;  Man orders 100 tacos on first date, asks his DATE to pay for them. All of the current events of the week are given the "stupid" spin with our "Insane Week In Review" & more "geniuses" get recognized for their stupendous stupidity in the "Genius Awards"!
October 13, 2021
A Hickey "Hack", PSL "Sexism", Pooping Gold, & A Dumpty-Humpty Deprivation
Have you ever tried to hide your hickey with a kitchen utensil? You can use a tool to scramble your eggs AND your "love bite"! If you've ever mocked women for drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, you're "sexist"! An Indian smuggler found a "crappy" way to hide his loot. And the beloved Mother Goose character who fell off the wall was kidnapped while he was taking a Dumpty... My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" (however you pronounce it!) joins me with more stupidity that will make the stupidity in your life so much less humiliating with unbelievable examples like:  Woman arrested after being found naked in back seat of Jeep at FL car dealership;  First It Was the "Five & Dime" store... Now The dollar store is officially dead;  FL Woman driving convertible MINI Cooper seen hauling full-size couch;  A Woman Reported a Fake Shooting...So Cops Wouldn't Arrest Her Boyfriend During a Traffic Stop;  Bringing Home The Bacon Is Gonna Cost More Than It Has In 40 Years;  Man Opens Emergency Door, Jumps Onto Wing Of Plane In Miami;  Elected Officials in KY Must Take Oath They've Never Been in a Duel;  A Carjacker Was Shot After Aiming His Bow & Arrow at a Cop;  Vintage video game collection worth $100K uncovered in hoarder’s house;  Demi Lovato Says UFO Sighting Was ‘A Beautiful & Incredible Experience’;  Danish Artist Pockets Museum’s Cash, Declares It Conceptual Art;  Arby's Is Selling Sweatpants & Hoodies That Smell Like Smoked Meat;  A Missing Man Spent Hours Helping a Search Party Look for Himself;  A Driver Was Cited for Riding in a Carpool Lane with a Skeleton;  Man quits booze for metal, has 2 pounds of hardware removed from stomach.  Try out your stupidity & see if you can beat "Panch" in the "Insane Game Show" to see if it's a FAKE or a FLORIDA headline, a Porn Star or a Weatherman, a Golf Course or a Rehab, a Steakhouse or a Gay Bar, or a Strip Club or a Daycare!
October 9, 2021
Photobombed By Meth, Kinky Halloween Yard Decor, & Big Toe Socks
S3E16 - BONUS Midweek Feed! -  If you're ever going to post a photo on social media, hide your drugs first. One man learned the hard way. The popular Halloween yard decorations this year may trigger your neighbors in your HOA. And a Japanese company has made a special sock for your big toe for reasons you never imagined. Plus, there's other scary stupidity for October:  Bing’s top search word is ‘Google,’ according to Google;  A Woman Wants $1 Million from Geico After She Got an STD While Hooking Up in a Guy's Car;  A FL Man Got Caught with Meth and Claimed It Was Medicinal;  There's a Petition to Change the Name of Lee Co., FA to BRUCE Lee Co.;  A Woman Renovated Her Bathroom & Accidentally Walled In Her Cat;  Man Says He Was Driving 103-MPH, Because He Was on His Way to Buy Feminine Hygiene Products.  The week's top newsmakers get the "stupid spin" in the "Insane Week In Review" & more real "winners" in our "Genus Awards" for stupendous stupidity!
October 6, 2021
"Captain Kirk" Goes To Space For REAL, A Haunted House Gets TOO Real, & Yard Art That's UN-Real
He will finally get to go where many men have never gone before. William Shatner played the Captain of the USS Enterprise in "Star Trek" for years but will finally lift off to space thanks to Jeff Bezos of Amazon. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", tells about one 11-y/o boy who was unphased by a haunted house got an up-close & personal encounter that was all too real...and he nearly lost a toe. A woman in MO has some unreal concepts for "art" in her front yard & the local government is going to fine her if she doesn't remove it. But she would be certainly welcome to live in Mifflin County, PA with her "art" since it happens to be a mannequin with a GOOSE HEAD. Mifflin Co. celebrates the "Legend of Goose Day" every September 29...and she would be the #1 attraction. And there's more stupidity that is oozing from this episode like these:  Hilarious PTA Signs Tell Parents ‘Don’t Go Blocking Drop Off Lines’;  This Clown Makes Balloon Sculptures, Then Fogs Your Home With Disinfectant;  McDonald's Is Phasing Out Plastic Toys in Happy Meals;  A Man Named "Sir Dangerous" Kidnapped a Woman & Promised to "Make Her Life Miserable";  Knoxville Woman In Custody For Abandoning Burning Car While Naked;  A Thief Was Found Sleeping on a Pile of Chicken Fingers & Meth;  CO Contractor Destroys New Bathroom With Sledgehammer After Client Refused To Pay In 23 Hours;  Should We Replace "Virginity" with "Sexual Debut"?;  A Man Stabbed Someone Because His McDonald's Coffee Was Too Sweet;  A Woman Beat-Up Her Boyfriend...When He Asked to Cuddle with Her;  'New Yorker' Podcast Guest Advocates 'Intelligent Sabotage,' Property Damage in Climate Change Fight;  FL man tries to trade back the vehicle he stole;  More women using marijuana to help ease menopause symptoms;  Why You Never Have Sex in a Car Parked on a Hill;  CT Man Arrested After Commandeering A Family’s Home In Break-In;  Signs You're at a Bad Haunted House; What Is Moon Water? And there's more fun with the "Insane Games" that you can play along with "Pancho" to figure out if it's a "Steakhouse Or A Gay Bar", a "Golf Course Or Rehab", & "Fake News Or Florida"!
October 2, 2021
Coffee With A Corpse, South Korean Dog Meat Ban, & Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!
S3E14 Midweek BONUS Feed!  A Tennessee man, with his girlfriend & his dead mother in the trunk, drive all over the Volunteer State to find an open VA Hospital so he can inform them his mother took her own life & he found her body in the woods. Guess what? It didn't go down like that! Do you think it's time to spare the lives of the 1 MILLION dogs who have died in order to show up on your dinner plate in South Korea? The President there thinks so. Since the Fall season is upon us, so is pumpkin's all over us--literally. Plus these stupid tales of terror... 20 Dumb Questions for "Ask a Stupid Question Day";  A Woman Made Bomb Threats at Her Boyfriend's Work So She Could Spend Time with Him;  Facebook Puts Its 'Instagram Kids' Project on Hold;  Costco placing purchase limits on toilet paper, other products due to COVID-related demand;  Altoona, PA woman attacks boyfriend with metal bat, faces charges;  A Man Poses as Disney World Tour Guide So He Can Skip Every Line. And the week is wrapped up in stupidity with the "Insane Week In Review" as well as you'll be introduced to the most stupendous stupidity from the winners of the "Genius Awards"!
September 29, 2021
A Pizza Roll Pooper, Dog Weddings, & Stripper Poles On School Busses
If you're reaching for a pizza roll in the grocery store, you do NOT want to find the kind of "roll" one lady put her hand in. How many dogs can you marry simultaneously to make it in the Guinness Book? One lady is gonna try to find out. With the school bus driver shortage plaguing America this year, one school district found a a "party bus" for their students. And my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" will give you all the stupid details along with these "Jim Dandy" tales...  Have You Ever Been in a Fight? Over ⅓ of Americans Have;  Top Situations When it's Okay to Slug Someone;  On TikTok, people are eating Rice Krispies Treats before working out;  Blue Apron debuts new “Heat & Eat” meals perfect for your fall routine;  ⅔ of People Fake Laugh at Jokes to "Fit In";  Things So Undeniably Funny You Never Have to Fake Laugh at Them;  A Man Robbed the Same 7-Eleven 4 Times This Summer;  Guy Does Circles in a Police Parking Lot Until They Arrest Him for DUI;  Man Faces Charges After Stealing Fish Sticks from Kindergarten Class;  Samuel Adams’ latest potent beer is illegal in 15 states;  This Nissan Worker With ‘Enhanced Senses’ Has a Job to Ensure the Perfect ‘New Car Smell’;  Uproar In OH Over Questionable Writing Prompts Given To Students Like “Write an X-rated Disney scenario”;  KY Man Says He Was “Shooting His Guns at the Aliens”;  You Can Now Buy Wine in Bottles Shaped Like Men's Junk;  OH Woman Wakes Up To Find Burglar Sleeping In Guest Bedroom;  A Teenager Got a USB Cable Stuck in His Urethra While Trying to Measure His Length. And you can play along again with "Pancho" in our weekly "Insane Games"!
September 25, 2021
REAL Finger Food, A 43 Cent Felon, & Things You Do In The Bathroom
S3E12 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE... Is it really finger food if you find a REAL finger in it? A Bolivian woman did. A Pennsylvania man is facing up to 7 years in prison over a bottle of Mountain Dew. And besides the obvious, what do you do in the bathroom that could be considered "unusual"? There's a list of things that you'll discover in this episode along with these offerings... CO town pleads for return of stolen phone booth; Guy Tries to Rob Gas Station During Power Outage...But the Register Wouldn’t Open; Black Wedding Dress Trend Grows During The Coronavirus Pandemic; Have You Bought Chicken in the Past Decade? You Might Be Entitled to a Class-Action Settlement; Heinz Is Selling a "Packet Roller" That Gets Every Last Drop Out of Ketchup Packets; A Man Poses as Disney World Tour Guide So He Can Skip Every Line. Plus this week's "Insane Week In Review" with the stupid spin on the latest headlines as well as our winners for the "Genius Awards" of stupendous stupidity!
September 22, 2021
Pig Nipples At McDonald's, Taco Bell Subscription Service, & A Woman Scammed Out Of Her Hair & Eyebrows!
When you get your McDonald's Bacon Sandwich do you expect to find a pig nipple inside? One guy thought he saw one. But if you love tacos so much you want a subscription to get them, Taco Bell has the answer. And if you think you're going to get $1,000 to shave off your hair & eyebrows for a shampoo company, you may want to hang up the phone. One woman didn't & now she's bald as a cue ball. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Pumpkin Spice Guero" & I will WOW & AMAZE you with the amount of sheer stupidity this week like these:  Garbage Truck Crash Uncovers Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation;  Facebook is Apparently Going Into the Debt Collection Business;  A Judge Rejected a Couple's Divorce Filing, & Told Them to "Work It Out";  Stowaway gecko takes 4,000-mile trip in traveler’s bra;  Coffin Found in Golf Course Pond, with a 4,000-Y/O Man & an Axe Inside;  Balenciaga Is Selling $1,200 Sweatpants with Built-In Underwear That Show;  This Year's "Ig Nobel" Prize Winners: Chewing Gum, an Upside Down Rhino, & an “Orgasms As Decongestants” study;  People Are Huffing Onions Because They Think It Kills Coronavirus;  Woman Tries to Steal Fire Truck Claiming She Drank Immortality Potion;  ⅔ of Us Reward Ourselves for Working Out...& 16% Want a Trophy;  Guy Stabs Coworker with a Pen for Telling Him to Work Harder;  Tourists Are Now Smoking Toad Venom in Mexico’s Hipster Town Tulum;  Researchers potty-train cows to reduce ammonia emissions;  Drunk Woman Crashes Into Her Husband's Car, While Picking Him Up from His Own Drunken Crash;  Aaron Rodgers Sas His Interception Throw was Due to a "Double Nut Shot";  Teens Are Apparently Stealing Soap Dispensers & Urinals From School For The Devious Lick Trend And you can play along at home with another round of our "Insane Game Show"!
September 18, 2021
Poop-Passing Roombas, How Men Can Fart More & Poop Bigger, & Toll Booth Fetishes
S3E10 Midweek BONUS Episode! -  The new Roombas promise not to spread your pet poop all over your least for the first year. But if you want to poop bigger & fart longer, men can now do this simply by eating more fruits, veggies, grains, & BEANS! Toll booth operators got paid for more than just letting cars travel on the road...they got a show from one of the drivers. On 7 different occasions. Plus stupidity from these fine specimens... Cats Have 7 Personality Traits, & One of Them Is "Litter Box Issues";  Top 5 Things Your Cat's Thinking Right Now;  Miss America Will Now Judge the Contestants' "Health" Instead of Beauty;  A Sorceress’ Toolkit Has Been Discovered in the Ashes of Pompeii;  A Woman Who Missed Her Flight Claimed She Had a Bomb in Her Luggage;  AOC Wears 'Tax the Rich' Dress to Met Gala;  You Can Make $1,300 By Watching 13 Horror Movies. Get the most stupid spin on the current events of the week with the "Insane Week In Review" and find out the most spectacular stupidity from the winners of the "Genius Awards"!
September 15, 2021
Naked Sleepers Soil Sheets, Eel Enemas, & Texts From Demons
If your preferred pajamas include your birthday suit, you may want to consider sleeping alone when you hear what happens while you slumber. If you prefer folk remedies for constipation, it may kill you. And if you get a text from Satan, call this priest...he knows what's happening. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" will give some advice on how NOT to impress your 1st date...and how to keep your police record clean at the same time. "Pancho" will also weigh in on whether it's a good idea to market yourself as a "breeding partner". And there's also more stupendous stupidity like... A Woman Had a Breast Reduction, but They Grew Back;  A Guy's Credit Card Got Declined, so He Set the Place on Fire;  ⅓ of the Population Suffers from a "Fear of Fidgeting";  A Shoplifter Got Locked Out of Her Getaway Car;  Chicago Newlyweds Create $240 Invoice for No-Show Guests;  An Anti-Masker Peed on the Counter at Dairy Queen;  Experts: Putting Your Christmas Decorations Up Now Makes You Happier;  The Top Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping Naked;  A Naked Woman Drove a Golf Cart...Through an Armed Standoff;  A Paranoid PA Meth Head Thought His CD Player Was Spying on Him;  A Woman Threw a Kid in the OH River, & Claimed Immunity Because It Was in "International Waters".  "Pancho" will also answer a couple of questions from you seeking advice about "My Mom & Boyfriend Gang Up On How I Dress" & "My Girlfriend Leaves Bitten Nails Everywhere"! And you can play along at home with "Pancho" in the "Insane Games" to figure out is it a "Strip Club or a Daycare", a "Porn Star or A Weatherman", or a "Steakhouse or A Gay Bar"...and other fun activities! Don't forget to download the TELEGRAM app & then subscribe to "Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World" channel to read the actual news stories from these stupid people & interact with the podcast!
September 11, 2021
Grand Theft GO-CART, Macho Mumbling Men, & Joe Rogan De-Wormed!
S3E8 BONUS MIDWEEK EDITION!... You know how ticked you would get if you saw some grown man hold up a kid's lemonade stand? Well, this is 10 time worse. Guys who garble their words cause the girls to get off! And if you need to add any legitimacy to stupidity, enter Joe Rogan peddling the healing effects of the new COVID "drug" of choice, Ivermectin. And there's also these fine examples of "brilliance"... Husband Was "Covered In Meat Sauce" After Domestic Spaghetti Battery;  The Top Things We're Sick of Hearing People Say on Zoom;  A Man Accidentally Stabbed Himself While Driving Home with Taco Bell;  Raw Chicken Ends Up On Seattle Airport’s Baggage Carousel;  New TikTok Trend: Testing Your Cat's Intelligence;  What Are The Odds You’ve Been Exposed To COVID & Didn’t Get Sick?;  ‘Sissy Pants’ Celebrities Banned in China There's plenty of current events to put a stupid spin upon with the "Insane Week In Review" and there's 7 more "Geniuses" who have won the "Genius Awards" for stupendous stupidity!
September 8, 2021
High School "Furries", "Bart Simpson" Pranks A School Board, & An EPOXY Condom
A school district in KY is dealing with an identity problem with students where playing pretend has become stupid. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", will try to keep a straight face when he talks about the school district's board meeting in VA that found out first hand...on live video...what it felt like when a "Bart Simpson" managed to infiltrate their paperwork. And a man found out first hand that using EPOXY is NOT the way to safe sex. You'll be GLUED to this episode with stupidity like this as well as...  A Guy Created a Dating Website...Featuring Only Himself;  OnlyFans Is Reversing Their Reversal on Sexual Content;  Should an Employer Cover A/C for Employees Working from Home?;  Kids Are Pranking Parents in Scholarship Videos by Lying About How Hard Their Life Was;  Guy Tries to Rob a Store by Threatening the Cashier with a Lighter;  Martin Luther King Jr. Is in "Fortnite" Now...Is That Cool or Super Cheesy?;  CA Wants to Pay Addicts Not to Use Drugs;  Teacher Breaks Off Engagement And Marries Herself;  A "Master Manipulator" Kidnapped His Ex-Wife...So He Could Pretend to Save Her;  GA man steals mortuary van--Corpse rolls out ahead of police chase;  Soccer Fans Can Now Eat Their Coffee Cups;  A Study Found the Length of a Guy's Junk Does Matter to Women;  A Woman Arrested for Self-Pleasuring on a Beach Told Cops, "It Only Took 20 Seconds" And there's more INSANE GAMES you can play along with "Pancho" to see if you can figure out it it's a STRIP CLUB or a STEAKHOUSE!
September 4, 2021
Naked Baby On "Nevermind" Sues Nirvana, Hybrid Dating, & A Bovine In A Buick
S3E6 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE!  Naked baby pictures now causes a lifelong trauma for a man, 30 years afterward. Meet Spencer Elden who the world got to see a LOT of when he was 4 MONTHS OLD on the cover of Nirvana's "Nevermind" album. Now Spencer thinks $150,000 will help him deal with the fact the whole world got to see him in his birthday suit. The pandemic lockdown has changed the way we're dating. We laughed if you said you were Internet dating 20 years we prefer to ZOOM date before we meet in person. You expect to find beef in the form of a hamburger when you pull into a McDonald's drive-thru. You're NOT expecting to see beef BEFORE it becomes hamburger...sitting in the back seat of a BUICK while waiting in a McDonald's drive-thru. One woman did...and she has video. Plus there's more...! New Study Shows Hot Dogs Shorten Lives;  A Criminal Jumped in a Lake, so Cops Chased Him Down in a Pedal Boat;  A Woman Might Get 15 Years in Prison for Destroying Her Company's Database After They Fired Her;  The Top Signs You Joined a Bad Dating Website;  Ireland under attack from sex-crazed spiders ‘the size of your hand’;  A Guy Did Burnouts in His Rental Car, & It Caught Fire;  Welsh Campaigners Say Dragon Should Have A Penis On Their Flag, Just Like It Does On Royal Mint Coins. I'll put the stupid spin on the all the past week's headlines in the "Insane Week In Review" and meet 7 new winners from the "Genius Awards"!
September 1, 2021
Naked River Floater, "Rocky Horror" Hot Dogs, & A Pants-Down Peeping Tom
Nothing like relaxing on a hot summer day lying on a log & floating down a lazy river....unless you're NAKED. Have you ever had a order screw-up? One theater in England that ordered "Dr. Frank-N-Furter" wigs for a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show received hundreds of actual FRANKFURTERS. When a Peeping Tom got caught with his pants down by police, his explanation was he was "exercising". Exercising WHAT??? There's more stupidity that will be "exercised" in this episode that features my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" including the Satanic ritual what found its way onto live TV. Plus... Authorities tracking loose wallaby or kangaroo in Pennsylvania;  Disgraced Cuomo Files for $50K Per Year State Pension;  Man Is Shot By His Wife's b/f, Who Was Secretly Living in Their Home;  Dad Catches Teen & Friends Sneaking Out, Uses Alexa To Scare Them Silly When They Return;  Big bird on water is mystery, but town calls it just ducky;  Disney Is Making Theme Park Robots That Are Capable of Feeling;  Be King Of The Nerds With This Legit Lightsaber;  Facebook Unveils Tool Allowing VR Work Meetings;  Fisherman catches ‘ultra-rare’ crab that looks like a pastry;  A Guy on Meth Accidentally Broke into a Jail;  Nut & Bolt Found in a Domino's Pizza, But Domino's Says That's "Rare";  A $1,500 Table with a Hole in the Middle, So Your Cat Can Watch You Eat;  Firefighters discover ‘body in the river’ was a swimmer relaxing. And play along with Pancho in the weekly "Insane Games" to see if you know the difference in FAKE NEWS or FLORIDA!
August 28, 2021
The "Milk Crate Challenge", Tattooed Vaccine Codes, & Pebbles Make-Up,
MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE - S3E4 Another way to kill yourself & get the most likes on Tik-Tock...walking up milk crates stacked 7 crates high with no hands. I don't remember reading in the Book of Revelation that the "Mark of the Beast" would look like a QR Code... But here we are. And now you can smell like breakfast cereal & look good at the same time. But you can't eat it. This and more stupidity like:  9% of People Can't Decide Whether or Not They're Decisive;  CA Car Dealership Lets Customer Trade In His Old Car For The Newest Model After Technician Is Caught Taking It To Street Race;  Court Says NC Must Let Parole/Probation/Supervised Release Felons Vote;  Humankind's Most Valuable Vault Is Filled With Seeds, Not Cash;  Couch potatoes are 7 times more likely to suffer a stroke than more physically active people;  Woman Offers a Guy Bottled Water on a Hot Day, & He Exposes Himself;  'Wash. Post' Issues Correction on Humor Column Comments About Not Liking Indian Food After Backlash. Plus more insanity at its best from the winners of our "Genius Awards" as well as the stupid spin on the latest headlines in the "Insane Week In Review"! Read the actual stories from these stupid escapades from links posted in the "Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World Telegram Channel" on TELEGRAM! Preview them & download the app for your device (desktop of mobile) at
August 25, 2021
A Baptist Brawl With Bullets, A "Nip" & Tussle, & A Kidney Bean Blockage
It wasn't a squirrel that went berserk in the Baptist church, but a fired-up woman...who was so mad she was spittin' bullets--LITERALLY. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" will explain that one. A road rage brawl resulted in a missing did that happen? What does it say about your roommates who don't want to interrupt their drug-infused parties to bother with your dead body? And there's more "manhood mayhem"... including these specimen... A Woman Shot Her Friend, While Using a Gun's Laser to Play with a Cat;  Restaurant Wouldn't Give a Guy a Free Soda, so He Set the Building on Fire;  Someone Crashed Into a Car, & Left Candy Bars as Compensation;  A Man Stole a Full-Size Horse, & Tried to Hide It in...a Bedroom;  Most People Actually Prefer Their Revenge as a Dish Served Hot & Fast;  Thieves Break In a Restaurant...& Were Fined for Not Wearing Face Masks;  Bus Driver Shortage: Schools Paying Parents to Drive Their Own Kids;  Guy Intentionally Drives His SUV into a Lake to Fill the Radiator with Water;  A Guy Gets Sprayed by a Skunk While Hiding from the Cops;  A Guy Got Arrested for Tattooing at Child in a McDonald's Dining Room;  A Guy Shot His Junk with a Nail Gun, & Doctors Couldn't Find the Nail;  No, You Should Not Put Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Manhood;  A Man Put 6 Kidney Beans Inside His Manhood & They Got Stuck There's more "Insane Games" you can play at home along with "Pancho" as well!
August 21, 2021
Ricebag Babies, Australian Dragons, & America's Best Restroom
MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE! - S3E2 Forget ZOOM family gatherings when you want to show off your new baby to your parents. Now you can just get them a ricebag with the baby's photo on it. A "jawbone" is the closest thing to having a "real-life" dragon in Australia. And it flew around with a 23 ft. wingspan. We've all experienced the worst in bathrooms when traveling this great land of ours. Now, you can VOTE on the best restroom in America! And there's even more stupidity... Is it time to get rid of homework? Mental health experts weigh in;  NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Resigned;  A Bank Robber Failed...Because the Teller Couldn't Read His Handwriting;  Did Megan Rapinoe "Bully" Teammates into Kneeling for the National Anthem;  Thieves Steal Rare Digimon Cards from Store & Immediately Tries to Sell Them to the Same Store;  Handcuffed Criminal Steals an ATV, Hits 70 MPH, & Crashes in a Mudhole;  Woman Thinks Hissing Cobra Is in Her House...It Was Her Electric Toothbrush There's the comprehensive week's summary of headlines & current events all with the STUPID SPIN in our "Insane Week In Review", plus the pinnacle of stupidity with the "Genius Awards"!
August 18, 2021
Deadpool: Bambi, "Breedable" Men, & Psychopathic Radio DJs
It's a NEW SEASON of STUPIDITY! Would you want to see RYAN REYNOLDS star in a Deadpool movie about BAMBI?? Disney isn't--EVER. When women talk about meeting "hot men", they're talking about men who they think are "submissive & breedable". How do men think about that? Of all the population that's considered a "psychopath", those who hold the 3rd most common vocation is RADIO HOSTS. Now there is an explanation for why I am the way I am... And why I host a podcast about other psychotic stupidity such as... A Guy May Have Set a New Record for World's Drunkest Driver;  FL Man Bit His Friend's Ear Off During a Drunken Brawl;  A Guy Stole a Purple Heart & Traded It for a Mountain Dew;  The Yankees Struggled to Catch a Cat on the Field, & the Fans Gave It "MVP!" Chants;  IKEA Is Giving Away Meatball-Scented Candles;  Raleigh man puts 13-ft. skeleton in his yard to encourage vaccinations;  Judge to Defendant: Get Vaccinated or Go to Jail;  Ceiling Cracks Under The Weight Of Enormous Snake;  The Man Who's Eaten the Most Big Macs Is Still at It: 32,340 & Counting;  Squatter's Cabin at Center of Property Dispute Burnt to the Ground;  OH grandma completes quest to create world’s largest Oreo;  A Guy Crashes His Car While Huffing Laughing Gas Behind the Wheel;  Woman Drives Off Cliff When a Guy Accidentally Opens Her Door Thinking It Was His Car;  Little boy nurtures caterpillar into butterfly—until his dog eats it;  Woman Sues McDonald's After Burger Ad Tempted Her to Break Lent Fast;  450,000 Bees Removed From Inside Walls Of PA Home And "Pancho Guero", my Insane FL Nephew, will engage in another round in the "Insane Game Show" to figure out whether headlines are "FAKE" or "FLORIDA"!
August 14, 2021
Bigfoot Birthday Bomb, Tigger Trigger, & A Flame-Shooting Hot Rod!
S2E64 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE!  When would an appearance by BIGFOOT ever be a good idea for a 6-y/o girl's birthday party? Never? One mom didn't get the memo. One neighbor did get triggered when she saw Tigger picking daisies on a flag outside a home. And a car everyone should own who is frustrated with the stupid drivers on the freeway. Plus we have nudes in Sherwood Forrest & Robin Hood's home realizes the NAKED truth in our Genius Awards! Also, all of the latest news of the week that's fit to be stupid! Some other pearls of stupidity: Olympics TV ratings plummet by 49% compared to 2016 games amid ‘woke’ protests & pandemic lockdowns;  Funny Swimming Trunks with Custom-Made Storage Made For Men to Store their JUNK;  300 People Showed Up for an Annual Cats-in-Windows Tour in Minneapolis;  A Guy Spends 4 Hours a Day in the Bathroom, & His Wife Is Sick of It;  Pickup Truck Sinks In Lake On Live TV During Boat Launch Mishap;  And read some of the actual stories at Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World TELEGRAM Channel so you can comment & share with your friends! Check it out & download the app (desktop or mobile) at!
August 11, 2021
A Wedding Day Shoot-Out, Serial Poopers, & Trailer Park Swingers Wearing Pineapple Swimsuits
A good sign that you may have marital issues is when you get into a shoot-out coming home from your wedding. San Francisco knows how to deal with people pooping on the street, but how do folks in Indiana handle it? Better do a check on your bathing suits because you may be sending the wrong message if it has pineapples on it. But if you insist on wearing it anyway, you can suit up & bring your mobile home to a swingers trailer park in Louisiana. "Pancho Guero", my Insane FL Nephew, also tells about how an adult sex toy can become weaponized against an armed robber. Plus, he has a story of another stupid FL man at the Jacksonville Zoo. And you'll also be entertained by the stupidity of these people: Biden mocked for claiming he ‘used to drive’ an 18-wheeler truck;  UK PM Johnson worried about his dog’s ‘romantic urges’ in Downing St.;  Naked Guy Went Viral for Chasing a Wild Pig, & Now He's Got His Own Toy;  A Considerate Bride Polled Her Bridesmaids to Make Sure They Don't Overspend;  Ghost Hunt Ends In Fall Through Roof At New York Train Station;  FL Woman Finds Large Python Previous Residents Left Behind In Her Apt.;  Historian Believes the Holy Grail & Lost Ark of the Covenant May be Hidden Under A House in English Countryside;  Man Stunned After Setting Up Camera In Bird Box & Attracting 41M Fans;  Feline okay? The app that tells you if your cat’s happy;  Bon Jovi Is Getting a NJ Rest Stop Dedicated to Him...But Bruce Springsteen Declined;  Americans Who Faked Vaccine Docs Fined $16K Each;  This Website Is Selling All The Junk TSA Confiscated From You;  ‘Penis Snakes’ From South America Have Come To FL And "Pancho" will take on more challenges in our "Insane Games" trying to decide if businesses are a "Strip Club or a Gay Bar" & if entertainers are a "Porn Star or A Weatherman"!
August 7, 2021
Vaxx-In-Disguise in MO, A Shorts Dropping Robbery, & A Spaghetti Spat
S2E62 MIDWEEK BONUS EDITION -  Missouri has one of the highest number of unvaccinated people in the US & it's so bad those who want vaccines have to get them in DISGUISE! One would-be robber didn't need a disguise, but could've used better fitting britches during his crime but instead, the victim discovered he had been caught with his pants down. For some, the idea of spaghetti wrestling may seem a bit erotic but one couple decided to assault each other with a plate of spaghetti, & the both were NOODLED by the cops. These are just a few of the stupid crimes & comedy that took place including these examples: Colorado Pooper Draws Outrage From Denver Residents;  A Man Was Arrested for Threatening to Nuke Las Vegas;  New Rules Could Take Bacon Off the Table in CA;  A Man Shot at a Fridge in Self-Defense, After a Soda Can Exploded;  Fight broke out between housemates because of loud chewing. And get the concise stupidity straight from the headlines in our "Insane Week In Review" as well as all of the "creme-de-la-creme" stupid tales in our "Genius Awards"!
August 4, 2021
Designer Garbage Cans, Sweaty Boob Cash Bans, & A "Stroking" Stroke Risk
You know you've "arrived" when you live in such an affluent neighborhood that your GARBAGE needs to be trendy. What ISN'T trendy is paying with cash--saturated with BOOB SWEAT...and one store has banned it. Forget that you could go blind or have hair growing on your hands if you pleasure yourself too much--one guy nearly died from a stroke because he was STROKING himself too much. "Pancho Guero", my Insane FL Nephew will also elaborate on one man who prefers to stroke himself while a librarian reads to him...over the phone. Find out all the stupid things doctors have to hear from their patients. There's also these examples of stupidity: Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Billionaires & Their Phallic Spaceships;  Bezos Took Heat for Comments About Amazon Workers/Customers After Space Flight;  Teen Driver Created ‘Infinity Pool’--LITERALLY;  Woman's Aunt Hires Hitman to Avoid Seeing Mother-in-Law at Wedding;  Twitter Feud Between Fonzi & Chachi;  Cocaine disguised as cake seized from vehicle;  A Mother Made a Roadblock to Force Drivers to Stop at Her Kids' Lemonade Stand;  A Guy's Family Size Box of Frosted Flakes Was Actually Full of Heroin Pancho will also give some advice on what to do when a man is made to wear a watermelon by his pregnant wife. And you can be challenged along with Pancho with the weekly "Insane Game Show"!
July 31, 2021
Canadian Horsey Hanky-Panky, Olympic Quidditch, & The Skinny Dipping Friend of "Crackhead Chris"
S2E60 BONUS MIDWEEK EPISODE! What should police assume when they come upon a well-lubed miniature horse & a guy standing next to it with his pants down saying, "It's not what you think"? You can make your own assumptions. So many are not watching the 2020 Olympics this year, do you think adding Quidditch would improve the ratings? At least you may get the Harry Potter fans! If you came home to find a naked woman skinny dipping in your pool on a hot day, would you grab a camera or a phone to call 911? Find out what one guy did. And there's even more: Man Climbs To The Top Of Supreme Scream Ride At Knott’s Berry Farm;  50 Years Later, Man Confesses He Stole Rifle Made in 1775;  Top Reasons I Won't Be Watching the Olympics;  Men Emit 16% More Greenhouse Gasses Than Women;  New Andy Cohen Reality Show Has Exes Rate Each Other, Including on Sexual Technique;  ‘Cop hides behind this sign’: PA deli warns motorists;  Seagull Smacks Into Screaming Teenager’s Face On Slingshot Ride At NJ Amusement Park And there's the weekly round-up of all the "Insane News of the Week" as well as the most memorable stupidity winning the "Genius Awards"!
July 28, 2021
Mother's Side-Hustling Farts, Dead Butt Syndrome, & Taco Bell Pyrotechnics
How would your react if you found out your MOM was selling her farts as her side-hustle? Or how would you treat a dead butt? You'll also hear about the LITERAL fireworks that happened with some Taco Bell employees! Plus "Pancho Guero", my Insane FL Nephew, has the story of how boredom can cause you to literally go jump off a bridge. Also, he'll explain why rescuers pulled a naked woman out of a wall. These are just a few of the random stupidity that happened in the span of a week...along with these: Man Harvests Methane for 8 Hours to Fuel Bike That Runs on Swamp Gas;  Woman With No License Yanked 13 Teeth From Patient;  Ford created a gas-scented fragrance for electric car drivers;  Ramen Noodle Crash Turns Arkansas Lake Into Broth;  Scientists Observed a Brainless Blob Thinking & Making Decisions;  Woman With No License Yanked 13 Teeth From Patient;  Would You Try Some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese...Ice Cream;  A FL Man Was Arrested for Fighting an Alligator to 'Teach It a Lesson';  A Guy Made a Bomb Threat at the Airport Over a Carry-On Baggage Fee;  A Cop Performs the Heimlich...After a Guy Tried to Swallow a Bag of Weed;  Man Steals Ring from Girlfriend, Pawns It, Then Uses Money to Buy Her Engagement Ring;  NY restaurant’s $200 fries certified as the world’s most expensive;  Shark Experts Want Us to Stop Saying "Shark Attacks"...& Call Them "Negative Encounters" Instead;  The Mayor’s Race In MI Town Includes A Goat, Chicken, & Cat;  3 Women Cheated on By 1 Guy Went on Cross-Country Road Trip Together You can also play along with Pancho in the weekly installment of our "Insane Game Show" to figure out the difference between a Steakhouse or a Gay Bar or a Porn Star or a Weatherman..or if a headline is "Fake News" or "Florida"! Don't forget to join the Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World Telegram Channel to get links to these stupid stories & other behind the scenes info at! 
July 24, 2021
Leggo My Eggoji, $1 Beer Brawl In NJ, & Rage Gardening
S2E58 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE! Now you can have breakfast & let folks know your mood with your food thanks to Kellogg's. When you mix NJ independent league baseball with $1 beer night guess what you get? You would be right. But if you're in a rage, maybe pulling weeds may be a therapeutic method of dealing with it. But what kind of therapy are kids getting binge-watching the British children's show, Peppa Pig? "By Jove", you'll find out! And you'll find out the stupidity behind these other antics, this week as well... A Man Got a DUI for Driving a Drone Under the Influence;  Athletes to sleep on ‘anti-sex’ cardboard beds at Olympics amid COVID;  He found a bench to clear his head. Now FL residents line up to share their problems with him;  Woman Finds 18 Snakes Under Bed;  Driver Pulled Over In CA Had Satellite Dish Mounted On The Car Hood;  Ways to Respond to Annoying People Asking, "Working Hard or Hardly Working?" Get the news of the week with a "Stupid Spin" with the INSANE WEEK IN REVIEW & hear who won the "Genius Awards" for this week!
July 21, 2021
Tik-Tok Trends & Trouble, Getting Paid To Poop, & A Snake Bites A "Snake"
Tik-Tok can teach you how to cook, how to look, & how to hook--a JOB, that is. But if you'd rather just stay home on the commode, you can make money just by going #2. But be careful while you never know what's going to crawl up there & bite you. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" will also warn you to sleep with one eye open so you'll see when a mouse sneaks a late night snack...on you EYEBALL. And one mom lived out her worst nightmare at the grocery store with her toddler. Plus these other stupendously stupid stories... Builders Showed Up at the Wrong House, But the Person Who Lived There Didn't Say Anything Because She Wanted the Work Done;  Man With Cocaine Up His Bum Told Cops Someone Else Put It There;  A DoorDash Driver Got Arrested, so a Cop Delivered His Order;  Michigan man finds 160 bowling balls under back stairs;  A Cop Performs the Heimlich...After a Guy Tried to Swallow a Bag of Weed;  A Contraband Booze Ring Was Exposed By...Drunk Buffaloes;  Unopened Legend of Zelda game from 1987 sells for $870,000;  Would You Try a "Snickle"...a Snickers Wrapped in a Pickle?;  FL man finds a 2nd megalodon tooth in 3 weeks. And there's some real "Jim Dandys" in our Insane Game Show this week...see if you're as successful as "Pancho" in guessing them!
July 17, 2021
Dusty-Fingered DoorDash Bandit, A Toothy Necklace, & Shoplifting Exchanges
S2E56 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE A taco bandit was caught orange-handed on the delivery woman's body cam when she delivered a DoorDash order. Want to remember grandpa after he dies? You can wear his smile around your neck...with a lovely necklace. If you're going to steal stuff from a store, make sure it's what you want--so you don't have to get it exchanged...and get fingered for theft! A Nebraska Burger King had a message on their marquee that advertised a "whopper"-sized dilemma: The whole staff quit! And it's 2021...isn't it time our packages of hot dog buns matched the number of hot dogs we get in a package? Heinz thinks so. And there's other examples of my stupid world that includes... The Top Things We Still Help Our Kids Pay For, Even When They're Adults;  The Secret to Men Living Longer Is...Castration;  Driver Pulled Over In CA Had Satellite Dish Mounted On The Car Hood;  A Guy Reports a Fake Shooting to 911 to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket;  If You're Running from the Cops, Don't Hit Up The McDonald's Drive-Thru. Plus the recap of the "Insane News Of The Week" & another batch of "winners" in the weekly "Genius Awards"!
July 14, 2021
"Shaft Bang" Tiddlywinks & A Double-Date Dump
If there's a guy named, "Shaft Bang Adams", you can bet there's going to be something stupid that is coming...and you won't be disappointed. If you've ever thought of two-timing on your woman with another woman--at the same time, here's one example where a telephone would be safer than a "tell-a-woman"... Some New Zealand doctors had a daunting task of extracting something from a woman's nose...and the time it WAS tiddlywinks. If you remember the old comedy show, "Laugh-In" & the phrase, "the devil made me do it", you'll appreciate the predicament one FL man was in when he used that phrase with the police. And if you think that story is stupid, just "hold my beer"....which is what one TX man had the cops do! "Pancho Guero", my Insane FL Nephew, may have found the perfect device to keep your mouth shut to help you lose weight & a Saskatchewanian out mowing his yard who found something other than weeds "poking" up through the grass.... Plus all these other bizarre tales from my stupid world: A Small FL Town Accidentally Sold Its Water Tower For $55,000;  Firefighters Use the Jaws of Life to Rescue Teen...From a Fitting Room;  Man from NE makes 60 naked skydiving jumps in 24 hours;  A Woman Beat Up Her Girlfriend for Talking About Her Ex in Her Sleep;  42,000 lbs. of missing pistachios lead to possible illegal pistachio operation;  Dad rips into neighbor who reported family’s tree fort to HOA;  Banned US Olympian blames pork burrito for positive steroid test;  40 cows escape CA slaughterhouse, stampede through neighborhood;  2 People Got Kicked Off a Plane for Fighting Over an Armrest...Do We Need Some Universal Armrest Rules? Plus we'll test your skill(?) as well as that of "Pancho", in the weekly Insane Games!
July 10, 2021
Stupidity+Fireworks & The Dark Side of Couponing
S2E54 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE After a 2 week hiatus vacation, I'm back with a fresh batch of stupidity! When you pare stupid & fireworks, you have plenty of material for a podcast like this. But what to you pare with July 4th hot dogs? Wine, of course! At least that's what some Americans think. And did you know there was an underground market for coupons? Who'd a'thunkit? There's some catching up to do in the "Insane Week In Review" so it's expanded to include everything missed during the hiatus. Plus, there's more "geniuses" who come away with a "Genius Award" for their colossal stupidity! And other insanities such as these: A Man Was Arrested...After Calling Police to Ask Why He Wasn't Arrested;  A Fake Cop Pulled Over a Real Cop Who Recognized Him;  A Woman Attacked McDonald's Employees Because They Wouldn't Mix Slushie Flavors;  Guy Spray-Paints Stolen U-Haul-Forgets It Had "U-Haul" on the Windshield;  Newest TikTok Trend: Drinking Lettuce Water to Help You Sleep;  Guy Pulls a Gun at Starbucks Over Cream Cheese & Then Told a Reporter, "Always Go to Dunkin' Donuts".
July 7, 2021
Folding Chair Fetish Faux Pas, Tattoo'd Testicle, & A Slip 'n' Slide Sewer
I understand folks like to play out their fetishes. I get that. Some fetishes can bring out the EMT's as one woman found out on a live video. One would also wonder why anyone would get their testicle tattooed...with anything...particularly with a SWASTIKA. One man did & is in JAIL for it. When does a "slip 'n' slide" turn into a "slip 'n' sh*t"?? When everyone gets EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA. And my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", has more stupidity that's OOZING out from the Sunshine Tree. Such as these morsels:  PA Woman Tried to Hire a Hitman & Asked for a Payment Plan;  Mom Gets Alarming Call From Daughter’s School: ‘She’s Leaving With A Strange Man Every Day’;  Cop Flips Pregnant Lady's Car for Not Pulling Over Fast Enough;  A Man on Meth Got Stuck Inside a Piece of Farm Equipment for 2 Days;  Toobin Returns to CNN More Than 7 Months After Zoom Call Scandal;  AL man says he stole vehicle because God told him to do it;  Pantsless Woman Walks into Store...Tells Police Another Cop Said It’s OK;  Congressman Asks If Forest Service Can Alter Orbit of Earth to Fight Climate Change. And there's more challenges in this week's Insane Game Show for can also play at home!
June 19, 2021
Cicada Craziness, Canadian Concrete Commode Combustion, & A Biblical Fish Story
S2E52 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE People are going cicada crazy with the Brood Bugs going after reporters, the President & being used as a pizza topping! Some Canadian homeowners were awash in concrete that came bubbling up from their commodes. Biblical history repeats itself with a real-life Jonah & the whale story in MA. And that's not all... More stupidity from these specimens:  Edible Face Masks Are Now a Thing That Exist;  A Man Went All "Mission Impossible" to Steal...Some Dippin' Dots?;  A Guy Stole an Drive Himself to the Hospital;  NH Man Defecates In Cruiser, Twice In Booking Room Following DWI Arrest;  Record-setting blob of ‘sea snot’ has environmentalists concerned. And there's the week's rundown of the headlines with the "Insane Week In Review" plus the winners of our weekly "Genius Awards"!
June 16, 2021
Cicada Car Crash, Stiletto Crocs, & A Democrat's "Dongcopter" Disaster
Cicadas are proving to not just annoy the daylights out of us, they're creating havoc at a GA 911 Center. They're also causing car crashes in OH. The fashion world has more butt-ugly stupidware with Stiletto Crocs from Balenciaga & Kanye West's $200 "moon boot for your torso" jacket. Back in the old days, if you wanted to derail a political campaign speech, you threw rotten eggs or tomatoes. In our high tech society nowadays, you just hang a dildo on a drone & fly it in front of a Mayoral candidate who's speaking. Plus all the other random acts of stupidity are packed into this episode such as... Couple Used Playground As Tunnel Of Love;  A Fight Over Mini Golf Results in 2 Stabbings;  A Guy in a D.A.R.E. T-Shirt Was Busted for Drugs;  Man Accused Of Stealing Phoenix Mortuary Van With 2 Bodies Inside;  6 & 4-Y/O Crash Head-On In Parents Car Taken In The Middle Of The Night;  Men’s Brains Have Similar Genes & Proteins To Those Commonly Found In Testicles. And speaking of brains, we'll see which organ my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" uses to figure out this week's "Insane Game Show" guesses as well as our usual offerings of stupid folly!
June 12, 2021
Naked Fighters, Bikers, & Coon-Crazed Soldiers
S2E50 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE Why is it that things are funnier when folks are naked? Such is the case with the woman who went on a naked rampage at 2 restaurants in FL. Meanwhile in Philly...folks are getting naked to go bike riding--but MASKS are required! You'll swell with pride at our US Army Soldiers who were captured on video clammering out of an armored vehicle...followed by a crazed raccoon. Crazy? No, just stupid! Just like these other nutty news stories: Artist Sells 'Invisible' Sculpture for $18K;  College Student Goes Viral For Flying With Her Pool Noodle;  Should We Stop Paying Kids for Chores, & Pay Them for Hobbies Instead?;  The Board Game That's Most Likely to Start a Fight Is...Monopoly;  Parents Can Only Keep a Room Totally Clean for 17 Minutes;  What's Something Perfectly Legal That Should Be Illegal?;  Most Annoying PDAs: Make-Out Sessions, Sitting on Laps, & Eye-Gazing. And plenty of current events are given the stupid test in our Insane Week In is are more award-winning stupidity in the Genius Awards! And we're not even had a full week!
June 9, 2021
House Cat High School Hiatus, Big Tipper Takedown, & Cat Food Pate
When does a house cat evacuate a high school? When they think it's a BOBCAT. A police chase comes to an end when the cows come home. And a guy's drunk texts to an aquarium actually get answered. There's more stupidity ahead with these choice examples: A Woman's 1-Night-Stand Found Out She Had a Boyfriend, & Left Him Note...Under Her Toilet Seat;  A Guy Named "Florida" Was Busted in FL After a Ridiculous Crime Spree;  VA dad invents spit-free way to blow out birthday candles;  A Drunk Driver Got Picked Up by Her Twin Sister...Who Was Even Drunker;  Couple Find Out ‘Absolutely Gorgeous Pate’ They Ate Was Cat Food;  Guy Sets His Neighbors' House on Fire Because They Didn't Mow His Lawn;  A Man Didn't Want His Girlfriend Moving In, So He Burned His House Down.  And my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" is IN PERSON this week to be on the podcast...he, along with Mrs. Pancho & Baby Pancho, made a trek from Jacksonville, FL to beautiful Happy Valley, PA! So we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner & while the dishes were being washed & put away, we enjoyed a rare podcast moment when we could talk about stupidity around the kitchen table!
June 5, 2021
Hating John Cena For His China Love, Cicada Pee, & A Water Park Brawl
S2E48 MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE John Cena sure loves China & his love united the Left & the Right in HATING what he did! If the noise from the Brood X cicadas isn't enough to drive you nuts, now you have to watch out that they don't PEE on you! And there's nothing like a family fun day at the water park when there's a knock-down drag out brawl! Plus so much more summer stupidity: Canadian Lawmaker Steps Down After He Was Filmed Peeing ‘In A Coffee Cup’ During Zoom Meeting;  Schmooze is a new dating app that finds you matches according to your sense of humor;  Amazon’s "ZenBooths" for Warehouse Workers Immediately Get Mocked;  Science studies most likely to be wrong are most widely read;  New Philadelphia Steakhouse Has $100 Minimum, Drawing Online Criticism;  Someone Called Their Neighbor the "B-Word" by Mowing It Into Their Lawn so Satellites Could See;  Man Receives Strongly-Worded Letter Accusing Him Of Devaluing ‘Neighborhood Property Values’ By Not Weeding His Lawn. And there's we week's roundup of stupidity from our Insane Week In Review as well as more award-winning morons receiving the weekly Genius Awards!
June 2, 2021
Crop-Top Yearbook Photos, Singing Pubic Hair, & Exploding Vagina Candles
My Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero, finds out his old high school put out their yearbook with photos of "crop tops"...but not the kind you'd expect. How do you get women to buy a ladies' razor? With singing pubic hairs. Gwyneth Paltrow's line of vagina-scented candles is "exploding" on the market. And Pancho--who is a twin--tells the tale of one guy who refuses to be the best man in his twin's wedding because his brother is marrying his ex-girlfriend! And if you think these stories are stupid... we're just getting started. Just look at what we've got: Woman Pleasuring Herself at a Car Dealership Thought She Was in FL;  What's Your Favorite Profanity-Free Insult?;  Sex-crazed zombie cicadas are known as ‘flying salt shakers of death’;  Cicada Tacos Are Now on the Menu at a Restaurant in VA;  Lady Climbs into a zoo’s Monkey Cage & Fed Them Flamin' Hot Cheetos;  A Woman Attacked Her Boyfriend with "Soiled Dog Pads" and Windex;  The Top Masturbation Question People Had During The Pandemic;  A Teenager Built an Underground Cave to Get Away from His Parents;  Man Throws Bucket of Pee at His Fiancée For Refusing to Sex Him Up;  Three Guys Fell Down an Elevator Shaft During a Fight, & Survived And we've got some stumpers for Pancho in the Insane Game Show where you can also play along & guess from topics like "Fake News or Florida", "Porn Star or Weatherman", & "Stirp Club or Daycare"!
May 29, 2021
Perfect Poop, Demi Lovato Unhinges A DJ, & Exploding Bowling Balls
S2E46 MIDWEEK BONUS SHOW! If your biggest accomplishment is having perfect poop, what do you do? You have it sent off to be injected into those who don't! One Boston DJ who wasn't taking any $#!t from his boss who told him to shut up with the Demi Lovato gags on his #1 in the USA morning radio show blows a nutty on the air. And one guy thought it would be fun to mix explosive compounds & put them inside a bowling ball to blow it to smithereens. That resulted in having nearby homes evacuated. The stupidity is in overdrive for this episode...including these examples: Hangry’ Alligator Relocated After Chasing Customers At Wendy’s;  Cat Leaps From 5th Floor Of Burning Building, Struts Off Like A Boss;  Rooster Rack Up Nearly $10,000 In Fines For WA State Family;  ‘We don’t know exactly what they are’: Obama: UFO sightings “appear real”;  A Man Got Caught Collecting Disability...Even Though He's a Bodybuilder;  A Guy Tried to Hide Cocaine in His Backside, While a Cop Was Watching?;  Guy Stole an Ambulance…& Was Spotted By Off-Duty Paramedic Who Drives It. Plus the weekly Insane Week In Review and this week's Genius Awards! Don't forget to join the Telegram Channel where you can get links to these stupid stunts & comment & discuss their contribution to society. Just click to to read some & download the app!
May 26, 2021
Little Ricky Schroder Cancel Costco, Fugitive Cookies, & "Butt#%&$-er 3000"
When a rich actor who was born with "Silver Spoons" on his resume, he can do what he wants, right? Just ask "Little Ricky" Schroder who pitched a whing-ding fit in Costco over wearing a mask. When a robber steals from a bakery, the baker gets help tracking him down by putting the fugitive's picture on cookies & giving them away! And when you show up for court on a Zoom call, you'd better check your username so the judge won't rip you a new one. These & even more stupid tales await such as: Local Superhero Vows To ‘Hunt’ Serial Slasher In Arkansas;  Bikini-Clad fl Woman Claims Cops Were Called By Someone ‘Jealous That Her Body Looked Good’;  Cara Delevingne Is Selling a Video of Herself Talking About Her Lady-parts as an NFT;  Couple ‘Fabricates’ Missing Child So Police Would Find Stolen Truck;  A Video Store Owner Hired People to Steal Stuff from Other Businesses, Then Sold It on eBay;  A Burglar with a Samurai Sword Steals a Guy's Truck...But Leaves His Phone Behind. And my "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" is back for more stupidity from the Sunshine State & we'll test his wit & wisdom in our weekly "Insane Game Show"! Join in the discussion & check out the actual links to the stupidity you hear in the episode by joining my stupid world on TELEGRAM! Just go to to join and download the app...for either Android, iPhone, or Desktop!
May 22, 2021
Butt Breathing, Gas Hoarding, & A Farting HR Lady
S2E44 - MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE! Be sure that when you listen to this episode to take a deep breath...through your butt. Japanese scientists are studying how humans anal oxygen intakes. If you were hoarding gas during the Colonial Pipeline crisis, breathing in the fumes may make you do stupid leading cops on a high speed chase...which leads to a combustible way to pass gas. That will cause serious burns but if you're trapped in a small office for a job interview & the interviewer passes gas, it could be your nostrils that's burning. What do you do then? There's also these inflammatory stories to thrill you: We Can Spend 3:45 in the Car with Our Family Before They Drive Us Nuts;  Reason People Don't Want to Go Back to The Office: The Poop Situation;  An "American Idol" Finalist Quits Over Video Where He Sat Next to Someone Apparently Wearing A Klan Hood;  Twenty One Pilots Have Launched Their Own Official...Burrito;  Pickle hard seltzer? Fans will think Afternoon Dillight is ‘a really big dill’;  A Designated Driver Crashes into 3 Parked Cars & Gets a DUIA Woman Trespassed at a High School Posing as a Student...To Get More Instagram Followers.  Plus get the latest current events from our Insane Week In Review & find out who won this week's "Genius Awards" for colossal stupidity!
May 19, 2021
2 Stolen Cop Cars + 2 Police Chases = 1 FL Man, A Lawnchair Firewoman, & A Cocaine Concession Stand
There's a FL man, who's either uniquely stupid or insanely genius, that manages to get chased by cops in 2 stolen patrol cars before getting caught. And a MD woman who sets her house ablaze then reclines in her lawn chair to watch it burn. Moviegoers are also treated not to hot buttered popcorn, but popcorn that hot with cocaine seasoning. One man decided to celebrate Mother's Day by tasering his own mom. And a teacher treats her Zoom class to some nipple action...but it wasn't HERS'. My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" (or whatever he's calling himself this week) also tells about the new high people are supposedly getting from eating raw meat. There's also more stupidity as Pancho plays in the weekly Insane Game Show! Plus these glittering jewels of colossal stupidty: 4-Y/O Boy Accidentally Buys $2.6K Worth Of SpongeBob Popsicles On Amazon;  Woman Is So Mad About Tomato Thickness on Her Whopper She Drops Slurs & Throws Meat;  This "Most Bizarre Question Ever" from a Job Interview Is Going Viral;  PA Man Shot Fireworks at His Neighbor's House & Got Busted for Meth;  Woman Interrupts Ex-Boyfriend's Funeral by Speeding Through Cemetery;  A Tiger Belonging to a Murder Suspect Got Loose in a Neighborhood...Now the Guy & the Tiger Are on the Run;  A Woman Found a "Slightly Moist" Cigarette in Her Food from Taco Bell
May 15, 2021
A Horse's "Juiced" Excuse, Cicada Cuisine, & How The Nose Knows
S2E42 BONUS EPISODE! If you've ever "sized up" a guy with a big schnoz, THAT may be your first clue. So, skip the hands & feet. And there's a scientific study to prove it. And if excuses were like snot, a Kentucky Derby jockey has a head full when explaining why his horse failed a drug test. As we prepare for the din of noise from the 17-year cicada, just remember...if you can beat 'em, eat 'em! Are we ready for a Jacksonville Jaguar Tight End named Tim Tebow? And folks are grabbing their cameras to snap before & after pics of their stomachs when they eat a big meal to gloat over their bloat. Plus more tales of the stupid like these: Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating Thanks To Apple's "Live Photos" Jealous Girlfriend Messages Women On Yelp Over ‘Flirty’ Review Of Waiter Tiffany's Will Start Selling Engagement Rings for Men As Masks Come Off, People Try to Get Their Teeth Straight Missing woman found living in tent in UT canyon, eating moss & grass Get a round-up of other news from the "Insane Week In Review" & hear the REAL WINNERS of the "Genius Awards". 
May 12, 2021
An Accidental "Move-In", An Intentional Break-Out, & A Fence Of Feces
How does one NOT know they're about to move into a residential community designed for RETIREES? It takes a special kind of stupid. Just like one 19-y/o girl--and she didn't realize it for a WEEK after she moved in! But one elderly couple realized it was time to make a break for it & did so. Out of a LOCKED dementia wing of an assisted living community...and were missing for a half-hour before the staff found them wandering down the road from the facility. Thanks to the pandemic, a majority of us have grown accustomed to OURSELVES...and we prefer to be stimulated in the same fashion. As the Bible says, the first shall be last & the LAST shall be FIRST--so it goes with the Jacksonville Jaguars...who got first dibs on Trevor Lawrence..AND Tim Tebow (???) If you REALLY don't want anyone entering your property, protect it with a POOP, like one Michigander did. My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero", also has a real EXPLOSIVE of a story where a bomb squad came to diffuse a ...dildo? Plus, there's more stupidity: Hospital Error Means A Child Is Legally Named ‘Korn’ Instead Of ‘Kora’;  Jealous Boyfriend Thinks a Singing FedEx Driver Was Flirting w/His GF So He Goes After Him w/a Hunting Bow;  A Groom Offers to Pay a Wedding Singer by Offering Up the Bridesmaids;  Are Some Women Really Slipping Their Husbands Impotency Drugs to Keep Them from Cheating?;  A Guy Robs a McDonald's & Wants McNuggets...But Doesn't Get Them Because of Breakfast Hours;  Facemask Faux Pas: Terrarium Helmets in Belgium & Painted On Masks In The South Pacific;  BONE appétit! Hilton unveils dog menu with Beef Doguignon & Mutt Roast. And Pancho will take on more challenges in another round of INSANE GAMES!
May 8, 2021
Disco Ball Brawl, A Cheugy Chewbacca, & Dax Shepard As A Role Model Dad
MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE! Dax Shepard's daughter admires his alcoholism so much that when she was 3, she wanted to be one, too. Sparks flew over the sparkle of a disco ball 2 men brawled over when the seller wanted it back. It's stories like this that keep this podcast from being too "trendy" we now have a word for that. Then there's the "one-man manure spreader" that sprayed the crowd at Kid Rock's steakhouse with his COLOSTOMY BAG. And would you expect gourmet pizza from a bag of $5 Bagel Bites? One woman was & she's suing. Plus these specimens of stupidity: 5 Signs You're at a Bad Pizza Place A Starbucks Barista's Picture of a Customer's Insane Order Goes Viral A Woman Attacks Flight Attendants for Not Picking Up Her Garbage Police find reported COVID-19 violation was a mannequin This along with this week's INSANE WEEK IN REVIEW and my weekly GENIUS AWARDS!
May 5, 2021
Cat Butt "Research", Potty Party Punch, & A Coked-Up Kindergarten Teacher
What would be THE perfect science "project" for a 6th Grade boy? Studying cat butts, of course. If you think my Insane FL Nephew's "cat box cake" idea was stupid, I'm going to one-up him with the woman who served up a royal FLUSH with punch made in her toilet bowl. Do you think you know of the worst daycare in the nation? I've got one for you & the emphasis is definitely not in the CARE Department. Every guy will feel the pain when they hear about how one fellow made the stupid attempt at dating 35 women simultaneously & it wasn't for romance. Plus, these stunningly stupid escapades... A Guy Is Under Investigation After Skipping Out on Work But Still Getting Paid...For 15 Years;  Cops Kicked in a Door Looking for a Burglar...But It Was Just The Roomba;  Naked PA Woman Steals Beer From Neighbor's Fridge; Flashes 19-Y/O Boy;  Guy Invites Everyone Named Josh to "Josh Fight" in NE; Dozens Show Up;  Woman Hospitalized After Accidentally Putting Glue in Her Eye Instead of Eye Drops;  Woman promising ‘witchcraft services’ steals $100K from victims in FL
May 1, 2021
Meth Pickles, Kamikaze Turtles, & A Gender Reveal Baby BOOM!
MIDWEEK BONUS EPISODE! There's gonna be a kid born in Maine who can say the earth moved when folks found out about his conception. It was a literal baby boom that shook neighboring foundations. You'll learn a valuable lesson on how not to dress for an arrest. The end of the world is near when Joe Exotic is on board with working with Carole Baskin...AGAIN...if it gets him out of prison! Someone found themselves in a pickle after US Customs officials uncovered 217 pounds of "funky pickles". These & other tales of titillating tomfoolery like: Princes Charles & William Wouldn’t Speak to Harry Without Witnesses A Guy's "I Got Kidnapped" Prank Leads to Him Getting Arrested South FL McDonald’s Offers $50 Just For People To Come In For Interview Man with a Warrant Busted in a Pinocchio T-Shirt That Says "It Wasn't Me" Men Wearing Shirts with Big Logos Seem Like They Get-It-On More Often? Burglar Pauses To Play with Himself During a Robbery & Got Busted From His JIZZ on a Keyboard
April 28, 2021
FL Follies, "Grandma-Style" Fashionistas, & How NOT to Use Hemorrhoid Cream
Boys will be boys, but when men start acting like boys by trying to get "big" by injecting HEMORRHOID CREAM into each others' junk, you get one stupid outcome. The stupid bug must have been on a rampage in Florida because I've got TONS of must be from all the stupid concession stand mashups sold at the FL State Fair. And one man found a way to paid time off by divorcing his wife--4 TIMES! What are these people smoking? FLOWERS! Just check out what's in store for this episode: Low-Rise Jeans, Mom Jeans, & Grandma-Style! Average woman pops 4,153 pimples in her lifetime Covid Chaos: Bubble Tea Is the Newest Covid Shortage; Maskless “Karen” Goes Berserk In A Grocery Store & Bites A Customer A Woman Eloped…& Her Dad Used His Wedding Savings on a New Car Groom goes to wrong wedding venue & almost marries a stranger Guy Threatens Woman After His Grandma Kicks Him Out & Drives in Pond
April 24, 2021
Drinking Chlorophyll Water For Skin Health & Gay Bachelor Belfies
MID-WEEK BONUS EPISODE: If you drink chlorophyll-infused water & sit on the deck, will you bloom? Maybe not, but some say your skin will blossom. Women are exfoliating their facial skin now by SHAVING. Will we soon see a BOGO offer for shaving kits for Father's Day & Mother's Day? Buttheads are sharing pictures of their butts to win dates--and it's working! Are guys more fascinated with the bodies of other guys that are "super-jacked"? Rob McElhenney from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia thinks that's true about him. Have you participated in a virtual work meeting naked? You're in the 1%! The entire Canadian House of Commons got a JOG when a member of Parliament got caught naked on his webcam as he changed clothes after returning from a jog...And there's more stupidity than that, including the summary of the week's headlines & the awards for all our Geniuses of stupidity!
April 21, 2021
Elmo Got "Tickled" By A "Loose Monkey" In An Open Relationship
First, we had a stuffed "Olaf" (from the Disney movie, "Frozen") get "violated in a FL Target, now Elmo is a victim by a home inspector! What is it with pervert & stuffed toys? You might say they're in an "open relationship"...which is what a growing number of Americans would also be into. And after shrimp tails were found in cereal, a 6-y/o boy nearly bites the bullet that was found in his Flamin' Hot Cheetos! But would you bite into a dish made from a recipe from a cat food company? Or would you marry your ADULT CHILD? Or would you feel comfortable living in Mr. Rogers' old house where he repeatedly had sex? Oh the stupidity of it all! And I have it all right here for this episode ...such as these: Woman Wears Hard Hat, Holds Crockpot Lid As Shield In PA Dollar General; Cincinnati police probe reported sightings of loose monkeys; Did Justin Timberlake Orchestrate the "Wardrobe Malfunction" to One-Up Britney Spears?; Busch Is Hiring a Dog for $20,000 to Taste Test Dog Beer & A MA Man Modified a Robot Dog To PEE Beer; Mother-daughter duo believe they found centuries-old pirate sword in NC; Bride Finds Out Her Groom's Mom Is Also Her Mom on Their Wedding Day; Scientists Warn Against Dangerous TikTok Trend Of Deep Frying Water
April 17, 2021
Satan Shoes Get Sold Back & Ketchup Can't Catch Up
MID-WEEK BONUS EPISODE! If you were stupid enough to plunk down over $1,000 for Lil' Nas X's "Satan Shoes", you now are encouraged to sell them back in a "voluntary recall". Yeah, like THAT'S going anywhere.... And if you love ketchup, you'd better hold onto your packets because they can't squash tomatoes fast enough to keep up with demand. But if you love mayo & popcorn, you may just want to make a salad! And if you love hearing of the stupidity of others, there's more to enjoy:  Most Americans Actually Want Celebrities to Run for Political Office?; No One Can Remember What a Bank Robber Looked Like Because of His Colorful 1980s-Style Tie; Woman Unsuccessfully Tries to Steal a Car With OnStar During a Test Drive; A 10-Y/O Was Caught Driving His Family Minivan on a Trip to Buy Cheerios; Potentially Deadly ‘Zoom Zombies’ Are Roaming The Streets; Cat Rescued After 18 Days Stuck In Arkansas Tree
April 14, 2021
A Cockpit Is Not Used For This & Going Pubic At Publix
A Southwest Airlines pilot may have been a bit confused as to which stick to pull in the cockpit of an airplane. But one guy who didn't want to be caught at home getting friendly with himself, got caught instead in a grocery store parking lot. And Mom's little April Fool prank got shot down by an arrest. Plus a tubby tabby wound up missing for almost a month before being discovered it was plugging up a neighbor's chimney. These and other tales of stupidity such as:  A Guy Used a Riding Mower as His Getaway Car During a Burglary Spree; A Guy Says His Meth Is Actually Salt Treatment for His Ingrown Toenail; Suspect Gives the Cops a Fake Name...But That Person Had Warrants, So He Gets Arrested Anyway; She Didn't Think She Could Get Pregnant While Pregnant. Wrong; ‘Hoarder’ found mummified under pile of garbage in Queens house All this as well as the Insane Games with my Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero & more!
April 10, 2021
A Heavy Metal Cat Band & An April Fool's Joke The Press Didn't Like
MID-WEEK BONUS EPISODE! Did you ever think cats could headbang? They are in a new heavy metal hit...the feline fronted rock band is all the rage. And you'll find out the dirty little secret about what Amazone drivers are forced to do when they really need to pee... And more stupid stunts like these:  The Indians Are Prohibiting Fans from Dressing Up Like Indians;  ‘Voltswagen’ Was a Joke, and Journalists Aren’t Happy;  Drunk Guy Takes Friend to Hospital in the Bucket of a Front-End Loader;  Emotional Support Beer’ Becomes A Reality After Last Year’s Viral Joke; A Naked Man Walking Down the Street Says He Was Doing the "Walk of Shame"; Plus our Insane News Of The Week & another batch of Genius Awards for the uniquely stupid!
April 7, 2021
Viking Funerals & A Star Wars Wedding
If you ever wanted to go out of this world in a blaze of glory, you may get your wish if the State of Maine legalizes Viking funerals. Would you marry a guy who wanted a wedding ceremony with a Wookie? One woman found out what happened. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" has a sweet story of a married couple trying to keep the flame of romance hot...through a doorknob hole. However some assistance was needed by EMTs to help with the pull out... Other tales of stupidity include: It's Getting More Popular to Name Your Kids After Herbs & Spices; Peeps-Flavored Pepsi Is Now Something That Exists; 2 Denny's Waiters Fight Over Who's Going to Serve a Plate of Chicken Tenders...Turns Out They Both Have Warrants; Tax Preparer Pulls Gun on Clients Who Were Upset Over Their Tax Refund; Squirrel Goes Berserk & Vandalizes Church In Michigan; A Mom Goes to Daughter's School With a Boxing Glove & Fights a Child; Man Sees Doctor for Non Stop Farting...& They Remove A 59-Ft. Tapeworm
April 3, 2021
A Hot Mouth On A Hot Mic Will Burst Your Bubble
MID-WEEK BONUS! That's right, kids! My stupid world is going to 2 episodes a week starting this week so you can get your stupid in BITE-SIZED morsels! This won't be like those boxes of crackers at the supermarket where you pay just as much but the box is smaller.'re getting the same amount of stupid, just twice a week! So look forward to more stupidity & Insane Games with my Insane FL Nephew Pancho Guero coming on the weekend episodes.  But for this one, you'll have the Insane Week In Review, the Genius Awards, & these examples of insanity: Professor Can Sue University Over Reprimand for Not Using Student's Preferred Pronouns; A Personal Trainer Who's Afraid of Sweat Wins a Disability Claim; Oscar Mayer makes bacon-scented shoelaces, will give them away to fans; Man Caught with Drugs After Stealing 250 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies
April 1, 2021
A little "Afternoon Delight" on Spring Break
Florida is overrun with college-agers on Spring Break, but no one was prepared for a 40-something couple to join in the sex-capades. Monopoly goes "woke" after Hasbro de-gendered Mr. Potato Head. My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero", who would love space travel, isn't so gung-ho about gathering over 6 million sperm & egg samples from all the Earth's species to put on a "Noah's Ark to the moon. Neither is he interested in buying any NFT farts for $85 a pop...or is that a "poot"? Some other mind-numbing stupidity from this week: A Company Is So Mad at a Guy for Quitting, His Last Paycheck Comes as 500 Pounds of Pennies Covered in Oil; Car Thief Stops to Help Someone with a Flat, & They Steal His Stolen Car; Drunk Driver Had 8 Airplane Bottles of Vodka Hidden in Her Boobs; Man Fired over "Aggressive" Question Marks Gets a $20,000 Payout; Man arrested for taking his toddler in elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo; A Woman on TikTok Says We Should Sit on the Toilet Backwards So We Can Eat & Watch Netflix.
March 27, 2021
Self-Fondling Pickle Perverts
Imagine all the things one can do with a pickle. The police found one example. Maybe it was due to the pandemic & everyone having so much alone time on their hands, their hands were needing something to keep busy. There was certainly no shortage of stupidity that infected people more quickly than a COVID outbreak! Pancho Guero, my "Insane FL Nephew" gives the unsavory details about what one man did with his pickle & how he plans to trick his kids with the "Poop Challenge"! Not to mention these other stupid tales that make up the crown jewels of colossal ignorance: 61% of Men Have Cut Their Junk While Grooming;  A Couple Handcuffed Themselves Together for 3 Months to Fix Their Relationship;  A Couple Gets a Long Letter from Their New Neighbors Over Their "Body Clapping Sounding Sex";  We've All Done Way More Self-Fondling Since the Pandemic Began;  A Crystal Ball Left in the Sun Sets a Person's House on Fire
March 20, 2021
Le Freak Le Pew: The Skunk In The Woodpile
Folks had a "Freak Out" moment over a 1945 era cartoon character that's now being tied to "rape culture". A 1970s disco hit played on a loop caused some roommates to "Freak Out" & get violent. Cheeto dust betrayed a burglar, & a pastor stopped preachin' & started meddlin' when he told women how to behave in his sermon. Plus, not only are we blurring the lines when it comes to public restrooms & changing areas...but now it's including clothing departments. "Pancho Guero", my "Insane FL Nephew" has finally started feeling "grown up", but he's not wearing make-up yet. He'll also give you the lowdown on getting some free beer for poop... Other Insane Headlines from my stupid world: An Amazon Driver Is Caught on Camera Peeing on Someone's Groceries; ‘Satan’ Tries to Get a Date at Subway Station; TX School’s 'Chivalry' Assignment Told Girls: Obey, Dress to 'Please' Boys; The CDC Is Giving Updated Advice On Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse. 
March 13, 2021
Woke Mr. Potato Head Gets Your Goat Reading Dr. Seuss
Degendering Mr. Potato Head & revoking the medical license for Dr. Seuss dominated my world this week. But there's always the Naked Festival to get your mind off the stupidity going on all around. Hear all about this, about the stupidity in Florida from my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", and these salacious titles...... Teacher's Aide Didn't Realize He Was on Zoom, Started Pleasuring Himself A Man Who Reported His Car Stolen Had Googled "How to Set Your Car on Fire and Make It Look Like an Accident" Wedding Receptions in New York Must Have Dance 'Zones' After They Resume Knife-Wielding Rooster Kills Owner in Cockfight Woman Charged With Stealing & Painting Neighbor's Goat for Instagram A Dad Made a Baby Beer Bong to Help His Daughter Chug More Formula
March 6, 2021
When Using An Outhouse Bites You In The Butt
There's a reason I am jittery using an outhouse in the woods. A woman in Alaska found that out rather abruptly. Meanwhile a guy using an outhouse gets bit AGAIN in the ONE place that guys do NOT want to be bitten.  Other tales of stupidity include: A Masseur Accused of Self-Touching Was Actually Just Playing Cell Phone Games...But He's Suspended Anyway PA Couple Caught Shoplifting After Woman Found Passed Out In Car At Home Depot Walmart Wanker Told Police He Was “Lonely” A 50-Y/O Woman Searching Google Earth Found an Obscure Island Shaped Just Like Male Genitalia 2 Women Dressed As ‘Grannies’ To Get COVID-19 Vaccine In Florida A Woman Gives Birth...Then Her Boyfriend Runs Off with Her Mom Poop Could Be Our New Secret Weapon Against Mutant COVID Strains Who knew stupid could be so much fun.
February 27, 2021
Stressed From Stupidity? Crank Up The 80s Tunes!
Those Awesome 80s with their mullets will kill any stress you have. That's according to scientific research! We have not heard the last from the Gorilla Glue Girl because now that she's glue-free, she's selling merch from her mistake! Think that's stupid? Not so fast... the viral "Cat Lawyer" is doing the same thing. If you're a "Karen" & need therapy, now you have your very own support group. Would a guy steal an engagement ring from the girl he's been dating to give to the OTHER girl he's been dating? Of course he would, if he were stupid! But those women could read his mind. One guy thought his grandpa rocked so good.. .he used his bones to make a guitar so he could let him keep on rockin'!
February 19, 2021
Stupidity Ensues When Your Hair & Your Zoom Filter Are Stuck
A smorgasbord of stupidity is served up when a gal thinks she can substitute GORILLA GLUE for hairspray & an attorney finds his ZOOM kitten filter is glued to his face.  Then we may have an accidental invention for edible Air Pods after a man in MA discovers one was lodged in his esophagus as he slept. Your dentist may discover more about your intimate life when they're working on your mouth. My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" discovered while watching the Super Bowl that there are some phrases the announcers use that COULD have more than one meaning if your mind ever "goes there". And throw out that plunger if you've ever plugged up the commode after laying a loaf. This new "invention" CUTS right through the problem!
February 13, 2021
The Skunks Stole The GameStop Stock & Other Annoying Sounds
We all got a primer on hedge fund investing from the peanut gallery when the "little guy" stuck it to the "big guy" on Wall Street. If your eyeballs are still stuck in the top of your head, my "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" will break it down for you this week. Punxsutawney Phil's prediction may be campy, but it's at least consistent...which is something that that rodent on Staten Island can't claim. If you need a proven method on how to stop a thief, one woman may have the answer with the "service" she provided while the cops were called. What would you think the most annoying sound would be to most humans? I'll "regurgitate" the answer. While everyone got a good laugh over Bernie Sanders in his mittens, there was ONE person who's sense of humor didn't go that deep. And she took the privilege to opine about it in an editorial to the local paper calling it "white privilege", "male privilege", & "class privilege". I have the privilege to tell you about her stupid complaint.
February 6, 2021
Everything's Comin' Up Bernie
So will Bernie Sanders see his shadow & give us 6 more weeks of stupid memes? Those #BernieMemes sure brought a small bit of happiness but can money buy more? Apparently so. But it couldn't buy a parole for Joe Exotic...he was just too "gay" for Big D. It was a big day for paleontology if your thing is dino butts & it also appears the Ouija Board is soon to be "old skool" if you want to make contact with the dead. Microsoft is about to bring grandma back from the grave. More naked Florida men stealing cars as my "Insane FL Nephew", "Pacho Guero" reveals in the case where the car that was stolen was a police cruiser. And he's has the bizarre story of the crazy Mexican woman who repeatedly stabbed her husband for scrolling through photos of a sexy young female... which turned out to be HER from much older pictures.
January 30, 2021
Make Money Doing Nothing-Or Sell Foot Photos for Fetish Folks
When a guy can make money for doing nothing at all or for supplying folks with foot fetishes with photos of his feet, I've realized that I'm in the wrong vocation. You know that times are rough when Satan's house is no longer considered when a "Halloween House owned by the Church of Satan was destroyed by an arsonist. There'll be no gathering at Gobler's Knob for Groundhog Day in PA this year. But how would you like for the Groundhog to make a CAMEO for you? it can happen for a cool $80...but there'll be no prediction whether or not you'll see your shadow. My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" has the tale of a spurned female who got even with her cheating boyfriend using LOTS of glitter. And he compares his butt with Captain America & Falcon to see who's is better. 
January 23, 2021
That's One Dilly Of A "Diller", Man!
Denmark has a new children's show for 4-8 year-olds about a man with a "wild willy". Don't worry... an "expert" says kids thinks topics about genitals is "funny". WHO WOULDN'T??? If you're looking to get rid of your Christmas tree, the FIREPLACE is not a wise decision to use in the one man found out the hard way. Another man realized how complicated it was to set a house on fire when he set HIMSELF on fire trying. And we have a lot of folks this week getting naked while committing crimes. Is there something in the water??  Plus, my "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" found there is now ice cream for dogs... from Ben & Jerry's...and a swingers party gets busted by the cops who were mistaken as strippers for the party. And we still haven't finished the 1st month of the year, yet. 
January 16, 2021
Forever & Ever Amen (And Awoman)
When prayers offered as a "pun" in the chambers of Government to open a legislative session, we've stooped to a new low of stupidity. And this is how 2021 was ushered in.  I've got a piece of my mind to dish out about the Capitol breach that happened in the year's inaugural week. And all stupidity broke out with the large & powerful social media giants removing users (including the US President) from its platforms, large & powerful companies who control what apps are available from their app stores removing apps from smaller, independent companies, & expectations at an all-time low even as we put a crappy year behind us. 2021 has already started off as the year of stupidity. Pancho Guero, my "Insane FL Nephew" also spells out ALL 37 rules that a "bridezilla" made her bridal party sign before they were permitted to be in her wedding & reads the predictions for this year made by a woman who uses asparagus to see into the future. And we're not even half-way through the first month. Buckle your seat belts, folks.
January 9, 2021
Final News & A Recap Of A Stupid Year
I wanted to get in one last podcast of 2020 so I'm publishing this one early on New Year's Eve from my Insane FL Nephew's home in Jacksonville, FL once again! However, "Pancho Guero" won't be joining me this time because he is caught up in a massive "end of the year gaming championship" with our New Year's Eve guests who are here to wave goodbye to 2020. The lamb is cooking in the oven & the festivities are about to begin, as you may hear in the background with the wails & shouts from the game night in the next room! But I was able to scrap together the last few fragments of stupidity as well as bring back some of the more memorable stupid stunts from this insane year.  Now we await what comes in 2021 to see of we can play "Can You Top THIS" in my stupid world.
December 31, 2020
Tom Cruise Crazy COVID Rant & A Constipated Mummy
Tom Cruise went on a stupid hissy fit over COVID safety protocols. A poor mummy in TX was exhumed & was found to have died from constipation from eating too many grasshoppers. A special on-location recording of the podcast this week from the shade of the Sunshine Tree I am with my "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" from his home to record this week's episode! 
December 27, 2020
Sporting The WRONG "Goods" at Dick's & The FL Christmas Coon
It was only a matter of time before some man decides to go in, sporting his "goods", at a Dick's. You know... the SPORTING GOODS store. One FL woman discovered she had a "coon" dog when her pet went after one at the top of her Christmas tree. Before it ended, the Christmas coon was swinging from the chandelier. Some unfortunate folks were subjected to some radical mood swings when their depression meds were mixed with pills to treat ED. Would you tattoo one of your twin babies so you could tell them apart? One mom did ...for all the right reasons. Can you trust your dating app after it finds your SIBLING as the one who is a "perfect match" for you? My "Insane FL Nephew", "Pancho Guero" gives advice on whether the whole torturous ordeal of "the talk" about the "birds & the bees" is even worth the effort.  We have one "Genius" who wanted to continue getting her partner's Social Security checks after he had deceased. So she stuffed his lifeless body into a trash can.
December 19, 2020
Inappropriate Christmas Cookies & Seeing Too Much of Grandma
Target may have a "phallic fallacy" with their Christmas cookies being sold this year. I'll try to warn you less you embarrass yourself if you bring some to your Christmas party. And pumpkin spice season is about over, but not before we get pumpkin spice BOLOGNA! And speaking of baloney, try convincing your boss that daydreaming is actually good for you--and the company. Good luck with that. One grandma is having to explain to her granddaughter, who is "unable to function", after she sent a little too much of herself in a picture that she accidentally sent from her phone.. Everyone else got tickled about it... But you can be tickled--for a fee--if you go to a new "Tickle Bar". But it's not what you may think. There's a good reason to stay away from gas station sushi....especially if it's 5 days old, as one woman found out the hard way. "Pancho Guero", my "Insane FL Nephew" has a theory about aliens (of the outer space kind) & recalls how one bumbling late night TV host tried to get a former President to admit to their existence.  Plus, we may not need the Grinch to steal Christmas as long as one stupid Santa keeps killing little boys' dreams. CREDIT TO: "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)" by The Carpenters.
December 12, 2020
A Monolithic Week Of Stupidity
Did the ghost of Stanley Kubric just reveal itself by reappearing through monoliths all over the globe? it's only fitting something this stupid would happen in 2020. Microsoft now has software that can tell your boss when you're bored with his Zoom meeting. I'll also tell you how we celebrated a pandemic Thanksgiving, including how one man's 18 year old tradition on turkey thawing. Of course it should also be obvious what the word of the year is for 2020--with Merriam-Webster & both in agreement. Do you think 2021 will be better than this year? Well, about 9% of folks would disagree with you. I also found a Thai guy who loves gaming & tried to convince his non-gaming wife his PS5 was an AIR PURIFIER so he could sneak in a game or two. Well, she found out. And I'll get you up to speed on the Insane Week of news & you'll meet more "geniuses", including 2 overweight, bald guys who got into a grapple at a Wawa--where one threw the punches & the other dropped his drawers.
December 5, 2020
Narcissistic Moms & In-N-Out Burger Brawls
You'll find out if your Mom displays the 5 signs that she's really a narcissist. You'll also find out that it's not what size matters, but WHAT size matters. Also, a Belgian town has the most popular Christmas lights...for ALL the WRONG reasons. Plus a customer waiting in line for a grand opening of an In-N-Out Burger joint got "pantsed" during a knock-down/drag-out.  My Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero, provides advice on how to overcome nightmares from your significant other's apartment & fills us in on Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols who is flea-bitten--ON his "sex pistol". More insanity as I go through the rundown of our Insane Week In Review & we have more Genius Awards to hand out to a 14-y/o boy from NE who led police on a high speed chase topping 125mph & to a  FL man who was arrested after throwing 2 naked women out of his apartment because he didn't want a threesome.
November 28, 2020
Waffle House Beer, Stuffing-Themed Formal Wear, & Bathroom Humor
Imagine a Thanksgiving holiday that would go something like this: Serving guests a 2 pound Twinkie while wearing stuffing-themed formal wear with bathroom humor as table-side discussions. Sounds pretty stupid, right? Not if it's 2020. It's also been a rotten year for "Karens" trying to use dating apps & for any form of civility between liberals & conservatives. It has provided some inspiration for a new sitcom that's slated to debut in 2021. Would you pay almost $2 million for a pigeon? Or would you wrap your holiday gifts in sausage-smelling paper? As if we needed any more bad luck, 2020 just made it through its second "Friday the 13th". Did it make you more superstitious? 
November 21, 2020
Facebook's Free Speech Flight & Progressive's Turkey Insurance
There's been an "exodus" of sorts as mostly Conservatives have been flocking from Facebook to other "free-speech"-friendly platforms. The pandemic has forced many to learn how to cook & it will soon include a turkey for Thanksgiving. But thanks to "Flo", you can insure your bird against any boo-boo's. If you're really wanted to know what your cat's been meowing to say to you, now there's a app for that. My "Insane Florida Nephew", Pancho Guero, details the new "Stand Your Ground" law that puts looters in your cross hairs & how 1/5 of us choose to talk of sexual issues with our MOMs! The Insane Week In Review covers ESD: Election Stress Disorder, a "Witches" apology from Warner Bros., a Russian self-driving truck that stops for pedestrians, a maniacal laugh by a popular televangelist who mocked Joe Biden for thinking he won the Election, and more. My cup of stupidity is running over.
November 14, 2020
Emotional Support Canadians For Stressed Out Americans
It's been a rough year for everyone & Americans especially who suffer from Election Stress Syndrome. So, instead of moving to Canada, we're asking for an Emotional Support Canadian! It started as a joke, but we're not in a joking mood. It was stupid enough for us to take the bait. Many are just turning to alcohol & fries to cope with the this stupid year. And the booze is getting more stupid, too. My Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero" will run down all the new adult beverages to chose from. Anything from something sweet to something whiskey from beaver butt juice. Pancho also offers advice to a parent who has a teenager who loves pranking his neighbors with fake missing pets posters....and the more bizarre the better. Joe Biden gets a "Genius Award" for his senile stupidity & I'll give you my Top Advantages of Being Stupid--because if "ignorance is bliss" some folks are in a BLIZZARD. 
November 7, 2020
Cannibalistic Castration Experiments In Oklahoma? O.K.!
You would think as a law enforcement officer, you've seen it all, right? Not if you're a sheriff in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. Meanwhile in PA, 3 country boys are appealing their prison sentence because they think it's too severe...when all they did was get a little too "amorous" with some farm animals. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands if you want to fulfill your customers needs at your local McDonald's. And you know your world just got stupider when the man who broke into your house & shot you in the face is now SUING YOU because you returned fire! My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" has some of the most STUPID sports endings that could have only happened in 2020. We also got an extra hour of 2020 with the ending of Daylight Savings Time. Why can't we just "spring forward" to 2021 now?
October 31, 2020
Canceling A Christian "Chris" & TikTok Teenagers
Chris Pratt draws the TwitterVerse curse over his Christian beliefs & where he goes to church after Amy Berg starts a discussion on the "Worst Chris". Teenagers take the vampire look a step too far by super-gluing fangs on their real teeth & share the videos on TikTok. Some ZOOM meeting participants caught a little too much Toobin when a writer for "The New Yorker" & a CNN political analyst was seen with his pants down. Ranch dressing is great for salads & dipping sauce, but not so much for skin conditioner despite one 17-y/o boy who smeared it over his naked body before he jumps into a vehicle & crashes. My Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero, has some advice for a Grave Howler, & I get "brutally honest" about a well-known pastor who chose to "sprinkle" rather than baptize a woman on a plane flight.
October 24, 2020
The "Buzz" Over The VP Debate & A Catholic "Peep Show" In Louisiana
America is more obsessed with a fly than who will be the 2nd in command for our country. Just look who won the Vice Presidential unannounced "candidate" made the most BUZZ! But one priest in Louisiana made the biggest buzz--when he "laid it all on the altar"--complete with 2 cameras, stage lighting, & 3 dominatrixes!!  The GOONS of the Washington, DC press corps is being attacked by political COONS while reporting from the White House. What do you do when you're being chased by a COUGAR...and also by a big cat?? The mayor of Anchorage, Alaska learns not to mess with a local TV news reporter who aired some "fake news" about his genitalia...  If you're busted for stealing political signs & get your name in the local paper, it will only complicate things if you to then try to steal all of the local papers. Pancho Guero, my Insane FL Nephew, has the top horror flicks of all time, just in time for the Halloween season!
October 17, 2020
Married Couple's Horseplay--With An Actual Horse?
What is a married couple left to do when they've done it all? They rent a horse. And if the guys want to secure their family jewels with a bluetooth chastity belt, better make sure it can't get hacked or you'll need a hacksaw to cut it off. More debate dementia & election fatigue that is keeping Americans stressed out, too. Pancho Guero, my Insane FL Nephew, has some sage wisdom to a couple of advice-seekers & we talk about the new SNL season featuring Jim Carrey as "Sleepy Joe" Biden. He also describes how to properly massage kale. A full news breakdown of the week in review & more Geniuses getting their awards for stupidity like when the Post Office lost the cremated remains of a KY woman's mother. You'll also get the details on how you can purchase the creepy "Silence Of The Lambs" house that's for sale now near Pittsburgh, PA...just in time for Halloween.
October 10, 2020
Once In A "Blue Moon" Is Happening All Year Long
Presidential candidates weren't the only ones talking ugly this week. British parrots were cussing out visitors at a UK zoo. Pancho Guera, my "Insane Florida Nephew" addresses some of the dumb things guys do to prove their manhood.  You can always look forward to some entertaining stupidity when you have a drunk, naked woman in a tussle with another woman in the front yard of a home, but this story has a twist at the end. Or, if your neighbor is doing his gardening in the buff...and covered in feces while eating know I'll be talking about that, too.  If it weren't for bad luck, one woman wouldn't have any luck at all...and she almost didn't live to see the next day after a tree crashes into her house during Hurricane Sally. But that wasn't the least of her troubles. And we are facing a Halloween in the jinxed year of 2020 during an October that has a "blue moon" ...ON Halloween night. A night that a FORMER kindergarten teacher won't need to bother with dressing up for Trick-or-Treating. He naturally scared the willies out of his children with his surgically blackened eyes & full-body tattoos. Stupidity never stops.
October 3, 2020
Is Your Dog A Democrat and Fun & Games With Pancho Guero
I grew up with "Yellow Dog" Democrats in Arkansas, but what if your actual dog is a Democrat? I have a way to find out. My Insane FL Nephew, now permanently known as "Pancho Guero", joins me again to spew off some stupidity to make you spew & put his FL knowledge to the test with a game of "Fake News or FLORIDA"...along with some other mind-numbing quizzes. If pandemic stress has you tied up in knots, a little 10 minute massage may do the trick, according to the University of Konstanz. It could also cause a different kind of stress when you get charged with sexual harassment. Do you know the most embarrassing thing your state has Googled? Maybe it was YOU. And what happens when you decide to show off your cool 9mm Glock handgun to your friend in the supermarket checkout line? It's not what you think. But it IS stupid! It's the fastest 2 hours of stupidity on your pod-player.
September 25, 2020
Crazy Coons And Feral Monkeys
Thank goodness Tampa didn't defund their police or else one poor woman would not have any one to remove a raccoon from her house. Also, Jacksonville, FL is turning into the Planet of the Apes with feral monkeys on the loose. "Paco Loco", my Insane FL Nephew, will join me again to help run down the stupidity in the Sunshine State. He may even be burning his new football-scented candle. And are you ready for a lovely, romantic evening with your significant other for a dinner for two Taco Bell...complete with a glass of "Jalapeño Noir"? You'll only get to do that in Canada, though. Plus, if you are really desperate for football, forget asking Alexa. Just tune in with your beer can, thanks to Miller Lite. It's always great, big, stupid fun in my world.
September 18, 2020
The Summer of Discontent Is Over. Time To Adult
Labor Day has book-ended the "extended Spring Break that turned into Summer Vacation". This year is one big blur...of STUPIDITY. So we put to rest the Summer of 2020 with a proper funeral & get ready for pumpkin spice season. But if you're looking to kick the bucket soon & want to get one final dig on your family from beyond the grave, there's a guy you can call "Down Under" who will take care of it for you after you've gone down under. If you've had enough of Facebook or Instagram & want a break, you may earn some cash...from FACEBOOK...who is offering to pay you to deactivate your account. And if you think God's not listening to your prayers, you may want to talk to a drowning guy who prayed for help & God sent a tiki bar full of Catholic priests to the rescue. And "Pancho", my Insane FL Nephew returns to explain how he's teaching my son how to "adult".
September 12, 2020
Protesting Platform Platitudes & Strange Meat
If you're frying up a skillet of turkey tails & think you're seeing a man's "tee-tee", what do you do? You call the cops, just like the woman you'll hear about in this week's collection of stupidity. And the cancel culture thinks twenty-one pilots have become too entitled & wealthy to not use their platform for social change. So, when singer Tyler Joseph decides to dust of his platform shoes, it launches a firestorm from the TwitterTrigger Snowflakes. You'll also hear of the First Lady's secret "Operation Block Ivanka" aimed at preventing unnecessary photo ops. Plus, you are now able to work off excess pounds while working off excess sexual tension all at the same time with a new dumb bell. And let's not forget the urgent need to have properly-labeled boneless chicken wings, too. There's plenty of stupidity to keep you occupied as you listen to this week's episode while enjoying the great outdoors on your Labor Day camping trip.
September 4, 2020
The Christian University President With Too Much Liberty
The former Independent Baptist Tele-Evangelist, Jerry Fallwell, must be ready to rise up from his grave. His son, "Junior", had no other choice but to resign as the President of the University that his daddy started. Another example of what happens when a Christian takes too much "Liberty". Cher wants to play Post Office voluntarily. Also, excessive flatulence triggers a daughter to flatten her father because his gas was really irritating her. Young people today can get easily irritated by reading texts that have periods... And with Zoom schools starting up, we have a "Genius" who puts on a semi-striptease by treating his classmates to some flirtatious gyrations directed toward his teacher. Maybe he should be one of the first guys to wear the new "Brokini". Stupid is as stupid does.
August 28, 2020
A Sesame Street Bully...And Ellen DeGeneres
It took corrective surgery on a 17-y/o employee at a Sesame Street theme park in PA to repair the damage done by a man who slugged the teenager over being made to wear a mask. And the taunts by the bully, Ellen DeGeneres, on a 52-y/o man still has damaging effects after being verbally bullied as an 11-y/ the point that knowing DeGeneres' voice was used in Finding Nemo traumatized him so bad, he couldn't accompany his own children to watch the movie. And we have drunk guys riding lawn mowers on FL highways & folks getting drunk on hand sanitizer. Plus I have found the definitive candy that sums up what 2020 is turning out to be...IF you can call it, "candy". 
August 23, 2020
Whiny MLB Players & Feudin' Arkansas Hillbillies
From the "Life's Not Fair" files: The TX Rangers boo-hoo the San Diego Padres because they're better at baseball than them. And a good ol' "Hatfield & McCoy" Arkansas Hillbilly feud between 2 farmers that lasts beyond the grave & involves a dead possum. A Chinese cat was literally a real "knock out" & the "MyPillow Guy" gets grilled by Anderson Cooper about his coronavirus concoction. Plus, chasing the ice cream truck will never be the same now that we know that "Turkey In The Straw" is a racist song. And I couldn't pass up one "Genius" who saw Jesus on a potato...right before she ate it. So much stupidity--so little time.
August 22, 2020
My Hometown Is Stupid!
If China were to subversively take over the US, they could start by infiltrating my hometown of Booneville, AR. You know those Chinese seeds that have been mailed to many folks in this country? The ones that the USDA says if you get a package in the mail, NOT TO PLANT? Well, some guy did in Booneville, AR. And he's have 'em growing in his garden for TWO MONTHS. And they've produced fruit! You have to hear what happened. And then there's the guy in England who has an interesting "conversation piece" on his forearm. Doctors are using his arm as fertile "soil" to regrow his MANHOOD. And now, COVID has taken the singing of "Sweet Caroline" away from us! What's next? Mac-&-Cheese as a BREAKFAST FOOD??? Well... yeah.
August 7, 2020
Rude Bosses, Weird Town Names, & Menu Madness
In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, pandemonium is rampant. We've got couples going out to walk the dog in their birthday suits, coin shortages, baseball that has already hit more than its share of fouls when it comes to keep COVID-free. And in PA, where I live, we have quite the "conversation piece" in our State Health Secretary...who was born a "he" but now is a "she". And the PA hill-jacks in the Alleghenies can't stop talking about him/her. One mountain tavern paid "tribute" to the Secretary by including a "special" item to their menu--that quickly sent reverberations from Philly to Pittsburgh. And the Governor wasn't happy about it either. But in all honesty, the item did sound pretty tasty. Nevertheless, the tavern was forced to remove it & post a mea culpa on its Facebook page.
July 31, 2020
Stealing Moby Dick Was A "Cakewalk"!
How much would you pay to have your phallic adult toy returned? A toy that was 40 pounds & 3 feet tall?? It may have been a cakewalk to shoplift it, but it's no cakewalk to use the word, "cakewalk"...because it's racist. So is, "master" & the phrase "sold down the river"...which is what will happen to you if you keep up with your vernacular.  If you're taking an online college exam while eating a meatball sandwich, does the prof have to let you take your test over again when a falling meatball drops out of your sandwich & hits the "ESC" key to log you out of your exam? really happened. More "Karens" in the news: Like the one who puddled in a Verizon store because she was told to "mask-up". Have you seen "Adult Swim" on the Cartoon Network? One woman managed to never see an episode in the 19 years it has been on the air...until now. And she's offended. Looking for a scholarship out of high school to be a "Devil's Advocate"? You can get one in the amount of $500--from the Satanic Temple.
July 25, 2020
If The Confederate Flag Is Racist, So Is The Southern Baptist Convention
The word, "racist" is being thrown around willy-nilly like it's as contagious as COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) is being petitioned by about 1,000 of its employees to declare racism as a health risk. I didn't know it was ever classified as a DISEASE. And Confederate battle flags continue being pulled down & deemed as hate speech & racist. However, a former US Congressman from GA (and more famously known as "Cooter" from the Dukes of Hazard) is coming out saying all of this serves only to hurt everyone's feelings. If the origins of the Confederate battle flag are deemed "racist" (irregardless of how an individual personally views it), then the same must be said about the origins of the Southern Baptist Convention. It was solely started over the demand that Christians could be slaveowners. It matters not that the largest Protestant denomination in the world put forth their mea culpa in the 1990s & are continuing to push for racial diversity. The denomination BEGAN out of racism & should be completely dismantled & rebuild on a new foundation. Sound stupid? IT IS!!!!
July 17, 2020
Time To Cancel The "Cancel Culture" Crap?
It's all fun & games until liberals start canceling each other. With more liberals getting a dose of the medicine they've dealt to conservatives for years, now the outcry is for canceling the Cancel Culture. A blog that American Spectator author, Avery Bower wrote about the backlash that brewing from an open letter signed by 150 authors & intellectuals from across the political spectrum.  Twitter users are busy trying to cancel the all-white country group, Lady A(ntebellum), for suing a Black soul singer named, Anita "Lady A" White...who has been using the nickname for over 2 decades ...with NO TRADEMARK (something that the band, Lady A, obtained in 2011 with no opposition). Oh, and did I mention that Ms. White wants to be compensated for her non-trademarked nickname to the tune of $10 million??? We have more Karens in the news & a Kanye running for President. Let the stupidity begin!
July 11, 2020
"Imagine" All The STUPID People
Makeup for men has finally gone mainstream.  But if it is too upsetting for you to come into work now that your boss is wearing concealer & tinted moisturizer, you can use that as an excuse to call in sick. Or you may get sick when you find your favorite pizza shop also keeps frozen iguana on hand. Have you said in the past 6 months that would've sounded STUPID back in 2019? Believe it or not, you probably have & didn't realize it. Would John Lennon's "Imagine" be a good NEW National Anthem? A lot of people signing a petition thinks so. And get ready for a new summertime treat: Homemade ice cream...with tasty recipes made from your favorite ketchup brand...? 
July 4, 2020
Pancake Syrup Virtue Signaling
When is pancake syrup political? Grocery shopping will never be the same when you feel guilty buying Cream of Wheat & Eskimo Pies. Companies all across the fruited plain are in CYA mode as product mascots become WOKE. Phallic objects have become the preferred option for drug smuggling & yard ornaments. Cats have become a detriment for guys trying to couple with a mate & dogs have become a lightning rod for couples trying to live together. A block party in Philadelphia was so desperate for a pool, they rented a dumpster. And, we come off of a Father's Day weekend looking at the dumbing-down of sitcom dads. My Insane Florida Nephew, from the Sunshine State, returns to converse about these & other salient stupidity prevailing in this stupid world.
June 26, 2020
A First Father's Day With My Insane FL Nephew
You may have heard the reference of “Florida Man” when there’s a story of some stupid stunt that’s pulled by some guy who lives in Florida. Well, I have what I’ll be referring to as my “Insane Florida Nephew”. And he’s celebrating his very first Father’s Day as a new father. He joins the podcast -- in what may be a recurring feature -- from his headquarters in Jacksonville.. We talk about being a dad & how that by age 37, we become our own fathers. Also I run by some weird Father's Day gifts past my Insane FL Nephew to get his reaction on receiving any of them.  Oh and there's the other stupidity featured, too, such as wondering if Nickelodeon "outed" SpongeBob SquarePants for Pride Month. Or what HBO is calling itself these days. And Disney scrubbing Splash Mountain down to cleanse any filthy racist slime from the attraction's theme...which is based on a banned 1946 Disney movie, "Song of the South".
June 19, 2020
Going Looney Tunes Over The Confederate Flag
Elmer Fudd has been turned into a DUD after HBO Max took away his gun. Will you soon be ordering your drinks at the bar from a robot bartender? Have you ever jammed a charging cord up your tallywhacker just for thills? Someone did. How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect Hollywood's future sex scenes? They could go CGI. Cities like New York, L.A., and Minneapolis have floated the idea of replacing Cops with Social Workers who would respond to most disputes and defuse the tension. Online dating has led to "cushioning" & it's nothing like "pillow talk". And a West (by God) Virginia man tries to help his wife stage a fake death at an overlook.  The stupidity never stops. Not even to go to the bathroom.
June 12, 2020
If You Find Yourself In A Riot, Steal A Cheesecake
A woman who allegedly participated in the looting of a Cheesecake Factory during protests in Seattle became an unlikely internet sensation over the weekend. The woman was filmed by a local TV news station Saturday carrying what appeared to be an entire strawberry-topped cheesecake down the street, a block away from the Cheesecake Factory. Would you like it if strangers came into your house to tie you while you were in your underwear & then stroke your crotch with a broom handle? You wouldn't if they were late for the appointment because the went to the wrong house. And some advice if you plan on taking a selfie in a bathroom while your spouse is on the can: Make sure you don't capture them as they wipe. So grab a can of "Hop Dog" Beer & enjoy the show!
June 6, 2020
Penguin Poop Makes This Podcast Funnier
You don’t need to tell scatological jokes to induce laughter — penguin scat will do that on its own. The flightless bird’s feces apparently produce an insane amount of laughing gas, which has reduced Antarctic researchers to hysterics. A classic high school prank got a makeover for the coronavirus era when Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves. If the quarantine had you REALLY desperate for entertainment, there was this:  CBS actually ran a special called "Haircut Night in America", that featured celebrities cutting their own hair.  (???)
May 30, 2020
I Married A Martha, Not a Karen, or A Joan
Nosy neighbors who report you & your child to the police for playing Pokemon Go ...then bake you a cake to apologize. Yep The neighbor's name must have been "Karen". Remember that old TV show from the 1950s called, I Married Joan? Well, I didn't marry Joan--but I certainly didn't marry a "Karen". So for everyone who has been a victim of a "Karen", I have an apology for you. One woman didn't "go all Karen" on a Taco Bell employee... she went "all Cheetah" at the drive-thru window by throwing her POOP at the employees.... Can we get any more stupid than this?
May 22, 2020
Bikinis With Matching Facemasks & IKEA Peepshows
We are being patrolled to make sure we are all wearing facemasks  & are practicing social distancing. But what about having patrols out to keep folks from pleasuring themselves while shopping at IKEA? They will now, thanks to one woman's escapade in a store in China. Facemasks have spurred a whole new fashion craze & now come as accessories to swimwear, too! Think it's joke? The woman who came up with the idea thought it would be...until she started getting orders for them.
May 15, 2020
BONUS SHOW: Interview with A Stupid DJ
What a riot it was to ZOOM with the Chambersburg, PA band MAWCORE earlier this week! I have known Joshua Redding for many years when he was first in the band Blushing Well. Mawcore is driven to “Flood our World with Hope-Driven Fearless Rock”, as described on their website. And they drive a hard bargain to compare them to anyone else. A unique sound that's beefy & passionate. Their faith is likewise full of Spiritual protein that will encourage the soul mired in disappointment. I've interviewed countless artists & political figures but have rarely been interviewed by them. Until now. What an absolute fun encounter it was as we all got a little stupid.
May 13, 2020
Stupid People Peeing Their Pants & It's Not Due To Murder Hornets
A new Tik-Tok Challenge has reached new levels of stupidity, making me question how much longer the human species has left before evolutionary regression. And if you have an appetite as you listen to this week's podcast, you may not have one when you finish--especially if your palate has an aversion to bugs. Also I tell about an early memory about my short-lived joyride in my Dad's Ford Falcon, but it pales in comparison to a Utah 5 year old.
May 8, 2020
Some Would Rather Clean A Toilet Than Clean Their Car--Or Listen To This Podcast
More reasons to just stay home after the lockdown is over because you're going to be glued to your device listening to all the stupidity from this past week. Or you could just listen to this week's podcast while you clean your car ...or your garage.... just don't throw anything away that could blow up a garbage truck. Some already have. 
May 1, 2020
These Stimulus Checks Are Getting Folks STIMULATED
Have you got your stimulus? Don't answer that too quickly... Folks have yet to get theirs, but think they'll need another one already. But when the guv-ment sends free money to people... it makes the stupid. And, you can get stupid being cooped up inside, too. And it's situations like this that have given me so much more examples from my Stupid World.
April 23, 2020
Is COVID-19 Causing The Whole Country To Act Like FLORIDA?
Of all the stupidity I've ever heard about, I have one story that will cause you to thank any "loss prevention officer" at a Walmart.  I can honestly say that it was one case where the $#!t was going to fly if a woman was caught shoplifting. Also, some other stories that didn't quite make it on to my morning radio show: A New App Will Help You Meditate on the Toilet. Also I'll pass on some interesting stats on handshaking with "When the Pandemic Is Over, Will You Ever Go Back to Shaking Hands?" Plus, a romantic story about a woman and a CHANDELIER. And have you ever wondered, What's a Random Stat You Wish You Knew About Yourself? I've also got some real gems for this week's GENIUS AWARDS, too.
April 18, 2020
Too Much Family Time During A Pandemic
The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is really having an effect on family togetherness. Also in this episode, you may soon have your toilet tell you more than you ever wanted to know about.... what comes out of you--with pictures to prove it. And this is just the beginning of what I've encountered in my stupid world.
April 12, 2020
Covidiot Preachers
DISCLAIMER: If the audio sounds like it's skipping, the tech support at Anchor is aware of this & hopefully are working on a solution. This episode I have to pull out my soapbox because of the number of stupid pastors who feel they know more than God...or the government health authorities. They willingly, repeatedly, & intentionally put their congregation--and the rest of us sinners--at risk of catching a contagious virus FOR WHICH THERE IS NO CURE. This, as well as other acts of stupidity that may or may not have come from having contracted COVID-19.
April 4, 2020
Covidiots & Coronavirus Challenges
Where there is stupidity, there's always challenges. And it's a challenge sometimes to live in a world of stupidity. That's why I love passing on some of the finer moments of humanity in my stupid world.. This week, some of the "Corona Crazies" are participating in their "remote committee meetings" in their birthday suits instead of their business suits. I'm also stepping on my soapbox about this new trend of swallowing your "T"'s when you pronounce words like "better", "kitten", or other examples of "T-glottalizations" . Take it from me, I've received a degree in B.S. from the DJ University, you sound like an IDIOT. So stop it. And we've gone from licking ice cream in supermarkets to licking ...TOILETS?
March 29, 2020
So, How Are You Surviving The Pandemic?
I've been sitting around in the house now for a little more than half a week & my butt hurts.
March 25, 2020
Bunkered Down For COVID-19
I have now become a tele-worker from my underground bunker. So with the coronavirus bringing everything to a standstill, podcasts are becoming all the rage. So, with how this pandemic is making the whole world lose its mind, you may as well lose yours by listening to the Coronavirus Chaos that is spreading faster than the coronavirus itself! And if I cough during the podcast, please don't freak out! It's just allergies.
March 22, 2020
The Viral Pandemic That's Not A Video
So we have all sporting events, concerts, late night TV talk shows, & award shows all canceled or postponed. Also, we have schools & universities halting in-person classes. And we HAVE NO TOILET PAPER! It's a world gone stupid. Why am I not surprised? 
March 15, 2020
A Penn State vigil that was a real "gas" & A Slow-speed chase for a Dollar General Shoplifter
DISTRIBUTION NOTE: If your podcast platform indicates the total time of this episode as being LESS than 50 minutes long, there has been a glitch in this episode being properly distributed to your platform. Get the FULL EPISODE at  What do you do when your favorite Taco Bell closes & opens up a new location away from downtown? You have a vigil! Penn State Students find another reason not to hit the books. And not far away in Lewistown, PA finds a woman who tried to nonchalantly flee a Dollar General after shoplifting $24 of merchandise...that wound up costing her $60,000 in bail money. Welcome to my stupid world!
March 9, 2020
The Coronavirus Is Making Folks Stupid
If you want to watch the stupidity come out in folks, just create a mass panic. Now, I'm not downplaying a serious pandemic, but let's be real here, folks. We're not living in a Hollywood horror movie yet. Nevertheless, all this high anxiety has provided me with a long list of things that's been happening in my Great Big Stupid World. Click the links to read them for yourself... No, You Don't Need to Shave Your Mutton Chops or Fu Manchu to Stay Safe from Coronavirus A Woman Fires a Gun Into Taco Bell Over Not Getting What She Ordered . . . and Could Get Life in Prison  You Can Catch Coronavirus From Someone's Flatulence? 76% of Parents Think They're Better at It Than Their Parents Were Apparently People Are Now Giving Themselves DIY Fecal Transplants . . . Involving Poop Donations and a Blender A Guy Sets His Hospital Bed on Fire to Get the Nurses' Attention A Woman Is Arrested After Driving Topless While Giving Her Boyfriend Sexual Favors on His Birthday Six Dinner Etiquette Rules for Kids from the 15th Century A Guy Is Arrested for Going Table to Table at IHOP at 3:00 A.M. Offering to Show People His Junk Doctors Are Warning People Not to Follow an Internet Hemorrhoid Cure Involving Potatoes DOG REUNITED WITH FAMILY AFTER BEING STOLEN BY HAWK MCDONALD’S WORKER PUNCHED BY CUSTOMER OVER FREE CUP OF WATER NEW YORK STATE STUDENTS BUY PLANE TICKET TO SCORE CHICK-FIL-A LUNCH WOMAN PERFORMS SPIRITUAL RITUAL ON A DEAD POSSUM IN THE ROAD Guy Drunk on Moonshine Threatens Cops, Protects Cowboy Hat Ooh That Smell
March 1, 2020
This Show Will Improve Your Life (Especially When You Hear How Others Lived Theirs)
This week, I have culled some of the stupidity from my world so I can improve yours. Just when you think you have your hands full with your drama, you hear about the drama from others...and you feel better. I hope this week's collection of stupid people & stupid stories will lessen the stupidity in your own life--even for a little bit. Here's the links to these real-life examples from my stupid world: Someone Set Their Motor Home on Fire by Microwaving an Entire Package of Oreos - I've never really thought about eating Oreos WARM.  But I guess you actually CAN heat them up . . . and they probably taste pretty good that way...Just don't do it like THIS Here's a Ranking of the Best and Worst Fast Food Dipping Sauces Here Are the Most and Least Sinful States in the U.S. A New Service Helps You Trick Robocalls and Instantly Sue Them for $3,000 A Woman Stabs Her First Cousin . . . Who's Also Her Boyfriend . . . After an Argument A Naked Man Is Tased in the Junk After He Tried to Escape From a Grocery Store With Steaks in His Pants Here Are the 10 Things Parents Consider "Parenting Wins" A triple dog dare gone wrong Grandma Got Run Over By A Drug Bust A Repeat-Repeat-Repeat Offender Gives Props For His Success To The Democrats ADULT WOMAN CALLS 911 TO COMPLAIN HER PARENTS TURNED OFF HER CELL SUSPECT BREAKS INTO APARTMENT, SQUIRTS KETCHUP ON WALLS AND FURNITURE HELL SEEKS 29 COUPLES FOR FREE WEDDING ON 2/29 AT 2:29 PM People Are Shaving Off The Ends Of Their Eyebrows For The ‘Fox Eye Challenge’ New "Cha-Cha Slide Challenge" Is Really Dangerous Ex-Satanist Claims He Went To Hell, Converted To Christianity
February 22, 2020
My Son's Getting Married So I Think I'll Do Another Podcast
Since I'm not that involved in the wedding where my son is getting married, I thought I would release some of the tension by sharing some of the stories I have come across in my stupid world this week! A Guy Started a $750,000 GoFundMe for His High School Reunion . . . With a 20% Cut Going to Him for "Coordinating" 61% of Americans Want the Government to Release Its X-Files on Aliens A Woman Says a Guy Behind Her on a Plane Who Kept Punching Her Seat "Assaulted" Her A Woman Who Pooped in a Cop Car to Hide Her Drugs and Valentine's Day Card Gets Prison Time MMA (Mom Martial Arts) At The Dance Recital? The "Broomstick Challenge" Is Going Viral . . . and Doesn't Require a Special Gravitational Field to Work An 82-Year-Old Man Gets Jail Time for Constantly Blasting His Classical Music A Guy Falls Into an Icy River Because Google Maps Told Him To Avoid Malware on Your Computer By Getting One With LINUX FLORIDA MAN GETS ARRESTED FOR 66TH TIME VEGAN GOES ON FURIOUS RANT AT MCDONALD’S RESTAURANT, INSISTS COWS HAVE SOULS
February 15, 2020
Population Control Courtesy Of Disney
I'm back from a week's vacation at Walt Disney World & after watching all the crowds patiently waiting in lines for a short "experience", I thought this may be the answer to getting the government to better bring its people under control. And they would enjoy the experience. Lines at the DMV would no longer trigger folks. When I returned home, I saw that our friends at PETA (People Enjoying Tasty Animals?) have a "win-win" suggestion for Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA....NOT! Plus a few other stories that highlight what a stupid world I came back to after my vacation. EXPERTS WARN SMARTPHONE VOTING IS ‘EXTREMELY RISKY,’ BUT IT’S COMING The Most Annoying Pictures We Take on Vacation The Head of PETA Says You're Walking Your Dog Wrong PETA Wants to Replace Punxsutawney Phil with a Robot (and their argument why) Easter Bunny Charged with Hit & Run Granny & granddaughter charged with meth trafficking at the boarder New breakthrough technology for the BRAINLESS! Deepak Chopra's Artificial Intelligence
February 1, 2020
From Toe Suckers To Nekkid Floridians
Boy, do I have some hummers for you this week. Here are links to just a few of the gems that happened in my stupid world.... Toe Sucking Intruder Rambo, The Screaming Parrot Dippy Sauce Robbery An O-HIGH-O Proposal for Browns & Bengels Fans Stinky Fart Assault Bulgy Batman Problem Automated TP Retriever
January 14, 2020
New Year, New Stupidity, & the New Journalism
Do you know what yellow journalism is? Sadly, it is the new definition for 21st Century reporting. I am still hoping there will be a news organization that will emerge in the new decade to actually tell the news instead of inserting themselves into the news. I can hope, can't I? In the meantime, there are enough stupid news stories to insert my opinion into that starts us off for 2020. Like the one where a Grubhub delivery man delivered an "ash-whippin'" to a Florida Burger King. Then there's the pair of sexagenarians that took the "sex" part a little too far in a women's bathroom at a Florida beachside bar. How about the nightmare on Christmas that frightened a North Carolina couple into calling the police when they heard noises in their home. This was one time that a police call on Christmas really sucked. And some gas pumps were the recipient of blows delivered by an inebriated Florida man who had just come from a Christmas party where he got into a row with his girlfriend.  Looks like my Stupid World will have another banner year ahead.
January 4, 2020
The Best of 2019's Stupid World
The great moments of stupidity from 2019 will not help us be less stupid for 2020. Instead, it will challenge us to "top that" for the next year. I'll reminisce about all the stupid people & stupid stunts we lived through this past year: 1.  The "10 Year Challenge" reminds us to never trust anyone. 2.  Sunning your rectum, and other terrible viral health trends 3.  Would you buy used tissues to help prepare for flu season? 4.  End of an era...? 5.  South Dakota's anti-meth slogan sends the wrong message. 6.  The Navy's strange UFO denial and other conspiracy theories. 7.  Disgusting things are so hot right now. 8.  A man dies having sex on a business trip . . . his wife successfully sues for workers comp. 9.  The plan to storm Area 51. 10.  A short guy starts a fight in a bagel shop and then has quite a journey. 11.  Well that's ironic. 12.  Oh, come on. 13.  Saying "OK, boomer" at work could get you fired. 14.  A study involving bunnies, Prozac, and a horny rabbit named Frank may have unlocked the mystery of the female climax. 15.  A guy with a full back Jar Jar Binks tattoo says he's had sex many times. 16.  The three cameras on the iPhone trigger people with a fear of holes? 17.  Popeye's hires its imposter restaurant to help launch its chicken sandwich. 18.  The four-day work week is a huge success. 19.  Gender reveals are done having a moment. 20.  And finally . . .DON'T HAVE A COW, GRANDMA!
December 29, 2019
People Get Crazier At Christmas
JR Rife is back on the podcast this week talking with me & reacting about several stupid stories from the Christmas season. We chat about topping off our Christmas tree, turmoil embroiling within the largest Protestant denomination in the country, misunderstanding marriage, & an office bathroom policy that really SMELLS.! What Do You Put on Top of Your Christmas Tree?  Jolly Rancher Cereal Is Now on Sale. A new study found that our bodies don't really age gradually . . . there are really three ages where our bodies make a big shift to their next, older stage.  And those ages are:  34 . . . 60 . . . and 78. Someone on Reddit posted a photo of their crazy office bathroom policy.  If they take longer than 10 minutes, someone goes in after them to do a "SMELL CHECK" . . . to make sure they were really doing their business, not just playing on their phone. For the first time ever, we had more DIGITAL conversations than FACE-TO-FACE ones this year.  The main reasons are an increase in people living alone and working remotely, and just having fewer friends to spend time with. One in five people are planning to give a passive-aggressive "take the hint" gift this year, according to a new survey.  Those include things like perfume . . . a cookbook . . . a self-help book . . . and exercise equipment or a gym membership. What's the worst thing a guest has done while they were staying with you?  A recent discussion on Reddit had some doozies. Like someone's uncle who tried to fix a computer and a dishwasher that weren't broken . . . and broke them.  And a weirdo who took one bite out of every single apple in the house. In Last-Minute Move, Southern Baptist Convention Supports Anti-Christian Racial Identity Politics - The Southern Baptist Convention is being infiltrated by an ideology that is antithetical to the Christian religion, right under the noses of SBC members.
December 20, 2019
Portland's People Pooches
Self-identity goes out of control in Portland, OR. Thanks to my good friend, Tim Barrett--the former drummer of the band Disciple--for flagging this specimen of stupidity going on along the "left coast": Portland’s City Council Votes to Give Furries the Right to Defecate, Mate in Dog Parks
December 8, 2019
Gobble 'Til You Wobble
I've got a turkey hangover & a microphone....
November 29, 2019
Kanye, Jesus, & Joel Olsteen with a side of Chick-Fil-A
You can't please everybody & this is proven in the reaction from Kanye West's new profession of faith, Chick-Fil-A's new direction in donating to non-profits, & how women are to be treated in the church. JR Rife joins in on the discussion after returning stateside from NordicFest 2019 & a book signing for his new photography book. Check out JR's Facebook page, listen to his podcast, pick up some of his books on his Amazon site & watch for his newest book release coming soon! What is your take on all this stupidity? I'd love to hear your response/reaction to our discussion. Feel free to leave a comment or a question & it may be used in an upcoming podcast!
November 23, 2019
Poetic Truth: A Conversation with The Truth Poet
I was able to get to know about a new local poet from Central PA who has just published a new 274 page book called, Truth Poet: Truths of Our Fallen World and Glorious God (Inspiring Voices). Joshua I. Sykes delves into truth on various levels—some truth is quite hard & controversial, while much is comforting.  Sykes believes truth is an important thing & needs to be shared in any way possible. The truth Sykes is talking about is Jesus. His book contains poems about real situations & material that many readers may have experienced or know of themselves. The book offers readers a different lens & spurs them on in personal growth. Sykes wants readers to take away that “Jesus loves you right where you are, no matter who you are. Start to know Him; He is the Truth.” “Truth Poet” By Joshua I. Sykes Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 274 pages | ISBN 9781462412716 E-Book | 274 pages | ISBN 9781462412723 Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 
November 16, 2019
Getting Sanctus Real About An Unstoppable God
My conversation with Dustin of the band, "Sanctus Real" during a stop on their "Unstoppable God" tour at the Somerset Alliance Church in south-central PA. Check out the band's website to get more info on their tour dates & music. To get more info on upcoming events at the Somerset Alliance Church, visit their website.  Also, in the podcast, I referred to Pastor Todd Willoughby as the Lead Pastor... he is actually the Youth Pastor ...which makes him an even cooler dude. 
November 11, 2019
Pete Cannizzaro: On A SoulQuest With Pain
I visit with a former pastor who has a desire to help coach current pastors through the pain that comes with the pastorate. Pete coaches soccer at Grace Prep High School in State College, PA & has been a pastor in various churches. He began SoulQuest Ministries International in 2018 to equip the emerging generation in their intimacy with Christ and in their calling from Christ through teaching, coaching, spiritual pilgrimages, and professional counseling.  You can also find SoulQuest Ministries on Facebook.
November 1, 2019
Living Life Fearlessly - An Interview with Allan Scott
Allan's life story from the "gutter-most to the uttermost". Musician, Allan Scott, has seen the good, the bad, & the restored in his life. Being brought up in a home that honors God & having found a saving faith in Christ. But Allan had an identity problem. He was looking for his identity in what others saw in him rather than what Christ saw in him. It took a journey that removed him from the life that kept him in close relationship with the Lord to make him realize that he never had is so good than when he was in the comfort of his Savior. Now that he has been restored, he is seeking other who need restoration with the message of being "Found & Favored".  Learn more about the Allan Scott Band at Find out more about his new ministry outreach at Found & Favored Ministries at Listen to his music anywhere you stream your favorite tunes or buy a copy of his new CD, The Story, at Google Play, Apple Music, or Amazon.
October 28, 2019
A "Tempest" In A Teapot
I talk with J.R. Rife, whom I had the unlikely blessing of getting to know first as a 19 year old teen who attended a concert at a Brookville, PA teen center years ago. J.R. now is a pastor, a "world evangelist" of sorts, a metal missionary, & an author. His book, General Admission: A History of Christian Metal by a Fan is a quick read but highly informative of the Christian metal scene in Pennsylvania. More recently, J.R. was a weekly featured segment of my Christian Rock show, "Bread-n-Jam!" where he shared "The Life of Rife" with radio listeners. I suspect we'll be hearing a lot from J.R. in the future, and that's namely because he has an awesome radio voice. In the podcast I reference a band that I helped get signed to Frontline Records names A Few Loose Screws. Yes, you can still buy their music, however I have no idea where the individual band members ever disappeared to. Probably in hiding after releasing their one & only CD. If you have questions or comments about the podcast, please leave a message & if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on a future podcast, I'd love to consider the opportunity... so just drop me a message or an email at
October 22, 2019
Country Music Keeps It Real
Thomas Rhett's simple prayer had a big impact. It may have been "unconventional", but it was real. Why is this such a big deal today? Because fewer Christians are standing up & being real. You may not like the genre of music, and you may look at Country Music artists are hillbillies or rednecks. You can't deny that they are transparent. The good, the bad, & the honest. Just like real life. Christian music extols the ideal life....that few people actually live. We all have our faults & we all need to have goals to strive for. So don't knock Christian music for being too heavenly minded to be any earthly good....and don't knock Country Music for being hypocritical. 
October 21, 2019
Your Spiritual ID, Kindness, & Ellen
Take up Ellen DeGeneres' challenge & try being kind. Or if taking the advice of a person you may disagree with or oppose, try taking up the 30 Day Kindness Challenge from Shaunti Feldhahn.  All truth is God's Truth. So just because you may not agree or like the messenger who is speaking truth, doesn't mean God isn't speaking through that person. Being kind is not that difficult. It's much harder to fester & brood into bitterness than it is at being kind. To be kind means you have to surrender something for the benefit of another. Have a differing view? Have some questions or comments? I'd love to hear them & respond to them. Send me a message through Anchor Podcast. I'll be happy to address it in an upcoming episode. 
October 13, 2019
Impeach Tea
I have a big 'ol jug to guzzle down while watching all the stupid things people are saying. Here's some samples: Hillary Clinton told “The View” that the gutsiest thing she ever did was stay with Bill Clinton. A Corrupt Chinese Mayor was arrested  after authorities found 13 tons of GOLD and $37 BILLION dollars in cash in his basement. The Universal Orlando Resort Theme Park has fired a Despicable Me character who made a white power gesture while being photographed with two kids. A Florida man was arrested after he called 9-1-1 and told the operator he had drugs. The betting markets have made Elizabeth Warren the favorite to win the Democratic Nomination. A British survey found that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise with people over the age of 65.
October 5, 2019
A Plant-Based Theology
When talking to your plants becomes a religious experience. If you have comments or questions...or if you're interested in being a guest on a podcast, send a message or email (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP.)
September 20, 2019
God Told Me
Is it really God telling us --or something else? Many times it is more like us deflecting our desire to elevate ourselves to God so we can skirt the blame. If you have comments or questions about what was talked about in my stupid world, leave a message with your comment or question & I'll include it in the next episode...or if you're interested in being a guest on a podcast, email (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP.)
September 8, 2019
So, You Wanna Be A DJ?
Some insights in how to develop skills to know what to talk about when you crack your mic. Also, determining if you want to work in radio or flip burgers. Links to some radio show prep websites that were mentioned in this podcast: Tom's Lake A-List Comedy (I may have called it "A-1 Comedy" in the podcast) WestwoodONE Radio Prep United Stations Radio Network Prep Sheet Happens Prep (from ORBYT) InterPrep If you have comments or questions...or if you're interested in being a guest on a podcast, send a message or email (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP.)
September 1, 2019
Going Deep Off The Grid
The stupid things we believe about theology. My decision to choose God's salvation does not determine my salvation any more than God's foreknowledge of my salvation determines my salvation. I don't have the authority to "accept" Christ. My only option is surrender...and receive Christ. My thoughts on being a Calvinist vs. Reformed. To read a great resource on this topic, check out Trouble With The Tulip by Frank S. Page. (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP.)
August 26, 2019
Everyone Has Their Own Stupid World
Grandma comes to stay....? (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid  World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes  Music/ASCAP)
August 21, 2019
Radio Is Broke So Do A Podcast
My first attempt at this podcast thingy. (Theme song courtesy of Randy Stonehill; "It's A Great Big Stupid World". Copyright © 1992 Stonehillian Music/Word Music/Twitchin' Vibes Music/ASCAP.)
August 20, 2019