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ClumsyGrace Podcast (Erin McDonald)

ClumsyGrace Podcast (Erin McDonald)

By ClumsyGrace Podcast (Erin McDonald)
Erin is obsessed with helping women entrepreneurs with creative, authentic business development, marketing, boundaries, and self care
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The Myth of Motivation

ClumsyGrace Podcast (Erin McDonald)

The Myth of Motivation

ClumsyGrace Podcast (Erin McDonald)

The Myth of Motivation
If I can record a podcast episode while driving to pick up seizure meds, you can create content even if you don't feel motivated
June 29, 2018
Who The Heck Are You FOR?
If you’re currently marketing your business to serve any human with a tap on their Visa, you’re missing a world of opportunity that ONLY exists in specificity
June 22, 2018
You're NOT Too Sensitive For Sales!
You're NOT Too Sensitive For Sales (You Just Need Some Boundaries, Babe)
June 21, 2018
Decease Your Ad Budget (And Reach More People)
When's the last time you made a purchase decision based on a bus bench? Or a cold call? In this episode, I make a case for social marketing that makes a TON of fiscal sense
June 20, 2018
Real Social Marketing For Small Biz Women (With Big Goals And Small Budgets)
Every Small Biz Owner NEEDS to Think About Authentic, Long-Game Social Marketing. In this episode I'm going to convince you why it's SO important and give you some rad ideas for implementation (on a teeny budget)
June 15, 2018