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Erin in Real Life

Erin in Real Life

By Erin Shellynn
The rediscovery of the average 40yr old woman and the evolution of HER in every way. Designed to aid you in your personal journey to reinventing yourself and owning every single part of it.
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Starting Over Pandemic Style
Discuss how its never too late to get back on track!
November 09, 2020
Plant-based or Vegan? What's the Difference?
Delivering three facts on how to decide which lifestyle is best for you!
March 23, 2020
Plant-based Eating Travel Anxiety?
Awesome tips for frequent travelers that live a plant-based lifestyle!
February 12, 2020
Plant-based Eating for Beginners
Tips and best practices for a smooth transition into the plant-based lifestyle!
January 23, 2020
Keeping Your Word in 2020
Dynamic tools to help you become better at doing what you said you would do.
January 14, 2020
Starting Inspite of External Stop Signs
Dealing with negative self-talk and nay sayers when you decide to amp up your greatness. Putting them in there place....out of your life, so that you can get started living out the life your were destined for!
January 14, 2020
Welcome to 2020!
Welcome to my podcast channel.  I hope you will stay a while, download me, and enjoy the unfolding of my real life!
January 07, 2020