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eScoot talks

eScoot talks

By Honest eScoot Mechanic
Small and big talks about electric scooters, community, law, experiences etc. If there is something you want me to discuss please get in touch via
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eScoot Talks Episode 3 - How to make your eScooter last longer?
In this episode I'll share some basics how to avoid visiting your mechanic too often and what not to expect out of your eScooter.
December 16, 2020
eScoot Talks Episode 2 - Where to buy your eScooter?
Once you decided which eScooter you wanna buy dont rush. Check some things first. Might save you headache.
December 4, 2020
eScoot Talks Episode 1 - Buying your first eScooter? Listen to this first.
Welcome to the first episode of eScoot talks and find out what to double check and investigate before buying your first eScooter and how to avoid getting headache later. Hope you'll enjoy it and feel free to recommend topic for next episode at Your Honest mechanic
November 26, 2020