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GROWcode(Hey Beautiful Soul)

GROWcode(Hey Beautiful Soul)

By Beth_Hamm
Everyone desires to grow but growth is intentional. On our own we can not make it but with Christ; all things are possible.
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Just checkin in'
Wait on the LORD Background sound; Wait On You Song by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music
May 10, 2022
Happy Easter
Christ died that you may have life!
April 17, 2022
Hey Beautiful Soul  Love is the greatest. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and everything in you. When we surrender our hearts and everything to Him, we are able to trust His love for us.  When we receive the love of God, we receive his power and His help. This leads us to dimensions untold. Hallelujah. Enjoy this chat with my Covenant sister, Lady Sansa about Deep surrender. God bless you. Much love. 
February 24, 2022
Hey beautiful Soul, It's okay not to be okay. In our vulnerability we find strength. On our own we can not make it but with Christ all things are possible. 
February 23, 2022
Hey beautiful Soul, Where are you?  What separates you from God?  What limits you?  Surrender it all to Jesus and you will have life.
February 22, 2022
Hey beautiful Soul, It's okay not to be okay. In our vulnerability we find strength. On our own we can not make it but with Christ all things are possible. 
February 21, 2022
Hey Beautiful Soul.  Take a pause, breathe, focus, look up and give JESUS a big SMILE He deserves your praise. Hallelujah.
December 15, 2021
Take a quick pause
Take a quick pause...  And give God the praise He deserves.  There's so much to be grateful for. #Take_a_pause #GROWcode #DIGdeep  #Intentional_Thanksgiving
November 08, 2021
Take a pause...,
Hey Beautiful Soul, Take a quick pause..,  What do you see? And how do you feel? The clouds are moving, The wind is blowing, The sun is shining, You may not know or feel it but the ground is shifting. And indeed you are breathing. Oh Yeah, the breath you have within you is your life. The life you have is everything you need to create and produce the life you desire and envision. The breath of God in you is all you need to live on. Just in case you feel like your life has been on a pause or perhaps things aren't working just as you expect and perceive. Take a deep breath, look around you and smile. Mhmm.. The breath inside of you is the best motion you can ever have and an indication that things are indeed working.  You are a living breathing miracle.  So don't give up. God's got you.  I am Beth_hamm and this is a GROWcode initiative in partnership with Jesus Christ.  Stay connected to grow.  Much love 🥰
October 03, 2021
Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday Challenge
God is everything and everything is God. He has given us Christ because He wants us to partake of His divine power. We can only be who we are in Christ oh earth if we stay aligned with God for a transformation. For the next 21 days, it is my pray that we will develop a good relationship with our Father in heaven for a consistent inner development within our souls. Hey beautiful Soul. You are God's beloved. The one He truly loves. Life is not void of challenges. On our own we can not make it. But with Christ all things are possible. So please do not do this life alone. Always remember to partner with Jesus. Join us for the next 21 days for a divine experience. Stay connected to Grow. Much love.
August 04, 2021
Yet I no longer
It is no longer you that lives.. But Christ that lives in you. It is no longer that little girl that was abandoned that lives but the love of Christ lives in you. It is no longer that disappointed young boy that lives but the assurance of Christ that lives in you. Whosoever is in Christ.. Is a new creation, all things have passed away.. Behold all things are new. Hey Beautiful Soul, It is no longer you that live but Christ that lives in you. Christ in you the hope of Glory. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!! #Song Title : I'm alive (Jesus Culture ft Kim walker)
June 27, 2021
Hey Beautiful, WHO ARE YOU? If you don't mind, you can take a moment and reflect on these questions. 1.What do you have? 2.What are your giftings and potentials? 3.What have you done with what you have? 4.What do people say about what you have? Remember that you will give an account of what you have been given. Make effective and efficient use of what you have.
June 15, 2021
ONE name.
There is only one name! Jesus. In Christ we are free indeed!
May 16, 2021
O spirit of the living God. May we receive an awareness about the patterns in our lives oh Lord. May we experience divinity. May there be an awakening in our souls and spirits. Give us the grace to confront the patterns we have turned a blind eye to. May we embrace the patterns we have trivialized just so we can experience the change and evolution we need for our next level. Amen
March 14, 2021
He's here to help.
Hey Beautiful Soul, Dry your eyes. I have so much faith in you. Don't give up on you while I work in you. I want to work through you. Stop running. The holy spirit is here to help. Run to him to be able to run free.
February 28, 2021
Why Run???
Feelings and unresolved issues do not die. So why Run??? When you avoid them, they will continue to wait for your attention. When you bury them alive, they will find a way to resurrect once again. When you dismiss them, they will keep showing up from time to time. When you dump them, they will create a mess you will have to clean up eventually. The earlier you face them the better. Christ has given us all that pertains to life and godliness to be able to overcome the struggles of life.
February 21, 2021
Resting in the covering of Love
God's love is so deep. He calls us His own. We are His. His nature is love. His identity is love. He talks and acts in love. The world needs love. I need love, you need love,we need love. We need God. God is love. He is love and we are loved. For us to grow properly, we need an environment of love. Everyone deserves to be loved. Receive God's love today.
February 14, 2021
The Code of Growth
We are designed to grow but growth needs a level of intentionality due to the struggles we face daily. Life is not void of challenges. There is a quest to become something daily. But we need help to be the best we can be. By the help of the Holy Spirit : who is our code of Growth, we can grow to be who God called us to be.
February 07, 2021