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The Essential Pitch

The Essential Pitch

By David Beckett
This is the show which helps you make great pitches and presentations, so you can raise money, win business, and grow your confidence – and you’ll learn from people who are doing it at the highest level. I’m David Beckett, Pitch Coach, TEDx speech coach and founder of the Best3Minutes pitch methodology. I've coached over 1400 Startups to win over €340Million in investment. I've also trained more than 20,000 professionals at companies such as, Tommy Hilfiger, PwC, Shell and Netflix. For more help with creating your winning pitch, go to
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Dan Roam, international bestselling author, tells about his new book, The Pop-Up Pitch, and shares his storytelling journey, built on solving complex problems with simple drawings.
Visuals and the Pitch: Dan Roam is one of the leading experts, as his new book, The Pop-Up Pitch demonstrates. It's a 10 step roadmap that will take anyone through the process of building a great presentation in just 2 hours.  Dan is the author of international bestselling books such as Back of the Napkin, Show and Tell and Draw to Win, and the creator of the Back of the Napkin academy. He's advised major companies - and even the Obama White House administration! - on how to tackle problems through drawing.  I found this to be one of my favourite discussions. Dan is an optimistic, upbeat person, with a very specific skill in visual thinking, who has a true passion to help people shine and succeed. Enjoy! Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn.
November 11, 2021
Founder Stories: Cinzia Silvestri tells why your drugs are average, why communicating deep science needs simplicity, and what it's like to be raising money as a female founder
Cinzia Silvestri is a powerhouse of science driven entrepreneurship, with her venture Bi/ond focusing on inclusive development of drugs and medicines. She's worked hard on the craft of communicating highly scientific concepts in ways that anyone can understand. She's raised big money for her startup, building some serious traction, and yet keeping that attitude of non-stop learning along the journey.  Watch Cinzia's TEDx talk HERE. Find out more about Cinzia on LinkedIn HERE. Get help with your pitch HERE. Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn 
September 09, 2021
David Arnoux, co-founder of The Growth Tribe explains; What's the attention economy? And why is it that some of the most talented people are never heard?
David Arnoux explains: 'We invest no more than 2 hours per month on learning, less than 1% of our working time.' David is the unstoppable co-founder of one of my favourite companies in the world, The Growth Tribe, and he and his team are out to grow that number dramatically.  David is an awesome speaker: in this episode he shares his experiences on how to create and practice a pitch, and why over practicing doesn't exist. He also explains why he has only one line in his 'About' section on LinkedIn, and how difficult it is to get people to pay attention.  Check out David Arnoux's book in progress, called Upgrading Brains, HERE. Find out more about David on LinkedIn HERE, and The Growth Tribe HERE Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn 
June 16, 2021
Penalties and Public Speaking: Ben Lyttleton, bestselling author of 12 Yards, talks about how speakers can learn from the art of penalty taking when managing public speaking nerves.
Ben Lyttleton is a Football writer and consultant. He’s the author of the bestselling book about penalties, Twelve Yards, the Football School series, & he’s also written EDGE – what business can learn from football. If you're a football fan and interested in public speaking, this episode is for you! Ben has some great insights into how footballers manage nerves and prepare for success when taking penalties, and how those strategies might be replicable for anyone preparing a pitch or a presentation.  Find out more about Ben Lyttleton HERE. You can get his entertaining newsletter on penalties HERE. Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn 
May 17, 2021
Dan Pink: Top TED speaker shares his tips on selling, timing and keeping things short.
Imagine being in the top 20 speakers ever on! Well, Dan Pink is no.16 on the all time list. He's sold millions of books about selling and persuasion, and has recently launched his own course at Dan is a true sales and pitching guru, with multi million selling books such as To Sell is Human, and Drive giving his unique research-based insights into moving people to the next level.  Find out more about Dan pink at Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn 
May 11, 2021
Hacking Simplicity: Founder Stories. Janneke van den Heuvel and Steven Kroon share their serial entrepreneurial partnership, and how teaming up helps you cover every kind off pitch.
One is terrified of pitching - and does it brilliantly, Another is a master of marketing and effortlessly appears on TV - yet works like crazy to achieve that calm. Can you guess which is which?  All is revealed as Janneke van den Heuvel and Steven Kroon of TryLikes share their public speaking journey, as well as the way they have pivoted after Covid lockdowns took hold of their market.  They tell about how to manage nerves, prepare for TV interviews, and how constantly talking through the story helps to make it concrete and certain.  Steven and Janneke were the only team I ever agreed to making a duo pitch at Startupbootcamp Demo Day, and that;'s because they can almost read each others' mind. Listen to the story of these excellent entrepreneurs! Find out more about them at Trylikes. You'll find them on LinkedIn - Janneke here and Steven here. Need help with your pitch? Check out our Pitch Academy here. Find out more about host David Beckett here.
May 04, 2021
Speaker Stories: David Allen. How he has taken his multi-million selling Getting Things Done™ methodology to the world, on the biggest stages in the world.
David Allen is the author and creator of Getting Things Done™. He's delivered three TED talks, and spoken on stages with some of the greatest entrepreneurs, including Guy Kawasaki and Tim Ferriss, and has numerous trained Fortune 500 CEOs and companies. In this episode, we talk about how you prepare for a TED talk, about how a self-confessed introvert became a great speaker - and most of all, you'll hear how David is always learning, even with his massive experience.  Find out more about David Allen at Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn 
April 19, 2021
Founder Stories: Christina Moreno of SheMatters answers the question: How do you pitch Diversity?
With a Twitter biog of "Teen Mom-turned-International Human Rights Lawyer-turned-Founder & CEO", it's clear that Christina Moreno has a story to tell! And what a story it is.  She shares her own journey of overcoming poverty, becoming a lawyer after being told the only available job was as a supermarket cashier, and then leaving the security of that job to follow her true passion: empowering others, who might face some of what she has faced.  Christina talks about how to pitch Diversity - as a moral, or business decision? She also shares how it was to pitch in one minute, to speak on the TEDx stage, and how she approaches sharing her story in front of audiences large and small.  Find out more about Christina's company at Christina is on LinkedIn.  Need help with your pitch? Check out our Pitch Academy here.  Find out more about host David Beckett here. 
April 12, 2021
Willemijn Schneyder: Founder Stories. How to position yourself as a female founder and take on the world of deep tech, pitch competitions and business downs and ups.
Willemijn Schneyder is a full energy founder, who has taken Swipeguide to a fast level of growth, and who once pitched 2 weeks before giving birth! She brings clarity and honestly to the job, with an admission that Public Speaking is not her comfort zone.  In this episode, Willemijn talks through how she and her team see communicating the story as critically important isn the development of the company, and faces head-on some of the challenges faced by female founders.  Having won top-3 prizes in global pitch competitions, raised millions in funding, she has great advice for any founder looking to bring their story to a wider audience.  Find out more about Willemijn here, and Swipeguide here.  Need help with your pitch? Check out our Pitch Academy here. 
March 31, 2021
David Batstone: Impact Stories. How to bring purpose to your company and take your story to the world.
Why is it allowed that companies who mess up the world are allowed to make as much money as they like - and companies who do good in the world should only operate as charities? David Batstone challenges this point of view head on, every single day.  David is an amazing entrepreneur who has created $100Million+ companies, because he is able to use his experience as a silicon valley investor to gather funding and talented people around great products. But his companies have a difference - they all have a social or environmental purpose at their heart and soul, and the amazing products they create are fulfilling a purpose side by side with best quality.  He's taken this story to world, at times presenting in 200 cities a year. David is a master of communicating the story in a fresh and inspiring way, and has great insights for any impact entrepreneur. He's also the kind of guy who gets emails in his inbox from Bono... Learn more about David here. His company Just Business is here. The Not For Sale Campaign is here. And his amazing drinks company REBBL is here.  Need more help with your pitch? Go to our Pitch Academy.  Find out more about your host David Beckett here. 
March 24, 2021
Go for your Dreams: A personal story of how pursuing a dream can change your life.
This episode is a little different to the usual focus on Public Speaking. It's my own personal story about going for a dream, which was to write a book. 10 years ago today (May 23 2011) I published Amsterdam... The Essence, and I want to share how following a dream changed everything in my life - learning to finding my life partner, and having two wonderful kids.  I left my corporate life - a 16 year career in Canon - in April 2009, at the age of 42, with a deep-seated desire to change my personal and professional life. I set 3 goals at my leaving party, with no plan for how to achieve them. This is the story of what happened as a result of pursuing that dream.  You can find a free pdf of Amsterdam... The Essence at Movies, photos and more at  
March 17, 2021
What Investors really think: how investor Jacqueline van den Ende assesses start-ups and scaleups.
What an amazing track record Jacqueline van den Ende has! She's gone through each stage of building and scaling companies in her own career - and now invests in companies that scale, at one of Europe's leading investors in early stage and Series A startups and scaleups. Here Jacqueline talks about how she and her company assess startups, what matters in the pitch, and how a scaleup pitch is different to an early stage startup pitch.  Find out more about Jacqueline van den Ende at LinkedIn.  More information about Peak Capital HERE. 
March 10, 2021
Accelerator Stories: Patrick de Zeeuw and how to match your pitch and the team to what investors are looking for.
Patrick de Zeeuw is one of the most dynamic forces in the vibrant Amsterdam Startup ecosystem. After a successful career in media, and moved on to innovation by co-founding the international startup accelerator Startupbootcamp. He has shaped the modern pitch - and my own coaching approach - through sheer force of will and energy. Patrick is one of the most passionate people you'll find in business.  Find out more about Patrick de Zeeuw at, and about Startupbootcamp HERE.  Get help with your pitch HERE Find out more about your host David Beckett at, and on LinkedIn  Get the free PitchProfessional App on the App store or Google Play
March 02, 2021