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European Student Think Tank Podcast

European Student Think Tank Podcast

By EST Podcast
The official Podcast channel of the European Student Think Tank, a Non-Governmental International Organization that involves young people in the European policy-making process and promotes the values of the European Union and Human Rights.
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Brexit and Beyond: What the Future Holds for the European Integration Project
Niamh Axe - EST Ambassador for the UK - discusses the possibilities created by Brexit for regional politics, and how this might have contributed to strengthening European stability.  This episode was hosted by Victoria Bergström and Florentin Ndizeye. Edited by Semina Melissi and sound engineered by Angeliki-Efraimia Markopoulou. Research and content by Niamh Axe.  Music by John Sib and Winking Fox Music.
October 26, 2021
Past and present of minorities in the EU
Pauline Oleon - International Officer at EST - unpacks the legislative condition of minorities in Europe, not only reconstructing a past of repression, but also unveiling a worrying present and concerning future possibilities.  This episode was hosted by Victoria Bergström and Florentin Ndizeye. Edited and produced by Laura Sanzarello. Research and content by Pauline Oleon.   Music by John Sib and Winking Fox Music.
October 19, 2021
Season finale - end-of-year review and why you should join the EST
On the last episode of the first season of the EST Podcast, our hosts receive Reinder de Vries - Former Head of the EST International Office - who will talk about his experience at EST, the successes of this year of activities, how the EST has contributed to his career and why one should join an organization like this.  The EST Podcast will be back next year! Thanks for listening :)  Check out EST Podcast on this ranking of EU Podcasts:
July 6, 2021
The EST signs an open letter to the G7 and G20
Christos Tsagkaris - Vice-President for Events at EST - discusses the EST's recent partnership with the Coalition of Global Health, Primary Care, and Social Work Professionals to address an open letter to the G7 & the G20, and their relevance for health policy. 
June 29, 2021
EST talks: welcoming Policy People
Liam Gibson - founder of Policy People - is interviewed by our host Laura Sanzarello on Policy People's mission and how the new generations of policy enthusiasts can benefit from his platform, podcast channel, and the Think Tank communities.  Check out PP's webpage at:
June 22, 2021
EU - Latin America relations
Manuel Torres Lajo - Member of the CoronaNet Research Group - discusses the historical and contemporary relationship between the EU and Latin America, as well as some prospects for the future of this partnership. 
June 15, 2021
Farmers as climate stewards
Mateusz Ciasnocha - a member of COP26 - Race to Zero - comes to our channel to debate on how farmers can (and should) be part of the climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in a profitable way. 
June 8, 2021
Disinformation in Europe: Present and Future Challenges
Mafalda Infante - Ambassador at EST - was the head organizer of the  EST online event “Disinformation: Present and Future Challenges” that took place in April this year. She discusses the main points discussed at the event, such as the influence of false narratives in the youth and in European democracies in our digital age.
May 31, 2021
Decolonizing the curriculum: a critical approach to University teaching
Harvey Dryer - full-time writer at the EST - discusses what 'decolonizing the curriculum' means and how to go about achieving greater racial equality within universities. Also, our guest speaker discusses the implications that the de-centering of white minds may have on our understandings of International Relations. 
May 25, 2021
Troubled Times: Unity, Identity and the Riots in Northern Ireland
Daniel Mooney and Laura Sanzarello - editors at EST - unpack the reasons behind recent violence in Northern Ireland and what it means for the future of the Island. 
May 18, 2021
Voices from Eastern Europe's Frontline on Covid-19
Aparajeya Shanker - Ambassador at EST - comes to our Podcast to share some stories of Eastern European frontline medical professionals on the battle against the pandemic. 
May 11, 2021
EST talks: A border-breaking interview
Laura Sanzarello - Editor at EST - has a conversation with Mick ter Reehorst, the co-founder and managing director of "Are We Europe", about a "borderless" Europe and a new idea of feeling European. 
May 4, 2021
Debt Monetization, Sustainable Economy and the Pandemic
Vasilis Psarras - writer at EST - talks to our hosts about private and public debt as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guest discusses the new challenges facing the Eurozone, considering a new wave of low-interest rates and the monetization of debt.
April 27, 2021
Right-Wing Movements and Migration in the EU
Ana Sofia Cabral - Ambassador at EST - comments on the state of migration policy in the EU, the 2015 migration and refugee crisis, and the escalation of right-wing parties' support in recent years. 
April 20, 2021
The European Green New Deal – an inside look at the Just Transition Fund
James Balzer - Associate Editor of the European Policy Review and Writer at EST - discusses with our hosts Europe’s Just Transition, the economics behind it, its challenges, and the potential it represents for "Green" implementations. 
April 13, 2021
The EU and the GCC: Which Role for the European Union in the Gulf?
Pierfrancesco Lanza - International Officer and Board Member at the EST - explains the importance of the relations between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council's Member States. He analyses what can be the future role of the EU in the Gulf in regards to the actual developments in the region. 
April 6, 2021
Vaccine Passports: The Next Step in EU Health Policy?
Daniel Mooney - Editor at EST - analyzes the policy of 'vaccine passports', discussing its most pressing problems as well as its possible benefits. 
March 30, 2021
Threats to Media: The Weaponization of the GDPR
In this episode, Laura Sanzarello - Editor at the EST - discusses media law and threats to media. “Threats to Media: The Weaponization of the GDPR”, is a segment from the EST column “Threats of the Media”. 
March 30, 2021
Welcome to the EST Podcast
The European Student Think Thank Podcast's hosts - Annabel Van Holst and Maria-Madalina Ifrim - welcome the Think Tank's President Marina Navarro to introduce you to our channel. Stick around to listen to our member's and guests' voices on intra- and extra-European international relations content, and more!  
March 29, 2021