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By Sebastian Wrobel
A weekly podcast about the ocean freight market. Learn about the market situation, current rate trends, and the most important news needed to make the best decisions.
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CW40'21 - data creating XSI by Ilko Masaldzhiyski, loosen global capacity with Michael Braun from Xeneta and eMethanol with Adam Niklewski from DNV
How the Xeneta Shipping Index is created Lost global capacity Demand or supply, what comes first what is eMethanol Global adoption, advantages and disadvantages 
October 11, 2021
CW38'21 - upcoming tender season with Michael Braun and state of the industry with Rachael White
Today Sebastian had the pleasure to chat with two prominent experts: with Rachael White from Next Level Information about the state of the shipping industry, with a closer look into the cold chain and data-related aspects, and with Michael Braun from Xeneta about the most recent news from the market, especially upcoming tender season 🎧 Tune in to your favorite podcast player, have a coffee or drive safe, and listen 👇 Market update: 🌋 Is it going to be the most challenging tender season ever? 👣 What’s the shipper size to be able to secure good deals? 🧊 What are the freezing spot rates all about? 🆕 Is it a new normal at TransPacific? 🦸🏽‍♀️ Why extra capacity is not helping at all? State of the industry: ⏰ Is it the end of 50 years old Just In Time methodology? 🚯 What kind of waste are we talking about? 👩🏽‍💻 What’s the role of predictive algorithms in maritime informatics? 🚨 What’s the port call optimization task force? 💸 Can we let the good crisis go to waste? 🌵 How to mitigate supply chain breakdowns ⌗ Digital twins, data, standards, and access to data Cold chain: ⏪  Are we moving back in history and coming to non-containerized cargo? 📅  What’s the future of reefer cargo? 🌡  What’s the role of controlled atmosphere and visibility? #ocean #sea #freight #JIT #justincase #tenderseason #contracting #rates #coldchain #data
September 27, 2021
CW27'21 - Is uncertainty the only certain thing with Michael Braun
💥 ATA 12.07  - CW27's week commentary with Michael Braun from Xeneta ⚓️ In a recent episode, Sebastian and Michael talk about the most recent news from the market. 🛍 according to Container Trade Statistics Global demand growth in May has fallen below 1%, while the US is nearly 20% 🌍 another wave on increases at transatlantic ✍️ how much the market is open to accept? Is the 4-5k USD/FEU feasible, there were strong arguments arisen by Otto Schacht at Lloyd's List podcast 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Is uncertainty the only certain thing about ocean freight? Find the answers at the most recent episode that you can listen to at our website and your favorite podcast players such as Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. Do you have any comments or wanted to join the show, let us know, please  🙏 📧 🎤 and record the message
July 12, 2021
End of H1'21 - Demand vs Supply, Clearing South China, Growing # of accidents, Suppliers' market, Growing capacity or service portfolio?
We are coming to the end of the first half of 2021, we've seen unprecedented things in the market. In today's episode, Sebastian has the pleasure to talk with Peter Sand a Chief Shipping Analyst from BIMCO. Today topics: ⚖️ Demand vs Supply is it so really so overwhelming? 🧹 How much time is needed to clear the South China situation? 💥 Is the number of various accidents in maritime growing? ⚡️ What are the tensions between the Liners, BCOs and Freight Forwarders? 📏 What’s the length of the suppliers' market in this cycle? 🤔 Grow capacity or grow service portfolio, is that the question? 🙏 If you like what we deliver, please support it by ❤️, share, comment etc, there is no business behind ETA, we just aim to deliver what's valuable for the whole community 💌 If you would like to join the show and share what you know just drop us a message  🙏 🎧 Listen to the full episode at and all leading podcast players. Thank you to our sponsors: biggest container terminal at Baltic Sea DCT Gdansk and ECU Worldwide leading LCL co-loader.
June 23, 2021
CW24'21 - Yantian covid outbreak, Long term vs spot rates, New contracts and Home Depot own vessel
This week Thorsten Diephaus and Sebastian talk about: 🦠 Covid outbreak in Yantian of course 📦 Cargo commodities being shipped and if that’s already Christmas season 💰 Long term vs spot rates levels and ocean liners advantage ✎ New contacting options 🏠 Home Depot, not Amazon do charter its own vessel ☠️ Impact on different trades besides ex APAC
June 18, 2021
CW21'21 - new wave in APAC
⚓️ commentary on 21st calendar week has just arrived ⛴ This week Michael and Sebastian discuss: 🦠 the new wave in APAC 💰 another record high rates level 📈 longer-term approach from shipping liners ⏰ doubled transit times 🚶 not shipping
June 2, 2021
CW20'21 - another record high rates, supply chain is impacting financial forecasts, US inventory levels record low
Sebastian and Michael share thoughts around recent news: 💰 The shipping industry is in a state of crisis. The price of shipping has skyrocketed again, and only some shippers are paying whatever they need to get their goods shipped. 💣 The supply chain is a massive risk for companies nowadays, retailers and tech companies decreased their revenue forecasts 🏭 The US inventory levels are at record lows, and this is impacting the supply chain. This is a problem for companies, but also for the economy as a whole. #podcast #oceanshipping #freight #supplychain
May 25, 2021
CW19'21 weekly commentary with Michael Braun
All rates increase Ripple effect Vessels maintenance
May 17, 2021
Makers & Movers on May 12th - why you should register now and what you can learn on the summit, introduction from Radu Palamariu
MAKERS AND MOVERS Global Transportation Access and Cost
May 6, 2021
CW16'21 - very first episode in english and new announcement from Patrik Berglund and
- Patrik's journey from KN to founding Xeneta - growing orderbook, deja vous from a decade ago?  - congestions congestions congestions - announcement - growing transatlantic rates
April 23, 2021