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By Eugene Leonard
Shen Wai International School (SWIS) is located in the beautiful scenery of the Shenzhen Bay. SWIS covers a floor area of 24,000 m2 with a construction area of 42,000 m2 and is equipped with extensive first class facilities. It serves children of the expatriate community who work in Shenzhen and children who are permanent residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The school altogether has 54 classrooms with a capacity of hosting 1,080 students in total. Its refined style of architecture, green and picturesque campus and modern facilities and equipment make the school an attractive place to lea
So You’ve Decided to Move to China....What Next?
SWIS Shenzhen Orientation Episode #E2  Today we welcomed Tuula Webb & Matthew Manfredi on SWIS ROC Radio for the second in our orientation podcasts.  The focus of this podcast in the first part of the show was housing; we looked at the advantages/disadvantages of both living on/off campus.  To live off campus, we recommend that new staff be aware of the costs involved in getting an apartment.  You will need cash upfront to pay;  2 months deposit  1 month rent Agent Fee (Finder Fee)  A one off fee which is 1/2 a months rent  So typically to rent a 9000 RMB apartment (typically a 90sqm 2 bedroom) you would need 31,500 up front to move ($4556) A 3 bedroom (140sqm+) can be anything from 12,000-17,000 RMB.  We will send you on WeChat agents which can help you find accommodation. Thomas is a reputable agent in Shekou who may staff have used and his WeChat ID is; shekourent Housing Hidden Costs;  Management Fee (between 300-600 per month depending on size of apartment)  Faipao (need for reimbursement from school) - The cost is typically 4% of Rent to get the Faipao ( 360RMB per month on a 9000 rental)  Electricity/water/gas (typically about 300 per month)  Internet (1800 -2000 per year - Some apartments have bad internet/some are very good) Banking  We talk about banking in the second part of the show. This is a process that is not overly liked by expat staff in general as it takes time. You need documents from HR and Finance each time you go to do this; I generally go to the bank once a year at most for this reason and am creative with this process. However, if you have bills at home to pay each month then we suggested that you leave cash in your account at home to cover these for the first couple of months.  Get WeChat Wallet set up as soon as you get your bank account set up is our top tip!  Voice Messages/Questions/Feedback  Finally, we deal with a number of animal questions from incoming staff. Thank you David Platt and Angela Morris for sending in voice messages on Anchor and you are the worth recipients of a 100RMB Voucher each from Le 5 Chefs Shekou. Laura Michelle Loran added a comment on Podomatic and also receives a voucher! Well done to the three of you! Thank You Claudio for the vouchers! David and Angela, we will try and find you information and send on WeChat.  On next week’s show Phenix at Xpats Bar Seaworld will provide 3 Vouchers for another three members of staff. Thank You Phenix.  We’ll then be knocking on Craig Wildman’s Door at McCawleys Seaworld to see if we can get some vouchers….  We hope you enjoy the show!  SWIS ROC RADIO  Listen, Like, Learn  #swisShenzhen #swisROCradio #swisroc #swisrocs
May 24, 2019
The Harkness Method of Teaching by SWIS' Matt Manfredi
This morning at SWIS, Matt Manfredi from Long Island in New York was the guest on SWIS ROC Radio.   We hear a little bit of information about his family; his mother and father, Lois and Dante and his wonderful daughter, Kayley in Hanoi (who eats snails....).    Matt has been an educator for 18 years and it does not show in his youthful appearance!   On the 11&12th May at Level 5, Shekou, Matt will lead a workshop designed to explore the use of student-centered, discussion-based education described as the Harkness method. It’s a collaborative approach to problem solving and learning. This method was created and is used daily at Phillips Exeter Academy located in Exeter, New Hampshire. Phillips Exeter has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten best prep schools in America.     It was enlightening listening to Matt explain the Harkness method in greater detail and it was very obvious that he is very passionate about it and is eager to share more details with the participants at the workshop.    Matt finally admits (we all knew) that his hero is Tina Turner. It was a fitting way to end the show.   We hope you enjoy the show and if you would like to find out more information about the Harkness method or if you'd like to meet Matt in person (?) then pop along to the INS department at SWIS Shenzhen.  SWIS ROC RADIO Listen, Like, Learn
May 23, 2019
No Passion Left Behind when JoshUA (SWIS) met Carlos&Nathan (SIS) to talk Sport!
#SWISROCRADIO finally went on their long awaited and highly anticipated tour of the far flung fields of Shekou. The venue for their road trip was the salubrious environs of Le 5 Chefs where they were warmly greeted by Claudio! On this first sports podcast of their local tour, Leonard (ICT Integration) and Youngman (Athletics Director of SWIS) were joined by two local celebrities (in their own minds) from Shekou International School Carlos Galvez and Nathan Lil. The podcast mainly focuses on the mens' passion for sports, the reasons behind this and their backgrounds in many different sports. We hear a lot of information about their achievements through the years as well as their thoughts on many different topics.  The aim of this podcast was to get staff members of SIS & SWIS together to enjoy a fun podcast together with the hope of developing closer links between the two groups for future projects such as the upcoming Inspire Citizens Conference at SIS in September (this is mentioned by Nathan from 40:00-47:00 on the show). For more information about this project follow Steve Sostak & Aaron Moniz on Twitter. Guest Biographies Carlos Galvez completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Guatemala where he grew up competing in tennis and equestrian events.  He played Division 1 tennis for a long time and competed in international junior equestrian events.  Sports have always been very important to him which is why he decided to become an educator and instil health and fitness knowledge in young learners.  He's taught in Guatemala City, Milan and currently Shekou international School (SIS) Shenzhen. He’s married to Ceci-Galvez Gomez and they have two wonderful children together.  Nathan Lil is a long suffering Arsenal fan (like myself) from USA.  He is the Middle School Assistant Principal at Shekou International School (SIS). Nathan worked for over 15 years in America before joining SIS.  JoshUA Youngman, an Iowa farm boy, is the current Athletic Director at Shen Wai International School. He spent the previous five years in Jakarta, splitting his time between two schools as a teacher and Athletic Director. Originally from Iowa (USA), Josh grew up playing football (soccer) and basketball. He played football collegiately, while beginning his coaching career at the local high school. He has now been coaching for 13 years, both football and basketball. Josh attained his CAA (Certified Athletic Administrator) endorsement in December 2018, after completing his M.S. in Athletic administration in May 2017.JoshUA has implemented many new initiatives in his role. His weekly sports reports on the official school sports subscription on WeChat have been excellent (Search RocAthletics on WeChat) and his weekly sports podcasts have been well received by the community.  We hope you enjoy the show and I look forward to recording more podcasts in the future with Nathan and his team.  Sadly, Carlos and Josh are moving to new jobs in August; we wish them and their families the very best in their new posts in Vietnam and India respectively. SWIS ROC RADIO (on tour) #swisroc
May 22, 2019
Moving to China - Orientation Podcast #1
'So you've decided to move to China....what now??'    This is the first in a series of podcasts aimed at helping new members of staff and the extended community before/during and after their move to Shenzhen.    We will try to answer some of the key questions new members of the community will have about;   Housing - Campus/Off Campus   Medical - What to bring  Social Life - Bars/Restaurants/Sports  Shipping  Shopping   Transport   Banking    We will hear from singles, couples, couples with children, staff who live on campus, staff who live off campus so that you can get a wide and varied selection of information.    As with all our podcasts on #swisrocradio, they're pretty rough and off the cuff!    On this episode we hear from Brian and Lena who moved to SWIS from Mozambique with 18 cases of luggage.....and two young children. I don't envy them!   If you have specific questions that you would like answered please add them to the Google Doc (with some information about yourself!) that will be emailed to new staff this week (or leave a voice message on this site or on the app)  We hope that we can help you in any way with your move to SWIS/Shenzhen/China and make the transition a little bit smoother with helpful information while attempting to make you laugh.  ***Unfortunately Podcasts don't come with subtitles so if you can't understand an Irish accent maybe #swisrocradio is not the show for you!!***   SWIS ROC Radio  Listen, Like, Learn *** https://eugene-leonard.podomatic.com ***Moving to China - Orientation Podcast #1 ***(currently transitioning #swisrocradio from Podomatic to Anchor)
May 19, 2019
SWIS Webwise Parent Ambassador Group Presentation - English
The SWIS Webwise Parent Ambassador Group had their first Parent Presentation last Friday 19.04.2019 in the Theatre at SWIS.  This was their very first presentation and they did an amazing job. We had just over 60 SWIS parents in attendance which is a good start.  Joyce Ma, Qin Qin, Fei Fei and Santa Patel (not Claus) were the presenters.  It is a workshop 'For Parents by Parents'. In the podcast you will hear all about the roles and responsibilites of this group, why we meet, what we do and how you can join along to our monthly meetings.  You will hear some tips and advice from the parents on today's podcast as well as some personal experiences from Santy and Joyce.  All the Digital Citizenship resources are available to all parents on the Padlet. It is our intention to set up a Digital Citizenship WeChat Subscription in the coming months for easier and faster access to resources.  In the podcast Joyce also talks about an amazing SWIS in Minecraft project that her son Allen and his friend Thomas created which took over 7 months. This was an excellent use of Screen Time which is something we talked about at Friday's Presentation and today's podcast.  Here is a link to this outstanding project which all parents and students should watch; it most certainly dispels the myth that Minecraft is just a game!  We need to focus on the quality of the Screen Time not the quantity and also on the 4'c of Innovation and Learning; •Creativity and innovation •Critical thinking •Communication •Collaboration You can also find out more about technology at SWIS including STEM activities such as Coding&Robotics at https://innovation.swis.cn Finally - today is Earth Day 2019; we had some volunteers at SWIS who gave up their time to help in the community yesterday.  Well done Annie and Joanne. We also had members of the extended community from Zhuhai who also did some voluntary work for Earth day yesterday in Shenzhen with some of our SWIS Staff. Well done Conor Blevins (The Irish Clover).   This podcast will be recorded in Chinese with Ms.Rene Ren, Qin Qin, and Fei Few this afternoon and available on the School Website as well as Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify and many other platforms.  Come and Join the SWIS Webwise Parent Ambassador Group; for more information contact your class parent representative.  Ms.Rene and I would personally like to personally thank all the parents who attended the monthly sessions of the SWIS Webwise Parent Ambassador Group since October and especially the parents who took on the responsibility of presenting on Friday.   Congratulations; you all did a great job.  SWIS ROC RADIO  Listen, Like, Learn 
April 22, 2019
The return of SWIS Athletes to SWIS ROC RADIO
We recorded an excellent Podcast today with a number of MS and HS students talking about the sports program at SWIS.   To hear what the students are talking about you will get a better idea from the questions Mr. JoshUA Youngman, our highly respected, Athletics Director provided for the host.  How has the MS Girls Volleyball team progressed throughout the year?  What will the team (MS Girls VB) need to go to get into the top four teams in SISAC?  How do you think the team will fare in the final PRC tournament (for MS G VB)?  HS badminton participated in a friendly PRC competition — how did it go?  With the final PRC Badminton competition upcoming — How will SWIS compare based on previous competition?  What changes do you see from last year to this year (for HS Badminton)? We hope you enjoy the show.  SWIS ROC Radio; Sports Division Happy International Women's Day to everyone! 
March 8, 2019
STEM in Action - SWIS GENIUS ROCS Robotics Team
We hear from The GENIUS ROCS Robotics Team who tell us all about their recent trip to Shanghai to compete in the National Finals of the ACAMIS Robotics Competition where they performed excellently.  For more information about our Robotics Team follow our blog https://blog.seesaw.me/roboticsteamswis For more information about STEM at SWIS including ICT, Robotics, Makerspace, Digital Citizenship and much more you can visit our website https://innovation.swis.cn As with all student podcasts, they are planned, recorded and published with limited editing for an Authentic Student Led Podcast. Apologies for the sound interference - one of the student's phones was ringing during the show as her driver was waiting! We hope you enjoy the show. SWIS ROC Radio Listen, Like, Learn
March 8, 2019
University and Career advice from the SWIS Counselors
Dr. Greg Mason and J Wang are the first guests of 2019 on SWIS ROC Radio. They explain their respective roles at SWIS as well as providing some background information about themselves. We hear how a a College Counselor (Greg Mason) differs from a School Counselor (Ron Moore). Senior Students at SWIS are currently busy with the college applications process. Greg provides us with some excellent admission statistics such as the top five places where students applied: University of Washington University of Toronto New York University Boston University Chinese University of Hong Kong We conclude the podcast with a discussion on the merits of going to college/university. Tune in on Friday to hear Jaikala Prasad on SWIS ROC RADIO to promote the upcoming TEDx Event in March. We hope you enjoy the show.  SWIS ROC RADIO Listen, Like, Learn
January 14, 2019
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