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The Eurohoops podcast about the EuroLeague, European ball, and more
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EuroLeague back at full speed, Saras' approach on COVID, Mike James the Playmaker and more
Sarunas Jasikevicius' casual comments on the coronavirus, Mike James flirting with becoming a pass-first point guard, Maccabi alive after a historically bad losing streak, Milano defending like there's no tomorrow and CSKA facing an offense crisis. Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari discuss what defined the first full (and COVID-free) EuroLeague Round of 2022 on the EurohooPOD
January 24, 2022
EuroLeague Midseason Awards (MVP, Best Five, Coach of the Year) and the top moments from 2021
We're halfway through the EuroLeague regular season and Antonis Stroggylakis with Antigoni Zachari pick the MVP, Best Five Players, Coach of the Year and Rising Star of 2021-22 so far. We also bid farewell to 2021 by looking back at the most memorable moments of the year: A Greek Freak leading his team to an NBA championship after 50 years, Slovenia singing Halleluka all the way to the Olympic Games and a certain Turkish team claiming its first-ever Euroleague title.
December 29, 2021
Out coronavirus, out" and a EuroLeague classic
It's Game of the Eternal Rivals time and Antonis Stroggylakis with Antigoni Zachari break down the battle between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. Will Olympiacos take "revenge" for the Greek League loss or will Panathinaikos make the 2-0? Who will be the game-changers? How different are the two teams right now? And how important is the mental aspect in the preparation? Also: The coronavirus crisis is hitting some EuroLeague teams hard and we are discussing whether more games should be postponed.
December 23, 2021
Yogi Ferrell visits the EurohooPOD
After having one of the most stunning debut performances in EuroCup history, former NBA guard Yogi Ferrell sat down with Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari on Eurohoops' EurohooPOD podcast for a discussion on his beginning with Cedevita Olimpija and not only. Ferrell talks about why he left Panathinaikos to join Cedevita in Slovenia and why his partnership with the Greek powerhouse ended so quickly. He also breaks down the most notable differences he has noticed between NBA and European basketball, recalls his days with the Dallas Mavericks, impressions of Dirk Nowitzki while revealing his goal to get back in the league and show that he belongs there. (1:50) - (2:55) - Impressive EuroCup debut with Cedevita (2:56) - (3:38) Getting a lot of minutes and a leading role right from the first game (3:45) - (6:20) Experiencing the intense atmosphere of a European derby (Partizan - Cedevita), interacting with Partizan fans. Brad Stevens' presence in the game. (6:21) - (7:01) His transition to European basketball (7:02) - (7:55) The main differences between NBA basketball and European basketball that stick out for him (7:56) - (9:11) Why things didn't work out for him at Panathinaikos (9:12) - (10:12) His expectations coming to Panathinaikos and why he didn't play much (10:13) - (10:39) If he ever came close to playing in Europe before (10:41) - (11:30) Becoming an instant favorite among Dallas Mavericks fans and being named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team of 2017 (11:31) - (12:29) Whether he regrets his decision to back out of an agreement to continue with the Mavs in 2018. His goal for an NBA return (12:30) - (13:41) Playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki - the lessons he learned from the German great (13:42) His "Yogi" nickname
December 16, 2021
Barcelona - Real Madrid EuroLeague Clasico: Revenge Game(s) loading
Who will win the EuroLeague Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid? Are we going to see a "Revenge Game" by any player from both sides? Will Fenerbahce get a second straight win for the first time this season? Can Zalgiris Kaunas extend its winning streak at home against mighty CSKA Moscow? And what happened with Nemanja Nedovic's injury and his reactions on Twitter? Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari discuss all in episode 8 of the EurohooPOD
December 09, 2021
Everything you wanted to know about the Turkish derby (but you were afraid to ask)
The grand All-Turkish EuroLeague clash between Fenerbahce Beko and Anadolu Efes is upon us and Antonis Stroggylakis is joined by Bugra Uzar to break down the Istanbul derby: Will Anadolu Efes confirm its superior form and get the road win in Ulker Arena? Can Fenerbahce bounce back from three straight defeats? Has Efes corrected its mistakes from the 68 - 90 loss to Fener in the Turkish League? Why is Fener underperforming? Will a Fener loss put Sasha Djordjevic on the hot seat?
November 25, 2021
Anne Panther takes us inside the mind of a referee on the EurohooPOD
EuroLeague referee Anne Panther visits Eurohoops' EurohooPOD for a discussion with Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari. A pioneer and trailblazer in the world of basketball refereeing, Anne Panther became the first female referee to officiate a EuroLeague game (2016) and a Final Four match (2019). Becoming prominent in her job in a male-dominant field is one of the many topics she talked about on our podcast. (2:20) - (4:17) - How and why did she become interested in becoming a referee? (4:18) - (5:50) - Keeping up with a game's tempo/Pregame preparation (6:50) - (8:30 ) - Can a referee enjoy the game while officiating? (8:50 -  (11:12) - Reviewing and evaluating her game/Analyzing her performance (11:15) - (14:45) Does she check fan reactions to her games on social media? Do negative comments affect her? (14:45) -  (18:07) Shutting down and blocking negative noise and harsh words directed to her during a game. Managing emotions. (18:10) - (22:08) Handling complaints by coaches and players, especially superstars (22:25) - (24:50) Officiating her first-ever Final Four game in 2019 (24:50) -  (25:34) The one game she would like to officiate again if she had the chance (26:00) - (29:03) If she's bothered when she's addressed as "female referee" (29:05) - (31:04) Favorite arena to officiate. Favorite type of fans. (31:18) - (33:55) Coaching mentors (33:59) - (36:42) Balancing her job in the health sector with basketball and refereeing during the pandemic
November 11, 2021
EurohooPOD Ep. 5: The new EuroLeague Power Rankings
Elie Okobo's star is rising and so does ASVEL. Emmanuel Mudiay leaving a Zalgiris team that is changing everything. CSKA's struggles under injury problems and Efes' road to recovery. And in the meantime, Olympiacos' defense getting even stronger with the addition of former NBAer Quincy Acy. Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari discuss all.
November 04, 2021
EurohooPOD Ep. 4 with Fenerbahce legend Bobby Dixon
Bobby Dixon, a.k.a. Ali Muhammed, is the special guest of Episode 4 of the EurohooPOD hosted by Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari. After a career of 15 years, Dixon recently retired from basketball at 38 but stayed with Fenerbahe Beko as Individual Development Coach and Infrastructure Ambassador. The former Euroleague champion talks about his new role with Fener, his decision to hang his shoes and looks back at some of the best moments of a fantastic career. (00:00) - (9:50) Previewing the new EuroCup season: Favorites, underdogs, potential surprises and why the new format is better and fairer. (12:51) - (15:44) Bobby Dixon's retirement decision: When and why he took it. (15:45) - (17:18 ) How did Bobby Dixon take the position of Individual Development Coach and Infrastructure Ambassador. What does he role encompass. (17:28) - (18:20 ) His "late bloomer" status: Becoming well-known in European basketball at 30. (18:23) - (20:30) The 2015 Turkish championship with Pinar Karsiyaka that changed everything in his career (20:45) - (21:43 ) His five most memorable moments with Fenerbahce (21:44) - (22:05) Why he can't pick one favorite Fenerbahce teammate (22:06) - (23:16) What he learned from Zeljko Obradovic (23:17) - (23:55) His own life lessons that he wants to teach to other players (23:57) - (25:06) If he considers himself an overachiever (25:07) - (26:14) The stories and background behind the mottos and hashtags that have followed him: Heart Over Height, Uptown Mamba etc (26:16) - (26:54) The most pissed off he felt after a game (26:54) - (27:59)  The most annoyed he ever became with something a coach told him
October 21, 2021
EurohooPOD Ep. 3 with Euroball living legend Kyle Hines
Four-time EuroLeague champion, Final Four recordman, First Vice President of ELPA Kyle Hines visits the Eurohoops podcast for a discussion with Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari. Hines talks about Olimpia Milano, the steps that have to be made for the benefit of players in European basketball, undersized centers, Vassilis Spanoulis, and a lot more. He also reveals that this season just might be the last of his career. (11:53) – (13:07) Olimpia Milano’s start in EuroLeague (13:08) – (15:00) how this Milano is better than last season’s team (15:22) – (17:38) The drive after losing the Italian League last season and coming one shot away from the EuroLeague Final (17:50) – (20:06) How Kyle Hines approaches what might be the last season in his career (20:21) – (21:08) Potential future with Milano (21:12) – (25:50) The skills that Kyle Hines has developed over the years as an undersized center and how he has enriched his game (25:51) -  (28:10) The progress and work that the EuroLeague Players Association has made so far and Kyle Hines' vision for the organization’s future (28:11) – 37:55 Necessary amenities that players should enjoy/Standards that should be implemented for the benefit and security of players in Europe (38:00) – (41:42) What Kyle Hines keeps and remembers the most from playing with Vassilis Spanoulis (41:45) – (42:48) How will Vassilis Spanoulis be as a coach (42:55) - (45:36) Kyle Hines' upcoming podcasts (45:37) – (48:40) Kyle Hines dream-guests for his podcasts
October 11, 2021
EurohooPOD Ep. 2: Exits and Entrances
Pau Gasol hang up his shoes to end a majestic 22-year career and a new Basketball Champions League season tipped off this week. Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari discuss their most memorable moments of Pau Gasol on and off the court and they dive into five former NBAers that have landed in the BCL. Additionally, they explore the refurbished EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge with five must-have picks for Round 2.
October 06, 2021
EurohooPOD Ep. 1: The Battle Begins
A new EuroLeague season starts tonight and Eurohoops predicts the top teams and best players that will dominate the competition: Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari welcome Alex Madrid and John Rammas to talk about Eurohoops’ Power Rankings and Top 100 and their playoff favorites while breaking down the most important games of Round 1
September 30, 2021