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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

By Europhoria
Welcome to Europhoria, where two self-confessed Eurovision obsessives delve into the great, glam and garish stories from Eurovision's past.

Each week Isobel and Roland keep you updated on the most recent song contest news, explore the rich history of the competition and attempt to create their own successful Eurovision entry.
Eurovision Semi-Phoria 2021 Pt. 2
Isobel and Roland are back to complete their judgy wudgy review of all of 2021's Eurovision songs and eventually decide who they think will win Eurovision 2021.  Will it be Iceland? Will it be Switzerland? Will it be France? Will it be Malta? Or will it be anyone else? Maybe! Who knows! But Isobel and Roland will try to figure it out. 
May 19, 2021
Eurovision Semi-Phoria 2021 Pt. 1
It's the eve of Eurovision week 2021 and after 2 years of waiting it is finally here! Isobel and Roland make their return to give their best judgy wudgy opinions of each Eurovision song participating in Eurovision 2021.  This part sees the pair review all songs from semi-final 1, including Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.  Tune in on Wednesday for the rest of the entries!  Happy Eurovision!
May 17, 2021
63 - The Encore
For the last time this season Isobel and Roland return and are bringing back one of the biggest revelations of the year. The pair read through the listener emails and discuss the latest updates for Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga before once more launching into a game which has taken the world by storm "Vag or no Vag".
May 28, 2020
Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light
The morning after the night before and despite feeling a little worse for wear, Roland and Isobel join together to discuss their experience of the night that never was: Eurovision 2020 AKA Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light. The pair discuss their highs and lows and the array of bevs that propelled them through the night.
May 21, 2020
Eurovision Semi-phoria 2020 Pt. 2
In what would have been Eurovision week, Isobel and Roland take you through each and every entry which would have taken part in this year's contest. In this episode the pair review each song in the second semi-final plus France, Spain and the United Kingdom's songs. Who do we think will qualify and who will be crowned winner of Eurovision 2020? Find out in this episode!
May 14, 2020
Eurovision Semi-phoria 2020 Pt. 1
As the week which would have been two semi-finals of Eurovision is about to begin, Isobel and Roland take you through each and every entry which would have taken part in this year's contest. In this episode the pair review each song in the first semi-final plus Germany, Italy and the Netherland's songs. Who do we think will qualify and how do we think they will do on the final night? Stay tuned to find out.
May 07, 2020
62 - The Blacklist Eurovision
Over the years, a select few songs which were selected by their nations to enter Eurovision never actually made it to the show, for a variety of reasons they fell by the wayside before even making it to the semi-final night of the competition. This week Isobel and Roland celebrate just a small selection of those songs by holding their very own alternative to the contest as they bring you the first ever Blacklist Eurovision.
April 30, 2020
61 - Chapel of Ease
In a break from usual programming, Isobel introduces a brand new game (to which she maintains all rights and responsibilities) which makes Roland blush consistently for 20 minutes, play along at home for the entertainment of yourself and those around you!
April 23, 2020
60 - Variety Pack 1
This week in Europhoria Roland is presenting a collection of Eurovision stories which were to short for their own individual episodes but are still (to varying degrees) worth discussing. This is followed by Isobel getting her best judgy wudgy out to give a review of Roland's attempts at creating a Eurovision smash hit.
April 16, 2020
59 - A Sparrow in Space
Isobel and Roland are back once again to tell tales from the great, glam and garish history of the Eurovision Song Contest. This weeks Isobel shares the trials and tribulations of Russian superstar Alex Sparrow. Roland then continues his quest to write and record a Eurovision smash hit.
April 09, 2020
58 - The Forgotten Voice of Croatia
Isobel and Roland are back and this week Roland is telling the tale of a man described as one of the best Croatian voices in the country's history and a symbol of Croatia. Roland then follows this up by trying to create a smash hit Eurovision song all about taking care of yourself.
April 02, 2020
57 - The Dramatic Life of Cloclo
Europhoria returns with the story of Claude Francois, a singer with a surprisingly long resume and even longer list of dramas. Isobel tells his tale before Roland once more attempts to create a Eurovision smash hit for Isobel to judge, this week is it time for a Marriage proposal? (No, it's not).
March 26, 2020
56 - Kidnap!
Isobel and Roland are returning to a weekly format for the foreseeable meaning all the more stories, songs and judgy wudginess for you to consume!  This week Roland tells and anxiety ridden story of organized crime and kidnap, the perfect story for when everyone's already feeling on edge! (Sorry!) Then Roland returns to producing attempts at creating his own Eurovision hit, find out how he does with his attempt; Irresponsible.
March 19, 2020
55 - Judgy Wudgy 2020 Preview
Isobel and Roland have finally returned from their extended break between Eurovision seasons and are ready to be their best judgy wudgy selves. In episode 55 the pair catch up on what's been happening in their own lives as well as the biggest stories happening in the build up to Eurovision 2020 before taking an in-depth look at the UK's entry "My Last Breath".
March 10, 2020
Eurovision 2019 - In Review
As the lights go out on the Eurovision stage for another year Isobel and Roland sit down to discuss the events of the night before. Was The Netherlands a worthy winner? How was the halftime show? What were the surprises? And who could be the special guest in 2020? All will be discussed in this week's episode!
May 20, 2019
Eurovision Semiphoria 2019 Pt. 2
We are well into Eurovision week now, with the first ten acts already into the final it is time for the second semi-final to take place and as such it is now up to Isobel and Roland to get judgy-wudgy on this second group of performers. In this episode they discuss which acts will make it through to the final, how well those acts could do on Saturday night and also stick their necks on the line to say exactly who they think will walk away with the crown this year. Have a wonderful Eurovision Final everyone and stay tuned for our review episode which will be published shortly after Saturday's show.
May 16, 2019
Eurovision Semiphoria 2019 Pt. 1
Eurovision 2019 is finally upon us and so, as is tradition, Isobel and Roland will take you through each and every entry into this year's contest. In this episode the pair review each song in the first semi-final plus France, Spain and Israel's songs. Who do we think will qualify and how do we think they will do on the final night? Stay tuned to find out. We are also delighted to announce that "Europhoria The Greatest Hits" is now available on all good streaming platforms; a compilation of Roland's best attempts at creating his own Eurovision smash hit. The next episode will be published on the morning of the second semi-final 2019.
May 14, 2019
54 - Lale's Song for Europe
It's episode 54 of the Europhoria podcast and Isobel and Roland are back to tell stories from the great, glam and garish past of the Eurovision song contest. This week Roland tells the story of Lale Andersen and how her song became an anthem for the soldiers of World War II, regardless of borders, boundaries and bunkers. Roland then attempts the impossible by creating a song which could possibly achieve douze point status for the second week in a row. Song: Turn Back My Clock
May 02, 2019
53 - The Big Fat Europhoria Pub Quiz
You are joining Isobel and Roland on a very special week, not only is it a bumper edition of "any other bid'ness" but Isobel has become quiz master for one week only and you're all invited to take part in her big fat Europhoria Pub Quiz, featuring questions covering many different topics from Eurovision past. Roland takes the reigns once more in an attempt to create a Eurovision smash hit, with this week's song named: "Boy Crush".
April 18, 2019
52 - Sandie Swagger
Isobel and Roland are back once more to tell tales of the great, glam and garish from Eurovision past. After catching up on some listener letters Roland proceeds to tell Isobel all about the UK's first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Sandie Shaw and her journey to stardom. After this Roland once again attempts to impress Isobel with his Euro-pop songwriting mastery and create a song that can win the Eurovision Song Contest.
April 04, 2019
51 - Scandalo Italiano
After a week's delay due to Isobel's jet-setting the fabulous Euro-pair return to take you once more into the stories of the great, glam and garish from Eurovision past. After wading through sackfulls of emails Isobel tells tale of the many scandalo's of the Sanremo Music Festival. Once the tales have been told we have a rather special attempt at the creation of a Eurovision smash hit!
March 21, 2019
50 - Sestre Are Doing It For Themselves
Isobel and Roland are here once again with a very special 50th official episode of the Europhoria Podcast. It's Roland's 30th birthday and the pair are finally reunited to record in the same room in over a year. After catching up on Eurovision news and some top-notch celeb-spotting, Roland tells the story of the fabulous Sestre from Slovenia and their less-than-fabulous journey to the Eurovision Song Contest. Roland then does his best to impress Isobel with this week's attempt at creating a Eurovision smash hit.
February 28, 2019
49 - Theaudience and the alternative Eurovision
Isobel and Roland return for the first proper episode of the season! After catching up on news of an old classroom callout and their thoughts on the UK's decision in Eurovision You Decide, Isobel tells the tale of the very limited edition event dubbed "The Alternative Eurovision", which some say launched the career of a true pop princess. Towards the end Roland relaunches his attempts to create a truly iconic Eurovision hit song, will this season be the one he finally does it? Tune in to find out!
February 14, 2019
48 - Eurovision You Decide 2019
We're baaaaaaaaaack! Just in time to have our judgy wudgy way with this year's Eurovision You Decide UK entrants, Isobel and Roland launch the new season of Europhoria in style. This week the pair catch up on everything that's happened over the past few months and then look ahead to the upcoming national finals and share one or two highlights. The new season will continue every two weeks between now and when the big show finally arrives. Prepare for stories galore in the new season of Europhoria!
January 31, 2019
47 - Lance that Boyle!
Well that's it, Eurovision is over for another year, but that won't stop Isobel and Roland from relishing in great, glam and garish stories from Eurovision past. This week Roland explains the dramatic and often tragic life of Eurovision legend Katie Boyle, before closing up the season with a collaborative song. We will return soon!
May 17, 2018
Eurovision 2018 - The Complete Guide
Eurovision 2018 is less than a week away and so Isobel and Roland are here to take you on a bumper episode discussing everything you need to know about all the songs featuring in the competition this year. Featuring special guest opinion from Matt Baker (not from Blue Peter) and Eurovision betting expert Stephen Cass. 
May 08, 2018
46 - The Legend of Lys
Episode 46 of the Europhoria Podcast and Isobel and Roland are back to discuss one of the indisputable legends of Eurovision, Lys Assia and the story of the first ever Eurovision song contest. Then, after more than a year of waiting, something truly magical happens... listen to find out what!
April 26, 2018
45 - Songs, Lies and Chihuahua S**t
Episode 45 of Europhoria and Roland and Isobel catch up with some correspondence before Roland tells his story of a Eurovision scandal in Belarus which ended up involving the peak of power. After the story the pair commence their new game using Google's translate tool to create brand new songs from previously featured Eurovision hits. Can this be the path to create a Eurovision hit?
April 05, 2018
44 - Microstates
Episode 44 of Europhoria and Isobel and Roland settle in to discuss the issue of Microstates in the Eurovision Song Contest. Can they win? If they do are they able to host? And where will Roland and Isobel go on their tour of the countries?  After Isobel's story the pair continue their quest to create a perfect Eurovision Song, this time using the help of Google Translate to write new lyrics.
March 22, 2018
43 - The Transformation
Episode 43 of Europhoria and after catching up on (some of) the latest Eurovision news Roland tells Isobel the tale of one of the biggest transformations of a Eurovision act and consequently their entire country.  The quest to create the perfect Eurovision song continues, and this week we're throwing some words into the mix as well. Could this be the week we finally crack it? Not likely!
March 08, 2018
42 - It's Siegel not Eagle
Episode 42 of the Europhoria podcast and Isobel tells the tale of a man who is often overlooked but owns some of the biggest Euovision records (we're talking Guinness, not vinyl). Roland and Isobel then take their first steps in creating music to be curated and created by the audience, be sure to get in touch with advice!
February 22, 2018
41 - Not so Wonderful Copenhagen
Episode 41 of the Europhoria podcast and it's time to learn how (or how not) to make the most out of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in your country, and find out about the deep deep irony of the company named "Wonderful Copenhagen". Then Roland and Isobel continue their efforts to scientifically design the greatest Eurovision song of all time. This week they analyse pitch and key.
February 08, 2018
Miniphoria - Eurovision You Decide 2018
In this special bonus episode Isobel and Roland give their views on each of the six acts entering the UK national finals "Eurovision You Decide". Who will be their favourite, will they fly into space with Liam? Will they battle storms with SuRie? And which song makes Isobel particularly angry? Listen to find out!
January 28, 2018
40 - Julio Iglesias & Burgeoning Sexuality
Europhoria season 3 kicks off with a bang as Isobel tells the tale of the world famous Julio Iglesias and how he went from being a footballer to a lawyer to a world famous musician who took part in Eurovision 1970. Roland then explains a new format for creating a Eurovision song attempt where you yourself can get involved in helping us create a smash hit. Tune back in later this week to hear a bonus episode of Roland and Isobel's take on this year's Eurovision You Decide entries.
January 25, 2018
39 - Pre-Season 3 Miniphoria
We're back baby! Like two intrepid explorers waking up from deep space stasis sleep, Roland and Isobel get underway catching up on the Eurovision news that happened in their absence. This week's episode is a miniphoria intended to ease everyone into the flow but season three begins properly next week so be sure to tune in then when normal programming will resume!
January 11, 2018
38 - Farewell but not Goodbye
Episode 38 of the Europhoria podcast and it is the last episode of this season! After discussing some lovely emails Roland tells Isobel about the highs and lows of one Eurovision power couple. Roland then tries one more time to produce a Eurovision song, however, this week he has included a message for Isobel. Isobel then joins the fun by producing a surprise of her own to wrap up the season! See you next time! Show Timing 2:28 - Eurovision News 3:48 - Any Other Bid'ness 10:56 - Eurovision Story 33:10 - Eurovision Song Attempt
November 02, 2017
37 - Fan Club
Episode 37 of the Europhoria podcast and Isobel and Roland open up a rather mysterious wine to kick off the show. Isobel then proceeds to tell the tale of how one of her favourite lines from a Euovision song came to be. Roland then attempts to create a song to win over the Tween Girls and get them to vote! Will it convince Isobel? Listen to find out! Show Timings 5:41 - Eurovision News 8:35 - Any Other Bid'ness 11:02 - Eurovision Story 32:33 - Eurovision Song Attempt
October 19, 2017
36 - Floodgates
Episode 36 of the Europhoria podcast and after catching up on some lovely mail Roland proceeds to finish up his Eurovision trilogy of when former singers become political with the amazing tale of Kiev's Queen of the Night. Isobel then tolerates Roland's attempt to create a Eurovision smash hit yet another time, but how well will he score? Show Timings 3:11 - Eurovision News 4:30 - Any Other Bid'ness 12:54 - Eurovision Story 38:13 - Eurovision Song Attempt
October 12, 2017
35 - Build Them Peace (Tangents!)
Episode 35 of the Europhoria podcast and Roland and Isobel are feeling a little funny, which means things go off at a bit of a tangent also meaning you get an extra bumper length episode! Isobel explains about a man who decided to make himself a feature of Eurovision 2010. Roland then takes a different tack with his Eurovision song attempt.  Show Timings 3:55 - Eurovision News 7:47 - Any Other Bid'ness 9:39 - Eurovision Story 45:00 - Eurovision Song Attempt
October 05, 2017
34 - Give Me Your Whole
Episode 34 of the Europhoria Podcast and Roland is continuing his trilogy of former Eurovision stars who dip their toes in the world of politics. This week Roland focusses the lens on an Irish legend in the competition. Roland then tries to get a little funky with his attempt to create a Eurovision smash hit song. Can Isobel handle the funk? Will Roland take it too far? Listen to find out! Show Timing 5:07 - Eurovision News 7:14 - Any Other Bid'ness 14:56 - Eurovision Story 36:57 - Eurovision Song Attempt
September 28, 2017
33 - Can't Tie Me Down
Episode 33 of the Europhoria Podcast and this week we take a (slightly rambling) look at the wonderful life of a legend in Romani music, one Esma Redžepova. Along the way we also discuss the Borat movie, Isobel's shoe collection and a snake eating a fish (hence to bonus-length runtime!). Roland then attempts to make amends for his offensive Eurovision song played last week by performing a song with a rather more upbeat message to it! Show Timings 3:16 - Any Other Bid'ness 11:06 - Eurovision Story 47:40 - Eurovision Song Attempt
September 21, 2017
32 - The Eurollover
Episode 32 of the Europhoria podcast and things get political with a twist in this week's episode. After opening a rather exotic (and rather sweet) wine the pair discuss one of the most popular Eurovision songs of all time. Roland is very tired... what impact will this have on his Eurovision song attempt? Listen to find out. Show Timings 3:43 - Eurovision News 5:20 - Any other Bid'ness 13:12 - Eurovision Story 37:03 - Eurovision Song Attempt
September 14, 2017
31 - World Problems
Episode thirty one of the Europhoria podcast and whatever Isobel promises she delivers. So this week we dive headfirst into the weird and wonderful world of the UK's infamous rapping entry, Daz Sampson. In honour of Daz, Roland attempts to imagine what a 2018 entry from the man himself would sound like. Find out if Isobel can be convinced on the virtues of Hip Hop in Eurovision. Show Timings 3:33 - Eurovision News 5:03 - Eurovision Story 37:51 - Eurovision Song Attempt
September 07, 2017
30 - Cold Caller
Episode thirty of the Europhoria podcast and after a week off in Edinburgh Isobel returns to the podcast, perfectly in time for Roland to tell her all about the worst man in the history of the Eurovision song contest. Roland then attempts to convince her he's written a Eurovision smash hit with his latest song submission. How will Isobel react? Show Timings 2:53 - Eurovision News 8:22 - Any other Bid'ness 15:12 - Eurovision Story 37:28 - Eurovision song attempt
August 31, 2017
The Missing Episode
Isobel has gone to Edinburgh to spread the good word about Eurovision so we're taking a gap this week.  However, in order to bridge the gap until then Isobel has a very special 'treat' for all of you! Enjoy and see you next week!
August 24, 2017
29 - Fill Me Up
Episode 29 of the Europhoria Podcast and after a busy weekend Isobel and Roland are back to delve into the history of Eurovision. This week Isobel tells tale of the first black singer in the contest. Meanwhile Roland's attempts at creating metaphors in his song attempt forces an overwhelming reaction from Isobel. Show timing 4:16 - Eurovision News 5:30 - Any other bid'ness 14:30 - Eurovision Story 35:30 - Eurovision song attempt
August 17, 2017
28 - Love's Not A Film...
Episode 28 of the Europhoria podcast and Roland and Isobel have a sackful of your lovely mail to get through. After they do this and update the prize fund for the winner of the song contest Roland tells the tale of the calamitous Eurovision Song Contest 1991. Roland then tries to win Isobel over with his song about love. Will it be met with love in return or the fire of Isobel's fury, tune in to find out! Show Timing 3:34 - Eurovision News 4:20 - Any Other Bid'ness 17:05 - Eurovision Story 40:18 - Eurovision Song Attempt 
August 10, 2017
27 - Let's Get Down To Business
Episode 27 of Europhoria and once again Isobel delves deep into the archives of Eurovision hopefuls to tell the tale of the weirdest band in the world. After a remarkable story about a remarkable band Roland attempts to do the remarkable and satisfy Isobel's need for Euro-pop. Will he succeed by creating the next entry for Eurovision? Listen to find out! Show Timings 2:05 - Any Other Bid'ness 7:40 - Eurovision Story 38:08 - Eurovision Song Attempt
August 03, 2017
26 - Strange Things
Episode 26 of Europhoria and because Roland is spending the next week in New York, he and Isobel are doing back to back episodes, so prepare for a boozy couple of weeks! Roland returns to an earlier story to pick up on one very small element, which, since recording, has blown up into a global political scandal. In an attempt to win more points from Isobel this week in the song judgement, Roland comes up with ideas for how to stage his song attempt. Show Timings 4:06 - Eurovision News 6:14 - Any other Bid'ness 10:00 - Eurovision Story 36:20 - Eurovision Song Attempt
July 27, 2017
25 - Friend or Foe
Episode 25 of Europhoria and Isobel and Roland are discussing a rather unusual, and very furry halftime show of a Eurovision contest from time gone by. Roland then tries to correct his extremely poor showing of writing a song contest entry from last week. Will he succeed? Tune in to find out!
July 20, 2017
24 - Vision in Black
Episode 24 of Europhoria and Isobel has had a big weekend, but fortunately it is Roland's turn to tell a story this week. After a quick catch-up with Any Other Bid'ness Roland explains the long and complex relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan. After the triumph of last week's song RSVP, can Roland be just as successful this week? Unlikely, but listen to find out! Show Timings 3:40 - Any Other Bid'ness 16:25 - Eurovision Story 53:05 - Eurovision Song Attempt 
July 13, 2017
23 - RSVP
Episode 23 of Europhoria and Isobel is telling the tale of one of the most prolific contenders in Eurovision history. After sharing a KitKat between the two of them Roland pays Isobel his attempt at creating a Eurovision hit. How will she react? Listen to find out! Show Timings 5:25 - Eurovision News 9:04 - Any other bid'ness 14:45 - Eurovision story 38:40 - Eurovision song attempt
July 06, 2017
22 - Ooh La La
Episode 22 of the Europhoria Podcast and it is time for Roland to tell the Forrest Gump-esque tale of Jean-Claude Pascal, who turned his hand to pretty much every creative industry there is. Once more Isobel judges Roland's attempt at creating a Eurovision song and does her best to guide him in finally reaching the heady heights of Euro-stardom. Show Timings 3:10 - Eurovision News 5:03 - Any other Bid'ness 6:39 - Eurovision Story 35:42 - Eurovision Song Attempt
June 29, 2017
21 - We Are Here
We are well and truly back! After taking a month off to recover from the dramatic Eurovision Final in Ukraine Isobel and Roland make a triumphant return. In Episode 21 the pair catch up on all the goss that has happened during their time off before Isobel launches into her story about one of the most iconic and powerful (and sexy) figures in Eurovision history. Roland's search for the perfect Eurovision song continues this week with an a-political protest song. Show timings 5:53 - Any other Bid'ness 8:55 - Eurovision News 14:00 - Eurovision story 35:08 - Eurovision song attempt
June 22, 2017
Eurovision Final 2017 (With bonus 'The Reverend' interview!)
Well here it is, the grand final of Eurovision 2017, the day we have all been waiting for.  In this special episode, Isobel and Roland recap some of the highest highs and lowest lows from the night itself and discuss some of their own personal experiences watching the competition. The results of Roland and Isobel's prediction competition are revealed and at the end Isobel has a very special conversation with The Reverend himself! Europhoria will return on the 15th of June 2017!
May 18, 2017
Semi-phoria 2017 - Part 2
It's the second Eurovision Semi-Final and Isobel and Roland are once more joined by the wonderful Benji Jeffrey to evaluate the contestants taking part. The second semi-final really is a very mixed bag, from some club bangers to songs which make the room positively angry, there's a little something for everyone in this week's episode. Have an amazing day on Eurovision itself and we will see you next week! 
May 11, 2017
Semi-phoria 2017 - Part 1
Eurovision 2017 is fast approaching and it is time to begin evaluating the participants. This week Isobel and Roland are joined by special guest Benji Jeffrey to judge the songs taking part in the first Semi-final of 2017. Finally, for the first time in Europhoria history, someone other than Roland brings a potential Eurovision song to be judged by Isobel! Show Timings 4:38 - Any other bid'ness 14:13 - Semi-finalist judging 52:00 - Eurovision song attempt
May 04, 2017
20 - Devil in Disguise
Episode 20 of Europhoria and Roland steps back into his comfort zone of political controversy, revolutions and unpreparedness. Meanwhile, will Isobel take kindly to Roland's latest attempt at winning over the audience with his latest Eurovision song attempt? Episode Timings 3:05 - Eurovision News 6:16 - Any other bid'ness 9:27 - Eurovision story 33:37 - Eurovision song attempt  
April 27, 2017
19 - Wait for the Weekend
Episode 19 of the Europhoria podcast and Isobel tells the story of one of the most poetic entrants ever to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Roland then attempts to create his own Eurovision smash hit, however Isobel has her own ideas as to where this song would best be played. Show Timings 2:51 - Eurovision News 5:08 - Any other Bid'ness 10:25 - Eurovision Story 38:35 - Eurovision entry attempt  
April 20, 2017
18 - Easy Come Easy Go
Episode 18 of Europhoria seeks to explain why Andreas Kümmert had to turn down the opportunity compete in Eurovision live on stage in front of thousands of people and Roland finds out he decided to write a breakup song at just the most/least perfect time possible! Timings 3:11 - Eurovision News 6:42 - Eurovision story 37:28 - Roland's Eurovision attempt
April 13, 2017
17 - Xnthony
Episode 17 is a very special episode indeed as Isobel and Roland are joined by the delicious Xnthony. With Xnthony's help the pair go through some of their favourite songs that Roland has produced so far to see which would be the best song to enter Eurovision, and which have been unfairly judged. In a Europhoria first this week's episode ends with not one, not two, but three live performances, so stay tuned for something extremely special!
April 06, 2017
16 - Body-lingual
Episode 16 of Europhoria and Summer is finally here! Once more Isobel and Roland dive deep into their sack of mail and face up to a media backlash! Isobel tells the intriguing tale of Eurovision's first nonsense song and then Roland attempts to win Isobel round with his attempt at writing and recording a Eurovision smash hit. Timing 3:33 - Eurovision News 7:54 - Any other bid'ness 17:05 - Eurovision story 37:26 - Eurovision hit attempt #15
March 30, 2017
15 - Robo Boogie 2000*
Episode 15 of Europhoria and we're only slightly behind on the news that Russia is banned from Eurovision 2017! (Damn scheduling) In this episode Roland and Isobel empty out the mailbag and discuss a certain loose-legged legend from (sort of) Ireland. Roland then attempts to create a retro Eurovision hit for Isobel to judge. Timings 2:37 - Eurovision News 5:03 - Any other bid'ness 16:12 - Eurovision Story 38:30 - Eurovision Song Attempt
March 23, 2017
14 - Festival Fun Fun
It's episode 14 of Europhoria, a podcast about the great, glam and garish from Eurovision past. This week is most certainly a week of extreme highs and extreme... well let's leave some mystery for the end shall we!? Also discussed this week is the fabulous final of Melodifestivalen. Timings 2:48 - Eurovision News 8:20 - Any Other Bid'ness 16:54 - Eurovision History 34:52 - Eurovision entry attempt
March 16, 2017
13 - Man Oh Man
Episode thirteen of the Europhoria podcast and Roland attempts to make good on his previous story by telling the tale of the link between Eurovision and a strange UFO sect (two of Isobel's favourite topics). Isobel then gives her judgement on Roland's attempt to create a smash Eurovision hit. Will Roland reach the heady heights of "United We Dance"? Timings 2:35 - Eurovision News 5:23 - Any Other Bid'ness 10:49 - Eurovision story 32:51 - Roland's Eurovision song
March 09, 2017
12 - Change the World
Episode 12 of Europhoria and Isobel is going all out to make Roland and all of the listeners cry. After some new correspondence with 'The Reverend', Isobel tells her tale of a songwriter with his sights set on representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest. After which Roland attempts to create his own Eurovision entry, which is judged (and I mean judged) by Isobel. Timings 4:39 - Eurovision News 12:28 - Any Other Bid'ness 16:46 - Eurovision Story 33:10 - Roland's Eurovision Attempt
March 02, 2017
11 - How Long is a Piece of Love?
Episode 11 of Europhoria and Roland has been fraternising with shadowy figures from Eurovision history. Isobel takes aim at a certain Primate-based Eurovision entry and Roland once more attempts to create a song worthy for the Eurovision song contest. This week the discussion turns to the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, and we do eventually get back onto the topic of Eurovision. Timeline 3:19 - Eurovision News 7:35 - Any Other Bid'ness 13:44 - Eurovision History 35:40 - Roland's Eurovision Attempt
February 23, 2017
10 - The Serious Song
Episode 10 of the Europhoria podcast and in an attempt to lift spirits after last week, Isobel tells a beautiful story about a wonderful PVC-clad entry from Iceland. Also this week Isobel and Roland give a quick round-up of Melodifestivalen Semi-Final 2 and Roland attempts once more to make it to the halls of Eurovision royalty with his own entry into the contest. Timeline 6:15 - Any Other Bid'ness 10:22 - Eurovision News 14:45 - Eurovision Story 40:48 - Roland's Eurovision attempt
February 16, 2017
8 - The Colours of the World
Episode 8 of Europhoria and Isobel and Roland have fully recovered from the excitement of the UK's Eurovision: You Decide. In this week's episode Isobel explains to Roland about the wonderful Buranoskiye Babushki, also known as 'The Russian Grannies'. Roland then attempts to maintain the success of his Eurovision songwriting after last week's surprise success.
February 02, 2017
Mini-phoria #2: Eurovision You Decide Report
In a special bonus episode Isobel and Roland return from the dramatic events which took place at Eurovision You Decide and discuss the people they met along the way as well as giving their view on the performances and the eventual winner who will be representing the UK at Eurovision this year. Be sure to tune in on Thursday for a resuming of usual scheduled programming. 
January 30, 2017
7 - You Decide: The Contestants
Episode 7 of Europhoria, and it is a very special day in the Europhoria studio, the candidates have been made public for 'Eurovision: You Decide'. In a break from normal scheduled programming, Isobel and Roland go through each act to analyse which song will give the UK its best shot at winning and then take a look at just what it takes to become a Eurovision champion.
January 26, 2017
6 - Taste the Air
Episode 6 of Europhoria and real-life Isobel returns to the studio to discuss what Andorra has been doing wrong all these years whilst Roland explains the connection between Eurovision and two million people holding hands. All good shows end with a song and dance, sadly dance doesn't translate onto the podcast format, so instead take a listen to Roland's attempt at creating a Eurovision hit.
January 19, 2017
5 - Euro Girl
Episode 5 of Europhoria and Isobel has been drunk for three straight weeks now. This week we delve into the surprisingly dark world of Bucks Fizz and find out exactly what did go wrong with Jemini. Then find out if Isobel will be delighted or shatter Roland's dreams (probably both) of writing a Eurovision smash hit!
January 12, 2017
Mini-phoria #1
In a break from normal scheduling Isobel and Roland launch the first Mini-Phoria episode in which the hosts discuss the origins of their love for the competition and some of their best, and worst memories over the years of Eurovision viewing.
January 05, 2017
4 - Love on the Night Line
Episode 4 of Europhoria takes a look at one of the most dangerous journeys ever taken to participate in the Eurovision song contest and looks at how one song began an entire revolution. Also, Isobel either dashes Roland's dreams or pleasantly surprises him as he pursues his attempt at creating a Eurovision smash hit.
December 29, 2016
3 - We Stood For Song
Episode 3 of the Europhoria Podcast goes deep into the tensions that arose during the cold war and Eurovision's own cold war against the Intervision Song Contest as well as the life and times of recent X Factor runner up Saara Alto. As with each week we close the episode with our attempt to create our own Eurovision smash hit.
December 22, 2016
2 - My Heart Begins To Beat
Welcome to episode 2 of the Europhoria podcast, where Isobel and Roland delve into the great, glam and garish from Eurovision past. This week we take a look at the connection between Cliff Richard and dictator General Franco and find out what went wrong in the 1969 song contest as well as make a second attempt at creating our own Eurovision hit.
December 15, 2016
1 - United We Dance Divided We Fall
Welcome to Europhoria, where two self-confessed Eurovision obsessives delve into the great, glam and garish stories from Eurovision's past. Each week Isobel and Roland keep you updated on the most recent song contest news, explore the rich history of the competition and attempt to create their own successful Eurovision entry. This week Roland delves into the story of Iceland's most contentious entry ever: Sylvia Night. While Isobel explores the controversies surrounding Israel's history in the contest. Rounding up the episode Isobel rates Roland's latest attempt at creating a successful Eurovision song entry.
December 06, 2016