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Episode 38: The Beauty of the Beast, How to Be Fluent in Sex & Love, & Why!

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A live conversation about sex & intimacy, fact & euphemism, gender & patriarchy, body mind soul. An educational platform aiming to launch a new collective language & inclusive cultural acceptance through articulate, conscious sex. Eve Eurydice is the author of books on sexuality (Satyricon USA w Scribner, f/32 The Second Coming w Virago), The Sex Files column, founder of The Institute For Self-Satisfaction. Interviews news sex lives truths facts. Real sex, real talk. Be on the frontlines of Sex in America: Speak Sex.
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A live conversation about sex & intimacy, fact & euphemism, gender & patriarchy, body mind soul. An educational platform aiming to launch a new collective language & inclusive cultural acceptance through articulate, conscious sex. Eve Eurydice is the author of books on sexuality (Satyricon USA w Scribner, f/32 The Second Coming w Virago), The Sex Files column, founder of The Institute For Self-Satisfaction. Interviews news sex lives truths facts. Real sex, real talk. Be on the frontlines of Sex in America: Speak Sex.
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Episode 44: Truth Above All. Know Your Self & Speak it. Sexual Honesty Will Set Us Free.
Eve Eurydice speaks sex with Haaz Sleiman, a Lebanese-American actor who has starred in movies like The Visitor, The State, Of Kings & Prophets, & TV series like Nurse Jackie, ER, Nikita, 24, NCIS etc. His next part is in a Marvel Superhero film. Haaz came out in a video he posted online
November 16, 2019
Episode 43: Revolutionary Wicca as Fem Resistance for Conscious Living: Deprogram Yourself & Be Free
Eve Eurydice speaks with the Goddess Collective (artists Iyanna James-Stephenson, Jade Lilly, Gianna Sol Auset, Dyna Edyne) about living in touch with Nature & the Seasons, Synchronizing our bodies with the Universe, enhancing the flow in our energy with our body’s Creative birth power! We can each practice magic & revolutionary witchcraft by changing our food choices & word choices, by making our words & our consumption Conscious—with Veganism, farmers markets, recycling. We each have the potential to tap into our magic, starting with what we put in our bodies, detoxing our energy by burning sage or Palo santo, holding & charging crystals, using candlelight, matching our words to our intentions! Sex & Eros involve magic, that’s why we feel we are under a spell. We can use this magic to talk to each other truth & to turn around our mood & feelings from dark to light, from fear to hope, from doubt to conviction. So long as we don’t come from our ego, don’t impose on another’s free will, don’t forget that every act has an unexpected consequence, we can’t undo our programming & the false identity of our growing up. Magic gives us permission to act on our desires; to look unique & original; to feel empowered to say what we want & ask for it which is a rebellious act of fem resistance itself. Learning honesty & unapologetic consciousness is what Speak Sex is for. ⚡️ This is our most Feel Good & Happy Space Episode! ⚡️
November 2, 2019
Episode 42: Boudoir Surreal party: Eros, Tantra pujas, Shibari bonds, Painted Bodies & Sex For All!
Eve Eurydice speaks with the founder of Boudoir Surreal, Ian Max Karmin, & the founders of HIP Tantra. Boudoir Surreal is a Masquerade Gala inspired by the Rothschild Illuminati Ball & Salvador Dali held in Miami this Saturday. Ian Karmin is also a Shibari rope master & instructor, self-suspension aficionado & Tantra practitioner. HIP Tantra is the brainchild of Kathryn & Serge Gasc & offers tantric love coaching workshops & pink tantra experiences. Listen & Enjoy the Party! ⚡️💥
October 17, 2019
Episode 41: How to Practice Non-Toxic Masculinity & Sex Magick! Tips for Dicks!
Eve Eurydice speaks woke masculinity with presenters at the Sex Magick event dedicated to masculinity held at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach. Holistic educator Alessandra Calderin aka bone seed, tantric healer Justin Gottlieb, aka tantra love coach, spoken word poet, thinker & DJ Alan Epps, & author, speaker, coach Lynn Everard bring their thoughts & lessons of masculinity to the conversation. We discuss how men can learn & practice healthy, non-toxic masculinity if they take the time to be conscious & open to new experience, & we agree that this practice leads to lasting happiness for both genders. We give simple examples of nontoxic masculinity as well as practical tips for men & the women who love them. Listen & pass the word! & Be Patient, Man of the Western World!
October 14, 2019
Episode 40: Tell Me Your Truth: Serial Monogamy, Polyamory, Radical Pleasure, Kink, Hookup Culture.
Eve Eurydice speaks with a group of friends—who work in corporate, marketing, yoga, graffiti art, writing—about their sexual practices in honesty, in a way they’ve never dared speak in public before. We discuss alternative relationship structures, the evolving lingo of sex, polyamory with emphasis on amor, how to have a full blown romantic relationship alongside ones marriage, how Polyamory & Kink simplify sexual/power exchange because they require extra consent & clarification & codification, giving the partners a language to be honest in. One guest has found that being committed to a spouse isn’t being crazy in love, & being committed to his marriage can include being committed to loving his girlfriend within the understood parameters. Another guest tries to practice radical pleasure activism by choosing partners energetically & psychically & appreciating the friendship element of sex regardless of gender & appearance. Another guest explains why speaking about sex is really hard which is why we subtitle the show: ‘Sorry Mom!” Real sex, real talk. Get real with us. Speak sex.
October 9, 2019
Episode 39: On the Battle of the Sexes: Yes, we Differ, from how we Perform to how we Feel sexually
Eve Eurydice answers listeners’ questions, joined by her friends Dolores & Mr. X whose differing views of humanity & sexuality make for a wild, unpredictable multilayered conversation on today’s gender differences, sexual changes & psychosexual habits. This is our uncensored Monthly Q&A. If you want your questions to be featured, DM Eve!
October 2, 2019
Episode 38: The Beauty of the Beast, How to Be Fluent in Sex & Love, & Why!
Eve Eurydice speaks with Mateo Serna Zapata, Miami artist & photographer, & Kyla Thomas & Joshua Rosado, established Miami dancers who are his models. We discuss that the dominant culture has turned our purest instincts into shame & guilt in order to control our ‘animal’ nature & convinced us that nature is impure whereas the mind, which can be brainwashed, is pure. By returning to Nature we take back our power. By speaking sex we bring us back to nature where we belong among our fellow life forms. We discuss dancers’ bodies & minds at work, in rehearsal, in groove, in casting calls, on stage beheld by the male gaze which turns the exposed body into porn, fine line between professionalism & commercialism, fine art & advertising. We discuss polyamory, body standards, sex positions, queer identity & sex labels, nudity or nakedness, mass culture & social media policing & fracturing us. We Identify the tools we need to speak sex fluently, not just through body language but through language. We discuss patriarchy not as a gender driven authority but a tyranny over both sexes. Let us make open communication as normal as it is natural so that love allows space for individuality. Lying, cheating, drama, pain, arguing, guilt, fear would be avoided if we could be speaking freely about love & sex with our partners. Listen & you’ll find yourself nodding along. Lots of truth came out on this cast!
September 23, 2019
Episode 37: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom: How to Be an Empowered Whole (Sexual) Woman Everyday!
Eve Eurydice speaks with Emily Meghan Morrow Howe aka Femily, gender inclusion strategist who advises tech companies on non-binary gender workplace equality practices, & Genevieve LeJeune, founder of the skirt club, the global society for bicurious women which has 13,000 members in 13 countries, about being a Liberated BossLady in a Male-Dominated Work Environment. Of course, since our whole Society is a Male-Dominated Patriarchy, the conversation quickly expanded to cover what Practices can make Women more Aware of Injustice & Prejudice in their Lives & how to stand up to them. Whether you’re underpaid or overlooked for promotions, ignored or interrupted or inundated by mansplaining, sexually harassed or objectified, this sexual empowerment conversation is for you. Stay with it & you’ll find useful tricks for your daily womxn consciousness practice. The next sexual revolution will start at the level of our self-awareness & our one on one daily relationships improved by new ways of speaking to each other. Love & Light & Speak Sex!
September 8, 2019
Episode 36: How Our Daily Lives Are Studies in the Sociology of Sex & Gender
Eve Eurydice speaks with Alexandra Gelbard, a sociologist focused on issues of the African diaspora in the Cuban community, about cross-cultural patriarchy & the exotification of the foreign female by the native male gaze. She describes the dynamic & positionality of working in all male spaces as a white woman. We discuss the caballerismo of most machismo that turns women into feeble accessible objects with no bodily autonomy. She gives us a lesson in Cuban spiritual lineages. She describes being followed in the streets by men who declare: I like your body! which is how EE grew up surrounded by men who feel entitled to any female bodies out of their family homes. We discuss bridging the inner split bn body & mind that patriarchy trains & controls us through & reclaiming our holistic beings. We touch on the importance of data collection for archival study & preservation. We look at human history (herstory) for the overview effect & we bear witness as we aim to embrace the power of the divine feminine in our daily lives personally, professionally, spiritually.
July 14, 2019
Episode 34: What Women Talk About When We Talk About Sex
Eve Eurydice speaks with three of her women friends, Starr Sariego, Tamara & Mariella, & gives you a peek into What Woman Talk About When They Talk About Sex. In this episode we talk about becoming sexually happier with age & freedom; about our surprising sexual journeys, especially post divorce & post mothering, when most women become more sexual than ever with the sexual liberation that comes post-menopause. We discuss sexual experience as a form of sociology & socialization & our new sexual awareness. We re-evaluate gender roles, dating apps, initiating sex, embracing our new confidence & avoiding passivity, & the scent & grooming of men. We all agree that sexual labels limit us & we like to keep our sexual identities fluid & flexible. We share some life-changing sexual firsts & our cultural sexual silencing & repressions. We discuss ‘losing our virginities’ & We celebrate everything we have done sexually. Eve Eurydice speaks about being born Lesbian from the island of Lesbos & its effect on her psyche & her sexuality. People, Talking Truth Relieves the Blues!
June 22, 2019
Episode 33: On Complicating Sex & God, in the Moral-Sexual Oppression of Men of Color, & Moonlight
Eve Eurydice speaks w Tyrone Smith, a successful artist in the music industry (here in pseudonym) who identifies as hetero but has a lot of secrets & other truths to tells us. Tyrone sees the dominant Western religions as the foundations of patriarchy: Whereas animistic mother- & nature-based religions were sex positive & early agape offered love to everyone, official monotheism has turned humanity’s pleasures into dehumanizing addictions & demonized sex. Tyrone says that the master’s tools won’t dismantle the master’s house, & the gods of the oppressor won’t facilitate liberation. As long as the colonizer’s religion spiritually controls POC, it will oppress & silence them. We criticize the biases of Hollywood, the Vatican, the news media & tech. We want to bring Agape back to faith & bring sex out to the light. That is our own conversion therapy: take time to think for ourselves & create our own truths. Join us & DM me what you think.⚡️
June 15, 2019
Episode 32: Bring God back into Nature, Find your Juicy Core & Live in your Body w pleasure&consent
Eve Eurydice speaks with the co-founders of the church of the cosmic cunt: Frida Future, Sarah Brujita, & Luna Elisa, about the dream & the drive propelling this sexual body & Mother Earth centered lifestyle movement. Our original sin was to separate god from the earth. It is our collective calling to reunite the divine to the earth & reunite our identity to the earth & find our cunt core instinct & live by it with pleasure & consent at every moment & no harm done. Do Whatever juices you up & share the juicy invitations to liberation with everyone. Cunt consciousness is the ultimate food & the deepest personal fulfillment. Practice Multi-way ultra presence in your body, slowness & conscious checking-in with your body & you can normalize sexual feeling & sexual space & be in bliss.
June 9, 2019
Episode 31: Sex & Dating Etiquette, What Do Men Want, What do Women Think. Monthly Roundtable Q&A.
Eve Eurydice answers listeners’ questions sent to SpeakSexPodcast on story & DM on instagram. She’s joined by her friends Dolores & Mr. X who don’t know one another & who hold v different views of humanity & sexuality. Join us for a wild, unpredictable, uncensored, multilayered conversation on today’s psychosocial norms. The Monthly Q&A is like the Speak Sex version of The View. If you want your questions to be featured, ask Eve!
June 3, 2019
Episode 30: Time to Press Reset on How we View & Have Sex, or Time to Remember Lysistrata.
Eve Eurydice speaks with feminist artist Belaxis Buil about giving meaning back to sex by redefining the magic of our sexuality, by resisting the religiocultural assumption that women seduce men, & by abstaining, Lysistrata-style, until we no longer feel that we are giving ourselves away. We discuss the value of being out in the public sphere & being in the present moment instead of in a state of permanently delayed gratification, while abstaining from celebrity & corporate culture which uses the female body to sell products & which veils us in layers of transactional exchange that disconnect us from each other. We discuss body image battles & the struggle to not dichotomize ourselves when our sex ed consists of porn or silence. We argue for sex as a spiritual exchange of energy, we demonstrate faking an orgasm & we brainstorm a performance piece of radical honesty that would chip away at the lineage of secrets we are raised on.
May 27, 2019
Episode 29: Rediscover your Female Plenty & Access your Healing Superpower w the Goddess Collective
Eve Eurydice speaks with Jade the photographer, Iyanna the model, Gianna Auset the jewelry designer, Dyna Edyne the singer, & Jasmine Nicole the artist clothing designer, who together make the Goddess Collective. We discuss our collective commitment to working toward a new more independent model of womanhood personally & professionally, privately & publicly. We are willing to sacrifice intimacy & pleasure to truth, respect, dignity & agency, to find comfort in our nature & celebrate our difference. We want to create beauty, meaning & change more than we want to be loved & exotified. We invite you to listen to us & to send your responses & your own stories via direct messages which will be played in future episodes, making this podcast a real & growing cultural dialogue! We’re learning how to speak Sex in the same way we’re learning a foreign language; only this one is brand new & we are manifesting it; just as we manifest the divine essence in our human flesh.
May 20, 2019
Episode 28: Put Your Man on a Leash & Other Ways to Create a New Model of Masculinity.
Eve Eurydice speaks w Iyanna James-Stephenson aka Iyanna the Model & Indigo Brujo, models & muses who present themselves as a new type of couple, both visually & psychosexually. We discuss sacred energy eXchange (SEX), taking & giving control (BDSM), sapiosexual intrigue, sex consciousness, & dozens of ways to break out of gender stereotypes & of our narrow established identity definitions, how to pursue sexual & emotional & mental disruptions for the sake of fun & liberty for all.
May 14, 2019
Episode 27: Dating, Relationship, Sex & Marriage Advice! How to Know What U Want, Ask It & Get It!
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michelle & Arnie Roza, relationship coaches who support singles & couples navigating romance. Some highlights from this amazing conversation: How to Make the Unconscious Conscious. How to distinguish Sexuality from Morality. How to Not Lose Yourself in your Lover. How to Take Responsibility for your Love Life & Own your Choices. How to be Present & to Rise (Not Fall) in Love. How to learn than to CONSENT means to CHOOSE, not to Be Chosen. How to Equate Desire with Respect, Love with Trust. How to Understand the Other Gender & Translate between the Genders. How to put aside your Past & Psychology & Take Responsibility for your Relationships. How to Be Consistent. How to Be Who You Say You Are, Do What You Say You’ll Do. Know Who You Are & How to Speak in Truth. & much more, incl. how our guests met & fell in love at a transformational seminar & a sworn bachelor became a committed husband. The best episode to help you think about how to Speak Intimacy & Relationship.
May 4, 2019
Episode 26: Do you wonder if you’re bisexual? Eve answers sexquestions from 12,000 skirtclub members
Eve & Genevieve answer Sex Questions from the 12,000 women members of skirtclub, the only women-only private club with chapters in 16 cities around the world founded by Genevieve LeJeune. Learn how to join the skirtclub, the requirements, the perks of membership, the networking cocktail events, the exclusive play parties, the friendship requests, your place on the sexual Kinsey scale, & all about Bicurious Lesbian Sex Play. Learn what to tell the man in your life about your bicuriosity, how your marriage will profit from your own sexscapades, how to navigate home sex & play sex, how to handle jealousy & possessiveness in long-term committed relationships. & the answer to the Big Bi Question: What is the definition of Sex between two women? Learn how to tell what to the man in your life, the woman in your life, & your family. From dental dams to types of cunnilingus, learn why it’s worth leaving your comfort zone for the sake of playful & fun & private new experience. Take your mind out of the equation & live a parallel life for a few hours. Remember, sexuality isn’t morality.
April 27, 2019
Episode 25: Virtual Romance, Virtual Porn, Virtual Sex: Could It Be Better than the Real Thing?
Eve Eurydice speaks sex w Elizabeth, aka Virgo, sound & video game designer & DJ, about being a woman in the male-dominated digital culture, about VR being Reality, about being ready for virtual sex & romancing an elf, about virtual porn & its revolutionary freedom from the 2600 yr old moral judgement of the human body & sexuality by virtue of its being virtual. Gender-free in her public persona, immersed in an online art practice & entertainment that liberate her from the constraints of cliche stereotypes, living alone w her 10-yr-old turtle Audrey, Virgo forges a model of femininity that smashes the patriarchy with a restrained, quiet, delicate, single-minded power that does her chosen name justice. This is a unique conversation!
April 16, 2019
Episode 24: Miami’s Sex Experts Give Advice for a Free & Happy Sex Life!
Eve Eurydice speaks all things Sex with Dr. Sonjia Kenya, aka America’s Sex Educator, BIO: Known as America’s Sex Educator, an ivy-league educated sexologist, associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami, & author of “Sex in South Beach.” We discuss our Extreme lack of a global safe Sex Education—esp Practicum learning, sex coaches & sexual role models—which results in our adult need for sexual self education & re-education, since good sex is a skill & a facility that has to be learned. Sadly, it’s easier these days to have sex than speak sex! We discuss how HIV is fully preventable w prep & pep (pre & post prophylactics), & how Porn is acting, not realistic & not educational. Whether you love to cuddle & motorboat or peg & bareback, there’s juicy useful info here for you!
April 5, 2019
Episode 23: The Self-Objectifying Ethics & Shifting Politics of Cosmetic Surgery: Not All is for Sex
Eve Eurydice speaks w Lori Kelly, academic librarian , philosophy teacher & member of the Paradise Commons artist collective which convenes to create femme centered spaces of collaborative creativity & study—its latest Paradise Summit Miami at Emerson Dorsch Gallery explored issues raised by Katherine Behar’s essay Facing Necrophilia: Botox Ethics. Eury & Lori speak of the aesthetics of aging, the financial gain of elective cosmetic enhancement & the financial advantage of choosing to change your body, the feminist potential in refusing to curate an appearance, the social connection & isolation wrought by somatic rearranging, the lessons of performing gender & the trans experience, the use of transformative medical technologies as examples for feminist thinking, the past & the future practices of ritual scarification, body modification, & adherence to or abstinence from the dominant heteronormative aesthetic & the coveted approval of its gaze. What are the ethics of redesigning a physical self to fit desire & desirability? Is it feminist to redesign a body just to claim pleasure? Is Pleasure Socially Constructed? Is our Truth Ours? Listen & subscribe & share your thoughts w the world.
March 29, 2019
Episode 22: Raw Stories of Sex Identities, Lost & Found Labels, & Other Curiosities
Eve Eurydice speaks with Enid Nolasco, founder of RAWstorytelling.org, a live storytelling show & podcast, & WitchcraftBranding.
March 23, 2019
Episode 21: How to be a Dominatrix & a Sexual Healer, Sexually Fluid & Innocent to Avoid Perversion
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kerri Aultman of ViKerrious, an Erotic Performance artist, Dancer, Entertainer, Natural Healer & Dominatrix turned sexual wellness advocate about shame & guilt, norms & philias, finding your sexuality in your original innocence, bringing light to the darkness, being sexually fluid & experimental & free from labels (‘we are not soup cans’) & in order to avoid perversion, rape & criminality. About capitalism making its money off the female body & the forever delayed gratification of promised desires. About tapping into your innate wildness, about learning how to say No, about how the link helps you find tantra, & about finding trust in a partner to enter the ultimate catharsis of sacred sex. After she found healing for herself, she began to sexoheal others through kink tantra & teaching. She demonstrates her sensual dom technique on Eve Eurydice’s skin using black matte clothespins, a rubber stingy whip, a riding crop, a metal rolling wheel, a metal knuckle claw, a Lelo intravaginal amber rose remote-control app-supported dildo, the vesper necklace vibrator by Krave rechargeable by usb, all of which came out of her Mary Poppins dungeon bag. Not just another podcast, people! ⚡️Listen & subscribe!
March 16, 2019
Episode 35: Speak Art: Eve Eurydice Talks Life. Art, Sex, & Muse, interviewed by the Sunday Painter!
Eve Eurydice speaks of art practice as sexual liberation & sexual liberation as an art practice. She discusses love & light & inspirational living & ending the patriarchy with The Sunday Painter, aka fellow artist Alex Nunez, who hosts the podcast. (A sample of Eury’s Spotify playlist, curated by the host, is played.)
March 13, 2019
Episode 20: How to Polyamory in Vanilla & in Kink, How to Do Mental Play if You Are Sapiosexual
Eve Eurydice speaks with FloridaDom, aka Flash, about his slaves, his toys, his sex life & fetlife, about morethantwo & polyamory or poly-mono in power exchange & in the lifestyle, about the spread of BDSM & poly on the Internet & juggling lovers (in his case collared slaves, of whom he had 136 at the same time), about the difference between tops & dominants, bottoms & submissives, about mental sex space & mental freedom. He demonstrates knife play on the host & his flogging technique on his slave in the studio. Listen & subscribe!
March 13, 2019
Episode 19: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about BDSM & were too afraid to ask!
Eve Eurydice speaks with FloridaDom, aka Flash, about his 3 slaves, his many toys (incl. paddles, floggers, whip, rattan cane that he brought to the studio), about fetlife, aftercare, bondage & holding stillness, using music to build a sex scene (match the base beat to the downstroke), building intensity, drama & surprise into a sex scene, mind fuck, power exchange, service, fear, fun, & adrenaline release, how to enter the lifestyle, how to destress & trust, about safe words (English works v well), sub space, dom space, & the rewards of self-restraint. He demonstrates flogging techniques on his slave. Then he lights the host’s arm on fire 🔥. Not just another podcast. Listen & subscribe!
March 9, 2019
Episode 18: Self-Love, Tantra, Yoni Massage, Open Yourself Up to Full Life & Sexual Happiness
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michelle Alva, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist & Tantric Healer, about the benefits of tantra, sensual meditation, self-touch & self-acceptance. Michelle gives Eve a yoni massage in studio: listen to a description of it all. Then lie back, give to yourself, release sexual trauma & enjoy being you in your physical body.
March 6, 2019
Episode 17: In monthly Q&A, Eve Eurydice & her girlfriends answer Audience Sexquestions. Rosebud?
Eve Eurydice & her best friends talk Sex & answer audience questions. Join the banter & hear the woke girls’ secrets! We talk vaginal grooming & labial/anal aesthetics, oral sex etiquette, cougar sex & post menopausal sex, taking our genitalia back, sex pos porn & real non-performance sexuality. Learn what rosebud means. & in the process we liberate you from all your lingering hang-ups so join us!
March 2, 2019
Episode 16: Truth & Trust, Authentic Practice, Being a Lady, Dating FauxPas, Fakers & Woke Women
Eve Eurydice speaks with Alex Nunez, aka the Sunday Painter, artist & podcaster, about the male & the female & the iPhone gaze, truth & authenticity in daily life, fakes & fakers in social media, costume & performance in social life & in art, the dating scene & its self-advertising & faux pas (the fish pics), texting & sexting, about being a lady, being a femmebot, being a conscious being, & being a woman artist.
February 27, 2019
Episode 15: Intimacy & Expectation. Gender Violence & Tattoo Art. Sex Energy Exchanges & Stillness.
Eve Eurydice speaks with Geovanna Gonzalez & Angel Garcia, women artists & co-founders of the coin-in/coin-out art collective, about being women in the art & tattoo world in Miami, LA, Berlin. We discuss transactional sex, queer femme space, community-building & perception-challenging VIP events, the male gaze, the female body & spirit boundaries, scarification & ritual, holding stillness & nudity, creating a conscious vocabulary & an oracular way of being. ✨⚡️💥
February 23, 2019
Episode 14: Slow, Ritual, Conscious, Evolutionary Sex
Eve Eurydice speaks w Lulu Brown, aka Chez Brillouet, a musician, photographer, & yogi about mutually evolutionary sex, monogamy as sacred energy exchange rather than emotional pain body functionality, transcendent edging, pegging, sharing sex space w long term partners, human frailty as the human condition, POC in BDSM, shubaru rope meditation & soul baring trust. Are we born a certain way sexually? Connect with us & find out.
February 16, 2019
Episode 13: Being a Queer Polyamorous Woman in Rape Culture & Finding your Space & Voice & Ancestry
In episode 13 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks with queer poet & artist & activist Cathleen Chambless about being a polyamorous bisexual woman in rape culture & the metoo era. The new negotiations, new definitions, new roles, power exchanges, feelings & reasons of strong femme women. The primaries, the secondaries, the unicorns of polyamory. The burden & bondage & cost of cliche masculine identity.
February 13, 2019
Episode 12: Being a Bisexual Man of Color in the Metoo Era who Seeks a Polyamorous Lifestyle
In episode 12 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks with Dominican artist George Lopez, aka Mystery Guest, aka the Man Behind the Mask, about being a polyamorous bisexual man of color in the metoo era. The challenges, the fumbles, the highs, & the reasons why.
February 9, 2019
Episode 11: Men Think Women Have All the Power in Sex & Want Women to Exercise it with Confidence
In episode 11 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w filmmaker Mystery Guest about why men see women as having all the power in sex & love, & want women to exercise it, to initiate, take charge, experience the difficulties men face in sexual conquest & consummation. Replace showmanship w truth, romantic delusion w self love, fear of social judgment w bravery. Understand your belief system, unlearn what doesn’t serve you, dissociate your desire from the monogamy code. Biplay. Dominate. Experiment. Speak Sex.
February 6, 2019
Episode 10: All You Need to Know About Female Sexual Anatomy, How to Understand it How to Enhance it
In episode 10 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Dr. Amir Marashi, aka the vagina whisperer, a board certified gynecologist who specializes in cosmetic gynecology, female anatomical orgasm improvement & pelvic reconstruction, & the host of the first designer vagina-fashion show in NYC. Tune in to demystify the female sexual anatomy & learn to articulate your everyday sexual practice.
February 2, 2019
Episode 9: Why we Believe in Matriarchy & Ask that The Future is Female
In episode 9 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w artist & thinker Kathy Kissik about the different ways in which women can liberate their psyches & bodies & also shake up the patriarchy, starting with Only Buying Female!
January 30, 2019
Episode 8: How to Get out of Patriarchy When It’s All There is. & how to Open up New Sexways.
In episode 8 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Tara Long, aka poorgrrrl aka mr.taralong, founder of poorgrrrl enterprises & Little Späti, a performer & multimedia artist whose full length LP titled ‘IDIOTS AVANTI: the blood of the damned’ is coming out in 2019. They discuss the insidious all-encompassing uber-co-opting control of Patriarchy & how we can reform our stereotypical relationship & sexuality tropes that serve it instead of us.
January 27, 2019
Episode 7: Are you Bicurious? How to Give Yourself Permission to Play, How to Find Love in Yourself
In episode 7 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Genevieve LeJeune, the founder & CEO of Skirtclub, a women-only worldwide social club for bicurious & sex-curious women. Skirt Club offers members a friend-driven website, signature play parties for women curious about their sexuality, cocktail soirées to meet other members, & access to sex education & advice, because growth & change & self-discovery happen at every age. The episode for Bicurious Women. Not just another podcast. Listen & Subscribe.
January 19, 2019
Episode 6: Speak Sex, Study Sex, & Remake Yourself into a Post-Metoo 21st c. Woman
In episode 6 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Shannon Leeman, a sex-advice writer, about her years of attending countless sex workshops, what she learned & why we all need to learn (& unlearn) sex as we do everything else. We are joined by artist Starr Sariego to discuss the emerging cliteratti & pussy posse camaraderie among women mature enough to finally own & name our pleasure.  
January 12, 2019
Episode 5: Sexual Theology, Sex Therapies, NonBinary Healings
In episode 5 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Alex Guldbeck, bishop & sexological hypnotherapist, about pagan, Gnostic & post Freudian gender archetypes, the history of sexual repression by monotheist religions, & how to unlearn it.  
January 5, 2019
Episode 4: How to Go from Trauma Sex to Sacred Sex & Why Undertake the Tantric Journey
In episode 4 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Nicole Soden, artist, healer & space activator, about her own heroine’s journey from rape & assault survivor to Taoist master & sacred sexuality practitioner & mother of a bisexual preteen. Learn about tantra as a healing modality.
January 5, 2019
Episode 3: How do we Distinguish Sex from Romance? How do we Differentiate Sexuality from Morality?
In episode 3 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice & friend discuss: How Can We Tell Sex from Romance? Can women go from giving verbal consent to naming their actual sexual needs? Do we know the difference between provider sex & physical pleasure?
January 2, 2019
Episode 2: How to Stretch Monogamy to Suit your Needs. Meet the Happy Housewives of Miami.
In episode 2 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w glamorous European housewives in Miami Beach about metoo & cool dudes, about old-world marriage standards & flexible monogamy vs America’s binary morality & politically correct puritanism.
January 2, 2019
Episode 1: Why Speak Sex? So we can Consent to a Better Life!
In this first episode of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice, author of Satyricon USA (Scribner), the Second Coming (Virago), & F/32, writer of the Sex Files advice column & staff writer in Spin mag on sex issues, founder of The Institute for Self-Satisfaction, discusses in detail the concept of her Speak Sex therapy as a healing & sexual emancipation technique. Listeners can use it as an introduction to their Speak Sex practice for Sex & Sanity, & as a reference to the weekly podcast Expect your Consciousness to be Altered.
January 2, 2019
January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019
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