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Fantasy Football Now

Fantasy Football Now

By Evan Flay
Teeter-tottering between brilliance and insanity, we cover the world of fantasy football from coast to coast. Weekly rankings, injury analysis, and plenty of other information you didn’t know you needed.
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Fantasy Football Now - TNF Recap + Week 5 Previews
We unpack a crazy Thursday Night Football game, and give you everything you need to know going into the fifth week of the season. Later, we take a look at where everyone stands at the quarter poll!
October 6, 2019
At a Glance - Week 4
A quick look at Seattle vs Arizona, Chicago vs Minnesota, Philadelphia vs Green Bay, Tennessee vs Atlanta, and New England vs Buffalo
September 24, 2019
Week 3 Recap and MNF Preview
We recap the weekend in football, discuss which Chiefs RB you need to start, and make our bold predictions for Week 4. Plus, we learn a valuable lesson on time management.
September 23, 2019
9/16/19 - Week 2 Recap + MNF Preview
We get the ball rolling with our first ever podcast. Weekend recap, Buy/Fly, CLE vs NYJ preview, and more!
September 16, 2019