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Thoughts From My Journal

Thoughts From My Journal

By Eve Martha
The podcast where I bring my journal to life. In each entry, I’ll be sharing thoughts from my journal with you. From life moments to meaningful chats, I’ll be talking about whatever is happening or whatever is on my mind (& more specifically in my journal) that week. Each Wednesday I'll be here with cosy chats from a recent journal entry and weekly journal prompts. Instagram: @thoughtsfrommyjournalpodcast / @eve_martha_ Cover art by Magali Franov
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Being Present & Finding Joy in the Everyday (Entry 05)
Having watched the finale of one of my all-time favourite TV shows 'This Is Us', it got be thinking about the message of the show, and a quote in particular by the character Jack about being present. So, this week I'm chatting all about the ways that I like to stay present and find joy in the everyday moments - and as always I'll be sharing journaling prompts all about that. 
June 15, 2022
Social Media (Entry 04)
I've been journaling this week about social media, how much time I spend on it and my experience using it. In today's entry, I give a bit of an overview of my thoughts on social media and share how I have found balance with it to make my online experience more likely to be a more of a positive one. And of course, as always, I'll be sharing some journaling prompts I have written and been writing with this week.
June 08, 2022
Graduation (Entry 03)
It the graduation entry! Today I am talking all about graduating in Sociology from the University of York, chatting about everything from the day including; getting ready ft. Gilmore Girls, getting the cap and gown fitted, graduation photographs, the ceremony, how I found the day itself and reflections on graduating. It was such a lovely and special day with family & friends and I'm so happy to be sharing it with you today. And of course, as always, I'll be sharing journaling prompts too. Thank you for listening to the latest entry of the podcast.  Graduation video: 
June 01, 2022
Finding My Personal Style (Entry 02)
Entry 02 is all about finding my personal style. I take a brief trip down memory lane at my fashion choices over the past couple of years, share where I find my style inspiration and talk about the evolution of personal style. (Oh, and of course there's some Harry Styles chats thrown with him being a big style inspiration to me and following the release of his new album Harry's House - which of course I had to chat about too!). I hope you enjoy the journal prompts in this entry & that you enjoy listening to today's chat. 
May 25, 2022
It's Okay To Change Direction (Entry 01)
In the first entry of the podcast, I am chatting all about changing direction. I'm sharing with you times in my life so far where I have experiences changes of direction - whether that's starting a new podcast or leaving my masters degree - and talking through what I learnt at those times. As always, at the end of the entry I'll be sharing journaling prompts about the topic too. I hope you enjoy listening.
May 18, 2022
Welcome To Thoughts From my Journal (Trailer)
Welcome to Thoughts From My Journal. I'm so happy to introduce you to the podcast where I bring my journal to life. In this trailer, I tell you more about what you can expect from this podcast, from what I will be chatting about to the journal prompts I will be sharing, and welcome you to Thoughts From My Journal. Thank you for being here and happy listening! - Eve Martha
May 14, 2022