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Sponsorship Talk with Roberta Vigilance

Sponsorship Talk with Roberta Vigilance

By Roberta
Roberta shares insight and answers questions for you to secure sponsors successfully and improve your sponsorship outcomes. Questions? Send voicemail or email Make a monthly contribution of $9.99 for weekly posts and to pay assistants to research who is sponsoring what, and let's talk about it! A word from the host - I don't like to re-record, so what you hear is what you get, focus on the message. You can always send me a question. Editor Credits: Radio & TV Entertainment N.E.T.S LLC Additional Credits: Yolanda Nollie CEO of Radio & TV Entertainment N.E.T.S. LLC
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5 Ways To Support Your Event Sponsors
There are many ways you can support your event sponsors and sponsors of events that you care about. Share with us, ways you support your event sponsors.  Visit us online at
May 19, 2019
Ways to Offer Sponsors ROI
Offering sponsors ROI will help you renew the sponsorship. Here are some ways, and remember to order your book, How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised- Funding For Events to gain clear and easy understanding of how sponsorship works, how to communicate with sponsors and sell your event to sponsors.  To order your book and for information, visit Background Music Credit: Soft Jazz "Rain" found on Youtube.
May 12, 2019
Afraid to Ask for Sponsorship?
Overcome your your fear of asking for sponsorship by trying these two methods.  Visit:
April 28, 2019
Organizing your time to secure sponsors
Just organizing your time can get you motivated to take on the task of securing sponsors. When your mind and time are clustered simultaneously most times nothing gets done or completed. Here is a way to see your sponsorship process through to completion. To learn how to write a concise and successful sponsorship proposal, example included -- order your book at  Credit: Music in background (Mix - Relaxing Jazz Music - Background Chill Out Music - Music For Relax, Study, Work) found on Youtube.
April 21, 2019
Events And Sponsors
Allow me to re-introduce myself... 
April 20, 2019
Choosing sponsors within the same industry
Will partnering with two or more sponsors on your event, that are in the same industry, confuse your audience or hurt your sponsors? Have questions? Please send them to  Order How to Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events, go to
April 15, 2019
Sponsorship seekers and sponsors - Your most valuable event asset is ...
If you don't know what your most valuable event asset aka benefit is, you're in trouble and wasting time and money. Find out what it is in this episode.  As a student, you can get a class or tuition sponsored in exchange for, for example, working for your sponsor. You can listen to the podcasts on almost any platform: Apple, Google, RadioPublic, Breaker, Spotify. Please let us know if you found it somewhere else! Order your copy of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events,
April 7, 2019
Working with sponsors when something goes wrong
How do you handle unforeseeable events when working with sponsors? The release of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events has been pushed forward (not back) to April 20th.  Please show your support by ordering your copy when it releases, and share this link with others who are seeking funding for events - Get better results at securing sponsors. 
March 31, 2019
Get rid of this sponsorship misconception
Enovia Bedford Visual Marketing Account Executive at Project Group LLC i’m on both ends of pitching and receiving pitches, A lot of pitches that I receive it’s unclear why I would sponsor the event. People who don’t know the sponsorship world think that sponsors . . . read the rest here or listen to the rest in the podcast.  For personalized guidance, Click Here.
March 24, 2019
The ultimate mistake sponsorship seekers make
To become successful in anything, would you agree that understanding is required? If you answered yes, the same is true in sponsorship. Find out the ultimate mistake that is made and what other professionals had to say when asked what is the biggest mistakes made by sponsorship seekers.  Please remember to subscribe. Thank you. 
March 17, 2019
Is Anchor an ideal or true sponsor?
Find out why Anchor is an ideal sponsor for Podcasters. PODCASTERS: the correct url is: Send your questions to or visit me online.  Read How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events, when it releases on March 30th, and let's talk about it on the podcast. 
March 10, 2019
Introduction to Sponsorship Talk with Roberta Vigilance
Hey Guys (both female and male:-), thanks to Yolanda Nollie, CEO of Radio & TV Entertainment N.E.T.S. LLC who told me about Anchor and had me up and running within hours, I'm happy to bring Sponsorship Talk with Roberta Vigilance to you, where I discuss the fundamentals of securing sponsors successfully. Discussed are sponsorship trends, insights, misconceptions, and shared tips. Listeners will leave informed and encouraged and will be able to get funding for your events. Join me and send your questions to and let's have the discussion on  how to secure sponsors successfully.  Also, if you're thinking of starting your own podcast, please use Anchor - the function is really simple. Anchor actually becomes your sponsor when you sign up! That is amazing because if you don't already know it takes 6 months to a year or longer to secure sponsors - time is needed to build relationships. So receiving monetary sponsorship from Anchor just for signing up is truly amazing! I will take $5 off your book order if you email me (Anchor Sponsorship) or use (#rvanchorsponsorship), before ordering  How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events or any one of the sponsorship courses I provide on  If you are a musician, please check out Yolanda Nollie's podcast called Radio & TV Entertainment Am/FM Podcast Show, a must listen to for musicians, actors and entertainers - loads of great information, I was also a guest on her show chatting it up about musicians and sponsorships.   Ready to start securing sponsors? Let's start the discussion! What are some of the difficulties you are having with securing sponsors for your event?
February 24, 2019