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By Everything and Nothing
Starring Kris Cox, And Charlie Hickmott.
Each week we wind our way through over an hour of random conversation, games, Top 10 lists, and educational segments. Sometimes, we have a guest.
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Eliza Butler
Everything and Nothing!    Theme song recorded/Mix/Mastered by Brave and Fortune Media @braveandfortune  Produced by Token @wtfisatoken  Written by Shrista Tyree @shrista   Find us on youtube:  Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX      This weeks guest is PDX comedian, Eliza Butler! She is also a therapist. This weeks mental health check is real in depth. But you know us, we also smoked some weed and tried to name a cat. (Seriously. Go to the Facebook page and help Kris name this cat. We need suggestions) It's a new year, but everyones got stuff to be stressed about. If you're in the same boat, just know that you're not alone. Come smoke a bit and hang out with us while we talk a little bit about everything and nothing   IG: @elizaisntfunny  FB: Eliza Butler
February 24, 2021
The Real Hyjinx (Again)
Everything and Nothing!    Theme song recorded/Mix/Mastered by Brave and Fortune Media @braveandfortune  Produced by Token @wtfisatoken  Written by Shrista Tyree @shrista   Find us on youtube:  Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott   Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX      You know who's a big ol'winner winner chicken dinner? Our good friend The Real Hyjinx! He just got listed as one of Willamette Weekly's top 5 funniest comedians for 2020, so we brought him on to celebrate. But if you've seen a Hyjinx episode before, you know we didn't stay on one subject for too long. Come listen to all of the fun plans Dirty Angel Entertainment has coming up in the next  year!  IG: dirty_angel_ent  FB: Dirty Angel Entertainment  Youtube: Dirty Angel Entertainment
February 11, 2021
G. Wade
Everything and Nothing!    Theme song recorded/Mix/Mastered by Brave and Fortune Media @braveandfortune  Produced by Token @wtfisatoken  Written by Shrista Tyree @shrista   Find us on youtube:  Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott   Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX      This week we have G. Wade on the show! He's a Portland comedian, a friend of Dirty Angel Entertainment, and is now a podcaster in his own right! Listen to fantastic tales about how running into old friends can change your life, like, 3 debates about hats, and all of the knowledge that the internet can provide us through our most beloved conduit of knowledge: Charlie Hickmott.     IG: Gwade2  Twitter: Gwade2  Facebook: GA Wade  Youtube: G Wade Comedy
February 8, 2021
The High Life Show
Everything and Nothing!    Theme song  recorded/Mix/Mastered by Brave and Fortune Media @braveandfortune  Produced by Token @wtfisatoken  Written by Shrista Tyree @shrista   Find us on youtube:  Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott   Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX      If you've ever listened to us on Shady Pines Radio (we air on Thursday mornings from 10-11 am. There's an app. Check it out.) then you know that before Everything and Nothing is a show called The High Life Show, with the High End Low Lives. So, we brought them on so they can have a 3 hour block. Why? For funsies.
January 28, 2021
Shrista Tyree
Everything and Nothing!    Theme song recorded/Mix/Mastered by Brave and Fortune Studio @braveandfortune  Produced by Token @wtfisatoken  Written by Shrista Tyree @shrista   Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast  @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox  @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott   Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX      We have a theme song now! It is pretty amazing. You know who else is pretty amazing? THE PERSON WHO MADE US A THEME SONG! Today we had Shrista Tyree on the show. She's a comedian, and a prominent member in the hip hop community here in PDX and... yeah. The one who made us a theme song. We talk about the good times, the less-than-good times, and that one time Kris didn't know how to host a comedy show. We get weird. Check it out.   IG: @Shrista
January 21, 2021
Ben Tier; The Three-peat
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     Benjamin Tier is BACK babies! And we get REAL political. Remember how we had a whole  riot at the capitol building? We talk about that. And I know, it is a terrible thing to have happened. But I swear theres some comedy gold in that day. And Ben is just the person to help us find it! Wanna know how he's been dealing with life? It hasn't been great. Check out this and more on this episode of Everything and Nothing! Also, go follow Ben on twitter. You're kinda missing out.   Twitter: @BitterTier
January 13, 2021
Duante Barnett
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     Our first guest of the year is Duante Barnett, founder/producer for Suitman Productions! Turns out, 2021 is not less crazy than 2020 was. who knew 24 hours mesnt so little? Everyone on this show. We talk about all kinds of unfairness, how guilty charlie feels about everything, and how confused Duante is about the idea of being done partying. If you like Duante and want to support him, find his shows at the links below!  Website: FB: @suitman productions  IG: @Suitman206
January 9, 2021
2020 Retrospective
A few favorite clips from 2020!
January 1, 2021
End of the Year Special!
Kris and Charlie took the week off, so Special Correspondent Joshua H. Metz brings us an interview with local comedian Aaron Ross. Plus, more clips from our favorite shows of the year, including Jeff Hickmott, Ben Tier, and Laci Day.
January 1, 2021
Joshua H. Metz
Our old friend Joshua stops by for a visit. Find more of his content at, or
December 22, 2020
Dahlia Belle (Things May Change)
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     Our final guest of 2020 is the illustrious Dahlia Delu Belle! We have all kinds of fun conversations about how we become better people, and where we started. We also discuss cuddle puddles. Like. A lot. And drugs. Kids. Oh dear... what if kids actually listen to these some day?!?! Anyway... don't do drugs. Not until you do your homework. About the drugs. We are as all over the place as you'd expect. We get a lot of good laughs in, and a lot of deep thoughts. Come join us for one wild ride through Everything and Nothing!   Venmo: @dahliabelle  Cashapp: $dahliadelu  Paypal: IG: @mx.dahliabelle
December 22, 2020
Jane Malone
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     This week we have PDX comic and graphic designer, Jane Malone! As always, we're gonna talk about how the soft apocalypse effects us. Jane malone has been adjusting to being heavier on the graphic design than the comedy aspect. So she's worked with some of the other comics in Portland to create Little Treats, a zine you can find online! (See link down below for HOURS of halloween entertainment so you can pretend it's not election time) we talk a bit about terrible things that happened on stage, because we know you love our misery. Speaking of, Jane and Kris both grew up in deserts. We go into how awful that was. Because it is.  Little treat:  Comedy website:  IG: flickingjane  Twitter: flickingjane
December 15, 2020
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     This is Halloween! We bring you comedian/witch/social media marketing consultant, Molligolightly! We really hammer out the differences between horror movies and Halloween movies. We all prefer Halloween movies. Molly got a rowing machine to survive the soft apocalypse, so now she's the buffest with in the Pacific North West. We worry about the election. Ya know. Normal stuff. We wrap up with a Tarot reading. If you want to know how accurate that was, you'll have to check it out.     Comedy website: Https://   IG: @molligolightly  Social marketing consulting website: Https://
December 15, 2020
Amanda Lynn Deal
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     This week we have Portland comedian, Amanda Lynn Deal! We talk about how hard finding the right therapist can be and the journey from one therapist to another. Honestly, we spend a lot of time on the mental health check in on this one. It gets pretty deep into the anxiety and depression we know many people face on a daily basis. Be nice to yourself, peoples. You're probably not that bad a person. We learn a lot about how dedication to comedy can take you on an adventure across the U.S. It's a whole rollercoaster. Check it out.  FB: IG @Amandalynndeal
December 15, 2020
Ash The Jay; AGAIN!?
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     We welcome back a great person and friend of the podcast, Ash The Jay! We get real political today folks. We talk about how much frustration Nevada caused in the election. Especially with Ash zooming in from Nevada. Also, in case you forgot... vote for Ash The Jay in the 2024 election. She's got plans. I believe that Kris technically became her campaign manager. Does captain planet work? No. Because the people who didn't listen to him when that cartoon came out are still alive and in power. That actually makes sense. Give it a listen to find out how.
December 15, 2020
Manas Raj
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     Our second international guest for the podcast is Manas Raj! We talk about the joys of long distance relationships, fun stories from the stage, and what life in the middle of a global pandemic looks like in multiple parts of the world. Pro tip: try not to move accross the globe during one. We also discuss the Christmas, and our feelings about it. What do they sell on GOOP that we can consider a valid present?!? Give us a listen to find out.  IG: @manasvini_raj_comedy  A link to her stand-up set at the Gotham in NY:
December 15, 2020
Chrissy CL
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     This week we have Chrissy CL. She's a comedian based out of Florida, which we are told is America's taint. I mean, I suppose in general, but this time I meant by our guest. We pull out "Alaska man V.S. Florida man" and really learn that we are right. No one should live in either place. We also learn some dark truths about dip n dots, and our good friend Charlie today. If you want ANY of that to make sense, smoke a bowl and plug yourself in.   FB:
December 15, 2020
Kacie Hackett
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     Check out Kacie Hackett! Did you know that people use Rhode Island as a form of measurement?  We didn't. Also, Kris has strong opinions about the american education system as someone from Alaska. She's a comedian with a unique spelling to her name and she hosts trivia. Which... I'm pretty sure means she can replace both Kris and Charlie. Did we let her take the show? Only one way to find out!   Website for trivia:  FB:
October 29, 2020
Screamvina Ghoul
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott  Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX     This week we have a double to tripple feature show! We have Screamvina, a belly dancer/foli artist/producer of cool radio shows. We also have her husband/co producer/ also a foli artist, Shadoe Smith who is also most of the form of our third guest, Mr. Satan. You know what he is. We have a wide array of topics on the table on this one. Does Kris have a cat? Will that cat be catnapped by a mischievous Mr. Satan? Tune in to find out! Links down below if you wanna find any of the fun our guests bring to the world outside of our show.  FB: Youtube:
October 29, 2020
Hannah Beck
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX Hannah Beck is a chain mail artist and digital media artist living in the PNW. We play art wars. If you want to know what that is, give us a listen! We spend some time down memory lane. Alaska's school system was apparently much more lenient about extracurriculars. We also talk much more about children's tv than you'd expect. And we have a pretty solid Batman debate. Honestly, this is a pretty nerdy one. FB: IG: @queenchaindesigns Etsy:
October 8, 2020
Steven Brust
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX This weeks guest is NY Times best selling author, Steven Brust! Writer of the Vlad Taltos series. (Go find it. Like, B&N sells his stuff. We're also including a link to Steven Brust's personal website down below if you'd rather order it from him directly) If you've ever wanted to see what it looks like when finally confronted with your favorite author, this episode is for you! We ask about the origins of the story, how his artistic process works, how he got started... Kris fanboyed pretty hard here, and it's great.
September 18, 2020
Laci Day
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX Laci Day is the world's most interesting woman. She's also a comedian in the Portland area. Listen as we hear about her life during pandemic. A lot more of it is about taking over parks than you'd expect. We also talk about how Heely's can be a better company to women, and how dolphins have saved her life at least once. It's a trip. Do yourself a favor and  give it a listen. What do you do for halloween? Let us know at any of the fun places you can reach us listed up above. Nightmare Gods: Fb: @Laci Day
September 9, 2020
Jennifer Paulsen
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX Behold! We tried to talk to a normal person. Turns out, I don't know any of those. This weeks guest, Jennifer McKenzie Paulsen is a person who does not perform artistically, however she has been working for many years to help people as best she can. Most recently that means strapping on a press badge and documenting the BLM protests. So, yeah. We're gonna talk about it. Come check it out. Facebook: Jennifer McKenzie Paulsen
September 4, 2020
DJ Wildchild
Twitter:  @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook:  @EANPodcastPDX This week our guest is so many things. Co-founder/producer for Dirty Angel Entertainment, a DJ, a mother, a wife, a good person. We have Courtenay Collins, A.K.A: DJ Wildchild. This episode is full of both serious conversations about life and people we've met in the comedy scene, and weird and fun conversations about why we're all worried for Ben Shapiro's TOTALLY REAL doctor wife. It's honestly a bit of a wild ride, and given our guest today, I would not have expected anything else. FB: @Dirty Angel Entertainment LLC Also FB: @DJ Wildchild Twitter:@DirtyAngelEnt Merch:
August 26, 2020
Chad Alan Gemma
Today's special guest is Chad Alan Gemma, comedian and founder of Gemstone Productions. Honestly, a lot of today is about currently airing anime, Warehouse 13, and Avatar: The Last Airbender being the closest thing we have to self love in 2020. It's on Netflix. Go watch it and tell us who your favorite character is... and why it's Iroh. Gemstone Productions:
August 19, 2020
Tyler Landon Mays
This weeks guest is Tyler Landon Mays! He is the kindest person I have met in a long time. He's also pretty funny, and smokes more weed than any other human being I know. Listen to some fun stories we have about life and the sketchy place that was used to bring Portland comedy together once upon a time. Also, and I can not stress this enough... werewolf bar mitzvah. If you like him on the show, check out his cute animal paintings on IG: @yourdoglovesme
August 10, 2020
Ben Tier; Back Again
This week we welcome Benjamin Tier beck to the show! He's a super fun guy who's been being shot at and tear gassed for 50 days or so. He"s also been reporting everything with his fancy new press badge. You wanna know whats been happening in Portland? Check out this episode. You wanna keep yourself updated on what happens in Portland moving forward? Check out his twitter. @bittertier
July 30, 2020
AC Oneal
AC Oneal is a Portland comic who has made a name for himself as one of Dirty Angel Entertainment's Young Guns. He's also one of our usual cohorts when we do episodes of Hilarious Hunting. This one gets weird, guys. There's also a lot of anime and monster hunter talk on this one. AC is a young man full of delusions. He almost convinces Charlie of them for a second. Wanna know what hill AC wants to die on? Give it a listen and find out.
July 22, 2020
Charlie's Dad!
We welcome our first international guest, Jeff Hickmott! Who is, most importantly, Charlies dad. So, if you've ever wondered what helped make that happen, this will help. Jeff zooms in from England! Turns out, life is getting back to normal over there. We talk about food and tv a lot on this one. Because that's what you think about when you're not concerned about a pandemic or a race war.
July 17, 2020
April Gallaty
We welcome Portland Comedian April Gallaty to the show! She is one of my favorite people who happens to perform comedy. She also does tik-tok things. If you're on there, check her out. Links down below. April is finally awarded her points for using her powers to bully people for good, and therfore giving us the mental health check in. We also learn that Kris has a lot in common with Bob Ross (and a new retirement plan called Bald Ross). Charlie got a mini fridge. Did you vote on a wall scroll yet? You should. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. If you want to be on the show, let us know! We are always looking for new guests, you actually don't have to be a comedian to be on here. You just have to be interesting. Everything: @AprilGallaty
July 8, 2020
'Not Now Patrice!'
We welcome Portland Comedian ,and Host of the Ghosts-n-Heauxs podcast, Nowal Massari! Ghosts-n-Heauxs is a fun, horror themed podcast about the scary shit that has made it into the news. Go check it out, it's pretty great. Nowal starts earning points immediately on this episode for having named her anxiety Patrice. Because, "NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE!" And I am still laughing about that. We discuss the merits of primal scream therapy. (We're all for it) Nowal has been 'spoopy' her whole life. She has a tattoo that she got to show off to the original Ghostbusters cast. If you want that sentence to have more context, you'll have to listen to the episode. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. If you watch the show on Twitch, leave us a message to let us know what wall scroll you like behind Kris. We're taking a vote. Love you, folx!
July 4, 2020
Ash The Jay
We welcome Portland Comedian Ash The Jay to the show today! We have a lot of fun conversations about mental health, the current state of the world, and nerdy things. Mostly anime. We weeb pretty hard on this one, guys. Like, no UwU shit, but we're pretty close. This was the longest mental health check in we've ever had. It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I think technically, it's the whole episode. Kris talks about therapy homework, Ash talks about her room mate and how we all now feel about him. Charlie talks about touching The Fence in downtown Portland. Ash has a whole new sleeping position, Kris has a whole new background, Charlie has a whole new place to live! Did you like this weeks episide? Did you want  to have some control about our questions? Do you want to talk with us about what youre bunging right now? ARE YOU SICK OF THESE QUESTIONS?!?! GOOD. Me too. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. Love you, folx! Facebook:
June 24, 2020
Black Lives Matter
We have very special guest Geoff Pieper on the show to talk about the ongoing protests in Portland and around the world.
June 16, 2020
Jenna Vesper
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Find it here: We welcome Portland Comedian and Internet sensation, Jenna Vesper to the show! Jenna is a delightful lady who puts on multiple shows in the portland area and on the internet.  If you're looking at seeing her shows, check out the links below! Jenna does tend to do a lot of work for the LGBTQ+ community for all kinds of shows. Disowned is one that has been able to make it to the internet form. And jenna also does a show called "The McElroy Brothers Will Be On Live, Laugh, Stream" if you listen to the episode, you'll know what those mean. We discuss the ups and downs of zoom performances in the new world and  fun times we miss from the stage. Did you like this weeks episide? Did you want  to have some control about our questions? Do you want to talk with us about what youre bunging right now? ARE YOU SICK OF THESE QUESTIONS?!?! GOOD. Me too. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms. Love you, folx! IG - @Jennawithasmile How to find Jenna's podcast : Or
May 28, 2020
Hanging with Hyjinx
We welcome Portland Comedian and co-founder of Dirty Angel Entertainment: The Real Hyjinx. We talk about how he got into comedy. The various forms of entertainment you wind up doing trying to break into comedy. Hyjinx's life has always been a roller coaster of fun, so come listen to what kind of person winds up spending most of their time on a stage. Charlie, Kris, and The Real Hyjinx talk about life through their lense. As each of us brings a new perspective as producers. And the struggles of attempting to make shows happen. We show off music videos made by The Real Hyjinx and Joshua H. Metz! "She Got That Burn " by The Real Hyjinx, "Beryllium Mirrors" by Joshua H. Metz. We celebrate constitution day, the Norwegian celebration of the signing of their constitution for This Day In Historical Points. Will Kris get The Real Hyjinx to play Monster Hunter? You can find out. We stream sessions of Monster Hunter on
May 20, 2020
EaN: A chat with Mela Shea
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX It's Tuesday, which means a new episode of  the podcast! You can find it here: We have comedian Mela Shae on the show! She just put out her own book called Vagrant Gimp, which us about her life as a houseless person and the trials she has been through in her journey to here. Check out the links below for ways to get hold of that and more content from Mela if you liked her here! We have to have ourselves a mental health check in. And I'm super glad we did today. This may have been the most involved mental health check in to date! We check back in on one of my favorite Who Would Wins: Jay and Silent Bob vs Harold and Kumar go to the end of an episode of Dora the Explorer. And we give a nod to the brave women who pioneered birth control on This Day In Historical Points. Mela, Charlie, and Kris discuss childhood, the heavier parts of life, and how the journey forward can shape you. This is kind of a deep episode; check it out. If you have any thoughts on what we talk about or suggestions for things you would like to hear us talk about, let us know at the links above. If you want more Mela, see the links below. IG: @melashae1 Snap Chat: @melashae19
May 13, 2020
We Nerded Out for a Day
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX We are so excited about everything Adult Swim is doing today. We talk about Rick and Morty and fan theories that we like, and have some fun talking about the second season of The Shivering Truth. Which you should only watch if you want to feel uncomfortable. We also do this for Star Wars. Except we hate that stupid Jar Jar theory. That's dumb. He is not a Sith lord. Anyway... We also talk about video games we are playing. Will Charlie let Kris power level him through Monster hunter? We will find out some day. A few conversations also occur about weird shows that are coming out that we are excited for because, honestly, during this pandemic a lot of cool things are coming out. And we weeb out for a while and discuss some of our favorite anime. For realsies though, what are you watching? What do you want to hear us talk about? Let us know at the links above!
May 7, 2020
Processing the Trauma
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Behold! The first episode with Kris and Charlie taking the reins. We have PDX poet, Red O'hare on the show! We of course do the mental health check in, Important in the new pandemic. And look into how we are funneling ourselves into creative endeavors while we stay at home. Red is a woman of the world, and is full of so many stories. And a lot of Dr. Who memorabilia. Charlie gives us the news. We do another round of Who would win. We also finally talk about what Kris' posters are now that the wall behind him isn't blank anymore. What are the weirdest jobs we've had? What movies are we watching lately? Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?!?! But for realsies, check out this episode. It's a chill one.
May 6, 2020
Teach a Man to Fish
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @SmirkStudios - Joshua H. Metz @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Today's special guest is all of you! Today's episode is one of mixed feelings. We find out that Joshua will be taking a step back from hosting the show to focus on the upcoming semester and other projects. We discuss a bit about what you can expect in the future. Don't worry kids, Kris and Charlie are some pretty fun uncles to hang out with. We're all gonna be okay. We play a little Who Would Win and Alaska Man, Florida Man, Arizona Man too, just so you know it's not all bad. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook! What are you watching and why? What do you want to hear us talk about? As always, stay up to date with all of our fun projects at
April 21, 2020
Joshua's Quarantine Birthday Extravaganza
Joshua's Birthday Party! Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @SmirkStudios - Joshua H. Metz @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Today's special guest is a Portland artist, yoga/massage instructor, and role model: Jordan Sun! We wish a very Happy Birthday to Joshua H. Metz! We pop in for a Mental Health Check this week to discuss ways we are taking care of ourselves during this pandemic, which brings us so much information from our special guest, Jordan Sun! Check out the links below to get in touch with Jordan for yoga lessons, massage lessons, or art. Head to the other link below for any glass-work you need. On This Day In Historical Points Kris talks about the crew of the Apollo 13 launch, click the link below for a real time stream of the launch. And Charlie brings to mind the debut game of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. We talk about how the pandemic is affecting the movie theater industry, and close out the podcast with a fun, new improv game! Please contribute to the conversation, #QuarantineMovieFest on twitter and Facebook! What are you watching and why? What do you want to hear us talk about? Jordan's IG: @JordanSunHealth Ryan's IG: @LikeMindedGlass Or All articles mentioned can be found at stream of Apollo 13 launch:
April 14, 2020
Tech Talk
Tech Talk! Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @SmirkStudios - Joshua H. Metz @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Special Guest: Every one of you that listens! We get talking about all the tech that goes into bringing you the podcast and how we hope to keep improving for you! , Charlie talks about tech in the news, Netflix party, and a great local charity, Free Geek! Please do contribute, link down below. We stop in to honor Maya Angelou on This Day In Historical points. We have another round of Who Would Win? Listen in to see who we pit against each other in various kinds of "battles"! If you have ideas for contestants or contests for this segment, all contact information found above. Please contribute to the conversation, . #QuarantineMovieFest on twitter and Facebook! What are you watching and why? What do you want to hear us talk about?
April 7, 2020
Love thy Neighbor
Twitter: @E_A_N_podcast @SmirkStudios - Joshua H. Metz @ICntBlvIJndTwtr - Kris Cox @ThickJuicyDrums - Charlie Hickmott Facebook: @EANPodcastPDX Special Guest: Hannah Hayes, Essential Worker during the current Corona Virus crisis. You know the name of the game, POINTS! Love Thy Neighbor points throughout our "mono"logue and, as always, the rest of the podcast. We are introduced to a new game, Who Would Win? Cook offs, song writing battles, and game show host offs! If you have ideas for contestants or contests for this segment, as always, links down below. We had friend of the podcast and member of the Essential Workforce on the show to discuss working during the crisis and bringing attention to the Idaho Stop, which is a new law instated by the Oregon D.O.T. that affects bike riders and drivers alike. Links below for more information. We hear what happened on This Day in Historical Points! Honoring First Lady Helen Taft and Viscountess Chinda's tale of planting the cherry blossoms in D.C. to bring people together on 3/27/1012. Please contribute to the conversation, #QuarantineMovieFest on twitter and Facebook! What are you watching and why? What do you want to hear us talk about? Article about how it feels to work during the crisis: Idaho Stop information:
March 31, 2020
Life During Quaran-time
This week’s episode of Everything & Nothing kicks off as always with Joshua’s Mostly Monologue as sponsored by @Smirkstudios. Throughout the episode we explore such topics as how we feel about guns and what we know about gun safety in our hometowns, what kinds of shows we are watching this week, and judging each other based on what our favorite board games are. We take a trip into the past to discuss what has happened on This Day in Historical Points. Charlie gives us a brand new top 10 things to do in self isolation, and finishes us off with some of that quiz mastery goodness with the first ever live streamed edition of “Alaska Man, Arizona Man, Florida Man” in which, we allow the audience to play along and earn points with us!
March 24, 2020
In Sickness and In Health
We chat with guest Jackson Couch. We continue our story in Questables. We discuss the current health scare.  Charlie goes through the top ten things to do while under a two-week quarantine. Kris hands out some historical points. 
March 16, 2020
A Blessing in Disguise
We talk about good things wrapped in bad things. We discuss training new hires. We update you on Charlie Finds a Date.  We play United States Man.
March 9, 2020
In Lak'ech Ala K'in
We discuss the you within ourselves. We talk about video game movies.
February 27, 2020
Mental Health Day
We discuss mental health, and how to recognize when you might need to take one. We play the inaugural Quest-able. 
February 20, 2020
Love the Process
We talk with guest Florida Man Benjamin Tier. We talk about our processes, and how to embrace them. We begin Charlie's new recurring segment, Charlie Finds a Date. We play a new game called Stump Speech, and an old game, called Alaska Man, Arizona Man, and Florida Man.  If you'd like to have a date with Charlie live on the air, (all are welcome) send an email to
February 8, 2020
You Never Know (New Year Special)
We flip over the calendar to 2020. Recorded around 3 AM on New Year's Day with special guests Jack McGrane, Hannah Hayes, and more. We discuss the year 1010, and what 2019 was like for us.  
January 2, 2020
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
We talk about Points, and Star Wars. We give advice to our past selves. W play a round of Alaska man, Arizona Man, or Florida Man.
December 18, 2019
Fire Safety
We cover the basics of Fire Safety, as well as holiday movies and food. We learn a bit about Kris's home town. 
November 22, 2019
Love Mountain
Our special guest is Sean The Bus Driver from KBOO Community radio. We discuss roommates, Bali, and whether or not we need a new name for the podcast.
May 2, 2019
Murder Penis
We are joined by Kris Cox and Rob Sipsky. We discuss the news.
April 11, 2019
Baconator Minisode
We are joined in the JTAGLAEAN Mobile Studio by Kris Cox, and we all eat Baconators.
March 22, 2019
Voldemort Can't Sneeze'n'flex
Kris Cox joins us again.  We discuss conspiracy theories, from the seemingly mundane to the elaborate.
March 15, 2019
Strawberry Frosted Wheaties
Introducing special guest local comedian Kris Cox. We talk about how we got to Portland. We discuss Baconator.
March 14, 2019
The Internet
We cover the Internet.
February 8, 2019