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Our American Home (EI 1 - Victoria Coe)

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Immigration impacts us on an everyday basis, whether it's having a foreign-born professor, co-worker, or even family member. Join award-winning immigration attorney, David Wilks, as we explore the "everyday" impact of immigration through personal interviews with those that have interacted with the U.S. immigration system. Episodes released 1st and 3rd weekend of every month.

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Taking Care of Business...Students (EI 5 - Annie Marra)
When Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management recently reached out to its international alumni, it wasn't part of its annual giving campaign. Instead, Cornell was trying to make sure its MBA grads were getting the immigration support they needed in a climate where denials and processing delays are on the rise. Annie Marra, Associate Director of the Johnson School's Career Management Center, was the driving force behind this initiative. She joins David to discuss the results of her alumni outreach, as well as her family's incredible immigration story.
September 7, 2019
INTRODUCING: Musicians vs. the World (EI BONUS - Christine Smith)
The Everyday Immigration Podcast is pleased to introduce you to the newest podcast from Frosted Lens Entertainment: Musicians vs. the World. Musicians vs. the World explores the everyday aspects of being a musician. In this episode, host Christine Smith interviews Julliard-trained concert pianist, Professor Scott Holden about the stressful reality of auditioning.  Musicians vs. the World is currently available on Stitcher and SoundCloud. Please enjoy! We'll have a new episode of the Everyday Immigration Podcast next week.
September 1, 2019
Getting to Green (EI 4 - Kristal Ozmun)
In "Part 2" of our series on green cards, Miller Mayer attorney, Kristal Ozmun, explains the convoluted paths facing foreign nationals seeking permanent residence to the United States. Also, listen for a preview of our new "sister" podcast, "Musicians vs. the World" hosted by concert pianist, Christine Smith.
August 18, 2019
Building the Next Big Thing (EI 3 - Fernando Gomez-Baquero)
Nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant according to the Center for American Entrepreneurship.  And yet, there is no visa for entrepreneurs.  In fact, being an entrepreneur can make obtaining a visa more difficult due to immigration limitations on self-employment.  Join our conversation with Cornell Tech's Fernando Gomez-Baquero as he discusses how he personally overcame these immigration challenges, and is now working with the Cornell Tech Runway Program to help other entrepreneurs overcome these challenges. If you would like to know more about immigration and entrepreneurship, David and Miller Mayer have put out a number of resources: Webinar:  Idea to IPO  Articles:  Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Require Extraordinary Evidence: A Review of Recent Non-Precedent EB-1A AAO Decisions Under the Trump Administration Presumptions and Entrepreneurs: A Review of Recent BALCA Decisions for Entrepreneurs Unclearly Executive or Managerial: A Review of Recent Nonprecedent EB-1C AAO Decisions Entrepreneurship in the National Interest: A Review of AAO National Interest Waiver Decisions under Matter of Dhanasar Innovative Visa Options for Immigrant Entrepreneurs – ‘‘If You Want Something New, You Have to Stop Doing Something Old’’ You can also learn more about immigration and entrepreneurs at the U.S. Alliance for International Entrepreneurs.
August 2, 2019
Breaking News Roundtable: NEW EB-5 Regulations (BONUS - Stephen Yale-Loehr and Kristal Ozmun)
On Wednesday this week, the Department of Homeland Security formally published new regulations overhauling the Employment Creation Visa, more commonly known as EB-5. Under the EB-5 program, if a foreign national invests in the United States, and thereby creates ten jobs for U.S. workers, the foreign national can receive a green card. The newly announced regulations significantly restrict the program. To discuss these late-breaking changes, we are publishing our first bonus episode! In this breaking news roundtable, EB-5 experts Stephen Yale-Loehr and Kristal Ozmun join David in discussing the EB-5 program changes, and how they may result in fewer jobs for U.S. workers being created by the program. Also, to take advantage of Kristal's generous offer, discussed in the episode, either: Email: podcast@millermayer.com Go to:  https://millermayer.com/immigration-consultation/ and mention the podcast in the questionnaire.
July 26, 2019
Immigration Meritocracy (EI 2 Stephen Yale-Loehr)
This week, the administration put forward a "merit-based" immigration proposal. Such proposals are not new, and in fact, many countries have tried similar systems that would award "points" toward permanent residence, depending on the characteristics of the applicant. Join us as we speak with globally renowned immigration scholar, and Cornell Law Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr regarding his new research project studying the merits of merit-based immigration.
July 19, 2019
Our American Home (EI 1 - Victoria Coe)
An American woman falls in love with a British man, but immigration makes starting their lives together more challenging than you might expect. Join us in our conversation with Victoria Coe as she discusses the immigration hurdles she and her husband faced in setting up their American home. PLUS get the basics of U.S. immigration from host, and award-winning immigration attorney, David Wilks.
July 4, 2019
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